Friday, April 30, 2010

Please welcome Ms. Ashlynn Pearce & a little Giveaway!

Hey gang.... if you were here the other day... you remember seeing that hot cover Rough Edges ~ right!
I mean, how you could you forget such a cover like that!!
Not to mention that Jimmy Thomas is on the cover!
***Smutty swoons and passes out***
**damn that man is hot**

Well, today I am very lucky in catching Ms. Ashlynn Pearce for a couple of quick questions!
She has been a dear friend of mine for quiet some time, so please help her feel welcomed to the Lair!!!

I found Ashlynn through another blog (you know how that goes...) and one thing lead to another and I was over at her place feeling right at home. Well, lo and behold one day she offered up part of story she was working on..... Now if you know me, hee hee which I think you do.... I pumped her for more of the story!!! IT was that freaking awesome!

And what was even more awesomeiness (yea, I make up my own words) is was when she came on her blog to report that she sold the book and it was coming out for us to have and hold!!!!!!!!!

Hey Ash!!!!!! Welcome to my Lair. I know you have come around a few times to comment... but you have never been in the spotlight before... so, please make yourself at home!

Why don't you tell my peeps a little about you?

First off, you’re right. I haven’t been in the spotlight before. What a whirlwind!

In short, I’m a wife, mother to two teenagers, graphics business owner, secretary by day, serve as vice-president for my local chapter and…write romance. I stay busy! It’s an ongoing joke to ask which hat I’m wearing. Most times, I’m wearing 2 at once. I’ve become good at multi-tasking. Not that I have a choice. If I want to keep up with the chaos it’s necessary.

What got you started into writing?
When I was 14 my grandma gave me my first romance novel, Sweet, Savage, Love by Rosemary Rogers. From that moment on, I was hooked. I’ve read thousands of romance novels since, inhaling them as fast as I can. Not long after my son was born, about 11 years ago, I had an incredibly vivid dream. One of those dreams that wouldn’t leave me alone. So, I started writing it. Up until that point, I hadn’t really written anything. For several years I struggled writing it. I didn’t know what I was doing. Finally, 4 years ago, I decided to get serious. I joined RWA, then braved it and joined my local chapter, RWI. Without my RWI girls, I wouldn’t be right where I am now.

What motivates you to keep writing?

The absolute joy it brings me when I write. I can be struggling to write a scene, then suddenly it’s perfect…and the feeling is indescribable. It’s an instant smile. An instant joy. I’ve been known to jump out of my chair and dance around the room because it’s perfect. I know, I’m a lil off, but sanity’s over-rated anyway. Lol

What was the process of getting this book off the ground ~ or in the case, out of the computer and into the hands of people who could make it happen?

These characters have been floating around in my head for a while. They probably popped up not long after my first story. But I didn’t write it. I did jot down some character details and I think I wrote one scene, but that was it. One day I was working on my second book and I was stuck. Bad. Talk about a wall. It was ugly. So trying to get my muse to talk to me, I started going through notebooks. I have several filled with characters. Everything from fantasy to contemporary, and I ran across Jake. His story hit me so hard, I couldn’t focus on anything else. I called a good writer friend, Margaret, to talk about the wall I’d hit and when I mentioned Jake’s story she said, “Write his story.” So I did.

In 2 months his story was out and finished. 2 weeks later I shipped it out. His story just poured out of me. Funny thing was, I never intended on writing erotic, but two pages into the story I knew that’s exactly what it was. Up until that point, I’d been writing historicals. Go figure!
I know we have floated on cloud 9 with you (and will continue to do so, with bubbly I might add), tell us what is like to get that call/email/letter??

Oh, wow. Amazing. I was totally shocked. And cloud 9? How about cloud 59! Lol It all happened so fast. From that first email, to the announcement of my release date, I’ve been floating. I remember asking her, approximately how long from contract to publish and she said about 4 months. Well, it happened in 2! *gulps* When I saw my book at Ellora’s Cave with my blurb, my bio and excerpt…that’s when I totally lost it. I cried like a baby. You know, the ugly cry. I think that’s when I realized I had really done it. It’s a dream come true.

Now for the juicy part... tell us about the tale of Rough Edges... Yea, I want inside scoop on this book... Not to much to give it away...

Jake Korte is emotionally broken. Angry. Hurt. Worthless. Fearing that he will become the abuser his father was, the last thing he needs is a woman in his life. He feels like a virtual time bomb just waiting for the internal explosion. So when tiny Rebecca Saylor “chats” her way into his life and then crawls under his skin, panic descends. He can’t seem to stay away, but is terrified to be with her.

