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*Giveaway* Getting Naughty with Jodi Redford (Author Interview)

Okay, first....
Let me say this before my interview...

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

Yes, today is my birthday and I get one of the greatest gifts...
Two men at my Lair...
And one fabulous author!

Now, Ladies and Gents of the Lair, please put together a warm, smutty,
hussy welcome for a wonderful author friend of mine...

She has been to the Lair before and I have reviewed many of her books!

Please put up your drinks to welcome...

***Ms. Jodi Redford!!!!***

Jodi, welcome back to the Lair. I hope you are doing well?

**After I open the door and welcome Jodi in.... 
I notice that two men flank her... Sam and...... 
OMG.... Logan...
My heart is doing the happy dance and damn if
the man is not a freaking wet dream in person ~ damn!**

Jodi... Logan and Sam, let's go get comfortable in the living room... :) Jodi, I know you are not a new to me author and hopefully you are not new to my followers... but just in case there is someone here that you are new to... Why don't you tell us a little about yourself....

Jodi: Thank you so much for having me back to your smuttalicious blog, Miz Smutty Hussy! Well, I think you can best sum me up as an author with a naughty streak and a wee bit of a whacky sense of humor. So you will always find lots of steamy smexin’ and a heavy dose of humor in my books. I also freely admit to being addicted to reality television, Supernatural, True Blood and Spartacus (Hello full frontal male nudity! Yee haw!)

Okay, now tell us something we cannot google about you.. You know what I mean... You know I want to know all those naughty little secrets you keep...

Jodi: I know nothing of these naughty little secrets you mention. *crosses fingers behind my back*

Oh don't give me that "you don't have any"... I see those characters that you write.

**Especially when the two men are sitting right in front of me... damn**

Honey, you cannot have naughty secrets and write about men like Sam... Max.... Griffin.... and OMG... Logan..

***Cecile looks to the side to see Logan giving her the sexiest stare ever...***

*Jodi slaps Logan upside the head to break his enraptured trance with the Smutty Hussy’s bodacious “attributes”*

***Cecile is caught blushing... Thinking that damn man makes her think hussy thoughts...***

The truth is my characters lead far more exciting lives than mine. But I will admit that I was once double dog dared into streaking through a public park naked after hours. (Now you know where Logan gets his propensity for strutting around in his birthday suit!)  Unfortunately, I didn’t count on the security guard patrolling the grounds. Let’s just say that dude got an eyeful that night. O_o

Thank you for sharing your naughty little secret with us...

Okay, I will start this interview off a little different, as if you have not noticed by me asking about your naughty secrets... You see a theme here.. hahaha... Well, tell us about this particular series... That Old Black Magic. ((Now peeps, please notice that I have reviewed all but book three - that review is coming tomorrow - and they are all awesome)).

How much emotions has it taken to write this series?

Jodi: I’ll admit that a few of the books in this series took a heavier emotional toll on me, and I didn’t necessarily expect it. The toughest by far was The Seven Year Witch. It’s definitely an angstier book than the others because of the subject matter. I knew before writing one word on that book that Clarissa’s story was going to have a little darker edge to it. That gal comes with a lot of baggage. But I knew if I was going to stay true to her, I had to be willing to explore those darker places. I will say that writing the “big black moment” for all of the characters in these books always leaves me sobbing like a baby. I go through the struggle of them finding their happily ever afters right along with them, so I feel their pain and frustration as if it were my own.

Out of all the books, which is your favorite...

***Looks at the men in the room... ***
***Damn, that is a hard choice, but I would have to say that I know what man is my favorite...***

Jodi: Damn, that is a hard question! Especially since each book is different and special to me in its own way. But I guess if I had to pin down one as being a teensy bit more of my favorite, it’d have to be Getting Familiar With Your Demon.

Why...  And what is your favorite part out of that book?

Jodi: First of all, it has an unfair edge because its hero, Sam Gorasola, is my official book boyfriend. I’ve made it not so secret that I harbor a lustful crush on the surly demon. 

*catches Sam puffing his chest out* 

Great, this is totally going to inflate his ego. Like I don’t have enough on my hand with Logan’s!

**I will gladly take Logan off your hands for you!! It is my birthday**

But getting back to Sam. I love writing dark, sarcastic characters, and Sam is the definition of both.

Plus I got to abuse him with disco. Doesn’t get much more fun than that. 

*A grumble from Sam*

But I think what particularly endears me to his book was the challenge of taking a completely irredeemable hero who didn’t initially want to be saved, and giving him a reason to live again. And to love—an emotion that he’s always perceived as a weakness.

