Friday, October 30, 2009

Thank You!!

I want to thank absolutely everyone for the wishes across the web for my birthday! You guys have no idea how much this means to me and how much I feel loved right now!!!! I promise to be back this afternoon to hop around to everyone's place today...... My baby sister is taking me shopping today... she loves me so much, she is letting me go to BORDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And she does not complain!!!! =) Love you guys!!! Thank you!!!! This has been the best birf-a-day every!!!!!!!

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

And the winner of the Double Sweet Giveaway with Sophie is....

This is for the winner for Ms. Sophie Renwick Sweet Giveaways

***Contest Closed***
**Thanks to everyone that came out to play!**

First, I want to thank everyone for coming out to play with Ms. Sophie and Bran!!! Isn't he delicious!!! Well... now for the part you have all been waiting for... The winners... Are you girls ready... Since Lord Matthew Wallingford is in Addicted, I figured I would let him announce the winner for Ms. Charlotte's Addicted book... My Matthew, take it away....
My Dear Ladies, it is with great pleasure for me announce the winner of one of my best friend's book. I think you will like him, not more than me though... For I am absolutely Sinful!! I kill myself. Anyway... The winner is....

.............. (((((drum roll))))) ................


And as a special treat, Bran decided he would not let Matthew show him up... He wanted to personally thank the winner of Highlanders Christmas book... So, without further adieu I will let Bran take it away.
My dear Ladies, it is with great honor and pleasure that I announce the winner of this delightful book that Ms Sophie has worked hard on. I know you will enjoy it. The winner is....

(((((drum roll)))))


((Laides, you have till Monday, November 1st to get in touch with me at alliwantandmorebooks(at) to claim your prize. If I do not hear from you by them, I will have to pick another winner.))

Thanks to everyone who joined in!
Stay tune for the rest of the winners announced this weekend!
And I hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Soul of a Giveaway With Ms Jennifer Lyon

Are you ready to go Trick or Treating with...
...the Wing Slayer brothers??

Ladies... I hope you are still with me for this awesome party I am having!!! My house is still rockin... I hope you are up for this guest today, because she brings us some awesome treats!!! **Evil wink and wicked grin**

Please help me welcome, Ms. Jennifer Lyon to the house!!!! ***YAYAYAYAY***
And if you come to my place enough and see my side bar... You will know that Ms. Lyon is the author of the freaking amazing book Blood Magic with the hottie of hot Axel and her new release of Soul Magic is out this month!!!

Now, I met Ms Jennifer over at Axel's club ~ Axel of Evil Club ~ for this conversation! And let me tell you... that man knows how to entertain!!! So, pull up a seat next your favorite fire pit...

Pick your poison well... because this Wing Slayer in training...
(Axel allowed him to be our bartender for the day) is serving the drinks! What did you expect at Axel's place.... Water... Or a fruity drink! Never....
So, now that me and Ms. Jen have our drinks... let's start the conversation!
Ms. Jennifer, it is nice to have you here!! I am so glad that you asked me over here instead of my place. I think Caleb needed a break poor thing! I am starting to wear him out!

***Getting very comfy in the Evil chairs***
Ms. Jen, can you please tell you a little something about yourself?

Sure! I met my husband at the dog pound when I was eighteen and lived happily ever after. How’s that for romance? We have three sons, and it was while my sons were very small and my husband was working on his master’s degree that I decided to go after my own dream of writing. It was a long process. I went through eight years of rejections, but I kept at it, pushing myself to learn my craft while digging within myself to find the right stories to tell. Then one day, I got the call.

I, of course, wasn’t home when the call came. Story of my life, LOL! But the editor and I finally hooked up and the rest is history.

I will say that I love what I do. It didn’t come easy, but I’m doing something I enjoy, something I believe in and something that I think has value as entertainment. So I when I hit problems, struggles and setbacks, it’s still tough, but my love for what I do keeps me going.

What are you currently working on?

The fourth book in the series. This will be Key’s story. I just finished the third book (with a working title of BLIND MAGIC.) That book was hard to write, but I love it! And now Key’s book looks like it’s going to be just as hard. These hunters are tortured alpha men, which are my favorite kind!

