Sunday, November 29, 2009

An Honest to Goodness Award & A Kick Ass Award

Missy from Missy's Book Nook has awarded me with two awards:
The first one is...
The Honest Scrap Award! Thanks so much, Missy ~ Love ya honey!

This blog award has been passed on to me along with nine other bloggers. The rules of this one are to list ten honest things about yourself and then pass the award on to ten other book bloggers.

Ten Honest Things About Me:

Wow... Never really knew how hard this was to do... until now... Let's see...

1.) I have a stuffed animal (His name is Mr. Owl... he is a stuffed pillow owl) that I sleep with. I have had him since I was 2 years old. If he is not in bed with me, then he is on the side of my bed.
2.) I sing in my car... really loud and I jam out too... (Yea, other drivers must think I am nuts)! But oh well.. at least I am rockin out and having a great time. I sing so loud sometimes that my voice is hoarse!
3.) I love to eat raw chocolate chip cookie dough. The pilsbury dough boy ones that are already ready to bake... yea.. I eat one each time I bake cookies! (That would go for yellow cake batter... raw... and brownie mix...)
4.) I went deer hunting with my husband one year... and did not see a damn thing. Except how beautiful mother nature could be at 4 in the freezing freaking morning.
5.) I believe in "you treat people as you would want them to treat you." Because everything comes back around sooner or later!

This is really hard...

6.) I love to talk to God. For because of him, I am a true princess... because my Father is the King!
7.) I miss the old days... when things were simpler and slower. (Elaing will laugh & Missy will have a snifful)
Myspace was your room. Facebook was getting to go see over at a friends house. Cell phones were the imaginary phones we played with. Twitter was the birds chirping. And who misses rotary phones and hating someone with a zero or nine in their number...
8.) I talk to myself... everyday in case you are wondering.. and yes, sometimes I answer myself back.
9.) I still love watching cartoons.
10.) I went para-sailing once and absolutely loved it!

I am not sure who has received this award and who has not... So, I am going to play the tag everyone who reads this and wants to play!! Just come back and give me a link... so I can learn something about you!

Ant the second award she gave me is... The Great Look Award... Isn't is beautiful!

This award is meant to pat on the back the ones paying particular attention to their blog presentation.

And the rules here are:

1. Post the award on your blog, with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.

2. Pass the award to 5 other blogs that your particularly like. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.


Then I received this award from Ms. Moonlight....

The rules are you must post about the award and then nominate five other blogs to give the Kiss Ass Blog Award to.

Now this is really hard.... For I think every blog that I follow is kick ass in it's own special way. I mean... really... we all kick ass. But I will play the rules as followed... I don't want to get my ass kicked....

Leontine from Leontine' Book Realm... okay, if Beefcake Preview night is not a good enough reason... Her freaking Bartenders are... but seriously, this is my smutty hussy sista!!!! She is the freaking Queen at KICK ASS blog!!!

Chris from Stumbling Over Choas... from her links to those two damn precious cats of hers... Her blog kicks ass... because she is always telling you where to go for some kick ass contests!! She loves to share her links like she loved to share her damn cover hussy books that make me drool!

HAWK from Houston A.W. Knight... Omg... She is Irish and she freaking rocks. We swap wine, cookies, cakes, m&m's and jelly beans... Just ask Leontine!! And her damn contests that make us think or google, lmao!!!

Mandi from Smexy Books
... her name says it all!! She is freaking rocks apples with her reviews... and her "made up movie" with Edward was enough for me!!!! She keeps my debit card on the damn run!!!

Dottie from My Blog 2.0... Oh if you have not seen Tink, what are you waiting for!! Tink gives you the low down on where to go for the contests around blog world!!! And she is a Tink lover!!!! And her reviews... she is another on that keeps the debit card running...!

