Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Giveaway with Leontine... It's all Supernatural....

When Cecile invited me to join in her birthday celebration with a hot guy, a cake and a present all I asked was; “When and where and I’ll be there!”
So I invite you all to come join me in the Lounge for some birthday cake and bubblies to toast the birthday girl. “Happy birthday Cecile. I hope you will have many more years to come in good health and full of love, laughter, family and friends. With many good conversations about all that happens in life and of course many good books to read and to talk about. Cecile, here is to you! May we enjoy your presence in blogosphere for a very, very long time.” :D

My man-sandwich, how do you take yours?

There are various male archetypes but if there is one type of male I can’t get enough of than it is the bad-boy and when that bad-boy is joined by a knight in shining armor then it is hello, good morning and goodnight, I am in testosterone heaven! I hope everyone is comfy in the Lounge as I want to talk about one of my favorite subjects; the sandwich of the bad boy and the knight in shining armor. I am always in the mood for this kind of man-sandwich but it got quite a bit of fuel again with my re-discovered passion for the TV series SUPERNATURAL. And yes, I am talking Dean and Sam Winchester:

It all started with an innocent conversation on Twitter and as many things on twitter may start innocent it often doesn’t stay that way! I found above picture to give a visual on Dean and Sam to a fellow tweep and from that conversation I started to watch the re-runs and the first season on DVD. Oh how I caught the Winchester fever watching those episodes because nothing is more tantalizing to me then two hot men defeating evil in all shapes and sizes while on a quest to revenge their mother’s death. As I was watching Dean and Sam’s storylines unfold for a second time I wondered what it was about these two guys that got me all hot and bothered.

Dean Winchester is the oldest, the toughest, the one shouldering all responsibility but damn it if he will follow the rules, in short, a loner. He wears a leather jacket, he rides a black 1967 Chevy Impala and he is inseparable with both. The Chevy doors creak but the engine still purrs and the car becomes every bit as hallmark for Dean’s personality as his ‘I-don’t-need-nobody-to-get-the-job-done’ attitude. Now Sam is something else; he defied their father’s lifestyle as a hunter and went to college, is preparing himself for law school and has an incredible girlfriend to boot. He stands in the middle of life, enjoying all the facet’s, he is polite, friendly, easy going, people instinctively trust him and he has more than enough friends. The lives of Dean and Sam couldn’t be further apart, Dean was hunting all things that go bump in to the night and then some as Sam was living the all American dream for a twenty-one year old. Why don’t I let this youtube clip give you another brief taste of SUPERNATURAL and the Winchester brothers:

BEWARE -> Youtube clip for peeps older than 18 due to some violence. May contain series spoilers!

*oh jeez, are we back again?!* Right…yes…okay…where was I again? Right, the man-sandwich. Well, each side of the sandwich contains its own set of ingredients I hunger for but it is the combination of both sides that creates the full addictive flavor. Let me give it to you the way I see it but feel free to add to it in your comments:

Bad Boy characteristics:

* confidence is various degrees going from arrogance to true cockiness.
* He exudes a raw, untamed virility. The “born to be wild” factor.
* He does the things his own way or it is the highway.
* They don’t show their emotions very often but when they do it comes from the soul.
* They have a sexual confidence.
* Oozes mysteriousness.
* There is a dark edge to their personality.
* Often their past is an incentive for their bad boy behavior/attitude.

Knight in Shining Armor characteristics:

* He is usually there when you need help, the need to rescue the “damsel in distress.”
* He is charming and easy going.
* Competent in what he does and comes through on his promises.
* They are also thoughtful and genuine.
* Most of the times he fulfills the role of a beta-male in stories.
* Has strong sense of right and wrong.

