Monday, October 19, 2009

Interview & Giveaway with Charlotte Featherstone

Good day my wicked ladies!! I hope you have been enjoying the party...
We are in the last two weeks before the big day... and today is no different...
We have a very special guest in the house...
She has brought with her some yum-Me treats... So let's get started...
I think you know the drill... Pull up a wicked chair around the cauldron to warm up....
Now, let's welcome ***Ms. Charlotte Featherstone*** to the party!!!!!

I found a birthday boy that wanted to dish out some drinks to you wicked ladies!! Hope you like~

He is just as hot as the fire around the cauldron... Be careful with this one...
*Mandi... he is just for you hon... with his chest hair... thought you would like*
~~And who says the birthday girl (ME) doesn't like to share~~
The drinks really look good!!! I love to lick the sugar from the rim... Did I hear you say that you wanted to lick it from him... You are some evil women... lmao!!!!

And I found us a fall cake... with the season changing on us... I fell in love with this one...
So, please help yourself! And I am sure you can talk Mr. Birthday man into cutting you some!!
Now that we are settled around the cauldron with drink in hand (Mandi... is the birthday man in your lap... lol) and cake to eat!!! Let's gets to know Ms. Featherstone a little better!!!

First, Ms. Charlotte, let me welcome you to my place. Thank you for coming over to play with us!
If you don't mind can you please tell me a little something about yourself?

Well, I’m a mother, wife, writer, and Labour and Delivery room nurse. I love to read and cook and watch sappy, romantic period dramas. I’m one of those people who aren’t afraid of my own company. I guess you could say I’m a bit of an introvert, but writing is a solitary career, so it’s easy to get that way! ;)

What are you currently working on?

Line edits for Sinful, as well as the opening of Lust which is the first book in a new series for Harlequin Spice, that I’m calling (at least for now) The Sins and Virtues series. I’ve also put in a proposal for another historical. It’s a late Victorian setting and it takes place in autumn, there’s Highgate Cemetery, séances, talking board in there, plus a steamy romance between a woman and an unlikely hero! I hope to have some news to share with readers soon. What are your pet peeves (one or many)?

Oh, I have a loooong list, of pet peeves. Where do I start? Well, crumbs on the counters, toys left in the living room, milk pitchers with less than ounce of milk left in them, housework in general....oh, I could go on and on....
In a song could describe your life, what song would that be?

You know, this is such a good question, and hard, too. I like music, and really have eclectic tastes...all kind of fun and dark gothic stuffTo be honest, I don’t think I could sum up my life with just one song. But I can tell you the musicians I usually tend to listen to a lot, The Tea Party, Nickleback, Theory of a Dead Man, Evanescence, and Loreena McKennitt. And I’ll admit, I’ve got a fair number of Justin Timberlake’s songs on my iPod! J
What is something that most people would find surprising about you?

Probably that I’m very spiritual. I have beliefs in religion and mysticism and they balance each other out very well.
What do you love/like most about your birthday?

Them with a cake, and the birthday guy/gals gets their favourite meal, but we don’t go all out. My most difficult birthday was the year I turned 30. HORRIBLE. I felt SO old!!! Next year I’m 40. I have NO idea what to expect from that one! But I can console myself with the fact that my husband will turn 40 three weeks before I have to!
What has been your most memorable present?

December 23, 1998, my pregnancy test came back positive after years of infertility! J After that, probably the day I woke up from a nap to find my husband had filled every vase, and cup in the house with roses from the garden. It was the first bloom of the season, and I was working for the next three days, night shift. We were expecting rain, and I was complaining that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my roses because I’d be sleeping, and then the rain/wind would knock off all the petals. So he cut me a bunch for me to enjoy! Birthdasy... gasp....aren’t really a big thing for me, or my family. I’m not sure why. We celebrate
He’s so sweet.....sometimes!
When was the last time you dressed up for Halloween? What were you?

I’m weird. I like to see other people dress up, but I’m too self conscious to dress up myself. I think the last time was probably 15 yrs ago, and I wore this medieval gown and cape. I’m so lame with costumes. It’s strange. I’m a creative person, but when it comes to costumes, and crafty things.....I’m terribly uninspired and un-talented!
Scary Movie person yes/no?

