Monday, October 26, 2009

**UPDATE** And you will know why.... Houston, We have ghost....

Please be advised this new update.....
****This is for over 18 yrs old and older****

Well ladies, we are in the home stretch of my birthday party bash!!!! And I hope you are all enjoying yourselves! Today, I have with us a very special guest! Now, I have to travel far and wide to get her here today! But I decided to go back to her homeland. We went to Ireland.

So, pull up a stool at this Irish Pub... And ask for whatever ale's ya (lol)~!! For this hottie right
here is serving the drinks. This is the famous Jonathan Rhys Meyers from Dublin... I hope you like him...

Now, that you have a drink in hand... and look at the treats I found us... It is to prepare us for a Ghost of a story....
Now, are we all comfy yet... Is the suspense killing you yet... Okay, Okay...
Please help me give a warm welcome to one of my favorite "tricky" witches.....
Please welcome Ms. Houston A.W. Knight!!!!


Are Ghosts Real?

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m an outspoken Irish girl with a strong will and mind of me own, who enjoys writing paranormal, western and futuristic romance…or as they call it today, woman’s fiction.

Although most call me Hawk, my name is Houston A.W. Knight and I’m here today to share some of my thoughts on ghost.

See the picture below? That’s a real picture, of a real ghost. My friend Jan gave it to me. Her friend Dirk had taken this picture on his cell phone in his own house. I had this picture on me own blog about a year ago and the most interesting thing about the photo was that no one saw the same image…I stood in a room full of people and each told me what they saw…no one saw the same thing. WHAT DO YOU SEE?

BTW I had trouble even pulling this photo up. I had it in my photos and when I went to get it, it wasn’t there, nor was it on my laptop photo album file where I always keep my back-ups. How had it disappeared? I actually had to go to my blog to find it again and boy did I have trouble copying it from my blog…another unusual event for me. Then, it refused to copy to be sent to Cecile…hum, think he’s trying to tell me something?

**And yes... he did not want to found on my computer either Hawk, I had to go to the email you sent me to find him... Damn men... Only want to be found when they want... Even Ghosts***

Don’t believe it?

Well, let me tell you a true Ghost story.

I was about nine when some friends of my sisters came over to the house one day. They looked scared to death. Trust me, these guys were not wimps, they road choppers, but I’m telling you they were afraid when they told her this story.

At the time, in the early 60’s, we were living in a small town…a very small town. Everyone knew everyone else’s business, and everyone I knew, had talked about the ghost house on the hill at one time or another, but no one ever went up there…until one night the local Sheriff heard some of the kids with choppers were going up to the ghost house to smoke funny stuff….marijuana. So the Sheriff got his Deputy and when up to the ghost house.
When they arrived, to their disappointment, there wasn’t a chopper in sight, so they decided to hang back and see if the kids showed up. The Sheriff and his Deputy got to talking and smoking cigs and time passed until suddenly from the front of their cruiser they saw a small old man emerge from a overgrown section just to the right of their car. The Sheriff figured the old man to be about 80 based on the way he moseyed towards the cruiser. When he got up to the window he said to the Deputy,

“Nice hot rod you’ve got there.”
“It’s a cruiser.” The young deputy replied. “What are you doing up here?”
The old man looked surprised and said, “I live here.”
“You live where?” The Sheriff injected feeling a little nervous about the way the old man kept eyeing the squad car.
“Here.” The old man pointed towards the run down haunted house. “How fast does it go?”
The old man nodded at the cruiser. “The hot rod you’re sitting in son? How fast does it go?”
“Did you say you live here?”
“Yeah,” the old man backed up, giving a crooked smile, “Did you come up here to tell those kids to stop smoking up here and stop dropping them buds all over my place? It could cause a fire you know.” His last seven words were spoken in a chilling tone as the old man backed away from the car and headed to the darken, broken windowed house.
“Hey!” The Sheriff called as he got out of the cruiser. “You can’t go into that house Mister, it’s condem--” Before he could finish his warning the old man gave a wave and disappeared right in front of the cops. That’s right, the ghost just faded away into a mist.

Needless to say the cops beat it out of there in a hurry. They were so disturbed by the event they thoughtlessly told the coffee-house waitress about it in ear shot of the local newspaper reporter, who wrote about their experience for the morning edition. It was titled, “Our brave Sheriff runs from local ghost.”

