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Review: Maximum Witch Book 3 by Jodi Redford

If you want to see the review for Book 2, just go to Monday's post!
Don't forget to drop by Jodi's interview yesterday... :)  There is a giveaway there!

Maximum Witch ~Available now!

Click here to read an excerpt and order from Samhain Publishing. Or order from Amazon.

Who says getting eaten by a shark is a bad thing?

That Old Black Magic, Book 3

Willa Jameson is having one whopper of an identity crisis. Odd memory flashes that aren’t hers. A sultry voice in her head that’s obsessed with sex. Even weirder, she finds herself in the jaws of a rogue leviathan, dragged to the bottom of the ocean—and rescued by a hunky… shark?

The last thing Sheriff Max Truitt expects to find on his daily, deep-Atlantic patrol is a human—especially one who breathes underwater. Compelled to take her home, he waits for the beauty to wake up and reveal her name. Instead he’s treated to a punch in the nose, then a sexy romp hot enough to boil water.

The next morning, embarrassed by the sizzling, scandalous things the voice in her head drove her to do, Willa slips away. But if there’s one thing a determined shark excels at, it’s tracking his favorite meal.

Solving the mystery that is Willa is no simple task. When they finally unlock a dangerous secret hidden deep in her subconscious, it drives a wedge between them…and puts them in a desperate race against an evil that seeks to rain down a watery Armageddon on all mankind.

Warning: This book does not contain sex with a puffer fish. There’s not even sex with a seahorse. However, there’s plenty of smoking-hot lovin’ with a shark. And even a steamy M/F/M threesome. So slap on your snorkels and swim fins, things are about to get wet and wild.

I obtained this book for my honest thoughts and of course I will give it to you straight!! :)

Okay... If you come here (and you see below) a lot, you will see that I adore Ms. Jodi and her writing! I can remind you that she freaking rocks apples as one of my favorite authors. She knows how to color my world with all sorts of delicious treats. She gives me things that make me hot, make me wet, make me want... and that is just in the first few chapters of the story. She drives home sexy factors, she makes me giggle, she points out the obvious, she gives me all the wicked, naughty things that will stroke your fires! And that is just her writing style!! The actual stories... well... Let's see, shall we!

Okay... If you are following this series, you will know that I am all out of order with this series... but I have to give Ms. Jodi much props because you will never feel lost or confused in her series - no matter what book you pick up. She makes sure that everyone pops in and out of the book, with a quick background on them as well. She does it without taking away from the main characters story line. So, anyone mentioned in any of her series is likely to pop on in another one!

This is book three... And yes, I am not in order, lol... But this is Willa's story... Marbelle's best friend (book four). She reminds me of a section of Sesame Street... out of the four things, which one doesn't belong. She belongs because she loves all these ladies in the coven with her whole heart and would do anything and everything to help any one of them. Just see book two.... I have to say that Willa has been my favorite female character out of this whole series!!! She has me cracking up the whole book. She is deliciously funny!!! You have to love her!

She is witty, charming and what makes me love her is she thinks her life is just a normal, average, boring kinda life that she loves. She hates changes!!!! So, this story is so fitting for her. She gets pushed beyond her comfort zone... Hell, she gets freaking shoved out of her comfort zone. She gets a rude wake up call about the life she thought was hers... a past that she thought was her own... But when she truly learns of her past... and what could be of her future... she is very scared... But with the help of one man - hell bent on helping her remember her past... He will be there with her for every shove out of her comfort zone... But will the walls around her heart break enough to allow him in her future....

Max is a man who knows what he stands for, who he is and who is very comfortable in his own skin.... And his other skin... You see, Max is of another world... You are probably asking me, what the hell do you mean.. Is he a space alien or something... No, he is a shifter... But not of the four legged kind... or even two legged kind... He is a shark. ((I have to say that this is my first shark shifter book and it was thoroughly enjoyable and delicious!)) Yep, you read it.. a shark.. Actually a Tiger Shark! Okay, wanna talk about being on top of the food chain... Well, all was well with his life until he was on duty in the water and rescued a woman. She is not just a normal regular woman... She is a woman that wakes up Max's dominate, possessive side... Will he lose his heart or his life for this woman...

This story freaking rocked. I mean Willa has me giggling with her... Wanting to cry with her when we found out about her past... Makes me want to hug her and tell her it will be okay... But she has her moments where I am so proud of her! She just is truly a wonderful woman!  But when she meets Max and his best friend Boone... She learns that life is more than her little apartment and the coven of witches she knows... Then it all falls into place as to why she kinda always secretly felt like she didn't belong among the witches... Her past is revealed to her and believe me, I was not even prepared for the past that belonged to Willa. But with Max by her side, she felt she could do almost anything... 

Why don't you take my advice on getting on board with this series because I promise you... this series is awesome! The witch family comes in all shapes and sizes and familiars! You will want to eat some up... make some your best friend... and of course the villains will make you want to bitch slap the ever living shit out of them! Trust me on this one... And this book was not off the mark with the villains... There is actually more than one villain in this one and one in particular I would like to kill them myself! Just wait... You will see what I mean!

My review for Book One: That Voodoo That You Do
To see my review of Book Two... Just go to Monday's post!!!!
Don't forget to drop by Jodi's interview yesterday... :)
My review for Book Four: Getting Familiar with Your Demon

To learn more about the entire series, please visit Ms. Jodi's website here!!!
To learn more about Ms. Jodi, please visit her website here and enjoy!!!

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*Giveaway* Getting Naughty with Jodi Redford (Author Interview)

Okay, first....
Let me say this before my interview...

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

Yes, today is my birthday and I get one of the greatest gifts...
Two men at my Lair...
And one fabulous author!

Now, Ladies and Gents of the Lair, please put together a warm, smutty,
hussy welcome for a wonderful author friend of mine...

She has been to the Lair before and I have reviewed many of her books!

Please put up your drinks to welcome...

***Ms. Jodi Redford!!!!***

Jodi, welcome back to the Lair. I hope you are doing well?

**After I open the door and welcome Jodi in.... 
I notice that two men flank her... Sam and...... 
OMG.... Logan...
My heart is doing the happy dance and damn if
the man is not a freaking wet dream in person ~ damn!**

Jodi... Logan and Sam, let's go get comfortable in the living room... :) Jodi, I know you are not a new to me author and hopefully you are not new to my followers... but just in case there is someone here that you are new to... Why don't you tell us a little about yourself....

Jodi: Thank you so much for having me back to your smuttalicious blog, Miz Smutty Hussy! Well, I think you can best sum me up as an author with a naughty streak and a wee bit of a whacky sense of humor. So you will always find lots of steamy smexin’ and a heavy dose of humor in my books. I also freely admit to being addicted to reality television, Supernatural, True Blood and Spartacus (Hello full frontal male nudity! Yee haw!)

Okay, now tell us something we cannot google about you.. You know what I mean... You know I want to know all those naughty little secrets you keep...

Jodi: I know nothing of these naughty little secrets you mention. *crosses fingers behind my back*

Oh don't give me that "you don't have any"... I see those characters that you write.

**Especially when the two men are sitting right in front of me... damn**

Honey, you cannot have naughty secrets and write about men like Sam... Max.... Griffin.... and OMG... Logan..