I love the dynamics between Dean and Sam because though one can be really type-cast as the bad boy and the other as a knight in shining armor, neither is truly a 100% bad are good. Besides their type it is the trials and tribulations that they share that show a strength, a bond, that goes beyond the mere loyalty of the blood. It is that bond between two men, who have had more than their share of shit to deal with, that fascinates me every time. The way they deal with it, sometimes with humor, sometimes with a fight, other times with an emotional moment that protrudes their personalities even more. Between them everything may be going to hell but when push comes to shove they stand by each other. In the end each can be labeled as an archetype bad boy and as a knight in shining armor. It is that innate nature of theirs that is challenged with an outside force which causes internal struggles and allows another archetype to emerge; the tortured lost soul..and don’t we all love those *grin*

Here are two of my favorites visual treats, one is with their father; John Winchester.

Sam and Dean Winchester have what it takes to become a “Leontine’s Original Man-Sandwich” there is nothing I would love more then to be caught in the middle!
Some more of my favorite man-sandwiches are: Nip/Tuck’s Christian Troy and Hugh Jackman as Leopold. In books I can only think of a few that shoot in to hotness stratosphere; Anne Bishop’s Deamon and Lucivar. I mean, correct me if I am wrong, it has been a while, but Daemon and Lucivar together in their standard hello: “hello prick” which is answered by a “hello asshole.” It is with this kind of dialogue that make me revel in the vibe of how two opposite men interact together.

Another one that quickly pops in my mind is C.L. Wilson’s Gaelen and Belliard, yowza…talk about Fey bad-boy and knight in shining armor!

Instead of me rambling on about what I like in a man-sandwich I ask you;

If you could have a man-sandwich, with whom would it be; a bad boy and a knight or some other archetype? Characters from books, TV, movies, actors and so on are all game.

In light of the Cecile’s celebration here is the present for you all to win:

This contest is open to all and closes on October 30th.
Leontine will pick the winner for this one!
**Please leave your email address in your comment**
**If you leave more than one comment, we only need the address once**

I want to thank Leontine for the kind words and the best blog place ever!!!!!
She pimped my place out!!!
(*(*(*(*(*Hugs & Kisses to you sister*)*)*)*)*)
You are truly one of the best!
I also want to thank her for this awesome giveaway she is having!!!
PS... I love my cake up there... I think I will be taking him to lick off that icing!!

Also, don't forget... there is still time to enter in Ms. Charlotte's Giveaway for
Winter's Desire!!! GO check that out!

Stay tune for tomorrow...
It's my baby's birthday ~ her Sweet 16!!!
Thanks to all you guys!! You are all truly the best friends a girl could ask for!!! =)

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  1. Hello Ladies! Lovely inteview :) Bad boys...mmmm... that's all I have to say!
    And yes, Cecile is one special Lady!

  2. Love the post Leontine... I agree why choose.

    I am glad we can have both...LOL

    Don't enter me please..

    Happy day 21 Cecile and I will be back tomorrow for my girl B/day....


  3. Yum, yum!
    I do like Dean, he is soooo bad, Sam I do not go for. But their dad, oh my *fans herself*
    Also *giggles* gotta love Castiel

    As for the sandwich, I will go with Richard Armitage's character Guy of Gisborne cos he is so bad and yes I have a crush on him. But who else, I can't even think of a knight in shining armour, I guess I don't fall for them. Well Legolas, but he he is an elf, and gotta love those. I'll just take him then ;)

    blodeuedd1 at gmail dot com

  4. Man sandwich - mmm...what an image! I've heard a lot about Supernatural, I guess I need to watch it (and North and South, and Lost in Austen).

    I like your good boy/bad boy list! My man sandwich would be Barrons/Christian from the fever series - yummy!

    pspinney AT cox DOT net

  5. I love this post!! How can you choose between the bad boy and the knight in shining armor. I want one of each!

  6. You know, I know you said a lot of stuff, but you had me at Dean Winchester. heathervlong(at)gmail(dot)com.

    Love, love, love me some Dean.

  7. Ooooh, yummy!

    My sandwich would be Gerard Butler & Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Both virile, brawny sexy men who would work well together or on their own ;)

  8. Oh, darn, I wish I went for the Knight, but I always go for the Bad Boy...

  9. @host - Thanks for dropping by host...bad boys are my main course too!

