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Whew.... What a Party... It's Clean Up Time!

I want to thank EVERYONE for coming to my party and celebrating my blogiversary with me!!

I want to send a special thank you to all the authors that came out to play at the Lair!!!

You guys have made this the best party yet!

Are we counting down till next years???


Now that the party is over....

The clean up crew is here....

Isn't it a joy to watch a man clean......

Just look at the drinks we have shared....

Over good company with each other...

The body shots that were done...

And yea... some were just that good!!!!

Just think of all the men that we got to meet this month... Oh mannnnnnnnnn!!!

My personal service men are taking care of everything for me...

The only thing they are not doing is announcing the winners.

That is coming up tomorrow... April 1st.....

So make sure to stay tune........

No, he really enjoyed doing this for me....

I swear....

Okay, he knew that pink is one of my favorite colors...

Gawd... I love Women Porn!!!!

Now make sure you come back tomorrow to see who won.....

Now if you will excuse me while I get a little rest
This party has worn me out **evil grin**

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Please welcome Ms. Pamela Clare

Ladies, you know the drill... grab a chair, sofa, whatever... something to drink and enjoy!

<<<--- This is Marc Please help me welcome Ms.

Pamela Clare to the Hussy Lair. And she brought her men with her! I am not sure if she knows what she has gotten herself into or not... but here goes! I found Ms. Clare's work from JennJ @ Sapphaire Romance Relam. And lets just say her covers are enough to send this Hussy looking for more! Welcome Ms. Pamela, please make yourself at home.

Hi, Cecile! Thank you so much for having me here on your blog today. I really appreciate it. And I absolutely love your banner! Very hot!

Ms. Pamela, tell us a little about yourself. Hold on... something that is not listed in your bio at your website. (Yea, I am a little evil, lol)

I’m a Trekkie. I grew up watching the original Star Trek series with Captain Kirk and Spock and was very skeptical when Next Generation came out. But I fell in love with that, too, along with Deep Space 9 and Voyager. I did not like the new movie because it didn’t feel like Star Trek to me.

I’m left-handed and almost ambidextrous.

My hair is naturally curly despite people I meet on the street who tell me it can’t possibly be natural. Yes, dammit, it is!

I love chocolate — but NOT chocolate ice cream.

Coffee is my religion, my political party and the only reason I can work full time AND write novels.

I am a Colorado Rockies fan. Go Rox! I like to sit near the dugout so I can see the players’ fine butts. :-)

Like some of my heroines (apparently), I cry at the drop of a hat. Yes, I am the editor-in-chief of a newspaper, an award-winning investigative reporter, and I cry a lot. I used to feel self-conscious about this, until a Navajo friend told me that women’s tears purify and are considered a kind of ceremony almost. I figured I’m purifying existence for a lot of people who can’t cry for themselves. :-)

I see that as of right now, writing is not your full time job. How do you handle it all?

It is not easy. I have sacrificed doing pretty much everything else for writing books. So I work Monday through Thursday at the paper, then write fiction on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In between, I have to buy groceries, get gas in the car, clean the house, do laundry, go to post office, etc. I yearn — yes, yearn — for the day when I’ll be writing fiction full time. Then I’ll be able to do things like go on dates, go to movies, have dinner with friends, sleep more, go for walks, etc. But this is what it takes to write while working full time and being a mother. My older son is completely independent, but my younger son, though he’s away at college, lives here during the summer. And they both still need to have a mother in their lives.

I have noticed that you have two different of writing styles - historical and romantic suspense. How easy is it to go back and forth between the two?

It’s actually pretty easy. My work in graduate school was in archaeology, so the world of history is never far from my mind. At the same time, I live in the modern world, and my contemporary stories are based at least in part (it differs with each book) on work I’ve done as a journalist. Both historicals an contemporary romantic suspense feel very familiar to me. I just sort of switch my thinking from one mode to the other, and I use music as a device, too. I have a lot of traditional Celtic folk music that I listen to when I’m writing historicals, and I don’t listen to it when I’m writing contemporaries. Instead, I listen to hip hop and rock and other contemporary kinds of music.
This is Julian!
Which genre requires more research?

The historicals require a lot more research because I must have a functional understanding of every aspect of daily life for all the characters. How did they fasten their clothing? What did they eat in winter? How did they light a pipe? How fast could they travel from point A to point B? What kind of medical skill was available to them? What words were in existence in 1758? The list of things one need to research is endless. That’s why doing a series is so helpful. I do research at the beginning, keep all the materials on hand, and then write several books during a time period that I’ve at least attempted to master.

But that’s not to say that contemporaries don’t require research. I don’t have to research journalism obviously because I’m an expert on that subject. But my heroes’ occupations are unfamiliar to me. I recently had lunch with two U.S. Marshals (one was actually a retired deputy U.S. Marshal) so that I could pepper them with questions about being a marshal. The hero in my next I-Team book is a deputy U.S. Marshal. It was fun and inspiring to get inside information on the job from two people who’d worked it. Without that level of research, the stories would be filled with mistakes that someone familiar with the subject matter would notice immediately. I try to make my books as authentic as possible, so that means research. Fortunately I enjoy it.

Which one is more interesting to write?

Whichever one I’m not writing at the moment.

When you do have spare time - away from work,writing alike - what do you like to do?

I like to hike in the foothills. I like snowshoeing and hiking in snow. I love going for walks with my boys. I like baseball games. I like to read, of course. I like to wander through book stores looking at books that I might want to buy for my own research. I love my roses and have a big flower garden that I love to putter in. Benjy, my younger son, does all the hard work so that I can write. Then he says, “OK, Mom, you can go and putter now.” I love flowers.

