Wednesday, September 30, 2009

OMG.... It is ALMOST... October 1st...

And you know what that means.....
Hell Yeah!!!!

You are cordially invited to Cecile's Birthday Party....
Where: Here of course ~ at my blog place!
When: All month long ~ make sure you stay tuned in!

I hope you will join me in my journey to watch the...
Countdown till October 30th!!!!
My Birthday!!!

If you decide to stay for the ride... I can make you a couple of promises....
There will be surprise guest bloggers, awesome giveaways, and there will also be...

Some very delicious cake (of course, I made myself... yea right).....
What did you expect... Edward came for a bite.... lol!!!

There will also be presents... and who does not love presents...
There will be drinks served from the cauldron... Witch Style of course...
and you won't want to miss my Personal bartender...
He is even more delicious than the cake and the drinks he serves....
Now, I could not serve water to my Master Vampire....

And this is my Personal Bartender.... His name is Caleb....
So... pick your poison wisely.... because his cocktail will make you see double!!!Told you... ***evil grin***
So, pick your poison and come sit a s spell.....
And what is a birthday without......

Hot Eye Candy...
The best kind of Halloween Candy there is...
So, I ask you ~ Who's up for Trick~or~ Treating!
So, let me ask you... are you ready to Party!?!?!?!?!
If you are with me... let me know... =)
Happy Birthday to me... Let's party...!!!

On Friday, October 2nd, I have a very special treat for you...
Mandi from Smexy Books will be here..
And I have it on good authority that she has a special man with her!!!
***evil wink and wicked grin**

Monday, September 28, 2009

Review: Hard As Nails

Hard As Nails
Line: Moderne

Series: None
Book Length: 298 pages

Book Type: Trade Paperback

ISBN: 9781419957925
Credit to Ellora's Cave Publishing

The Blurb:

Naughty Nuptial
The Cake Babe

Start of the Hot Hendersons series

Marissa pushed aside all thoughts of men and focused on establishing her business. That is, until Jason strolls into the kitchen the day before a big wedding. Tall and ripped with teasing brown eyes, his heart-stopping grin has her self-imposed celibacy crumbling.

Jason sets eyes on the hot cake babe and immediately wonders if she's as sweet as the confections she creates. Her girl-next-door cuteness and lush curves are sheer distraction. Soon he's tasting more than just her famous butter cream.

Who knew a little leftover frosting, an urge to go without panties and an errant bouquet toss would have Marissa's calm existence churning in a sexual maelstrom she suddenly has no wish to overcome.

Love's Ally

Book 2 in the Hot Hendersons series.

It's the spring of Tessa's discontent. Sales are low, she's losing her best friend to the unholy union of matrimony and her sex life is on the skids. But that's about to change.

Tom has covertly observed the fiery redhead for longer than he'd like to admit and he's kept his distance…until now. Assuming he can harness his desire, he gives her a lift home from a party but realizes his miscalculation the minute she slides across the seat of his truck.

All Tessa's wanted for the past six months is to touch him. Maybe a little taste. But when he pulls her into his arms and the windows steam up, they both realize a little of anything is rarely ever enough.

Hallow's Eve Hunk

Book 3 in the Hot Hendersons series, but is a stand-alone story.

Vicky is looking forward to her cousin's holiday party, until the evening turns a little too kinky for her tastes. She flees the scene and finds a quiet neighborhood bar complete with pool tables, fine bourbon and a hunk among hunks.

When a beauty dressed as a National Velvet wet dream sidles up to the bar Andy has to have her. Their innocent game of Halloween role playing turns hot and they embark on a journey of sexual exploration neither expected the night to bring.

It's an evening Vicky and Andy aren't likely to forget. One filled with secret desires, skeletons in the closet and more than a few things going bump in the night. All night!

Twisted Steel and Sex Appeal
Book 4 in the Hot Hendersons series.

Prof. Shelly Latimer is spending the final moments of her day overlooking the river, a glass of good red wine in one hand and the coffin-shaped box containing her wedding rings in the other. She's not looking for Divorce Day companionship but it finds her…in the hot, hard-bodied form of her neighbor, Luke Henderson.

Shelly's logical mind balks at Luke's sudden interest, though he strives to convince her he's genuine in ways she's never experienced.

Luke realizes straight off that he'll have his hands full with more than Shelly's womanly curves. There's his playboy reputation to dispel, her apprehension about age differences to ease, and the daunting task of convincing her that the passion they share is much more than just a fling.

