Wednesday, September 30, 2009

OMG.... It is ALMOST... October 1st...

And you know what that means.....
Hell Yeah!!!!

You are cordially invited to Cecile's Birthday Party....
Where: Here of course ~ at my blog place!
When: All month long ~ make sure you stay tuned in!

I hope you will join me in my journey to watch the...
Countdown till October 30th!!!!
My Birthday!!!

If you decide to stay for the ride... I can make you a couple of promises....
There will be surprise guest bloggers, awesome giveaways, and there will also be...

Some very delicious cake (of course, I made myself... yea right).....
What did you expect... Edward came for a bite.... lol!!!

There will also be presents... and who does not love presents...
There will be drinks served from the cauldron... Witch Style of course...
and you won't want to miss my Personal bartender...
He is even more delicious than the cake and the drinks he serves....
Now, I could not serve water to my Master Vampire....

And this is my Personal Bartender.... His name is Caleb....
So... pick your poison wisely.... because his cocktail will make you see double!!!Told you... ***evil grin***
So, pick your poison and come sit a s spell.....
And what is a birthday without......

Hot Eye Candy...
The best kind of Halloween Candy there is...
So, I ask you ~ Who's up for Trick~or~ Treating!
So, let me ask you... are you ready to Party!?!?!?!?!
If you are with me... let me know... =)
Happy Birthday to me... Let's party...!!!

On Friday, October 2nd, I have a very special treat for you...
Mandi from Smexy Books will be here..
And I have it on good authority that she has a special man with her!!!
***evil wink and wicked grin**


  1. Hellllooooo Caleb**wiping drool off keyboard**,we'll certainly keep you busy ;)

    Cecile I'm looking forward to see what you have in store for us!!

    I'm ready to party!!! (No surprise there:))

  2. **Note... Caleb was a birthday present from a fellow blogger who was very kind and handed him over to me - I love ya honey for giving me him**

    Hey Elaing8!! Girl, I am still wiping drool off my keyboard and my laptop at home! He is smokin!! And he fixes some hell'va drinks!
    I am glad you are ready to party, because we will be rocking this place all month long!!! Make sure you stick around, cuz I may have prezzies for just stopping by!!!

    **evil wink**

  3. I am ready to party girl!!!!

    btw - awesome cake!! I want it!

    Can't wait for Friday ;) I have a very wicked man just waiting to have his way with you....

  4. Hey Mandi!
    Girl, I am glad that you are ready to party!! Because it is on now!!!

    Ohhh... have his way with me... I so can not wait!!

    What do you think of my bartender!?!
    **still drooling**

  5. Cecile, can I borrow Caleb for just a sec...I feel she bangs song coming up and my wants lapdance the bartender woohoo!!!

    I look forward to your party month and go all out with everyone. I luuuurve me some cake and Caleb, hotbuns *grin* hit me up with some of the good stuff LOL

  6. Hey Cecile!!

    Are you taking numbers for Caleb...I'd like to borrow him for just a few!!

    Happy Happy October, this is going to be a wonderful month long celebration of you and your birthday!! Can't wait! :)

  7. Leontine!!! Hey honey... I thought of you and your beefcakes when my friend sent me this pic!! He is freaking smoking... And I will find him a home on my side bar as the Hunk of my Blog as soon as my party ends and the bar closes! LOL!!!

    Borrow him... honey you let me borrow Tristan and Aidan... and we can talk!!! Speaking of those two men... Where have they been... And how is Sam **evil wicked grin**

    **Caleb is staring at me... No, Caleb, they are not replacing you honey... But if these women borrow you... I might need reinforcement!**

    Be careful for what you wish for... His buns are hot!

  8. In this case seeing double is not a bad thing!! Super Sexy pre-birthday countdown - oh yeah!

    (Very cool cake and I want that Blood Drip candy!)

  9. Hey Blanche!

    I sure can start taking numbers, just remember he is mine at the end of the day!
    It will be an awesome Month! Make sure you stick around!!! We will have a blast!!!

  10. Patti! Hey honey! Seeing double is not a bad thing at all... Just be careful with those drinks... They will knock you on your arse!! LOL!! He is a very potent man!

    I feel in love with the cake and the drink the minute I saw them. I knew they belonged on my blog!!!

  11. Wheres the wine?!?! LETS PARTY!lol Your bartender...mmm...can I borrow him for my b-day?? lol

  12. Part, party!!! :D
    I am looking forward to this Cecile, it will be fun and mmm cake
    I can't wait to see what you have in store for us

  13. Hi Cecile,

    Wow that cake pic is awesome!

    Need to inspect Caleb!

    That pic of Happy Birthday Baby looks like he is already getting some loving! LOL!

    This is going to be great October Party! Woo hoo!

  14. Hey Monroe!!
    Honey, have your glass ready because Caleb will pour you whatever you wish!!! You may have to get in line to borrow him though... I am taking numbers! LMAO!! Just remember... at the end of the day, he is mine!! LOL!!