****YAYAYAYAY, did you read that ladies.... the fourth in the series!!! OMG!!! I sooo can not wait for these damn books!!!****

What are your pet peeves (one or many)?

In real life? Rude people on cell phones. Seriously, it drives me crazy.

In books? Heroines that slap the hero (hmm, have I ever done this in my own books?) It bugs me for a couple reasons. One is that women tend to be more verbally skilled than men. We don’t need violence to get our point across. Second, if you hit someone, you might get hit back. Third, if this is the kind of book that calls for violence (and some do) then I want my heroine to hit hard, not slap, LOL!

In a song could describe your life, what song would that be?

I went from a sort of BORN TO RUN (Bruce Springsteen) trying to escape and find something better, to WIND BENEATH MY WINGS (Bette Midler). My husband is my hero, and he’s the man who gave me the strength and courage to reach for my dreams.

For my hunters, I like THE ANIMAL I HAVE BECOME by Three Days Grace. I actually looked for some songs that I thought summed them up. Funny story: I was in the kitchen, listening to my iPod while cooking. My adult son came home to visit and was shocked speechless. He couldn’t believe I was listening to the same music he works out to at the gym. I laughed, and hey, I’m not old!

What is something that most people would find surprising about you?

I always feel like there’s nothing surprising about me. I’m pretty boring in real life, and I like it that way!

What do you love/like most about your birthday?

That my husband goes to so much trouble. A bit over a year ago, I was in Atlanta on my birthday. When I got home, there were presents stacked on the coffee table and a cake in the kitchen. He never forgets, and always makes me feel special.

What has been your most memorable present?

It was an anniversary gift. We’d agreed on no gifts as we were going to do something special on the weekend. So we had our regular family dinner, then my husband asked the kids to get out their left over Halloween candy that was in a plastic pumpkin. But I, as usual, told him to leave their candy alone. The kids, however, jumped up and got the pumpkin. My husband handed the pumpkin to me and said, “Can you find me some candy?”

I was so annoyed. I mean seriously…

Then I looked inside and there’s a small, square wrapped box. My heart started to race and pound in my ears. I picked up the box.

My three sons were so excited they were bouncing in their seats.

My husband laughed (sexy chuckle) and told me to open it. It was a diamond encrusted anniversary ring. When we got married we were buying a house and so we just got plain gold bands. I never had a diamond, now I have a beautiful anniversary ring with inlaid diamonds.

It was the best gift ever because it was given with such love, because he involved our sons and because it symbolizes a great marriage.

****can you say awwwwwwwww.... what a man you have... You see that Wizard... You are an amazing man!!!****

When was the last time you dressed up for Halloween? What were you?

Hmm, I think the last time was at a Bunko party where my husband dressed as a medieval warrior and I was a wench. We weren’t being historically accurate; we were just having a blast!

Right before we were married, we went to a Halloween party where I dressed as a sexy witch. My husband took pictures, blew one up and had that hanging over the workbench in the garage for a decade. The neighbors never realized it was me until we told them.

Scary Movie person yes/no? If yes, which is your favorite scary movie?

No! I love suspense and thrillers but not horror movies! I occasionally read horror books. I read Stephen King’s SALEM’S LOT and THE SHINING in high school. Many years later I read MISERY and am still traumatized by that book!

Haunted house... yes/no? Have you ever been to a haunted house?

It’s been years, but yes! They scare me and make me laugh at the same time.

Now in honor of The Wizard (that is Jen's husband)... I found this cake for us to munch on... So, please cut yourself a piece of cake and enjoy.... Make sure to keep going.. because the treats just get better!

I am squealing with delight... the treat for today... Are you sure you ladies can handle this...
Ms. Jennifer has a couple of copies (I am so hoping to get my hands on one)....of Soul Magic... ***hyperventilating.... omg*** Yes... you read right... Soul Magic!!!!
Now the giveaway will start today... Just comment here... ask Ms. Jen a questions... hell, you can ask me a question... and make sure you leave me an email address to get in touch with you!
The contest ends on Sunday, November 1st... and I will announce the winner that Monday!!!!! What a present... to be able to give you guys a present! The contest is open to: you ready for this... EVERYONE!!!!!

Cecile, thank you so much for inviting me to your blog!

