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*Giveaway* An Unexpected Bride by Shadonna Richards

The Smutty Hussy is proud to present...........

A Giveaway for **An Unexpected Bride by Shadonna Richards**

First... Let's see what Ms. Shadonna has to say...

Hi, everyone!

I’m Shadonna, author of An Unexpected Bride, a romantic comedy about Emma Wiggins who is about to marry her heart-stopping, gorgeous boss, CEO Evan Fletcher in seven days. Only he doesn’t know about it yet!

Since An Unexpected Bride centers around the theme of love and
companionship, I thought I’d compile a list of the top five ways you can tell that he’s in love with you. And only you. Check this list out (it’s in no particular order):

1. When he can’t stop thinking about you and he’s talking about you all the time to his friends.

2. He wants to know all about you, your interests, what you’re thinking, and about the stuff you care about.

3. He feels that you are both on the same wavelength. You like the same things, enjoy the same experiences and the chemistry between both of you is out of this world. He prefers to spend most of his time with you and will gladly cancel other engagements.

4. He doesn’t look at other women when he’s out with you. He won’t even turn his head an inch to glance at an attractive woman walking by because he’s so into you.

5. He totally forgot his ex. Never mentions her name. You’re his number one woman now! The pain of the past is nothing compared to the pleasure of the future—with you.

Hope you enjoyed the list as much as I enjoyed compiling it.
I thought I’d
also leave you with a synopsis of An Unexpected Bride. Enjoy.

Desperate to fulfill her ailing grandfather’s last wish to see her settle down
and get married, Emma Wiggins, a 30-year-old, career-focused executive
tells him a little white lie on his deathbed that she is in fact engaged--to her
boss, deliciously handsome and emotionally unavailable, Evan Fletcher.
The situation takes an unexpected turn when her grandfather's condition
improves slightly and to her shock, he goes ahead and arranges a wedding
ceremony at his hospital bedside before he passes on. Now, all Emma has to
do is convince unsuspecting, commitment-phobic Evan to tie the knot with
her in seven days. Can love blossom in the most unlikely situation?

A Contemporary Romance

Available Now on Amazon Kindle for $0.99

To find out more..... Please go to Ms. Richards website!

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Do you have an unexpected tale to tell...
Contest Ends March 5th.
Winner announced March 7th

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Review: A Chip In His Shoulder by L.A. Witt *Riptide Publishing*

A Chip In His Shoulder
L.A. Witt

“Contract killer” is a fitting job for a vampire, and it suits Liam just fine. Cast down from the wealth and status of the Sky for taking a human lover, Liam lurks in the poor and pollution-choked Gutter, killing to survive. Between his natural strengths and his Cybernetix mods, no mark has ever escaped him.

Liam’s ex-lover Daniel is the heir to Cybernetix—and its greatest threat. Horrified by people less man than machine and the exploitation of Gutter factory workers, he’d rather destroy Cybernetix than inherit it . . . if his father doesn’t destroy him first.

Years of anger and a heap of mods have kept Daniel and Liam apart. When Liam is hired to slaughter a man in his glass Sky tower, he walks right into a Daniel-shaped trap. Daniel’s father has betrayed them both, and only by working together can Daniel and Liam survive the coming day. They have no reason to trust each other, but as the dawn looms, a bargain that began with the simple urge to live soon reminds them of the love they once shared. Can they find each other again, or will the Cybernetix assassins find them first?

I obtained the above information from Riptide Publishing website.

For those of you that know me... and those that don't this is my little statement about short books.... I do not judge short stories on the rush of their relationships, because they are just that - short stories. So, yes the relationships always could have been drawn out more, yea it seems like they fall in love to fast and of course the story could have been made longer... but it is a short story. So with that said.... here is my review...

Also, I will leave you with the warning that this is a m/m book/review. If m/m is not your cup of tea... or if you are not sure this fits in your comfort zone, you will not offend me if you if you just stop by to say Hi and maybe say Hi to Ms. Witt! Now... let's get started!

I was given this book for my honest thoughts... So, here goes!

In the writing world, I am a new reader of Ms. Witt's work. I have seen her work here and there but I never took the dive into reading her work. I am not sure why... but I am here to say that I have rectified that. Being this is my first story by Ms. Witt, it took me a few short minutes to fall into this world. It was not hard... just a little mind setting change I needed to do. I am not sure if this would fall under sci-fy or not.... but the lingo was what I had to get use to. But after adjusting myself with that, this book was great! I love how she used her characters to the best of their abilities... They were so descriptive, but not to a point where it was too much. She threw me in a world of bleak, ominous, treacherous, thievery, and deceit. But she brought me out with a tale of two men facing the worst adversary they could possibly face ~ each other.