    @Erotic horizon - Hey hon! Some things are just just can't chose.

    @Blodeuedd - I luuuuurve Dea, oh man, every time he breaks down I want to run to him and make him feel aaaaall better. Sam, though still a bit young, I have a soft spot for too. I mean, come on, trough no fault of his own something as a baby happens to him which he has to deal with for the rest of his life. I really like the duality in both Sam & Dean.

    And girl, you had to go angel on me didn't you!! I just love the attitude of Castiel :)

    @Patti - oohhh Moning sandwich...very good choise!! Nothing like a mysterious man on one side and a powerful Celtic druid on the other. Mouth watering good!

    @Mandi - That is the joy of a sandwich, you do not have to chose! You can have one side with a man who is all bad boy and on the other side one who is going all knight attitude on you.

    @Heather Long - I know...who doesn't get sidetracked with that guy. I had the same thing looking for a great youtube vid to add to the post. I was tweaking post on PM and then hit the youtube site searching for Sam and Dean vids...yeah, before I knew it I was 45 minutes gawking at pc screen. Such good stuff is posted :d

    @Stacy - Jeffrey Dean Morgan...erm, I'm going to google his a$$ right now. Be back in a few :)

    @Chris - I understand! I always need a daily dose of bad boy...

  10. Good morning Cecile and Leontine

    Although I was in bed all day don't let your minds wander there ;) I had a migraine(where was Caleb when I needed him), Its nice to wake up,have a drink and read about man sandwiches first thing in the morning,my kind of gals ;)

    Loved the youtube clip,have you seen the show or youtube clip of Jensen Ackles where he lip syncs to a song (forget which one) it was freakin' funny!!

    My man sandwich?hmmm who to pick..I'd have to go with (my CDN boy) Taylor Kitsch and Jensen Ackles(I loved him when he was on Days Of Our Lives even more so now on Supernatural)
    But then can I ask for a side order of Caleb,Tristan,Aidan and Sam? Well I'm hungry :) and ordering it

    But I will share with all the ladies today..Cecile will have her hands full with Leontine's present..he sure looks like he's enjoying that chocolate..sigh..where was I..Lost my train of thought looking at that pic again..phew..its getting hot in here with all these men..

    Caleb,love,another drink...**Caleb gives me a look**What,it really was a migraine not a virtual**he hands me my drink**Cecile you throw one hell of a party!! Who's in charge of music? We need to dance,right Caleb?;)

    BTW is Mandi still in the barn? :)

    please enter my name in the giveaway.

  11. Sorry-- couldnt get past the pic of the guy licking chocolate off his hands....

    great post, Leontine!
    No need to enter me in the drawing, just wanted to stop in this morning and say hi to my sister friend, Cecile! This has been some kind of wonderful BD month for you !!

    Have a great day all!

    Amanda M

  12. ~Host! Good afternoon to you honey! Leontine did this herself. She is such a wonderful person! And to come up with a Man Sandwich... Only her (and Elaing8!!)) LMAO!
    Thank you **blushes** you know you are near and dear to my heart! Thank you for coming over! I know how much you have going on, so thank you!

    ~E.H.! Thank you for coming to the party! You know I enjoy having you here! As much as I wish we lived closer =)

    ~Blodeuedd!! Hey honey! How did I know you were going to chose Richard Armitage, hummm! Elf's need love too! I am glad that you are giving them some love!

    ~Patti! Hey Honey! I am loving up today's post.. A Man sandwich - can not go wrong with that!!! YUME! I have yet to watch Supernatural too **ducks head**
    Thanks for coming to the party honey!

    ~Mandi! You finally got out of the barn I see... You have a couple of pieces of hay in your hair dear... **clears throat, lol** You can have your cake and eat it too here!!! Just can't have Caleb or my cake man today... I am taking both of them to the barn today!!! **evil wicked grin!!!**

    ~ Heather Long! Hi there and welcome! I love it... "I know you said a lot of stuff, but you had me at Dean Winchester." That is funny! Hope you enjoy yourself here honey!