But my story doesn’t end…the town was so entertained by the tale it quickly became the talk of the town. My sister’s friends decided they wanted to see the ghost and went up there the next night….nothing. They went back every night after that to see the ghost and saw nothing. Finally they gave up on the ghost but kept going back each night just because it was a nice place to hang out…(only teenagers would think a haunted house was a great place to hang out) until one night while they were sitting there just passing the time with each other, goofing around as boys want to do, when suddenly they saw a little old man walked out from the overgrowth and said, “Nice hot rod you’ve got there.”

They were so shocked they didn’t respond…I’m sure one guy was waiting for the other guy to be brave…neither one was. They both stood there mouths open, hearts pumping, as the old man said just before fading away in front of them. “Those things can cause a fire you know.” He pointed at their cigarettes as he became nothing more than a mist, “A bad fire.”

As soon as the ghost was gone they fired up their street rod and raced out of there. They went home pretty shook up by what they’d see, until the following morning’s headlines rattled their bones and chilled their blood even more. It read “Ghost house burns”. The article said the Fire Department couldn’t explain the cause of the bad fire or why the frame of the house still stood.

Now - you’ve got teenagers and the town Sheriff with his Deputy who saw the ghost…all of them described the old man exactly the same.
Look at the ghost picture again and tell me what you see….and what you see will depend on your beliefs I’m sure.

My question is…do you believe what you see?

**Well, I believe they do live among us. All for different reasons. But I do think that they are here... Living within us, in our normal lives.**

Blessed be all on Hallow’s eve!

<(:-D Hawk If you want one of my personal ghost stories go to my blog Houston A.W. Knight
and check out my 2008 archives September article, titled, “DO YOU BELIEVE IN GHOST?”

Well, Cecile, I hope your fans enjoyed the ghost story – it’s not a scary one but it happened. Not all ghost are nasty – I’m living with one right now that even followed us (or went with us) on our Las Vegas vacation. And NO I didn’t invite him!

Yap, who would have known a ghost needed a vacation from being a ghost? But he let himself be known to us that he’d followed.

Of late he’s been able to make things appear and disappear. I have a hat I wear (Only) when me
hubby and I go to Nascar races in Daytona. Our ghost decided to bring it on the trip and he let me see it (and unpack it) the day we made our road trip home. Now I know I didn’t pack that hat (it’s a cowboy hat – big cowboy hat) there is no room in our small RV for that hat – I’d never pack it, nor would me hubby. But there it sat in a place I would have seen it had it been there at the start of the trip…because me hubby’s baseball cap fell in that exact spot on the trip going and that cowboy hat wasn’t there.

I know my ghost is a he because he appeared to me – I believe he’s from the Civil War time….or just after it…and I believe he lived on this land that my house now stands on because he was here before me, and let me know that.

The day we bought this house he was letting us know where we stood. The first night we slept here I woke the next morning to find the back door wide open (as if to tell us to GET OUT) each night I would lock the back door, check it and double check it to be sure it was locked only to find a wide open door (still in the locked position) each morning. He didn’t stop doing that until I told him to stop it because it was dangerous – a thief or crazed killer could come in while we slept … so he then started locking us out every time we stepped outside for a minute…yap, we had to keep our keys on us at all times.

One night we woke to a noise and saw a shadow pass in front of our lighted clock - he was so solid he blocked out the lighted time – so solid, me hubby thought it was a thief and gave chase, only to find air. I had to laugh at the shock on his face when I told him (a non-believer at the time) that it was the ghost who’d been opening the doors.

I have tired to get rid of the ghost – I told him to move on but he won’t go – instead he just seemed to find his peace and accepted our being here.
Now, it’s as if he doesn’t want to let us go. He goes everywhere we go and let’s us know it with little hints…funny thing ghosts are.

Being Irish I have always accepted Ghost and other such things that most people don’t but we Irish people live in a different world then most…it’s that druid past I guess.