We have a veggie garden, too, and we’re learning to grow our own food. Eventually, I’d love to transform our yard into an urban farm that is as self-sustaining as possible, complete with bee hives and chickens. We’re a few years away from that now, still shifting yard into garden. The idea of growing our own food, of knowing what went on it and into it, is very appealing to me. That way, no matter what the economy does and no matter what is happening in the world, we are taking care of ourselves. We’re going to be adding fruit trees soon, as well as a couple of additional garden beds this year for growing more veggies.

That means learning to can and preserve what we grow so that it’s available year round. Last year, we didn’t need to do that because we didn’t plant that much and I was able to eat all of it or most of it fresh from the garden every day until the first frost. That was wonderful!

What are your plans for the future as far as your books are concerned? For those of us who are new to you...

Right now, I’m working on the next I-Team story. It will feature Natalie Benoit (who now has her own Facebook page) as the heroine, and Zach MacBride, a deputy U.S. Marshal, as the hero. I’m excited about the story, which has really started to unfold in my mind, and can’t wait to actually sit down and write. It’s been a looooong time since I’ve been in true writing mode. This is the longest break I’ve taken between books since I started writing, but I really needed it. I was physically and creatively exhausted coming off NAKED EDGE.

After Natalie’s story — which has no title yet — I’m going to work on Connor’s book, which is sitting in my head waiting for a chance to be written. Hopefully, Connor will be my focus by July.

And then.... Who knows? I do have one paranormal idea in my brain that involves no vampires, shape shifters, werewolves, fae, Sidhe, fairies, elves, dwarves, talking cats, ghosts, demons, genetically altered space aliens or anything else like that. I hope I get the chance to write it! I don’t read paranormals. I just can’t get into the aforementioned creatures with very few exceptions. So it surprised me more than anyone else when this idea fell into my head.

Now I will turn the interview over to JennJ... from Saphharie Romance Realm... She will be interviewing the I-Team.. Take it away hon! Oh yea.. I said the whole team!!!!!

Today we are talking with a very special group of hunks... ah er men! Please help me welcome Reese, Julian, Marc and Gabe from Pamela’s I-Team series!

Marc: Dorkangelo — they let you in? [shakes head]

Julian: I guess they figured they needed someone to keep an eye on you.

Marc: Fuck you.

Julian: You’d love to.

Gabe *rolls eyes, looks over at Reece*: You can’t take the two of them anywhere.

Reece *grins*: Tell me about it.

Hello gentlemen how are you all doing today?

[The guys nod, looking a little awkward and a bit uncomfortable, except for Reece, who adjusts his tie.]

Reece: “Doing well. Thanks for having us here.”

Gabe, you are the newest addition to the I-Team men how are you getting along with the other guys here?

“Well, they’re housebroken for the most part, so… ” [He chuckles.] “No, seriously, they’re alright.”

Do you all hang out now together outside of work and the girls?

That would be Reese................------>>>>>>

[They nod.]

Julian: We don’t get together as much as our wives

Gabe how did you feel the first time you laid eyes on Kat?

Gabe: You’re asking me that in front of them?

[Julian, Marc and Reece laugh.]

Marc: Go ahead, rock jock. Answer the question. Was it love at first sight?

Gabe: No, it wasn’t — not exactly. At the time I was more focused on saving her life and getting her to a hospital than anything else.

Julian: And that’s why you kept her earring in your pocket for three months. Yeah, Tess told me about that.

Marc: Oh, that’s so romantic!

Gabe: [Glares at Marc and Julian.] Okay, so I did notice that she was attractive. And I noticed her eyes.

Reece: Just her eyes?

Julian how are things going on the force? And do you ever see yourself taking a less dangerous position? Does Tessa want you too?

Julian: I’ve spent a lot of time training other law enforcement officers about human trafficking in the past couple of years, and Tessa likes that. She’d prefer that I be in a classroom instead of on the street. I don’t mind it because I know how much she worries when I’m out late. Now that she’s pregnant again—

Marc: Whoa! What? Tess is pregnant?

Julian: [grinning] Yeah, we felt it was time for little Miss Maire to have a brother or sister.

Marc: And you saved that news for now?

Julian: What did you want me to do? Send you a press release?

Gabe: Congratulations, man. That’s great. Babies are great.

Reece: Great news. Kara will be thrilled to hear it.

Reese how are things going in the Senate? And how are Kara and the kids?

Kara is wonderful. The kids are great. Connor especially is growing like a weed. He’s 10 now. Kaitlyn is five and about to start kindergarten. That will be tough for Kara. Brendan is almost four and a handful. Things in the Senate are wrapping up for me. I’m term-limited, so once this session comes to a close, I’ll be out. I hope to go back to teaching.

Marc how are things going for you and Sophie? How are things on the force?

We’re doing really well. Chase and Addison keep us busy. Chase is about to hit his terrible twos, but it’s a lot of fun. Addy is sleeping through the night. Sophie’s thinking about leaving the paper so she can be home with the kids full time, and I would love for her to have that chance.

Reese, Julian and Marc what do you guys think of Gabe and his love of Extreme sports? And do you two like to go mountain climbing or extreme skiing as well?

[Gabe grins and looks over at the guys, waiting for their answers.]

Julian: The man is a demigod when it comes to snow and rock and ice. I’ve done a lot more skiing since he came into the picture, but when it comes to shredding the gnar, I’m an amateur compared to him.

Marc: Compared to me you’re an amateur, Dorkangelo. And listen to you, talking like real powder hound. ‘Shredding the gnar.’ [laughs]

Julian: You should have seen me take face shots heading down Mary Jane last weekend. Tell him, Rossiter.

Gabe: Darcangelo was taking face shots heading down Mary Jane last weekend.