    ~Stacy~ Hey honey! Thanks for coming by!! Oh... my kinda sandwich... Gerard Butler. I'll take just him!!

    ~Chris!! Well, if you want two bad boys, you can have that too!! Who would you want?? Minds want to know, lol!! Thanks for coming today!

  13. Leontine! I want to thank you for this awesome post today and for the delicious presents you have given me here today!!! A girl could not ask for more!!! And to everyone, thanks for always coming! You all have made this best birthday a girl could ask for!!!

    ~Elaing8! I am sorry to hear that you spent all day in bed yesterday... With a "migraine." You sure about that, lol! Believe me, I know the feeling! But I am glad to see that you are feeling better today! You are not lying... who would not love to wake up to this kind of post!!!
    ***heart swoons at the mention of my man ~ Taylor Kitsch***
    Girl, when you place an order... you place a ORDER!!!! Love it!
    Sharing is always nice! We like to place here. But you are right... I will have my hands full with Leontine's present to me and Caleb!!
    Thanks Elaing... I am trying! @"Cecile you throw one hell of a party!!"

    **Music... oh... I hear "Clear the Dance Floor" I think that is the name. I so suck at titles, lol!!**

    ~Ms. A!! I am so glad that you could make it today! Isn't that present the best. I promise I will try to share him when it is your birthday!! **evil wink**
    You are to kind my sister! Love ya! As long as a girl has friends like you, I will always enjoy myself!

  14. This is my favorite subject ever! Hero's and all they can be.

    I tend to go for the bad-boy or dark hero. Maybe a sandwich between the two. :) There is just something that attracts me to a hero who is a tortured soul. A guy who doesn't give a flip what the world thinks and has his own agenda and rules.

    How about an alpha-dark-bad-boy? Can we combine them all? Is it possible??? Can I drool yet? hehe

    I know let's combine-- Acheron (Sherrilyn Kenyon's Acheron), Zadist (JR Ward Black Dagger Brotherhood), and Gabriel (Broken Wing by Judith James). *sighs* Oh yeah. Me want some of that!!

    You know I haven't seen that series you talk about, Leontine and I'm wondering why I've never heard of it. Seriously. I am missing out!

    Love the post!!
    kira daniels 1 at yahoo dot com

  15. I'm lost when it comes to "Supernatural". While I watch A LOT of TV, I only watch certain chanels with my fave shows like "The Office" or "Family Guy". Those two addictions are suplimented by reality shows and movies. So yeah, no primetime TV for this TV-aholic. ;)

    But on to more interesting things like my idea of a man sandwich. ;) Let's see... After watching the new and awesome "Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen" last night, I have to say that I'm kinda sprung on Shia LaBeouf and I'm also kinda ashamed of it. lol!! And since the other hottie in "Transformers" is Josh Duhamel, I'm thinkin' a yummy man sandwich would be Shia and Josh. With me in the middle. ;)

    Hugs, VFG

  16. Sorry to be a bit AFK...I was...distracted by angels, Joey W Hills angels in A Witch's Beauty. Now my mind does a wicked makes me think of Nalini Singh's Raphael *shivers of delight* and Hill's Jonah on the other side *rowr* some hawt angel stuff. Okay, straying a bit from initial topic :)

    @Elaing8 - Oh hon, migraine...I hope it is gone soon (((hugs))) And did I miss Ackles going idols on me? Why!!!

    @Amanda - I saw this pic and first I wanted to grab him for myself because...well because he is sinfully good looking, and tasting LOL But I hear my mother in the background saying: Leontine *peep middle name* *peep third name* didn't I teach you how to share!