After surviving an abusive marriage, Becca isn’t looking for love, only safety. But through her research for her column “Chat Addiction”, she meets Jake who is anything but safe. He’s the one man who can make her feel alive again. But can she overcome her own fears to claw her way into the heart of a man so fractured?
Now for my favorite part... Make me fall in love with Jake... give me the dish on this man!?!
Let's introduce Jake...

I thought about telling you about him myself, but I thought you might like to hear it straight from him. But I’m warning you, he doesn’t talk much, so I’ll do my best. The last interview I had with him, didn’t go well.

I watch as Jake walks into the room and sit in a chair. He’s wearing worn out jeans, biker boots, a black tee, black sunglasses and a black cap on backwards. Yeah, he likes black. As usual, you can’t tell by his expression what he’s thinking.

AP: I’m really glad you could stop by. How are you?

Jake: Good.

Just so you know, he’s got one of those voices that just trickles down your spine. I may be married but I ain’t dead, and any woman who’s immune to that voice would HAVE to be dead!

AP: So what would you like the girls here to know about you?

He rests his foot on his knee and leans back, arms stretched out along the back of the couch. I fidget because he doesn’t say anything at first. Finally, he shoves his glasses up on his hat. Except that’s worse. Because now, I can see those unusual blue-green eyes set off by dark brows and lashes. Fine. I admit it. He’s hot!

Jake: You seem nervous, darlin’.

AP: Well, I am. *I swallow when he smirks* This is my first book and your…well, you. They want to know about you, not me. I already spilled my guts, it’s your turn.

Jake: I don’t like spillin’ my guts. Besides, you know all of it. You tell them.

AP: I know. But the point is, they would like to hear it from you. Can you tell them a little something?

Jake: I ride a motorcycle.

I glare at him, when he doesn’t say anything else. His response, one raised dark brow and he crosses his arms over his chest. Have I mentioned he’s built too? Those arms muscles bunch very nicely when he does that.

AP: I think they probably get that. You’re wearing riding boots. Do you have a girlfriend?

Jake: No. I don’t do girlfriends.

He’s almost frowning at this point.

AP: What about Becca?

Now a muscle is ticking in his jaw.

Jake: She’s just an internet babe. Nothing else. Is this all you wanted to talk about? I could have saved you the trouble. *he moves to get up*

AP: Wait. You haven’t told us anything. If she’s just an internet babe, how come you can’t talk about her?

Jake: I can see where this is leading. Just like the last time you interviewed me. What’s there to tell? Some girl in a chat room. That’s it. I got stuff to do. Later.

I can tell he’s done, because his jaw is tight and his eyes have gone flat. That and he’s walking off. Except I can’t help but admire they way his jeans cling to his ass. He really is dead sexy.

Jake has reasons he is the way he is. You probably got a little of that from the blurb. What he wants the world to see isn’t who he really is. I hope enjoy his story!!

Okay ladies I will leave you with this tease... 
The man on the cover.........
Ms. Ash will be back for a full lenght interview after I review her book.... hee heeee...
So, look for that to come (and a giveaway)!!
For today...
Enter in for your chance to win Rough Edges bookmark!!
Gawd only knows I want my hands on Jimmy any way I can get them!!!!
So, drop a comment to Ms Ash and be entered...
The contest will end... Friday ~ May 7th
It is open internationally! (I'll ship it myself if I have too)
The winner will till Monday, May 10th  to contact me; 
or another winner will be drawn.
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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sexy, HOT Excerpt of Rough Edges by Ashlynn Pearce

I would like to introduce you to a wonderful friend of mine..... Ms. Ashlynn Pearce!!!

Now some of you maybe asking yourself... Who is Ashlynn Pearce and why does Mrs. Smutty want us to welcome here...

Well peeps.. Ms Ashlynn just scored her first book deal!!!!!!!!! And I am so excited that I want to share it with you!Ahslynn is an amazing woman...

This is an excerpt from Ms. Pearce herself!!

