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Sexy, HOT Excerpt of Rough Edges by Ashlynn Pearce

I would like to introduce you to a wonderful friend of mine..... Ms. Ashlynn Pearce!!!

Now some of you maybe asking yourself... Who is Ashlynn Pearce and why does Mrs. Smutty want us to welcome here...

Well peeps.. Ms Ashlynn just scored her first book deal!!!!!!!!! And I am so excited that I want to share it with you!Ahslynn is an amazing woman...

This is an excerpt from Ms. Pearce herself!!

Jake hung up the phone and chuckled.
“Who was that?” Tony asked as he took a drink of his beer.
“Summer,” Jake replied. “Becca’s friend. She wanted information…about me.”
Tony laughed. “That’s a good ploy. Get the friend to get info.”
“Naw, I heard Becca in the background. She wasn’t happy. At least someone is looking out for her. And hell, I don’t care what she knows.” Jake took a drink of his Bud.
“You found out where she lives yet?” Tony asked.
“Nope. And I don’t plan on it unless she offers to tell me.” Jake sank back into his couch and stared at the big screen that took up most of the room.
“Maybe you should worry about the flesh and blood girls instead of this one.”
“And maybe you should mind your own damn business.”
“I would. But you get that lost look on your face sometimes and it’s scaring me. It’s like you’ve fallen for some cyber chick,” Tony said grinning like an idiot.
Jake threw a pillow at him. “Shut up. You know damn well I’m not capable of that.”
Tony grinned as he caught the pillow. “Yeah, but someone has to give you shit about it.” He glanced at his watch. “Speaking of shit, I have to get out of here.” Tony threw the pillow back at Jake and headed out the door. “Later.”
Jake dodged it. “Later, man.”
He gathered up the empty beer bottles, took them to the kitchen and dropped them in the trash. Leaning against the counter, he stared outside at the steady rain. Not something that often happened in Oklahoma in July. But the rain hadn’t cooled anything off, just made it sticky and hard to breathe.
When he heard someone banging on his door, he walked to it and pulled it open. Frowning, he stared at the woman on his doorstep. Her over-bleached blonde hair with dark roots hung in wet, scraggly strands around her life-worn face.
“Are you just going to stand there and let your mother get soaked or are you going to let me in?” she demanded.
He hesitated and thought about it. If he left her there, would she go away? No, she would stand out there and raise hell until he let her in or someone called the cops. Been there, done that. So he stepped aside without a word.
“Well, hello to you too, Son,” she said as she walked in and sat on his black leather couch.
Crossing his arms over his chest, he stared at her and waited. Tell me what you want and get the fuck out.
“I thought you might want to hear this in person. Your daddy’s out.”
“And why do I care?” He figured it was about time his old man was released from prison.
“You should. He’s your daddy.” Her bright red lips pursed in a thin line. “You should show a little respect for your elders.”
Her tone grated on his stretched nerves. “I do. To those who deserve it.” Evidently she had been working. She was wearing a skirt that almost let her secret out. And just the thought of being born of that, made him want to puke. “If that’s all you had to say, then get out.”
“I need some money,” she said.
“Whore for it.” He was tired of giving her money for her booze and drugs and whatever else she did with it.
The sneer on her face said it all. “Oh, yeah. You are such a great son, the way you take care of your mother. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have to whore for it!” She stood and pointed her finger at him. “It’s all your fault he left. Ungrateful bastard. I should have--
“Aborted me? Yeah, I get it. So get the hell out of my house,” he said with surprising calm. His fingernails cut into his palms to keep from lashing out at her. He wouldn’t let her get to him. Wouldn’t let her see the pain she caused with each word.
“Are you really not going to give me any money? My rent is up.”
He ground his teeth, walked to a side table, grabbed his wallet and pulled out a couple of hundreds. Gripping her arm, he wadded the cash into her hand and immediately released her. “Now leave.”
She nodded and stared at the money greedily. “Yeah, I’ll leave. But I know your daddy will want to see you soon,” she said and glanced back up at him.
“Tell him I said fuck off.”
“That’s no way to talk to your flesh and blood!”
“Get. Out.” Jake shook with anger and it was all he could do not to bodily throw her out.
“I wouldn’t want to stay here anyway.” She banged out the door into the rain.
Rage boiled inside and his head pounded with the race of his heart. He paced the length of his living room trying to slow his breathing, but memories flooded him. They always did after an encounter with either his mom or dad.
His dad’s face contorted with fury and Jake covered his head as fists pummeled him. Hitting his arms, face, legs. Nothing was left unmarred. All because his old man was drunk and mad. Later, his mom yelled at him, telling him it was his fault his dad was so angry, while blood dripped from his split lip.
Jake sat on his couch and put his head in his hands. He was twenty-six. None of this shit should bother him anymore. He was an adult.
Responsible. Had a job. Paid his bills.
It didn’t matter what his old man or his mom thought. He had done something with his life.
You’ll always be a fucking loser.
How many times had they told him that? He  got up, grabbed a beer out of the fridge and walked to his garage. It was time to let off some steam

