Thursday, March 4, 2010

Let's Party with Ms. Jenna Byrnes

If you have scoped out my place in the past, you will know I am gettin in some hot m/m lovin'. If you are a regular here, you know that this woman is responsible for popping my m/m cherry!!!
Please help me welcome Ms. Jenna Byrnes to my place! She is here to rock your socks off!!!

This is just a few things about Ms. Jenna:
Jenna Byrnes could use more cabinet space and more hours in a day. She’d fill the kitchen with gadgets her husband purchases off TV and let him cook for her to his heart’s content. She’d breeze through the days adding hours of sleep, and more time for writing the hot, erotic romance she loves to read.

Jenna thinks everyone deserves a happy ending, and loves to provide as many of those as Possible to her gay, lesbian and hetero characters. Her favorite quote, from a pro-gay billboard, is "Be careful who you hate. It may be someone you love."

We are going to do things in threes.
Trust me, there is a method to my madness.
You will see in the days to come.....
**insert evil laughter & wicked grin**

Okay, let's get this party started.
Oh, and you might want to make sure you have enough stamina ...
Ms. Jenna will be rocking my place for the next few days....
With prizes for almost everyday!

Okay, question tim... some clean, some smutty!!! Haa haaa!!!!

Ms. Jenna, I want to thank you for coming out to play with us today. It is an honor to have you here!

Thank you, Cecile. You have a fun blog and wonderful readers, so it's a joy to be here.

In three sentences, tell us a little about yourself.

I have a good sense of humor.
I'm quiet but I will try to engage people in conversation rather than just sitting silently.
I'm a chocolate fiend.

What are your three favorite reads?

This varies from time to time. I loved Go Ask Alice by Anonymous when I was a teenager. I love the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling (hard to choose one book!) And for some romantic suspense, Family Secrets by Jamie Hill. I just love that one!

Oh gosh are you kidding me. I remember Go Ask Alice and as creepy as this sounds that was one of my favorite books when I was in my teenage years. It helped me help a lot of my friends out who were "troubled."

In three sentences, tell us about what makes you hot & bothered for your alpha character - one you have created or the ones you read.

Dark hair, three day beard growth and not too full of himself. Must like kids and animals, but not be one of those sappy "we're pregnant" type of guys, I dislike that. Willing to kick some butt in defense of his partner, or allow his partner to do the same for him!

What are three of your favorite sexy words (and "Honey, I'm cleaning" -- coming from hubby does not count, lol!!!)

How about, "No, let me." ?? *G*

What's three of the strangest places you have had your characters have sex? (Told you I was evil!!!)

Under the bleachers at a football game while they were attending their high school reunion (Sweet Reunion, not currently available.) In an elevator (Windfall, available from Silver Publishing.) In a restaurant (Maximum Exposure co-authored with Jude Mason in the Friction anthology from Total E-Bound.)

Wow, under the bleachers while attending their high school reunion. Now you will have me thinking back to my last high school reunion... where were those people!! LMBO!

Okay okay okay.. enough with the questions... Ms. Jenna...
Contest Time...
What is up for grabs.... winner's choices from Jenna's available titles!
All you have to do.....
What's the name of Jenna's blog?
(If you become a follower, you can have two entries! Be sure and leave a comment here.)

Be sure to leave your email so we have a way to get in touch with you!

To found out more about Ms. Jenna, please go to her web site --->> here.
Drop her a line and let her know what you think of her books! She is awesome!
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  1. Jenna on Fire

  2. Good Morning Cecile and Jenna,
    Great Q&A,I liked the everything in 3 questions.I too am a chocolate fiend.
    Hot pics too :)

    Jenna's Blog is called Jenna on Fire
    I am a follower

    Now Cecile is Caleb allowed out to play today or is Max still here....or both? :D
    Either way I need my drink ;)
    **looks around** Caleb? Max?
    A Mimosa please :)

  3. Hi Cecile, I loved the this hot little interview, you come up with the most creative ways to conduct an interview Cecile!! I have navigated the WWW and found out Jenna's blog is called JENNA ON FIRE :) And please tell Jenna, if it ain't chocolate that floats your boat, do you have another type of food that gets your tastebuds in utter bliss?

  4. Morning all! Thanks for popping by, and thanks to Cecile for allowing me to join her party.

    Leontine, Chocolate is really my fav., but anything hot and cheesy is a close second!

    Have a great day everyone!

  5. Great interview - now I'm thinking about doing things underneath high school bleachers..hehe.. though if I remember the underneath of my highschool bleachers there usually was gum and other trash underneath.. so maybe not as sexy ;)

    Jenna's Blog is Jenna on Fire - great name!

  6. Answer : Jenna on Fire

    I just joined her blog via Google Friend.