I like scary movies. Not the hack ‘em up kind, but the kind that really give you goose bumps and make you think.
If yes, which is your favorite scary movie?

Exorcist. Damn, it still gives me the creeps just thinking about it.
Haunted house... yes/no? Have you ever been to a haunted house?

No, I’ve never been. But I would like the experience. We don’t really have those here where I live. But we do have something similar, but it’s usually done a cornfield and an open wagon. Now, that’s scary!!!!

Now for my favorite time... Present time.... And what do I see Ms. Charlotte getting out of her bag... Oh... My.... Gosh.... I do not think you ladies are ready for this one...

I will let Wallingford & Jane tell you what the present is... **Cough... Cough... Excuse me you two... I see you are busy... But Ms. Charlotte would like for you to tell this group of hussies.. I mean ladies... what they can win.... (Ms. Charlotte wanted to give you guys a visual of what Wallingford and Jane are to her... isn't this a smoking hot picture)
~~In case some of you do not know, Wallingford is from Ms. Charlotte's book Sinful...
Just look on my side and click after you done here~~

"Okay... we will do it... Ladies... Ms. Charlotte is so kindly giving away today... A copy of Winter's Desire to one lucky commenter. Now if you don't mind... we will go finish our swim..."
**splash splash**

You heard them right ladies... The must anticipated book we all have been waiting for is waiting for you!!! So, finish reading the rules and enter!!!!

Now... to win this copy... You must leave a comment... Just a comment, a question for Ms. Charlotte, or whatever you wish... but please leave your email address!
It is open to all of US residents... but if you know someone who will ship it to you...
Please feel free to enter (but please add that to your comment)
The contest will close Friday, October 23rd and the winner will be announced sometimes on Sunday, October 25th. (It is baby girl's 16th bday party Saturday... so I promise I will get there)
This is a tease... This is Lord Matthew Wallingford's cover...
Isn't he yum-ME!

I hope you ladies had a wonderful day with us... I know I sure did. I want to thank Ms. Charlotte for coming over to my house to visit! It truly was a pleasure to have you!
Stay tune ladies... you know the house will keep on rocking!!!
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  1. hey Cecile! That cake looks yummy, and the cowboy serving it is looking fine, too!!!

    Have a great day!

  2. Hey Cecile..

    Just stopping by to say happy day 19...

    Enjoy the day my dear...

    Good to know more about Ms. Featherstone... Thanks


  3. No need to enter me - I just stopped by for cake. ;)

  4. nom nom...eating me some cake and grabbing Caleb for a cocktail. I'm getting comfy on the couch and re-read the interview again.

    Charlotte what a fabulous pressie you got that december month in '98. And how funny, I studied for labour & delivery nurse, I only did it at home assisting the OB/GYN there. In the Netherlands the health insurance covers between 5-8 days of mother/baby care at home (can't remeber english word for it *blush*)

    I haven't done it for years but loved the week after the birth, to share those intimite moments with mother/father and such a brand new life. Oh gawd...the memories make my ovaries doing a christmas jingle LOL

    Anyho...I enjoyed myself with your interview and now I am going to enjoy me some Caleb *grin*

  5. Hi Cecile and Charlotte,
    Nice interview, and yay for more cake and a yummy cowboy.

    Oh yes that cover drool worthy and good luck with this book.

  6. Good Morning Cecile and Charlotte,

    Great post. I like your music choices.I love Nickelback and Theory of a Deadman.

    Oh, I guess I'll have one of those drinks**grins** I see the eye roll know I can't refuse a drink :)
    and that cake looks so gooood!!

    **hands on hips** Mandi stop hogging the new

    Where's Caleb**looks around**..Leontine you're going to have to share him with me :)
    **whisper in Caleb's ear**Watch out for Leontine her ovaries are drink**devilish grin**

  7. Im loving that cake!! it really makes me wish I took some classes in cake decorating.

    Great interview.

  8. Giddy-up cowboy! What a verra smexy pressie Cecile!!! Whoohooo! :)

    Charlotte- great interview. I turned 30 last year and I wanted to be one of those girls that embraced it - but no...I cringed every minute! I want my twenties back..LOL.