Liam is a vampire... But not just any ol' vampire... Oh no, he has been modified more times than a rebuilt mustang. He is okay with all of the latest technology built into his body, seriously. It gives him the edge he needs to do his job. Killing. Sorry, don't mean to break your heart... he is what he is. But he does redeem himself with his latest assignment. He actually does more than redeem himself, hell, he almost dies for this assignment. Just when you think love doesn't mean anything... It proves you wrong. Or at least it does for Liam!

Daniel on the other hand, is a rich, spoiled man. He lives above all the poverty and disgust of what the world has become. But what most people don't know is that even though he might appear spoiled and living in the world of luxury... He is also plotting something that will help those less fortunate. But Daniel knows it is only a matter of days before his time expires... He knows that his Dad knows he knows to much ~ against him. But Daniel was a little surprised at who his Dad would get to go after him.... His ex-lover of all people. But is the old saying true... If you love something and you let it go... If it comes back, it was meant to be... Even if it was sent to kill you... Well... Let's find out shall we!

This is a great book. The adventure, the lies, the deception, the hurt, Ms. Witt gave it all to me in a little package. She made the story just right. I enjoyed the whole story in about a day, it was just that good. It amazed me, it shocked me, but most of all... it made me fall in love. These two characters came together when really... the odds were stacked against them. This was an intriguing tale of lies and betrayal. But the main thing to remember is love always knows how to bring back what was truly meant to be... But I will promise that you will laugh at these two. They truly do make a great pair! Especially when Daniel shot Liam!!! Never would have saw that coming!! HA... that alone will make you want to read the book!!!

Ms. Witt, you did an awesome job at bringing me in a world that I am use to and making me fall in love with it... So much so, that I just know that you are giving us more of Liam and Daniel taking on the upper world... Right?!?!?

Also, if you want to drop by Ms. Witt's website, please go here...
I warn you... She has two personalities!! =) Which is always a good thing! Enjoy!

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Review: Once A Marien by Cat Grant *Riptide Publishing*

Once A Marine
Cat Grant

Discharged under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, former Marine major Cole Hammond is struggling to find a new identity. But PTSD casts a pall on everything, and his hard-nosed, homophobic father can’t even bear to look him in the eye. To top it all off, he’s pretty sure he’s flunking out of law school.

Marc Sullivan is a kind, sensitive romance author-slash-waiter with a thing for men in uniform. Cole’s not wearing his anymore, but there’s no mistaking the warrior Marc meets in the diner one rainy afternoon. Cole’s sexy smile and Carolina drawl prove irresistible, but Marc’s played this game before, and he always loses. Once a Marine, always a Marine, and if there’s one thing Marc knows about such men, it’s that they all leave him in the end. It doesn’t help that Cole’s practically closeted in public, or that he refuses to seek treatment for his PTSD.

But like any good Marine, Cole’s willing to fight for what matters. And like the characters in Marc’s stories, he’s certain that if only they try hard enough, together they can find their own happily ever after.

I obtained the above information from Ms. Grant's website.

If you haven't gotten it from the cover, then by the blurb... This is a m/m book and review. Those of you know if this is your cup of tea and others know that this isn't your cup of tea. Remember, you won't offend me if you don't read the review. Just drop down below and say hi! You know I love hearing from you guys! Now that I got this out the way, lets start the review...

Ms. Cat Grant is a new author to me and I have to say this was an awesome story to wet my appetite. Ms. Grants writing intrigued me, it actually lured me in word by word. Her style is sweet and slow, tasteful and lustful with a touch of heartbreak. Her writing captivated me. She gave me things I missed in my m/m loving. She gave me truth, real issues, real disappointment, real heartache but she gave me a love that was so sweet to watch blossom, so endearing it almost made me cry.

Marc is down on his luck with the shitty economy. Working in a diner while holding a master's degree wasn't exactly his vision for himself at thirty years old, but what the hell else could he do. At least working in the diner gave him the freedom to write his books, his true passion. Marc was as happy as happy could be about the way his life was going. Sure, he had his fair share of boyfriends he wish he could forget, but don't we all have those. But loving Marines sometimes comes at a high price of heart break. Not completely ready to give up on the entire species of men.... He still believed his Once Upon A Marine was still out there.