Please visit her place --- here!
I am also excited to say that Ms. Ashlynn will be with us tomorrow... 
So, please stay tune...
There might be a surprise visit in the interview!

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  1. Hi Cecile,

    Great excerpt and I love the cover! It looks like they are having hmmmmm********! LOL!

  2. hi Cecile,
    I do like excerpts :D and yes I will be back tomorrow. Will see you then, and Ashlynn

  3. Damn that's one nice cover :)
    I'll sure be back tomorrow!


  4. Hey guys!!!
    First I wanted to say that Ms. Ash will be here when she can. She went to the hospital last night... she is okay... but not 100%. So please bear with her. She is not happy that she is not 100% to be here... but I told her her health is more important! But she insist she is coming here today! =) Gotta love a woman with spunk!!!!
    Thank you for understanding!

  5. Raz! I am so glad to see you here! Thanks for coming over! How have you been?? I will make it to your place, I promise!

    Blodeuedd!! Hey honey... I am so glad that you came today, just wait till tomorrow, hee hee!!!

    Hilda!!!!!! Hey honey! Ohhhhh I have missed you, I know it is my own fault. I promise to make it to your place! Thanks for coming over! And yes... do come back tomorrow.. it will twice as hot! LOL!

  6. Whoa! Intense excerpt. Thanks for sharing.

    Miranda ~ Sweet Vernal Zephyr

  7. Picked up the book at Ellora's Cave yesterday and couldn't believe how hot it got right out the gate! A couple pages in and my bifocals were already steamed. :-)

    Sorry Ash isn't feeling well but we can make a toast to her renewed health.


  8. Congratulations Ashlynn on your first release! I wish you so many more years of great books and success!


  9. Crap. Part of my screen melted.

  10. Oh my cecile, you do know how to treat us to hotness, my fantasy is going in to overdrive looking at that cover :) I hope I get to meet Ashlynn Pearce at your lair hon!!

  11. Howdy ya'll - just stopping by to support my girl Ash !!! Hope you're feeling better soon chicky :)

  12. Raz -- So glad you like the cover!

    Blodeuedd -- Can't wait to see you tomorrow.

    hilda- so glad your like the cover. See you tomorrow.

    sweet - glad you like the excerpt and hope you like the interview.

    RD - I thought you would like the hot pages. :D

    Anna - thank you for your congrats! Hope you enjoy the story.

    chris - LOL A melted screen could be a good thing. ;D

    Leotine - hope you like the overdrive cover. Enjoy the view.

    I hope I'm feeling better soon too.

  13. Graet excerpt. You're such a book Adding to my wishlist.

  14. book pimps are good. :D Hope you enjoy the story.:D

  15. Thanks for the excerpt! I do love that cover ;)

  16. Hey ladies!! Thanks for coming over and showing your support!! It is appreciated!!!


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