Thursday, April 30, 2009

What a week!!!

I have to get something off my chest... I hate computer viruses!!!!! They suck!!!!
When I tried to access blog from my work computer Tuesday, it told me that I had infected my computer with a virus and it shut blog down. Well, low and behold... my computer was infected. The computer guy had to do some of his magic on my computer. So now, I am only allowed to do bloggin when I get home in the evenings... which is a pain in the butt because hubby normally has his grubby fingers on it!!!

So, with that being said.... I want you all to know that I will try my hardest to access it at work to check on all of you to make sure that everyone is playing nicely!!!! Barbara... Vamp... Rehv.... Nice not naughty, no daggers, no kung-fu crap... nice!! Okay...just a little fighting because he is yummy **not that I would know*** (((i am still under the bed with my Lords of the Underworld ~ hiding from Barbara for having VampGirl's back)))!

Now... let's see what's going on lately...
I went to Wal-Mart this past Sunday and I bought Edge of Danger by Rhyannon Byrd, Love Awakened by none other JR Ward, and Forbidden Nights with a Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks!! Now I am on the search for the rest of the BDB books... I will have them sooon.. very soooon ***rubs my grubby hands together with a haughting laughter***** Then I would love to make it to Borders (they have a 20% off coupon)... so I can buy it then... it is payday this Friday!!

Right now: I am reading Jacob by Jacquelyn Frank... Thus far, it is proving to be a satisfying (hellva man) series. But after this one... I might have to stop and do the ""No-No""" of my most hated pet peeve... break the series up and read something else... because if I get my hands on the BDB books.. you better believe I will be reading those next instead. Also... I am waiting (very patiencely) for my copy of Passion Unleashed by Larissa Ione that I won from April 5th (but I am still trying to get my hands on the first two before I jump into that one). My collections are not quite complete yet.

Do you.... ever have that feeling when you see a book on the shelf... you think, I should buy it now... but you walk away from it... not because you do not want it now... but because you know you have 3 books in your hand already... so you leave.... and you leave the book behind... then you go there the following week... only to find it GONE!!!!! I mean, come on... no one else should be looking to buy the same damn book I want. That is what has happened to me two weekends ago at Wal-Mart. It wa Larissa Ione's Pleasures Unbound. It was there one Sunday... then I went back the next damn Sunday and it was GONE!!!! I think I must have screamed a little because Brooke (my baby girl) looked at me like I had lost my mind!!!! She did not realize the trauma I was going through. I searched behind every damn book on those shelves and nothing. I vowed I am never doing that again!

I buy a good amount of my books from there because they are closer to me. It is a half an hour away... my local Borders is an hour away (with good traffic)... And I hate to say this... but Wal-Mart is my Sunday grocery shopping store! So I am there anyway... and while I am there.... I can stop by the book section and no one is the wiser!!! Expect Brooke ***who gives me the mean eyes as we called them when she was little girl*** I just want to make sure that it is understood that I am not trying to promote WM or anything; it just happens to be closer. Besides (saving money tip, at least for my area) they are the only store that will match sales papers. So saving money to me means.... I can "treat" myself to some books!!! Isn't that the point of saving money ~ to buy more books... who needs a college fund for the kids... Just give them a few books! LOL!!!!

The next thing on my list is I want to find time to read all of these books that I have... so many books so little time!!!!

Question time ladies...

Are you ever at an lost as to what to read next?
How do you decide what to read next?
Does coming off a series of books make it harder for you to chose the next series... or single book?
Tell me your thoughts...
Does the cover persuade you to read one book over another (hot guy... yummy lips... delicious abs and gawd only knows what else **just giving you an idea**
Does the storyline draw you more.?
What makes you fingers pick the next book??

Well... looking forward to seeing you tomorrow evening....

Oh ps... when you post... if you dont mind... let me know what time zone you are in... I know we are all over and you do not have to devulge your info if you do not want to .... just think it would be neat to know who is just going to bed and who is just waking up!!!

BTW, I am central standard time. I live in Louisiana. I am writing this to you at 10:12 pm on Wednesday night!!
So, with that... I will bid you a-due!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Award time...

I have made some new friends in the land of blog and I thought it would be nice to share... since we share the stories of our fave books and we share our thoughts on our fave yummy delicious men... I wanted to share a personal award... I do not require you do anything... this is just to express my thanks for all of your friendship!!

First, let me thank Smexy Books for presenting me with this lovely award!!!

Now, to present her with an adward... she will get the Friendship Flower award... What girl does not love getting roses, especially those that will not die...
And to the rest of my "Princess" friends... I present to you... The True Fairy Tale Award. It is for the hopes that one day all your dreams will come true!! Because we all are still Cinderella's at heart!

This goes to: Anna @ Anna's Book Blog, Amy C @ Romance Book Wyrm, Blodeudd @ Book girl of Mur-y-Castell, Lea @ closetwriter, Erotic @ Erotic Horizon, Barbara @ Happily Forever After, VampFanGirl @ Lovin' Me Some Romance, Ms. M @ Moonlight To Twilight Blog, Dottie @ My Blog 2.0, Ms. Sohpie/Charlotte @ Scribe's Scroll, Blanche @ There's No Such Thing As Too Many Books LadyTink @ ~Up Close & Personal wi..., and Bridget3420 @ Readaholic! Hope you ladies enjoy!!!
Smexy Books.. you also receive this award, because you are deemed a princess as well!!!
You girls make my day just a little bright.... !!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Review of Blood Magic!!!!

Blood Magic by Jennifer Lyons

Mass Market Paperback: 384 pages
Publisher: Ballantine Books (February 24, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0345506340 ISBN-13: 978-0345506344

The blurh:


In the days when powerful witches used their magic to shield humanity from demons, their allies and guardians were a group of men gifted with preternatural abilities of their own–the witch guardians. But when a band of witches traded their humanity for demonic power, the ancient bond was broken, and the guardians became the hunters.
Darcy MacAlister knows nothing of demons or magic. But this beautiful young woman is about to discover the truth about her past . . . and her future. For she is a witch–not just any witch, but the key to breaking the curse that has plagued witches and the men who hunt them. For if a hunter kills an innocent witch by mistake, the price is no less than a piece of his soul.
Axel Locke, gorgeous leader of the Wing Slayer Hunters, has sworn never to shed the blood of the earth witches who have resisted the temptation of demonic power. But when his sister is cursed by a demon witch, he discovers that Darcy MacAlister may hold the cure–if she can master her new found powers in time. When the chase begins and Axel and Darcy come face-to-face, this hunter must weigh his soul against his honor–and against his heart.