And now... I pass the torch on... Thank you so much for everyone following my blog!!
But I ask one thing of all you... Just check my blog roll because there are some new blogs that I have been following and they are awesome!!! Time is not allowing me to do the things I want to do.. and that is list them all for you here... But if you know.. and you know who always comments here... You all freaking KICK ASS in my book!!!!
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Friday, November 27, 2009

Okay... I really suck... This is my... M/M Meme

Chris tagged me me for this meme, originally propagated by Kris. Please note that there are photos of scantily clad menz in this post and skip this ‘un if that’s a problem!
  • Answer all the questions below in either the comments at Kris’ place or post it on your own site. If you post it on your own site you have to let Kris know so she can can mosey on over and see if you answered correctly.
  • You have to tag two other people once you’re done and pester them relentlessly until they do the meme, too.
  • Instead of a meme image thing you have to post a cookie, preferably a twofer. It is an m/m meme after all.

Okay, I will admit that is about the only m/m thing I have done... I am going to save you the trouble now... Here goes...

1. How long have you been reading GLBTQ fiction?
  • I actually had to ask a friend GLBTQ meant... Yea, I will start this out for you... I am a virgin.

2. What was the first book you read in this genre?

  • I have read a touch of this in a Joey W Hill book. The Mark of the Vampire Queen. I will admit, it was only one scene.

3. Are you ‘out’ as a reader?

  • No... I am not an "out" reader... I am a VIRGIN!

4. Ebooks, print or both?

  • It really would not bother me either way... Humm....

5. Do you buy direct from publishers or from secondary sellers?

  • I try to buy direct, but again... I go both ways... double hummmm...

6. Prove you’re a Book Slut. How many books would you say you buy a week?

  • Oh wow... Books a week... at least 6 in a good week. My sluttestness comes out in a month of books...

7. Are you a cover, blurb or excerpt buyer?

  • Cover hussy, smutty blurbs....

8. Yeah, you read reviews, but do you actually take notice of them?

  • Oh yea... I take notice of the reviews.... (Thanks to Erotic Horizon and Mandi at Smexy Blog)

9. Who’s your fave publisher?

  • Don't really have one....

10. What about authors? Your top two only!!

  • Damn... two... I am not that kinda girl... I love to share my love... Okay okay.. I don't know Katiebabs a.k.a KB that well... but I don't want her to kick my ass because I could not pick two.... But I don't have a m/m author... yet... So, technically, I can not answer this one... yet....

11. Is there a sub-genre you particularly dis/like?

  • VIRGIN...

12. Short or long?? *rolls eyes* And, no, I’m not talking about cocks.

  • this is a topic we could stay on... and of course I mean books... hee hee!!! Again... I go both ways...

13. Anything turn you off about m/m or is all just glorious smut to you?

  • VIRGIN.....

14. Finish this sentence. You know it’s m/m twu wuv when…

  • I get my hands on a damn book and read it for myself...

15. What trope or theme are you heartily sick of in m/m romance?

  • Still a damn VIRGIN....

16. If you could choose any 3 characters for an m/m/m who would they be?

  • Oh damn... All my men... would cater to me though... That means I am still a damn virgin...

17. What new GLBTQ release are you most hanging out for right now?

  • Apparently none right now....

18. What GLBTQ book has completely blown you away this year?

  • Told you I suck at this....

19. What do you think we’ll see more of in m/m romance in 2010?

  • Very much sooo sucking at this.....

20. Don’t you agree that author Josh Lanyon should kill off arsehole character Jake Riordan?

  • I need to get to know these characters of his first... then I can make up my mind...

21. Tag two people.

Damn.... Let's see....
Leontine.... and Patti from Book Addict

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving To All....

I wanted to include something for everyone.... But most of all I wanted to wish you all a very Happy, Healthy and Blessed Thanksgiving. May we all remember the reason we give thanks in the first place... ~ Our Lord! Amen!!
So, from my family to yours...
Happy Thanksgiving ~ You all are truly a part of my family!

I pray that your tables all look like this...

And for all my pet lovers out there... I thought this was too cute...

And of course my Thanksgiving Blessing would not be the same without....

With warm love from....
Mrs. Cecile Smutty Hussy...
Happy Thanksgiving!!
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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bran's Brothers...