Cole was a Marine through and through. However, being gay didn't make it easy for Cole in the military. But the truth had to come out sooner rather than later. Coming to terms with his sexual preference was something Cole was finally coming to terms with.... On his own terms. Cole struggled with everything from coming to terms with his sexual nature, to having his family accept the truth about his coming out, struggling with leaving the Marines, struggling to keep the nightmares at bay... to struggling with law school. The last thing he wanted to struggle with was a relationship... That was until he met Marc. The one person that got him. But what would it cost Cole to open his heart and soul to have Marc be a part of his world.

Ms. Cat gave me one hellva a performance with this story. She gave me hope, she gave me determination, she gave me heart ache, she gave me love. This truly is an amazing story. Ms. Cat put these two characters through the ringer. She pulled all kind of emotions from me but in the end she gave me what I wanted... I can't tell you that, lol. You have to read it to find out what Ms. Cat gave me!!!Link
Ms. Cat, I commend you on a job well done. This is truly an amazing story of two men who are just trying to find their way in the world and find a little love along the way. Thanks for keeping it real!

To see more of Ms. Grant's world, please visit her website!

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Happy Birthday to My February Peeps!!!

This is for all of our February Birthdays....
From the bottom of my Hussy Heart...
I want to wish a very...

Belated To....
Cristal Ryder

Houston A W Knight

Link Fiona Jayde

Amanda McIntyre

Link Blodeuedd
**An Actual Bday Girl!**

Lissa Matthews
**An Actual Bday Girl!**

I hope you enjoyed your presents ladies....
Now for some delicious treats for all of us to enjoy...
But for those Birthday Ladies...
You have an extra serving! =)

He is waiting for you....

Happy Birthday Ladies!
Hugs and Love!

**I am going to start doing a monthly birthday post...
If you want to be a part of this... Just shot me an email with your birthday and link!**

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Smutty Hussy is Guest Blogging...

Well gang, I am taking my little overnight bag and heading over to....

Babbling About Books, And More....

Katie B. as I know her, KT Grant as some others may know her by ~ has so graciously asked me to be a part of her F/F event going on at her blog!!
And if you know me, you know that I have serious girl crushes... So, of course I had to say yes!

Now, I am warning you
*as if saying this was a F/F event was not enough*
that there will be two short reviews of two f/f books that I read
and there will be some thoughts shared my yours truly...
If you are not that brave to venture over...
You can still say hi to me here! I won't mind...
But if you want to see what I have to say over there...
Please do come by!

Hugs and Love from yours truly....
Smutty Hussy....

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The Winner Is..... for Ms Heather Long

***Yayayayaya!!! Congrats!!!!!***

I want to thank all of you that came out in support of Ms. Heather Long at my blog!!!
And now to announce the winner.... of.....

Congrats to....
***Susan W. -

Just cuz you know I can't resist a man with Manners....
And yummy abs...
Happy Weekend to us alll!!!
Have a Hussy one! =)

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Review: Being Bound by Cristal Ryder

Being Bound
By: Cristal Ryder

Sometimes reality is so much better than fantasy.

A man used to getting what he wants, Tom Rourke doesn’t take being discarded lightly. Smarting from rejection, Rourke decides the complication of women is distracting him from his goal. He refocuses his energy into ownership of the Black Phantom, where he meets Heather Canyon. Drawn into her erotic web, he can’t get her out of his mind. But can he trust her? The only way to know is to experience her first hand.
Dominatrix Heather Canyon is looking for a new beginning, and a safe place where she can let her talents shine. Rourke’s proposition is the perfect opportunity. She must test him to ensure they are the right fit for and challenges him at every turn. She isn’t looking for a partner, but has she found her match with Rourke?

I obtained the above information from Lyrical Press website.

For those of you that know me... and those that don't this is my little statement about short books.... I do not judge short stories on the rush of their relationships, because they are just that - short stories. So, yes the relationships always could have been drawn out more, yea it seems like they fall in love to fast and of course the story could have been made longer... but it is a short story. So with that said.... here is my review...

I am a devoted fan of Ms. Ryder's writing style and this story... Well... it left me Being Bound. I love Ms. Cristal's voice in the story... I love the way she intrigues me with her words... I love the way she captivates me with the characters... I love the way she pulls me in!