***Cecile looks to the side to see Logan giving her the sexiest stare ever...***

*Jodi slaps Logan upside the head to break his enraptured trance with the Smutty Hussy’s bodacious “attributes”*

***Cecile is caught blushing... Thinking that damn man makes her think hussy thoughts...***

The truth is my characters lead far more exciting lives than mine. But I will admit that I was once double dog dared into streaking through a public park naked after hours. (Now you know where Logan gets his propensity for strutting around in his birthday suit!)  Unfortunately, I didn’t count on the security guard patrolling the grounds. Let’s just say that dude got an eyeful that night. O_o

Thank you for sharing your naughty little secret with us...

Okay, I will start this interview off a little different, as if you have not noticed by me asking about your naughty secrets... You see a theme here.. hahaha... Well, tell us about this particular series... That Old Black Magic. ((Now peeps, please notice that I have reviewed all but book three - that review is coming tomorrow - and they are all awesome)).

How much emotions has it taken to write this series?

Jodi: I’ll admit that a few of the books in this series took a heavier emotional toll on me, and I didn’t necessarily expect it. The toughest by far was The Seven Year Witch. It’s definitely an angstier book than the others because of the subject matter. I knew before writing one word on that book that Clarissa’s story was going to have a little darker edge to it. That gal comes with a lot of baggage. But I knew if I was going to stay true to her, I had to be willing to explore those darker places. I will say that writing the “big black moment” for all of the characters in these books always leaves me sobbing like a baby. I go through the struggle of them finding their happily ever afters right along with them, so I feel their pain and frustration as if it were my own.

Out of all the books, which is your favorite...

***Looks at the men in the room... ***
***Damn, that is a hard choice, but I would have to say that I know what man is my favorite...***

Jodi: Damn, that is a hard question! Especially since each book is different and special to me in its own way. But I guess if I had to pin down one as being a teensy bit more of my favorite, it’d have to be Getting Familiar With Your Demon.

Why...  And what is your favorite part out of that book?

Jodi: First of all, it has an unfair edge because its hero, Sam Gorasola, is my official book boyfriend. I’ve made it not so secret that I harbor a lustful crush on the surly demon. 

*catches Sam puffing his chest out* 

Great, this is totally going to inflate his ego. Like I don’t have enough on my hand with Logan’s!

**I will gladly take Logan off your hands for you!! It is my birthday**

But getting back to Sam. I love writing dark, sarcastic characters, and Sam is the definition of both.

Plus I got to abuse him with disco. Doesn’t get much more fun than that. 

*A grumble from Sam*

But I think what particularly endears me to his book was the challenge of taking a completely irredeemable hero who didn’t initially want to be saved, and giving him a reason to live again. And to love—an emotion that he’s always perceived as a weakness.

My favorite part of that book comes when Sam is faced with the decision of becoming Marabella’s familiar. There’s a lot of bad history for him that’s tied up with his former life, and he feels like he’ll never be free of it. We see him at his most vulnerable, and he hates it. But it’s the moment that made me fall for him, hook, line and sinker.

Oh that book was quite the nail biter! But is this the end of this series?

Jodi: Not at all. I have several more books in the pipeline, and at least one spin off that revolves around Sam’s cousins, the grim reapers. It makes me beyond happy that I’ve gotten so much reader response asking if Cass and Nikki would show up in some more stories. I have some really exciting stuff in store for the sisters, as well as their brother Dominic. In fact, the entire cast of That Old Black Magic has one hell of a wild ride ahead of them. *rubs hands in glee*

**Cecile does the happy dance!!**
**Peeps, you just don't how damn good this series is...**
**It will leave you wanting more! I promise...**

Okay, I have to ask... Which is your favorite hero & heroine out of the complete series...?

Jodi: If you couldn’t tell from me waxing poetic earlier, Sam is my fave hero. My favorite heroine is probably Willa, from Maximum Witch. She has a down to earth quality mixed with a feistiness that I adore.

Out of the whole series... Who was the easiest to write for and which one was the hardest to write for?

Jodi: Hm, I’d have to say that the easiest was That Voodoo You Do, only because the first in a series tends to be easier for me to write. The hardest was definitely The Seven Year Witch, and not just because of the emotional aspect. Writing a villain with seven personalities was a challenge, let me tell ya. Oye!

Almost done with book talk...

***Glances at the men again... They know I am fixing to have my naughty way with them...hahahah!***

What are you currently working on??

Jodi: Right now I’m working on the first book in a new contemporary erotic romance series I have planned. It’s a M/M/F and very naughty! This trio sure knows how to get up to some sexy shenanigans. *wipes sweat from forehead*

When is it going to be in my hands.. I mean when is it going to be out for us to devour it?

Jodi: Since I haven’t sent it in to my editor yet, I can’t give a definitive answer on that. But fingers crossed she’ll contract it, and hopefully it’ll be out the middle of next year. In the meantime, if you’re looking for something new from me that will be out soon, my super sexy M/F/M ménage, Checking It Twice, releases on November 27. It’s the follow up to The Naughty List, and trust me, it’s just as smuttastic as its predecessor. *wipes more sweat from my brow*

What is your favorite cover?

Jodi: Another hard question! I’ve yet to get a cover that I don’t love. But if you were to beat it out of me, I’d have to say that the cover for Maximum Witch is probably my favorite. There’s a playful sexiness to it that I really love. Plus it features a sexy hunk with a shark tat. Double score!

Okay... book time over...

Jodi, I am delighted to have you here on my birthday and the day before Halloween...!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for coming over... But you are not going to get away unscathed.... Now is time to talk all things birthday (since mine is today!!!) and Halloween! You have to tell me what has been your naughtiest Halloween costume ever? And your best birthday present ever??

Jodi: Hm, naughtiest Halloween costume was a belly dancer. I really shook my money maker that night. ;) Best birthday present, hands down, was a weekend in Vegas with my sis. We, uh, might have shaken our money makers that weekend too.

***Cecile looks at Logan who looks like he has something to say...****

Okay, Logan... what is on that delicious, I mean that southern mind of yours...

Logan: Well, shug. While we’re on the subject of shakin’ money makers…

*a growl from Sam*

Don’t even think of going Magic Mike on us, wolf boy.

**Oh dear Gawd, I can only pray! Please....**

*Logan smirks*

And here I had It’s Raining Men all queued up to go. I’d even be generous and let you have some floor time.

*Sam glares and grinds his teeth*

No one in this room wants to see that.

*Jodi and Cecile raise their hands simultaneously*

We do!!!

*Jodi makes a note to provide special “guests” to jump out of the giant birthday cake being delivered to Cecile later that night. Matching thongs optional.*

If you thought you were safe... Nah... Forgot it... Not a chance! We will start off slow and easy, I promise!

What is on your night stand/dresser?

Jodi: A scented candle, evil alarm clock, TV remote, and a copy of Harper’s Bazaar.

Logan: A bottle of magical massage oil and wrist and ankle restraints.

Sam: A bottle of magical massage oil and wrist and ankle restraints.

*Jodi arches her eyebrows at Cecile* Yeah, way more exciting lives than me.

What's in the bottom drawer of your dresser?

Jodi: Not what you think, you scandalous wench. I keep *that* in the top drawer. ;) Bottom drawer holds some sweaters and jeans.

Logan: A box of sex toys.
Sam: Ditto.

Jodi: Marabella and Clarissa are lucky bitches.

What are you reading right now?

Jodi: Kissin’ Tell by Lorelei James

Logan: What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Jodi: Uh, is there something you want to tell me?

Logan: Just thinkin’ ahead.

Sam: Think you can loan me that book when you’re done with it?

*Jodi shakes her head and groans*

Hard and Quick Time! Don't think... Just answer! Okay, before we go this route, I will get us a refill on our drinks... I will be right back...