My Thoughts:

Well to all of my friends who love their witches, demons, elements of the earth spirits, that hunters and all things that go bump in the night... this book is for you! I won't lie.. I had no idea what this book was reallllly about, except for reading the blurh. But even that didn't set things within me. I picked up this book to try something new and different. I normally read vampire/shape shifter books. So, I figured witches and demon hunters were a little different. And this book provided to be all that and more. This book left me wanting to be an Earth Witch in my next life!
The books involved the whole family; leaving out no one. The band of brothers of the Wing Slayer - those willing to put faith in something they did not know if it existed or not, the few witches that would pull together - because they were in hiding from those who wanted to hunt and kill them, and those left in the wake - with their souls to lose and everything to gain. Honestly, this book got under my skin in a good way. I found myself pulling for the greater of good vs evil; like yes actually cheering them on... and yellin "you go kick some ass" under the tent of my bed covers! (That is how I am allowed to read at night... night light to bright for hubby... so I have to go under my covers to read ~ and yea, I feel like I am a 5 yr old staying up past bedtime trying to read.) We all know that losing someone you love is bad enough, but losing your soul...well, that kinda changes the game a bit. It was a very creative book. Because be honest... would you lost your soul to save someone you love!

The Plot:

Close your eyes and imagine a time and a world where witches lived among us and shielded us from the demons that roamed the earth. Then, there were those that lived among the witches ~ enter in the Witch Guardians ~ to protect them from the evil... Now, we all know that out of all the good there is... there is bound to be screw up in the bunch... well let's add in that screw up. Some idiot witches decided they wanted to go demonic with their power. Well, that was the straw that broke the camels back. The bond was broken between them all and the guardians became the hunters of the witches they were sworn to protect!
There are two kinds of hunters... the Wing Slayer Hunters (Witch Guardians); who have kept their moral/ethic code in check and in control no matter what the circumstances are; then there are the Rouge Hunters; those were guardians but have lost their soul to taste the richness and power of witch blood.. Witch blood is what drives them wild; they crave it like a drug. Think of them as drug addicts. If they taste the blood of the witch, and lost control, they will drain the witch and become rouge... waiting on their next fix of blood. They will slaughter as many as they have to ~ to have that fix. The Rouge do not believe the Wing Slayer God is alive; however, the band of Wing Slayer believe he exist - no matter what anyone has to say about it. They know that He is their protector. What I came to understand was the gods (good and evil) were only as strong as the people who believed and had faith in them.

The Main Players:
Darcy - The story opens up to the death of her adopted mother, Eileen. Her mother had lupus. Already, you feel for her. She does not know her biological mother or father. But her adoptive mother loved her with all her heart and soul. The adoptive father ~ was a complete ass. She was verbally and physically abused by him when she was young... (The physical abuse came by him locking her in a closet) He would blame Darcy for Eileen being sick because of her being different. She was different because she heard voices in her head and she can feel the emotions of other when they touch her or are very close to her... So, she knew what the ass of a father thought of her. He thought of her a devil-spawn. That and he drank alot... and we all know that is not a good combination. But she managed and pulled through it. She is a very determined woman, I give her credit for that. She does not back down in the face of danger or demons; which really won my admiration. She wants to do what is right, no matter what the sacrifice is to her. She has not opened her heart to many men at all... with the knowing what they think of you part of her life... if they became intimate... she knew what they truly thought of her... a freak of nature. So, her dating life was none. That was until Axel walked or should I say butted in her life. Then, not only does she have to deal with Axel... she now has to face the truth of her past that she is different and has to learn to embrace it and deal with it... the becoming of a witch! And you thought your life was hard!

Axel - All man!!! Yummy, delicious, he can come scoop me up anyday!!! He is part of the Witch Hunters. He has a band of brothers that help him "protect and serve." They believe in their Wing Slayer, their faith in that is rock strong and that is what helps them to stay on the path of righteousness. Each man has a tattoo on their body of a particular bird. Axel's was supposed to be a raven, instead the raven turned into a Hawk. Now, Axel has a baby sister, Hannah, who has been cursed with the mark of death on her forehead. And according to the legend, when the moon reaches a certain stage, she will die if the curse has not removed by a witch or the demon witch who placed it on her has to be killed. But if Axel was to kill the demon witch.... just the spill of her blood would make Axel go rouge! So, Axel has to hunt down a witch to remove the curse. He just wants to save his baby sisters life. Awww! What he founds is Darcy. Axel is trying to figure out his need to protect Darcy, because it brings out a voliate side of him and that scares the **be-gib-bes** out of him. He is scared (or doubt put into his mind by the likes of his father and his kind) into to thinking that she has put a curse on him to make him feel what he feels for her. Even though in his heart, he knows that is not true... he knows something is different about the two of them... it is not a bad thing, but he knows (they both know) that something is different!

Joe - Darcy's cousin. The only family she has left. He was her rock when life was just crappy to say the least. They worked (or she was the boss and he worked for her) at the funeral home owned by their fathers ho passed it down to them... Actually her ass of a father passed it down to Joe, because he saw him as the son he never would have. But Joe considered it hers. He would do anything in this world to protect and keep Darcy safe. That is what family is for. Joe is a big guy... Special Forces type (that spells yummy to me.) He looks after Darcy like she was his own sister. So, when she disappears and she reaches him... he does what is in his power to find her and save her!!! But he is also concerned about Morgan.

Morgan - She is a good friend to Darcy. They were not the best of friends in high school, but Morgan would stop the kids from picking on Darcy. Joe was in love with her. Well, Morgan now is married to Eric (yea, I wanted to kill this SOB); however, she is married to him, she ran away from him. Because what she didn't know about Eric, was that he is a rouge hunter and he is forming his own little army to kill all witches. What she doesn't know about herself yet is that she is pregnant with his child. He has abused her so much that every time she tries to tell Darcy what is happening to her or about Eric, she gets this bad headaches and nausae and she can't think. He has tampered with her memory so much, she cannot recall much.

The Unexpected:

In this book, the unexpected was at every page. Being the first book and a new author to me, I never knew what she would bring to the table. At some parts, I was wondering if Darcy would run screaming at finding out some of the information she had to deal with... or if she would just stand her ground like a STRONG woman and face what was coming head on.

The Predictable:

Really, I found nothing that would predict the books outcome or the on coming events to me. Which, that in itself, made me feel good. Because you never expected the next page of events. I mean you kinda could put the pieces together, but not in a whole. It was just like putting a puzzle together (but not a hard puzzle).