Enjoy your Halloween! :)

I want to thank Ms. Hawk for coming over to my place. I surely do love having you here honey!
Now... I hope you have enjoyed Hawk's post... And of course what is the last thing you get at my place...Once you have been a good girl and read the post...
Present time!!
Today is no different!!!! But there is a twist on today's presents... Dottie (From My Blog 2.0) introduced me to this hottie... and I simply could not get enough of him... So, I asked him to stay and help hand out presents!!!! And he of course said yes... Especially after I batted my eye lashes and said it was my birthday!!!! So, lets welcome back... Jonathan....
I just love the picture above... that come hilter look... open shirt... and.... oh yum... And this picture below... Okay, really do I have to tell you why I love this picture...
**Inner hussy is having so much fun purring right now**
So, he decided to go get in his present giving clothing and tell you what you can win...
By answering Hawk's question... Do you believe in ghost??

This is what is up for grabs... and who knows what else I'll throw in your package? *evil wink

The contest is open to US only, but if you know someone who will ship it to you,
please put that in your comment.
Please make sure you leave me an email address so I can get in touch with you.
The contest ENDS Friday, October 30th (MY BIRTHDAY) and the winner will be announced Monday, November 2nd... Please understand that my birthday party is this weekend and therefore, I may not be around my computer....

Time is running out for Ms. Sophie Renwick's Double Sweet Giveaway... Please go --->>> here to check out that sweet deal!!! Her contest ends Tuesday, October 27th!

There is still time to put your name in the hat for Leontine's Supernatural giveaway... It ends October 30th as well!!! Please go --->>> here to drop your name in the hat!!!

Well... I hope you are having fun.. and make sure to stick around tomorrow... Never know what will be in store for you... Mmmaaaaahhhaaawwwwhhhhaaaaaawwwwww!!!!!

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  1. I'm open-minded about ghosts, because I did have a potentially ghostly experience. :)

  2. Hawk...**smacks forehead**now I get it :)

    Good Morning ladies,

    Great post.A ghost on vacation,funny.
    I guess I believe in ghosts. I've had a few people tell me about their encounters but I've never had one.

    We have this show here called Creppy Canada.Talks about all the ghosts that haunt us. Must be a lot if they can make a tv show of it :).Some stories are totally creepy.

    That ghost pic never changed for me.Just looks like some guy holding something(like a towel over his arm),with a window to his right.

    A pub, Jonathan Rhys Meyers,and yummy treats...Elaine is in heaven :)

    As long as Caleb is working that pub :)

    Its early so I'll have an Irish coffee ;) and some of those treats**cough**Jonathan.

    We're back to man-sandwiches..Janathan,me,Caleb ;)

    please enter my name in the giveaway.

  3. Good Morning Chris! Thanks for coming by! OH... potentially ghostly experience... Would you want to share that with us!!! I would think Mayhem or Chaos would scare them away!

    Hey Elaing!!! Morning to you honey! I knew you would get once you saw the name!!! LOL!!! Dottie found Jonathan for me. I was in heaven when she sent me the link to his pictures... And omg...the laying down picture... OMG!!!
    Caleb is working the pub with Jonathan; he decided that he liked my "attitude" so much that he wanted to stick around for a bit longer! =)

  4. Great post! I think ghost stories are great fun and love hearing them - especially at night around a camp fire!



  5. By the way, I've been a big fan of JRM's for years (I've got a naked photo of him *grins*).



  6. Well , you had me at Jonathan;)) Hubba hubba* Tyhank you for the smile it gave me this morning;))

    About ghosts orbs and things that go bump in the night-absolutely believe in them. But I believe we leave a part of us wherever we go, whether alive or not so much.;)

    I don't care for the modernized versions of what is called haunted houses around this time of year, but I'm totally absorbed in the real places that reportedly have sightings.

    I think one of the best movies to explain this was The Sixth Sense.

    Great post and gorgeous pics of Jonathan--shouldnt season 4 be starting soon???

    Amanda M.

  7. Chris -

    Oh, I wish you had shared the experience with us...I love hearing ghost stories!

    Hurry on back and give - we're all ears!
    Wait, I've got to get the lights out and a candle lit....o.k., ready!


  8. Awesome post today and I love the pics of Jonathan!

  9. Elaing8 -

    LOL - hey, you're fast! Most people have to ask, they usually don't get it on their own.

    Interesting what you saw in the pic, the first time I looked he had a handle-bar mustache and you could clearly see (well I could) brass buttons on a civil war uniform.