You know you do... Quickie time... Think fast....

Are you a quickie kind girl/guy?

Jodi: Quickie, slow, standing, sitting, on top, underneath, upside down, sideways.

Logan: Same here. I’m also a big fan of doggie style.

Sam: Ditto.

Dark or Milk Chocolate?

Jodi: Milk.

Logan: I, uh, can’t eat chocolate.

Sam: Dark. Everything’s better dark.

Whipped or Melted?

Jodi: Whipped cream and melted chocolate. Strategically placed.

Logan: Whipped chocolate and melting cream. *sexy grin*

Sam: Ditto to both.

Straight up or with a twist - sex?

Jodi: Both

Logan: The twistier, the better.

Sam: Agreed.

What's ur fave drink - in a glass or on him/her?

Jodi: Mojito. In a glass. But I might have to try the other option sometime.

Logan: Whiskey. On her, goes without sayin’.

Sam: Beer. From a bottle, but I’ll give the other way a shot tonight.

Spank or Flogger?

Jodi: Am I giving or receiving? ;) Spank.

Logan: Spank.

Sam: All of the above.

Junk or Health Food?

Jodi: Mostly health food, but once in a while I’ll splurge on something so loaded with calories I gain 10 lbs just looking at it.

Logan: Long as it doesn’t have bean curd in it, I’ll eat it.

Sam: Same here. Never saw a steak I said no to.

Ties or Chains?

Jodi: Ties.

Logan: Same here. Ain’t much of a fan of chains, but if it’s what she wants, I aim to please her however I 

Sam: Yeah, got a bad history when it comes to chains. I’ll stick with ties.

Leather or Lace?

Jodi: Leather on him, lace on me. ;)

Logan: She can wear either, but you won’t find none of that shit on me. Especially lace.

Sam: Ditto. *joins in Logan’s shudder*

Soft or Hard... Bed, where was your mind?

Jodi: Soft.

Logan: Hard. Just like the rest of me. *lecherous eyebrow waggle*

Sam: I’m going nowhere with him again.

Control or Be Controlled?

Jodi: Depends on my mood. Usually a little of both.

Logan: I’m down with givin’ her all the control, but then remindin’ her in the end who’s the Big Bad Wolf in the bedroom.

Sam: I prefer being in charge. Not in my nature to give that up.

Hot Wax or Whip Cream?

Jodi: Whipped cream. It doesn’t burn. Always a plus, in my book.

Logan: Can’t argue with that logic. Although, hot wax can be sexy if you know what you’re doin’.

Sam: When I set the bedsheets on fire, it’s gonna be from my sexual finesse, not no damn candle tipping over. Whipped cream all the way.

Vampire or Werewolf?

Jodi: Werewolf

Logan: That ain’t even a damn contest. Werewolf, baby.

Sam: Vampire

Twitter and/or Facebook?

Jodi: Both. You can find me at and

Pinterest or not?

Jodi: I haven’t gotten too involved with Pinterest, and don’t have a profile or anything, but I’ve definitely appreciated several of the pics I’ve seen on there. ;)

Ms. Jodi, Sam... and of course Logan.. I am very thrilled that you have joined me on my birthday! Thank you guys so much for coming over!! Logan... if you want to stay to finish the interview up with me... I don't mind..

Happy Birthday & Happy Halloween everyone!!!
We are off to do some naughty birthday things!!!! :)

Okay, now for the time you have all waited for...

***Giveaway Time***

Ms. Jodi is gifting one luck winner with a....

$25.00 Amazon Giftcard!
 Just fill out the form below ~ all rules are there!

Your Questions...
What do you do to celebrate your birthday?
Which cover is your favorite?

Good Luck!
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Review: The Seven Year Witch Book 2 by Jodi Redford

The Seven Year Witch ~ Available now!

Click here to read an excerpt & buy from Samhain or here from Amazon

After this much foreplay, something's bound to combust.

That Old Black Magic, Book 2

As head mistress of Beaumont coven house, Clarissa Miles has perfected two things: keeping her sister witches from accidentally turning innocent bystanders into toads, and resisting the sexy overtures of her familiar, werewolf Logan Scott.

But her resolve is vanishing—fast. Seven years ago she sold her soul to save her father, and that contract is coming due. The allure of spending her last days indulging in some dirty, naked loving is too tempting to resist.

Logan has patiently ridden out the past seven years, content to do Clarissa’s bidding and ignoring his consuming need to mark her as his. Now that the ban on witch/familiar fraternizing has been lifted, he’s off the leash and ready to launch a full-on sensual assault on her defenses. They’re destined mates, and he’ll do whatever it takes to convince her.

It’s delightfully easy to get her in bed. Get at her heart? Not so much. Especially when a deadly predator stakes its claim on her…and Logan faces a battle not only to win her heart, but save her soul.

Warning: This book contains a villain with more personalities than Sybil, a witch in search of redemption and a dirty-talking werewolf hell-bent on claiming his mate in every wicked, sexy way possible. Spontaneous howling may occur.

I obtained the above information from Jodi's website!

I also obtained this book for my honest thoughts on this story.... So, let's get to the review...

Now, I will tell you to please check out my review of Book One in this series & if you want to see what her other book did to me... Check out my review for Book Four! You will learn that I am a huge fan of Ms. Jodi's writing... or you can simply look for her name in my archive and see how much I love her! She is a wonderful author, a fantastic writer and simply a delight to lose myself over to! She creates worlds of intrigue... suspense that will leave you hanging... desire that can literally blow up things and unity that conquers all! She knows how to weave the tale of hearts... to give misery, to bring hope... to give purpose and to bring love out of everyone. She gives expression and drive to each character... It doesn't matter how small their part may be in the story... She brings everyone to life in her stories...

This story leaves off with Clarissa and Logan... Damn... ***shakes my head... Logan*** That man is just a southern girls wet dream! I mean seriously... We got a taste... well okay a little more than a taste of him in the first book *yes, you need to go back and read book one to get that taste* The man is every bit the wolf man Clarissa declares he is and believe me when I say... You will be imagining him talking to you, with those low riding jeans, no shirt... no shoes... Talking in that drawl he has... And calling you Shug... Damn!!!

But I will tell you that Logan is a man on a mission... He is tired of the games and wants his mate! No matter the cost, he is willing to put it all on the line for the one woman that has shut her heart down. He is willing to try till there is no more trying to get her to realize that she belongs to him - no matter what. But when someone else has staked a claim on her, his possessive side comes out and believe me - you don't want to tangle with this werewolf! But that is when all comes to a halt - when that someone comes to collect the stake that they have claimed over her.

Clarissa is a woman who has shut out so much in her life, to keep people at arm distance because of what her past taught her... It taught her to not want things that you know you can't have... She is not very proud of her past but making a deal with Seven to save her father's soul had to be the worst mistake of her life.. But if you asked her, she would have done it all over again... That is until Seven comes to collect... No one would fault her for making the deal to save her dad but she buries that part of her life because to let anyone know would show a weakness Clarissa felt she could not afford to show.... Until her heart started melting for the one man that promised her the one thing she knew she should not, could not have... a future.

This story kept me turning the pages and re reading to make sure I was reading right... The suspense was killing me. Yes, I actually thought of skipping pages to see what was going to happen... But I knew if I skipped I would have missed some serious, sexy Logan talking and that just ain't going to happen. That man walks in a room and I will drop whatever I am doing... Yes, he silently demands that much attention and you are not even aware you are giving it to him. He is a force to reckon with. But finding out his mate could potentially leave him forever... That does not sit well with him...