Smut Factor:

If you want an erotic novel... well... this one is not be for you. But the sexual undertones is just as HOT! The sex scenes and the thoughts of the sex... left me turning the damn pages so fast, I got papers cuts!!!! They did not take their "sex" lightly; so when it would happen or it be close to happening or it would even be thought about, you knew that their emotions were into it and you better get perpared to get fan and some ice cold water!! So, the sex ~ when it would happen or be thought about ~was well worth the wait!!!!

What Pleased Me:

The whole damn book! I loved the whole book. I love the way it was written, the context of the events, the references to the past. I never felt left out of the picture. I feel in love with the characters and their reason for living and protecting. I love the way Ms. Jennifer kept you on the edge of your seat about what was going to happen to Darcy and Axel.

What Displeased Me:

Absolutely Nothing! This is one book that just kept me going. I really really did not want to put this book down. So, I am afraid to disappoint you guys... but there is nothing in this book that I would hint at being changed.


I love the colours! The red with black is intoxicating. And I absolutely love the hawk. It does have a significant meaning to the book. It has just a enough hit of "sexual tease" to put you in the mood for some hot romance!

Author Links: What is to come: Soul Magic ~ Sutton & Carla's story is next... no, I did not tell you about their character and yes I did it on purpose!!! But Sutton is one of Axel's "brothers" ***wink wink*** and Carla is a witch!! There is no date yet... But believe me... as soon as I know... I will be posting it and getting it. It will be a series of the Wing Slayer Hunter and let me tell you... they are hot! And she has other books that look really entertaining!! Be sure to check them out as well!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Winner is... And please Forgive me!

Okay, can I say that I hate the internet and phone companies (sorry if I offend anyone)!!!!! AAGGGGHHHH!!
For those of you who remember, I was having internet problems last week - first at work... then low and behold... our home modem went kuput!!!!! Internet sucks sometimes. That is why I was unable to post this whole weekend. ATT promised to have a new moden shipped to us overnight ~ that was Thursday~ ask me if we got our new one in yet.... NOOOO!!!!!
So, with my deepest apologies, I am very sorry that I had to make you guys wait!! Please forgive me in the world of internet problems.

The winner of the Charlaine Harris ~ Dead After Dark book... is...
drum roll please... *****drum roll drumm rolll drummm rollll*****

Lea... Ms. Closetwriter herself!!!
Ms. Lea, send me your info to my addy of

Ohhhh, and I will also be doing a review of Blood Magic by Jennifer Lyon. I finished that books Saturday night!!! It was awesome!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Last Chance::: Just for Fun!!

Okay... I am going to do something just for fun here...
We are going to have a quickie!!! Ha!! You know you want to laugh at that idea over the Internet!! Yea, that made me laugh too!!

We are going to have a quick cute little contest!

I own an extra copy of Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris...
The story behind having an extra copy is, I bought the first one and loved it so I wanted to rest.... of course, that is how it all starts out... Well, the set of six was cheaper than buying them separately.... so now I own two.... The one I am giving away has never been used!! And it is not autographed, unless of course you would like me to sign my name!!! **yea, I am laughing at myself** I kill me sometimes!!

Let's see what you have too do.... hummm.... **smoke coming out of ears, thinking so hard**
Oh what the hell... just leave me a comment and tell me what makes a guy smokin' hot to you (n the novels you read or the cover models). I just want to hear what makes you tick *hahahah* Now to win... I will do the gerenic version of the randomizer... I will put the number you are as a commentor in a bag and have daughter pull the name! How does that sound...
The contest will end, lets say.... April 24th!! That night Brooke will draw and I will annouce the winner Saturday morning!!
Tell who ever, how ever many people you would like...
Good luck and have fun with this!!!

Oh, ps tell me what you think of the contest.. if you like the idea or not.
Oh and here is something to get your motivation going.... My hottie Lucien!!! He is soooo yummmyyy..... and tasty!!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Reminder on Sharing...

I want to remind everyone who has expressed an interest in wanting to do some book swapping to send in those lists. I know we do not live close to each other.... some live farther away than we would like... but nothing is impossible!
So here's how it will work.... Compile your list on an email send it to me at I will do a grid of who has what and will re-email the list to you all and then we take it from there... However, i would like to carry on this post off the blog. So for people who have just found this post, email me and come join in the fun!!!
Think of this as our own personal Library! We still buy books every chance we get... but borrowing is nice too.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Contests, Contests and more Contests...

Okay... as promised I told you I was going blog hoping this evening to see what has been going on and I also promised to let you know of any and all up coming contests that I can get my hands on!!!

So, here goes... first up is

Blanche's site...
There's No Such Thing As Too Many Books
Her contest is running now through the end of this week (4/24 I am guessing - Friday). Her contest is featuring Beth Williamson; (who stopped by her site Monday for a chat) And there you have a chance to win 1 of 3 books by her. So, go leave a comment and the winner will be announced May 1st. Good Luck to you....

Next up is...

Beth Kery's site...
Beth Kery
Her contest features: Elisabeth Naughton! Elisabeth will be there to tell you about her upcoming sequel to her popular romance Stolen Fury, Stolen Heat. If you’re not familiar with Elisabeth’s blend of action, adventure and romance, you’re going to love this. If you leave Elisabeth a comment or ask her a question, you’ll qualify to win a signed copy of Stolen Fury Tuesday evening! (Contest open internationally.)

Now this is not a contest... but we share the love here...
So head over to Bloudeuedd's site...
Book girl of Mur-y-Castell and check out her new looks!!! Lea (with her great wizard fingers) helped her to make three columns!!! Let her feel the love of the community!

Okay, now for the big one!!! Or should I say one of the biggest ones... because she has two...

VampGirl has a serious contest going on... because it's her man, REHVENGE, up for GRABS!!! ****I can't believe she is giving him away... ****Lovin' Me Some Romance
Visit VampGirl site for this....

are you ready...
are you sure...
okay... here it is!!!
Lovin' Me Some Romance will be hosting her very first Giveaway!
Commencing April 22nd, in Celebration of the Release of LOVER AVENGED, there will be SIX consecutive days of Black Dagger Brotherhood Fun and Reviews to get you guys amped up for REHVENGE!

Now, just be prepared, I have seen a big can of whoop ass if anyone tries to claim REHVENGE, so, please no blood shed... VampGirl and Barbara do fight over him... So, I would not get in their way....
Then, on APRIL 28TH, Commenter's can get their chance to Win a SIGNED COPY OF LOVER AVENGED!
The Contest will remain Open for a week with a WINNER being announced on May 5th!
Good Luck!!
And now there is no stopping her because you better mark your calendar for this one ladies!!!
She is having an interview with Rhyannon Byrd & Giveaway!!!