    So I thought he was going to make an ab-fab pressie for Cecile's b-day party :D And Cecile is currently riding one chocolate induced high right now...and all she wants is more LOL

    @Cecile - *waves* Hey hon, thanks for making me join in your b-day fun :D

    @Kira - *shock* *gasp* you haven't heard of SUPERNATURAL before!!! You're missing out! And Kira, girl, you know my kind of guys and Gabriel has moved 3 placed up the TBR pile because of that. I got a brief taste with reading first 2 chapters of Broken Wing and I haven't forgotten about him.

  17. Would love to be in a man sandwich with Sam and Dean, love this show! I have friends who come over every Thursday night and we all watch the show together, loving this season. Has anybody heard if theres going to be a season 6?

  18. Leontine,
    Oh yes gotta go Angel on you, he is the best part of the show now, so clueless, hard and yummy ;)

    No surprise there, gotta love me some Armitage, and poor little Legolas has been so forgotten so he deserves some love too

  19. Like I said - my mind is still in Vegas and filled with sin city thoughts as I notice only the handsome men on your blog today!



  20. I love it that you ladies are pals and awesome bloggers! Happy Birthday again to 16 y.o. and woot - 8 days to go for you C!

    So, Supernatural -- totally new to me -- kewl.

    Oh, and I'll take 2 bad boys please :-)


  21. @tetewa - Oh how I would love that!! Some gals, a bit of wine...a bit of Sam and Dean and afterwords some more book talk. Awesome night that would make!

    @Blodeuedd - I agree and some shots were he spreads his wings, the first time I saw that I got weak in the knees and almost slid of the couhc...what a view! PS: Love your new avi.

    @HAWK - I love where you're at and I'm mind-joining you there...I knew that if I would be at cecile's place all day that I better bring some hawt man-candy with me.

    @Bella - You're new to SUPERNATURAL?...*rubs hands in glee...fresh meat*

    @VFG - I so heart Shia and Josh in Transformers. They really nail it for me!

  22. Hi Cecile, first off Happy Bday girlfriend!!!!!!! And second off I love the post but uhm am I the only weird one who could settle for the looks of John Winchester? Eventhough *bomchickawowwow* Jared Padalecki had written Alpha Male all over him from the early days when I saw who John Winchester was played by my mouth watered and hormones jumped to attention.

    I haven't seen Supernatural yet (i know i know, sis I bow to thy will and in the near future it's on my to watch pile!) but with a cast like this it is bound to be a big hit!

    Now to the subject at hand... man-sandwich; do I have to leave it at two???

    I would most definitely go for Amaury Nolasco, Michael Chad Murray is on the sidebench but a hottie nonetheless, David Boreanaz (a given) and Arie Boomsma.

    For me in books/series I'm not necessary falling for the badboy, I think I'm more of the knight in shining armor type. Mine needs to be a bit wicked and not too dark ;-)

  23. Hi Leontine and Cecile! Awesome post Ladies!! Love love Supernatural I'm partial to bad boy Dean but Sam is such a cutie pie too!! Oh my and we get to make yummy man sandwiches hmm...going with brother's I'd choose Eidolon and Wraith from Larissa Iones demonica series!! I'd love to be caught tween those demon brothers!

  24. Jensen lip syncs eye of the tiger and I found it on youtube

    off topic..I just found out I'm gonna be a great aunt(I'm too young for to a boy.

    So to celebrate Caleb I need another drink ;)**takes drink from Caleb sips slowly**Swaying to music**..come on Caleb its time to dance..again.You're really getting a workout ;)

    And blogger hates me again, I can't use Open ID
    I need another drink for all my troubles ;)

  25. @Natascha - Tash!!!! Sis!!! YAY you came...erm, no pun intended here!! We're so going to remedie the fact that you haven't seen all that much SUPERNATURAL yet. When I'm coming to you for a 3 day stay we are so going to binge on Sam and Dean!!!

    David Boreanaz..hhmmmm okay Love the dimples with our local boy Arie Boomsma...that man has such a good grin on his face!

    Thanks for dropping by, get some finger licking good chocolate cake, I doubt cecile is willing to let go of chocolate man LOL

    @Tricia - Oh...Ione's demon brothers..I still need to find time to sample them but from what I hear the are uber-hunk-a-liscious!

