Monday, October 5, 2009

Would You Bleed For A Vampire?

***Contest Closed***
**Prize has been claimed. Thanks to everyone that came out to play!**

Hi Everyone and Thanks for stopping by on Cecile's Mega-Birthday Celebration!! And thanks Cecile for having me. Tink was coming with me today, but she decide to stay with Hawk out in Vegas where it's warm, lol. So, with me today instead I have her dear cousin, Elvery, who was more than happy to come today to talk about her favorite creatures. She's a little bit of a hmmm.... hot head, so be careful, she's been known to bite.

I've brought a couple of other friends to the party, so make room for Gerard and Jasper. Find a comfy spot here on the sofa, grab your favorite beverage and who wants cake?

Everyone, at least those who haunt my blog with me, knows of my love for urban fantasy and paranormal romance, and some of my favorite elements of the genre are those stories involving my favorite wonder creature, vampires. In my opinion is just doesn't get any better!! So for today's little soiree, I'm going to talk about what we like and dislike about the sexy blood craving beast known to us as the immortal vampire.

Did you know that vampires are not truly immortal? Immortal implies that the creature cannot be killed, but we all know that vampires can be killed by decapitation, having the heart removed or destroyed in some fashion, or by destroying enough brain matter that it can't repair itself. What the genre should say instead are that vampires have great defense mechanisms that make them extremely hard to kill and that they're long lived due to those abilities. They have the ability to draw their prey to them willingly, eagerly. They do have super human strength, their bodies can repair almost any injury, move quicker than the eye can see, and they can live for hundreds or thousands of years if they're lucky and smart enough to avoid getting killed. I was going to add that sunlight is their biggest enemy or religious objects are deadly, but since Queen Betsy and the sparkly vampires of Twilight or like in the Vampire Diaries where a mystical ring is all that is needed, these have proved to be insubstantial myths. (I'm cracking myself up here talking about

For me personally, I love the sex appeal of the vampire, the pheromone exuding richness that encompasses both male and female. An orgasmic bite that proves to be better than chocolate. The rough and ready hands that move with lightning speed across any body.

The down side is that mortals are food, and some vampires not only finished they're meals, but bury the bones as well. And drinking blood, I would really miss my steak and potatoes, but at least there would be no need to bathroom breaks anymore, lol. I would include the use of coffins for resting places and the sleep of the dead, but these have proved to be myths as well.

Regardless, for me, vampires are the ultimate sexy goodness.

So, does anyone else have any thoughts? Sexy, not sexy, too good to be true, or evil denizens of Satan? Come on, inquiring minds want to know.

And just for leaving your comment today, I offer one of my favorite books, Vicki Pettersson's City of Souls to one luck commenter. It's not vampires, but it is exciting, sexy, and fun.

I love this series, urban fantasy with elements of paranormal romance. When the hero and heroine come together, more than sparks fly.

The contest is open to all... International we welcome you!! The contest runs from today till October 8th (Thursday) and the winner will be announced sometime Friday, October 9th!!!

Make sure you head over to My Blog 2.0 and check out all the things that are going on over there. My Blog 2.0 will also have a guest post by Dakota Banks. She will be giving away Dark Time, Mortal Path, Book 1. It will start October 8th!!

And finally to my sweet friend Cecile, Happy Birthday Baby!!


Nights of pure darkness
Hidden from our sight,
Lurks the magical beast of pleasure
Or one of such fright.

Out of the shadows
The creature does creep,
To reveal a wondrous being
That maybe yours to keep.

So dear friends
If you willing to play,
It offers many gifts
If you'll only stay.

By: Dottie herself!!

Happy Birthday Cecile!!
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  1. I so love vampires, they are such great material to make the dark edged, tortured heroes. Some of my favorite heroes is Wrath, besides the fact he can make the bedpost bang against the wall I just sat up and took notice when he walked into the club. Let me give you the quote that did me in...every single time I read dark lover:

    Wrath, "The Blind King" He grew on me, every time he entered that club. Quote from Dark Lover: Wrath was six feet, six inches of pure terror dressed in leather. His hair was long and black, falling straight from a widow's peak. Wraparound sunglasses hid eyes that no one had ever seen revealed. Shoulders were twice the size of most males. With a face that was both aristocratic and brutal, he looked like the king he was by birthright and the soldier he became by destiny. And the wave of menace rolling ahead of him was one hell of a calling card.