Marc: I bet he fell on his ass a lot.

Julian [laughs]: No pain, no Jane.

Reece [shaking his head]: I think all of us would like to believe we can do what Gabe does, but the truth is we’d have to be flown out in a helicopter if we tried. I love to ski and hike and climb peaks, but if takes ropes, forget it.

Marc: Speak for yourself, Mr. Senator, sir. I’ve been hitting the rock gym with Rossiter in my spare time. I finished a 5.10 route the other night.

Julian: Rossiter, what’s the toughest route you’ve ever climbed?

Gabe: Probably a 5.14d or so.

Julian: That sounds like a bra size.

[They all laugh.]

How is it having wives who are so close and who are reporters guys? I would love to hear each or your takes on this one!

[The men groan, shake their heads, laugh.]

Julian: Well, there are no secrets among them. None.

Reece: Isn’t that the truth?

Marc: Let me put it this way: ‘sucky-swirly thing.’ I mean, I don’t want to know about that, but I do.

Reece: Are you blushing, Darcangelo?

Julian: I don’t blush. If I please my woman and she wants to brag about it, that’s okay with me. And, hey, Reece, two words, buddy: jiggle stick.

Reece: Ahem. Yeah. What can I say? Women talk, and they talk more than most women.

Gabe: I have no idea what you guys are talking about, but I can guess. Kat is probably the only one of the bunch who doesn’t share those kinds of secrets, though I’m sure she’s in on them. I’m happy that she has close friends. Sophie, Tessa, Kara, Holly and Natalie are like sisters to her. She’s never had that before.

Marc: The downside of Sophie’s being a journalist is that I worry about her. [Heads nod.] There are risks that come with the job. I don’t like that.

Gabe: I don’t like it either. I don’t like how stressful the job can be. Kat is only working part time now because of the baby, but even so it seems to take a lot out of her. I’ve been trying to talk her into quitting. We don’t need the money. But she knows she’s able to help people, and I can’t blame her for not wanting to turn her back on that.

Ok, now on this one I want each of you to answer this ok…. Describe what you would plan for an extra special romantic night with your lady?

Reece: It depends. Maybe dinner for two at a classy restaurant. Maybe a surprise getaway to our cabin. Maybe I send the kids to their grandmother’s place and make dinner myself.

Julian: A five-star hotel. Room service. No interruptions.

Marc: Last month, I found a drive-in east of Denver. We left the kids with Tessa and Dorkangelo here, drove there in my ’55 Chevy, and steamed up the windows.

Julian: Do you even remember what film was playing?

Marc: [laughs] No clue.

Gabe: Any time I can have Kat to myself feels extra special. When we visit her family on the rez, we rarely get two minutes alone together. Now with the baby, our time away is limited to the few hours between feedings because Kat is breastfeeding. We’ve gotten very good at setting special time aside in the evening. A fire in the fireplace, good food, music. Kat is the center of my world, so no matter what we’re doing if we’re together it’s good times.

What is each of your favorite ways to unwind after a long day?

Reece: I like to take a walk with Kara and the kids, let them play in the park for a little while after supper. It gives a chance just to be a family together and helps me put things in perspective. The world of politics is pretty tense and cut throat at times. Spending time with my wife and children helps me remember what life is really about.

Julian: You said it, Sheridan. If I’ve had a tough day, just coming home and finding Tessa and Maire waiting for me makes all the difference. Maire always runs to the door and wants her daddy to pick her up. Tess and I make sure to have some time just the two of us every day. Maire is the center of our lives, but we set time aside to be a couple, too.

Marc: I love that moment in the evening where the kids are asleep and I have Sophie to myself. Even if all we do is talk for a few minutes before going to sleep, it makes all the difference.

Gabe: Well, I was going to say I like to hit the rock gym, but that will make me sound like a selfish ass. So… No, I do like putting in a few routes at the gym to burn off the tension, but of course coming home to Kat and Alissa is the best part of any day. Luckily, my schedule allows me to have weeks at a time with them, especially when we head down to the rez.

That would be Gabe right there....

What do you like to read?

Gabe: Rock and Ice, Outside magazine, Ski.

Julian: [straight face] I read romance novels.

Marc: [snorts] That explains a few things.

Julian: Hey, it takes a man who’s secure in his masculinity to admit something like that. Actually, Tessa reads the novels. I just reap the benefits.

Reece: I’ve been reading a lot of biographies lately.

Marc: I feel like all I read these days is Dr. Seuss.

Julian: You can read? Whoa. I had no idea.

What’s on your bedside table right now?

Julian: A box of ammo. And, of course, the unabridged works of William Shakespeare.

Marc: You are so full of shit! Let’s see... Right now on my bedside table… Probably Fox in Sox or Rainbow Fish.

Reece: Right now I’m reading John Adams by David McCullough.

Gabe: Way to make the rest of us look like idiots, Sheridan. I’ve got a book about Navajo legends that Kat and I are reading together.

And last one guys before I let you off the hook what kind of underwear are you wearing right now? ;)

Reece: Silk boxers — a gift from Kara.

Julian: Boxer briefs. Black. Hunter is wearing a pretty pink thong.

Marc: You stole my pink one, Darcangelo. I’m wearing the edible licorice one you got me.

Gabe: [Rolls eyes] Why don’t the two of you get a room?

[The guys laugh.]

Gabe: So what kind of underwear am I wearing? [grins] Nada. Nix. None at all.

Naked Edge

Mass Market Paperback: 400 pages

Publisher: Berkley; Original edition (March 2, 2010)
Language: English

What do you do when desire drives you to the very brink?