For those of you that do not know the back story, please follow along.

One day, I had Bran as a guest one day. He is Charlotte Featherstone's man in Velvet Haven. He is freaking hot... Here is the interview I did with him... --->>> here
Well, Houston A.W. Knight saw him... and immediately she whisked him away to her place... --->>> here. She has been tempting him with wine she sneaks from me and MV... and all of my m&m's and chocolate chip cookies!!! Well, today at her place... there was a threat on my head that I had to share Bran's brother's with her and the ladies... or they were kicking me out of her place!!! Now Hawk would never do that, hee hee, she just wanted to see Bran's brothers!!! And I don't blame her!!!

Now, as everyone knows, I do my research and I do it with well and with pride. I have to say that some of the brother's did not want to come forward. They have been hiding out in my bedroom... I had to coax them out with some sweet talking.. hee hee!!! I never give my secrets to bring a man to his knees... hee hee!!!

So, without further delay... I give you the brothers...

Now, I told you some where shy....
He was not sure he was up for the job.. so he was checking!!!
"Yep... It's good to go. I have no idea what Cecile is going to make us do for these ladies...
But I am ready!"

This brother was not sure he wanted to get out of the bed...
"I am not sure I am ready for this. I'm kinda new at this "going out in public thing"
He is very shy, so I told him that y'all would understand.

This brother, it took some sweet talking, but I got him around!!!
Hawk, this one is for you honey... **evil grin**

And this brother was not too happy that I wanted to share him...
"You know I am a one woman man, Cecile."
He finally agreed when I promised "with a cherry on top," hee hee...
there are just some things left for your imagination!!

Then Bran wanted to show you that his brothers were versatile in their professions...
Not everyone can be King of the Night Sidhe like himself. So, I finally managed to gather up these brothers... Whew.. It was a dirty job, but we had fun cleaning off!!!

And by this time, the rum was passed around and they started to loosen up a little... or at least the Lion Tamer did. He wanted to show you what he was made of!!

Then this is the baby of the group... Oh man!

So, these are just a few of the brothers that I could get my hands on... **well... hee hee....***
I hope this satisfied your palette for a little while!!!
With much Mrs. Cecile Smutty Hussy Loving....
Love ya!!!

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Marry Me...

He finally asked me... And I said Yes!!!!! OMG... Edward asked me to marry him last night at the movies!!!!

I finally got to go see New Moon last night. My daughter and her bff piled in the car at 6:00pm to make the 7:30 show in Baton Rouge... and OMG... the 7 show was sold out already!!

Did I enjoy it... Hell Yeah
Was I satisfied... Hell Hell Yeah
Am I going see it again... Hell Hell Hell Yeah!!!!!!

I mean... Just look at my husband! Isn't he hot!!! OMG!!!

And I can not be easily swayed to Team Jacob because of this body... But I will say that we (all the females in the theatre) were holding our breaths because we all knew the exact moment that his shirt was coming off....
And when it did...
We all went "ohhhhhhhh" and then proceeded to laugh at ourselves...

And yes, you can call me a cougar any day of the week... if it means lusting after these hotties!!!

And I just wanted to see if you were paying attention to me... Yea... Cougar... Spell that with MRS. in front please, then C-O-U-G-A-R! God Lord, look at Emmett... Who knew... **evil grin**

Gotta love a guy getting drenched in the rain for you... **is it just me or is it hot in here**


Double Damn...

Now I tell you that during the movie, we (as in at least 10 of us and I being the loudest one) had to yell at some one to take their crying, screaming child out of the theatre. We hinted under our hands for at least 5 minutes. Then finally... I could not take it anymore, I stated a little loudly, please take your child out. And they did... thank goodness...

Over all, it was a awesome movie! Whatever is being said about it ~ whatever. My opinion is that is was a freaking awesome movie and I absolutely loved and can NOT wait for Eclipse to come out!!!!
I do plan to re-read Eclipse again... very soon. I don't care what is in the wing waiting for me... I will re read that one again... Oh Edward is calling me... I gotta go!!!!