Jake hung up the phone and chuckled.
“Who was that?” Tony asked as he took a drink of his beer.
“Summer,” Jake replied. “Becca’s friend. She wanted information…about me.”
Tony laughed. “That’s a good ploy. Get the friend to get info.”
“Naw, I heard Becca in the background. She wasn’t happy. At least someone is looking out for her. And hell, I don’t care what she knows.” Jake took a drink of his Bud.
“You found out where she lives yet?” Tony asked.
“Nope. And I don’t plan on it unless she offers to tell me.” Jake sank back into his couch and stared at the big screen that took up most of the room.
“Maybe you should worry about the flesh and blood girls instead of this one.”
“And maybe you should mind your own damn business.”
“I would. But you get that lost look on your face sometimes and it’s scaring me. It’s like you’ve fallen for some cyber chick,” Tony said grinning like an idiot.
Jake threw a pillow at him. “Shut up. You know damn well I’m not capable of that.”
Tony grinned as he caught the pillow. “Yeah, but someone has to give you shit about it.” He glanced at his watch. “Speaking of shit, I have to get out of here.” Tony threw the pillow back at Jake and headed out the door. “Later.”
Jake dodged it. “Later, man.”
He gathered up the empty beer bottles, took them to the kitchen and dropped them in the trash. Leaning against the counter, he stared outside at the steady rain. Not something that often happened in Oklahoma in July. But the rain hadn’t cooled anything off, just made it sticky and hard to breathe.
When he heard someone banging on his door, he walked to it and pulled it open. Frowning, he stared at the woman on his doorstep. Her over-bleached blonde hair with dark roots hung in wet, scraggly strands around her life-worn face.
“Are you just going to stand there and let your mother get soaked or are you going to let me in?” she demanded.
He hesitated and thought about it. If he left her there, would she go away? No, she would stand out there and raise hell until he let her in or someone called the cops. Been there, done that. So he stepped aside without a word.
“Well, hello to you too, Son,” she said as she walked in and sat on his black leather couch.
Crossing his arms over his chest, he stared at her and waited. Tell me what you want and get the fuck out.
“I thought you might want to hear this in person. Your daddy’s out.”
“And why do I care?” He figured it was about time his old man was released from prison.
“You should. He’s your daddy.” Her bright red lips pursed in a thin line. “You should show a little respect for your elders.”
Her tone grated on his stretched nerves. “I do. To those who deserve it.” Evidently she had been working. She was wearing a skirt that almost let her secret out. And just the thought of being born of that, made him want to puke. “If that’s all you had to say, then get out.”
“I need some money,” she said.
“Whore for it.” He was tired of giving her money for her booze and drugs and whatever else she did with it.
The sneer on her face said it all. “Oh, yeah. You are such a great son, the way you take care of your mother. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have to whore for it!” She stood and pointed her finger at him. “It’s all your fault he left. Ungrateful bastard. I should have--
“Aborted me? Yeah, I get it. So get the hell out of my house,” he said with surprising calm. His fingernails cut into his palms to keep from lashing out at her. He wouldn’t let her get to him. Wouldn’t let her see the pain she caused with each word.
“Are you really not going to give me any money? My rent is up.”
He ground his teeth, walked to a side table, grabbed his wallet and pulled out a couple of hundreds. Gripping her arm, he wadded the cash into her hand and immediately released her. “Now leave.”
She nodded and stared at the money greedily. “Yeah, I’ll leave. But I know your daddy will want to see you soon,” she said and glanced back up at him.
“Tell him I said fuck off.”
“That’s no way to talk to your flesh and blood!”
“Get. Out.” Jake shook with anger and it was all he could do not to bodily throw her out.
“I wouldn’t want to stay here anyway.” She banged out the door into the rain.
Rage boiled inside and his head pounded with the race of his heart. He paced the length of his living room trying to slow his breathing, but memories flooded him. They always did after an encounter with either his mom or dad.
His dad’s face contorted with fury and Jake covered his head as fists pummeled him. Hitting his arms, face, legs. Nothing was left unmarred. All because his old man was drunk and mad. Later, his mom yelled at him, telling him it was his fault his dad was so angry, while blood dripped from his split lip.
Jake sat on his couch and put his head in his hands. He was twenty-six. None of this shit should bother him anymore. He was an adult.
Responsible. Had a job. Paid his bills.
It didn’t matter what his old man or his mom thought. He had done something with his life.
You’ll always be a fucking loser.
How many times had they told him that? He  got up, grabbed a beer out of the fridge and walked to his garage. It was time to let off some steam

Please visit her place --- here!
I am also excited to say that Ms. Ashlynn will be with us tomorrow... 
So, please stay tune...
There might be a surprise visit in the interview!

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Some Sweet Caroline Loving & Giveaway with Lissa Matthews

If you were with me Friday... you know I am very excited (okay hot and bothered.... ~ over this ABsolutely hot cover) to have the lovely Ms. Lissa Matthews in my lair!!!!!!

So ladies, grab a cup of ICE Cold water and settle down (make sure to have your blood pressure machines handy... this is going to get hot)...

