Thursday, October 1, 2009

A surprise for You & Me!!!!

***Prize has been claimed, thanks to everyone for coming out to my place***
**Mari won!**

I hope you like my new home! It is a birthday present from a very special friend of mine!
She is amazing!!! And for this new look I have a prezzies for someone.... Keep reading!
I love to be a Wicked Witch and she was perfect!!! Hope you enjoy!

And, I just wanted to see Caleb again... This time a little closer!!!
He is taking drink orders!!

And for a little fun... I have a book to give away...
This is the book...

This is what you have to do...
Caleb wants to know:
What's your favorite drink (alcohol or non)?

I will use Random Man ( to pick a winner.

This contest will end Friday night at the stroke of Midnight!
**Drink Special Contest**
And I will announce a winner sometime Saturday!

But stick around for tomorrow...
Mandi at Smexy Books is going to be here!!!!
The party continues...
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  1. Looks like a sweet book.
    My fav drink, hm, well not alcohol since it makes me feel sick at once. I do like milk, it's taste good and good with cookies :)

  2. I love your new look! It's beautiful!! Caleb is pretty beautiful too :)

    Fave drink - Diet coke, or if it's alcoholic - margarita on the rocks w/salt.

    No need to enter me - just wanted to help celebrate!

  3. *heart eyes* very up.clode.and.personal *sigh* "Hey you" wink.

    I love to drink me a Bailey's but also a coke and stroh rum mix is a favorite drink of mine.

  4. No need to enter me. :) My favorite drink is good gf beer.

  5. Good Morning Cecile
    I love the new layout.The purple looks great.

    I don't know if I have one favorite :-) its a toss up between a Singapore Sling and a Mudslide.

    **winks at Caleb**
    Sweet Caleb,its a little early so can you please make me a Mimosa

    How are your dancing skills Caleb? We ladies love to dance......anywhere :-)

  6. Hey! It's your birthday month, Ms Cecile!! And who is this delectable green eyed rush to the system that you have blessed my eyes with this morning!! Lokking forward to my visit later on to help celebrate one of my fav months of the year! Happpy BD, darlin!

    Amanda M.

  7. I love the new look!!!

    Happy early Birthday. I love the month of October. I live in the south and this is when it normally starts cooling off. My son's birthday is the 20th and then you have Halloween, which always brings back some really good memories of my brother. He loved Halloween!

    My favorite drink...hmmmm... coffee with flavored creamer in the morning and most of the day. Give me a Margarita anytime with Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville or that Coconut song from Practical Magic playing in the background and you have an excellent night with the girls!!

    If I am with the hubby it is a nice glass of wine (anything but red) or a glass of Crown and coke with a twist of lime!

  8. Oh my goodness gracious! This is Hot Hot HOT! What a naughty picture on the top. I LOVE it!
    The color is divine as is the layout.
    I don't know where you found Caleb, but I hope you are willing to share him - yummy!
    Thanks sooo much for the new eye candy of a site.
    Terry Kate
    Romance in the Backseat

  9. The Book Resort ~ Pina Colada's! I see you having one on the resort!!

    Blodeuedd ~ Ohh... Milk with fresh baked Chocolate Chip Cookies!!! YUMMY!!!

    Patti ~ Thank you honey! I am so excited about my new look! I am glad that you came to celebrate with me! Stick around!!!!

  10. Leontione ~ You sly woman!!!! You know I will very kindly share Caleb with you!! And I thought that picture of him was very much needed; since we will be seeing him a lot this month!!

    Oh, a Bailey's girl! OR Rum & Coke. Nice... I can see Caleb will be fixing that a lot!! I better go stock up!

    Chris ~
    GF beer? Won't enter you, but you better stick around!!! LOL!

    Elaing8 ~
    There is my party girlfriend!!!
    Good morning to you to honey!! Thank you! Well, I am sure that Caleb can make both for you!
    Oh a Mimosa, you are right, that would be good right about now!

  11. Amanda McIntyre ~
    Hey Ms. A! Oh that delicious man is my personal bartender. He will see to your needs! He was also a birthday present to me!!!
    I am sooo looking forward to celebrating my birthday with all of you!!! This is going to be fun!!!

    Heather D ~
    Thanks honey ~ for both, the compliment and the wishes!!
    Oh girl, I wish we lived closer!! I absolute love October!!! This is my favorite month of the whole year! Oh cool.. My daughter's birthday is the 22nd!
    Sounds like your brother and I would have gotten along just great then. When I was younger (when parents were married) I have very good memories of my birthday parties and the haunted houses my brother would make with his friends at our house!

    Hey, I am all for drinks to share with my girlfriends!!! And the ones you have... You just can't go wrong!

