Friday, October 9, 2009

Just a Perfect Giveaway....

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying the party!!!! I know I sure am!! The cakes have been and will continue to be delicious... The drinks are made to perfection... as always.... And my bartender is always scrumptious!!!

So, pull up a wicker chair next to the cauldron... to warm up those toes and fingers... and to feel the warmth (for my northern buddies, where it has been a tad nippy lately)....

Enjoy the little cakes I made especially for you all... No calories... and absolutely to die for!! (I borrowed Bryce from Hot In Here **Ms. Sophie Renwick's book** to help me make them... he is a divine chef ~evil grin~ among other things)

Caleb made some special drinks for this occasion.... It's his.... Bloody Rise Cocktail!!
And of course, he wanted to come see you ladies!!! So, put in your orders and sit back... I have a new friend I would like for you all to meet!!!

Hello Everybody,

Ever thought about watching authors fight it out head to head?
Well I have, so I found some Aspiring Authors - the yet to be published - and decided to throw them in the ring to fight round for round, and word for word. You didn't
think I would give them weapons. I'm not that mean.

My name is Terry Kate and I created the website Romance in the Backseat. Nice title right?
I started out my site by shooting video interviews that do physically take place in the backseat of a car - think Taxi Cab Confessions - with Romance Authors. Well from there it has grown, and grown, and grown, and grown.

My current creation is The First Annual Paranormal Authors Fight Club - Hosted by New York Times Bestseller and friend of the site Ms. Angie Fox.
Ms. Fox has donated the prize, which still blows me away with its generosity. She will give a FULL manuscript read with feedback and discussion of the aspiring author's unpublished work.
So how do my fighters win this prize?
On October 1st all the eight contestants received the same four sentences to start an original story for the site.

She hurried her footsteps down the alley. This was not part of the plan. Someth
ing grabbed her foot. A bottle, a branch, or a hand -- either way she found herself flat on the pavement, cheek to the ground, face to foot with a very large, very black, boot.

From there they were off and running to add 1,000 words - about three pages - in less
then a week. The top six move on to round 2, but what the writers did not know is they would not just be fighting for votes as one of eight - they are paired off to directly spar with the competition. The reader votes for who they want to move on - who they want to read more from. The Round 1 "Fight" is going on right now. Four writers move forward automatically, the final two are decided by the number of votes they receive. Confused yet?

Wanna see what it is all about and read the beginning of the stories? Okay. Here ya go. Go --->>> here!

BUT - don't miss out on the best part. Simon and Schuster is offering a giveaway to lucky Fight Club spectators. During the voting of every Round of Battle - Thursday - Saturday every week in October - you can enter to win a two book giveaway. To Crave a Blood Moon By Sharie Kohler and Seduce Me in Shadow By Shayla Black
Vote for your favorites and help them win this amazingly fabulous prize from Angie Fox. You can visit the rest of the site as well. I wouldn't mind at all.
There are reviews and interviews, both written and video. Every month I post an all published author Round Robin Short Story. One author starts the story the next adds 1,000 words as it makes it's way forward. Where will it go?
You can guess but I have never been right because every author adds their own spin. I have Contemporary, Paranormal, Suspense, and I am soon to be adding historical. These stories have no set end, no laid out path except the adventure the authors take it in and that can go a lot of places. And in walks a line of prostitutes - next author. Those contemporary authors for May Flowers were mean. The newest, Stars are
Empty, is an amazing and dark tale of vampires led off by none other then the super gracious and talented L.A. Banks. It begins this Monday and double trouble, you can see a new interview with Ms. Banks every Sunday in October on Romance in the Backseat. Sorry - shameless plug.

I want to thank Cecile for letting me drop in and the absolutely fabulous blog she maintains. I enjoy it daily.
I hope to hear from everyone.
Terry Kate
Romance in the Backseat

Naughty in the BackseatTo find out more about my fabulous host visit Angie Fox's site go --->>> here!!

Now time for a present..... Leave me a comment about what you think about this fight club... or whatever is on your mind.... Because for one lucky commenter.... I have in my possession... (I read it once... and I promise I take good care of my books)..... Julie James' book ~ Practice Makes Perfect!!!
***********you have to leave me your email address***********
My contest is open to everyone!!! And it ends Saturday night, October 10th.... sometimes... LSU plays Florida, so it will probably be after the game... And I will announce the winner Sunday, October 11th sometime during the day/evening ~ Just keep checking!!!
I hope you are all having as much fun as I am!!!! And thank you to everyone for coming here and "partying" with me!!! And Caleb of course!!!! You guys rock!!!! Thanks!
Hope you all have a great weekend... and for those that have not been feeling well.. I wish you the remedy to get better soon!! Miss you guys!