Welcome Ms. Lissa to the Lair! I am so excited to have you here!!

Can you please tell us a little something about yourself that we will not find anywhere else?

There is nothing I can tell you that you can't find anywhere else. That would compromise all sorts of secret naughtiness!

But did you not know at the Hussy Lair, we thrive on naughty secrets, hee hee... come on... give us something here...... 

I cannot. I am sworn to real life

Okay, you are evil... well... then... can you tell us something about who Lissa Matthews really is??

She's the naughtiest, kinkiest, totally believingest in fairy tales and happily ever afters girl!

You still believe in fairy tale ends?

I do believe in fairy tale endings!

Do all of your books end with a fairy tale ending or at least a Happy Ever After ending??

They usually have a happily ever after is coming around the bend off the page ending. I end with promises of tomorrow, of more... With some books it's left up to the imagination of the reader to define what is happily ever after.

Tell us a little about your newest release, Sweet Caroline, besides the cover being extraordinarily yummy?

Yes, the cover is deliciously yummy... i love it! Oh hell, i love him!
Buck is a general contractor turned handyman all to get close to Caroline... he knows of her naughty past at the persuasion of her ex-husband, but that's not what draws him...
To find out about what does draw him, you'll have to read it!

So... Buck is a naughty man, huh **waggles eyebrows**??

Oh Buck is a very very naughty man...

Damn, okay.. I know you are nothing going to give us more on Buck...  What about Caroline, can you tell us a little about her...?

She's adorable...she's slightly older than Buck, just as naughty as him, and even though her marriage failed, she has hopes that one day after she gets her new life on track that she'll meet someone. She's creative, warm, loving, and again, very naughty!

There is that word again... naughty..  can you give us something... anything... how about a teaser of the book... just  a couple of "naughty" quotes?

It's best if you just read the warning for the book...
Warning: In this book, there are sightings of glass dildos, leather belt bindings, nipple rings, wicked clamps, cherry cheesecake and a hot, yummy handyman-type guy who’s really good with his hands…
Oh and what Buck does with the cherry topping leftover from the cheesecake, well...

You are wickedly naughty; but I like your style, lol.....
So, I am assuming writing Sweet Caroline was a piece of cherry cheesecake??

It was a piece of something...sweet.

Okay, now I am getting hungry for some cheesecake, lol.
And I see you are tight lip about any juicy details... So.. let's talk about you ad your writing.
How long have you been writing?

I started writing inappropriate stories when i was a teenager. I did reach a period of time where i tried to write not quite so naughty, but that didn't last long. I can't not write hot, sexy, naughty...

And boy am I ever so glad that you can not not write that way... the stories would be oh so boring!!

I love what I do, what I write... I am not bothered by it, nor embarrassed by it. I know some people have a very poor view of romance authors, erotic romance authors, but that's their problem...

That has come up in blog posts and in reviews... that some people think some romance/erotic books are merely smut or sex, but isn't that why we read... to escape everyday life, to live out fantasies... Or gather ideas for our significant others! **Wicked grins** For those that condemn or just have nasty things to say about those writers or their writing... I say stick to your children books and leave the adults books to me!

Sorry for my personal rant during your time.... Okay back on track...
Reflecting back on Sweet Caroline's cover... (because I simply can not get enough of that man), how well do you think the cover reflects your story?

Oh he's all Buck, (maybe a little more perfect, but if you look at his hands unbuckling his belt, oh yeah, he's all Buck).

Cuz you know for us cover hussy's (yea, I raised my hand)... we love our covers smoking hot... And I have seen some reviews where they actually discuss the cover. What is your take on the cover issue?

My editor and I fought hard for this cover... I love sexy covers, not skanky covers, but hot sexy covers. 8 out of 10 times I'd rather a hot delicious guy alone on the cover, but sometimes there's a cover with a female that i just think is beautiful, like the Shelley Munro cover at Samhain that comes out the same day as Sweet Caroline is just sexy as hell

I totally agree with you... but then I am partial to hot covers, lol. Covers out of the way.. what about blurbs.. how important is that for you - as an author and reader?

The blurbs are honestly as important as the cover to me. If i can't find interest in the blurb, the cover isn't going to matter one bit. I have to be curious about the book and the blurb does that ...the cover is only part of it.

Well Ms. Lissa, it has been a real treat to have you here. Is there any thing you want to leave us with....

It was nice coming over to the lair.... How 'bout a giveaway?