The deal that Clarissa makes can only be broken by the one thing she never wanted anything to do with... Hope... Faith... and Love... This story truly made me go... 'Awwwwwwwww' and a lot of Hot damn!!!! :)
Jodi, you did it again and again, you left me hanging with the next story to come... Which I will have a review for you guys in a couple of day because yes, I read them back to back!!! They are just that good!!! Jodi is an awesome author!! You must go check out her website (look below) and you must check out my past articles on her because she is just that damn good!!!!!!!

Oh and make sure you stay tune for tomorrow, because Jodi will be cutting up with me on my BIRTHDAY with an awesome giveaway!!!!!!!

Now, please go here to check out the That Old Black Magic series!!! Oh gosh, it just gets better & better!

 Also... to check more out on Ms. Jodi, please visit her website here!!! You will be happy you did!!!!
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***Cover Reveal*** Mystically Bound - Frostbite Book 3 by Stacey Kennedy

****Cover Reveal***

Mystically Bound
Frostbite Book Three
Urban Fantasy Romance
Length: Novel
Heat Level: Sensual
Release date: COMING SOON

Tess Jennings’ life is in chaos. Not only has her ghost lover, Kipp McGowen, crossed into the Netherworld, but she’s the newest member of a secret society. And they want her to start work immediately. Upon arriving in White Castle, Louisiana, she is presented with an offer she cannot refuse.

The Grand Master has been murdered and Tess must solve the crime by locating his ghost. The reward—a magical spell to save Kipp. But as Tess dives deeper into the case, the more danger surrounds her. Not everyone wants the murder solved, and she is caught in the crossfire.

Soon, Tess finds herself knee-deep in a hunt for a spell, a race to locate a killer, and a journey to the beyond. Will Kipp finally take a living breath, or will Tess take her last?

 ****This is an awesome series - You have to read this one!!!****

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Wild and Wicked Halloween Scavenger Hunt

BTS Tours and Wild Child Publishing are proud to present the Wicked and Wild Halloween Scavenger Hunt. 37 blogs have linked together to allow you to hunt for 37 different words that will be hidden in each post, so at the end of the hunt you will have 37 answers to plug into the rafflecopter. Please DO NOT leave your answers in the comment section. We want this to be fun for everyone, and not take the challenge out of the game. So this is how it works.

All the blogs listed below will post their game piece on their allotted date. You are looking for one word (related to Halloween) to plug into the rafflecopter as your answer. For Example:

If you are on Close Encounters with the Night Kind, and find your word (clues will be provided for you in the banner) you log into the rafflecopter form and place your answer in the box marked Close Encounters of the Night Kind. Follow along the entire Scavenger Hunt and collect all 37 clues. We will be drawing for 4 $25 dollar Gift Certificates to Wild Child Publishing. Happy Hunting!!!


Title: Against Nature
Author:  John G Nelson
Publisher: Wild Child Publishing    .
Length:   Novel
Sub-Genres:  Paranormal

The U.S. is ground-zero for a mysterious global pandemic. The disease is highly infectious and kills its victims within two weeks of exposure. It’s neither bacteria nor a virus and all traditional treatment regimens have failed.
Serena Salus, a radical scientist, discovers the organism is an extraterrestrial dust mite brought to earth by a shuttle astronaut. The government contends it’s a genetically-engineered organism created on earth by enemies of freedom.
Dr. Salus uncovers a vile plan for distributing her experimental vaccine and finds herself in a deadly confrontation with powerful forces that’ll stop at nothing to control the distribution of her vaccine.


Adam Spinoza’s head pounded. Large doses of aspirin and Tylenol did nothing to relieve the pain. He’d been in Washington three weeks when the flu hit. Spinoza, an American expatriate, worked as an envoy for the nationalized Ecuadorian plastics cooperative and had been in Washington lobbying U.S. retailers.
    St. Francis Community Hospital looked like a military compound. Large orange barricades blocked the entrance and several respirator-clad cops directed the human flow toward a tent set up on the hospital grounds. An old woman struggled with her walker and oxygen canister and eked toward the triage area.
“Do you need any help ma’am?” Adam asked the old woman.
“Get away from me,” she demanded. Adam stepped back and proceeded along the roped path toward a nurse covered from head to toe in light blue scrubs, surgical cap, gloves and boots.
“What’s your problem?” The nurse barked. From behind her mask and plastic face shield, Adam noticed her tired brown eyes.
“I’ve had an intense headache for the past three days,” Adam said.
“Do you have a history of migraines, tension or cluster headaches?” The nurse showed little compassion.
“No, I have no history of headaches.”
“What’s your full name and social security number,” the nurse asked. A younger woman in green scrubs jotted down Adam’s personal details on a clip board.
“Let me see your hand, we need to do a screening finger stick,” the nurse said.
“A what?” The nurse grabbed his wrist and rubbed an alcohol pad on his index finger and pricked it. She squeezed out a drop of blood and dabbed it onto a test strip. It turned blue.
“We’ve got another positive,” she yelled.
“Positive what?” Adam grabbed the test strip from the nurse. “What is this, I came here for something for a headache.”
“You have Suspicious Flu; you’ll have to leave immediately. There is nothing we can do for you,” the nurse said. Adam saw the fear in her eyes. Two large men in olive drab “space-suits” approached him.
“Sir, you need to leave the premises,” one of the burly men said. The other positioned himself behind Adam.
“You need to stay at home. Do not leave. You are highly contagious,” the man said. The other man pushed Adam forward.
“And don’t come back,” he pushed a little harder.
Adam walked across the hospital’s front lawn and onto the city sidewalk. A few hundred feet down the street he stopped at the public bus stop. Sitting on the bench, he looked at the chemical-blue dotted test strip and his hands shook and a wave of hysteria consumed him. He cried uncontrollably for half an hour. The bus, which normally ran every twelve minutes, never came.


John Nelson is a retired Air Force Master Sergeant and former Special Ops Medic—Air Commando. He now lives a quieter life in the Rocky Mountains as a healthcare executive.

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Monday, October 22, 2012

*Giveaway & Guest Post* Hook Up by Miranda Baker

Today, Ladies and Gents of the Lair, I want you to put together a warm welcome for a fabulous author!!
She is super sweet and writes super sexy... Let's welcome...

***Ms. Miranda Baker!***

Once in a while, a memory hits me and my heart lights up like a sparkler. It doesn’t take much – maybe I’ll notice one of my FB friends keeps in touch with one of my ex-lovers, maybe the scent of a campfire will remind me of a certain summer camping hook-up, maybe someone will quote The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and I’ll remember my very first real date. Poignant. Painful. Unforgettable. The ones who got away. The ones who broke my heart. The ones I’d like to slap or kiss or make love to just one more time. The ones who make me sigh and grit my teeth at the same time. Do you know what I’m talking about? I hope you do.

I love my memories, and I go searching through them when I write my books. The Come Again series was inspired by a sexy shop girl in an adult novelty store in Toronto. She sold me on the merits of silicone lubricants, Alisa’s preference in SoloPlay. (If you’ve read it you might remember Crystal taunts Mark with that little gem of info.) I left that Toronto sex shop with a bottle of Gun Oil lubricant and the idea for an erotic romance series centered around a sex shop called Come Again. From that point on, memory became fantasy. As I wrote the other stories in the series, Crystal revealed herself to me. Bisexual, empathic, mysterious. I knew she was hiding something behind her worldly Goth-kink camouflage, but I didn’t know what it was until Ryan came on scene in SoloPlay.