Now, you know how I am for short stories... I hate to give things away... So, without saying to much I will try to give you the best review I think I can give....

This is a story of testing the limits... Pushing boundaries.... It takes a strong person to go the extra distance and come back out on top! (Ha) And when two people come together to test each other out... Well... this is the story about it. Two people come head to head to test the limits of each other, to see what each other is made of - so to speak... And the things they do to test each other... Well... let's just say they learn some things about themselves! And realize they kinda like it!

Now, I will warn you... Rourke is a bit of a man whore. I am not trying to give to much away... but you will see what I mean. He is a great guy and damn if he is not hot! But still... he is a man whore. But I believe he is holding out for the woman that makes him hot... It makes me wonder if they will have their HEA.... Hummm... If I have your curious, then you will have to read the first one!!!

So are you reading to see what Being Bound is all about... Let's go see. I promise they won't bite! Well, unless of course you ask!

Ms. Cristal, I cannot wait to see what else you have in store for us. Your writing just keeps surprising me!!! You have taken simple words and crafted them in a way that they get under my skin and make me hot!!! You make the Hussy purr!!! **Roar**

To see more about Ms. Cristal and her world, please visit her website!!!

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*Spotlight* Snowy Fate by Marissa Dobson

 The Lair is happy to showcase Ms. Marissa Dobson's Snowy Fate.... Let's take a peek!

Fate always knows when you're ready for love.

The past is catching up with Aspyn Layton. The father she never knew passed away and she is left to deal with his estate. An unexpected snowstorm has her stranded at the one place she didn’t want to be—her father’s house—with a naked man.

Damon Andrews has a secret, one he shared with Aspyn’s father. He must convince Aspyn there is more to life then what she knows. How will she react when she finds out he is a mountain lion, and she is his mate? Their fates are intertwined.

Now that we have has a taste... Let's take a bigger peek....


She picked up the fire poker as she looked at the naked man before her. “Who are you?” Even though she was startled by the man who stood before her, she had a feeling that he meant her no harm. A man that sexy couldn’t harm anyone; except to break a girl’s heart. He looked as though he should be posing for Playgirl instead of standing in the cozy living room.

“The better question is who are you and what are you doing here?” he asked as he shook the wet snow off his body. He stood there, not the least bit concerned that he was naked, nor that he was wet from head to toe. Her heart was fluttering, and desire was heating her cheeks. She wanted to explore his toned body with her hands, and her tongue. His dark hair was wind blown into disarray; that served to make him look dangerous, and that much sexier.
“The name’s Aspyn. Now who are you?”

“You’re his daughter,” he said more out of shock, then in question. “I’m Damon Andrews. John, your dad’s lawyer, didn’t think you would be coming to the house, or I would have left.”
Once she heard this man was a friend of her father’s, she quickly squashed the attraction that was building inside her. There was no way she could pursue someone who knew her father. She didn’t want to know any more than she already did about the man who ran out on her and her mother.
“It wasn’t the plan. I agreed to sell the place and his things. I planned to head straight home, but the storm rolled in, leaving me no time to get out of town. I didn’t have anywhere else to go and I didn’t think anyone was living here. The lawyer mentioned the key under the rug if I wanted to stop.” She lowered the weapon as she spoke.
He nodded in understanding. “If there is anything of his you want, please feel free to take it. There are lots of pictures of you.”
“He never gave me anything while he was alive and I don’t want anything now.” The first tear was threatening to fall.
“Hey there, I didn’t mean to upset you. I’m sorry,” he said, crossing the room in two strides.
“It’s not you. It’s just being here, around all this. It’s more than I can handle now. I’m not a woman who cries at the drop of the hat, I don’t know what is wrong with me. All the years he missed, and now it’s too late. This is like crying over spilled milk.”

He gently laid a hand on her shoulder.  “He wouldn’t want you to be upset. He did what he thought was right when you were a child. It might not have been the best decision, but he felt it was the only way. It was the only way to give you a semi-normal childhood, and he regretted that decision every day.”
She looked him in the eye and with fire in her eyes, she lashed back. “I know this is going to sound childish and ungrateful, but then he should have come back for us.” She shook off his hand. “But none of that matters now, it’s too late. What are you doing here? Better yet, why are you naked?”