    I already love her work... :)

    Happy Reading
    Anna Shah Hoque

  7. Morning all!
    I'm liking the 3s... and for sure the sexy three words!
    And now you've got me thinking about highschool... we sure made good use of the soundproof band practice rooms!

    *wink* Sexy Bartender, want me to show you how?

    Jenna's Blog is "Jenna on Fire"

    Miranda ~ Sweet Vernal Zephyr .blogspot

  8. itsjustme1217! Hi! Thanks for coming by! Gawd... I love your avatar. I will keep telling you that! LMBO!

    elaing8! Morning honey!!! Caleb will be coming out in a little bit to serve you ladies! Thank you for coming over and playing with us!!!
    I do try to find the best pictures... you know I take great pride in my research! =)

    Leontine!! Hey honey! I am so glad that you could make it today!!! Thank you for your kind words! I love this woman! I do try to keep you guys entertained and be creative at the same time!

    Chris! Hey honey! Glad you stopped by!

    Jenna Byrnes!! Hey hon! I am glad that you could make it this morning! You are more than welcome at my place anytime! I love hanging out with you! This has been fun!

    Now I have a question for you... Have you ever put anything in your books that happened to you on a personal level (smutty or nonsmutty)??

    Heather (DarklyReading)! Hey there! Thank you for coming and welcome! I hope you enjoy yourself here! Yea, the bleachers at my high school **shudders just thinking of it** Sounds sexy on paper though, lmbo!

    s7anna!! Hey honey! Thanks for coming over! I hope all is well! =)

    Sweet!! Hey honey! Morning to you! I liked the three too. Hummmm... bandroom... Making mental note! Thanks for coming over!! And Caleb will be here shortly!

  9. Well well... hello ladies!
    Hello Ms. Jenna, how are you?

    I see you are the woman responsible for My Smutty Cecile reading those m/m books. You know... now she looks at me with this funny look on her face when she reads those books... makes me wonder what she is thinking!

    Elaing8 my dear... Your Mimosa is waiting for you... I always remember what my ladies love...

    Sweet, my dear.... what can I serve you this morning. Although I did hear Max got called Java yesterday... We are still teasing him good about that! And I think I will let Max go to the bandroom with you... **evil wink**

  10. Jenna on Fire

    Great interview by the way.

    carolsnotebook at yahoo dot com

  11. **unlady like,guzzles the drink**
    Thanks Caleb,I needed that.

    Another,please :D

    Did Max go back to the tribe? Maybe he's telling his fellow tribesmen about us

  12. Hey Caleb,

    I could tell you what Cecile is thinking, but I'd hate to frighten you!!! Hugs, big boy!

    It's only mid-day here, but it's 5:00 somewhere, right? How about a Long, Sloe Screw? The drink, I mean. Get your mind out of the gutter, people! *EWG*

  13. Cecile,

    Absolutely, lots of things in my books have happened to me. If you think I'm going to tell you anything naughty, forget it. heh heh heh

    I like to use expressions that remind people of certain things. One time, I was quoting the original Dr. David Banner (Incredible Hulk) when I had a cop say, "Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."

    Anyway, my editor obviously didn't get the reference. She changed the line to: "And I’m going to get angry, which I also promise you won't like one bit.” HUH?

    I let it go that first time because I was new, and didn't think I could challenge an editor. But when I revised that book, I put the original line back in. It makes me smile every time I read it. LOL


  14. Caleb, ever playing the gallant gentleman to the ladies... I understand and yes, I do believe I am need of a coffee break!

    *licks her lips and looks around* Now where is my hot Java?....

  15. Carol! Hi there! Thanks for coming over! I hope you have enjoyed yourself!!! Thanks!

    Hey Jenna... **looks a little worried...** -->>"I could tell you what Cecile is thinking, but I'd hate to frighten you!!!"
    You mean you can read my mind now... ohhh that is kinda scary!!

    And damn straight it is 5 somewhere!!! Now it is my turn to straddle up a bar stool... get your mind out the gutter... And Caleb, honey... give something strong hon!

    Oh damn you, lmbo!!!! You can share s.o.m.e.t.h.i.n.g.... with us!!! **batting eyelashes** BUt that has got to be funny to read your own work and know where the reference is coming from!!
    Oh gosh, I love the David ref! Some people just do not understand!!! I use to love the HULK.. humm... my first bout of paranormal, lmbo!!!

    I want to thank you for coming over to play with us!

  16. Max aka Java ManMarch 4, 2010 at 2:31 PM

    Sweet ~ my Java girl. Your Java man is here. Caleb and the guys will not leave me alone... but I told them it takes a real man to have that nickname. And if it comes with some sweet sugar like you... Well what can a man say.
    Coffee it is.

    **Caleb move your ass out the way, the lady asked for me.**

  17. Elaing8 hon, another one.. You ready? Oh yea... and Max is here too. He heard Sweet asking about him. Not you too.. The man has an ego the size of Texas.