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  1. Cecile,
    You and your tempting cakes- I mean thank you for sharing the eye watering, calorie free treats - that cruelly taunt us - good for the eyes, sad for the taste buds.

    I can not thank you enough for having me on the site. Your continual offering of eye candy - well the guy too but I mean the sweets, may cause me a pound or two. I see them and suddenly every naughty thing in the kitchen starts calling my name.

    It is okay - your blog is so fabulous I wouldn't miss it for the world - weight gain and all. - sigh - It is a party and parties are discounted from diets. You are not allowed to diet at a party, you would miss out on too many yummy goodies! Enjoy your birthday month.
    All my love to you and I look forward to hearing from your dedicated fans.
    Terry Kate
    Romance in the Backseat

  2. Hi Cecile :D
    More celebrations yay.

    I am just in for a quick stop, I am visiting a friend in another city and will be back Sunday night. Not much internet time but wanted to make a stop at your place :D

    *throws some confetti and drools over eyecandy*

  3. Hey Cecile! I just adore your parties!!!
    Hello Terry Kate, your website looks great. I like the idea of a good author fight :)
    I think this contest is a great idea, can't wait to se who wins...

  4. Hi Terry and Cecile!

    I hope everyones having a fantabulous time!! Cake, drinks, party favors ^~^ *wink wink*

    I'll stop by and check out the Fightclub, sounds interesting......


    Dottie :)

  5. Wait a minute - isn't the first rule of Fight Club that you can't talk about Fight Club? ;)

    No need to enter me - I already read that fabulous book!

  6. Thanks Host,
    I am excited to see what happens too. I am about to reopen the second round of voting. Everyone can cast a new vote every 24hrs.
    I enjoyed reading them and I adore the stories so it is good I do not get to vote.

  7. Hi Cecile,

    I like the idea of a fight club for authors.gets their name and work out there.I'll have to check out the site.

    Cecile you throw quite the party,I'm having so much fun..can't wait to see what's next :)

    Caleb I could use one of those Bloody Rise Cocktails..can you come snuggle with me at the cauldron and keep me warm :D
    Its freezing here.

    please enter me my for the giveaway.thanks

    Go LSU!!!

    oh yeah **looking around**where's my cake? I need my cake :)

  8. Hi Terry!!

    First wanted to say - I love Romance in the Backseat and you are such a nice person!!!!

    I love the idea of Fight Club too!!

    Just dropping in to say that - don't enter me in drawing, I already have this one :)

  9. Wow all you lucky ducks already having this book!
    Mandi - it is nice to catch you somewhere other then Face Book.
    I am glad people are breaking the rules about Fight Club - because I certainly am excited to talk about it!

    It is nice to meet some new friends, Hello Dottie, Hi Chris, and Greetings Elaing. Blodeuedd- always nice to see you. I hope to hear some thoughts on how the authors did.

    tomorrow at 3pm EST I will post the stories score so for the last 24hrs readers and authors alike can see where their favorites stand.

    Thanks everyone - and I am thankful everyday I have met all of you lovely people.

  10. What a fabulous idea!!

    Good luck to all the "fighters!"

    Amanda McIntyre

  11. Hmmm..these cakes *muffled due to how much I've stuffed into my mouth* are delicious!

    Chris!!! You almost made me spit out cake with your comment! lol!!

    Oooo Fight Club. YUMMM-eee! *fantasizing about a cut Brad Pitt* I love the idea of an author fight club. And Terry, your site name is fantastic!

    :) VFG

  12. Hi Cecile and terry,
    I must say that The First Annual Paranormal Authors Fight Club sounds like a hoot of fun and the first four sentences are very intriguing. I will investigate this further *grin*

  13. VFG and Leontine,
    It is great to meet you,
    I hop you enjoy the fight.
    I am announcing the winners tomorrow and then part two of their stories go up late Wednesday night.
    Round 2 - Fight!
    Now if I can just figure out a better voting system...
    Ah well learn as I go...
    Thanks so much everyone! It is great getting to talk to you.
    Terry Kate


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