    The next time I looked at it ...he seemed to be holding a gun, which I didnt see the first time around...

    This last time... he looks like a knight with a sheild in front of him.

    Once I saw his mouth open and another time it was closed. I also say a little puppy in the window, but not this time.

    Come back tomorrow and look again and let me know if he changes for you.

    Nice to meet you Elaing8

  10. MsM!

    Oh forget the ghost stories - how about sharing that picture! I think we're all game for that! It's a b-day bash! Come on!

    He's a hottie...and I love the sofa pic too, Cecile! Sexy!

    :-D Glad you enjoyed the ghost stories, MsM.


  11. Amanda M,

    I'm glad you liked me stories ... I'm like you, I'm not much into the fake hauntings...when there are so many of the real things going on around us.

    I've had ghost around all my life and I'm surprised when people tell me they've never seen a ghost or had an experience with one. That's why I think belief really affects what people are able to see and not see.

    Funny thing about this last ghost of mine - me twin tells me he's stayed. He's now living at her house. Guess he enjoyed the vacation so much he didn't want it to end...can't say I blame him, either, but one of us had to get home to pay the bills....guess it was me! LOL


  12. Jeanette,

    I'm glad you enjoyed the stories! Thanks for dropping in! Have a great Halloween.


  13. Wow, what a spooky story! I have actually had a few encounters as well as my sister. My husband thought I was looney when I would tell him all the things that have happened to me. Until he was present one time.... let's just say he believes me 100% now! My nephew sees images as well. He says the come through the window and mirrors and they try to talk to him but he can't hear them. He gets so scared he passes out and he is only 4. Scary stuff.


  14. OK, I'm emailing Cecile some naked photos of JRM - enjoy!!

    Check your mail Cecile!! Don't leave him there naked - things will shrivel in the cold air!



  15. ~Ms M! Thanks for coming over! Night time stories are the best!
    And woman... are you deliberately trying to kill this morning... "I've got a naked photo of him"

    ~Ms A!! I am so glad that you could make it! Honey, when Dottie showed me those pictures... OMG!!! I am glad to share the smiles!
    I am with you sister... "I believe we leave a part of us wherever we go, whether alive or not so much"

    ~jeanette8042! Morning honey! Glad you could make it! Thank you on both accounts! Thanks goes to Dottie for introducing him to me!! **wink wink**

    ~Book Junkie! Hey honey, so glad that you could make it! Wow on your stories honey... Sounds like we need to get a camp fire started... So we can hear some stories! OMG, 4yrs old. What a feat for him.

  16. Ohhhhh, ***going to checking email right now...*** Hummmm to share or not to share... LOL!!!...

    0_0 OMG.... Mouth hung open! OMG... still speechless... I will post this later this evening when I am at home... You will all notice the new post will say update on it... So be watching! Thanks Ms M!!!

  17. I keep coming back to look..ok drool :) over JRM.

    A naked pic? Cecile owe me one ;)

    Caleb, please make me a very tall drink, while I wait for Cecile to share that pic **wink at Caleb** Caleb, you got any naked photos around?***sips drink,anticipating his answer** ;)

  18. Hi Hawk and Cecile

    Now this is weird, I had this page open and meant to post. But for some reason the page went away and now when I was on Leontines page and saw her mention of Cecile...well then i remembered that I hadn't posted. Ghosts? Spooky.

    Well it would be if I believed in them. As it is now I do not. Though I sometimes do see things in the corner of my eye or sense things, but that is cos time is relevant. And all things happen at once.

    Btw Meyers is delicious!

  19. Glad you liked the email Cecile...



  20. Oh hello mr. meyers. I love his eyes....

    Ghosts..hmmm...I don't know. I like to hear scary ghost stories this time of year.

    No fair Ms. Moonlight has nekkid JRM!! ;)

    Fun post!!

  21. I feel like such a bore right ghosts in my little apartment, nor in my parents’ house. No sleep over’s with girlfriends where we would play with ouija board in tiny tee's and bikini underwear (thongs were after my teenage years)and a ghost would reveal its presence.