The day Navajo journalist Katherine James met Gabriel Rossiter, the earth literally moved beneath her feet. Nearly killed in a rockslide while hiking, she found her life in the tall park ranger's hands. Although she can't forget him she thinks she'll never see him again. She is crushed when she recognizes her rescuer among the law enforcement officers raiding a sweat lodge ceremony one night, throwing her and her friends off Mesa Butte, land they consider sacred.

Gabe long ago swore he would never again lose himself to a woman not even one with long dark hair and big eyes that seem to see right through him. But from the moment he first sees Kat, the attraction he feels is undeniable. Appalled by what he has been ordered to do, he's determined to get to the bottom of recent events at Mesa Butte and to keep Kat safe.

But asking questions can be dangerous almost as dangerous as risking one's heart. And soon Kat and Gabe's passion for the truth and each other makes them targets for those who would do anything, even kill, to keep Native Americans off their sacred land.

To learn more about Ms. Pamela, you can visit her web site --->>> here.
You can visit her blog --->>> here.
Make sure to drop her a line... letting her know that you visited her!
She would love to hear from you!

Now for what you really want.....
Giveaway time...

I'm giving away a signed copy of Naked Edge to one lucky winner.
It is open International!

To win all you have to do is leave Ms. Pamela a question, comment or whatever...
But make sure you leave your email address!
Good luck

I want to thank Ms. Pamela for coming today and shutting down the party!!!!
I hope you enjoyed your time here at the Hussy Lair Ms. Pamela!

Ladies... stay tuned.... because the winners will be announced shortly.
Like in the next couple of days!

I want to thank everyone who came out and partied with me!!!
Warm hugs, big smiles and hot men!
Love ya!

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

What a HOT Excerpt of Dane.... by Elizather Amber

erotic paranormal historical romance
Kensington Aphrodisia
(Over age 18 only please.)
Release date: JUNE 1, 2010 .
Synopsis from Romance Sells magazine:

As he searches for his missing brother in 1880s Rome, the arrogant Lord Dane Satyr wrestles with his fiery inner demon, Dante. Dane has little patience for the ElseWorld Council’s insistence that he must take a human wife to safeguard his ancestral lands.

Eva, a beautiful social climber with a gift for matchmaking, is determined to throw her humble beginnings in the faces of an Italian society that once scorned her mother. She schemes to wed a human from among their ranks. But she is far from human herself. And if Dane, his brothers, her best friend, or anyone learns what she truly is, all hell will break loose.

When Dane and Eva first meet, they are consumed by intense needs they cannot satisfy alone. Can their scorching passion and growing love for one another overcome the dangers that keep them apart?