Hope you all are having a great Monday!!!!
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Friday, November 20, 2009

I believe in Giving... Please Read...

I obtained this from Sasha White's blog. I am not sure about you, but I can not resist a toy drive. Especially when I know how tight things can be!!! But to know that for a few dollars we can make some child's Christmas. I mean, what is the true meaning of Christmas? Giving.
Just read! I had tears in my eyes!!


From Chaos Cat of Romance Junkies.

::: Permission to Forward to anyone you can think of ;-):::

I am here in hopes of helping Todd get toy donations for the Superior Fire Department again this year. :-)

We live in a small old mining town, population three thousand. My husband who helps me with all things RJ runs the local fire department in town. It’s a low income town and there are a lot of kids here that don’t get much for Christmas. Weeks before Christmas the fire department decorates one of the fire trucks with thousands of holiday lights, fire personnel and yours truly spend weeks wrapping every toy brought in with festive Christmas paper. On Christmas Eve Santa and Ms. Claus ride in back of the fire truck and, with Christmas music blaring, the fire truck weaves its way up and down every street in town. The sirens blare every few minutes and as kids hear it they scramble out of their houses. The truck stops and Santa gives each child a toy. The drive itself takes seven hours. It’s a big production and one that the fire department takes great pride in.

A few years ago I got involved in the toy drive. With the help of the Romance Community the Fire Dept has been able to give a toy to every child in town for 3 years straight. The toys are not expensive — small stuffed animals and 1-4 dollar toys, but it doesn’t take a lot to make it a magical night for the kids in town, especially when Santa is delivering the toys personally.

I know it’s been a bad year for everyone, but I am really hoping we can raise enough toys again this year. Last year we barely brought in enough, but we did it! ;-)

If anyone is interested in sending in some toys it would be VERY MUCH appreciated by both the fire department and the kids in town ;-)

I really want to thank everyone who has contributed over the years. I go on the drive every year with Todd and I can’t describe adequately how incredible the whole experience is. It chokes me up every year watching kids with huge grins on their faces, clutching tight to the toy Santa has given them.

You can check out photos of the Santa Drive – here

If you would like to donate toys or gift cards you can do so by sending them into:

Superior Fire Dept Toy Drive

C/O Superior Fire Department
236 Golf Course Rd
Superior, AZ 85173

The Department is not set up to take Paypal. So anyone who would like to contribute via Paypal can send their donations into Romance Junkies and I will forward the donations onto the Fire Dept. RJ pal info is – info is

Cat Brown AKA Chaoscat
(Chaos – It’s not just a lifestyle, it’s a state of mind)
Owner/Operator Romance Junkies
Let's remember what the season is truly about ladies... and gentlemen...
Have a great day!!!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Review: The Mark of the Vampire Queen by Joey W Hill

The Mark of The Vampire Queen

ISBN13: 9780425219324
ISBN: 0425219321
BINC: 9091809
Age: 18 and up

About the book:
Description: "Full servant." With his new title, Jacob must attend to Lady Lyssa's every need, venturing into a world of passion darker than he's ever known. As a vampire hunter he wasn't prepared to embrace a world where humans are sexual commodities, but he has adapted. Now he finds the integrity of his soul challenged as he serves his Mistress's needs as fully as he services her desires. He loves her, though other servants warn against giving her his soul. Everyone knows that Vampires have no regard for humans, so why would a Vampiress bother treating a mere sex toy with respect? But Jacob knows a human servant is far more than that. His Mistress needs a warrior, a friend and a lover. A man who will serve her in all ways, even if he has to betray the priceless treasure of her love.
I obtained this information from Borders.

This is my own personal copy and this review is for my own viewing pleasure.

First off let me say that I loved The Vampire Queen's Servant. This is part two in Jacob's quest to win his masters heart and soul. I will not say that you must read the first one... but to understand the world that Ms. Hill has created for these two and what they have gone through to get there, you really should read the first one.

