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Giveaway with Ms. Claudia Dain

I want to thank you all for partying with me day after day!!
We will all need a vacation after all this, lol!!!
Well, today ladies, I have a very special guest with us...
Allow me to introduce to you Ms. Claudia Dain!

Since, it has been very chilly up North of me (in Louisiana, lol) I decided to build you ladies this beautiful outdoor fireplace to warm up next to as we get to know our guest a little better!!!
So, pull up a comfy chair and get settled....
After getting settled, give Caleb your drink order... He decided to get up close and personal with us as well as Ms. Dain! Don't ya just love him.... **swoon**

Remember to pick your poison well... Because he makes a hell'va drink!!! And do not forget to get you a piece of cake... to go with your drink...Now, go ahead and settle in with the fire, drinks and cake...
and enjoy the conversation with Ms. Dain!

Can you please tell you a little something about yourself?

You know, that's kind of a hard question! Oh, sure I can talk about myself for hours, who can't?, but what little bits of information would you find interesting? I'm short. That's one tidbit. Doesn't seem too pertinent though. I'm married with children, which at least might be construed as romantic on some level. I'm a USC grad with a degree in English. I'm a writer who plunges into a book like falling off a cliff, hoping that there's a fluffy mattress down there somewhere to catch me.

You probably feel like you know less about me than you did before I answered the question!

What are you currently working on?

I'm working on the sixth book in The Courtesan Chronicles. I haven't quite fallen off the cliff yet, but I'm working my way to the edge. I'm scared to jump! I'm always scared to jump. Experience tells me that I will land safely, but the view sure is scary from up here.

One of the reasons I'm delaying is that my publisher has told me that if the sales of the other books in the series don't pick up they won't publish the next book. Of course that makes tons of business sense, but since I love this series my heart is in mourning. Plus, I want to tell the next story! My hope is that more people will find and love these books so that the series can live on.
This happens a lot, doesn't it? How many television shows have I discovered and loved only as they were going off the air? You don't get a lot of time anymore to build a fan base; it has to happen very quickly now. I think we lose a lot of good entertainment that way, and I'm not speaking about my own books. How many shows were slow starts and then built a huge audience? I think Seinfeld started out slowly. And Cheers.

What are your pet peeves (one or many)?

Does anyone have just one pet peeve? I have loads! People who drive five miles under the speed limit. That kills me. Strangers who give you advice/criticism without prompting. Does this happen to anyone but me? It's the weirdest experience. People who can't admit they don't know something. It's okay not to know everything! People who talk about themselves endlessly. So I'll shut up now.

In a song could describe your life, what song would that be?

I'm probably the worst person for remembering song titles so this question has me in a cold sweat. I love country western, rock, pop, swing, Broadway musicals...there's certainly a song from each category that could describe my life.

What is something that most people would find surprising about you?

That I can't remember song titles? No, I think that secret is out. Maybe that I'm super organized in my life. I'm a planner, write everything down in a calendar, keep files of every bill and receipt, organize my closet by color, but when I write I don't have a plan. I just start writing and let what happens, happen. My writing process is the complete opposite of my life process. I have no idea why, but since it works I try not to fight it.

What do you love/like most about your birthday?

I love that people who love me remember it and celebrate it with me. I think birthdays are a wonderful celebration. You were born! I'm so glad you're here!

What has been your most memorable present?

Oh, that's tough. I have a few to choose from, but I'll pick my first trip to England. I've wanted to go to England since I was twelve years old yet never could find the time or money to go. I finally went with my husband on the eve of my birthday a few years ago. When the plane was descending over England at dawn, my husband turned to me and whispered, "Happy Birthday!" It was a very sweet moment.

When was the last time you dressed up for Halloween? What were you?

Oh, wow, I think I was in college. I was a black cat. I remember it was a very comfortable outfit, which is important. How can you have fun if you're wearing something that pinches, itches, or blinds you?

Scary Movie person yes/no? If yes, which is your favorite scary movie?

Hey, I'm the sort of person who jumps when something pops up in an animated kiddie movie so I'm not a scary movie girl. I'm high-strung enough without any help.

Haunted house... yes/no? Have you ever been to a haunted house?

No, I never have. Not even those pretend kind at Halloween festival.

Prezzies time... And who does not like prezzies!!! I know I sure do.. So, what does Ms. Dain have in store for us::::

The present is.... A signed copy of The Courtesan's Secret. (It is only open to US only ~ but if you know someone who is willing to ship it for you... throw your name in there please)

What do I have to do to win.... Tell me a story of your favorite Halloween?
Short, long, whatever kind of story you want to share.