$10 gift card to the cheesecake factory and a copy of Sweet Caroline
The giveaway will end............ May 7th!  Winner will be announced May 9th!!!!
Open international!!! Just leave a comment or question for Ms. Lissa and you are entered!
Leave your email address so that we may get in touch with you.
Just cuz I can not get enough of this cover... I got the original... hee heee.. Isn't he hot!!!!

This is what is coming up for Ms. Lissa!!!!!! She is a busy little bee!
Tuesday, April 27th, Sweet Caroline from Samhain Publishing

Tuesday, May 11th, Stick Shift from Loose Id

Tuesday, June 1st, The Swing from Ellora's Cave

Wednesday, June 2nd, Carnal Ecstasy from Ellora's Cave (link coming soon)

She is about as wicked at me!!! Go visit her....
To visit her website go --->> here.
Or hit up her blog spot --->> here.
And leave her a note... she loves to hear from you guys!!!
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Friday, April 23, 2010

An Excerpt of Sweet Carolina by Lissa Matthews

I want to share a new author I just found recently!!
She is amazing... and so is her new book!!!
I am happy to say that I can share with you an excerpt of the book ~ But I am warning you.....
you WILL need a big ol'glass of ICE COLD water to read this...
It is set to come out April 27th!!!

“Sweet Caroline” by Lissa Matthews
ISBN: 978-1-60928-029-1
Length: Novella
Price: 3.50
Publication Date: April 27, 2010
Cover art by Angie Waters
The second time around is even sweeter…with cherries on top.

Blue Jeans and Hard Hats, Book 1

Buck doesn’t do personal projects. Until he runs into a woman wandering the aisles of the local home-improvement store, looking lost and confused. Just the way this fantasy looks at him nearly buckles his knees. In a hot second, the successful owner of a contracting company becomes a simple handyman, ready and willing to get as personal as the lady will allow.
Since her less-than-golden marriage to the local golden boy ended, Caroline’s declaration of independence includes her own business, road trips…and nipple piercings. Now it’s time to cut the last tie to her old life, but the house needs some work before she can unload it and move to her dream cabin in the mountains. Hard as it is to admit, she needs a little help.
Over the next few months, he shows her his toys, like hammers and drills, and she shows him hers—like floggers and paddles. And their attraction is the tinder that could send Caroline’s plans for an independent life up in flames…

 I obtained all of this information  from Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

Sweet Caroline
Copyright © 2010 Lissa Matthews
All rights reserved — a Samhain Publishing, Ltd. publication

Caroline’s hands were still shaking as she held onto the steering wheel so tight her knuckles were ghostly white. She couldn’t believe she’d been so forward with Buck, especially kissing him, telling him she wanted him, liked him wanting her, but… He’d been aroused. Had she pushed him too much though? Had she been too forward?

Seeing him in the store surprised her, but when she heard his voice, the amused interest in it, saw his smile, something happened inside her. Her lust for the handyman took over and she showed him what he wanted to see. He wanted to know what she liked, and she was more than willing to oblige. She’d harbored the fantasy of wanting him to see her as a forty-year-old woman who had life and hunger and freedom to be herself and not the forty-year-old woman whose husband emotionally and physically left her long before she’d ever asked him to move out. It had taken a lot of courage, but then a lot of what she had done over the last year and especially over the last few months had taken more courage than she knew she possessed. Showing Buck what kind of sex toys she liked wasn’t really such a big deal. If it ended up that he wasn’t interested, well, that was okay. It at least showed her she could put herself out there again and express herself.

Pulling into her driveway, she had to admit to being a bit relieved he hadn’t beaten her back. She’d made a few more stops before heading home and figured he’d had some errands of his own. He said he’d be back this afternoon, and she didn’t doubt him. There was a job to do, and even if a personal line had been crossed in the adult store, he’d finish the work on her house.

She pressed the button on the garage door opener and drove in. She grabbed her purse and her purchases and exited the car. Leaning against the warm metal, she closed her eyes, still thinking of Buck. The arousal from earlier in the morning when she’d taken coffee to him out at the shed combined with the arousal from the adult store thrummed through her. She took a deep, shaky breath and let it out slowly. What’s done was done, and it was time to get to work and stop thinking about it for a while.

“Yeah, you go ahead and try that,” she muttered to herself, pushing away from the car in the direction of the door to the house. Straight into her home office, she shrugged out of her hoodie and tossed it and her purse into the corner before setting the bag from the yarn store on her worktable. She had an order to fill for a crochet basket for a newly pregnant woman. The mother of the mom-to-be ordered the theme basket as a birthday gift, and Caroline needed to get it out in the mail first thing tomorrow.