Okay... moving forward...
The romance between Jacob and Lady Lyssa is very breathtaking. Their relationship blossoms into the fullest it possibly can. Jacob has received his third mark; which means that he has bound himself to his Master until death. Imagine saying our wedding, you say: till death do us part... now imagine if that were true, your spouse died, you died with him/her. This book does not deter away from the BDSM parts of Ms Hill's style. Her writing style just simply amazes me. To read her books (the two that I have) will throw you in a world of her very own. Be prepared to go on a journey you will sure to be enthralled in.
Lady Lyssa is slowly dying and Jacob will do everything in his power to stop that from happening. Along with her sickness, there is the meeting coming before the Council. Lady Lyssa is trying to pave a better future for the vampires. One of her goals is to address the issue of permanent asylum for the fugitives in her territory. And the other is to push for them to become more civilized by only needing to kill one human a year for them to maintain their strength. But some vampires do not agree with her thinking and want to over throw the Council. and her. So the plot thickens...
I will tell you this though, this story left me wanting more... It's in the ending, but I am not quiet sure where and that is my problem. I am not sure if her being of two heritages got me, or that she shifted, or that the love did not go the way I wanted it too (yea, I am selfish like that) or what... but something was missing for me. Maybe the power struggle... the grand ending. I will struggle with this and it will bother me... Because I love this woman's writing!!
I love what has become of Jacob and his Master. The journey he goes to get there. If there is a man out there like Jacob... oh please let yourself be known! This man will do anything, everything and back again for his woman. OMG... Jacob remains my Sex on a Stick man.

There are two more books after this one, but they are stand alone. The characters flow in and out of them... but they are stand alone.

The Vampire's Claim is the third book. Here for details. It came out in March 2009.
The Beloved Vampire is the forth book. Here for details. It came out in August 2009.
Vampire Mistress is the fifth book. Here for details. It comes out in May 2010.... This one is Jacob's brother's story... Oh yea... I am waiting!!!!

To read my review of The Vampire Queen's Servant, please go --->>> here.

To learn more about Ms. Joey W. Hill, please visit her website --->>> here.
Sign up for her newsletter, look around at her other series.... It is an awesome place!

Hope you all enjoyed the review!

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Monday, November 16, 2009

A Short Story by Cecile B Smith

A Night To Never Forget....

Caleb was dressed to the hilt in his black slacks, gray shirt and purple tie. He knew Ceila's favorite color was purple. Tonight was her birthday and he'd planned a special evening at her favorite restaurant. Yep, tonight was all about her. He loved to shower her with attention, she deserved it, she appreciated it--at him.

Ceila opened the door and his jaw nearly dropped. She was dressed in a sexy black skirt and pink blouse, with the top three buttons left undone, revealing her tantalizing cleavage. The killer high heels she knew turned him on, just one more things about her that made their relationship special. He let out a deep breath and gave her a sexy smile.

God, he loved the way that skirt hugged her hips, the way those shoes made her legs look a mile long. He loved to tease her about those heels calling them her "fuck me" shoes. Caleb could tell from the glint in her eyes that was precisely what she had in mind for later tonight.

They sat in a cozy, secluded spot at the restaurant, enjoying each others company and talked about the day and their weekend plans.

The food was wonderful, the wine was delicious and the atmosphere was perfect. Caleb could see the hungry look in her beautiful eyes and knew it had nothing to do with food. At one point during their conversation, she took off her shoe and discreetly ran it up his calf and between his thighs. Sucking in a deep breath, he waved for the waiter to bring the check to their table, threw some money on the table and he escorted her out the restaurant.

In the car, she teased him the whole way home. Kissing, feeling and nudging him in places she knew would make him burn inside. He'd let her enjoy a bit of control now, but once inside, he'd take over--just how she liked it.

Once inside the house, he pushed her against the closed door, capturing her mouth, pressing against her. The kiss grew hungry, deeper and more demanding. Desire flashed through him hot and intense, but her knew he had to slow down. He had more in mind for her tonight--something very special.
He drew away and they smiled at each other through their ragged breathing. Without a word, he picked her up and headed to the bedroom.