You are more than welcome Ms. Jennifer!!! I hope you enjoyed yourself... just as much as I did!! Thank you for making time to play with us over here!!

Now... If you would like to see what Ms. Jennifer's place looks like and drop her a line... Please go to her site --->>> here.
If you want to see the interview she did with Axel... Please go --->>> here.
Be warned, he is something else!
If you would like to read my review of Blood Magic (just be warned... Axel is my Sex On A Stick man), please go --->>> here.

Now, if you would like to purchase the first book... to get your hands on the second one.. please go --->>> Blood Magic

Now, if you would to get your hands on Soul Magic... please go --->>> here. You really need to get to know these brothers!!!!

Now... I have given Caleb the night off... Yea, this is him on an off night... Doesn't he look delicious! This man has put up with all of us women for the whole month... He deserves a night off!!!

Caleb has really been a good sport about being the bartender here, don't you think ladies!!!
He is such a wonderful birthday present. A fellow blogger saw him and she immediately thought of me!!! And handed him to me on a silver platter... So my friend... I want to thank you for giving me the man of my blog!
I hope you all have had a wonderful time partying with me!!! Stick around.. because I am not sure if I am done or not... You never know with me!!! ***very wick grin***
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Monday, October 26, 2009

**UPDATE** And you will know why.... Houston, We have ghost....

Please be advised this new update.....
****This is for over 18 yrs old and older****

Well ladies, we are in the home stretch of my birthday party bash!!!! And I hope you are all enjoying yourselves! Today, I have with us a very special guest! Now, I have to travel far and wide to get her here today! But I decided to go back to her homeland. We went to Ireland.

So, pull up a stool at this Irish Pub... And ask for whatever ale's ya (lol)~!! For this hottie right
here is serving the drinks. This is the famous Jonathan Rhys Meyers from Dublin... I hope you like him...

Now, that you have a drink in hand... and look at the treats I found us... It is to prepare us for a Ghost of a story....
Now, are we all comfy yet... Is the suspense killing you yet... Okay, Okay...
Please help me give a warm welcome to one of my favorite "tricky" witches.....
Please welcome Ms. Houston A.W. Knight!!!!


Are Ghosts Real?

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m an outspoken Irish girl with a strong will and mind of me own, who enjoys writing paranormal, western and futuristic romance…or as they call it today, woman’s fiction.

Although most call me Hawk, my name is Houston A.W. Knight and I’m here today to share some of my thoughts on ghost.

See the picture below? That’s a real picture, of a real ghost. My friend Jan gave it to me. Her friend Dirk had taken this picture on his cell phone in his own house. I had this picture on me own blog about a year ago and the most interesting thing about the photo was that no one saw the same image…I stood in a room full of people and each told me what they saw…no one saw the same thing. WHAT DO YOU SEE?

BTW I had trouble even pulling this photo up. I had it in my photos and when I went to get it, it wasn’t there, nor was it on my laptop photo album file where I always keep my back-ups. How had it disappeared? I actually had to go to my blog to find it again and boy did I have trouble copying it from my blog…another unusual event for me. Then, it refused to copy to be sent to Cecile…hum, think he’s trying to tell me something?

**And yes... he did not want to found on my computer either Hawk, I had to go to the email you sent me to find him... Damn men... Only want to be found when they want... Even Ghosts***

Don’t believe it?

Well, let me tell you a true Ghost story.

I was about nine when some friends of my sisters came over to the house one day. They looked scared to death. Trust me, these guys were not wimps, they road choppers, but I’m telling you they were afraid when they told her this story.

At the time, in the early 60’s, we were living in a small town…a very small town. Everyone knew everyone else’s business, and everyone I knew, had talked about the ghost house on the hill at one time or another, but no one ever went up there…until one night the local Sheriff heard some of the kids with choppers were going up to the ghost house to smoke funny stuff….marijuana. So the Sheriff got his Deputy and when up to the ghost house.
When they arrived, to their disappointment, there wasn’t a chopper in sight, so they decided to hang back and see if the kids showed up. The Sheriff and his Deputy got to talking and smoking cigs and time passed until suddenly from the front of their cruiser they saw a small old man emerge from a overgrown section just to the right of their car. The Sheriff figured the old man to be about 80 based on the way he moseyed towards the cruiser. When he got up to the window he said to the Deputy,