She pulled a set of three boxes with a pale green stripe pattern from the top shelf of the closet. In the bottom box went a spiral bound crochet patterns for baby book and three skeins of hand-dyed yarn—baby green, baby yellow and a variegated purple ranging from dark violet to very light lavender. Being they didn’t know what sex the baby would be, the mother’d requested colors other than pink or blue. In the middle box she put crochet needles, handcrafted and personalized with the name of the recipient. The mother’d requested that, also saying she had been given needles with her name engraved on them. It seemed to be a tradition passed down from mother to daughter during the first pregnancy.

The top box would contain a pair of white baby booties, crocheted by Caroline herself. Throughout the package, were little hidden gifts—a crochet charm, a little book about being a first time mom, a baby duck stuffed animal, even packets of decaf herbal teas and a small journal.

Caroline smiled. She loved the baby ducks. They were her signature of sorts, her extra special touch. For every gift she put together, there was always a baby duck.

She went to the chest of drawers on the opposite wall from her table and in the top drawer, rifled through the ribbons. She had a pretty purple ribbon with very thin green and brown stripes somewhere. It would be perfect for the boxes, but damn if she knew where it was. She closed the drawer and opened the second one. Nope, still nothing. Surely it wouldn’t be in the third one, that’s where she kept…other things, but she looked anyway.

“What are you looking for?”

Caroline slammed the drawer shut and turned her head at the voice in the doorway. Buck. She hadn’t heard him drive up, hadn’t heard him come in the house. “Hi. How long have you been standing there?”

“Since you started looking through the first drawer and mumbling to yourself.”

“Oh.” She stood from her crouching position. “I’m looking for a ribbon.”

“To be tied up with?”

She grinned. She didn’t mean to. It just happened. She should have been shocked instead, right? Well, maybe not, probably not, considering their earlier encounter, but it seemed her uncertainty when she was driving home of having maybe pushed went right out the window when she was face to face with him.

It had always been the other way around with other men, but with Buck, from the first time they met, she was comfortable with him. It didn’t hurt that he looked like he wanted to devour her at times. And she had to remind herself that Buck wasn’t a lover chosen for her by another man, by Derek. He was just a man and maybe they were choosing each other.

“Well no, but now that you mention it…” She winked at him and was rewarded with heat flaring in his eyes and a smile spreading over his mouth.

“I’ll keep that in mind. I brought the stuff I needed for fixing the deck out back and the new screen door. I’ll be working on it tomorrow.”

“Okay. Are you leaving for today? I mean, you could have picked up what you needed tomorrow instead of coming back now.”

“No, I’m not leaving today. But I am done working outside. I have some things in the house I need to do.”

“Sure, okay.” Arousal was back full force, and her blood was hot. He was going to be in the house working. She’d be able to hear him, probably even see him when she left her office. It was time to honestly admit how much she wanted him, and it wasn’t just a little bit. No, it was a whole hell of a lot.

She turned away, intent on going back to work. She put her hands on her hips and gazed around the room. The ribbon had to be there somewhere. She—

Her thoughts were interrupted by his voice again, though this time from right behind her, his breath on her neck, his body a solid wall at her back.

“You didn’t ask what I’m going to be doing in the house.”

“Oh. Was I supposed to?” She really didn’t care what he was going to do. She just liked the idea of him being nearby. She was coming to like that way too much.

“Yes, you were.”

“Okay. Well, what are you going to do?”

His lips feathered kisses at her ear. “You. I’m going to do you.”

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Part 3 of Smutty Hussy's Story @ Sweet's Place

One day while I was going through my roll (blog) call,
I saw my dear friend

Sweet Vernal Zephyr's
Titillating Tuesday at 
Sweet's Contest Bar... 
While I was there I saw that she had a very intriguing gentlemen there...
He was begging for something and if you know how my mind works...
You know a story was born...

Sweet was nice enough to let me borrow her muse - to make him my own.
She allowed my visions to come to life as she has posted my story up at her place... 
So please...follow the trail over to her place to check out my story... and let me know what you think!!!
Is there more coming.... you bet...

You wanted more... well here is
Part 3

Happy Hussy Dreaming!!!

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bad Boy Winner!!!!

My Bad Boy has spoken with Mr. Terry Kate from Romance in the Backseat for a winner for:
A copy of Whispered Lies by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Diana Love
 So, without farther waiting........ 
Here is Derek!
Okay, so I am in the picture too... What you thought you would not see me...

And the winner is....

 Paranormal Haven!!!!!!!!