That’s my favorite part of the writing process – the bits and pieces dropped along the way that eventually turn into another story. Somehow it all comes together – the subconscious at work is a beautiful thing. Once I realized where Ryan fit in, I began mining my memory again. I felt compelled to download “Tender is the Night” by Jackson Browne and “Silent All These Years” by Tori Amos because every story, like every memory, has an obsessive soundtrack. I have everything from Eric Clapton to Brad Paisley to Katy Perry on my Hook Up soundtrack because life is eclectic, you know? But there is one thing all my almosts have in common – the shivery feeling I get when I revisit those red-hot memories.

In Hook Up, Crystal’s memories are red-hot with a twist, and she discovers…

A blast from the past can be hell on the heart.

“Spend the night with me, Crystal.”

One college hook-up with Ryan Anderson ripped Crystal LaRusso’s emotions wide open and hot-wired her to the world around her. After gaining control of her new abilities, she rebuilt her life and started a business as a sensual psychic. She’s bold, fearless and, admittedly, a little freaky. Black leather, exotic makeup and a reputation for only dating women keeps the world at a necessary distance—distance she can’t maintain when Ryan reappears in her life.

Ryan has spent the last ten years wondering what went wrong between them, and now that she’s back in his life, Crystal has a lot of explaining to do. The chemistry is just as potent as it was ten years ago, so why does she keep running away? One night won’t be enough to satisfy Ryan’s need for her, but it might take the edge off. At the very least, he can ask her why she broke his heart—and this time he’s not leaving without an answer.

Product Warnings
This book contains an unforgettable one-night stand, a heroine with a taste for beautiful women, a quest that begins in a sex shop and ends in a sex club, and enough mind-blowing psychic sex to change one lucky man’s life forever.

HOOK UP Excerpt:

A bolt of fear, then longing, coursed through her, freezing her muscles in place. A kaleidoscope of emotions bombarded her as her mind and heart rioted, urging her to run. She stood, paralyzed, soaking up the changes in his appearance. The college boy buzz was gone. His sun-streaked hair was brushed back from his forehead in an unruly mass that reached his collar. He was broader now, harder. His white shirt contrasted sharply with his deep tan, giving him a piratical look despite the classy suit. A wreath of lines bracketed his eyes, probably caused by the quick grin Crystal had never forgotten. He looked like the frat boy she had known, gone predator.

Crystal struggled to surround herself with a wall of cool calm. She couldn’t run, at least not yet, but she could hide in plain sight.

Ryan looked directly at her and his emotions blasted across the room, burning through her defenses. Desire. Resentment. Heat. Longing swept through her again, stealing her breath. His dark eyes absorbed the light in the room and reflected it back at her. Mahogany eyes, warm, like bittersweet chocolate. He was braced over her, waiting, holding her gaze with infinite tenderness. Her soul opened, enveloped him. Her consciousness spun out around them.

Crystal jerked back from the memory. Her feet felt rooted to the floor. Her heart pounded as Ryan and Alisa moved toward them.

Beside her, Mark chuckled. She turned to glare at him.

“What?” he asked. “I figured turnabout was fair play. You introduced Alisa and me, after all.” His usually reserved blue eyes were full of fun. Mischief. Memory. Satisfaction. Now she understood why he’d been so smug all evening.

It felt like a cosmic joke that Mark had finally remembered they’d gone to college together just in time to reintroduce her to the man who had ruined her life. Crystal was grateful for the anger that reminded her she wasn’t vulnerable anymore.

Mark cocked his head, looking down at her, eyes suddenly wary. “I thought you might enjoy a blast from the past.”

The irony made laughter bubble up in her throat, so she released it in a breathy chuckle. Laughter was excellent camouflage, better than leather, ink and the color black. She slid one arm around his waist and leaned up to whisper in his ear. “I’m positively thrilled, darling.” Mark didn’t know, no one did—and if she could hold it together through the wedding weekend from hell, no one ever would.

Get your HOOK UP on sale here:
or wherever fine smut is sold!

About Miranda Baker

It makes me chuckle to think about all the romantic short stories I wrote in my rather too literary creative writing classes in college. If only one of my professors had steered me toward popular fiction! On the other hand, if I had discovered my calling back then, I wouldn’t have gone to culinary school, I wouldn’t have met my husband, we wouldn’t have had three children and I wouldn’t have turned to erotic romance to get my mojo back during all this hair-raising kid raising. To learn more about me, please visit:
My den of iniquity:
My home away from home:
Or my favorite hangout:
Be the first to know about my new books by signing up here:

***Giveaway time!***

Does your favorite hook up memory have a signature song?
Please tell me in the comments below!

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Ride the Rafflecopter for a chance to win a Hook Up Survival Kit containing:

Orchid temporary tattoo
*(your own Goth-kink camouflage)*

Mini Magic 8-ball
*(to check the auspices for a hook up)*
E-copy of Bottoms Up, the first book in the Come Again series
*(because I can’t actually hook you up, but I can offer you a few hours of reading pleasure)*
Two STUDDED condoms
*(Safety first! In Hook Up, Ryan buys condoms at Come Again*
*and discovers there is more to life than ribbed!)*
Romance Trading Cards for Bottoms Up and SoloPlay
*(because I love e-books, but I do miss actual book covers!)*

Thanks for having me, Cecile! You are my absolute favorite Smutty Hussy! Mwah!
I want to thank Miranda for coming over to the Lair today!! She is such an awesome author!
You guys must give her a try if you haven't already!!!!
Mwahhhh right back at ya honey!

Good Luck Everyone!

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Friday, October 19, 2012

*Blog Tour Giveaway & Guest Post* The Strix by Katalina Leon

I am turning the Lair over to the wonder.... 
Ms. Katalina Leon!
Please give her a warm, hussy welcome!!!

My name is Katalina Leon and I’m sharing a little bit of “The Strix” book one of  “The Bag of Tricks” books series co-written with Amber Skyze.

TITLE: The Strix (Bag of Tricks)
AUTHOR(S): Katalina Leon and Amber Skyze
LENGTH: 234 Pages
SUBGENRES: Vampire, Shapeshifter, Fantasy

Here’s the Blurb:

“A cursed amber amulet unearthed in Pompeii flings Arcona into a past life of witchcraft, bloodshed, revenge and sexual slavery to the cruel Master of a gladiatorial school. This violent parallel world is populated with “Slayers,” blood-drinking immortals devoted to the gods of war and mayhem.

As a Strix, or malignant witch, Arcona once used sex and blood rituals to create a race of immortal warriors to unleash on Rome. Now it’s time to pay.

The gladiator Tyr was one desperately lonely lover she betrayed. Against his will, she turned him into Upir Likhyi, a foul vampire. For two millennia he’s lived a grim existence as a Slayer, in constant sexual arousal yet denied release; now, he's pissed off and wants revenge. He kidnaps Arcona planning to drink her dry and break the curse.

Along the way Arcona and Tyr relive their sexual slavery at the hands of Rome and blood sport in the arena, but the real magic is they forgive and fall in love.

Too bad another Slayer wants them dead.”

The Strix is a vampire tale told through the eyes of one woman who comes in contact with her past life as a witch and vengeful captive of Rome. It’s a contemporary and a historical tale at the same time.