    Not even when we went on vacation for our parents wedding anniversary and we were just a mile or two away from a Blair Witch kind of forest...legend and all, did we encounter anything of a ghostly form *sigh*

    but what does my eye catch...oh la la Jonathan, I can have a very up close and personal...I have The Tudor series season 1 and 2...still in its foil but I can watch him go all at it. That quite the consolation prize *grin*

  22. Must agree with Mandi on the nekked pics of JRM!!! No fair!

    Amanda M

  23. LOVE the pics! Oh yes. *sighs and quietly tucks him into my ART file* hehe

    I do beleive in ghosts. In fact have encountered a few. My mom ecounters them ALL the time. I'm convinced they flock to her. But I'm a chicken when it comes to spooky things and so I tend to avoid things like that. Although, it does fascinate.

    Loved the ghost stories Hawk!

    kira daniels 1 at yahoo dot com

  24. Hi Hawk, Cecile, and assorted party goers!

    Of course I believe in ghosts, I'm with Chris, ghostly experiences had.

    As for your image, I believe there's a man in the corner, he appears to be trying to speak or he's moaning, maybe pointing, or clutching something. Very ghostly! Very spooky!

    At least your ghost has learned not to leave the doors open, inviting unwelcome guests. And look at it this way, he was trying to help by bringing the hat you forgot at home. So helpful is he!!

    Jonathon Rhys Meyers, he's excellent in the Tudors and August Rush ended so sweetly, I love his brogue, which exudes sex appeal!

    Thanks for visiting today Hawk!

    Dottie :)

  25. I have started Christmas shopping to get things lined up for friends before I start on family. Will not really buy anything for young neices and nephew as they have too much stuff already and my mother has already bought them toys.

  26. Oh my Jonathan... *deep breathy sigh* I sure do believe in ghosts - and I believe in you.... Wanna see if we can entice out some supernatural experiences? ;)

  27. Waaah! When I reply to comments you leave on my blog, they're bouncing back to me as undeliverable with a problem on the yahoo side. :(

  28. I've never encountered one. However, stories of ghosts and the unexplained are so widespread throughout the world and its various cultures. I am open to the possibility.

  29. (fanning myself) pics of Jonathan Rhys Meyers made my day.

  30. yes, I work at a hospital and we had a Dr. Pepper slide approx. 4-5 inches across the table at lunch. It spooked out the whole table.

  31. ~Elaing8.. Oh honey.. I have paid you in full now, lmao!! I wish I was a fly on the wall when you take a peek now!!! LMAO!!!!

    **make sure you do not spill the drink Caleb has fixed you when you take a peek... lol**
    ~Blodeuedd! I was wondering where you were!! LOL!! Spooky is right! Strange and weird! Glad you are lovin up the Meyers!

    ~Ms Moonlight... OMG, liked the email... I nearly died at work!!! Heart stopped, jaw dropped... but pulse shot up like a rocket!

    ~Mandi!! Oh. yes. Hello Mr. Meyers. is right!!! Thanks for coming over honey!

    ~Leontine! No need to feel like a bore honey, I have never had an experience... So, we are in the same boat! LOL!!
    I am very glad that Jonathan could catch your eye... Just wait till you see with hardly any clothing on.. and nakked!!!

    ~Ms. A! Nakked JRM is on it's way!!! I promise to always share with my friends!

    ~Kira Daniels! Hey honey! Slightly slipping him into your "file" huh, lol!!!! Yea, I know where you are putting him...!!!!
    I am just plain chicken when it comes to anything scary!

    ~Dottie! Hey honey! I am so glad that you could make it! Oh... someone who is talking about the picture... Okay... Now I will have to go back to see what I see.... hummm! Thanks for showing me JRM... He seems to be a hit today! Thanks Dottie!

    ~lindseye! Glad you could stop by!

    ~Sweet Vernal Zephyr! Hey Honey, glad that you could stop by today! Trying to persuade an encounter with Jonathan, lol!!! Let's see if that works!

    ~Chris, I was wondering why I haven't heard from you all day long. I have received other emails... Will email you to see if there is a problem sending...

    ~Lil! Glad you came back! Hope you are having a great time as we are!

    ~Smokinhotbooks! Hey honey! Girl, I needed a fire extinshier when I opened up the new pictures of Jonathan!!! Whew.. Ms. M sure does know how to make a girl die with a smile on her face!!! BTW, glad we could make you smile!