    This book looks so good!! I'm in for the giveaway!!

  9. Quote Elaing8:
    **whisper in Caleb's ear** Watch out for Leontine her ovaries are drink**devilish grin** know me too well Elaine!! But can you blame the desire to make virtual babies with such a specimen of the male gender??

  10. O-M-G, Mandi must be drooling over hairy chest man!! LOL!! She's too cute.

    CHARLOTTE!!! I'm a huge fan of hers, as half the blogging community knows. I'm DYING to get my paws on Wallingford's story and I'm really looking forward to Winter's Desire! Done that. I mean a REAL haunted house and let me tell you, not only did I LOVE it, I couldn't sleep for days, lol.

    Great Post Cecile and Charlotte!!

  11. BTW, my comment got cropped!!! LOL!!

    It was supposed to read:

    O-M-G, Mandi must be drooling over hairy chest man!! LOL!! She's too cute.

    CHARLOTTE!!! I'm a huge fan of hers, as half the blogging community knows. I'm DYING to get my paws on Wallingford's story and I'm really looking forward to Winter's Desire! As for Haunted houses...been there. Done that. I mean a REAL haunted house and let me tell you, not only did I LOVE it, I couldn't sleep for days, lol.

    Great Post Cecile and Charlotte!!

  12. What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday! That was a great interview.

  13. Have a great day and I enjoyed the interview!

  14. You and your daughter share a birthday month? October is probably a very fun month in your house! And sweet 16 - Happy Birthday!

    I cannot wait for Sinful - hurry, hurry, hurry! Would love to win this book while I'm waiting!

  15. ~Good Morning Ms. Charlotte! I am glad that you liked the cake. It reminded me so much of the fall season that I could not pass it up! And I really loved the cowboy who is serving up the cake this morning!

    ~ Erotic! I am so glad that you have stopped by! Oh Yes... Day 19!!! Thank you. With friends like you, I am enjoying myself immensely.

    ~Chris! Good morning to you! I am so glad that my cake tempted you to stop by!!! Isn't it delicious!

    ~Leontine, I am so loving up your new avatar!!! I knew I could get you into the Halloween swing of things!!! I am glad that you are enjoying yourself! That is the point of a party!!
    The cake is delicious, the drinks are pure heaven and Caleb is to die for!!! Oh wait... don't forget about cowboy!
    Get comfy... you know you are welcome to stay all day/night long! I love having my friends over!
    **uh-oh... ovaries doing the Christmas jingle... lol!** Girl, you are too much! But you are right, seeing new born babies like that makes me want a baby too ~ hubby's answer... get another puppy! With Brooke fixing to be 16 this week... I think my ovaries have stopped working. Which is okay with me. Dealing with a teenager... well, I think that froze them!
    As always, I am glad that you are enjoying yourself honey!

    ~Blodeuedd! Hey honey! How was your weekend? Thank you! I thought you would like the cake and cowboy! *wink* You better a taste of him ~ I mean cake ~ before Mandi does!!! LOL!!

  16. ~Elaing8, there is my girl!!! I hope you had a great weekend honey! Thanks for dropping by!
    I thought of you when I found those drinks... notice the line about the sugar, yea I thought of you!!! **evil grin & wicked wink**
    **Caleb, honey you are being called in as reinforcement... Mandi is hogging the new guy... lol ~ Oh wait... Leontine already called him in!!!**

    ~Heather D, hey honey! Girl, after looking up all these pictures... I wish I went into that business just to know how to do those things! Some cakes I found were out right to gorgeous to eat!
    But I think I gained 10 pounds just researching this stuff!! Drinks and cakes... Thanks for coming honey! Hope you have a great day!

    ~There she is!!! Mandi! Girl, I thought of you when I found him! We now have someone to put up when it is your birthday!!!! =) See, I give out presssies for my birthday... I not only receive, but I give! Well, if we would live closer, I promise you would not have cringed at losing your 20's... I promise! =)

    ~Leontine... LOL!!! We had to warn him about the Christmas jingle... just in case... LOL!! Hell, with all these men that have been making their way through my place this month... I want a house full of babies!!! LMAO!!!