    Now I have more favorite vampires and the bite, the seduction of the need of the vampire and the man or woman opposing baring his/her neck. They may not be immortal but dang, they can live long and see much and endure much. I love the tantalizing vibe they can evoke between themselves and their lover. It can make for an incredible sultry scene...*waggles eyebrows*

    word verification; expert LOL

  2. My love for literal vampires started with Twilight and now I can't get enough of them. They are beautiful, strong, 'immortal' and such tender souls (the ones I'm in love with - yes they are) that you just can't resist them :)

  3. No need to enter me in this one. :)

    Oh, and it depends on the vampire. ;)

  4. Good Morning Cecile and Dottie,

    Oh I love a good vampire story.Hot,handsome,strong..did I say hot.

    Would I let a vampire bite me? Sure why long as he didn't take too much and took care of me afterwards**Wink**

    I'm a proud member of the Vampire Groupie Club where our motto is "Bite Me!" LOL
    (sorry loopy from OTC Meds..I have a cold :( )

    So we have a hot headed fairy and Gerard and Jasper joinging us for the day...Sounds like its gonna be an interesting day.

    Caleb where is my drink? Empty hands here,and you know what happens when they're empty..**evil grin**ohhh and there's more cake..looks yummy,and that's a very big candle on top ;-)


  5. Good Morning Cecile and Dottie! I've loved vampires since Interview With A Vampire. Those dark, sexy, tortured souls...longing for companionship...Usually in the stories the blood drinking comes off as pretty erotic, so yeah, vampires do it for me every time!!!

    pspinney AT cox DOT net

  6. OH.... I get Gerard!!!!! And Jasper!!! OMG... What a wonderful Monday! Thank you Dottie! I love my bday present, he is very hot! And that candle... Oh My 0_0!!! And the poem is beautiful!! Thank you my friend!!!

    Vampires, oh yum-me!!!! I love the whole appeal vampires have. How gorgeous they are, their sex appeal, the confidence that oozes out of them, how one bite can bring you to orgasm. I mean come'on... who would not want that!!! LOL!! And I will take them sparkly and all!! LMAO!!! As for the evilness... I am not sure, they are just creatures trying to survive. Yes, those that are the villain are even hot. Yea, you got me, I just want the bite... LOL!!

  7. ~Good Afternoon Leontine! I am glad that you joined us for this one!
    I am loving your comment! I know I have a lot of things to catch up and Dark Lover is one of them... I am trying to catch up so I can read that series! I know it is highly talked about. And I promise I will get there!!!

    ~Hey Host! Twilight started my addiction too! After I read the books, then went watch the movie like 5 times... I knew there had to more out there... and more on an adult level... so I did some research and found them.. And boy did I find them... Thanks for stopping today!!

    ~Hey Chris... It all depends on the vampire huh... So... what gets you going? The scary vampires, the sexy vampires... the sparkly ones! LOL!!

  8. ~Good Morning Elaing!!
    I am glad that you made it. I am sorry to =( hear bout your cold. ***sending my healing powers your way for you to get better soon***

    I love vampire stories... Aren't they sexy as all hell!!!

    You are too much!! LOL!! ""as long as he didn't take too much and took care of me afterwards""

    Love the motto of your club!
    "BITE ME!"

    Girl, dottie blessed me Gerard and Jasper... Hell, Gerard made my coffee this morning and Jasper is giving me a massage! I am in heave... then I get that cake with that big a$$ candle!! Whew... might take a lot to blow that out... **covers mouth.. did I say that out loud... starts blushing**

    Oh Caleb is coming dear... don't worry... He was running a little behind this morning... Long weekend we had, wink wink!!!

  9. Hey Cecile:

    I'm sick as a "dog" but wanted to stop by and wish you fun in your continuing birthday celebration!!