My favorite part of that book comes when Sam is faced with the decision of becoming Marabella’s familiar. There’s a lot of bad history for him that’s tied up with his former life, and he feels like he’ll never be free of it. We see him at his most vulnerable, and he hates it. But it’s the moment that made me fall for him, hook, line and sinker.

Oh that book was quite the nail biter! But is this the end of this series?

Jodi: Not at all. I have several more books in the pipeline, and at least one spin off that revolves around Sam’s cousins, the grim reapers. It makes me beyond happy that I’ve gotten so much reader response asking if Cass and Nikki would show up in some more stories. I have some really exciting stuff in store for the sisters, as well as their brother Dominic. In fact, the entire cast of That Old Black Magic has one hell of a wild ride ahead of them. *rubs hands in glee*

**Cecile does the happy dance!!**
**Peeps, you just don't how damn good this series is...**
**It will leave you wanting more! I promise...**

Okay, I have to ask... Which is your favorite hero & heroine out of the complete series...?

Jodi: If you couldn’t tell from me waxing poetic earlier, Sam is my fave hero. My favorite heroine is probably Willa, from Maximum Witch. She has a down to earth quality mixed with a feistiness that I adore.

Out of the whole series... Who was the easiest to write for and which one was the hardest to write for?

Jodi: Hm, I’d have to say that the easiest was That Voodoo You Do, only because the first in a series tends to be easier for me to write. The hardest was definitely The Seven Year Witch, and not just because of the emotional aspect. Writing a villain with seven personalities was a challenge, let me tell ya. Oye!

Almost done with book talk...

***Glances at the men again... They know I am fixing to have my naughty way with them...hahahah!***

What are you currently working on??

Jodi: Right now I’m working on the first book in a new contemporary erotic romance series I have planned. It’s a M/M/F and very naughty! This trio sure knows how to get up to some sexy shenanigans. *wipes sweat from forehead*

When is it going to be in my hands.. I mean when is it going to be out for us to devour it?

Jodi: Since I haven’t sent it in to my editor yet, I can’t give a definitive answer on that. But fingers crossed she’ll contract it, and hopefully it’ll be out the middle of next year. In the meantime, if you’re looking for something new from me that will be out soon, my super sexy M/F/M ménage, Checking It Twice, releases on November 27. It’s the follow up to The Naughty List, and trust me, it’s just as smuttastic as its predecessor. *wipes more sweat from my brow*

What is your favorite cover?

Jodi: Another hard question! I’ve yet to get a cover that I don’t love. But if you were to beat it out of me, I’d have to say that the cover for Maximum Witch is probably my favorite. There’s a playful sexiness to it that I really love. Plus it features a sexy hunk with a shark tat. Double score!

Okay... book time over...

Jodi, I am delighted to have you here on my birthday and the day before Halloween...!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for coming over... But you are not going to get away unscathed.... Now is time to talk all things birthday (since mine is today!!!) and Halloween! You have to tell me what has been your naughtiest Halloween costume ever? And your best birthday present ever??

Jodi: Hm, naughtiest Halloween costume was a belly dancer. I really shook my money maker that night. ;) Best birthday present, hands down, was a weekend in Vegas with my sis. We, uh, might have shaken our money makers that weekend too.

***Cecile looks at Logan who looks like he has something to say...****

Okay, Logan... what is on that delicious, I mean that southern mind of yours...

Logan: Well, shug. While we’re on the subject of shakin’ money makers…

*a growl from Sam*

Don’t even think of going Magic Mike on us, wolf boy.

**Oh dear Gawd, I can only pray! Please....**

*Logan smirks*

And here I had It’s Raining Men all queued up to go. I’d even be generous and let you have some floor time.

*Sam glares and grinds his teeth*

No one in this room wants to see that.

*Jodi and Cecile raise their hands simultaneously*

We do!!!

*Jodi makes a note to provide special “guests” to jump out of the giant birthday cake being delivered to Cecile later that night. Matching thongs optional.*

If you thought you were safe... Nah... Forgot it... Not a chance! We will start off slow and easy, I promise!

What is on your night stand/dresser?

Jodi: A scented candle, evil alarm clock, TV remote, and a copy of Harper’s Bazaar.

Logan: A bottle of magical massage oil and wrist and ankle restraints.

Sam: A bottle of magical massage oil and wrist and ankle restraints.

*Jodi arches her eyebrows at Cecile* Yeah, way more exciting lives than me.

What's in the bottom drawer of your dresser?

Jodi: Not what you think, you scandalous wench. I keep *that* in the top drawer. ;) Bottom drawer holds some sweaters and jeans.

Logan: A box of sex toys.
Sam: Ditto.