“Nice hot rod you’ve got there.”
“It’s a cruiser.” The young deputy replied. “What are you doing up here?”
The old man looked surprised and said, “I live here.”
“You live where?” The Sheriff injected feeling a little nervous about the way the old man kept eyeing the squad car.
“Here.” The old man pointed towards the run down haunted house. “How fast does it go?”
The old man nodded at the cruiser. “The hot rod you’re sitting in son? How fast does it go?”
“Did you say you live here?”
“Yeah,” the old man backed up, giving a crooked smile, “Did you come up here to tell those kids to stop smoking up here and stop dropping them buds all over my place? It could cause a fire you know.” His last seven words were spoken in a chilling tone as the old man backed away from the car and headed to the darken, broken windowed house.
“Hey!” The Sheriff called as he got out of the cruiser. “You can’t go into that house Mister, it’s condem--” Before he could finish his warning the old man gave a wave and disappeared right in front of the cops. That’s right, the ghost just faded away into a mist.

Needless to say the cops beat it out of there in a hurry. They were so disturbed by the event they thoughtlessly told the coffee-house waitress about it in ear shot of the local newspaper reporter, who wrote about their experience for the morning edition. It was titled, “Our brave Sheriff runs from local ghost.”

But my story doesn’t end…the town was so entertained by the tale it quickly became the talk of the town. My sister’s friends decided they wanted to see the ghost and went up there the next night….nothing. They went back every night after that to see the ghost and saw nothing. Finally they gave up on the ghost but kept going back each night just because it was a nice place to hang out…(only teenagers would think a haunted house was a great place to hang out) until one night while they were sitting there just passing the time with each other, goofing around as boys want to do, when suddenly they saw a little old man walked out from the overgrowth and said, “Nice hot rod you’ve got there.”

They were so shocked they didn’t respond…I’m sure one guy was waiting for the other guy to be brave…neither one was. They both stood there mouths open, hearts pumping, as the old man said just before fading away in front of them. “Those things can cause a fire you know.” He pointed at their cigarettes as he became nothing more than a mist, “A bad fire.”

As soon as the ghost was gone they fired up their street rod and raced out of there. They went home pretty shook up by what they’d see, until the following morning’s headlines rattled their bones and chilled their blood even more. It read “Ghost house burns”. The article said the Fire Department couldn’t explain the cause of the bad fire or why the frame of the house still stood.

Now - you’ve got teenagers and the town Sheriff with his Deputy who saw the ghost…all of them described the old man exactly the same.
Look at the ghost picture again and tell me what you see….and what you see will depend on your beliefs I’m sure.

My question is…do you believe what you see?

**Well, I believe they do live among us. All for different reasons. But I do think that they are here... Living within us, in our normal lives.**

Blessed be all on Hallow’s eve!

<(:-D Hawk If you want one of my personal ghost stories go to my blog Houston A.W. Knight
and check out my 2008 archives September article, titled, “DO YOU BELIEVE IN GHOST?”

Well, Cecile, I hope your fans enjoyed the ghost story – it’s not a scary one but it happened. Not all ghost are nasty – I’m living with one right now that even followed us (or went with us) on our Las Vegas vacation. And NO I didn’t invite him!

Yap, who would have known a ghost needed a vacation from being a ghost? But he let himself be known to us that he’d followed.

Of late he’s been able to make things appear and disappear. I have a hat I wear (Only) when me
hubby and I go to Nascar races in Daytona. Our ghost decided to bring it on the trip and he let me see it (and unpack it) the day we made our road trip home. Now I know I didn’t pack that hat (it’s a cowboy hat – big cowboy hat) there is no room in our small RV for that hat – I’d never pack it, nor would me hubby. But there it sat in a place I would have seen it had it been there at the start of the trip…because me hubby’s baseball cap fell in that exact spot on the trip going and that cowboy hat wasn’t there.

I know my ghost is a he because he appeared to me – I believe he’s from the Civil War time….or just after it…and I believe he lived on this land that my house now stands on because he was here before me, and let me know that.