    @Elaing8 - hon congratz on going to become a great aunt!! And will check out that vid of to look at the lips of Dean ;)

  26. @Leontine Ofcourse I did!!!!
    Oh no don't tempt me, chocolate cake in one hand... Amaury in the other DANG how can I make a choice on that one?

    I'll take Joey from Friend's advice - put those hands together hubba hubba!

  27. I second your love for Sam and Dean (especially Dean). Both are strong and neither are afraid to show their emotions.

    May I also nominate Angel and Spike? Buffy was a lucky girl indeed!

    And one last drool-worthy delight would be Gerard Butler and Ryan Reynolds. All those beautiful abs, so little time.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  28. That was a great interview! Twitter revamped my love for Supernatural as well. How can you choose between the two types? You just can't...

  29. ~Kira!! Hey honey! Oh... Don't we love us some man sandwiches!! Yumdoublemy!!! Don't we all love us some bad boys, tortured souls (Just look at LOTU Gena's boys) and these other men that Leontine keeps talking about!!! Oh... Combining them all together! That would be a very delicious sandwich; I would very much like to be in the middle of!

    ~VampFanGirl! Glad you could make it today! Yea, I am lost too when it comes to Supernatural, but Leontine is kicking my butt into wanting to watch it!! On a Transformer Kick huh... LOL!!

    ~Leontine, Girl... all you had to say was Joey W Hill and I completely understand!! LOL!! I have the Vampire Claim right now!
    You are such a sweetie of a bff to share your men with me!!! I really do love my chocolate man!!
    And I love your description... I feel like a ping pong right now... A little too much cake, jelly beans, chocolate chip cookies, alcohol and hot me!!!! YAYAYAYAY!!!
    Honey, you know you are welcome here anytime you want to come play over here... just say that word and you are here! @@-->>"Hey hon, thanks for making me join in your b-day fun"

    ~Tetewa! Glad you came back! Just looking at these two men, I can see why someone would want to be in the middle!! DAMN!!!
    I think that is cool that you get together with your friends to watch the show!

    ~Blodeuedd, oh I know you definitely would be showing some Richard loving honey!!! Now who is this Legolas?

    ~HAWK!! Honey, I have a lot of sinful thoughts at this place this whole damn month... Just go back and you will see, lmao!! Just make sure you know that I warned you... It will get very hot!! LMAO!!

    ~Bella, glad you came back today! Oh, I love all my blogger friends. We may not live close to each other, hell some of us don't even live in the same country... but these ladies are truly some of my closet friends! They are all super duper sweet!! Tomorrow is the big day for Baby Girl!! And yep.... 8 and counting for me!!!

    ~kalynnick! Hey there again, glad you came back too!! I hope that means you like it here!! LOL!

    ~Natascha / Ashleagh!!!!! Oh... Leontine's sister!!!! I am so glad that you could make it here today!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!! Now that is a treat! Thanks for coming! I hope you enjoyed yourself.
    Thank you for the birthday wish!
    Oh I think Leontine has plans for you and Supernatural ~ from what I hear! LOL!!

    ~Tricia! Hey honey! Thank you for coming! Leontine loves Supernatural! Oh two brothers to be sandwiched between huh... **evil grin**

    ~Elaing8! Hey honey! I will have to check out this youtube vid you have here!
    Wooohooo... Elaing is going to be an Aunt!!!! Oh yay!!! Break out some bubbly Caleb... Yayayayay!! That is great new Elaing!

    Time for some partying to start!!!
    Caleb, be a sweetie and hit the jukebox and let's hit the dance floor with Elaing!!

    ~Oh Leontine... David Boreanaz... he is hot!!! I'll share the chocolate, just not the man. How about that! LMAO!

    ~Natascha / Ashleagh... Temptations come in all sorts of flavors over here and Leontine is super evil at giving them out!!