    Terry Kate ~
    Thank you!!! I am lovin the hottness of my new place!! I think I may sit and stare at it all day long and just not work!!!
    I am glad that you came over! Make sure you stick around for the whole month and let me know if you want to be entered to win!
    Caleb found me!!! **evil wink**
    I share, as long as he comes home to me!!! LOL!!

  12. Hi Cecile!

    I LOVE your new pretty!!

    Favorite drink....I don't really drink alcohol so I'm going to say Dr. Pepper which I'm seriously trying to stop drinking, and Coke Zero!

  13. Blanche! Hey honey!
    Thank you so much!!! I am loving my new home too!!! Very much!

    I will keep a stock of Coke Zero on hand for you! I don't mind stocking my bar with whatever your hearts desire!!!
    Thanks for coming!

  14. Beautiful new layout Cecile - just lovely!! You enjoy. :)

    Thank you for your kind giveaway - pre birthday celebration. :)

    My favorite drink is coffee. :P

    I know, boring... lol

    Take care

  15. My favourite drink is coffee!

  16. Hey Lea~
    Thank you very much!! I am really loving my new home! It is everything I could have imagined!!!
    You know I love giving things away!!!

    Coffee... never boring!! I love coffee... especially since I discovered flavor coffees!!
    Thanks for coming over to play with us Lea!!!

    Hey there!!
    Oh, another coffee lover! Making a grocery list... Making sure to have everything every one wants!

  17. ~ Elaing8 ~
    **I am winking back at you**
    Cecile has told me all about you honey!
    A Mimosa for the lady this morning! Just let me know when you want something a little stronger **evil grin**

    And honey, I can dance with the best of them. I am at Cecile's service, so I know all about the tables... I have reinforced them all!!!

  18. Hi Cecile! Just a quick Hi from the trip. Love your new look - great giveaway!!!

    P.S. Concert was GREAT!

  19. Yowzaa! Lookin' hot Cecile!!! I'm lovin' the sultry new diggs.

    My fave drink, well truthfully I'm not a big drinker. My body hates me when I do. Not fun. But if I'm in a mood to disregard the inevitable following day of hell, I'm generally a rum and coke kinda girl. Pretty standard but I'm not one to venture when it comes to alcohol.

    Love the new place, girl! Happy early Birthday!

    (((hugs))) VFG

  20. ~Hey Host!! I am glad that you dropped by! Thank you! I am loving it up too!!
    Yay, I am glad that the concert was great!!! Can't wait to hear about it!

    You like it... =) I love it!!! It is awesome!!!
    LMAO "My body hates me when I do." I think all of our bodies hate it when indulge in the alcohol beverages...!!!
    Rum & Coke... Well, I make sure we keep you away from it, don't want you to have a hell'va next day!!!
    Thanks for the early birthday wish!! And for the hugs!!!!

  21. Woo hoo Birthday month!
    A smokin' hot look, Cecile.
    Very naughty.

    My fave drink is lemonade
    (tart like I am).
    If Caleb wishes (and my very protective hubby isn't around),
    he may sip it from my belly button!

    No need to enter me.
    I'm lucky to have an overflowing TBR pile.

  22. Hi everybody *waves* snuggles up to Caleb. Man, have I had a busy done with cooking, dishes and groceries and I am done with the desperate houswife routine so hit my up with a double baileys so I can talk some with the girls here.

    I don't know about you all but I can smell the weekend approaching! This means some undisturbed reading time. I received Sherrilyn Kenyon this week with Born Of Night and it is interesting so far. Also 534 pages 0-0 and I was so stressed when I found out COVET by JR WARD only was dispatched 3 days that one might take another week :( That is also a book of around 500 pages. I don't know about you but with the Fall here I want to sink my teeth in the more meatier books.

    Caleb, thanks for the baileys *grin* Takes a sip or two, three, four...aahhh that tastes soooo good. My sister can tell ya a story about me and baileys *rolls eyes* She lived in Ireland for about 2 years I think and since we have such a strong connection it wasn't long before I headed to Ireland. And what do the Irish do on a saturday? Of course...they all go to the pub. So sis and I strolled in to a pub and believe it or not, it was one right out of a book with a fireplace and a rocking chair where the older people can sit and tell younger peeps stories of long ago or the myths told from father to son and from mother to daughter. It was se weird that it was actually so and the Irish peeps were so nice. Anywho...I was in Ireland, in a pub and my drink had to be Baileys. So the bartender poured me a double on the rocks...okay, the first one went in reaaaaaaal smooth. The second one even better and the third I as having rosy cheeks. So sis and I talked, laughed and after an hour or 2-3 we said goodbye and we bumped in to a man who actually said lass to us LOL

    So with a teeny, tiny bit too much to drink my bloodstream hit the cold October weather outside and woohoo I felt like flying LOL Sis put me in her car and on the way home I had to take pics of a statue...a woman with outstretched hands who welcomed the sailors back home. I was full of energy but at 5-6 AM I was exhausted and crashed...let me say that when I woke up after 4-5 hours the reflection in the mirror wasn't pretty :D

    Crap, look at Baileys and off I go *blush*

  23. Hey Girl...

    I am loving the new look and all in your favourite colours...