:::My Review:::
Because there are four short stories in this book, I will do a short review for each book.
First, I will start with telling you right off the bat that these brothers are freaking SEX ON A STICK!!!! The hussy factor was purring throughout the whole damn book! Okay, she might have been screaming and panting and drooling... not purring!

The Cake Bake - Marissa Hughes is a phenomenal bakery. And her skills are being put to the test with the wedding of the year in Grand Harbor. The bride is slashing everyone and everything that gets in her way and that does not go her way. But Marissa passes the test, only because her skills are outstanding. But her bedroom skills had taken a backseat to her business. Her business was her first priority.
Now let's met, Jason Henderson - Sex On A Stick Number 1. His family "owns the most successful contracting firm in the county." He also happen to be the groom's cousin. I will use this description for all of the brothers... Tall, handsome and oozing sex appeal = Sex On A Stick! Okay, now that I have told you what he looks likes... His career is pretty much set for him. And since he is a Henderson brother, let's just say that he knows his way around the ladies. **insert evil smile from him here**
Now, let's put these two ingredients together and you will come out with one delicious, sexy couple. They had me laughing and falling in love! Wanting to have some **cake and eat it too**!!!

Sex On A Stick Number 2's story...
Hallow's Eve Hunk- Do you believe in fate? Do you believe in being at the right place, at the right time? This story starts at my favorite time of the year... Halloween!!! Victoria, aka Vicky, is at a party her cousin invited her too. Bobby, her cousin, is "trying" to help her regain some clientele. She is an interior designer who lived in Atlanta... but one of her clients decided to withhold certain details of his life... while romancing Vicky. So, she moved back home to Grand Harbor. Bobby and her got into an argument at the party, so she headed out. She comes to a bar and decides to go in. She did not care what bar, just as long as it was warm. Insert Andy, aka Andrew, - see above for description for Sex On A Stick brother - here. He is just having a beer at the bar when this hot woman walks in. Andy is not in costume nor does he care that she is in one. They exchange a bit of conversation and one thing leads to another... And I am going to let you figure out what comes next!! They are an awesome couple. They had me laughing too! So, let's see if you like to go Trick~or~Treating now?? **dirty wink**

Sex On A Stick Number 3's story...
Love's Ally - In this story, Jason and Marissa just got engaged!!! So, of course we get to meet Marissa's best friend Tessa and she is a trip! She is a tell it like it is kinda woman; take no shit. She owns a bookstore and she reads tarot cards. So people tend to think she is a kind of freak - so to speak. The story gets interesting because while one brother tries to make a "play" for her... another one finds himself wanting her all for himself. No sharing!! Now, it is Tom that finds himself getting annoyed with his brother, Luke, for "trying" to make the play for her. Tessa is only interested in... Tom Henderson, who is (yum-me) "rumor had it Tom Henderson was the master of the twelve hour fling."
Now with romance in the air... do you think the twelve hour man can fall in love...?? This is one smkoin hot couple... Damn!

Sex On A Stick Number 4's story...
Twisted Steel and Sex Appeal - The beginning of the story takes us to the brothers planning Tom's bachelor party. Oh, yea... this gets really good and funny as shit!! The brothers themselves are funny and add in their new found loves... hilarious!!!
This story is about Luke... the playboy himself! He sales wrought iron creations; hence the title... lol!! For the description of the man... All I am giving to give you is - he is FREAKING SEX ON A STICK... hell, he is the damn stick!
Shelly Latimer is a college professor, newly divorced (from a complete asshole) and living in the apartment that said asshole and her moved into. Luke and her have been neighbors for five years. But no barriers were ever crossed. They admired each other from a distance. But this story takes a TWIST... she was also older than him! She is forty five and a real woman. (All the women are but the way she describes herself, well, it made me think of myself) This relationship was unlike the other ones, they have some barriers to over come. This was definitely a ride for me... and one I was glad that I stayed on!!! You will love this story =)

This whole book was absolutely wonderful! Ms. Ellis introduces us to the Henderson brothers. And believe you me... You will want to meet all of them! They are a family that stands up for one another and sticks by each other - no matter what. The stories are very well written. I never wanted to put the book down! In fact, I re-read the book to do the review... You know, for research purposes!!!! I loved all the stories! I know for a fact that it will not disappoint the hussy in you!!! I can not wait for the other Henderson's to get their story! But I have to admit to wanting to keep the brothers to myself and not sharing with you!!! Hope you enjoy!