Taking a step back, he nodded to the cot made in the corner. “I’ve been staying with your father. I’m building a house on the other side of the lake and was living at the hotel. On your dad’s better days, he would come over and helped with the construction. The heat and plumbing aren’t finished yet because of the freezing weather. Your dad invited me to stay until it was finished. When he passed and I found out you didn’t want the house, I put the offer in to buy it. I couldn’t see it sold off to someone who wouldn’t appreciate the beauty of the area. As for my lack of clothing, well that is a long story. Why don’t I make us something to eat? I’m sure you’re starving.”
“That would be great.”

“On one condition … you must read your father’s journal. You need to understand why. It will affect you more than I can explain.” Before she could object he added, “Please. There is stuff in there that you really need to know. I told him time and time again that he needed to find you before it was too late and tell you. But he didn’t listen. The first page is all I am asking. After that, if you don’t want to read any more, I won’t pester you anymore today.”

If you would like to see more of Ms. Dobson's work, please go visit her website!!

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Review: Committed by Lissa Matthews **Happy Valentine's Day**

Free Read for the Perfect Day!!!!
By Lissa Matthews

Matt and Grace have been in an open, live-in relationship for four years. Both were raised in unconventional homes, Matt's parents having an open marriage, and Grace's parents being swingers. They didn't know they'd want their own relationship to be any different when they began seeing one another. Especially, Matt. However, he's been feeling restless and discontent of late, and what he thought he wanted, was no longer satisfying or bringing him pleasure.

He's realized it's time for a change.

On a whim, he flies Grace out to Denver during his business trip so they could spend Valentine's Day together. He doesn't have a rock solid plan beyond making use of every available surface in his hotel suite, but he does have a proposal for Grace, and it's one he hopes she's willing to consider.

I obtained the above information at ARE website...

For those of you that know me... and those that don't this is my little statement about short books.... I do not judge short stories on the rush of their relationships, because they are just that - short stories. So, yes the relationships always could have been drawn out more, yea it seems like they fall in love to fast and of course the story could have been made longer... but it is a short story. So with that said.... here is my review...

This was just that a quick story... So, I will not bore you with any informal information - like how I do love Ms. Matthew's voice... Or how her books have a way of worming their way in my system... Nothing like that! I will just let you know that I loved this book!

This is a straight up, to the point kinda book... This book has a little secret tucked away on the side of the road... A looker... A peeker of sorts... One who likes to watch... But that is not what the main story is about... No, the main story is Grace and Matt!!!!!! Matt is a scared man who is at the end of his rope with the state of his relationship and wants a change... What length is he willing to go to keep what him and Grace have!

This is one hot little Valentine read! The way Matt and Grace show each other how much they love each other is amazingly hot!!! Believe me, this little story will get you in the mood for some Sweet Valentine Loving!!!! I am not a Hussy for nothing!!

To see more about Ms. Lissa Matthews... please go to her NEW website/blog!


And of course what would Valentine's Day be without me sharing my man....

Happy Valentine's Day from the Smutty Hussy Lair!!!

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Giveaway & Inside details of Cassandra's Dilemma by Heather Long

I am happy to announce the Lair has a visitor with a little surprise at the end...
Please put together a warm Hussy Lair welcome to Ms. Heather Long!!!

Cassandra’s Dilemma Confessions with Heather Long

Hello! My name is Heather Long and I am a romance writer. Actually, I write a lot of different kinds of romance from paranormal historical westerns to paranormal romantic contemporary to romantic suspense and everything in between. The heat levels vary from the sensual to the erotic, but I will be honest, I prefer it to be sensual and steamy, where the emotions are running as hot as the sex. So let me kick this off with a big ol’ thank you to Cecile for hosting my Cassandra’s Dilemma tour today.

I Have A Confession

Before I wrote Cassandra’s Dilemma, I didn’t really think I could write a strong trio together. In fact, this series was never intended to be any kind of trio ménage or poly amorous. It began with the simple question, how would the Fae come out into our world today? Our world with its 24 hour news cycles, paparazzi, celebutantes and Twitter where news breaks from around the world and is trending in minutes.

Our technology has made our world shrink in many ways and yet, we’re all such strangers in others. So how would these beings of fantasy, dark and light, make it a a cynical, jaded world where news spreads like wild fire along the Internet superhighway?

That’s where the story started, where it went was into one woman’s journey down this proverbial rabbit hole. The media consultant who gets the scoop of a life time as she is courted by the Fae and eventually earns that trusted position as their spokesperson. Is it any surprise the book opens with such a bang?