  10. I'm not usually a vamp lover
    but I am SO hooked on the Vampire Diaries
    and my big, strong, macho hubby
    is AS addicted
    (he thinks
    Twilight and the Vampire Diaries
    are part of the same series
    which is pretty darn funny).

    I like the thought of one true love
    as I've only had one true love
    (the hubby).

  11. ~Hey Lea
    I am sorry that you are not feeling well either! =(
    You and Elaing are not feeling well!!
    **I will have to make some magical chicken noddle soup for the two of you**
    I am glad that you came by Lea!!! I hope you get better soon my friend!

    ~Morning Kimber
    Oh, it is not hard to NOT be a vampire lover... they are so hot! =) that is funny that hubby thinks Twilight and Vampire Dairy's is the same series!! LOL!!!
    Awww.... ""as I've only had one true love(the hubby).""
    Think maybe you could include one in your business stories... lol!!!
    Stick around, we have more to come!!!

  12. Am I a vampire lover? HA! I love them like no other!! My JR Ward Brothers are my all time favorite vamps! Leontine, I need to go reread Dark Lover now!

    Another fun birthday day over here Cecile!!!

    (please don't enter me in contest - I have that book in my tbr)

  13. Woo-Hoo I'm party hopping!!!

    Lea sorry to hear you're not feeling well either..It must be a Canadian thing :)

    Caleb,love,another drink**takes tylenol out of purse**I'm gonna need these.

    **takes sip of drink with 2 tylenol**ah Caleb you sure know how to mix a drink

  14. Oh man, that is one good-looking cake ;)

    Vamps, sadly it's a lovestory that has ended now. We fell in love early now, I can't remember when, but it felt right. And with BDB it sure evolved.

    But then one day another creature came in on the scene, I played with them both for a while. Then I realised I had to leave vampires because my heart suddenly belonged to werewolves.

    That is my sad story, but don't worry vamps, I still love to read about ya

  15. ~Mandi! Hey honey!
    I love it, " Am I a vampire lover? HA! I love them like no other!!"
    Showing some vamp love here!!
    Just keeping the party going honey... we have all month long! =)

    Girl, I know... now we have two parties... to partake in drinking!! And hot men!! Damn, one hellva day!

    Just in case you haven't heard... Leontine is having her Beefcake Preview.. and he is freaking hot... and all 3 of the bartenders are there... Elaing and I are already on the way of being drunk before lunchtime, lmao!!!

    I love the story!! Oh man, do I love the story!! Don't worry, I love them all too... I will take some of them while you go play with the wolves... More for me!! LOL!!!

  16. Hi Cecile and Everyone enjoying Cecile's party!

    I must have caught Lea's bug, because I've been sick all morning long. It must have jumped the Canadian/Illinois border. Sorry it took so long to get online this morning. I've been sleeping instead.

    Hi Leontine!

    Oh, yum Wrath, I've heard about him! Dark and sexy, I think he fits the bill! :0

    Hi Host!

    I like the sparkly vampires as well, see Jasper's here and he all sparkly for us today. He may even take off his shirt to show us his sparkly goodness! ;)

    Hi Chris!

    That does make a big difference, doesn't it. :)

    Hi Elaine!

    You can join Lea and I, we're sharing a bottle of OTC right now, non-alcoholic of course.

    Caleb is coming by to offering a massage! I'd take him up on that!!

    I like the hot and steamy vamps too, Gerard knows how to play that part, show them your Dracula sweetie. :)

    Hi Patti!

    I see you're familiar with Lestat and Louie, two hot vamps who can be very naughty. Got to love those tortured undead. :)

    Hey Lea!

    I hope you're feeling better! Cecile magical chicken noodle soup in trying to work, but the OTC is doing double duty. My fingers really aren't acting like mine, lol. :)

    Gerard, I could use a neck massage!

    Hi Mandi!

    How's my smexy friend today? You and Leontine should get together for a Brother's marathon. lol. Those boys sound fantastic! :0

    Hi Kimber!