Please stop by Ms. M.A. Ellis's place --->>> here and check out what other tasty treats she may have for you!!!
If you would like to purchase this book, please go --->>> here to Jasmine Jade Enterprises. Because I'm sure in hell not giving you my copy.... Mmmaaawwwhhhaaaa (evil laughter)

I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Ellis when I went to the book signing in New Orleans. (So yes, my book is autographed!!!) She is such a delightful woman! I loved her immediately... And she told me that there is another book coming out with two more of the brothers.... And let me tell you... that I can not wait!!!
Until next time....

Oh and do not forget to stay tune for my Birthday Party Kick Off October 1st... There will be mcuh to see... and I hope you stick around the whole month... Because it will be sweet!!!!

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Review: The Man Who Loved Books Too Much

The Man Who Loved Books Too Much
By: Allison Hoover Bartlett

288 pages
Publisher: Riverhead Hardcover (September 17, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1594488916
ISBN-13: 978-1594488917

Courtesy of Amazon:

In the tradition of The Orchid Thief, a compelling narrative set within the strange and genteel world of rare-book collecting: the true story of an infamous book thief, his victims, and the man determined to catch him.

Rare-book theft is even more widespread than fine-art theft. Most thieves, of course, steal for profit. John Charles Gilkey steals purely for the love of books. In an attempt to understand him better, journalist Allison Hoover Bartlett plunged herself into the world of book lust and discovered just how dangerous it can be.

Gilkey is an obsessed, unrepentant book thief who has stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of rare books from book fairs, stores, and libraries around the country. Ken Sanders is the self-appointed "bibliodick" (book dealer with a penchant for detective work) driven to catch him. Bartlett befriended both outlandish characters and found herself caught in the middle of efforts to recover hidden treasure. With a mixture of suspense, insight, and humor, she has woven this entertaining cat-and-mouse chase into a narrative that not only reveals exactly how Gilkey pulled off his dirtiest crimes, where he stashed the loot, and how Sanders ultimately caught him but also explores the romance of books, the lure to collect them, and the temptation to steal them. Immersing the reader in a rich, wide world of literary obsession, Bartlett looks at the history of book passion, collection, and theft through the ages, to examine the craving that makes some people willing to stop at nothing to possess the books they love.

My review of the book:
Welcome to the world of rare book collection, thief and trying to catch the stealer. This book was a struggle for me to read. Why you might ask, because I found myself trying to rationalize what Mr. Gilkey was doing... but I could not. Stealing is stealing. And his reasoning to steal was beyond me reasoning with him. Ms. Allison tried to uncover his thinking and for that I give her props for going to the length she did. The book does intrigue me by the rare book collections. I never knew there was market out there for such a thing. It makes me look at books in a whole new light now.
I do have to say that this book is my first true story (non-romance) book I have read in quiet a while. And I feel a little off.
If you love true stories, thievery, and a disillusion world of one man ~ this book is for you.

If you would like to go to Ms. Allison Hoover Bartlett's web site, please go --->>> here.
If you would like to purchase this book, you can go to either: Penguin --->>> here
Or you can go to Amazon --->>> here

These are a few reviews from
"In this great read about the collector's obsession gone wrong, Ms. Bartlett gives us fascinating glimpses of the rare book world, the criminal mind and the limits of journalistic involvement. Anyone who has trouble passing a used bookstore without going in will love this book."
-Lynn H. Nicholas, author of The Rape of Europa

"Hats off to Allison Bartlett for a splendid contribution to the literature of bibliophilia/bibliomania, the John Gilkey-Ken 'bibliodick' Sanders story is one that cried out to be told, and she has accomplished it with style and substance. Very nicely done."
-Nicholas A. Basbanes, author of A Gentle Madness

"A fascinating journey into a strange, obsessive world where a love for books can sometimes become a fatal attraction."
-Simon Worrall, author of The Poet and the Murderer

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What is going on...

Depending on when you read this ~ So, check the dates
Thursday, Sept. 24th, I will be at Amanda McIntyre's place. ****doing happy dance**** She asked me to be a guest blogger over at her place. So, grab your favorite drink (whether it be coffee or tea or a soda) and head over there so we can start chatting! Click --->>> here.