Please do not forget to leave me your email address so that we can get in touch with you!!!!!

The contest ends Saturday, October 17th... winner will be announced sometimes on Sunday... You will have till Wednesday, October 21st to respond back to me or contact me if you did not leave an email address...
Good luck to all... Oh... and before I forget....
There is still time to enter for Ms. Kimber Chin's giveaway...

I hope you ladies are having as much fun as I am having...
Hope you enjoyed and have a great day!


  1. Hello! Interesting interview Ladies! I took that offered drink and wouldn't mind transporting that fireplace to my part of the world ‘cause temperatures here are below zero (and that's in Celsius degrees) :) Anyway, sorry about book sales, I hope it will go up. Sorry to report that in my country Halloween isn't celebrated so I have no funny stories. We do have carnivals in February, and I did go as a child but never as a full grownup (whatever that is...). I loved to dress up and I was always a character from a fairytale: witch, princess, Little Red Riding Hood, rabbit etc. It would be nice to do it again as a grownup :) Good luck with the third book, Ms. Dain!

  2. Thanks for the drinks (and eye candy Caleb!). I'm hearing good things about this book, and since my OCD won't let me read them out of order I'll have to go get the others :)

    Hmmm...Halloween story? Once when I was a kid (about 5 years old) I was trick-or-treating and when the lady opened her front door I fell off her porch into her bushes! I cried and she gave me an extra piece of candy.

  3. GREAT INTERVIEW! I love the fun questions. I would have to say my fav Halloween is when I was 12 (7th grade) I was an upsidedown person. My mom made this outfit and it looked like I was standing on my head! I was covered head to toe. Or rather Toe to head (which was this big stuffed head between my legs). It was my fav because I won my first contest EVER! And it was a clock radio! I was so thrilled!



  4. Good Morning Cecile and Ms. Dain,

    I could really use that fire this morning..-4 degrees celcius,its freezing..Caleb I need a drink to warm me up.And make it a big one :)
    And a piece of cake..gotta have my morning drink and cake ;)

    Great interview,another new author to me. As for a favorite halloween,hmm,I don't remember them when I was a little kid so they weren't that at 12-13 I dressed up as a serial killer,glued boxes of empty cereal to my outfit and cariied a fake bloodied knife :) and went to my first real halloween party.that was pretty fun.

    **takes sip of drink**ahh Caleb you make a mean drink now come warm me up I'm positive you could do a better job than the fire **evil grin**

  5. HI :D
    Great interview, yummy cake, oh and Caleb of course.

    Well we don't celebrate Halloween. We have All Saints Day, on Nov 1 st or whenever. Light candles on graves and think about the dead. A dark, quiet day

  6. No need to enter me in this one!!

    I think I'm going to go sit as close to the fireplace as I can. It's a damp 36F here, with more snow in the forecast.

  7. Good Morning Claudia and Cecile!!

    Great party and interview!! My favorite Halloween....I loved trick or treating as a kid but honestly some of my favorite ones were when we got to dress my now 22 year old up for trick or treating! Her first year she went as Winnie The Pooh (still have the costume) and then the next year as Tigger (still have that one tucked away in the Hope Chest too!)Seeing a holiday through a child's eye is amazing!!

  8. good morning!!

    Claudia that story about your birthday trip was so sweet!
    The cover is beautiful btw.

    Halloween story--scratching my head. I was never really big into Halloween, that was my brother's area. One year I dressed up as a baby with a few of my friends and walked the neighborhood with a pacifier in my mouth, think I was 14). Another year I dressed as a French Maid and learned the Macarena! Had to have a few drinks first of course.

  9. Lovely interview, Cecile and Ms. Dain.

    Thanks for eye candy and beautiful cake. Hello, Caleb, remember my favorite drink? Yummy.

    Halloween stories?! Yup, since I'm a huge fan of Hallows Eve. I try to dress in costume every year and now that we have kids, its so much more fun and besides I can raid the kids candy stash. Well, its more that we barter for goodies,LOL.

    I remember one year (BK-before kids) I worked for a large morgage company. Halloween was big thing and they even threw a party after work with all the trimming. Each department decorated their floor and come up with a dress theme. I suggested "brides from hell" theme. It was to die co-workers came through: we had Frankenstein's bride, vampire bride, Texas bride, ghost bride, and I came as a pregnant mail-order bride with a huge stamped envelope on my belly!!!

    armiefox at yahoo dot com

  10. Heather D, thank you! It was a very sweet birthday moment. I love birthdays! Mine is coming up so I'm getting in the mood now. I'm a big believer in taking the whole month to celebrate, do it right!