    ~Joder! Hey honey! I am glad that you are here! Oh, another David fan!! He is sexy! I love him in that bathtub picture I have of him!
    Now I will second your last statement with bells and whistles!!!!""And one last drool-worthy delight would be Gerard Butler and Ryan Reynolds. All those beautiful abs, so little time."" Omg!!!!

  30. ~Colette! Hi there and welcome! I hope you had a good time while you were here!

  31. Oh my heart is pounding as I write this, I love Supernatural so much.

    I wish you both the best :)

    cindyc725 at gmail dot com

  32. Hey IHBG~ Another Supernatural lover! I will have to sit down one and watch it! You are entered in the contest! Have a great night!

  33. Happy Birthday Cecile! Hope you've had a wonderful month of celebration. :)

    I like your pick of Daemon, 100%. He makes my blood boil, in a good way. I would also add Reyes from Lords of the Underworld, he sooo sexy to me. But I'm drawing a complete on a good 'ol boy.

  34. OMG, I adore the men of Supernatural and it just gets better. I totally wouldn't mind them fighting over me.

    I'll come up with a different man sandwich though and there'll be two pieces of bread on each side, if you catch my drift. I want all four of the guys from the movie The Covenant. (Steven Strait, Taylor Kitsch, Chace Crawford & Toby Hemingway) Now that would be a hard decision to narrow down to just one. Speaking of The Covenant, I think I could use another viewing. lol


  35. Leontine,
    Oh yes the wings *sighs* the wings, you gotta love a man with big black wings. Even if he is wearing accountant for a body (still smokin body) he sure picked a better one than Lucifer.

    Oh Lord of the Rings Legolas Orlando Bloom. He is just so hot with that blond hair (and I hate blond hair) and so good with that bow

  36. ~Donna! Hey honey!! Thank you for the birthday wish!! I am having a great month!
    Oh... Reyes... yes... The shower scene.... wow!

    ~Ddurance! Ohhh, another Supernatural lover! Oh girl, now you are talking my language - The Covenant!! You are so right about it needing another viewing! Might do that tonight!!! They are alllll freaking yummy!!!!

    ~Blodeuedd! Oh honey.... I am loving up your new avatar!!!!! Smoking hot!!!!
    OKay... hubby has all the dvds to Lord of the Rings. I have never watched them... Now I know I must watch them!!! Like soon!!!! Orlando Bloom... I loved him in TPOTC with Johnny Depp....

  37. Cecile, I can not believe that you have not see the Lord of the Ring trilogy. There is more eye candy than just Orlando Bloom. Vitto Mortenson is the hottest of all.
    Have you seen Troy? Eric Bana is super hot in that movie. And, yes it also has Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom, but Eric stands out.
    Happy birthday to your 16 year old....Stacy

  38. ~Stacy Stew! Hey honey!
    No, I have not seen the Lord of the Ring trilogy. I will be fixing that soon though! And hubby might want to know why I am so interested... I will tell him research! All in the name of research!!!!
    Now, I have seen Troy? And ohhhhh yea baby!!!! Bring me more Eric Bana!!! OMG!!!!!
    Thank you for the birthday wish for Brooke!

  39. I love Supernatural! Both guys are so hot its hard to pick a fave.

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  40. Sorry to have been AFK for a bit but yesterday I had a freaking out moment when I was doing my WWW rounds and flashing signals went up on my pc that it was under massive virus attack *insert scream like Macaulay McCulkin in Home Alone* and what i tried the pop ups still flashed on my screen so I pressed the on/off button of pc and left a message with brothers mobile phone to HELP!!!!!!

    I was biting nails and on edge the whole day...would my pc survive this?? So after a while brother called and first thing he asked: "Did NOD32 go up in warning of virus attack?"

    ", I don't think so?"

    brother: *sigh* "Sis, NOD32 antivirus is not something you have on your pc for decoration!! It actually...yes, don't freak out, it protects your pc from those nasty little buggers called viruses. So if NOD32 didn't go up I will do help from pc to pc via MSN and will have a look-see. No worries"

    Me: "Really, okay...if you say so."
    but of course I was not at ease until pc was fired up, brother had his look-see, NOD32 had indeed protected my pc and quarantined the virus attack.