Jodi: Marabella and Clarissa are lucky bitches.

What are you reading right now?

Jodi: Kissin’ Tell by Lorelei James

Logan: What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Jodi: Uh, is there something you want to tell me?

Logan: Just thinkin’ ahead.

Sam: Think you can loan me that book when you’re done with it?

*Jodi shakes her head and groans*

Hard and Quick Time! Don't think... Just answer! Okay, before we go this route, I will get us a refill on our drinks... I will be right back...

You know you do... Quickie time... Think fast....

Are you a quickie kind girl/guy?

Jodi: Quickie, slow, standing, sitting, on top, underneath, upside down, sideways.

Logan: Same here. I’m also a big fan of doggie style.

Sam: Ditto.

Dark or Milk Chocolate?

Jodi: Milk.

Logan: I, uh, can’t eat chocolate.

Sam: Dark. Everything’s better dark.

Whipped or Melted?

Jodi: Whipped cream and melted chocolate. Strategically placed.

Logan: Whipped chocolate and melting cream. *sexy grin*

Sam: Ditto to both.

Straight up or with a twist - sex?

Jodi: Both

Logan: The twistier, the better.

Sam: Agreed.

What's ur fave drink - in a glass or on him/her?

Jodi: Mojito. In a glass. But I might have to try the other option sometime.

Logan: Whiskey. On her, goes without sayin’.

Sam: Beer. From a bottle, but I’ll give the other way a shot tonight.

Spank or Flogger?

Jodi: Am I giving or receiving? ;) Spank.

Logan: Spank.

Sam: All of the above.

Junk or Health Food?

Jodi: Mostly health food, but once in a while I’ll splurge on something so loaded with calories I gain 10 lbs just looking at it.

Logan: Long as it doesn’t have bean curd in it, I’ll eat it.

Sam: Same here. Never saw a steak I said no to.

Ties or Chains?

Jodi: Ties.

Logan: Same here. Ain’t much of a fan of chains, but if it’s what she wants, I aim to please her however I 

Sam: Yeah, got a bad history when it comes to chains. I’ll stick with ties.

Leather or Lace?

Jodi: Leather on him, lace on me. ;)

Logan: She can wear either, but you won’t find none of that shit on me. Especially lace.

Sam: Ditto. *joins in Logan’s shudder*

Soft or Hard... Bed, where was your mind?

Jodi: Soft.

Logan: Hard. Just like the rest of me. *lecherous eyebrow waggle*

Sam: I’m going nowhere with him again.

Control or Be Controlled?

Jodi: Depends on my mood. Usually a little of both.

Logan: I’m down with givin’ her all the control, but then remindin’ her in the end who’s the Big Bad Wolf in the bedroom.

Sam: I prefer being in charge. Not in my nature to give that up.

Hot Wax or Whip Cream?

Jodi: Whipped cream. It doesn’t burn. Always a plus, in my book.

Logan: Can’t argue with that logic. Although, hot wax can be sexy if you know what you’re doin’.

Sam: When I set the bedsheets on fire, it’s gonna be from my sexual finesse, not no damn candle tipping over. Whipped cream all the way.

Vampire or Werewolf?

Jodi: Werewolf

Logan: That ain’t even a damn contest. Werewolf, baby.

Sam: Vampire

Twitter and/or Facebook?

Jodi: Both. You can find me at http://www.twitter.com/jodiredford and https://www.facebook.com/jodi.redford.3

Pinterest or not?

Jodi: I haven’t gotten too involved with Pinterest, and don’t have a profile or anything, but I’ve definitely appreciated several of the pics I’ve seen on there. ;)

Ms. Jodi, Sam... and of course Logan.. I am very thrilled that you have joined me on my birthday! Thank you guys so much for coming over!! Logan... if you want to stay to finish the interview up with me... I don't mind..

Happy Birthday & Happy Halloween everyone!!!
We are off to do some naughty birthday things!!!! :)

Okay, now for the time you have all waited for...

***Giveaway Time***

Ms. Jodi is gifting one luck winner with a....

$25.00 Amazon Giftcard!
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Your Questions...
What do you do to celebrate your birthday?
Which cover is your favorite?

Good Luck!
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  1. Happy birthday!!!

    To celebrate my b-day I usually just spend some time with my immediate family, no big event but I do get to choose the meal. ^.^

    I would say The Naughty List is my fav cover. :)


  2. Getting familiar with Your Demon is my favorite.As for my birthday,I don't really celebrate it.
    Great interview ladies. I love Jodi's books.Always looking forward to the next one.


    1. The Facebook part in the form doesn't work. I just copied her name and pasted into Facebook and it worked.
      Hope that helps other commenters.