The Heroes of the Story

That’s right, I said heroes. You see I started the book with one and I ended up with two. Helcyon is a Lord of the Fae, he is a warrior and talented magicuser and gifted in many other ways. When an attempt on Cassie’s life worries the Fae Queen, she sends Helcyon to watch over the Fae’s spokesperson. But the cataclysm at the beginning of the book also brings out Department of Homeland Security Agent Jacob Book. Jacob’s not just any government agent, he’s also a Wizard.

Oh and did I mention that Wizards and Fae hate each other? Oh, nothing like a little Capulet and Montague hatred going on, but of course there are secrets and layers upon layers and left right in the middle of a most sensuous and deadly dilemma is Cassie. She has to learn who she can trust, who is out to kill her and in the end, what to do about the Fae.

Here’s an excerpt:

Book leaned forward, legs spread slightly and elbows resting lightly on his thighs. His brown suit showed wrinkles from too much wear. The faint musty odor of fresh aftershave over sweat suggested no time for a shower recently. The tiredness left shadows around his eyes. If he was investigating the bombing, there was every chance he’d been allowed little time for sleep while sifting through the evidence. Cassie’s reluctant annoyance softened. The agent was just doing his job and in a climate where terrorism had left its mark on their country.
“Lies are better received when layered with truth.” She focused on Sartre. She’d memorized whole passages in high school, and the mental mantras got her through tough meetings with clients who wanted to play hardball. The mental recitations kept her from throwing things in childish temper when events didn’t go her way.
“I would have thought you would prefer ‘Like all dreamers, I mistook disenchantment for truth.’” A hint of something gleamed in his eyes as her gaze was inextricably drawn back to his. She could lose herself in those golden flecks, counting each tiny chip of gold as priceless in the honey brown.
Cassie responded to the warmth of his tone, the casual openness of his body posture, and the teasing glint in his eye. “Hell is other people.”
The rush of masculine laughter stroked her insides like a feather, sending a wave of rippling warmth out from her core. She enjoyed his laughter. Helcyon shifted his posture. The warmth of his fingers bit into her shoulder. She yanked her gaze away from the agent’s, barely noting the frown he sent Helcyon.
Blood rushing to her face, Cassie covered her discomfort with a quick cough. Flirting? Seriously, Cass? Get your head in the game. “Maybe we should get to the questioning portion of the interrogation.”
“Interrogation? Hardly.” Special Agent Book cut his hand through the air as though saying that wasn’t the issue and she shouldn’t worry about it. The simplicity of it comforted more than any long-winded assurances could have.
“We’ve withheld most of the details from the press, including the names of the victims, yours as well, until we can notify families. But you’re one of the feLinkw surviving witnesses, so why don’t you tell me what you remember?” Again, Book’s gaze tracked up her to focus on Helcyon, a mild animosity shivering in the air, but that, too, evaporated when he looked to her.

Cassandra’s Dilemma
releases Wednesday, February 15 exclusively from Siren.

About Heather

Heather Long is a full time writer, mother, friend and student. She can often be found at 4 a.m. hiding in her garage with a cup of coffee and a new story idea unfolding on her laptop. You can keep up with these and all of Heather’s upcoming releases via her website, Facebook page and occasionally, Twitter although she swears she’s pretty bad at remembering to Tweet even when she reads them.

***Now for the time you all have waited for... ***
***The Giveaway!!!***

Ms Heather is kindly giving away an ecopy of: Cassandra’s Dilemma
~This is part of a book tour~

Giveaway open till Friday, February 17th @@@ 8:00 pm Eastern Time...
Winner will be announced Saturday, February 18th!!

What do I want from you.....

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I took a Flying Leap....

One day....
I saw this little...
He was happily chirping...But I couldn't figure out what the hell he was saying...
Then I noticed he was holding something in his wings...He look so damn cute that I had to take a second look...
Because I wasn't sure what he wanted from me...
The chirping got louder...
Then it hit me....
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So, he wanted me to Follow him....
Well, I busted down the wall....
And took the flying leap... **or I should say someone kicked my ass**
So, I ask.... With blue birdie eyes...
So... In case you are interested.... I am here...

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Giveaway & Character Interview.... We get personal w/Unknown Futures....

Attacked as a young adult, Jewel is left scarred and alone. She applies to the 1 Night Stand service, believing no one can see past her appearance to love her. But she doesn’t expect to be sent to a space station where her date could be any number of unusual alien species.