He lay her on the bed. "Relax, darlin'," he said with an easy grin. Celia loved it when he gave her a personal strip tease show.

He began by unloosing the knot of his tie. Very slowly working it down, watching her under his lashes. He slipped the tie over his head and tossed it on the bed. "I've got plans for that later," he teased. She grew warm at the thought of what he would do with it. Painstakingly slow, he eased his shirt from his slacks. Celia's gaze was riveted to his fingers as he slowly turned each button. She watched, growing wet with each flick of his fingers, anticipating the ripple of muscles across his chest as he shrugged the shirt over his broad shoulders. The wait was nearly killing her, but she knew Caleb would make it worth every excruciating moment.

Once he was free of his shirt, he put one foot on the edge of the bed and proceeded to take off one shoe at at a time,followed by his socks. He's smiling the whole time, taking his own sweet time, knowing the agony she's in. She knows, too, it's payback for the car ride home. He straightened and Celia looked on him as she'd never done before. Here was her dream man, her ultimate fantasy. Deliciously wicked thoughts crossed her mind and he must have known her thoughts because he smiled spoke softly, "In due time."

His hands moved to his belt and he unfastened it slowly, pulling it from the loops as if there was no rush at all-- except the rush of molten heat coursing through her veins. He tossed the belt to the floor. His fingers wrapped around the button, slowly undoing it; his grin was that of the cat that ate the carny. He knew what he was doing to her and he enjoyed it as much as she did.

His fingers clutched the zipper and she inhaled a hiss. Damn this man was going to be the death of her. Slowly, lazily sliding the zipper down.

Once the zipper was down, he slowly pushed the slacks down-- heavens above--there is a God. Caleb was wearing her favorite pair of purple boxer briefs, the ones she'd given him for his birthday.
They clung to his thighs like chocolate on strawberries. She saw the gleam in his eyes and knew he'd done this just for her.

This was her birthday dessert and she wanted to savor every luscious morsel.

Dark wavy hair, deep blue eyes, luscious lips. Built like an athlete of the gods. She loved him with every fiber of her being. How could she want for anything more on her birthday or any day before or after? Celia was in heaven. There were only two words on her mind as she took him in from head to toe. "Come here." And he complied before another word could escape her lips, except when she said his name in a shuddering sigh.

Two words, "Come here," and he was on top of her before any other words could escape her lips; expect his name of course.

This is a story written solely by me - Cecile B Smith (with editing help from a very great, dear friend of mine - I owe you my heart). If you wish to use this story or any pieces of it, please contact me. For this is my heart, soul and blood... And besides I will hunt you down and cast a spell of bed bugs forever in your pj's!!! I hope you enjoyed the story!!!!!!!

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Review: The Manufactured Identity by Heath Sommer

The Manufactured Identity
  • Pub. Date: June 2009
  • Publisher: Tate Publishing & Enterprises, L.L.C.
  • Format: Paperback, 308pp
  • ISBN-13: 9781606965504
  • ISBN: 1606965506


Months after his mysterious disappearance from a routine fishing trip, no one really expects over-the-hill Texas housewife Lory Latchley to find her missing husband—especially her husband. The Manufactured Identity is clinical psychologist Heath Sommer's ever-escalating immersion into the world of unlikely friends who each awaken to find their faithful companions missing without warning or reason. Desperate to find meaning in their pain, they are thrust by the auspices of fate into a common thread of mystery and human frailty. In the end, the fate of all may reside in the unstable hands of rookie pastor John Joe, but ultimately Lory and her newfound partners will uncover a truth so unnerving it makes even infidelity look palatable.

This was obtained from Barnes & Noble.

Okay, to keep up with the FCC... Mr. Heath Sommer's sent me this book for a review. All ideas, thoughts and opinions are all MINE!
Now let's get the show on the road.