This excerpt takes place in Pompeii 78 AD. Arcona is a young Germanic woman who has been captured by Romans and sold as a pleasure slave to the owner of gladiatorial school. In this scene she breaks the rules and escapes her courtyard prison to peek over the balcony into the ludus, or gladiatorial school attached to the villa. She sees Tyr below.

…She crouched low and crept toward the back balcony that overlooked the ludus, where enslaved gladiators were quartered and trained. Surprisingly there were none of the expected sounds of clashing shields or wooden practice swords. The drill yard was silent of the usual clang of battle craft and the sounds of men arguing.

The villa’s rear balcony hovered high above the fray and was safely separated from the ludus by thick earthen walls topped with iron spikes and barred gates below, yet it provided an unencumbered bird’s-eye view of the daily mayhem that took place in the dirt yard beyond.

The August heat of the drill yard, and the scent of men’s sweat hung heavy in the air. Arcona peeked over the top of the balcony and into the sunbaked ludus below. Most of the gladiators were leaning against a far wall, standing in the shade, their swords and shields cast on the ground.

She couldn’t believe the always strict Cilician trainer would allow such slothful behavior, until she scanned the drill yard and saw the Cilician was nowhere in sight.

A dark Gaulish gladiator named Rog stood at the barracks door, pounding loudly on it with his fists. His angry words were so garbled she could hardly make out what he said.

A small crowd of gladiators gathered around Rog, and they too shouted threats and pounded their fists against the sealed door. She watched the events carefully but couldn’t figure out what the enraged commotion was about.

Only one man, a murmillo, the largest and most powerful class of gladiator, remained active on the drill yard. The man had sandy-blond hair and a beautiful sweeping back, which made him breathtaking to look at. She had studied this same man on many occasions and found him fascinating to watch. He was so unlike the others who tended to clump together in groups and speak as a mob.

The murmillo stood apart. He was quiet and solitary. All the times she had spied on the ludus she had never heard him speak, yet she noticed the other gladiators looked to him constantly as an example, which he quietly provided. Any martial skills he mastered the others were quick to imitate.

For such a large man he moved with power and grace, holding a sword in one hand and a heavy, iron-rimmed shield that stood nearly as tall as he in the other. He advanced with calculated steps across the packed dirt of the yard, thrusting and parrying his blade against an imaginary foe.

He ignored the angry chaos surrounding him and worked through his practice drills with concentrated precision. His skin glistened golden under the noon sun. His focused gaze remained lethal and aloof. He looked incapable of distraction, as if he occupied an entirely different realm from the others.

He swung the sword in tight, controlled circles as he stabbed and sliced at his own shadow. He moved beneath the balcony and paused. His sword arm stilled. He held the shield high between him and the others and glanced directly at her.

His clear hazel eyes made such forceful contact with her she felt as if she’d been touched. She was left breathless. Despite her caution about remaining unseen, he seemed to possess another sense that alerted him to her presence. Perhaps she was not so stealthy, because he often noticed her crouching behind the balcony while the others remained oblivious.

She gazed into his eyes and froze, unable to look away. She wondered how it was possible for such a formidable man to become enslaved to Rome.

A slight smile curled the edge of his lips. He gazed at her with scorching intensity as if he meant to bolt over the wall and grab her.

She felt a little flutter of anxious tension and desire and struggled to extinguish it.
The barrack door burst open with a loud bang, and a wailing, hysterical woman staggered into the yard with tears streaming down her face. Her tunic was rumpled and hung from her shoulders, exposing her breasts and back. She tried to wrap her head shawl around her body to cover herself. She ran straight toward Rog and threw her arms around his neck, and clung to him.

Rog snatched the woman into his arms. He crushed his face against her thick, dark hair and appeared to be sobbing.

The Cilician trainer strode out the open door with a churlish smile on his swarthy face. He gazed at the gladiators resting in the shade. A look of rage hardened on his harsh mouth. “Pick up your weapons, you slothful oxen! Just because I took a pleasure break doesn’t mean you get one.”

Rog glared at the Cilician, bared his teeth, and snarled. “I hate you! I’ll stuff a blade in your gut the first chance I get!”

“I don’t think so.” The Cilician dismissed Rog with a rude wave of his hand. “By the way, I enjoyed fucking your wife. Tell her to come back next week.”…

Obviously the ludus is a demoralizing place to be imprisoned but believe it or not a kernel of real love does take root here.

I hope you enjoyed the excerpt and will check out The Strix.

Thank you for having Amber and me as guests!

XXOO Katalina Leon

You can find The Strix here:

      The Strix book trailer on YouTube:

Loose Id LLC:

All Romance eBooks



My name’s Katalina Leon, I’m an artist, an author, mother and wife. I write for Loose Id Publishing and Ellora’s Cave. I try to bring a touch of the mystical and a sense of adventure to everything I write because I believe there’s a bold, kick-ass heroine inside all of us who wants to take a wild ride with a strong worthy hero.

***Blog Tour Giveaway Info***

 Kat is giving away 2 $15 dollar amazon cards to 2 randomly drawn commenters!!!!!
So, comment away!!!
But you must leave your email address!!!!!!!!!!!

The Strix is a 253 page 83k paranormal, erotic-romance, vampire, parallel worlds tale. 
Good luck!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

*Blog Tour Giveaway* Gravedigger's Brawl by Abigail Roux *Riptide*

Abigail Roux

Dr. Wyatt Case is never happier than when he’s walking the halls of his history museum. Playing wingman for his best friend at Gravedigger’s Tavern throws him way out of his comfort zone, but not as much as the eccentric man behind the bar, Ash Lucroix.

Ash is everything Wyatt doesn’t understand: exuberant, quirky, and elbow deep in a Gaslight lifestyle that weaves history into everyday life. He coordinates his suspenders with his tongue rings. Within hours, Wyatt and Ash are hooked.

But strange things are afoot at Gravedigger’s, and after a knock to the head, Ash starts seeing things that can’t be explained by old appliances or faulty wiring. Soon everyone at Gravedigger’s is wondering if they’re seeing ghosts, or just going crazy. The answer to that question could end more than just Wyatt and Ash’s fragile relationship—it might also end their lives.

    Welcome to The Gravedigger’s Brawl virtual book tour! Thank you for helping me celebrate the release of the most haunted book I’ve ever worked on. Over the course of the next few days I’ll be giving away prizes to help you get through the reading experiences, namely bundles of sage to cleanse your electronics after you download a cursed book! In addition, every stop along this tour is a chance to win $10 in store credit to Riptide Publishing as part of their first anniversary celebration! To enter to win one of the prizes, just leave a comment here and make sure you include your e-mail address. Many thanks to All I Want And More for helping me keep this spooky Riptide Publishing virtual book tour going!