    ~Barbara!! Hey honey! I am so glad that you could make it. I knew this post would be to your liken!
    Oh gosh, to get my hands on Wallingford... oh I am sorry, I mean on his book!!!! LMAO!!! I can not wait either!! The hussy in me wants him now! Charlotte sure does have a way of tempting us with her "treasures"!

    ~ A Buckeye Girl Reads! Well hello there! I hope you enjoy yourself. Please, get a piece of cake and a drink and enjoy the place. Have a look around! It is always nice to have new people over! Thank you, I love celebrating my birthday! Especially with friends like these!

    ~Tetewa! How have you been? I haven't see you around for a while. I hope all is well my friend! Thank you, you are entered!

    ~Patti, hey honey! Glad you could drop by! Oh October is a very special month at my house. I thank God that she is born in October with me, it makes my birthday that much more special! And yes... Sweet 16 this week... I will embrace any age I make... just not sure I am ready for my baby to reach 16!!!! YIKES!!!
    Oh you and me both "I cannot wait for Sinful - hurry, hurry, hurry!" I so want that man in my hands!!! I mean book!!! LOL!!!

  17. ***Has anyone seen Cowboy & Mandi***

    **Elaing, how is the drink going down honey!**

    Hope everyone is enjoying themselves!

  18. The book sounds sooo good. I really can't wait to read it.

    kalynnick At yahoo DOT com

  19. I really love that pic of the couple in the water. That is hella sexy! Very nice. The cowboy is quite yummy too. :D

    Great interview! I definitely need the Sinful book--the cover had me hook, line and sinker.

  20. Hi Cecile and Charlotte - I love your interview - love the DH's solution to the roses - what a sweetie!!

    Now how do I get one of those yummy drinks - I think Caleb hid the tequila bottle from me after that last time I fell off the bar...I tried to tell him tequila doesn't make my clothes fall off but I think he's being cautious :-)

  21. I love all the pics and the cake looks yummy!

  22. Cowboy and I are off in the barn. Yeehaw

  23. I'm back to see if any of the men are available

    **I see my opening with Caleb,Leontine turns to put empty glass on top of bar**

    **rushes over,hip check Leontine out of the way**Sorry Leontine I slipped**smirk**

    **Caleb hands me another drink,I take a sip**Man thats a good drink

    **Caleb leans in and licks the corner of my mouth**with a grin he says Sugar.
    **eyes wide,silly grin on my face**Anytime Caleb.

    Cecile,thanks for picking that drink ;)

    **Look over at new guy**Wow Mandi sure is keeping him busy** :)

  24. Hi Cecile and Charlotte!

    I enjoyed getting to know more about Charlotte.



  25. Elaine, your quick as water *damnit* Okay, well turning to Dark Side Of The Moon again, need me some juicy quotes to remember peeps of Ravyn (off topic and a cross over of blogpost comments)

    Sips on cocktail...hhmmmm yes...hmmmm, here we go, I gotz me a nekkid were/dark-hunter :D

  26. ~kalynnick! Hi there!!! HOpe you are enjoying yourself! This books sounds absolutely wonderful... I think all of us can not wait to get our hands on this book!!! Thanks for entering!

    ~Kira Daniels! I am so glad that I could tempt you to come over! Aren't you glad that you did!!! **evil wink** I do love that picture of Wallingford and Jane in the water. Very verra hawt!!!
    Liking my cowboy... Good luck trying to take him from Mandi!! I might have to go man hunting tonight to add a new picture!! LMAO!! Thanks for coming over!

    ~Cybercliper, hey honey! I am so glad that you came today! Thank you! Isn't that such a romantic gesture her hubby did for her!! I was in "awe" moment when she told me that!!!
    Girl, just glide your way to the bar and ask for a drink! You know Caleb will give you one... Well, maybe not the Tequila!!! LMAO!! He still shakes his head about that one!!! He walks around mumbling something about "women - sheesh"~! He is something else!

    ~jeanette8042! I am glad that you could make it today! Thank you!
    I hope all mid terms went well and good for you!