*Scream Here*,
Rhyannon Byrd will be stopping by Lovin' Me Some Romance.
Awesome Giveaways include copies of 'Edge of Danger' and 'Edge of Desire'!!!
HERE to learn more about Rhyannon Byrd. You can also read my review of 'Edge of Hunger' HERE.

Now, I am just throwing this in for fun and fur... haa haa I kill myself!!!!
Okay, not a contest but I thought this was cool! What can kind of cat are you?
I am a Cougar
I have more strength than most people, and with it, the ability to inflict a lot of harm. My power gives me confidence, and I find leading others to be easy. I believe that I need to the best, and I am very driven to excel. Most people immediately admire me, but some people feel very envious of my abilities.

I feel like I have to say... only because it got on my last nerve... I actually watched a clip of True Blood (now, I know you are all just getting to know me, but I LOVE *expect the last book was a little stale* Sookie's books!! After Twilight that was my next paranormal books - maybe it had something to do with her being from Louisiana I liked **wink**).
Now.. I have read ALLLLL the books so far.... and only for that clip, I have not watched the show. This burns my butt ~ I live in Louisiana, the southern part... close to New Orleans.... and we DOOOO NOTTTT sound like that!!!! Now, I know we have an accent because of our different aray of heritage, but stilll.... nothing chapppss my as$s$ more than hearing someone that is suppose to be from my state talk like that!!! Sorry but thank you for allowing me to vent. **weight being lifted off chest now**

PS. [This is Brooke] Hello everybody!!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

From the land of lost internet connection!

Hey you guys... Well... this has been one YUCK weekend as far as the internet is concerned!!! Since Friday, AT&T has been kicking us off and on the net all day!! Making my job (of blogging while at work) and blogging on the weekend VERY difficult!!! Not a happy camper!

But, now I am back!!

Thanks Dottie for the concern!! I am doing well... We are a biiiggg farm community as well down here... sugar cane is our big thing! But I had sales tax to push out as well... that was all due today!! But I got it out.... now I am just trying to finish with quarter report work!!! Oh what fun!!! But hey, it pays some of my bills!!! Now on for the fun stuff!!

Friday, they let us off of work early, so I needed to go to my local mall to get a pant and shirt (I got asked to help out a friend cater at a plantation by my house for a wedding).... so the mall is right by... you guessed it... Borders!!!! So, of course I had to go because I had a 30% off coupon to use (and we all know you can NOT let those go to waste!!!). So, I bought Wolf At The Door by Christine Warren. I am trying to collect all the books in that series before I start reading it. I have already read One Bit With A Stranger by her... not knowing that it was part of series! But hey, we live and learn! So, by the time I made it home Friday night... the internet **surprise** was not working... So not talking (blogging) to my friends.

Then Saturday morning, I woke up to do the wonderful house work!!! Oh, don't we all love to do that!!! Okay, whoever signed me up for being the Cinderella without the ball... I really want to kick her ass!!! Because I hate that us women have to do most of the housework ourselves!!! So, I spent most of my day doing that and paying bills!!! Oh what fun. Then there was the wedding. I had to be there for 4:30, so there went the rest of my day/evening. This is the first wedding I have ever been to at a plantation and believe it or not, this plantation is 5 minutes from my house and I have never been inside of it. So, I was excited to do it. I had a wonderful time... I figured if I have to play "maid" at my own house, why not get paid to do it somewhere else!!!

Then Sunday, I did the normal grocery shopping, knock out my errand day.... And I had to go to Wal-Mart and we all know what calls our name at that store.... yes ladies... the book section!!! I bought a new book (new to me....) Evermore by Alyson Noel. I think it is a YA book, but I found in the adult section... but we know how famous people are for not putting books back where they belong... That really gets on my nerves, especially at Wal-Mart. It almost seems like they don't care about their book section. I found myself straighten up the shelves while I am there (sorry for the rant).

So, hopefully now, I am back!!! Tomorrow, an ATT tech is suppose to come to my work to check the modem and lines for the a reason of dropped internet!

Now, let me drop by everyone's else place to see what you all have been up!! I miss you guys!
And if anything is going on at your place, I will be sure to do another post letting everyone know!!!

Love you guys! Hope you all have a great night!! And don't forget about the contest here and I will find out before I say anything who else has one going on!!!

Love hugz and smiles!!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm a smuck... This is a cool award!

Okay, So now I am able to do this award that was giving me to a while ago....

With the way things have been for me lately (working in a tax office)... I feel like such a smuck because the worst part about this award is I cannot splash is back to the person who gave it to me, because I cannot remember. I am APOLOGIZING from the bottom of my heart!!! I have that in my slide that I received it from Anna... so I going with that.

The Rules:
1) Put the logo on your blog/post.
2) Nominate up to 9 blogs which allure, amuse, bewitch, impress, or inspire you.
3) Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4) Let them know that they have been splashed by commenting on their blog.
5) Remember to link to the person from whom your received your Splash award.

Okay, so I royally screwed this one up because I do not have the post to logo it on my blog!! I am such a smuck!!!
But I will nominate allll of my friends!! Because without you guys.. I would not be here!!!
So, I can complete 3 of the 5 rules! Sorry

Happily Forever After
Ms. Moonlight
Moonlight To Twilight Blog
Erotic Horizon
Erotic Horizon
Lovin' Me Some Romance
Anna's Book Blog
There's No Such Thing As Too Many Books
My Blog 2.0
Amy C
Romance Book Wyrm

You guys rock!!!

Book Review of The Vampire Queen's Servant

Good Morning Ladies... as promised I am (hopefully) back!!! And this time I have a book review...

The Vampire Queen's Servant
Erotic Romance/BDSM
Publisher: BerkleyLength: Novel Print Format
ISBN: 978-0-425-21590-6 or 0-425-21590-3
Release Date: July 2007
Format: Trade Paperback

The Blurh:
His blood. His soul. His body. Hers for the asking…
Lady Elyssa Yamato Amaterasu Wentworth is a centuries-old vampire who’s been given a new servant – Jacob, a total alpha male unaccustomed to submitting to any woman’s wishes. What really binds Jacob to her are not her sensual midnight hungers, but something far more provocative. It stirs her blood, renews her life and awakens her soul like only true love can. The passion between Lyssa and Jacob yields something else unexpected – a shared history that reaches back through the centuries and is fated to challenge their destiny like nothing ever will again.