  11. Hi Cecile and Claudia,
    What an interview, I am soaking up the halloween vibe here...since we are low on it in the netherlands LOL. I wantz me a piece of pie...Caleb, I haz got no clue what cocktails you've got but I am willing to try the upper left one *grin*

    And Host, we got carnival in february too where peeps dress up and towns change names.

    Hhhmmm I don't have a favorite Halloween moment and must remedie this in the future *grin*

  12. My favorite Halloween was dressing up with my friends and telling scary stories in one of my friend's old victorian house which was supposedly haunted. There were some creepy occurrences like gusts of cold wind in an enclosed room and some flickering lights and appliances turning on and off. This led to us getting freaked out and immediately leaving the house.

  13. Great interview! And since it's so cold and raining here today please send the fireplace and a hot toddy my way.

    My favorite Halloweens were definitely from childhood since I don't do the party scene now. One year I dressed up as an ambulance (since I'm in a wheelchair I actually looked pretty realistic) and even had a working light and siren attached to me. It certainly got peoples attention.

    I hope sales pick up for your books! I hate when series end without proper closure.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  14. All the best for that next book, Ms Claudia! It looks like a wonderful read!! And right up my alley (no pun intended;)

    Tell, me what/who lured you into writing this series??

    Just meandered over to Cecile's (felt the warmth of that outdoor fireplace(its hovering around 40* here brr) AND she promised me cake on Caleb or was that cake FROM Caleb...
    silly, how the memory starts to go, isn't it?

    Now, where is that spatula....

    Amanda M.

  15. Great interview. When I was a kid, my mom and I would make popcorn balls and watch Halloween movies every year on Halloween. I have great memories of those times spent with my Mom.


  16. Great interview:)

    I have a ton of Halloween stories- we have been going to an adult party for the past ten years..most are the kind of stories that shouldn't be repeated...LOL.

    Last year my husband came as the Will Ferrell Elf guy - he threw confetti and fake snow in everyone's face. It was funny.

  17. Any halloween when my kids dressed up and the last time I dressed up was a few years ago and I wore a renaissance costume.

    Great interview and great cover!

  18. What a great blog, Cecile! I'm definitely making this one of my regular stops. What fun-- and Caleb is seeeeexy!

  19. Hi Cecile and Claudia! Terrific interview ladies!!! And thank you Cecile for the drink and cake and for Caleb ahem! LOL ;) Stellar questions and answers I really enjoyed them all! How cool that your writing gets to be so free form when your so organized Claudia! And the trip to England story that is too sweet sounds like you definitely got a keeper there! :)

    I do so hope that the series gets to continue it would be such a shame for it to end! :( I'm a huge fan of the series and I wanna see it all play out the way you had planned Claudia!

    Please don't enter me in the contest as I already have all the books but Hmmm Halloween story. I guess my favorite one was when my son was 1 it was his first Halloween and we dressed him up as a tiger in a full costume it was sooooo cute!!!!! I treasure those photos to this day.

  20. Hey Host!!!
    This was a great interview! A drink special for you coming up!!! And doesn't that fireplace look so inviting. When I saw it, I knew it belonged in this house! Especially for all my friends that are facing "winter like temps" right now! Glad you like it! I am very sorry to hear that your country does not celebrate Halloween =( We might have to fix that for next year! We have fall festivals (our local churches or schools) and then we have spring festivals. Hell, any reason to drink and "party" is enough down here in Louisiana to consider it a festival! You know you could always do a costume party for your birthday... or hell... just to have a party! Might start something over there ;)

    ~Patti, hey hon! I hope you are feeling much better today! I am like you Patti... I have to read in order... which is a good thing for an author. Cuz that means that I will be buying all the books, not just one! I hope you like the books! You fell off the porch... OMG.. :} Hey, at least you got an extra piece of candy out of the deal!

    ~Book Junkie! Hey there!! Thank you! An upsidedown person... Wow... Now that is cool! If you got pictures and want to share let me know!! =) And you won the contest! YOU GO GIRL!!!

    ~Elaing8 **Cecile screams** Yay, I am so glad that you were able to make it today!!! I thought you might to see Mr. Caleb up close and personal again!!! **evil smile** How is the fire and Caleb this afternoon... Damn that is cold! Girl, park your butt right in front of the fire! Hey... let's roast some marshmallows!!! Yum!
    I am glad that I could bring a new author to light to you! She is a wonderful author! I hope you buy and like her books! She is super sweet! You do know I am killing myself over here... Cereal Killer!!! ROFLMAO!!!! Love it love it!