    ~stacy stew! hey honey! Wow, that is an experience to talk about!

  32. ah come on Cecile**stomps foot**,you censored the update :) or should that be :'(

    **sulking over**Ok I get why you did it :) but be kind to a girl, email the uncensored version :D

    He is a good looking lad,but I have to say Caleb is dreamier :D

    Speaking of Caleb **sips last of drink**where is that good looking specimen of a man ;) I'm empty.

  33. ~Elaing, they are on their way to you honey... Stop looking at Caleb like you are going to eat him up... You can have JRM... all you!!! In fact, I think I need to take a trip to the barn... It is late... hummm...

  34. Whew! Those pics of JRM - they make me forget how freaked out I am by Ms. Knight's story! (ghosts really freak me out)

  35. LMAO,eating him up..hummmm interesting :D

    I think the barns all clear. But don't hog it..Some of the ladies may want to take JRM there after they see his new pics :D

    **looks around to see if Cecile is watching**Caleb,sweetie**wink**another drink please :D

  36. ~Patti! Hey honey! Girl, you had me lmao at this comment!!! LMAO!!! I am glad that we could help you not scare you!!!

    ~**cecile is already in the barn with Caleb... hee hee...*** Elaing have fun with JMR... you might need to warm him up after his deep in the water!

  37. Wow, I totally see the ghost in the picture. Although I've never seen one, I do believe in ghosts. They've been a staple in my life since I was a kid. Both my mother and my cousin see them all the time.

    Great story!!

  38. Great post. Thanks so much for sharing.

    I do believe in ghosts and have a few stories I could tell between my and my family.

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  39. I LOVED this post its right up my alley I soooo believe in ghosts. And I'm an avid Ghost Hunters and Haunted History watcher lol. I see the head and face of a man in the photo and it looks like his body below it but I can't tell exactly what he's doing or holding maybe because the pic was a bit small.

    I've had several encounters myself including some that I caught on film myself. Loved the ghost stories thanks so much for sharing them! And too cool that you have your own Civil War era ghost! Glad he has settled down and is cool with you in the house now that could be a mess if he didn't get over it lol.

  40. I'm suddenly eyeing my Tudor seasons with renewed interest and enthusiasm...hhmmm, perhaps I have time to sneak in a dvd today *grin*

  41. WOW! I take a break and the blog explodes! This is awesome!

    I Love all the comments - HEY, if you've got a ghost story SHARE IT!

    I know a lot of you don't believe in ghost like "Blodeuedd" My little trouble maker! LOL But I'm use to her by now. ;-) I think.

    Anyway, I understand why Blodeuedd doesn't believe because she believes all time is now -

    Well, I believe all time is now as well - and I believe in ghost. Now allow me to explain - there is no real past or future - it's all happening "now" BUT what we humans call a ghost "from the past" scientifically is a bleed-through from another time zone.

    As I understand it from my science lit Mags and other research on the subject - Time is like a train track - at one end you've got the 1300's, up higher is the 1700's further up the track is 2010 and so on .... now if we could get high enough we could see all time happening now.

    What happens when we see a ghost is that a person's vibs bleed-through to another time area and the other person calls it a ghost. The ghost could be very much alive and well and living their life BUT that portion of them is working through things that only your life can help them through it or deal with their issues. The ghost could be you in another life.

    Have you ever had somthing bother you like a sore foot but you didn't do anything to cause the soreness - it stays for weeks - might even give you a limp and then suddenly it's gone? They say that's a bleed-through from another life of yours that had something go wrong with his/her foot and you're feeling it - KIND OF LIKE WHAT TWINS FEEL from each other.

    So, is a ghost really dead? I believe some are and some are depends on the situation of the ghost and what he/she is doing that will tell you.

    But I see DEATH in a different light than most. But that's another blog! LOL

    O.K., all you girls are being distracted with Jonathan! Hard to talk ghost when we're looking at a hard, naked body!
    But, can't say I'm not distracted as well! LOL He is a hottie, isn't he now?

    Cecile it's hard to talk about anything when you've got THOSE pictures up!
    Dang, he looks good! Not bad for an Irish boy...I never got to see the TUDOR series...I wanted too but never got the time! Bet he was sexy in that!