                                      Warning: This Book is Haunted! Part 3 by Abigail Roux

     The first two stops on the tour, I let you in on a little secret. The Gravedigger’s Brawl is cursed. You may still be sceptical, and I understand. Plenty of people were at first when I began to insist that a story I was writing about ghosts was haunted. Ha ha, Abi, you’re funny. Now go take your meds.
     But I knew in my heart that the story was cursed. And I went with it. I’m a writer, after all, I have to write. I have to see a story to fruition, even if it fights back. Even if it goes on the offensive and begins to haunt me.
     Four years into its creation, the ghost story had now been responsible for the death of three laptops. It was fighting back, but so was I. I continued working on it, tweaking it, editing it, adding to it, taking from it.
I changed the ending.
     The original ending was much darker and far more disturbing than it is now. It was scary, and I liked it. But it wasn’t satisfying. So I changed it. And the story did not like it. Lights in my home began to flicker. My brand new alarm system would go off at all times of the day. At one point I didn’t get to the code in time and the police were called. Try explaining that one to a guy with a gun and the ability to recommend you be institutionalized.
     But I soldiered on. It was more out of curiosity at this point, though. I wanted to see what else this story was capable of doing. My iPhone began to make static noises when I’d make calls, and iPhones aren’t exactly known for static. When I would send a text message to the Canadian while she was in the process of giving the ghost story a read over, my text messages would go not to her phone, but to her iPod, something that is not capable of receiving or sending text messages. After bringing my computer to my mom’s house one evening to work, she began to be pelted in the back of the head with Valentine’s candy in an empty room.
     When my laptop and I left, the candy stopped flying. When Canadian was done reading the story and sent it back, my text messages began to get to her phone again.
     I started working harder to get rid of this thing. I convinced myself that as soon as I was done working on it and had it sent off, the curse would end. Sort of like construction and remodelling is supposed to wake spirits in buildings, I was hoping that when I completed the editing, it would all just go away.
The harder I worked, the more the story fought back. I lost another laptop to it before it was all said and done. That’s four in case you’ve lost count. The lamp in my living room would turn off and on as I worked into the night. Locked doors would open. Open windows would slam shut. I began sending my daughter to my mom’s house to sleep because I didn’t want her in the house at night while I was writing.
     I was convinced that when the story was done, the curse would be too. I finished the book at 4 AM one morning in February and wasted no time in sending it off. I warned the editors that it might do odd things to their computers. They laughed about the oddities being good for promo (and here I am) and that was it. I was done.
     The lights stopped flickering. My computer worked. The sun came out! All was right with the world! And then one night a few months later I received an e-mail. Return edits.
     I opened up the e-mail and downloaded the file. And five minutes later, my television got struck by lightning. It wasn’t the end. Rewrites were just the beginning. Now I had wave after wave of edits and beta reads to get through, and it wasn’t just me involved now. There were others. So many others. And the next step would be releasing this story to the world.

You can haunt me at several places on the web, including Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and my website. I hope to see you around.

You can read the first two chapters and order The Gravedigger’s Brawl HERE.

And please do not forget Abigail's words........ In addition, every stop along this tour is a chance to win $10 in store credit to Riptide Publishing as part of their first anniversary celebration! To enter to win one of the prizes, just leave a comment here and make sure you include your e-mail address!!! So comment away!!! Good luck!

To learn  more about this tour, please visit Riptide's website here!!!

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Monday, October 15, 2012

*Giveaway/Blog Tour* Exceprt of Stealing Breath by Joanne Brothwell *Dark Mind Tour*

Stealing Breath

An ancient evil has resurfaced, the soul of the Indigo Child is at stake. Beware those with the Stealing Breath...

Deep in the backwoods of North Dakota, Sarah Ross is searching for a missing child when she is attacked by a glowing-eyed, transparent creature known to the Navajo as a Skinwalker. Using mysterious abilities, Sarah escapes, only to run directly into Evan Valente, a handsome, charismatic stranger who helps her back to safety. But why is Evan out in the forest so early in the morning?

Sarah learns her eyes bear the mark of the Indigo Child, an evolved human with the ability to feel the emotions of others; unfortunately, her indigo aura is highly desirable to those who wish to steal her powerful essence.

Soon, Sarah falls deeply in love with Evan and wants nothing more than to follow her heart, but she can't ignore the lingering feeling that Evan is hiding a terrible secret. The deeper she digs, the more danger she faces, forcing her to face the darkest, innermost parts of her soul.
Stealing Breath is a darkly romantic tale of a young woman’s journey for love within the fearsome realm of the paranormal. It is a spellbinding read that mines the inner workings of the human character. Love, loss and the quest for redemption, these characters will echo in your mind long after you’ve put the book down.

Praise for Stealing Breath

"STEALING BREATH stole mine! Compulsive, scary suspense balanced with a tender love story."
-Mary Balogh, New York Times Bestselling Author