Leontine's is having her Beefcake Preview Night... Wednesday, Sept. 23rd she has Raphael Mendoza from Feel The Heat by Cindy Gerard. Leontine traveled some treachous water ways and lands to get this man at her place. And the party has already started.... Because Sam, one of her smokin hawt bartenders, is there... and his drink special is pouring and Ricky Martin is on the jukebox! So, please go --->>> here to check out the party!

Make sure you go to Blanche's place at There's No Such Thing As Too Many Books because she is CELEBRATING her Blog Anniversary next week!!!! YAYAYAYAY, we love celebrations!!!! She is having an awesome giveaway... So, keep checking --->>> here to see what's going on!!!
*****clapping for her anniversary****
Lea at Closetwriter is also having an anniversary for her blog as well!!! ***YAYAYAYAY*** Happy dance for her too!!! YAYAYAY!!! Her party is going to Sept. 28th! So, please let's show her some lovin too and check out her party!! Go --->>> here!
The Book Resort... make sure you check out her place... she has a few contest going on... Go --->>> here to check out place!!!
Anna at Anna's Book Blog is having a contest... You will want to check it out... She has a copy of Swords of The Six by Scott Appleton. It ends Sept. 29th! Go here to check it out!
Just a few things.... Now don't forget... I want to see you tomorrow at Amanda's place!!! Remember to bring your fave cuppa of whatever!!!

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I have M.I.A.... and here is why...

I have been absent from my own blog for a while now. I am sorry you guys; really I am. I have been a good girl though as I have tried to visit everyone and comment there.
But the reason behind me not being here is... No, silly... not him... although.... **evil wink**
Ware gearing up for Homecoming.... Not one... but two... And not one... but two birthday parties.... actually three if you count my blog party!!
Back to the dances... My baby girl got invited to go to another schools dance... This is last years picture....
It was one weekend for dress. One afternoon trip after school for shoes. This weekend for accessories, manicure and pedicure... And now we count down the days and figure out details on a daily basis... because if I have learned anything with "kids"... plans change every day!

I will keep you guys posted on how things are going with us and the chaos that I live daily!!! LOL!!!! The life of trails and tribulations of having a 15yr going on 16yr old daughter! Yeesshhh!
But, I will post some things we all need to see, read, here, look at... whatever you want to call it...

First up...Do you see how hot this cover is... Do you want this cover.... I know you want it... Just look at him... Well, if you want it that bad... keep reading!!!

Sophie Renwick needs our help!! I am going to sell my soul to the The Lord of the Underworlds for her!!! LMAO!!! Thought you would like that one Sophie!! LOL!!!
We need to round up our troops and help her books sales... or we might miss out on book 2... That is right... read....

This is from her site:
"Now, I know it's months, and months away, but I just got word that my publisher and I won't be going to contract for book 2 in the Immortals of Annwyn series till they find out the number of pre-orders. In layman's terms that means, 'if the bookstore pre-orders are good, we'll go to contract, if not, we'll see what sales are like'."

Please go to either of these sites and pre-order your book today!!!
You are sooo going to love this series.... And believe me, it is amazing! The woman is a fantastic author and a wonderful friend!!



Also ladies, do not forget to mark your calendars for November 2nd... You need to head over to Lust In Time ~why~ because on Monday, November 2nd the LIT Ladies (along with their devilish hell of a gorgeous resident Lord of the Manor) will be hosting an all-day event to celebrate the release of the first volume in the "Celtic Spice" series, WINTER'S DESIRE!

Now, also don't forget to go to Charlotte Featherstone's place... She left some more crumbs... but these crumbs were not included in the book... this is just for our viewing pleasures... Of Sinful...

Barbara at Happliy Forever After posted a while back Upcoming Releases... You need to check this out... why you might ask, because Barbara redid her place and it is freaking fantastic!!!!
Just look at her new banner.... Oh My Freaking Gosh!!! She is amazing and just wait till I show you what else this woman did.... Don't forget to go there.... Now... to get another good look at what Barbara can do... She did this for VampFanGirl... Check it out... and check out VampFanGirl's place while you are there....

Then... if you think Barbara is great... another reason Barbara is awesome!!! Look at what she did for Anna... She is amazing!!!
Now, if you head over to Amdnda McIntyre's place... she is Building A Hero... Thanks to Leontine for giving her the foundation! It is amazing story... you must go there and read it...

