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My Very First Review

Now this will be my VERY first review... so please leave me feedback on how I did and what I can work on or change!

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Wicked Hot
By: Charlene Teglia
St. Martin's Press
Print ISBN: 13978-0312369460

And the blurb!
The struggle between good and evil is about to get… Wicked Hot
Edana is a succubus—a breathtakingly beautiful demon who offers men their most decadent fantasy in exchange for their souls. No one can get close to her without being destroyed..until she meets Eli and Dal. Both men are Nephilim, immortal warriors who bind and banish demons. Edana’s mission is to arouse their lust and steal their souls before they can destroy her—she never expects to fall in love. Shared by two virile lovers and lost in a world of sensation, Edana begins to fall for one of the warriors, jeopardizing her mission. Only he has power to save her, but first she must give him power over her heart—and her destiny…

The Review:
I thought overall, it was a great read. I read in the matter of two days. When they say hot and steamy... this book delivers just that.

Edana is the succubus. (I looked it up.. succubus is a demon who takes the form of a highly attractive woman to seduce men. They draw energy from the men to sustain themselves, often until the point of exhaustion or death.) Her character is actually quiet funny and very blunt.

Eli and Dalen are Nephilim (Again, I looked help.) They are describes as very huge men... in every department. My imagination can only fill in the blanks!!! Eli is a control freak and warrior; while Dalen is the magic master and playful one!

Edana's job is to seduce the warrior. His soul should be lost in hell forever. The warrior/magician are the last of their kind. The demon world is becoming over populated and they can't let that happen... That is why there are here. That is why the banish demons away; to control population! Can't give it all away...

Surprise Element:
The ending... kinda never really saw what was coming until the last few pages. And I do mean that. I kinda had a feeling something was going to happen with Edana and Eli, but never what happened.

There really was none; except the sex. You knew that was going to happen... with who or how might not have been predictable, but sex was going to happen!

Smut Factor:
Well... I was not exactly looking for the m/f/m thing. Didn't really know that was going to happen. Yea, I know... two virile lovers... nope, that didn't give it away for me. But the way it was balanced out was rather surprising. Now there were some parts that were very x-rated in the way it was told. I like hot scenes as much as the next, but some language takes some getting use to... especially when I just plunged back into the world of (erotic) reading from what seems like forever.

The story is actually quiet delicious! The middle of the book will let you hot and bothered. I love how Charlene gave the devil a name: Nick! Go figure. The ending is very "awww" moving. Makes you close the cover saying, "It really was a good book!"

The ending came very quick *no pun intended*. It went from story/sex/sex/sex/story.... to the end.

The cover is smoking HAWT.... man half naked... fire... come on!


Okay let me know how I did!!! And what I can do to make it better or what info can I give or let out!!!
*****Crossing fingers, hoping everyone likes it******


  1. That was great Cecile!

    You had me giggling here! You've been really busy!

    Wonderful review - I've got this book looking right at me here in the TBR and will have to pull it down for a read!

    All the best.

  2. Hi Cecile!

    I love your review style! You knew exactly what you were going to say and said it.

    The book sounds steamy good!

    Excellent review!

    Dottie :)

  3. Hey Lea,
    Thanks!! I hope I did that right. Erotic Hor. helped me out a LOT!! She is great!!

    I am really glad to hear that you enjoyed the review. I mean, I want it to be insightful, but now so much that it gives it away. And there is the matter of it being my opinion. I know not everyone thinks alike... but still it makes me a little nervous. But I figure if I kept it honest and light it would be okay.

    Girl... you better make sure when you start reading this book your honey is ready for you!!! LOL!!

  4. Thanks Dottie. Erotic Horizon gave me the idea of how to put it together. I love her style of doing it that way. I was easy for me to decide what my opinion of the book would be. I liked that.

    **thank you** ((hugz ))

  5. Cecile that was an awesome review!! I really like Charlene Teglia but I haven't read this book yet!!! I have Animal Attraction on the way from B&N!! :)

  6. Blanche, I had Animal Attraction next... but then Stranger came in and ummm ummm I had to start that one. So if you read it before I do, please let me know what you think!

    Thank you! I am so tickled that I have pleased everyone.

  7. Cecile! What a great review! It was quirky and to the point. You gave exactly what was needed to know in order to draw the readers attention. I gotta tell you this book sounds really good!!

  8. Thanks Barbara!!! Greatly appreciated!!! It does... I have a mission tomorrow... and it has to do with swapping... lets see where your minds go now!!! **evil grin**

  9. Hey Cecile! Fantastic Review!! Everything that I wanted to know about the novel before contemplating purchase was there. I love your humor. You had me chuckling several times.

    Great Job!

    :) VFG

  10. Thanks VampGirl!! I am glad that I could provide some insight on this book that people like to hear about.

  11. Hey Chica,

    I forgot that i didn't leave a comment - you know you have my support...

    Loved it - and you say i am funny...



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