    KIRA, DOTTIE, BRANDE, Donnas, JennJ and Barbara I want to hear your GHOST stories!!!

    Oh, heart goes out to your nephew - he's too young to understand what he sees. Can you explain to him what he's seeing and not to be afraid?

    I'm told "Fear" of them can make them stronger AND draw the lower elements (bad) in to cause havoc with him and within the house.

    My first experience with ghost happened when I was an infant - it was in the family home of me Grandfather who'd passed over to the other side and every year for three days his wake would replay itself in the family home where it took place...for a short time right after we twins were born my family moved back to America and moved into the family home for a wee bit, and when those three days took place - me grandad broke away from the ghostly replay and walked into our bedroom to see the newest additions (me and me twin) to the family. My mother said she heard him murmur to us and we made noises back.

    So, I've had ghost around me from the beginning of me life. I'm not afraid of them, never have been. Now lower elements ... that's a whole 'nuther story. That's Bad stuff!

    Now, I've got a question - for those of you who don't believe in ghost - what is the picture of?

    Let me know what you think!
    I'm open to all possibilities...I'm not one to force ideas on anyone. And I'm always open to see all side of an issue. I never take things as 100% there is always room for other possibilities. I look at any situation with an OPEN scientific mind.

    I'm glad to hear you're all enjoying the post!


    P.S., I'm sure enjoying this party! This has been fun - the talk of JRM and ghost!

  42. Good morning,

    the picture hasn't changed for me..maybe I'm not a believer as much as I thought I was :)

    ok I have a ghost story.I've told so many people this one.

    My BIL's sister. She moved into this house,and it all started the very first night.

    They'd all be asleep and around midnight they'd hear heavy footsteps coming up the stairs.The master bedroom door crash open,a scream,then 2 gun shots..a few seconds later they'd hear another one.Then absolute dead silence.
    This continued every night,her kids were terrified. Finally she started asking around and found out that a cop and his wife lived there. The cop came home early and caught his wife with another man. He kicked down the bedroom door,pulled out his gun and shot them both.Then himself.
    She never moved(I would have, just when it started she'd yell out get over it you're dead!! And he'd stop.

    Now I need a drink..Caleb,a mimosa please..I need my vitamin C :)

  43. The picture didn't change for me. It still looks like a young guy frowning standing by a door. He is holding something, but I can't tell what it is.

    Okay, ghost stories.

    My mom lived in this old victorian style house that had a basement full of rock and mud. The story was that an older couple had lived there and one day the old man disappeared, and then she started filling the basement with rock.
    My mom said things would move all the time in her house. It would knock over a broom, repeatedly. I spent the night there several times and I will attest to the fact that there was something living in that house. One night I thought I saw someone at the foot of the bed. And you would hear footsteps all hours of the night going up and down the stairs. Creepy really.

    My in-laws house was haunted until they remodeled and the hauntings stopped. But same thing-- hear footsteps up and down the stairs all the time. My FIL even saw it and talked to it thinking it was a person. Weird.

  44. ~Barbara! Thanks for stopping by! Would love to hear the stories!

    ~donnas! Thanks for coming! Well, if you ever feel like sharing, please come back and share!! We would love to hear it!

    ~JennJ! Hey honey! I am glad that you were able to make it! Oh... love to hear what you thought! Thank you for sharing! Hubby and I love watching Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International! It is cool!

    ~Leontine, girl you are lucky I do not live closer... I would so be stealing your Tudor dvd's!!!! Especially since now I know what JMR looks like... yum-me!

    ~Thanks for the explanation Hawk... I will have to ponder that for a moment! And honey, I can not say that I am sorry to have to distract you that way... This man is freaking yummy!

    ~Elaing8! Hey honey! Well... I will have to go back and check the picture to see if he changes for
    me! Now you got me thinking! Okay... hubby just finish watching Halloween (whatever part... and now with your story...) I am creeped out. Yea... I would have run screaming probably!! OMG!!! What a story! Yea, Caleb... it is time for a drink!!

    ~Kira Daniels! Thanks for coming over!! Okay... after Halloween, then Elaing's story.. and now this... I will be sleeping with all the lights on tonight.. Yea, I am a big chicken!!! But thanks for sharing!!