I have read many review of this book before I did my own. I normally do not want to see what others have to say about a book before I review it; but this book, I wanted to give it justice. I found a lot of positive and energetic reviews for this book. Mine is on the fence.
First, I felt this book delivered to many characters way to fast and without connection. I had to re-read the first few chapters to make sure I got a hold of what was going on. And then half way through it I really wanted to give up. I got discouraged because I just could not follow. The story did not flow for me like I did for these other reviewers. But the suspense was killing me, so I jumped to the ending... and I still could not figure out what was going on. So, I just dived in the middle of the book and started jumping around reading bits and pieces, here and there... and the light blub went off. I got the jest of the story. But never fully understood the whole thing. Looking at the book, I am hoping that one day, I pick it back up and read it again... and grab a better understanding of it.
To think outside my box, I will keep this book around and I will keep picking it up... Why... to break out of my comfort zone of just romance books.
If you love a good psychological mystery/thrillers, then this book is really for you.

For other reviews of this book, please visit Barnes & Noble or Please do not just take my word ~ seek out others!

I wanted to include this review for you to see the difference in opinions. Please take the time to read this review from Barnes & Noble:

A Psychological Mystery Above The Rest by pagese

Reader Rating:
See Detailed Ratings

October 27, 2009: I was intrigued from the first couple pages of The Manufactured Identity. I love psychological mystery/thrillers, and have to say that this is one of the best. I've found most doctors turned writers try not to show too much of their psychology backgrounds in a story they've written. But, I found this book was the opposite and I loved every minute of it. But, then I have a B.S. in psychology so I sort of revel in this kind of stuff. I wasn't sure were the story was going for a while and there are a lot of characters to keep track of. But, as I soon found out, this was all part of the point. It was fascinating to watch the story unfold and I was completely shocked at what the whole truth entailed. I thought the person revealed in the end was different, so I liked being surprised. In the end was very glad to have read this book!

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Review: Released by Kimber Chin & Giveaway

A Kimber Chin Short
Companion Story To Flawless
Launch Date: October 2009
Publisher: Champagne Books
ebook ~ 33 pages
A little scoop...
Is There Love After Murder?
Fifteen years ago, Alvar went to prison for a murder he didn’t commit. Finally released, he comes face to face with the real murderer - the only woman he has ever loved.
~I obtained all this information from Ms. Chin's website. Please go --->>> here to check it all out!

Okay, to keep up with the FCC... Ms. Kimber gave me this ebook. I am reviewing it for my "viewing" pleasure only!
Now on to what I do best... Review!

This is a quick read; but let me tell you something - from the very first sentence to the very last, Ms. Kimber made me hold on to the edge of my seat and I could not let go. It was a mystery ride the whole way... with a very big touch of tender loving!
I can not tell you much about the story because I do not want to give it away. But I will tell you this, I love Ms. Kimber's writing style. Her stories take place in the now, which makes the premises of the story that much more believable. Her characters are in-depth and real and her storyline makes you feel like you are right there with the characters.
With Edenia, I could feel her pain and love. And with Alvar, I could feel his protection and devotion. This was another awesome story by Ms. Kimber! She just keeps getting better and better... Making me want the next story - NOW!

The contents of this story: An abusive (dead) ex-husband, jail time, a true best friend, a true lover and a gentle soul - oh and some lovable furry friends.
Now, I will let you read the story to piece together the characters!

Now, I searched my sources for the man I thought Alvar to be. I wanted someone of Spanish heritage, but as you can see my hussy came out and picked my man. Why you might ask. Because I can so see Gerard doing what Alvar did for his woman. When I thought of running into someone's arm to protect me. I saw him. I just could not find the perfect picture and since I can not take his picture... This one will have to do =)

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~Be sure you stay tune because Flawless is due out February 2010!!! This is going to be Tavos' story!
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Here are some links to some of her short stories:
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Okay... so I helped you out half way!!! LOL!! But you have to tell me the correct hero/heroine to the right story... lol!!! Good Luck!!!!
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