  3. I usually have cake to celebrate my birthday I would much rather have these two :)
    I love the cover for The Naughty List! Carin
    mawmom at gmail dot com

  4. My husband takes me out to dinner at a very nice place. I love the cover of the Naughty List.

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE the cover for Getting Familiar With Your Demon. To celebrate my birthday, we go to my favorite seafood restaurant and pig out. :)
    Love Jodi's books and the menz. Whew!!!!!! (fans self)
    Thanks for the chance to win so I can buy more of Jodi's books.


  6. The Seven Year Witch. I love the cover. Usually my inlaws take me out to dinner. Thanks for the giveaway. Please enter me. Tore923@aol.com

  7. my birthday is usually nothing special but this year my kids made me sit while they cleaned the house and cooked it was very sweet
    checking it twice is my favorite


  8. My mom makes my favorite meal for my birthday and of course there is cake. ;)Getting Familiar With Your Demon is my fave cover. Happy birthday!


  9. I don't really do a lot on my birthday - usually go out to eat with my parents and open pressies....as far as favorite cover I'd have to say that Checking It Twice is my new favorite...before that cover it was The Naughty List. Thanks for the giveaway!

    junegirl63 at gmail dot com

  10. If I'm lucky I get to go out to dinner otherwise I don't do anything for my birthday. I love Getting Familiar with your Demon! Thanks for the giveaway! Happy Birthday!!!


  11. At my age, birthdays are mostly spent quietly at home. My boys fix my favorite foods for my dinner, always give me a gift that I wouldn't buy myself, and just relax. Favorite cover is Getting Familiar With Your Demon

    Happy Birthday (wish I could send one of my 'guys' to celebrate-ask Jodi, I have some hotties!!)

    nancyg5997 at gmail.com

  12. When do you get to hear about the naughty birthday things your up to?

  13. Happy, happy birthday, Cecile! I like the MAXIMUM WITCH cover, though they're all lovely. I like to stretch my birthday out over a few days...I always bake a really nice chocolate cake from scratch, and one night I'll have the family, then escape for a day or two (I'd usually catch a Sharks game, but that depends on if the NHL lockout will ever end, sigh!), maybe go up to SF for some shopping. Dinner at my favorite restaurant would be okay, too.


  14. If I must choose a favorite cover it would be Maximum Witch. The Seven Year Witch is also nice.

  15. Hoping you're having a wonderful birthday, Cecile! Completely fabulous interview!!

    My favorite of those covers so far is Getting Familiar with Your Demon--those abs! But all of them are rather eyecatching, and I love seeing them together!

    As for my birthday, nothing beats new books ;) And ideally a mani/pedi :)

    Hope you're enjoying quite the visit from Jodi's birthday boys!

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  16. Happy birthday :D
    what do I do to celebrate my birthday - I am just together with the people I love, (and mostly we just do the usual like watching tv etc.) and for supper we always gets some of my favorite food :)
    favorite cover/title is; Checking it twice

  17. Maximum Witch is my favorite cover. I don't have any set traditions for my birthday except for one. My sister always takes me out to a nice lunch. Other than that it changes from year to year.

    Jyl22075 at gmail dot com

  18. Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you had a good day! As for me, I'm not abig celebrate my birthday type of person. I typically just do something small with the family. In all honesty I love celebrating other people's birthdays. I love planning and doing things for other people more than I like getting.

    As for the covers...tough choice. I almost said The Seven Year Withc, but I think I've got to go with Maximum Witch. I'm a sucker for tattoos!


  19. Hey everyone!!! I know I am a day late but I was out celebrating my birthday!! Thank you all for the wishes!!! And Jodi, you are not getting Logan back any time soon cuz he is mine!!!!

    Ladies and gents, I want to thank you all of coming out for Jodi's interview! She is an awesome sauce person!

    Good luck to everyone! :) Hugs to all!

  20. Happy birthday! I celebrate with friends and family at a restaurant.

  21. Hang out with my besties from high school, and my favorite cover is the one for Maximum Witch.

    Happy belated birthday!

  22. Happy Belated Birthday Cecile!

    What a fun birthday surprise! I usually go out with my girlfriends for my birthday. They like to TRY to get me drunk...LOL Fails every time.

    Favorite cover is Gettting Familiar with Your Demon. I am all for Sam! Thanks for having Jodi stop in. She's one of my favorite's too. :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    ~Poison Rose

  23. Happy belated Birthday. I celebrate by having dessert and watching one of my favorite movies or reading a favorite book. My favorite cover is The Naughty List.

  24. Happy Birthday!! Favorite cover...The Naughty List.


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