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An ABC Meme.....

I have been tagged by Blanche at There's No Such Thing As Too Many Books

Here are the rules:

1. Link to the person who tagged you.

2. Share your ABC’s.

3. Tag three people at the end by linking to their blogs.

4. Let the three tagged people know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.

5. Do not tag the same person repeatedly but try to tag different people, so there is a big network of bloggers doing this tag.

Available or single? Neither... at least my husband would not think so....

Best Friend? My daughter, Brooke

Cake or Pie? Oh damn... Cake... Yellow Cake batter (yea, I love the lick the bowl!) and Milk Chocolate Frosting!

Drink of choice? Water... At least that is what the good girl in me is saying! The evil girl is screaming Kool-Aid!!!!

Essential item for every day use? Besides my computer/laptop.... My hair clippy thing or rubber band... Hair has to be out of my face!

Favorite color? Pink.... (purple & gold)

Google? Yea... I google, even though I misspell the name sometimes... lol!

Hometown? Labadieville, Louisiana... grew up there until I was 8.

Indulgences? Okay, I am glad that there is an "s" at the end of that word! Okay, you ready... Books, Chocolate, Books, Chocolate, did I mention Books.... Food, LSU!

January or February? I guess February...

Kids and their names? 1, Brooke

Life is incomplete without? Agreeing with Blanche... Family, Friends, Great food, good wine, lots of laughter, and books!

Marriage date? May 29th

Number of siblings? Oh wow, you ready for this one... One half sister - older, One half brother - older, One step-sister - older and One step-brother - older. Yep, I am the baby and the only one that is whole! LMAO!!!

Oranges or apples? Apples

Phobias and fears? Crawly things. No fears... Oh wait... scary movies!

Quote for the day? "Grab life by the horns and ride the bull"

Reason to smile? God allows me to wake up every day!

Season? Oh really... Fall Rocks!

Tag 3 people? Mandi, Leontine and Blodeuedd

Unknown fact about me? I use to eat ketchup with potato chips and scramble eggs when I was younger
Vegetable you hate? Lima Beans
Worst habit? Sometimes, I am to OCD... Clean freak
X-rays you’ve had? Back, Head and neck
Your favorite food? Italian food! - Blanche are we related!
Zodiac sign?Scorpio

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Show Me Your Saturday!!

I Heart Book Gossip host this wonderful little meme....

"Show Me Yours Saturday"
Each weekend I will try to post a Show Me Yours.
It can include a favorite food to something about me.
I want a teeny bit of anonymity so I won't post pics of myself.
Show me the deets and I will show you mine.

Key word is show: So show us some snazzy pictures not just words.

Topic: My Sunday Trips... Shopping... Wanna know where....

Now, this is what I see on my drive not far from my house on my way to Baton Rouge....
This is the growth of new sugar cane....

This is full grown stalks of sugar cane that is going to be cut down and sent the mills... when... around my birthday....

OMG... Do I have to tell you what store this is.... OMG... My last stop before heaven...

Then, if you look really good... you can see what I am teasing you with.... Look really really good, might have to squint your eyes to see what is back there...
And of course my daughter (in green) and her bff... Not far from my heaven....
OMG... hyperventilating.... OMG... do you see what I see... OMG.... This place sees more of my paycheck than my bank account...

Here it is ladies... My heaven... Just look at it.... AhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhDidn't think you wanted to see my Wal-Mart pics and gas stations, lol!!! This is a whole lot better! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!
I Heart Book Gossip... Thanks for this... I love sharing!!!! =)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Review: Hunting Groung by Patricia Briggs

Hunting Ground by Patricia Briggs
Book: Paperback: Mass Market
304 pages
ISBN 9780441017386
25 Aug 2009

The blurb:
Mated to werewolf Charles Cornick, the son—and enforcer—of the leader of the North American werewolves, Anna Latham now knows how dangerous being a werewolf is, especially when a werewolf opposes Charles and his father is struck down. Charles’s reputation makes him the prime suspect, and the penalty for the crime is execution. Now Anna and Charles must combine their talents to hunt down the real killer—or Charles will take the fall.

Now, I will do this review a little different... Why you may ask... Because EVERYBODY has review this one... and I will hook you up to their links to show you!!! LOL!! They are some awesome people and their reviews are... well... awesome!! If you have not picked up this series,
you are seriously missing out... Whether if it is for My Sex On A Stick man Charles... or for his father Bran... you will not be disappointed. Anna rocks as far as a heroine in my book!! I love her to death...
If you click on their banners, it will take you to their site... yea, I think you will mine, but make sure you come back to check out the rest...