Flavia left everything behind to be one of five humans working for the Space Service space station. Extremely homesick, she is excited to learn she will be a guide to a woman from Earth visiting the station for a couple days. She is immediately drawn to the petite woman, seeing past her scars to her true inner beauty, stirring unforeseen desires.

Unfortunately, Jewel is there for a date which Flavia hasn’t been told about. Can she contain her lust and simply show her a good time? Or will she let her desire lead them into an unknown future?


******* Are you ready to hear what the characters have to say.....********

Interview with Flavia and Jewel from Unknown Futures

Thank you so much for having me here, today. I’d like to introduce my two guests, Jewel Barnaby and Flavia de Blaye. These two ladies met at an unusual place, but I can’t say much about that, as it’s classified Top Secret. Now, let’s get to know them a bit better.

Flavia, can you tell us about the first time you saw Jewel?

[Flavia squeezes Jewel’s hand]: I was giddy with excitement the first time I saw her. Not only
was she from Earth, but she was also close to my age. Oops, was I supposed to say that?
No worries. And Jewel, how did you react when you laid eyes on Flavia?

[Jewel makes eye contact for the first time, her unease evident]: I…I didn’t know what to think. I was in a foreign place, with people I didn’t know, and Jewel was there with a big smile and she hugged me. I’m not used to that because of my…my scars. People usually avoid me.

[Flavia tucks a strand of hair behind Jewel’s ear, then brushes a thumb across her lips.] You know that doesn’t happen anymore.

[Jewel shrugs but remains silent.]

Okay, Flavia, what drew you to Jewel?

[Flavia’s face brightens.] Besides the fact that she is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met? Although she’s shy around new people until she realizes how they’ll react to her, Jewel is a very confident woman. She knows what she wants and is determined to reach her goals in whatever way she needs to. And she’s a great dancer.

And Jewel, what is your favorite part of Flavia?

[Jewel smiles, glancing back and forth between me and Flavia.]: Um, I guess I should keep my answers clean, right? I would have to say her heart. V (Flavia) has the biggest heart of anyone I know. She is friendly with everyone, no matter who they are, or what they’ve done, even if they expose themselves on the dance floor.

[Flavia laughs.]: Yes, there are days when I miss Gar. He always kept me laughing at work.

Now, one final question, ladies. Do you care to share your future plans?

[Flavia looks like she’s about to jump out of her seat]: We’re getting our own house. Frey and Carrie are coming back with their baby, so we need to move out. Yes, we’re still both in school, but we’re also working for the Space…um, the government, so together we can afford to buy a house together.

Jewel: Yes, it’s a dream come true for both of us. And we’ll have some place to come home to when we’re not at the sp…when we’re not travelling for work. [Giggles and looks toward the door.]

Thank you so much for being here today, ladies! I wish you all the very best in the future. Be sure to keep me posted.


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Jessica Subject started writing to encourage her daughter to read. Now she writes to keep herself grounded. Although she reads many genres, she enjoys writing Science Fiction Romance the most and believes everyone in the universe deserves a happily ever after. She lives Southwestern Ontario, Canada with her husband and two kids and loves to hear from anyone who has enjoyed her stories.

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Just to give you a taste of what it is about....


She waved to get their attention, thankful her charges had arrived without incident. “Hi, I’m Flavia, but you can call me V. That’s what everyone here calls me.” Because no member of any other species on the station had been able to pronounce her name without it sounding vulgar in his or her language.
The Ginnunian stepped forward and surprised her by reaching out to shake her hand—not a custom for his people. “Hello, I’m Frey, and this is my wife, Carrie.”

She shook his hand and then his wife’s, trying to hold in her excitement at meeting someone from home.
Frey moved to the side, revealing the petite woman behind him. “And this is Jewel.”
V squealed. Unable to hide her exhilaration any longer, she wrapped her arms around Jewel. Not only was she from Earth, but she looked to be only a couple years younger than her. All the Terrans on-station were her parents’ age. For once, her unwavering loneliness would ebb, at least for a few days.
But her hug wasn’t returned, only met with a gasp. V stepped back. “I’m sorry, did I hurt you?”

Jewel shook her head, but wouldn’t make eye contact.
“I think she’s a little self-conscious about her scars,” Frey said.
V winced. Why did he have to mention them? Sure, she’d noticed, but she had friends with fins, feathers, and elephant ears. A few scars wouldn’t stop her from being social. Was that why she’d been asked to entertain Jewel during her stay?

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