Excerpted from

Chapter 1

“Dieux! Where the devil is it?”
The sound of the woman’s voice drifted to him through a grove thick with olive trees. The early October breeze rattled silvery-green leaves on gnarled branches, alternately revealing and concealing the meddling female from view.
As she moved past in a direction parallel to him, he angled his jaw so his eyes could follow her. Perfect. Now he wouldn’t have to go hunting tonight.
But he was still in transition, not yet fully in control, and so for now only filed the information of her arrival away to be considered later. Breathing deep of the cool twilight, Dante continued to slowly ease his way into a mind that belonged to another—Dane, his reluctant host.
It’s for your own good, Dante soothed. For your protection. I’ll be gone again come morning. Relax now. Sleep.
But Dane ignored this and fought on with an inner strength that was as admirable as it was futile. Subjugation could not be pleasant for one so strong-willed. This changeover was always a strange time and an uncomfortable one, dredging up memories they would both prefer to forget. So Dante treaded carefully, confident he would ultimately prevail. Just as he had on the night of the full moon last month, and during all the Moonfuls which had come before over the latter half of Dane’s life.
In a matter of moments, he’d assumed full possession. He was Dante now. Not a person in his own right, but rather an alternate personality that lay dormant inside Dane and only came forth when required. On occasions such as this one.
Slowly, he uncoiled from his crouch on the forest floor. He shrugged broad shoulders, adjusting himself to the fit of this familiar set of bones and flesh he’d donned. The mind and therefore the body were his for the present. He would be master of them only until dawn.
The tailored linen shirt he wore hung unbuttoned and open in front, gleaming white against the shadowed flesh of his sculpted chest. He flexed his hands and found them sore. He noted the ax on the ground a yard away and the felled limbs, the piles of encroaching vines, which had been freshly cut away from twisted trunks nearby.
Ah yes, he remembered now. When he’d first come into consciousness, they’d been working.
He and Dane.
Two facets of the same mind. Possessors of a single body.
And it was a body women admired, sought, swooned over. Six and a half feet of solid brawn, wide of shoulder, narrow of hip. A strong column of throat, topped by a square-jawed masculine face with a prominent blade of a nose, and crowned with tousled sable hair. A face bearing a distinct resemblance to those of his brothers. It would have been too handsome save for one feature. From below straight brows, eyes of icy silver reflected the world, making him appear otherworldly and strange. Which he was.
Through the fabric of his trousers he found the feature that perhaps rendered him most aberrant. One he reveled in on these nights. Fondly, he stroked its considerable length with the pad of his thumb as if sharpening a precisely made weapon meant only to give and take pleasure. Already it stood thick and lofty and barely confined within his trousers.
This cock of theirs symbolized the entirety of Dante’s role in things. He was the fornicator—only one aspect of the whole that was Lord Dane Satyr. Brought forth whenever this body’s lecherous need rose. He relished his role. And Dane envied him for it. Craved it for himself.
A thrashing sound reached his ears. The woman. He’d known she was there all along of course, had been tracking her with a small corner of his mind. Now his eyes found her again.
She moved heedlessly through the grove, thinking herself alone. Now and then, she paused to tug at a branch, plucking an unripe olive or two from it. Holding these small bits of plunder to her nose she then pocketed them as if gathering samples. The olives would not be ready for picking for another month, so he briefly wondered at her actions. But curiosity was not a failing of his. Dane, however, suffered from a wealth of it. And look where that had gotten them.
Beyond her the sun had just met the horizon, a huge ball of juicy orange jailed by black cypress spears that marched along the hilltop opposite this one. It turned her pale skin to gold, the shadows of her face to lovely bruises, her dark hair to coal. She was dressed fashionably and well in a prim gray dress that blended with the trees here. Perhaps twenty years of age or a little older. And shapely.
He smiled. They’d only been here a few weeks, but already he liked this new world. A Sickness had killed many of the female species in ElseWorld that usually served as mates for his kind, and rendered others unable to bear satyr offspring. Only the members of the Council had the luxury of keeping their own women. Yet, here, women delivered themselves right to one’s doorstep.
His prey disappeared into a clearing and he moved after her, keeping her in view. Her head was bent to study something she held. A small book. A page flipped under her lace-gloved hand, a frown creasing creamy smooth skin between her dark brows as she strained to make out its text in the failing light. Whatever she read on its pages caused her to sigh in frustration.
“Honestly, Maman! What am I to do with these scribbles? Couldn’t you have done any better than this on so important a matter?” Glancing around, she fanned the gilt-edged book back and forth in one hand with obvious impatience.
Gifted with a natural stealth enhanced by a decade of training and field experience as an ElseWorld Tracker, he soundlessly moved in her direction, intent on cutting off her exit to the road. Though she had no way of knowing, she’d come at a most opportune time. Night was falling. A very special night to those of Dane’s kind. Once the moon rose, all would begin.
He made a cursory, visual survey of the grove. It was protected. Dane had bespelled its perimeter himself that very morning. If any humans wandered too close, they would find themselves repelled by forces they didn’t understand. Since she’d managed to trespass, he could only assume she must be of ElseWorld blood.
His eyes swept her again. She was slender, but pleasingly curved. Fey perhaps. On this special night, her blood would be stirring as well, though not as high as that of the satyr. Not as high as his own. When one lived only ten hours a month, one was understandably eager.
A light breeze gusted at his back, whooshing past him to ripple over mistletoe, betony, chicory, fennel, rosemary, and saffron that grew low on the forest floor. He watched it make its way toward her, carrying with it his scent.
When it ruffled her skirt and pulled at tendrils of her hair, she stilled--a woodland creature made suddenly and acutely aware of danger. Her eyes shifted in his direction, twin flashes of emerald. His own eyes narrowed and he smiled, pleased at what he’d read in her glance. Recognition. Only an ElseWorld creature could detect the scent of another. His blood pumped a little faster at this confirmation of his initial assumption. A female from his own world would make for a far more interesting engagement than a human one might have.
“This is private land.” He stepped free of the forest’s shadows into the small clearing in which she stood.
She whirled to face him then, her skirts sending the leaves eddying around her. His nostrils flared, waiting for her scent to ride the air in his direction. He’d know what sort of creature she was soon enough.
When her fragrance reached him, its delicate, delicious impact enfolded him like a physical caress. His senses analyzed and sorted through its nuances, and a prickle of awareness swept his skin. His body reached a stunning conclusion regarding her origins a split second before his mind did. He could actually feel his eyes dilate, his heart gasp, his blood halt in his veins.
“Gods, who . . . what are you?” he demanded.
Frozen in place, they simply stared at one another with only a dozen yards of sylvan forest and shocked silence between them. Even the air around them seemed to hold its breath. Then she pivoted on one dainty, booted foot and hared off. She was getting away!
(Thanks for reading this excerpt from Dane, The Lords of Satyr.)
© Copyright 2009 by Elizabeth Amber.
NOTICE: This novel is protected under Copyright Registration with the United States of America. No part or portion of this work may be used for re-sell or re-print either digitally or in print format by any entity other than the legal publisher of this work listed above. Re- sell or re-print of this work may not be used without the written permission of the author and the publisher or without full monetary compensation of the work to both the author and legal publisher. Any infringement upon this copyright will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

How many brothers you think you can handle?? Come find out with Ms. Elizabeth Amber! And a Giveaway!!!

Are you ladies having an awesome time at the party!!!!
I hope so!! I am having so much fun!
And today is no different...

Today, I want to to introduce to you a woman whose writing I absolutely love!
(I personally bow down to her cover
~ just gaze upon them all here )

Please welcome to the Hussy Lair...
Ms Elizabeth Amber!!!!

I would normally tell you to grab a cuppa something hot...
but today will be a little different.

You might just want to reach for something ice cold...
Cuz it will get all kinda hot up-in-hera!!!!

I will give you a little back history on how I came to know Ms. Amber.
I accidentally stumbled upon her books in Borders one day.
I was just looking for a new book, nothing major...
Taking my time... strolling the aisles... when I saw the spine.
Plain and simple...
Although something was unique... The title... One name... Simple... Plain...


I pulled the book out... and holy shit... This is what seared my eyes....

Oh hell yeah, he was coming home with me.
You have to be dead to think I was not bring this home with ME....
Then I read the blurb and had my first blushing episode in Borders.
Oh yeah, he was coming home with me...

I put a big ol'sign on my book shelf (aka as my closet shelf)...
Wanted to make sure there was no mistake what I meant...
This book is not leaving my house... NO way, no how...
And DO NOT Even think about borrowing it....
Hell to the NO!!!!!!!

So, immediately I went to work on Google and looked up
Elizabeth Amber...
She was my crack and I her addict.
I had to have more... HAD TO ~ YOU HEAR ME!!!!!!
So, when I typed in...
Elizabeth Amber
I thought I hit the freaking mother load....