    But I was so off rhythm that i hardly did any comment posting. Then, today, I finished Joey W Hill's A WITCH'S BEAUTY and I experienced a 5 star damn Mina and David's story was above and beyond...fabulous erotic romance. But I am struggling to put emotions regarding book in a well versed and comprehensible review LOL

    But I'm here again, I found my way and will comment again :)

  41. ~Leontine, girl... I was wondering what happened to you!! I am glad that you are back!! You have a lot of catching up to do.. lol!!

  42. @Collette – Yeah there is a lotta love for Supernatural on twitter LOL

    @IHBG – Oh your heart makes that little flip-flop too when thinking Supernatural and I get additional butterflies when
    thinking Winchester brothers LOL

    @Donna – Oh Daemon *shivers* he can always float my hormone boat in all the ways that is important *grin*

    @Deidre - The Covenant *raises eyebrow* did I miss something here. Must investigate further *grin*

    @Blodeuedd - I love the contradiction of accountant body hosting an all mighty angel…and he can look at something that makes you think humans puzzle him at times…I luuurve Catiel :)

    @Stacy – My brother made me watch it…I enjoyed part one and three, I could not get all that enamored about the middle though.

    @trouthehaze – Perhaps you haven’t noticed yet but I so hart both Winchster guys *sigh* *wink*

    OMG...wordverification = manchery *snort in cola laughing*

  43. This is a great site. Going in my bookmarks for sure.

  44. ~Ktcsoup! Hi there! It is always nice to meet new people. I hope you have enjoyed yourself while you were here! You are entered in the contest! Thanks for stopping by!

  45. Great post, I would go for both, why not the best of both. Yum.

  46. OMG! I arrived late for the B-day party but I'm here and what a sexy sight I saw with two hunks like Dean and Sam...yummmmy!

    Leontine - can you send them my way for a wee bit?
    Cecile - awesome blog this week! Happy Birthday, Darlin' and may all your dreams be answered in this life!


  47. ~Dena! Thanks for coming by! So glad to have new people over! Oh.. both!!! Someone wants a super duper natural sandwich!

    ~Houston A.W. Knight! Hey Honey! I am so glad that you could make it today!!! Girl, I am always arriving late, please do not fret over it!!! =) As long as you get here!! Thanks for the birthday wish Hawk! I am hoping all my dreams come true this life, but if not... well, there is always the next one!!! Love ya hon!

  48. I've never watched Supernatural, but my parents and sisters love it.

    Manwich would be Circenn from KMM highlander series and Jullian for SK 1st Darker Hunter books.

  49. @Dena - You're a girl after my own heart! Why should we give up anything that is this good?

    @HAWK - No're the kind of woman who knows what to do with them so I'll give a route description to both Dean and Sam to visit your place!

    @Stacy - *I stand and aploud Stacy for manwich* Very good choice!!!

  50. Humm - It is almost lunch time here... my Man-sandwich would have to be Edward and Jacob from the Twilight series... The tension between the two would just ramp up the sexual heat to crazy levels!!!

    mdwartistry at yahoo dot com

  51. ~stacy stew! I have never watched it either... but the men look freaking hot though!! Oh, what a man sandwich you have there!!

    ~Sweet Vernal Zephyr! A woman after my own heart!!! OMG!!!!

  52. Oh my, oh my, I love me the bad boys!!! My ultimate dream would be a man-sandwich consisting of Sam and Dean Winchester. :-)


    rosie0512 @ hotmail . com

  53. Hmm, man sandwich... for me it would have to be Angel (Buffy TV series of course) and Acheron (Kenyon's Dark Hunter series) =]

    Happy birthday!

  54. ~Rosie! Thanks for coming by!!!

    ~Anna! Thanks for the birthday wish... and thank for giving us your idea man sandwich!!


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