  15. Hey Blodeuedd~

    Girl, get your party dress on and make sure you got comfortable shoes on!!! This party is going to be rocking! Stick around... cuz there is a lot going on!!! And a LOT of giveaways!!!!

  16. Hey Razlover!! Thanks for stopping!
    I do have to admit... There are more cakes coming your way... But this one is my favorite!

    And Caleb... well, what can I say!!

    And my birthday baby... He was delicious!!! LOL!! Love your description... "looks like he is already getting some loving!" LMAO!!!

  17. January 28th...thats when I need him! lol And Ill treat him nice and send him home to his mama when I'm done! LMAO!

  18. *Bats eyes* Yoohoo, oh Caleb. Rrarrrr! lol!

    Can't wait for your birthday celebration Cecile! And the man candy.

    ((hugs)) VFG

  19. So ready for the party Cecile! And can't wait to see what other goodies will be coming our way.

  20. Monroe!!! LMAO!!!! Okay, we'll see if you are a good girl then... And I'll think about it! LMAO!!!
    And send him back to Mama after!! LOL!!

  21. Hello Ladies... I am Caleb, Cecile's personal bartender. It is nice to meet you all! I am hoping you all stick around for her party! We are sure going to have some fun **evil ;} grin**!
    Damn... A line waiting for me! I will attend to each and everyone of you.. Personally.. ;}

    I play nice and I play dirty... Just like my drinks! So, what's your favorite flavor... so I can start preparing them...

  22. VampFanGirl~ Hey Honey!!! Girl... Isn't my bartender just ***hussy material** hot!!! **evil wicked grin**

    Oh, and this is nothing yet... Just wait... We have thirty days!!

  23. Joder!
    Hey there honey! I am glad that you have come for the party!!! It is going to be an absolute blast!!!

  24. Lining up for my turn with Caleb. Tell the girls not to be too hard on him.

    Happy to help celebrate your birthday all month long. I luuuurve me a party, too!!!

  25. Can't wait hon...

    It looks all hot and steamy up in here....

    All best wishes to you my dear - on the run up to your big day..


  26. Whoooo hoooo....Partay - bring it girl!!! Love Caleb, but if you hussies are gonna keep him busy with the flirt, flirt stuff - just have him leave the damn Tequila where I can reach it....

  27. Hi Cecile!!! I can't wait it sounds like it's going to be a very fun month here girl count me in!!! OMS Caleb is a hottie and a half! woohooo

    I LOVE that cake what a cute idea!!!

    BIG HUGS and hope you have a great one dear!!

  28. I'm so here for this P-A-R-TAY!!! I could use a good drink right about now, lol.

  29. ~Armenia
    Hey girl! Girl, get in line!!
    ""Tell the girls not to be too hard on him."" You are too funny!!
    I am glad you are prepared to be here all month long! Cuz we are going to p-a-r-t-y!!!!

    ~Erotic Horizon
    I am glad that you are going to be able to make it! Wouldn't think of doing this without you!
    Oh, yea... I am still cleaning up my own drool and wiping down my own steam from this pre-party day!

    ~Cybercliper said...
    Hey honey!!! Yayay, so glad that you are on board to party with us!
    Girl, I will make sure I stock up on Tequila for ya!! But I promise Caleb makes his round to everyone!!

    Hey honey! I am glad that you finally made it here! As long as I have my friends surrounding me, this is going to be one birthday year I will never forget!!!
    You likkie Caleb!!! He was a present to me!! I like those kind!
    I love the cake idea too... I found it under Vampire Cake ~ believe it or not! LOL!!

    Then put up a seat Barbara and sit a spell!! Caleb would love nothing more than to fix you a drink!! You better stick around the whole month! You never know what you will see!!!

  30. I like the way you partay! I lurve your cake, but the bartender *shiver* he can mix my drinks any time *exaggerated wink*

  31. Happy Birthday, Cecile. I'll be ready to party as soon as Caleb arrives with my drink.

  32. Happy Early Birthday Party, girl! Woot! I may have to see if I can find a hunkalicious male stripper cake just for you. yummy in oh so many ways. hehe.


  33. Smokinhotbooks~ Hey there honey!
    Girl, if you like this party... you need to stick around for the whole month!! Thank you for the compliment on the cake!
    And my bartender... I will take that means you like him!!! LOL!!

    The Book Resort~ Honey, just stick around!!! HOT DAMN will not be the only thing you will be saying, lmao!!

    Jane!! Hi there!! Welcome! Thank you. Just let Caleb know what you would like to drink and he will serve it! And you might want to check out the post on October 1st, because if you tell him your drink special, you get entered to win a book!

    Cassandra!! I am so glad that you could make it!!! Thank you! I love the party at your place and I am delighted that you are coming to mine! OH... A Hunkaliciuos male stripper... Honey... bring it on bring it on!!! LMAO!!


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