He has brothers and nephews!!!!!
Holy Mother... Flipping Hottness!!!!!
Brothers... More.... OMG!!!!

So, I immediately went back to Borders...
and bought them alll!!!!!!

Now, that I have wet your taste buds... Let me introduce you all to Ms. Amber!!!!!

Welcome Ms. Amber to the Hussy Lair!!! I want to thank you for coming over and hanging out with us today!!!

I found these few paragraphs at Ms. Amber's website.... This is a little of what she had to say about herself....

I write erotic historical paranormals romances for Kensington Aphrodisia. I have a great husband, cats named Chelsea and Biscuit, and a bf named Eva. My sister and mom are two of my closest friends, and we all love animals.

I'm also a museum junkie and am intensely interested in history and archeology. When I was an art history major at university, I became fascinated with Greco-Roman artifacts. I’ve visited many archeological sites and museums in Italy and Greece. All those ancient urns, frescoes, and amphorae decorated with satyrs (the carnal followers of the Roman god of wine, Bacchus) and maenads celebrating the annual grape harvest inspired The Lords of Satyr novels.

I wrote Nicholas — the first novel — not knowing if there was a market for the type of book I was writing or if anyone would publish it. But I was intrigued with my story as it unfolded, so I forged ahead. Once the rough draft was completed, I went to an RWA conference. Afterward, I submitted three chapters of Nicholas and a series summary to Kensington. Six months later they called with an offer.

Writing this series has been a pleasure, and I've written five Lords of Satyr novels thus far. In order of publication, they are: Nicholas, Raine, Lyon, Dominic, and Dane. Bastian and Sevin are under contract and in progress.

I'm not sure if there will be more beyond these, but I love hearing from readers with their thoughts on what characters they might like to see get their own novels.

I hope you enjoy these books. Let me know.

Ms. Elizabeth, why don't you tell us something unique about yourself... Something we can find out by googling you... lol....

Well, I named the heroine of Dane, The Lords of Satyr after my best friend, and she doesn’t know it yet!

How cool is that!!! I hope you direct her here so she can see the news!!!
So, if you could sum up who is Elizabeth Amber is in five sentences... What would they be?

E.A. is the author of erotic historical paranormal romances.
She’s the daughter of divorced parents, who were surprised when she began writing erotic romance.
She’s happily married.
She has known her best friend since middle school.
She loves animals of all kinds, has two cats, and volunteers at a local animal shelter when she can.

For those that are new here at the Lair and with your writing... could you please tell us about your writings... what are your books about?

Sure…In the 1800s, half-satyr/half-human lords guard ancient secrets in the heart of Tuscany’s and Rome’s centuries-old wine country. They receive a letter that sends them in search of endangered half-faerie/half-human brides. For not just any woman will do as a Satyr wife. At times, these satyr lords change physically and are driven by the darker side of their natures to indulge in a nightlong ritual in a sacred gathering place ringed with statues of Bacchus, nymphs, dryads, and fauns.

And believe me ladies... You do not want to miss these stories. The story themselves are quiet delicious and coming from this hussy... well.. *grinning like the cat who ate the canary** let's just say... you really need to put these books on your TBB list!
Could you tell us about your heros... help those who have no idea who they are or what they stand for... fall in love with them....

Nicholas and Dominic are both very sexual and are driven by duty and neither expects to find love. Raine and Lyon enjoy women, but don’t want to wed. Raine has been wed before to a woman who betrayed him, and Lyon simply enjoys women too much to settle on one. Dane—the hero in my upcoming June release--conceals a demon within him that subjugates him during any sort of carnal encounter. As he fights insanity, sexual frustration, and this demon with an inhuman strength, he finds an unexpected love in the very unusual Eva.

These men oozzeee out SEX A ON STICK!! The whole lot of them... they are just... wow! Yeah, that good...
Ms. Elizabeth, was the storyline of The Satyr's easy to write? Did they write themselves....

Once I know who the satyr in each book is—his inner character, his desires, his longings, what moves him to anger, laughter, love—then his story become easy to write. Until I know who he and his heroine are, writing the book seems like a huge mountains to climb.

Do you have anything else brewing besides the The Lord of Satyr's family?

Yes! I have an idea for a new series that’s a little different, but for now I’m concentrating on writing the next two books about Dane’s brothers, Bastian and Sevin.

Oh crap... Two more men to read about... Honey, you have just made this hussy's day!!
**fanning myself**

Okay.... Nice questions over... hee hee... Smutty time...

Your books gave me fits of blushings, tons of paper cuts and some serious hot flashes!! Yea, it did all that. What books have done that to you lately?

I’m so glad you enjoyed them, Cecile.

*Enjoy them... Honey it is more like devour them!!!*

When I think of erotic romance I think of Lora Leigh. She is amazing. And so many others—Anna Campbell, Lisa Valdez to name a couple. Oh, and I’ve just discovered Nalini Singh’s books! (fanning self)

Now you see how I feel about your books, lol!!
In one book, you have two men sharing one woman (no, I am not telling you will have to find out yourself, lol)... can we expect more menage trios, or anything like that in the future books?

Probably. I let the sex scenes grow out of the characters. Nicholas, for instance, was very sexual and he was accustomed to having sex how and when he liked, so he continued to do so even after he met Jane, sometimes with other women, which hurt Jane. But then he fell in love with her and no other woman than she would do. In my new release, Dane, one of the scenes takes place in a passion salon owned by Dane’s brother, Sevin. So there are some voyeuristic carnal things going on all around Dane and his heroine, Eva

Hot damn.... I soooooo can not wait for Dane now. A taste of this book and I am drooling already! You are an evil tease, lol!
Did you ever think you would be writing erotic novels? Who are your go to erotic authors?