“You saw that Evan guy again?” Amber asked. She sucked the last of her frothy pink drink through a straw. The mischievous look on her face was mirrored in the giddy emotions she gave off, emotions that were always especially loud when she was drinking. They resonated within me like a bouncy ball flying around in my stomach.
I downed another shot of “Sex on the Beach”, hoping it would finally be enough to filter out the emotions of everyone here. Smooth at first, then tart, the booze finally burned its way down the back of my throat. The buzz-on was almost immediate, and the effect was wonderful, the way it almost obliterated all of the sex-obsessed feelings that seemed to roll off of nearly ever patron at the bar like a hot blanket being wound around me. Sick.
We sat at a booth right next to the bar. Amber held her glass up, signaling to the bartender who nodded and began to pour. He bobbed his head to the blaring country music from the loudspeaker.
Tables ringed the bar, booths along the wall and stools on the other side. Every few feet a brightly lit neon beer sign provided a dash of garish décor. Right in the middle was the dance floor, a little postage-stamp sized circle of parquet flooring that reminded me of an interlocking puzzle. Alongside it was a raised section with a few pool tables.
“Yeah, I saw him.” I proceeded to explain his land development business to Amber and Kate, who listened with rapt expressions.
“That’s amazing. Nobody ever comes to Slave Lake. People only leave,” Amber said. Our waitress, dressed in skin-tight jeans and a too-tight tank-top, brought us another
round. Behind her, the giant flat screen on the wall lit up with random explosions of fuchsia, neon yellow and acid green, perfectly paced with the lyrics of the canned music.
Kate sat across from me on the bench seating, her copper hair shimmering pink from the neon “Budweiser” sign and the black light hanging on the wall behind her. Her teeth were glowing an unnatural white in the light, and every piece of lint on her black shirt stood out like a 3D movie.
“How interesting that you both were out in the bush that morning,” Kate said.
I nodded. “I know. Quite a coincidence.”
Amber sat beside Kate in the bench seat, facing the bar. She leaned forward in one fluid motion, her black hair sweeping the table. “Sarah. Look who just walked in.” I turned in my seat. “And he’s coming right over—”
“Mind if I join you?” asked a familiar voice, before I’d even had a chance to look.
I turned and smiled at Evan. “Sure.”
He pulled a stool up to our table, his arms rippling with the movement. His very presence seemed to heat the air around me, his cologne eclipsing the bar smell of dirty jeans, stale beer and desperation.
I glanced at Kate and Amber, who both stared at him, bright-eyed. His dark fitted jeans hugged his legs, the denim slung low across narrow hips. A black t-shirt made of a material I couldn’t identify hinted of the peaks and valleys of muscle beneath and a single silver chain with a dog-tag hung at his neck, a crest emblem engraved on it with the name Valente. This guy would look good in a burlap sack. Or nothing.
“You remember Kate and Amber from the campground?” I asked. They nodded in acknowledgement and exchanged niceties. Then Amber and Kate excused themselves and hit the dance floor. They’d been dancing together since we’d become bar age, both of them with the attitude that they weren’t about to wait around for a guy to ask.
Evan and I watched as they twirled each other around, the only people dancing in the whole bar. Then they attempted to two-step, each of them fighting to lead. Goofballs.
I turned back to Evan. “How are you?”
He flashed that thousand-watt smile. “I’m great. You?” He inched closer and the atmosphere around my head seemed charged, like a swelling electrical storm. A shiver traveled through my body.
“Fine, thanks.” I smiled.
“You look great.” He gestured to my outfit.
I looked down at my jeans and a loose white shirt and glanced back up at him, cocking my eyebrow. “Thanks?”
“What? Not used to compliments?”
“Not when I’m dressed like a slob, no, not really.”
He rolled his eyes. “You look awesome. Seriously. Want to dance?”
I stared at him, half-expecting he was kidding. But his face showed no trace of a joke. I glanced at the dance floor where Kate and Amber had begun to dance hip hop to the country beat.
I turned back to him. He held out his hand, across the table. Reluctantly, I took it and he led me to the dance floor where Amber and Kate made room for us, their expressions barely-muted surprise. People rarely danced in Slave Lake. Except for Amber and Kate, of course.
Evan placed his palm in my right hand and set his other hand on my waist. I glanced up at a set of smoldering eyes and immediately looked away, his gaze too intense. Unfortunately, by looking away, I realized that every single person in the bar was staring at us. Some people, who should have had their backs to us, had actually turned around on their stool to gawk. I felt like a fish in a fishbowl.
Evan leaned down, his breath caressing my cheek. I caught a silky coil of his scent, a rich, musky fragrance of expensive cologne, soap and his own unique smell. It was addictive. The hand on my waist snaked around to my back, pulling me closer. Heat radiated over my entire body as we began to move in slow, gentle circles. When the song came to an end, my arm fell from his shoulder. His hands didn’t move.
“One more?” he asked as the music transitioned to a faster song, modern country with a dance beat. Kate and Amber were already dancing to it in a way that looked more fitting for a city club, Amber’s arms reaching up and over her head, hips swinging. Kate had her own little groove going alongside her.
“Sure,” I said.
He smiled and set his hand back on my waist, and suddenly we were in the fastest two-step I’d ever danced in my life. We moved around the dance floor at a dizzying pace, spinning circles around Kate and Amber who were laughing out loud watching us.
He twirled me several times, only to end up back in that break-neck, two-stepping pace once again. Now I was giggling to the point of breathlessness, my head spinning from the four shots I’d just downed and my racing pulse. He spun me three more times, and when the song ended, he lowered me into a long dip.
With his arm around my back, I was gently pulled up, our bodies touching from torso all the way down, so that even the tips of our shoes connected. I looked into his face, expecting to see a grin, but was met with a burning look that made my heart stutter and my breath catch. The whiskey on his breath was all I could think of, the heat of his mouth, so close to mine.
Then a sensation folded over me. A soft lethargy, like I was levitating, weightless. My eyes closed, and explosions of purple and blue light flashed behind my eyelids. I relaxed into the feeling.
“Are you okay?” Evan asked. I opened my eyes. He peered down at me, forehead wrinkled with concern. His skin was flushed bright pink.
My lungs began to re-inflate as my entire body tingled like I’d just had the best orgasm of my life.
Had he even kissed me? I licked my lips, but there was no taste of whiskey, no evidence of his mouth on mine. Obviously I’d had one too many shots. And yet, I felt perfectly lucid, his gorgeous face crystal clear before me.
“Uh…I’m fine,” I said, my voice breathy. There had to be an explanation. Like maybe I was losing my mind. Or maybe my fainting spells were starting to happen again, ever since the stressful Skinwalker incident. Whatever it was, right now I had to make sure this perfect specimen of a man in front of me did not think I was a raving lunatic. I forced myself to speak, my mind scrambling for small-talk. “I…I had no idea you could dance like that.”
The concerned look faded, and he flashed his perfect teeth. “Thanks. You’re not too bad, yourself.”
I dropped my hand from around his shoulder and backed up. He let go of me slowly, as if with reluctance.
“Come on. I need a drink,” I said, motioning back to the bar where Amber and Kate had just sat down. We veered toward them.
Evan made eye contact with the bartender who nodded at both of us. “Scotch, on the rocks, please. What are you drinking?”
“I’ll have a Long Island Iced T—”
“Who’s he?” A guy’s voice said, close enough that I cringed from the volume. I whipped around.
Jeff Hansen. Town drunk that never seemed to do much of anything, other than sit in the bar, hit on locals and look pissed off. And boy, did he look pissed off. Emotions rolled off him like jagged pieces of glass, hurt and anger all twisted up into one gigantic ball of irritation.
“He’s cool, Jeff. He’s with me,” I said. My heart started to pound as I remembered the last time Jeff had picked a fight. He’d bitten a guy’s ear and torn part of it right off.
Jeff stared at Evan, his teeth exposed like he was snarling.
“Is he treating you right, Sarah?”
“It’s all good, Jeff,” I said.
“You think you’re pretty tough?” Jeff said through gritted teeth. He stepped forward and poked Evan in the chest. Evan was pushed slightly off-balance, and he took a step backward.
My stomach clenched. “Jeff, I said it’s cool.”
Evan straightened up. He had at least four inches on Jeff and well over thirty pounds. Jeff stepped back, and the sickly-sweet smell of weed came wafting off of his ratty jean jacket.
Evan looked down his nose at Jeff. “Back off, man.” His jaw muscles popped in and out, and his hands balled up at his sides. The only thing Jeff had going for him was a bad attitude and liquid courage.
“Shut up, asshole!” Jeff slurred, a fine mist of spittle burst from his mouth and rained all over us. Jeff turned his head and flashed a snide grin, probably to impress his buddies who watched the spectacle along the sidelines of the bar.
“Jeff, stop it!” I said. Jeff ignored me completely, staring at Evan. I reached for Evan’s hand, wound my fingers through his and tugged. “Come on. Let’s get out of here.”
Evan nodded, and we strode toward the exterior door. I glanced back to see Jeff running. He ran straight into Evan, knocking him forward.
Evan hit the crash bar of the metal door, his body weight forcing it wide open so that it squeaked when the hinges were pushed to their limit. My heart jumped into my throat as he stumbled and fell onto the cement outside. Immediately, he righted himself and jumped back to his feet.
Jeff smiled, eyes flashing. “I bet that hurt, didn’t it, tough guy?”
I ran toward Jeff. “Stop it! Just leave him alone!”
Jeff smiled at me. “Aww, you’re getting your little bi-otch to fight for you.” Then he turned back to Evan. “Tell you’re ho to shut her pie-hole, or I’ll shut it for her.”
“You’re going to wish you’d never said that,” Evan said, his voice a low, warning growl.
Jeff snorted. “You’re in my town. You’re gonna regret having a mouth.” His arms rose above his head in some kind of attempt to look intimidating, but to me he looked like a bird about to take flight.
“Stop it, Jeff.”
Stepping forward, Jeff hurtled his fist toward Evan’s face but Evan snatched his clenched fist mid-air. I lunged toward them, placing one hand on Evan and the other hand on Jeff’s jacket.
Instantly, the atmosphere around my head changed, filling with static.
The lights above the entryway flickered, humming like dying bees before building into a sizzling pulse. With a bang, the lights exploded in a rainfall of glass shards. I ducked to shield my face.
I opened my eyes and gasped. Jeff lay crumpled on the ground, his torso folded inward, his limbs pulled into a fetal position, moaning as he clutched his stomach. Then his face went slack, and his eyes rolled back into his head. Why was he on the ground? And why did he look like he’d been knocked out cold?
I glanced around, but all I could hear was the retreating sound of footsteps running outside, the parking lot no longer lit up by the overhead light.
“Evan?” I called out.

About the Author

Joanne Brothwell lives in the country on the Canadian prairie with her family where her stories are inspired by the dead things that appear at her doorstep on a daily basis.

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