    ~Blodeuedd! Hey honey! How is the weather where you are... Everyone seems to be a bit chilly lately! Hope you stay toasty warm by the fire! Thank you! I enjoyed interviewing Ms. Dain! She is a pleasure to talk to! I am sorry to hear that your country does not celebrate Halloween either! Damn, we might have to start a new custom across the pond over there!!
    We do a remembrance of All Saint's Day too. Nov 1st., you are right.
    A very somber day.

    ~Chris!! Thanks for coming by and showing your support here honey!!! It means a lot to me! Oh... chilly for sure! Honey, pull up a chair, they are all around!!!

    ~Blanche! Hey honey! I am glad that you could make it! Thank you, I hope everyone is enjoying themselves! Oh the memories... **sniff sniff** they grow up so fast... Those with babies... hold on to those moments and remember them!!! Thanks for sharing that with us Blanche!

    ~Heather D! Thanks for coming by!
    If you don't mind me asking, what would your brother do for Halloween?

    ~Armenia! Hey there!! Glad you could make it! Thank you!
    Don'tcha love my eye candy and the cake... Just take a peek to the rest of the month that has gone by... I have some yummy cakes to feast upon!!! And I do believe Caleb remembers your favorite drink!! ***yayayay another person who dresses up every year!!!***
    Yea, I use to try that with my daughter... Share candy... but she would hoard it in her room... till like Easter! So, when I started giving out candy at home... I buy what I want to eat! That way I can Treat myself!! LOL!! I would have so loved to be at that company you worked for!! That sounds awesome! I am dying... "I came as a pregnant mail-order bride with a huge stamped envelope on my belly!!!" I would love to have seen that!! OMG... LMAO!!!

    ~Claudia Dain! I want to thank you for joining us today!! It was an honor to have you here! I hope you enjoyed yourself!

  21. ~Leontine!!!! **Waves frantically**
    Hey honey! I am glad that you were able to come out and play with us! Thank you! I am glad that you are feeling the Halloween Vibes... Just wait till tomorrow!! I have some new pictures!!! Thanks to Elaing!!! ***mmaahhaawwhhhaaaa**
    So, do you guys celebrate Halloween as well... or no?? We will have to remedy this for next year! I am declaring a universal Halloween party for next year no matter where you live!!!!!
    OH... the Caleb, I mean cake is delicious!!! And his CoCktails are just as scrumptious!!! **evil gleam in my eyes... and a very wicked smile on my face**
    So, for your festivals, the towns change names?? Like if it was called Fun Town, it now has a new name for the day?? Need to know more... lol!!

    ~jeanette8042! I am so glad that you were able to make it! I hope you have been well! Now that sounds like a spooky Halloween to me!!! I like this story!

    ~Joder!! Hey honey! How have you been?! I hope all is well with you! Thank you! Oh, yes, please pull up a chair. I promise you will not get wet and you will stay night and toasty! And the drinks will make you even warmer!!
    Now that is an original idea "(Since I'm in a wheelchair I actually looked pretty realistic) and even had a working light and siren attached to me. It certainly got peoples attention."

  22. ~Ms. A!! I am so glad that you were able to make it here!! I promised you something good to eat!! LOL!! And don'tcha love that fireplace! And oh woman, I like the way your mind works!! ~she promised me cake on Caleb or was that cake FROM Caleb~ **evil grin** Running in the kitchen to get spatula!! Thanks for coming Ms.A!! Hope you have a great night!

    ~CrystalGB! Thanks for visiting! Hope you stick around! Thank you! Oh... we don't make Popcorn balls, but hubby, daughter and I love to watch Halloween movies... All the Disney ones, Hocus Pocus (is a must) and of course the Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin!!!!

    ~Mandi! Hey Ms. Smexy!! Thank you hon, I am glad that you could come over and visit!!! And I am so glad to hear that you still dress up... **offering Mandi some alcohol so she will share her stories... I share mine if you share yours... wink**

    ~Kira!! I am so glad that you could make it! Thanks for coming!
    Oh... a renaissance costume ~ love it! Thank you!

    ~Tracy Wolff!!! Hey there! I am so glad that you were able to come over!!! Thank you for the kind compliment on my blog! I do love my home! Awww thanks!!! Yea, Caleb is my very smexy alpha male!!

    ~JennJ!!Hey honey!!! You are more than welcome for all of it! I love to share! Who better to share with than my dear friends! Thank you... I tried to think of some "real conversation" questions, if there is such a thing! LOL!! And I love those memeories ~"I guess my favorite one was when my son was 1 it was his first Halloween and we dressed him up as a tiger in a full costume it was sooooo cute!!!!!~"

  23. @Cecile
    And his CoCktails are just as scrumptious!!!

