Monday, October 3, 2011

Someone is Coming Out & With a Giveaway!!!

Well hello ladies and gents of the Smutty Lair...

It has been quite some time since I have actually had the chance to sit with you a spell and see how everyone is doing out there. 

Grab your favorite potion
(yes, you read right... it is October... Duh....)

and pull up your favorite chair...

I did not forget the fire pits either... I remember some of you guys are a little chilly already... And let's enjoy each other's company for a few minutes...

What has been going on with you guys... Please spill!?!?! I have been silently stalking you guys. So, do not feel like I do not know everything you are doing... I am a Hussy after all... I have to keep dibs on my girls (and guys)!

I miss you guys... I really do. I have been reading and reviewing - as some of you can see... But I miss blog hopping and going to see everyone all the time. I hate how life gets in the way....

But if you can remember a while back, I took a drastic break from blogging... Hell, I took a drastic break from life...      

Well... Now I am back...

The Smutty Hussy is back and naughtier than ever!!!

And a Hussy never forgets her manners... 
If you do not feel like getting out of your chair for your potion of choice...
And you think you can convince Caleb to get his hands out of his pants... 
Then please, do ask him to attend to your needs while you are visiting... 

Life took a bunch of detours and wrong ways for me this past year...
After the crazy driving through all the twists and turns of what life had to offer me...
I decided to get out of the damn car and walk!
I decided to make my own damn way in life...
I decided to put my Big Girl Smutty Hussy Ruffle Panties on and.....

Make my life just that... Mine!

So, it is with great pleasure that I welcome you to my Coming Out Party!

I am back in blog land, reading till my heart is content...
Reviewing when I want to review....
And smoking up the bed sheets when I want!
**which is why I have been sucking at emails lately**

Anyway... I am sure you do not want to hear how ablaze those sheets are, hahaha....
**You know the tribe never sleeps**

Anyways... Where was I... They do tend to keep me off task sometimes...
Ohh... Yes... My coming out party... Yes!

Not only am I back at my place...
I have been asked by the great people from
to review for them....

They are not just known for their Sex Toys....
No... they have a wide variety of books...
And they are very **cough cough** educational
Oh yea, I have checked out their selection and I can't wait to have some reviews for you!!!
**As I will mostly be doing book reviews... wink wink**

Now, for the Giveaway part you all have been waiting for....

Eden Fantasy has offered a generous gift for my Coming Out Party...
They are giving one person a $25.00 gift from their web site....

What do you have to do for it...
I promise nothing wild or crazy...
**Hummm... I could ask you to... Nah...**

All you have to do is follow my blog....
Easy right....

Leave an email address....
Another easy peasy right...

And go to Eden Fantasy's website...
Explore... Search... 
And come back and tell me what caught your panties....
Or what book caught your attention...
Since I will be reading, might as well see what you guys like there ~ Right!

Contest is open internationally!
Contest ends High Noon (EST) Saturday, October 8th....
And Winner will be announced Sunday, October 9th!!!
Good Luck and Happy Hussy Hunting!

So, please keep popping in ~ cuz you never know what or
who **evil laughter** I will be doing at the Lair!!!

And remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy! 
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  1. I would pick the Amethyst glass dildo


  2. Welcome back. Those are some fancy panties you have there.

    I'm not sure what I was expecting when I clicked on that link but it wasn't that. LOL I'm not sure what I'd get. I'm blushing. ;-)

    Glad to see you again and hope your road has smoothed out.


  3. Oh, so many toys to choose from. I am not sure what I would get right now. I am sure a can find something though, lol.
    Welcome back!
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  4. This year has been a strange one for me, as well. Glad to see your return.

    I saw that authors have taken Steampunk and ratcheted up the heat. Since I have just dipped a toe into reading that genre I noticed the book Carnal Machines published by Cleis Press. Would love to see a review of that!

  5. ...oops. Forgot my deets.

    little lamb lst at yahoo dot com

  6. Congrats with pulling those cute frilly panties up :) glad to see you back and work hard as ever and it sounds like you will be giving us some great reviews! Ok I visited the site and wow! I could get lost on that page forever lol- I got myself under control and looked at the books, lol and I saw Carrie's Story- I have been dying to read this story for so long it looks amazing and I have heard so much about it- please look at it and consider doing a review would love to see what you thought.

  7. Couldn't be happier that you're back, hon! Woohoot! I've missed you and I'm sorry to hear that your road has been so bumpy... But welcome back!!!! :)

  8. -not an entry-

    But yay! But fav smutty hussy is back! Where is the champagne?

  9. I picked out four items that caught my attention. The Tastie Pasties, Gummy Peckers, Beaded Nipple Clamps, and the Vibrating Nipple Clamps.

  10. Welcome back! I couldn't do a thorough search because I kept getting interupted but I have been wanting a Rabbit for a while. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  11. Good for you. Welcome back!

    I have a feeling I can't open the link at work, but I bet there are all kinds of goodies there.

  12. welcome back. :)

    I wold have to pick between a prostate massager and some of the lubes.


  13. Not entering, just wanted to say welcome back!!

  14. Jessica ( frellathon )~ Hey there! Thanks for coming over!

    Tam~ Hey honey! Ohhh, I love those panties! I am glad that they still fit! Thanks for coming over!

    Lil~ Hi there!!! I think we can all raise our glass for a strange year! Thanks for coming!
    I will have to keep Carnal Machines in mind!

    daydrmzzz~ Hey there!!! Ohhh honey, I love those kinda panties! My fave! Hummmm, will have to keep Carrie's story in mind too!

    Janna~ Awwwwwwwwwww honey, I have missed you!!! I hope all is well!!! My road might have been bumpy... but I survived!!! That is what is important!

    Blodeuedd~ Hey honey!! Missed you too!! Oh girl, you know the champagne is not far!!

    Leni~ Hey honey! Ohhhhhh... I will be checking these out!

    Jen B.~ LMBO!!!!!!

    carolsnotebook~ Thanks honey! I am glad to be back!

    Jason~ Hugs to you honey! Thanks for coming over!!!

    Chris~ Hey honey!!!! It is good to be back!

  15. First let me say that batteries suck! Ever have that moment where you reach for your vib, turn it on and NOTHING? Happens to me all the time. And I hate wasting money on batteries. They are too expensive. So I want something that charges. :) I also want something discreet for those nights I don't want to be caught by the hubby.;) Insignia Alia – discreet massager! And of course it is by Lelo. I know expensive but totally worth it when you think about the amount of batteries you would need. Savings in the long run.



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