    Your tag line also says it all - a whole lot of hussy talk to be found here...

    Don't enter me for the contest... and of course you know I am Pepsi on the rock sort of girl...

    Enjoy today hon..


  24. Hi Cecile!

    Looks great, enjoy the new digs!

    Dottie :)

  25. ahh and me are gonna get along just fine ;)

    how about some tequila shots?

    **Caleb puts 4 shot glasses on bar and fill them up***
    wow..slow down darlin' I can't drink all those shots
    ***downs all 4***blushes***I guess I can

    A few more tequila shots and I'll be ready for those tabletops :)

    Now its you and me on the dance floor..I have to see those moves.Who's joining us?

  26. Kimber ~ Hey honey!
    Yayayayay!! Woo hoo, it is my birthday month!
    Thank you ma'am! I am loving my new home!! It feels very naughty!!!

    You are a little tart!! LOL!!

    **I think I see Caleb looking around to see if The Wizard is around, lol**
    Glad you stopped by!!! Make sure to stick around for more Caleb and fun!

  27. Leontine!!! That is what a bartender does... Fixes drinks and listens to a woman!!! I am so glad that you shared your story. Ireland huh... Mine if I look you up if I ever make it that way??
    I am sure you are always beautiful, no matter the time!

    **Make mental note, give Leontine more Bailey's, Evil grin**

  28. Erotic! Hey honey!
    Thank you very much! I love my new place! It is pure hussy heave I tell you!
    I had to put hussy in here somewhere... and do not forget about my Sex On A Stick Men!!!
    I am glad that you like it!
    **Caleb, make sure you have Pepsi back there for Erotic!**

    Hey honey! I am so glad that you were able to make it! Thank you! It rocks, doesn't it!

  29. ~Elaing8~
    We will get along great, I can see it now! *evil grin*

    This woman knows her way around Tequila!! Will order more!

    Honey, the tabletops have been inspected by me and Cecile... We made sure they could stand up!

    **Grabs Elaing8 hands and heads to the dance floor... Oh, you will see my moves **wicked grin**

  30. Caleb, you are as smooth as my second baileys going down *grin* Thanks for listening to me Caleb, just going to sit a moment more and then I am off to bed but rest assured 'I'll be back' mwuuahahahahaha That was a cheap drunk joke *wink*

  31. Hey Elaing8!! I am coming too... hold on for me...

    **Caleb dear... I need a drink and make it a strong one!! I have to catch up to Elaing**

  32. ~Leontine~
    Honey, by the time Cecile's party is over, you will know how smooth I am. You are more than welcome honey, that is what I am here for... To service (Cecile first) the ladies of Cecile's place. I look forward to seeing more of you around. And I love your check drunk joke. That made my day. Go rest dear... we have a busy day tomorrow...

  33. service? **evil grin**

  34. My favorite drink is Sangria, when the fruit is mixed in!

  35. Elaing8
    Caleb is a delight, isn't he!!!**very evil grin**

    Mari~ Welcome to the party!! Oh, my SIL love Sangria's!! Hope you stick around!!

  36. Cosmoplitan for sure!

    Cecile, GORGEOUS new site.
    love it love it love it!

    What a talented friend you have!

  37. Favorite non-alcoholic drink would be Coca-Cola Classic.

    Favorite alcoholic drink would be a Margarita on the rocks with salt. :)

  38. ~Pelehini aka Lisa~
    Hey hon! Thank you very much!
    Oh... I love Cosmopolitan's!!
    Leontine is very talented!! She rocked this out the park for me!!!
    Thanks for stopping by!

    Hi! Oh goodie... new friend... Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great time here!
    Liking your drink choices!

  39. I'll take either a diet cheerwine or a lava lamp (soda vs fruit juice & rum).

  40. Absolut ruby red with tonic, please, unless we're getting REALLY rowdy, in which case, ARR and champagne. YUM!

    Happy Birthday Cecile! No need to enter me, I just wanted to stop by and wish you great felicitations!

    And I LOVE the new blog!


  41. Hello!!! I love meeting new people!
    Sewicked, thanks for stopping by!
    Lava Lamp?? Sounds like a very interesting drink!

    Bella, Now that is a drink! And it gets pretty rowdy... Might want to go with the champagne!
    Thank you very much for the wishes!!! And the compliment!! Thank you both for stopping by, hope to see more of you!!

  42. Love the great new look hon! Congrats and Caleb is very nice to gaze upon as well! whewwwww ;)

    BIG HUGS and looking forward to more October fun here with ya dear!


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