The day we bought this house he was letting us know where we stood. The first night we slept here I woke the next morning to find the back door wide open (as if to tell us to GET OUT) each night I would lock the back door, check it and double check it to be sure it was locked only to find a wide open door (still in the locked position) each morning. He didn’t stop doing that until I told him to stop it because it was dangerous – a thief or crazed killer could come in while we slept … so he then started locking us out every time we stepped outside for a minute…yap, we had to keep our keys on us at all times.

One night we woke to a noise and saw a shadow pass in front of our lighted clock - he was so solid he blocked out the lighted time – so solid, me hubby thought it was a thief and gave chase, only to find air. I had to laugh at the shock on his face when I told him (a non-believer at the time) that it was the ghost who’d been opening the doors.

I have tired to get rid of the ghost – I told him to move on but he won’t go – instead he just seemed to find his peace and accepted our being here.
Now, it’s as if he doesn’t want to let us go. He goes everywhere we go and let’s us know it with little hints…funny thing ghosts are.

Being Irish I have always accepted Ghost and other such things that most people don’t but we Irish people live in a different world then most…it’s that druid past I guess.

Enjoy your Halloween! :)

I want to thank Ms. Hawk for coming over to my place. I surely do love having you here honey!
Now... I hope you have enjoyed Hawk's post... And of course what is the last thing you get at my place...Once you have been a good girl and read the post...
Present time!!
Today is no different!!!! But there is a twist on today's presents... Dottie (From My Blog 2.0) introduced me to this hottie... and I simply could not get enough of him... So, I asked him to stay and help hand out presents!!!! And he of course said yes... Especially after I batted my eye lashes and said it was my birthday!!!! So, lets welcome back... Jonathan....
I just love the picture above... that come hilter look... open shirt... and.... oh yum... And this picture below... Okay, really do I have to tell you why I love this picture...
**Inner hussy is having so much fun purring right now**
So, he decided to go get in his present giving clothing and tell you what you can win...
By answering Hawk's question... Do you believe in ghost??

This is what is up for grabs... and who knows what else I'll throw in your package? *evil wink

The contest is open to US only, but if you know someone who will ship it to you,
please put that in your comment.
Please make sure you leave me an email address so I can get in touch with you.
The contest ENDS Friday, October 30th (MY BIRTHDAY) and the winner will be announced Monday, November 2nd... Please understand that my birthday party is this weekend and therefore, I may not be around my computer....

Time is running out for Ms. Sophie Renwick's Double Sweet Giveaway... Please go --->>> here to check out that sweet deal!!! Her contest ends Tuesday, October 27th!

There is still time to put your name in the hat for Leontine's Supernatural giveaway... It ends October 30th as well!!! Please go --->>> here to drop your name in the hat!!!

Well... I hope you are having fun.. and make sure to stick around tomorrow... Never know what will be in store for you... Mmmaaaaahhhaaawwwwhhhhaaaaaawwwwww!!!!!

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

And the winner for Winter's Desire by Charlotte Feathestone is.....

This is for the winner for Ms. Charlotte Featherston's giveaway

***Contest Closed***
**Thanks to everyone that came out to play!**

Since Mandi hogged him in the barn the whole day, lol, I figured I would let him play with the winner... Oh... and announce the winner... So, birthday boy *cough* man... take it away...

In his best southern drawl....
And the winner is.............. (((((drum roll)))))


((Dottie, you have till Wednesday, October 28th, to get in touch with me at alliwantandmorebooks(at) to claim your prize. If I do not hear from you by them, I will have to pick another winner.))

Thanks to everyone who joined in!

~Make sure you stick around Monday... HAWK is coming to play with us!!!!
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Friday, October 23, 2009

A Double Sweet Giveaway with Sophie Renwick

****Contest is Closed****

Ladies, how are you enjoying this party!!! I don't know about y'all, but man am I having a blast!!