As a teen, I read Georgette Heyer, Jane Austen, and Victoria Holt, and I occasionally thought about writing a romance, but never did. The idea for the Lords of Satyr series came in those moments just before I was falling asleep one night. I didn’t write it down at first, but I kept thinking about it and embellishing it in my mind. Then I began taking notes, and eventually I finished Nicholas and a series proposal.

If you could be seduced by any of your heros.. which one would it be and why?
(Yeah, I am evil, lol).

Oh, you are bad, Cecile. :o) I love alpha males, and each of the satyrs has a different appeal. So maybe more than one?

**hot damn... my kinda woman.. especially with all your damn sexy - sex on a stick men - why chose just one...**

Nicholas because he’s the oldest and is verrry experimental; Raine because he’s a wounded soul with a deep, sexy inner strength; Lyon because he has a sense of humor and is loyal to his woman--oh, and because he’s hot; Dominic because he protects his world without complaint and doesn’t expect a woman’s love of his own; and Dane because he’s complicated, tortured, and alpha, and he fascinates me.

Just in case you need some visual aid....

Okay.. quickie time.... You ready??

Coffee or Tea: Tea, almost a whole pitcher a day!
Milk or Dark Chocolate: Both, yum.
Hugs or Kisses: Hugs. Kisses. No, hugs…
Sunrises or Sunsets: Sunsets. I’m a night owl.
Emails or Texts: Emails

Paperbacks or Ebooks: Paperbacks until I find the perfect e-reader.
Cakes or Brownies: Cakes—the white wedding kind.

Okay.. now finish these sentences:

When life hands you lemons....friends and family help.

If I were a man, I would....find out what it would be like to have sex as a man with a woman.
When I dream, I dream....deeply.
My favorite thing to to Europe.
When I am stressed out, through it or go for a walk.
Do not think you can drag me....because I won’t let you.
I get the giggles when...I’m with my bf.
What I love most about my life friends..

Ms. Elizabeth, I want to thank you for hanging at the Lair today!!! It means the world to me that you would stop by!!!!

This is one of my favorite interviews ever, Cecile! Thank you so much. Invite me back anytime. Pleeeese. :o)

Okay... Our favorite time...!!!!!
Giveaway time!!!!!!!

Ms. Amber has kindly offered up winner's choice of either Nicholas, Raine, Lyon or Dominic!!

The Giveaway is open to USA and Canada only.

All you have to do is leave a comment/question for Ms. Elizabeth and your email addy and you are in!!!! How easy is that!

Now ladies... if you stay tuned to my blog... Ms. Amber will be back when Dane makes his appearance. I may even get to snag an interview up with him... **evil wink**

Ohhhh and Ms. Amber has informed me... When she comes back... There will be a chance to snag Dane for a lucky winner!!!!

So mark your calendars for June!!!!! Thanks for coming to play with us!

To find out more about Ms. Elizabeth, please go to her web site --->>> here.
I know she would love to hear from you. Okay... if you don't want to drop her a line... You might want to go to just drool over the covers... I mean come'on... Who would not want to drool (or pet) these babies....!!!!!!! ((I know I have... sssshhhhhh))

What is going on.... What is she writing....

Bastian is Dane's older brother, and he's the guy I'm spending my time with these days. There's something about an eldest brother that is so appealing. They're inherently powerful—the one the other brothers look up to. I'm enjoying this one immensely.

Stay tune for a hot Hot HOt HOT HAWT excerpt of Dane..... Just remember... Stay Tune....

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Excerpt of Wild Heart by Lori Brighton


Leo Roberts is next in line for an earldom and the power and fortune that come with it, but he is uncultured, unrefined—and completely untamed…until governess Ella Finch arrives upon the scene. Can so young and inexperienced a woman tutor him in the manners and mores of his class? Leo’s mysterious past has rendered him an outsider, too wild for polite society. But he finds her innocence most intriguing…


What manner of man he may be, Ella does not know. Yet he fascinates her and she must know more. Capturing Leo’s reckless heart is about to free her in ways she never dreamed of…and his sensual touch releases the deepest yearnings of her body and soul …

Excerpt of Wild Heart

“My grandson is the next in line. I need him to be as well educated as possible when the time comes for him to take his place.”

“Of course,” Ella replied.

But the lanterns on the rock walls cast wavering shadows against the floor, demanding her attention and increasing her anxiety.

“Still, I feel I must warn you. My grandson,” Lord Roberts said, “has had a difficult life. He’s not exactly...normal.”

Ella tore her gaze from the dark hall to focus on Lord Roberts. His face was passive, but his eyes still held a sense of sadness that worried her. Against her will, her heart skipped a beat and she had to force her feet to continue forward, wondering over his ominous words.

“But I promise you, if you persevere, the reward will be well worth the effort.”

She parted her lips to question him further when he stopped outside double wooden doors carved with mystical beasts. Unicorns, dragons, elves all fought for attention like a children’s fairy tale come to life.

“Any family will hire you, Ella, upon learning you worked for me,” Lord Roberts said. “Just think, even royalty.” Before his words of promise could sink in, he reached out and pushed the doors wide.

A rush of apprehension washed over her like a chilly breeze. That feeling she’d had when she first arrived...that same feeling that had seeped in through her bedroom window. Her heart raced but her mind stilled. Her entire body focused on the hum that started vibrating in her core. A beast, a beast in dire need, a beast confused, angry, hurt.

“Do not be afraid, my dear,” Lord Roberts said, slipping her arm through the crook of his elbow and leading her into the room.

Afraid? Afraid! Why should she be afraid?