The Plot:
Lady Lyssa is a very old and powerful vampire with a problem... she is dying. But no one must ever know that; because if her fellow vampires knew that... well... that would be the end of "playing nice with each other" and her being Queen. And come on... who doesn't want to stay being a Queen. There is always someone who thinks they can run things better than the first.
Jacob is a pass down servant with a very strong side of loyalty.
Does a strong man, as strong as Jacob, submit to a powerful woman such as Lady Lyssa. A man who is always sure of himself and knows that his job is to serve, protect and pleasure his women. The submitting part is the hardest pill to swallow for Jacob, but submitting his will and his heart... that is the part that has him lost with himself. Do you think a powerful Queen will keep her servant if they can not be obedient to her - no matter what her request is.

The Main Players:
Lady Lyssa - At first, I thought... what a bi*ch. Then as the story progressed and my thought changed a little. I learned that she was a tortured person. When you learn of her past, you see the how and whys of the person she has come to be. For her to be in the position she is in with her vampire community, she has had to go through a lot of crap. Which is due some respect, I will give her that. But at the same time, some of the things she ask Jacob to do... makes me want to slap her. But then I had to keep in the back of my mind while I read this was "she is the Queen Vampire and she has to portray a certain picture of "discipline" or they will kill her. After getting past that... she is just a woman who is scare to open her heart up again. If she does open her heart, then the other vampires will view this as a weakness and attack. Kinda damned if she does and damned if she doesn't. But she is a strong willed character, I will say that about her. Her determination to keep the laws of her kind in tact may be the death of her, but she will die trying to keep them there.

Thomas - He was Lady Lyssa's first servant (before Jacob). He was also a monk. He trained Jacob to take his place while he was dying, because he knew, in his heart, what Lyssa needed most of all. He knew that these two were meant to be together. Thomas's letter ties this all together... you have to read to find out about that! (Gotcah)

Jacob - What a man, what a man, what a might good man!! ***still fanning myself thinking of his description*** With that being said... he is a whole hellva lot of man. He is a very loyal person, first to Thomas then to Lady Lyssa. He knows in his heart that his place is to serve Lyssa, but his pride sometimes wonders what the hell he is thinking. Some of her requests are a bit, not sure what is the right word to use here. Because if that woman would have asked me to do some of the things she asked of him... well.... I would have staked her a$$ a long time ago. I learned though, that his heart was really in it. And when that happens, well, let's just say that you will do whatever it takes to make the heart happy. I felt compassion for him, because love is a bi*ch. He is torn between submitting and loving. There is no way the two can be combined... or so one thinks. But isn't that what we do when we love with all of our heart... submit everything.

My Thoughts:
First, this is my first Joey W. Hill novel I have read.
Now, on with the story...
I liked the pace of the book. It as never a dull moment. Although, some parts were a little harder to get through than some; it was a very good read. If you want erotic with a little mix of pain/pleasure... this is the book for you. If you just want a love story... well, find another book. This book has depth to it, because of the submitting factor. I mean, who really wants to submit themselves to someone else unconditionally and expect nothing in return. And basically that is what Jacob is doing. Because he is always kept in the dark as to the desires of Lyssa and if she truly accepted him or not. Lyssa keeps you guessing at what she is thinking. Because sometimes I would swear that she had fallen in love with Jacob and would stop tearing him down. But then, she would be such a bi*ch that I would just want to slap him and say move on!!! But her leadership in her community is what stuck out the most. Her power is what everyone wants to attain... and if they find your weakness... well, we all know what happens when someone finds out what can bring you down.

The Unexpected:
There were moments where I was like "Is this really happening." But remember you have to take a moment to sit back and think back in the book to remember... oh yea... she's a control freak... so yea... this is what you get. But the overall scheme of the book, love was the only thing that surprised me. I did not expect the harsh ways of her treatment towards Jacob; servant or not.
The Expected:
Well, since he willing became her servant, you expected some of the treatment he got. She is after all, the Queen... so I expected her to be a royal pain in the butt sometimes. Which she didn't fail me on that one.

Smut Factor:
Like I said, if you want a nice, cute love story... please do not read this book. If you want an erotic, turn your world upside down, make you look up an item on google... this is the book for you! It was very hot. You know that the book is erotic and it holds true to the title!

What Pleased Me:
The ending. I was really pleased with the way it ended. It left me wanting more but not disappointing me that it was concluding. The realizations that they both, Lyssa and Jacob, came to on the matter of their love was a very pleasurable thing to me.

What Displeased Me:
Well, I guess I would have to say the treatment of Jacob sometimes. But I had to stand back from the book and realize that he walked into this very much willing. But still... When she has the party, it bothered me that she practically forced Jacob to do things that you can tell he really does NOT want to do. I know he is her servant, but still. I know she is the Queen and she was trying to prove her point to the other vampires, but still that left a bad taste in my mouth.

Okay, this is one very smokin hot and sensual cover. Especially for vampire fans (like me). I love the contrast of the colours - that in itself is awesome. Then you look at the picture... there is not mistaking what this book is about. The cover portrays the story of the book. Although, I have to admit, I had no idea what the tattoo was on his back until I got to the very last chapters of the book.... It has to do with the markings of his mistress (you'll have to read to find out about that too =). Very hot!!!

Author link:
If you would like to find out more about Joey W. Hill this is her website:
I even fell in love with the design of her web site!!

If you loved this story, please follow along with the rest of the story!!!!
Mark of the Vampire Queen
A Vampire's Claim (should be out now)
Beloved Vampire (due out in August 2009)

Also, this is some links to one of my fellow bloggers reviews of the book as well... just in case you want to see a different perspective!!

Please let me know what you think!!!

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Promises Promises

Okay, I know I have not been here for a couple of days... I promise to do a post tonight hopefully!!! I did finish with The Vampire Queen's Servant. Sooo, hopefully I can do a review about that tonight... You will have to forgive me and be patience... My day job... I work at an Accounting/Tax office!!! Yea, not the place to be right now!! Since we had off Friday... things are crazy to say the least!!! So, I promise to have something up and interesting this evening.... even if it means no cooking supper and not working out on the wii fit!!!

Love you guys!!!! And hope you are having a good day... and had a great weekend!

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Head over to EH for the Review!!

Head over to Erotic Horizon's site to view our combime efforts to review Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs.

Please come back to let me know what you thought of it. Happy Easter to all... Now I am heading out the door to brave the stores for grocery shopping!!! Wishing you all a very Chocolate Day!!!! And may your baskets be filled with the extra paranormal goodies we sooo desire... By the way... The Vampire Queen's Servant is going awesome!!!
Love you guys!!!!

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Easter Bunny is coming!

Hello all!! I am writing because I know many of you will be with family this weekend...
I am going to brave the stores tomorrow with Brooke driving (that means that I can read while she drives yay for me), so we can enjoy our Easter Sunday. you guys mean the world to me and I wish you all a very happy Easter and enjoy every minute you have with your family this day and weekend!!! Love you guys!!!