    ~~@ Mandi... Didn't realize I had a barn in the back of this bar!!! **shakes head... ladies I will go man hunting when I get home... I will have us another one up for tonight my time, lol!!**

    ~Elaing8, that Mandi is something else! I promise you a single man by tonight my time!! LOL!!
    He will definitely be available!! =)
    **uh-oh.. watches as Elaing nudges Leontine off the stool... Elaing~~ Play nice~~**
    Oh my... Sugar... licking... I think I may need to go man hunting now to find you a new Boy (man)Toy!!
    You are welcome for the drink honey! Anytime!

    ~Ms Moonlight! I am so glad that you made it!!! Thanks for coming by!

    ~@Leontine... Did I just read something about Nekkid were/hunters... Where... **Cecile goes off to search for those men!**
    I must go find these men you keep talking about Leontine!!! Damn...

  27. Yes - way out in the back..the sign says "Love Barn" - but don't come check..we are still busy.

  28. Hi Cecile!!

    Very nice post!! Love the cake and other stuff too! :) :) :)

  29. I can't tear myself away from my imagination LOL It has a clear-cut picture of Cael now with attitude, tats and all.

    PS: good to know you have a barn Cecile...nothing is more fun to play in the hay :D

  30. If the barns a rockin' don't come a knockin'

    They've been in there along time :)
    I hope Mandi has some bottled water in her purse.

    Speaking of drinks..Caleb **turn glass upside down** I need a refill.
    And another piece of cake but I have a dilemma,one hand is holding my drink the other is on your thigh and doesn't seem to want to move,so can you feed it to me? :D

  31. Great party. I'd like a piece of cake and one of those martini's please. :)

    Happy B-day!

  32. Wow! Thanks Charlotte, for stopping by, with such a yummy treat! And thanks Cecile, for your lineup of treats! I especially like the orange salt (sugar?) encrusted glasses -- and the server, of course! BWAH! Charlotte, Lord Matthew's book is looking mighty fine!

    I am not much of a halloween fan myself. Didn't love it as a kid and don't love it now as an adult. Oh well, I enjoy everyone else's enjoyment!

    Cecile, happy birthday to you AND your "baby"!

    b42bella AT gmail DOT com

  33. Ooh, wonderful interview-- I really enjoyed it! :D And great eye candy through out. Yummy cowboy.. and the cover for your next book, Charlotte, is amazing! *Wink* Great buns on that model. LOL.

    Enter me please, Cecile!
    Oh,a nd I hope your "baby" girl has a great birthday-- 16 is always special! *SIGH* Some days it seems like only yesterday... and other days it's almost a life time ago, huh? :D


  34. Hi Cecile and Charlotte! Great interview room full of roses how sweet!! And Cecile I hope she has a wonderful "sweet 16"

  35. Hey Charlotte & Cecile!

    Charlotte, you should go to a haunted house. There was one in Orlando called Terror on Church Street. I went when I was a teenager, so I'm not sure if it's still there, but it was so much fun. There were some funny moments and some scary moments, definitely worth the money.

    deidre_durance at hotmail dot com

  36. Hey Charlotte and Cecile! Loved the Q&A and learning more about you, Charlotte. I especially loved the bit about your husband and the roses. Sigh...

    There'd be no way that I could answer the music question. I'm musically challenged. lol!

    No need to count me in the giveaway, Cecile! Love the cake and the drinks. Oh, and of course the yummy eye candy. ;)

    Hugs, VFG

  37. ~Mandi... The Love Barn... Wow... Will have to investigate with Caleb when you all leave!!! *evil grin*

    ~Blanche, hey honey. I am glad that you could make it! Thank you! Oh the cake is delicious! And calorie free! The best kind!

    ~Leontine! Girl, you with these men... I must find!!! I will spend all night with them.. I mean looking for their stories!!! LOL!!
    And yes, we now have a barn!!!

    ~Elaing.... LMAO!!!!!! You are right about that!! I will make sure to hang that sign out tonight for Caleb and I!!!

    **I am watching that hand little missy!!! LOL!!!**

    ~Tracy! Hey honey! I am glad that you could make it! I will gladly serve you one of those martini's... Caleb seems busy feeding Elaing!! LOL!!
    Thank you for the birthday wishes!