Erotic and I also did a joint review on Cry Wolf, the first in the series... Go --->> here if you would like to read that one... You know to play catch up... Or simply get more Charles!!!!

Now this banner belongs to the Breezing Through ladies... They do a joint review... and you really should check this one out too....
Now this is Tracy's Place banner... or at least it is for me.. I can't save her banner... So, since I love Halloween pics and this is her favorite one... You'll see when you get there...Okay... so I told you a few people had reviewed this book... It is awesome... And if you ask me, Yes, I will tell you that Charles is MINE!!!!! He earns Sex On A Stick... I love the fact that he likes to see his woman in his shirts.... yum-ME!!!

Now this is something I found interesting...
I got this is from Ms. Patricia Briggs web site... I thought this was great insight to my Sex on a Stick man Charles and his world...

Author's Comments

Hunting Ground was a very fun book to write. Usually I play with the underpowered characters, those whose lives don't determine the fate of kingdoms. That way, if I screw up, I don't have the whole population of imaginary universes mad at me . On the other hand, I've always loved fairy tales and mythology. . .
Bran's decision to make the werewolves publicly affects weres all over the world, and not all of them are happy about it. Naturally, there has to be a meeting (The first rule of bureaucracy is that there always has to be a meeting.) In this case a meeting between lots of alpha werewolves. Who don't much like one another. All posturing for political advantage. The more I thought about it, the more convinced I became that the situation called for an extra-heavy helping of my favorite myths, a bit of Arthurian legend, and at least one gray lord. I threw all of these wonderfully volatile ingredients into the kettle, then turned up the heat with a cackle laugh of anticipation.
Actually, like most volatile mixtures, this one blew up a couple of times while I was writing it. However, with a bit of perseverance, and a little luck it all cooked up nicely. I hope you enjoy the results. Don't mind my missing eyebrows, I'm sure they'll grow back!
If you would like to find out more about Ms. Patricia Briggs writing and books... please go --->>> here! Please give her place a look... you might be surprised as to what you find there.
I hope you have enjoyed this kind of review...
And please.... go read the series.... but be warned.... Charles is mine!!!! =)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thank you

I want to thank you all for your kind words the other day! They really brighten my day and made me feel a hell'va lot better!!! I want you guys to know that you mean the world to me, the friendship that I have made with each and everyone of you, I appreciate you all!!! So, your kind words went straight to my heart! Thank you!!!
Hubby is feeling a lot better. Daughter (when she gets out her room) looks a lot better but still does not feel 100%, but slowly. She is taking her meds, drinking a lot of fluids and eating.
And as for me... my headache must have just been fatigue. I still feel like I can sleep for a day and then be 100%, but as SuperWoman... I don't get that luxury. So, I have been trying to be a good girl and going to be early! I have tried to hop to everyone's place... Again, if I was not there... please forgive me... I will keep you updated and hopefully I will have something to post soon!!!
Again, my dear friends, thank you for your kind words!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sorry... =(

I am writing tonight... Tuesday... at 9:30 with a splitting headache....!!!

Hubby had a chest/head cold w/a touch of the flu last Wednesday till Sunday... He was released to go back to work today...
Daughter started with body aches... Sunday... Went to Urgent Care Monday... She has the flu. Can't go back to school until Monday. It is just the regular strain of the flu, but still, the flu.
I got the flu shot just in case.... But today... I am tired, have a head ache... It is my sinus... I am not thinking flu, because I am a positive thinker...
So, please forgive me if I have not made it by your blog to drop by and say hi... or have not posted up your contest. I am calling it an early night tonight... Yea, 930 and heading to the shower is an early night for me... Then I will go under my covers with a book until Mr. Sandman takes me away for the night with hopefully sweet dreams!!!!I am hoping everyone had a great Tuesday and has a wonderful Wednesday. I know there are meme's for Wednesday.... But here is my question...
What are you looking forward to this weekend???
And do not forget the post before this one... with the awards... Take them, please!!! You all deserve them!!! I love you guys, you are all awesome!!!! And don't make me come cyber kick your butt!!!! LOL!!!!
Till tomorrow ladies....

My Fictional Smutty Boyfriend.... =)