  45. Ghosts - yeah, I believe there's something - energy, soul mist, spiritual residue, something that's beyond my understanding. I haven't seen "ghosts" as much as "felt" them. A couple of years ago a lady like a grandma to me passed on quite suddenly. I was lost for a bit. A year or so later I was sitting on the porch. I had just completed a knitting project - she'd taught me the stitch - and I thought of her and how pleased she'd be if she was here to see it. Suddenly I felt so calm and was surrounded by a choking cloud of White Shoulders - her preferred perfume. She always wore crazy, colorful patterns and drowned herself in White Shoulders. We'd just wipe our runny eyes and tell her how beautiful she looked - she'd blush like a school girl. I know it was her - I'd know her anywhere. Funny thing is we used to talk about what the afterlife would be like and she always said she hang around her friends and family until they come to be with her. Maybe she is - but I still miss her.

  46. O.K., now I'm getting mad...I'm going to be late to the gym because this is the third time I've tried to post a comment and I keep having my computer turn off...just as I type the last words!

    Last attempt.

    Cybercliper, I loved the story about your friendly ghost ...smells are a big part of the ghost experience. Me father in law - he comes in the form of a dragonfly or turns out lights (street lights).
    I think it's a beautiful story of a dear friendship not lost! Even if she's choking you out with the White Shoulders. LOL

    Elaing8, OMG you mean this happens EVERY NIGHT???
    OH that would drive me crazy!
    Thank the Gods ours only happened once a year, every year at the same time...we could plan vacations at that time and find peace from the three day wake.
    Yeah, pass the Mimosa, please!

    Kira - OMG, this is a freaky Ghost story...I wouldn't want to live there...the Gods only knows what's under those rocks in the basement! Nope, I couldn't live in that house. Has anyone dug it up to find out?

    Cecile...since you caused a distraction from me ghost stories with those pictures, I had to get back at you and make you think about time and how it works! Just be happy I didn't make you read John Ralphs' book "Exploring The Fourth dimension, the Secrets of the Paranormal"
    It's very scientific in the explanation of time.
    ROTFLOL...aren't I mean!?
    So, what's your opinion on this theory of time, that it's all in the NOW?

    {8-O !!!???

    Oh, well if that hand gesture means ya' love me .... I love you too Darlin' ;-)

  47. Hawk and Cecile - I loved the pics and the post, but today is the first time I could actually get my computer to let me open the blog. How weird is that.

    When Hawk first put the picture up on her blog I couldn't see anything at all for several days. I tried it from three different computers too.

    I think I finally said something like I'm nice and believe in you, and then I opened it and he was there.

  48. I definitely believe in ghosts. Our first house had something in it . . . we never actually saw anything other than shadows out of the corner of our eye, but my cat definitely saw something and would stare, head tilted as if he were listening to whatever it was. Very creepy.

    Oh, and I love your eye candy choices. :-)

    rosie0512 @ hotmail . com

  49. I totally believe in ghosts. My husband has an uncle and aunt(now passed away) with a haunted house. Years ago, when hubby's parents were just married, they were watching tv in the family room when they heard a scream. They went to check on grandma who told a story of feeling her blanket being tugged. She pulled them back up only to have them tugged again. When she opened her eyes, there was a man at the foot of here bed. She screamed and the man just walked through where the window was and disappeared.
    I've heard phantom footsteps in this house myself. My daughter was about four years old one time and was upstairs alone, when she was about to enter one of the bedrooms that used to be a kitchen, the door slammed in her face.


  50. ~Hawk, you know. If you really think about it, we are all in the now. I mean, from the beginning of time, it was there now... carried over to our now. So the theory of time is we are all here now. Living in a world of many dimensions. And whatever being you believe in (God) is the now as well. He life was once many many years ago, but His spirit is in the here with me now. And you are right... the spirit who dwell here are in our now, because of their now. Wow...
    And you know I love ya honey!

    ~Vicki!! Thanks for coming over and chatting with us today!
    That is very strange about the posting and picture... strange!

    ~Rosie! Hi there and welcome! Thank you for sharing your story with us!! I hope you enjoyed your visit!

    ~ddurance!Hey honey, thanks for coming over! And wow... your story... wow... Thanks for sharing!

  51. Happy Birthday Cecile!!! I'm sending lots of good wishes for everything and more you want this b-day weekend. :)


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