    ~Bella! Hello again, I am glad that you came back! You are more than welcome. I love sharing my treats with you all! It is sugar on that martini glass... Just as sweet as the drink inside of it!!
    Oh honey... Matthew's butt, I mean book is to die for! I can not wait to get my hands on that book!!
    Well, if you are not much a Halloween person, just stay here and there will be enough to go around! Thank you for the birthday wishes for both me and my baby!!

    ~The_Book_Queen! I am so glad that you could make it my Queen! =) Thank you! I am glad that you enjoyed the interview! I do love sharing the eye candy with everyone... What better way to enjoy candy.. especially sugar free caandy!
    Aren't Charlotte's books amazing!!!
    Thank you for the birthday wishes! Oh, I am so not ready for my baby to turn 16... So not ready! It does only seem like yesterday when she was in pre-k! Omg!!!

    ~Tricia! Hey honey! Thank you! I just adore the story about the roses... isn't that the most romantic thing ever!!!
    Thank you for the birthday wish for baby girl!!

    ~Ddurance! Hey there! Glad you came back!!

    ~VampFanGirl!! Hey honey! I am glad that you made it! Thank you!
    Anytime you want some eye candy, you know where to come!!! Hope you have a great night!

  38. Hi Cecile!

    And Charlotte, I love the Sinful crumbs you've been leaving for us!

    Love learning how about authors, likes and dislikes.

    Cecile, you're party has been quite fun! Hope everyone has been having fun for this...what is... 19 days now.


    Dottie :)

  39. Hey Cecile! Lovely party! Hello Ms Featherstone, I loved your answers - very interesting interview :)

  40. Happy Birthday!! I hope you enjoy with all these wonderful gifts,I hope you got the cake and drink,thinking you already have that hot babe!!
    May all you birthday wishes come true!!

  41. The cake and drinks look delicious - almost too good to touch let alone consume! :)

    Great interview. The cover for Sinful is gorgeous! All of Charlotte's books sound hot!


  42. Wowsers that cover for Sinful is just darn yummy.

    No need to enter me.
    I just got my prize (grinning)

  43. Ooohh, what fun. Thanks, Cecile! Thanks, Charlotte!

    Love the new look!

  44. ~Dottie! Hey honey! I hope you are doing well my friend! Thank you for coming over! Aren't her crumbs for this scrumptious man delicious!
    She is a wicked woman I tell you!
    I am just glad that you are enjoying the party! I am having a blast... With my Friends! ((hugs back to you honey))

    ~Host!Hey honey!! I am so glad that you are just enjoying the party!! And after working all day long and going to school half the night... you need just a little party in your life! And I am the person to give it to you!

    ~Throuthehaze! Hey honey! Glad you came! Thank you!

    ~Peggy! Hi, welcome! I hope you have enjoyed yourself and stick around! Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!

    ~Annalisa, hi there! Welcome. Please take a minute to look around and feel at home! Hope you stick around! I love having new people!!

    ~Kimber Chin!! Hey Honey!! I am so glad that you came over! Girl... let me tell you... Charlotte has the Cover Gods in the palm of her hand!!! LOL!! Freaking hot!!!
    And what prize did you get??? Inquiring minds want to know!! LOL!!

  45. ~The Book Resort! Hey honey! I am glad that you stopped by! Glad you enjoyed yourself!

  46. you can keep the cake i want the cowboy :)

  47. LDR fascinating! I always wanted to be a midwife or an LDR nurse.

    BTW, that is one hot cover on "Sinful"!

    I live in Canada but I know someone in the US who will ship the book to me if I'm lucky enough to win. :) Thanks for the opportunity!

  48. Almost forgot...Happy Birthday, Cecile!

  49. OH MY! I seriously drooled over the Sinful Cover the first time I saw it and it seems the effect has NOT worn off over time - I can't wait!.

    In the meantime, please enter me in the contest.

    Thanks for the eye candy!

    mdwartistry at yahoo dot com

  50. Cecil, do you know how to throw a party or what! Whew! I'm still panting from all that eye candy. And the cake looks delish too. Happy Birthday. And Charlotte's interview was very interesting -- family life, birthday celebrations, gotta love the dynamics.