What a Friday treat!!!

I was in the mood for surprise moment... So if you head over to Erotic Horizon site... We are doing a combo review on Cry Wolf... Yep... I am all about the surprises!!! Just keep checking her site, it might be there tomorrow... But come back here and let me know what you thought, please.
Also, while you are at Erotic Horizon's site... notice her new banner!

Oh don't forget to head over to Lea's site closetwriter for the kissing contest. We have three new video's this week!!! Be prepared to be thrown in the throws of passion!!!

Also too, go to Anya Bast's site for a chance to win What Happens In Vegas... book one. What a series this looks to be like!!!

Moonlight To Twilight Blog did an awesome and hot review of Lora Leigh's book "Soul Deep." Be sure you have your fan directly on you when you read this review and maybe some ICE cold water... not for drinking ****hahhahahaha******

At Darque Reviews, you have a chance to win Kerrelyn Sparks book "Secret Life of A Vampire."

How is your Friday going? Any plans for Easter Sunday?

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I have to thank all of you for bestowing me with the awards... and I took Dottie's creativity to another level.... I kinda had to because you all have received the Zombie Chicken award and I am suppose to give it to 5 people... but you all have received it already....

So, I am made up the Chocolate Chip Cookie Award....

It is an award deserved because you are so kind *which cookies are always kind to my thigh*, you are so thoughtful *cookies always think of me, especially when I see a coupon to save*, you are a very warm person *cookies are always warm*, you share *sometimes I will share my cookies* and of course... it is nice to sit down and enjoy chocolate chip cookies like it sit down with a good book and a good friend to talk about it with!!! Also, it takes many ingredients to make the cookie... so is our friendship... we all come from different places, with different backgrounds, differents like... but we come together and make this wondeful friendship!!!

So, my challenge to you, is to award this to a Chocolate Chip Cookie person ~ one who is kind, thoughtful, warm, sharing, and nice!!!
So, I am bestowing this award to the following people:

Now you all have been the things I have mentioned above....



Erotic Horzion


Ms. Moonlight

Amy C.



What's in your Mailbox?

Good Afternoon! It is almost 5 o'clock... a girl can wish! And we are off tomorrow ***WOO HOO*** I am excited to announce in my mailbox for lunch was the none only Joey W Hill "The Vampire Queen's Servant"... courtesy of VampGirl! I had to put Sookie Stackhouse on the side for now... because since reading some reviews about this book and seeing how stoked VampGirl was about this book... I just have to jump right on in and start reading!!!

So, what are you planning on doing this weekend? I know a lot of people are asking... but what would you truly want to do this weekend - even if it was still Easter weekend? And if you will be reading... what will you be reading?

Okay, I was looking for a cute Easter joke to tell you guys... but I could not find any that suited my taste... so, I figured since we are always in some way talking about hubby's or men... I thought I would tell you this one...

Actually, it has been quiet some time since I heard this joke... but I do have to say that is actually one of my favorite ones!!!! Hope you enjoy!!

A gentleman is sitting on a deserted beach watching the sunset when he notices something half buried in the sand. He pulls it out and sees that it is a heavy, jewel encrusted bottle. As he brushes off the sand, the bottle begins to shake and emit various colored clouds of smoke, then...POOF! A Genie appears from out of the bottle.
The Genie lavishes praise on the man, regales him with his story, and finally gets around to the 'you have three wishes' part of the tale.
So the guy thinks about it for awhile and says "I have always wanted to go to Hawaii, but I am afraid to fly and afraid to go on a boat, so for my first wish I want a highway from here to Hawaii".
The Genie at first is amazed at the character of the man and ask instead if he would not want "all the money... fame... glory... vast amounts of property... yadda yadda.
Nope, wish one is for the highway.
The Genie tells him that doing something like that borders almost on the impossible. The time, resources, and energy required to fulfill such a wish would most likely leave the Genie drained for thousands of there something else, anything - even wishing for more wishes - that he might want?
The man again pauses and thinks for awhile then says "Well, I have always wanted to understand women"
The Genie replies, "So this highway, did you want two lanes or four"?

Thanks to Dottie, Lea and Anna

I want to thank you guys for bestowing a blog award to me!!! *sniffing sniffing* You are guys are the best!!!!

Lea and Anna have bestowed upon me

Which I love and yes, I did do the chicken dance!! Clucking and all!!

Then Dottie presented me with this very beautiful adwar which she made by herself... with the help of bribing her son with food ***lauhing***

Thanks you guys!!!

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Go to Anya's Pad for an Awesome Contest!

Welcome to the Ginormous Vegas II Celebration Contest!

Grand Prize: $100 GC to Amazon.comRunner Up: $25 GC to B&N and a box of surprise paperbacks and other goodies (like chocolate, bath goodies, ect). This is going to be a NICE prize!Runner Up: $25 GC to B&N and a box of surprise paperbacks and other goodies. (same as above)
Plus chances to win books (almost) every day for a month!
Go to for details on how to enter.
Go check out her pad because who does not LOVE book bucks and goodies!!! And with a cover like that.... well, let's jut say... I KNOW this is a book I am determined to read!!! Good luck ladies... And thanks to Anya for having this contest!!!

Contest Alert!!!

Okay ladies... I have another for you. Dottie just informed me that there is a contest over at Anna's Book Blog
Contest is open to the United States and Canada and it ends 4-18-09.
And to get you over there... I will tell you the contest constist of books and chocolate. What a sweet deal!! How can you pass that up?!? Now, I could bribe you all with some chocolate so you do not enter... but hey what are friends for!!!

Contest Alert!!!

Good morning/Good afternoon to everyone...

I just wanted to give you all a heads up that at Beth Kery
blog Shayla Black is there... and there is a chance to win some nice treats:
For U.S. residents:

Choice of one signed copy of:
Wicked Ties
Tempt Me With Darkness
Dangerous Boys and Their Toy (download)
Bound and Determined

And For those who live outside of the US:
Download of winner’s choice:
Decadent Tempt Me With Darkness
Dangerous Boys and Their Toy

Just a heads up... Hope all is well for everyone!!!

Love hugz and smiles!

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I want to thank everyone who has expressed an interest in wanting to do some book swapping. I know we do not live close to each other.... some live farther away than we would like... but nothing is impossible!
So here's how it will work....
Compile your list on an email send it to me at
I will do a grid of who has what and will re-email the list to you all and then we take it from there...
However, i would like to carry on this post off the blog. So for people who have just found this post, email me and come join in the fun...

Thanks to Erotic Horzion for the heads on the post equitte!