This was her Bad Boy,..
Hmm lets see my favorite bad boys....
V from BDB automatically comes to mind of course as well as Rehv.
What a pairing that would be :-)
I think I would need a little Butch thrown in the mix so I don't feel completely depraved. 

Please contact Terry Kate at:

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Bald Faced Liar, I mean "Creative Writer" Award

Eyre from A Reader's Journey & JennJ at Sapphire Romance Realm tagged me for this challenge to my followers: to see if you know me well enough to pick out the two true statements below amidst the "creativity" of the rest! Sooooo... here is my ten facts of my life!!

  1. I absolutely love the winter time; isn't it the greatest season of all!!
  2. I love dogs but have two tabby cats.
  3. I was once on the high school chess team.
  4. I love to jam out in the car and I really do not care who sees or what they think.
  5. I am one of the world's worst dancers. I virtually have two left feet.
  6. I am highly allergic to the material books are made out of, that is why I had to get an ereader.
  7. I have had one book published ~ under a pen name of course. Erotic style.
  8. I am a single mother, raising a 6 yr old daughter
  9. I use to read my mom's novels when I was a teenager.
  10. I have only met one online blogger - since I started a year ago.
Now let's see you pick out the TWO that are TRUE!!!!!!! How well do I lie..... hummmm.... I will be back in a couple of days to see how you did... And there might even be a little treat in it for the one that can guess!!

    Friday, April 16, 2010

    Guest Pos & Giveawayt: Girls Like Bad Boys

    This is a guest post from: Terry Kate (her blog Romance in the Backseat)

    BAD Boys BAD Boys, we  LOVE them!  Though maybe we love one more then another?  Let’s face it as readers not all heros have equal appeal.  Nothing wrong with that.  So I was thinking  about “Attraction”.

    In the real world I like them tall dark and in cowboy boots.  Or at least in theory.  Boyfriend is blond and blue eyed boy clad in limited edition Nikes.  With a book it is the image we create in our minds of what they say, what they do, and the mention of washboard abs does not go amiss.   In a book you do not have the physical chemistry of meeting Mr. Studdly Do-Right at the Library or organic produce aisle.  So what makes one stand out over another through the pages?

    Share your thoughts and enter to win a copy of Whispered Lies by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Diana Love.  Oh don’t forget to tell us which BAD hero fits your wish list!

    This contest is open to USA residents only.  It is open through Monday April 19th.  Make sure you include your name and email address when you comment.  Thanks so much and thanks to Cecile my favorite book Hussy, for having me on today! 

    The Heros
    Who do you like?  One of the characters here or one not listed share who and why!

    Real Name Captain Vic Stoner
    Motto I’m not afraid of commitment, I’m afraid of the lawyers she’s going to hire to take half of everything I own the first time I make her mad
    First Appearance Phantom In The Night (Nathan & Terri)

    Real Name Hunter Wesley Thornton-Payne
    Motto I talk to myself because I like dealing with a better class of people.

    Real Name Andre Moore
    NickName Dre, Dr. Dre
    Designation Agent
    Hair Color Bald
    Motto I don't suffer from stress, I'm a carrier.

    Real Name Joseph Quincy Public
    NickName Joe, Q-Ball, Q-Dog
    Designation Director
    Height 6'
    Motto Veni, vidi, nates calce concidi.

    Real Name Nathan Drake
    Designation Agent
    Motto Friends: The ones who stab you from the front.

    Real Name Carlos Delgado
    Designation Agent
    Motto Sin. I didn't invent it. I'm only trying to perfect it.
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    Wednesday, April 14, 2010

    Do I have a treat for you......

    One day while I was going through my roll (blog) call,
    I saw my dear friend

    Sweet Vernal Zephyr's
    Titillating Tuesday at 
    Sweet's Contest Bar... 
    While I was there I saw that she had a very intriguing gentlemen there...
    He was begging for something and if you know how my mind works...
    You know a story was born...

    Sweet was nice enough to let me borrow her muse - to make him my own.
    She allowed my visions to come to life as she has posted my story up at her place... 
    So please...follow the trail over to her place to check out my story... and let me know what you think!!!
    Is there more coming.... you bet...
    Happy Hussy Dreaming!!!

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    OH Gosh.... Thank you for the awards

    Last month some absolutely, amazingly wonderful friends bestowed upon me some awards.
    I have to say that friends ~ no matter where you meet them or if you have ever met them~
    are a treasure not to be taken lightly!
    I can not tell you what it means to me!

    From the bottom of my heart...Thanks!!
    I want to thank these wonderful people for thinking of me!!!!