A crash made her jump. Even Lord Roberts tightened his hold. Blimey, is that where the noise had come from, Lord Roberts’ grandson?

“My lord, I do not have great experience with children.” Her face heated at the lie. “I mean, of boys, in particular.”

“Oh, that won’t matter much, my dear.”

He pulled her further into the gold room, her slippered feet whispering their resistance against the cold, marble floor.

“W—where is he?” Her gaze swept the pastel landscape murals on the walls, up to the ceiling where fat cherubs grinned down at her, demented sprites mocking her plight.

Her mind buzzed as a rush of emotion swept into her, then back out, like waves at sea. She couldn’t seem to catch hold of anything, merely hints of anger, frustration, sorrow and resentment. Another crash resounded from beside her. Ella spun around. An empty easel was propped in the corner of the room, under the glow of wall sconces. Movement near the windows caught her attention.

A man. The man from the garden.

Blond hair glistened in the low candlelight, his broad back to her. Her body froze, her thoughts spinning.

“I thought I’d created him in my mind,” she whispered.

“You’ve met?” Lord Roberts turned to her, confusion in his eyes.

“No, I saw him this evening. He seemed to be...” What was the right word? “Overwrought about something.”

With what could only be called a growl, he tossed a paint-splattered canvas outside.

“Oh my,” she gasped. “He seems rather upset now, too. Who is he?”

“My grandson, Leo.”

Ella’s stomach sank. “I see. And your other grandson, the one I will be teaching, is he here?” She pulled away and studied the room. It was empty.

The old man’s face flushed a telling shade of red. “Ah, yes. Well, you see-”

“My lord,” a servant whispered from the hall. He darted a glance at Lord Roberts’ grandson and scampered back, cowering behind the doors.

“Yes? What is it?” Lord Roberts strolled toward the hall. Ella resisted the urge to cling to the man, to beg him not to leave her alone, to beg him to send a rider for Lady Buckley.
As if sensing her vulnerability, Leo spun away from the window and faced her. Ella’s heart jumped into her throat. The set of his square jaw made him appear fierce, yet she could not ignore the handsome features that pulled together in a face that would inspire Michelangelo. His attention swept over her form, leaving behind a trail of heat that pulsed unwanted through her body.

Dear lord, he wore only trousers and a white shirt spattered in paint and completely unbuttoned. She couldn’t stop her gaze from traveling the trail of golden hair that swept down his muscled chest. Her body tingled and her gaze jumped back to his face. His wavy locks hung wildly about his shoulders. His body was tight, tense; a beast prepared for an attack. Surely he wouldn’t harm her.

With long, purposeful strides, he shortened the distance between them. And she couldn’t move, couldn’t move a bloody step, fear and something else holding her captive. Nearer...nearer. Would he stop or knock her over?

Then their gazes met and any thought of escape fled. Suddenly nothing existed. Ella fell into a warm pool of gold. An eerie gold that glowed from his eyes, pulling her under, drowning in emotion and leaving her gasping for breath. It was coming from him...the emotion...the need...the pain.

Birds, rabbits, even a fox, but never had she been able to read a person’s emotions. Mesmerized, she didn’t move a muscle when he stopped only a foot away, looming over her like some archangel come to take her soul. Was the floor still beneath her feet or was she falling? The room seemed to spin as his scent swirled around her; sea salt, pine and male; him.

“It is nice to meet you,” she somehow managed to get past her lips.

His eyes narrowed into slits and his nostrils flared, his breath a soft whisper as he inhaled deeply. Slowly, he moved around her as if she were prey and he the hunter. He stepped close, too close. With his chest hot to her back, his essence seeped into her skin. His fingers brushed her nape, wrapped around a loose lock and the fine hairs on her neck stood on end. She heard the distinct intake of breath, as if he smelled the strands. Paralyzed from fright and from another foreign emotion, Ella couldn’t move. Her heart hammered in her ears, drowning out every sound but her own harsh breathing.

He leaned forward, and the side of his face, rough with a day’s growth of whiskers, brushed against the sensitive skin of her neck. She closed her eyes, feeling every muscled contour of his body, every heated limb, every soft breath he took. Strange physical sensations pulsed through her veins, a deep aching need for only God knew what. Want, desire, anger so intense, her knees quivered and she feared she would sink to the ground in a dead faint.

“Leo,” Lord Roberts called out. The tap of the old man’s cane sounded muddled through the fog of her exotic reality. Part of her was weak with relief when Lord Roberts appeared, yet a small part, deep down inside, was strangely eager to see what this Leo would do next.

“I see you have met your new governess,” Lord Roberts said.

Governess? As if Leo were a boy when in fact he was a man, a very grown man.

His hold on her hair tightened and she resisted the urge to squeak.

The old man’s eyes flickered uneasily from her face to his grandson. “I believe Miss Finch would like to rest.”

Out of the corner of her eye, Ella studied her ward. His jaw clenched but he released his hold on her hair. With a curl of his lips and a stiff jerk of his arm, he pointed toward the hall.

“Right, of course, you would like some time alone. Well then, shall we?” Lord Roberts tugged her toward the open doors.

Her shoulder brushed against Leo’s hard chest and shivers raced all the way to her toes. Confused by her strange reaction, she stole a glance back as Lord Roberts led her from the room. Leo stood there, his hands on his slim hips as if sizing her up for the kill. As Lady Buckley had promised, she was indeed being punished by God.

Lord Roberts closed the doors and shut the man from view. The surge of emotion and heat receded, leaving her trembling and cold.

I want to thank Ms. Lori for coming hang out at the Lair for the past few days!!! Thank you.
Please visit Ms. Lori's website --->>> here.

Stay tune... there is more partying to be done!!!!

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