I'm Home!

I think I am finally home! I am feeling very relaxed in my new little pad here! I want to thank everyone for accepting me into the gang!! Thank you, everyone, for the kind words; they mean the world to me! Thank you Lea and Blanche for giving me the award... I am supposed to send it to 5 of my friends... but I think you all have it already...
Thank you for staying by my side while I transformed into a butterfly! I can't say that I am done... but for now... I'm home!
Again, thank you **sniffing sniffing** I am so grateful to have friends like you!!!

Oh and PS I hope you all like the Princess' on the side... I thought they were adorable!!!

How do you like!?!?

Good Morning,
At least when you read this it will be morning... I was up all night and worked all day (please do not tell my boss) working on pimping my page!! I wanted something nice... I loved my purple but it was boring... I did not want to bug Lea, she has helped so many of you... I figured I would try on my own first!
Yes, I will probably be adding some more things, but with having to pay for a blog designer....
So, what do you think!!

Oh and PS Lea, thanks for the adward.... I just need help to get one of those side bar things where they go.... so if you can help with that; I would much appreciate it!!!! Thanks everyone.... I did not get a change to finish Cry Wolf tonight, because I was working on this.... Now I see where Lea might have dropped a couple of F bombs here and there... I know I sure have been!!!

See you in the morning!!!
Don't forget to let me know what you think!

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Good Morning

Good Morning to all!
Hope you all had a great weekend!

I did... I was able to go to Borders!!! Yea... then as a special treat, hubby took me a couple of thrift stores... where the books sections where huge... and I found a couple of books there that I have been wanting and some I just wanted to have on my shelf...

The ones I got from the thrift store where: Michelle Rowen: Bitten and Smitten, Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte and something completely off the charts... The Complete Set of William Shakespears Poems and Stories. That one, I just wanted on my shelf. Then at Borders, I got Rhyannon Bryd - Edge of Hunger.

Then... I got a special treat this weekend... over on Vampire Wire's blog, I won Larissa Ione's Passion Unleashed!!!

So, tell me what happened for your weekend!!!

Oh and thought you might like to see something nice while thinking about what happened for your weekend....

Enjoy.... Oh and I am almost finish with Cry Wolf!

I shall return...

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Lea, this is for you!

You ROCK!!!

I have not been here long, but you made me feel like I am very welcomed into your group! Actually, you all have! (((group hug))) I have friends (((YAYAYAY happy dance)))

Lea, from what I have seen on everyone's page... you go out of your way to help everyone with their layout and you are always supportive. So this is for you Lea...

And for the rest of my new friends, this is for you...
Barbara, VampGirl, Dottie, Erotic Horizon, Blanche and Amy C!
A rose for each of you...

Hope you all have a great day and awesome weekend!!!

Review of Stranger

Stranger by Megan Hart
• Hardback; 425 Pages

• Publisher: Spice (January 1, 2009)
• Language: English
• ISBN-13: 9780373605279

The blurh:
I pay strangers to sleep with me. I have my reasons...
But they're not the ones you expect. For starters, I'm a funeral director taking over my dad's business. Not exactly the sort of person you'd expect to fork over cash for the lust and urgency only live, skin-to-skin contact can create. Looking at me, you wouldn't have a clue I carry this little secret so close it creases up like the folds of a fan. Tight. Personal. Ready to unravel in the heat of the moment.
Unsurprisingly, my line of work brings me face to face with loss. So I decided long ago that paying for sex would be one of the best (and arousing) ways to save myself from the one thing that would eventually cut far too deep.
But Sam was a mistake. Literally. I signed on to "pick up" a stranger at a bar, but took Sam home instead. And now that I've felt his heat, his sweat and everything else can I really go back to impersonal?Let's just hope he never finds out about my other life...

My Thoughts First:
Now remember, I have not read Broken or Dirty yet...
And this is my first book without any paranormal activity since I don't remember how long!!! With that being said... I can say... this book was awesome.
It is an erotic novel, but it had a hint of class about the way the erotic parts were handled; which I appreciated.
I feel in love with Grace. She seems like a neighbor I would have. Her personality was like that of a "real" person you would know. Her job, which she loves, is a bit strange. Funeral Director...
I find myself rooting for Sam, even though he appears to be a pain in the ass as Grace calls him.
The appeal of the book was really good. I did not want to stop reading, because the thoughts I had as to where the book was headed would change. I wanted to cry at some parts, laughed out loud at some, and just plain wanted to beat the sense into someone at some points. But isn't that what a great books make you want to do.

The Plot:
Grace meets strange (enters Sam), has wow sex and leaves. Grace then gets told she met the "wrong" stranger (enters Jack). Her life, as she thought, was normal up until the moment she met Sam. She continued to see Jack though... that is where I kinda was pulling for the poor guy.
Then her life kinds gets a little crazy; broken washer machine, flooded basement, getting in a wreck with company vehicle, two employees who are falling for each other AT work, a relentless father who does want to "let go" of the business he has handed down to her, a sister who is on her case about bring a guy home to meet the family, one man she wants to bed, and the other she can take to bed without any strings. Okay, except for the last two... when have we had a day like that... To much laundry, cooking, cleaning, playing mom-wife-carpool-employee-and everything else in between - I am raising my hand.
Then she meets an older man who lost his wife and he teaches her about life and more importantly - love.

The Main Players:
Grace - She is a doll. I love her sense of pride in her job. She wants to make sure she does better than her dad can ever imagined. Just picture trying to please your father and now picture it on top of trying to show him you can carry on a family legacy. I love her personality; she is really a quite, tame person but she does fight when she believes in something. You will see. On the aspect of how she views a relationship... I tended to want to give her my shoulder to cry on and tell her all things you would tell a friend to get them going. But she has seen death all her life; people losing the ones they love over and over. That would leave me a bit stale on love too. I mean isn't that what we all want... to find our love and keep it forever. At times, I wanted to slap her and ask her what the hell she was thinking on some of the decisions she made, but overall... it worked for her.

Sam - He was a bit mysterious. At one point, early in the story my idea of him was that he was a loafer and didn't have much in life that got him going. But then the story starts to unfold; with the death of his father being the trigger point for him. We learn that he felt he never lived up to his father's images of him. He never got to prove himself to his dad; which we all know in life, - sucks. But they say the bigger the man, the harder they fall.

Jack - I included Jack in here because I was kinda pulling for him. Jack is one of Grace's fellow "friends." He is the reason she met Sam. Grace teaches him about being a better "friend" and he teaches Grace about going after what you want. He is the one that made her see what she could have.