    So glad you could make it today!! I watch that first episode and immediately fell for those bad boy vamps. Vampire Diaries is definitely on my list of shows not to be missed! So glad your hubby like it too, mine peeked in and said what the..... He no longer watches him me. lol. Twilight and Vampire Diaries as a duo, it could happen :)

    Hi B!

    Werewolves, I like the were critters too. In one of the Sookie books (you'll be coming into this story line soon), one of the pack gets turned to save his life. But he hates his vampiric existence. So, sometimes they work together, and sometimes, not.

    But is good to hear you still have a soft spot for the vamps. :)

    Thanks everyone for stopping by and I'll be back as soon as the motrin takes a whack at this headache!!!

    Dottie ^~^

  17. I love vampires! My fave are the Dark-hunters by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Who in their right mind can't love them???
    I love the dark, sexy, dangerous, alpha, and almost always, tortured souls that they are. Getting bitten is just a bonus! *beg*

  18. Hey there ladies! Whooo! Cecile, girl I'm lovin' that birthday cake topper!!! lol!

    My love affair with vampires started many moons ago with "Interview with the Vampire" the movie. Brad Pitt's green eyes, long hair, and desolation grabbed me and never let go. Since then I've devoured everything by Anne Rice and more.

    Lovin' your birthday celebration!


  19. I love the sexy vampire and I blame it all on JR Ward! Darn her and those sexy men of the BDB! I'm obsessed with Qhuinn and all his tats and swagger and sexy bod and.....oops, I'm getting carried away--aren't I?

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  20. Girls, can I just throw it in the group...who doesn't know the quote: "I vant to suck yur blood."

    It is probably coming from an original vampire movie but I get the giggles every time I hear or say it. If a hero in a book would ever say it I would laugh my a$$ off. That sentence would be total anti climactic in the erotic sense of the word.

    Caleb, Aidan is shaking his margarita's over at my place...will you make me a vitamin shot...I think I can use one right about now.
    *thinking of Lea, take care of yourself!!* And Elaine, I hope you feel better too, I hate feeling this way *blech*

    word verification is weepycat : rowrrrrr

  21. **crashes through door out of breathe**

    I'm back...phewww..that's a long journey from Leontine's.

    "I vant to suck yur blood." Isn't that from Seseme ;)

    Caleb,sweetie,can you get me a water....for now...Tristan has some moves, he tired me out.
    **drinks the water**
    ok,now the I'm mixing parties up..oh well a drinks a drink **grin**

    **swaying to the music,sipping drink,staring lustfully at Caleb**:-) Man he's yummy!!!

    Speaking of food,anymore cake left?

  22. I've loved vampires since I first read Anne Rice's novels. I sort of got out of the vampire thing for awhile but the Vampire Academy series has sucked me back in!

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  23. Hi Kira!

    You said "I love the dark, sexy, dangerous, alpha, and almost always, tortured souls that they are."

    Me too, me too!!!!

    Hi VFG!

    We've had two votes for Lestat and naughty tortured vamps that they are.

    I seem to remember a fondness for BDB as well....yum, yum

    Hi Joder!

    Quite a following for BDB today...

    I know that is one hot Brotherhood!! JD Ward knows her stuff!

    Hi TTH!

    Another Anne Rice fan! woohoo! Lestat and Louie have made an impression! I love them too.

    Elaine, thanks for helping Cecile have a swinging party!!

    Leontine, you crack me up!! I vant to suck your blood? Too funny!!

    Thanks for having me today Cecile!!

    Dottie :)

  24. ~Hey Patti! I am so sorry that I missed you this morning! Please do forgive me!
    I saw that move for the first time all the way through two weekends ago (waiting to go get daughter from homecoming dance). It was awesome and fall in love I most certainly did!
    Thanks for stopping by! I hope you had a great day!

    ~Hey Dottie! I am glad that you could join us for a while!
    It seems everyone is sick today! I will have to brew up a super duper batch of chicken noddle soup!

    ~Hey Kira Daniels! I am so glad that you could make it! I hope you like what you see around here!
    I am so glad to hear that you love vampires too!