I am very excited (actually ~ I am a LOT excited) to introduce you to a man that will rock your world. I had the privilege of having him at my place for a conversation the other day and Oh what a MAN!!! Whew! I was very flattered when he agreed to come over, but I think I won his heart by telling him he was the first man to be interviewed here at my place!
So ladies, without farther waiting... I introduce to you...
Bran, King of the Night Sidhe from ~ Velvet Haven ((Ms. Sophie Renwick!!))
This will be Book One of Immortals of Annwyn Series

It's that time again to pull up a lounge chair by the fire.
I love this picture with the forest in the background, you can almost here the birds
and the leaves rustling...
Now ladies, I could not serve a fruity drink, because Bran did not strike me as that kind of drinker. Hell, I am not sure what kind of drinker he is... but this is what reminded me of him...
**but feel free to ask Caleb to make you whatever you want... he is hanging around**And as always, please help yourself to a piece of cake... Doesn't this remind you of fall and being outdoors... Matches Bran spirit... I think...
Okay, now that I have had a shot of whiskey to settle the nerves... **cheeks feeling a little flush here** I am on to Bran... I mean to talk to him...

First Bran, let me thank you for coming over to my place. It is a pure pleasure to meet you.
I have to admit that I am a little nervous.


*I'm blushing... I'm such a hussy* Because Bran, you are the first man to appear at my blog. I have never interviewed a male, especially one of your...ummm... Yea. I am a little nervous by your aura. You are a very powerful man. But every man has his weakness.

Well, first off, let me tell you that I’m honored to be the first male interviewed on your blog (although Mairi got me onto this internet thing and your blog, and I’m finding that there’s plenty of visuals of men. Naturally I had to send Mairi out of the room.
I only want her looking at me)

***Oh, I am sure Mairi would love the eye candy I have on my blog***

So, for starters, Cecile, let me thank you. For the first time ever, I’ve actually come in first before Wallingford. In my opinion Sophie/Charlotte is far too fond of the guy. ‘Course, I gave her a hard time when she offered to tell the Annwyn Chronicles, so that might have something to do with it. I wasn’t easy for her to pin me down, but a Sidhe king has to keep some secrets, ya know? Wallingford, the bastard, is as smooth as ice, and as elusive as smoke. The guy knows how to charm. I don’t. Thank the Goddess Mairi isn’t into charmers....sorry to get off track.
***Oh heaves, yes I know all about Wallingford's charm... damn that man***I kind of have ‘issues’ with my historical rival! Not to mention that asshole fallen angel, Suriel. He’s sniffing around Mairi, and I don’t like it. But then, you don’t want to know about him, do you? Grin...

***oh... maybe I do... evil grin***
Okay... Here is the dirt on Mr. Bran:

Character: Bran, King of the Night Sidhe
Shifts into: The Raven
Magic: Destruction
Power: Prognosticate death, can harness all the powers of the elements to form alchemy
Friends: Loose alliances with most all creatures
Foes: The mortal who is prophesized will destroy him

Now Bran, tell us some a few things about yourself...
What exactly are you, for those that are new here?

Night Sidhe. Which is, to mortals, a Faery. But, I’m of dark blood, which means I’m tall, big and lethal and resemble a human male.
No glittery wings and pointy ears for me. And for the love of the goddess, I do not drink nectar out of flower blooms. Nor are my shoes made of leaves. I hate stereotypes. :)

I mentioned weakness earlier, would you care to share yours with us ladies...
We promise not to tell?

It’s not a secret. Everyone in Annwyn knows I’ve been saddled with a curse by the Supreme Goddess of Annwyn. It’s a Legacy Curse. Which means that I need mortal sex magic to shore up my own magic.

To use the modern vernacular, it sucks. Big time. I hate going to Velvet Haven to troll for women and sex. But I’m king. And a king needs to be powerful—and I am, when fully charged, if you know what I mean.

I just hate how I have to get the juice. But Mairi...I’ve never met a mortal who gave so much of herself. The energy she gives me is incredible, and the love I feel for her....I don’t know. It’s dangerous.

Where do you live and where are you from?

I live and rule in Annwyn, which is the Celtic Otherworld. It’s a parallel world to yours, separated by a thin veil. It’s gorgeous, magical, seductive. It’s home. I’m naturally weak in the mortal realm, so I don’t like to stay there long, just enough to get a fix.

I’m hoping Annwyn is going to be Mairi’s home. She’ll fit right in amongst the ancient groves and the moonlight.

How long have you been roaming the earth?

Well, I’ve HAD to roam earth since I was cursed in 1860 something. I can’t remember the exact year. But it was when my Uncle Daegan abdicated his throne for the love a mortal. I offered an Adbertos which is a sacrifice, to allow my uncle to be with the woman he loved. I got the Legacy Curse. And that’s a convoluted answer for ‘feels like forever’.