    **spews drink all over screen**
    Bad girl :-)

    Caleb I need another drink!!

  24. ~Elaing!!!! I am glad that I could make you spew!!!! ROFLMFAO!!!!!

    ***ohhhh, the things we do...****

    Ladies, Ms. Claudia emailed me this evening... She wanted to apologize for not being able to comment today. For some reason, my post comment button did not want to work. Her apologizes go to you all. Hopefully tomorrow, her and I can work this out so she can comment to you all!!!
    Thanks for coming!!

  25. I so love this series of Claudia! Don't put me in the contest since I have this one and just need the new DUKE one! Gosh so great to read your interview (and those pics went perfect with this!
    Its freezing here but my reads keep me warm! I so am trying not to turn on heat yet, even with 30 degrees at night, brrr. Claudia, thanks for all these wonderful historical reads!

    Cecilia, Come check out my blog at , You won a blog award! Congrats!

  26. Joder, thank you! I tried to write the next book, Daring a Duke, out in July, as the end of Act I. I think if that's the last book it will end okay. Not the way I wanted it to, and with so many characters still waiting for their story to be told! But I wanted readers to have some sense of closure if worst came to worst.

  27. Amanda, I don't know what gave me the idea for the series. I knew I wanted to write a Regency because I love all the protocol and word play of that period, but how I came up with the idea for a half Iroquois heroine? It just came to me!

  28. JennJ, thank you! I'm so glad that you're enjoying the series. I know I am. It's a fun world full of funny people who do the most interesting things. My real life is so quiet and normal...its' a great place to escape to.

  29. Caffey, brr! It's freezing where I live too and I'm resisting turning on the heat. Makes it hard to type with blue fingertips.

    Thank you for your kind words about the series.

  30. I am so sorry about not being able to respond yesterday. I don't know what it was with my post button, but it would not respond to me. I replied once, when to check my email, and then was frozen out for the rest of the day. Cecile has once again (oy) scooted me in with her magic and I'm trying to answer you all frantically while the magic holds. If you don't hear from me again (sounds so ominous), blame my button!

  31. Mandi, I would have loved to see your husband as Elf! That must have been hilarious.

  32. Host, thanks! I hope sales and temps go up. It seems cold to me for October. Or maybe my blood is thinning?

  33. Patti, your OCD is serving you well. Reading the books in order is the best way to do it. Of course, I have a touch of OCD myself so my opinion may be biased.

  34. Book Junkie, you won a clock radio? That is so cool! The only thing I've ever won is a coffee maker...and I don't drink coffee. LOL

  35. Elaing8, thanks for taking the time to meet a new author! There are so many good books out there, how to find them all? I rely a lot on word of mouth. I've read some great books that I never would have found otherwise. Has anyone read The Summer of Two Wishes by Julia London? Really good!

  36. Blod, my birthday is All Saint's Day! I love that day. *g*

  37. Blanche, I've kept my children's first Halloween costumes too. I hope to see my grandchildren wear them someday. t

  38. HeatherD, I love this cover too. They've been really great about giving me wonderful covers, but this one is my favorite. The cover counts! I have a hard time buying a book with a blah cover, especially if I've never read the author before.

  39. jeanette, that sounds like the most perfect halloween ever! Truly spooky and in the mood. I wish I'd been there.

  40. Crystal, when I was a kid they'd always show The Wizard of Oz around Halloween so I think of that as a Halloween movie now. Popcorn in front of the TV, Over the Rainbow, and a bag of candy somewhere in my immediate future...that's Halloween to me.

  41. Hi Cecile and Claudia! I don't need the fire down here in Florida but I'll take a drink from Caleb;)I really enjoyed the interview and the trip to England what a sweetie you have. My favorite Halloween would be the year my kids were dressed as Winnie the Pooh(18 month old) and Tinker Bell(5 yr old)they were so cute and adorable!

  42. My favorite Halloween was the year I FINALLY got to go without supervision. My friend and I were dressed in fatigues. My feet hurt so much at the end of the night but I had a lot of fun.
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  43. When I was about four, I remember making ghosts out of rocks and tissues with my cousins before going out to trick or treat. We didn't have much but those were the good old days.

    deidre_durance at hotmail dot com

  44. Piano recital in a Catholic church on Halloween, my little girl in a Superman costume with huge chest muscles playing Minuet in G -- unforgettable!


  45. Hi Cecile, Ms. Dain

    Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, always has been. All Saints Day and Day of the Dead are good too. Love Day of the Dead bread, cinnamon and licorice tasting.

    I've always loved fairy tales too, explains my love of Tinkerbell.

    Dottie :)


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