    JennJ at Sapphire Romance Realm gave me this great love your header award!
    Thanks so much Jenn and you know I think yours rocks!

    And JennJ, along with Cherry Mischievous & Jes from Jes' Mystical Treasures gave me this one!!!!!
    Hugs to you girls!!


    gave me this lovely award....

    I am honored that you guys thought of me for the 'One Lovely Blog' award from Housewife Blues and Chihuahua Stories & Sexy Women Read blogs.
    Thank you ladies for gifting me with this wonderful award!
    The rules of receiving this award are:
    1. Accept the award, and post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his/her blog link.

    2. Pass the award to 5 other blogs that you've newly discovered.
    Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know that they have been chosen for this award.


    Next is the Sugar Doll Award, given to me by Tracy from Tracy's Place.
    I want to thank Tracy for thinking of me!

    I am supposed to list 10 things about myself,
    then pass the award on to some other bloggers!
    Okay, here it goes:

    1. I love old fashion teddy bears
    2. My daughter is my world & best friend
    3. I love LSU football
    4. Music is like my second life line
    5. I love the beach but hate the sand
    6. I had my first kiss in the 4th grade - It was the sweetest thing
    7. I love to car jam (you know.. rock out in my car and don't care who is watching)
    8. I wear a size 6 1/2 shoe.
    9. I love to read - ha!
    10. I just recently learned to curl my hair with a curling iron and get my daughter's approval!

    I want thank Hilda from The Dip-Files for this wonder award she made herself.
    She is an awesome vampire loving (smut crack for Eric) chick!!!!
    ~ Be careful she might bite ~

    The Supportive Award
    There aren't any, just give this award to people who you consider have always been there for you, no matter what.

    I received this one from Janna at Erotic Romance Reader and it's called the Prolific Blogger Award. There are no rules to this one. Thanks so much Janna for thinking of me!


    Thank you to the ladies at Paranormal Haven for this award!
    I am still floored they thought of me!! Thank you guys!
    Seven things about me ~ this gets kinda hard, lol:
    1. I am not a self absorber person
    2. I actually love myself (it took a long time to come to that)
    3. I love CSI and Criminal Minds
    4. I want my very own personal vampire and werewolf and fae and every other paranormal creature out there
    5. I collect alcohol but am not a big drinker
    6. I am the heroine of every book I read
    7. I love my friends

    I received this awesom first award from Anna (with the <3) href="">Good Gone Girl blog.
    Thank you! This definitely made my day!

    Here’s what to do: List 10 things that make you happy. Try and do at least one of them today. Tag 10 bloggers that brighten your day. Link back to the person that tagged you.

    Ten things that make me happy (in no particular order!) are:
    1. When I get in my car for the first time and my song is on (does it really matter which one, lmbo)
    2. When I come home and my "Monster" is happy to see me!!!! He is my baby Mini Schnauzer
    3. When a friend lifts my spirits without even knowing... by just being them!
    4. Helping other people makes me happy
    5. Watching my baby girl (16yrs old) grow up into a beautiful young lady that she is
    6. When I can grab at least 5 minutes of alone time by myself
    7. Sitting in my favorite coffee shop, eating my favorite food, drinking my favorite coffee.. while reading!
    8. Making someone else plain ol'feel better!
    9. When things go right for a change
    10. Knowing that I lived my life today without any regrets.
        Bloggers that brighten my day... All of you!!!! So please make sure you take it if you have not gotten it!

        Thanks to a new place I found... Bitten by Paranormal Romance for this award,

        Okay I am supposed to give you 7 things about me but I did it already up there!!! ~ See above, lol..... I can not do the Lair Award thing if I give you too much info on me, lmbo!!!!

        Patti created this award... She was very generous with it... And she bestowed it to me.... and Leontine... and Leontine in turn bestowed up me as well.... I should be blushing at this point... but I know I am a Smutty!

        There are no rules, although if you want to pass it on, feel free. I am supposed to award this sexy little fellow to blogs that aren't adverse to a little sexytime in their storytime....

        But I am afraid that I have missed the award train... I was throwing a party while these were being handed out and a lot of blogger received them all - already.

        So, my thing is.... if you come to my site... And I know who you are... (the party has worn me out) I want you to take them... all of them! The blogs I visit - and you know who you are - please take these. I am kinda sucking at listing everyone... but if you look at my blog rolls... and my followers (cuz I follow all of my followers if they have a blog) you will see some awesome places there!!!!!

        And if you follow me make sure you take them home with you cuz I would not be following you if your blog did not rock!

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        My Fictional Smutty Boyfriend.... =)