The Unexpected:
Things unexpected... well... I'm really thinking here...
I didn't really expect to see Sam drink the way he did. He wasn't a drunk or alcoholic, but he used that as a "crutch" to his feeling about his father. Which I guess he character seemed stronger than that to me... but like I said the bigger the man, the harder they fall.
Then there is the sister's rumored affair. I wasn't expecting that. You will have to read to see what I am talking about!!!

The Predictable:
The only thing predictable was that she worked a funeral home and you knew there would be talk of death. That really was it.

Smut Factor:
There really was none that. The sex scenes were descriptive... I mean this is an erotic novel... what would you expect and the book delivered. But it wasn't like in your face all the time; which was nice. The scenes were even fun.

What Pleased Me:
The realness of the emotions coming from Grace. She is funeral director in a small town. I grew up and still live in a small town, AND people do talk. Even people you think are you friends. So, her "habit" of paying for sex does not seem too outlandish. I mean, come on... we all know in a small town, who would want to date the person living with the dead. Men are freaky that way. And especially being that she is "the son" her father would want to take over the business, she is doing the best she know how to do.

What Displeased Me:
There is really nothing (even looking at the book now) that I could find that displeased me at all about it. The writing style of Megan Hart, I fell in love with. So... sorry... there was nothing about the book that I did not like. If you find something that you did not like, I would like to hear your thoughts on it, please.

Cover: Can you say OMG!!! I mean... come'on!!! My hubby even commented on it... He asked if I was reading the book with the naked guy on the front!!! I said, "YUP!" I love the simple colors: white... then the background black. I love the fact that it is the hotel door that takes up the cover... leaves you wondering what is to come.

If you are interest to see what else Megan Hart has to offer, please check out her website:
And do not forget to browse through her Up Coming Release!! They look hawt!!

Other reviews to come: As soon as my budget allows... I will be reading Broken and Dirty.... so be on the look out for those reviews to be coming your way!

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Contest Alert!!!

The amazing people at is having an awesome contest!
HelenaKay Dimon is running a contest along with the fabulous authors Alison Kent and Jill Shalvis. You can win a Sony eReader, autographed books and gift certificates!!
So, hop on over there and check it out!

Mailbox Delivery!!!!

I had ordered From Dead to Worse (Sookie Stackhouse #8) by Charlaine Harris from BMA a long time ago... well they sent me an email letting me know that it is in the mail to me!!!! YAY!!!!! Then I went home for lunch and guess what happen to be in my box!!!!! Those cookies really do work!!!!!!! I am almost done with Stranger.... I won't jinx myself... but I am hoping I will finish it tonight. I could not go to bed last night... I wanted to keep reading!! But I knew that my body would not want to get up this morning to go to work had I stayed up and read alllll night long!

So hopefully, tomorrow... you may find a review!!! Maybe!!


Okay, now that I have your attention... **grinning**

I have not been around the world of blogging for long, but I have noticed something.... We all LOVE books!! But between the evil eye from hubby to the disgruntle daughter trying to get us out of the store... or hating the damn PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button... we still buy the books. Now I am not saying that we stop buying books..... OH HE double hockey stick NO.... But maybe we can come up with something wiser... like swapping... I see on blog sites that people want to get the book we read or haven't have a chance to get it yet. And the list of our tbb gets longer and longer... Just go check out Blanche's blog (just kidding with you)!!

I am going to have to go hide mine now...

Now the good thing bout my hubby is... he turned me into the world of EBay! I have bought books cheaper there than I have in the store, and it beats paying for the gas to get there... but I have also found some excellent books at my local thrift store/goodwill stores.

I might not have everything you want, but what I have I will share. Let me know what you think about that. Some may think I am off my rocker a bit and that is okay... because if I love the book... I want to own it. I love seeing it sit on my shelf... but it wouldn't hurt to share.
Tell me your thoughts on this...

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My Very First Review

Now this will be my VERY first review... so please leave me feedback on how I did and what I can work on or change!

Add ImageReview:

Wicked Hot
By: Charlene Teglia
St. Martin's Press
Print ISBN: 13978-0312369460

And the blurb!
The struggle between good and evil is about to get… Wicked Hot
Edana is a succubus—a breathtakingly beautiful demon who offers men their most decadent fantasy in exchange for their souls. No one can get close to her without being destroyed..until she meets Eli and Dal. Both men are Nephilim, immortal warriors who bind and banish demons. Edana’s mission is to arouse their lust and steal their souls before they can destroy her—she never expects to fall in love. Shared by two virile lovers and lost in a world of sensation, Edana begins to fall for one of the warriors, jeopardizing her mission. Only he has power to save her, but first she must give him power over her heart—and her destiny…

The Review:
I thought overall, it was a great read. I read in the matter of two days. When they say hot and steamy... this book delivers just that.

Edana is the succubus. (I looked it up.. succubus is a demon who takes the form of a highly attractive woman to seduce men. They draw energy from the men to sustain themselves, often until the point of exhaustion or death.) Her character is actually quiet funny and very blunt.

Eli and Dalen are Nephilim (Again, I looked help.) They are describes as very huge men... in every department. My imagination can only fill in the blanks!!! Eli is a control freak and warrior; while Dalen is the magic master and playful one!

Edana's job is to seduce the warrior. His soul should be lost in hell forever. The warrior/magician are the last of their kind. The demon world is becoming over populated and they can't let that happen... That is why there are here. That is why the banish demons away; to control population! Can't give it all away...

Surprise Element:
The ending... kinda never really saw what was coming until the last few pages. And I do mean that. I kinda had a feeling something was going to happen with Edana and Eli, but never what happened.

There really was none; except the sex. You knew that was going to happen... with who or how might not have been predictable, but sex was going to happen!

Smut Factor:
Well... I was not exactly looking for the m/f/m thing. Didn't really know that was going to happen. Yea, I know... two virile lovers... nope, that didn't give it away for me. But the way it was balanced out was rather surprising. Now there were some parts that were very x-rated in the way it was told. I like hot scenes as much as the next, but some language takes some getting use to... especially when I just plunged back into the world of (erotic) reading from what seems like forever.

The story is actually quiet delicious! The middle of the book will let you hot and bothered. I love how Charlene gave the devil a name: Nick! Go figure. The ending is very "awww" moving. Makes you close the cover saying, "It really was a good book!"

The ending came very quick *no pun intended*. It went from story/sex/sex/sex/story.... to the end.

The cover is smoking HAWT.... man half naked... fire... come on!


Okay let me know how I did!!! And what I can do to make it better or what info can I give or let out!!!
*****Crossing fingers, hoping everyone likes it******

My Fictional Smutty Boyfriend.... =)