I stopped counting birthdays at 300, but like I’m trying to assure Mairi, I’m in prime! :)
And if you and your readers aren’t sure about that, you can check me out in my book. I’ve got a few thigh squeezing scenes in there, or so Sophie told me. :)

and if Sophie said there are some thigh squeezing scenes in there... I am definitely taking her word for that... the woman knows how to tell a tale... a hot one at that... damn***

Bran, what do you look for in a woman?

Before Mairi, I wasn’t particular. I only had a few criteria. Mortal, not ovulating, free of drugs (getting harder as the centuries go by) and up for hours and hours of anonymous sex.

I used to think the Sidhe female form ideal. Tall, lithe, small breasted, narrow hipped, beautiful and untouchable. That all went to the Wastelands when I met a certain mortal. Now curves, full breasts, and a nice bottom are all I can think about.

**Oh yea... so now us big girls get loving too! Woohoo!!**
Do you have a love interest?

Mairi MacAuley, but were enemies. I think. You see a mortal is prophesized to kill me, and I’m pretty certain it’s Mairi. I have death visions, and this vision, well, let’s just say that it’s powerful enough for me to want to let her try to do me in. The way she makes me vulnerable, and the sounds she makes right before it...well, it makes me want to give her the opportunity, if you know what I mean.

The last thing I will ask, is if you can leave us a a few of quotes from your book
~ that would give us some idea to your character, your desires,
your demeanor. You know, to wet our appetite for what we have to look forward to.

Hmm, let me ask Sophie. She’ll be better at this, plus I’ll get to find out what spots made her soften to me! :)
The only dialogue that comes to my memory was the scene where I learned how to use a cell phone. Who knew phone sex could give me magic?

***Bran, my number 555-555-xxxx.... Phone sex huh...***

Ok, Sophie’s here now, helping me out with quotes from our book.

Sophie: This was my very first intro into Bran....
Bran had no sue for humans, but this one, she was exactly the sort of mortal he was looking for—single lonesome and begging for it.

Bran: Well, it was the truth. I don’t mince words. Never have.

Sophie: Okay, he kind of redeemed himself here....
From where he stood he could not tell if she was pretty or plain. But that did not matter. What mattered was her aura. White meant perfect balance. It was so rare, a pure white aura. He should probably fear it, but he was drawn to it—to her. He suddenly wanted nothing more than to take all her pleasure inside his body and convert it into magic.

Bran: Ah, first time I saw my Mairi. ;)

Sophie: Here’s something naughty about Bran....
She was bowed back, her breasts prominently displayed as he pulled her back a fraction more. Then he circled his erection deeper into her belly. He stroked her with his massive erection, circling her belly as if he were buried deep inside her. “Tell me what you’re doing here.”
She heard the pain in his voice and couldn’t understand where it came from. She wanted to ask what she had done, but his cock felt so good against her that only a husky moan made its way past her lips.
“You want me to take you in the shower?” he asked as he pressed his mouth against her ear. “Why, Mairi? Will you wash me away when you’re done?”
“I—I didn’t mean to disturb you—”
He laughed, the sound dark, menacing.
He freed one hand from her wrists and brought it down between their bodies. She followed his hand and watched as he brought it to his cock. Something glinted in the sheen of the water, and she blinked, her lashes heavy with water. Something silver flashed at her.
Bran: That’s enough…we decided to leave that bit about me as surprise for the readers…..
Sophie: Spoiled sport! Pout….Well, here’s Bran being soft...
“Somehow our fates were destined to cross, and now our futures are entangled. I know we’ve only just met, but I swear to you, I need you in my life. I want to know all your secrets, your fears. I want to pleasure you, to protect you.”
She looked at him with an expression of awe. “What are you?” she asked. “Where did you come from? Because I’ve never met a man like you before.”
He caressed her skin, but did not answer her questions.
“Who are you,” she asked in a low voice as she studied him, wondering how a man she didn’t know could mean so much, could break past her barriers of mistrust and crawl inside her heart.
He pressed forward and brushed his lips below her earlobe. “Tell me who you want me to be. I can be that person.”
“Bran,” she whispered, allowing herself to just feel the fluttering sweep of his lips against her throat, his incredibly long lashes against her earlobe. “Just Bran.”
His big body softened against her. “I love the way you smell here. I love the way you taste.”
His words were followed by the slow flicking motion of his tongue. Her belly flipped. Before she knew what she was doing, her hand was resting low over her belly, trying to relieve some of the empty throbbing she felt.
“Do you feel me there?” he asked in a dark whisper. His palm rested on top of hers, then slowly began moving. Her breath left her mouth, her lips brushing his cheek, which was faintly dusted with a five-o’clock shadow.
Lower he pushed her hand till her heel rested on her pubic bone and her fingers were between her thighs.
“Tell me where you need me, Mairi.”
Bran: And that’s it, folks. Sophie’s gone now, so we can get back to this interview.