  51. Charlotte,
    I'm so with you on the movies. I like scary movies, but I do not like the slasher films. However, I always watch the zombie movies and they can be pretty bloody.

    Cecile..throw my name in the hat and maybe I'll get lucky.......Stacy

  52. Hi Charlotte! Yummy cowboy :D Happy B'day Charlotte and is it too your b'day Cecile?
    Charlotte, I love the comfort of being home! I do it with reading instead of writing! Great on a new series with HQN Spice! I love those sizzling historicals and look forward to hearing more about them all! That cover for SINFUL rocks! I need to add that cover on my blog so I can look at it often! Too so glad WINTER DESIRE is here and would be a joy to be in the contest for it! You're young, I feel so old knowing you are only 30! I'm actually 5 months older than my hubby and he teases me endless for 5 months that I'm 'older' than him! My daughter is too older by a few months of her fiance, so I warned her too! You have one special hubby! We have each day to celebrate with each other so we don't celebrate our b'days except for words to each other which means lots.
    Congrats again Charlotte on all you've accomplished! I started with your ebooks and its been a joy reading you since!

    PS I'm a wimp, I so can't watch scary movies, LOL


  53. Please count me in :)

    cindyc725 at gmail dot com

  54. ~Jennifer! You might have to fight Mandi for the cowboy... that is if she ever came back from the barn with him!!! But you can definitely have the cake!!! Thanks for coming and stopping by!!! I hope you enjoyed yourself and stick around!

    ~Sara! Hi, welcome!!! Oh, Charlotte's cover for Sinful makes me think of very sinful thoughts with that man!!! LOL!!
    You have a great friend who will ship, I will definitely count you in!!! Thank you for the birthday wish!

    ~Sweet Vernal Zephyr! Hey honey! So glad that you could make it! This cover is definitely drool worthy! And stroke worthly... Did I just say that out loud!! LOL!!!

    ~Ms Carol Henry!! Thank you for coming! I hope you like it! I do try to throw a party... When doing something, I try to do it right the first time!! =) Thank you for the birthday wish! I try to have something for everyone! Cake, drinks, men... even presents!!! My favorite!

    ~Stacy Stew! Hey there! My hubby watches all the scary movies... stupid ones, scary ones, bloody ones, horrifying ones, gorgy ones... you name it, he watches it! YUCK! I will definitely throw your name in the hat honey!

    ~Caffey! Hey honey! I hope all has been well! I am so glad that you are diggin the cowboy!! He was such a nice present!! Oh no... My birthday is October 30th. Thanks for coming over honey!!!

    ~IHBG, not a problem; you are counted it honey!!!

  55. Great interview!

    I am loving the cover for Sinful. Who knew the high waist look could be so hot? But then again, that guy would probably look great in a potato sack too.

    I would love to read Winter's Desire. Please enter me in the giveaway.

    Anna ♥

  56. ~Anna ♥~ Hey honey! I am glad that you liked the interview. Yea, I am agreeing with you... The guy could make a potato sack look hot! Ms. Charlotte's covers are awesome!! Have you read Addicted? OMG... The character for Sinful is introduced in that book!!! OMG!!! Matthew is yummy! Thanks for stopping by!

  57. Enjoyed reading the comments. I also like reading Ms Featherstone's books.
    I have added this one to my TBR list

  58. The Ladies at the LIT manor have been teasing us unmercifully with A Winter's Desire to the point that I HAVE TO HAVE IT :)

    And Charlotte....Sinful indeed looks more than Sinful, in fact it doesn't even begin to describe Lord Wallingford! Am adding him to my TBB list right now.

  59. What a fabulous way your hubby had to ensure you got a chance to enjoy the roses!

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    ~Lil! Hi, I am glad that you could make it before the contest ended! Isn't Charlotte's hubby the best for the roses!!! Thanks for coming!

  62. Great interview! And I love the eyecandy, and I want a bite of that cake!!!!!

    I have read Hot in Here by her alter ego Sophie Renwick and I loved it!

  63. ~Marissa! Thanks for coming over!! It is always nice to have a new face over! Thank you so much for the kind words! OMG... Hot in Here was freaking awesome!


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