    Love it... "I love the dark, sexy, dangerous, alpha, and almost always, tortured souls that they are. Getting bitten is just a bonus! *beg*"

    ~VampFanGirl!! Hey there honey! Girl, your party is rocking over there and I hope you had an awesome birthday!!!
    Girl, don'tcha just love the cake topper Dottie found for me!!! That is one piece of candy!! LOL!!
    I have agree with you about IWAV... That was an awesome movie and like I said before... Fall in love I did!!!

    ~Joder, hey honey!!
    Blamin it on JR Ward huh... lol!!! Aren't they all sexy as hell!!! Even the bad ones... you know, the ones we are not suppose to fall in love with... lol!! Girl, you are free to get carried away all you want here...

    ~Leontine said...
    Honey, I hope you feel better tomorrow!! I am in the kitchen making more chicken noddle soup for everyone!!! Caleb is helping of course! =)
    That quote... I have the giggles already... lol!!! ""I vant to suck yur blood.""
    And I totally agreeing with you!!! ""If a hero in a book would ever say it I would laugh my a$$ off. That sentence would be total anti climactic in the erotic sense of the word.""

    I hope the vitamin shot Caleb fixed you helps you out honey!

    ~Elaing8, Hey honey... Jet lag is a b!tch!! LOL!! I am feeling you on this one!! But the parties are sooo worth it, right!!!! =)
    Honey, there is always cake left over at my place! You don't even have to ask!

    Oh another Anne Rice fan!! Those were some very tortured vampires! But oh my gosh... love them to pieces!!! Thanks for coming over!!

  25. Gawd who doesn't like vampires? Ever since I've started reading Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy my obsession grows daily *whimper* I'm still in hearts with vampires, but my inner bad girl also likes Demons. When I'm in a more angelic mood Nalini Singh's Angels. I can for sure say Zombies do not make my hot PNR list.

  26. Loving the article Dottie...

    I love a little vamp every now and then and I don't know where mine started, but everytime an author add a new layer to the vamp culture - it starts my love all over again..

    Happy Day 6 Cecile...


  27. ~Smokinhotbooks!! Hey there!! Glad to see you around! And I understand exactly what you are saying... "Gawd who doesn't like vampires?" They are so sexy and seriously hot!!! Stick around for more partying!! Hope you enjoyed yourself while you were here!

    ~Erotic Horizon!! Hey honey, missing you!!! I hope you are having a great week!!! Thanks for coming over!

    ~Ladytink_534!! Thanks for visiting!! Oh goodie, another vampire lover!!! Aren't they so yummy!!! Hope you stick around for the rest of the party!

  28. I have loved vampires since I was a little girl. I was also reading paranormal romance before it was accepted reading. I used to buy them from a little bookstore that kept them hidden in large brown grocery bags that I would have to go through and find ones that I had not read. The owner would say, "I can't believe you read these types of books." Now, they're so popular that she had them proudly displayed. However, she still doesn't read them. I tease her and tell her to come on over to the dark side!

  29. I personally LOVE vampires they are one of my very favorite things to read about. My bookshelves are all literally lined with them. Kenyon, Ward, Harris, Hamilton, etc. etc. the list goes on and on! I think they are very sexy and I am a huge lover of the vamps that try to be good people even given their undead status. I like the drama that surrounds their lives and seeing them fight to keep their "humanity" even tho they are superhuman now in many ways. I don't like the killer mean vamps but rather the other end of the spectrum those vamps that try to be good lil vamps lol. :) Great discussion and idea by the way. I would love to have my name in the hat. :)


  30. Wow, Leontine did a great job!!! You blog looks amazing.
    Hum, about the Vampires, I would agree that they are really the ultimate in sexy for me. I love that Leontine quoted Dark Lover, I am a huge fan of J.R Ward's BDB and they are just the ultimate for me. So in love with Butch and John Matthew! So dark, dangerous and I would totally let them suck me bloog ;-)


  31. Oh yeah, who can say no to a sexy vampire hero. Dark stories about love and redemption and eternal life, good times, lol.



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