Wow, okay! Those were some very **cough cough** insightful quotes there. Whew...
Caleb, please bring me a double shot of whiskey.

Wow, okay... to learn more about Sophie Renwick, please visit her web site --->>> here.
Explore it and you find a lot more on the Annwyn crew, I promise!

Now for the best part.... Well, besides looking at the fat-free, no calories eye candy is present time!!!!!!!!!! You know this is my favorite time!!!!

Ms. Sophie is giving away...
to a lucky commenter!! And OMG, this book is freaking awesome!

The is open to US only, but if you know someone who will ship it to you, please put that in your comment. Please make sure you leave me an email address so I can get in touch with you.
The contest ENDS Tuesday, October 27th!
And the winner will be announced Thursday, October 29th!!!

Oh... and as a surprise... Ms. Sophie is always giving away a copy of:
A Highlanders Christmas book as well!!! Same rules apply.
To win... Ask Ms. Charlotte a questions, put a comment down...
Or let us know what book you are waiting to get your hands on within the next couple of months!!
I hope you all are having a blast!!!

Bran, I want to thank you for coming by today and hanging out with me.
I learned some very interesting things about you and I look forward to having your book in my hand soon... Yea, I know I have to wait... but you are so worth it!

Don't forget, there is still time to enter Charlotte Featherstone's giveaway.
That one ends today.
Also, don't forget about Leontine's Giveaway.
That one ends at then of the month.
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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Sweet "16th" to my Baby Girl

This is how old my precious baby girl is today...
October 22nd... 16 years ago...
I became a young mother at the age of 17...
Not knowing a thing about motherhood!
This sure has been the ride of my life...
and can only expect more to come!

There is nothing more I can say, except...
Happy Sweet "16" Birthday Brooke!
My Baby Girl!

To My Baby Girl:
I have watched you grow from infant to young woman.
Oh the treasure to see the young woman you have become.
To watch you blossom into what I think is an extraordinary person.
You have become many things to me...
You have become my best friend...
The love of my life...
My reason to live...
My reason to breath..
My reason to smile...
The reason for my existence...
The one person I would give my soul for....
And I am proud to call you my daughter.
**sniff sniff, yes I am crying**

I want to introduce you my daughter when she was...
9 years old...
This was Easter of 2003

You are an awesome person. I adore your personality. I admire how you stand up for yourself in the face of your friends; without worry or doubt. I love how fearless you are in front of your adversaries. I love how loyal you ~ to God, family and friends. But most, I love how honest you with me. How we can talk about anything! I am beaming with great pride to know that I have had a hand in raising you into the person you are today. You are truly amazing,
my beautiful daughter!
I thank God every day that he blessed me with you. You are my Godsend.

This is my daughter this year for Homecoming... September 2009... Almost 16....

Happy Sweet "16" Birthday my baby girl!!! My Pumpkin!!!!
This is her with her boyfriend... (so not ready for this) for her Homecoming dance
October 3rd, 2009.... still not quite 16....

Here is Snoopy and the Gang to wish you a Happy Birthday!!!!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday...
I wish you everything in life be yours...
Because remember... You have the world by it's tail!!!
Happy Birthday Baby!!!
Oh My Gosh... My Baby Girl...

Thank you for coming today!
Stay tuned for tomorrow...
Ms. Sophie Renwick will be in the house!!!!!

And there is still time to enter the giveaway for Winter's Desire by Charlotte Featherstone
And for Leontine's ~ Supernatural giveaway!!!!
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