    There is nothing unlady like about a woman who likes her drinks!

  18. Jenna hon, you do know that Long, Sloe Screws is my speciality **evil grin and wicked glean**

    Oh Jenna, I doubt there is anything you could tell me about My Smutty Hussy to frighten me... maybe enthrall me.. **Evil laughter**

    And are you kidding me... You try living with a person whose name is Smutty Hussy and see where your mind stays.... **wicked laughter**

    One Long, Sloe Screw coming up...
    Do I hear music?? Elaing.....

  19. Oh Max... *sigh* You just tell those jealous boys, you EARNED that precious endearment...

    *peeking under her lashes* Your java keeps me up all night. *blush*

    *hides her face in her coffee and sneaks a peak at Caleb to see his reaction*

  20. Jenna! BTW - I don't mean to leave you out! *pats the seat next to her* I LOVE happy endings too.. . *wink*

  21. My Sweetness, oh the boys are jealous alright. So tell me sweet, how'ya like your *cough* coffee?

    **straightens his big... belt**

    And Ms Jenna, we would love to hear some of those stories of your you are trying to keep hidden. Don't be bashful now.

  22. The new guy always lets things go to his head **eye rolls**

    Ms. Jenna, you have piqued our interest in your hidden stories you are hiding. What will it take to coax them out of you? How about another Long, Sloe Screw??

  23. Caleb,honey**wink** you know no one can replace you in my <3 long as you keep those drinks coming..kidding :D

    **turns on juke box** ok who wants to dance**grabs Calebs hand,hurries to the dance floor**
    Wow Caleb you have some moves**blushes**

    Sweet seems very smitten by Max.No one get in her way with her new man!!

    Cecile you're gonna have to let a few more tribesmen out of your cave ;)

  24. Hey Elaing8, I see that.. I might have to do an update post and stick another man in here some where... These men are something else!

    And I think you are right ->"Sweet seems very smitten by Max." But it does seem that she is willing to share though... *evil grin*

  25. Oh yes! I do enjoy sharing. Spread the... love. *wink*

    *Pats Max's hand at his disgruntled frown* What darlink, Caleb hasn't told you his stories? I guess I should have known that he is the utmost gentleman and doesn't make it a habit to kiss and tell.

    *Runs a teasing finger across Max's jaw* Now how about you give me some dark... hot... rich... java?

  26. **hiccup,looks around** Who said we're sharing?...Is it my turn with Max yet?
    Sweet hand him over
    **takes drink from Caleb**Thanks love**sips**Take care of Sweet;Jenna and the other ladies caleb,I've got business**wink** with Max.
    Max, you ready for me..err**blushes**.I mean to dance
    **takes max to the dance floor**

  27. Loved the interview. I already receive Jenna's newsletter but somehow had never gotten around to visiting her blog.
    It's called Jenna on Fire and I became a follower.

  28. *Smiles as elaing8 leads a bemused Max out to the dance floor*

    Caleb darlink, looks like Max is getting initiation by fire. You gonna just let him burn... on the dance floor... somebody call 911... *sings* lalala shorty fire burning on the dance floor lalala

    Hot dayum! I think Max spiked by coffee!

  29. Hey everyone, there's a new contest on my blog right now, today! I was tagged and I thought I should let you know about it. Need not be sober to play. *G*

  30. The answer is Jenna on Fire.

    I am a follower.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  31. phew..Max you put me through my paces :) I need a drink to cool down....Caleb if you're not too busy with the other ladies,I'd like another drink...

    uhoh Sweet is tipsssy.Look out boys,watch those hands ;)

    I see body shots coming up!!!

    **sways to the music,sipping drink**

  32. Sweet, you are one wicked woman!! How I love ya! Girl, we share in the hussy house!!

    Beth!! Hey, thanks for coming over today!! Oh yay, you already receive her newsletters! Oh you must go to her blog! Have a great night!

    Jenna Byrnes!! Oh you are a tease! And I not sure who is sober and tippys at this point! But a couple of us have followed your bunny trial there!

    booklover0226!! Hey Tracey! How have you been!!!!! I am so glad that you could make it over! Hope all has been well! Thanks for coming!!

  33. Sweet ~ honey, you sure do have a way about you. Sharing is what we do best here at the Hussy Lair! **evil gleam in his eyes**

    Oh Sweet, I am learning all abou these stories. Every once in a while Cecile shares the stories. But sometimes we don't let her finish **wicked smile upon his face**

    Damn woman, you know how to bring a man to his knees... You want some of this.. dark... hot... rich... java?!?!

    Elaing... we might have to slow you down, so you can enjoy the rest of the night. Cuz hon, we are just getting started.
    We share Elaing, play nice... and you will be rewarded..... nicely.

    Now I must warn you Elaing, I love to *cough* dance.

    I told you.... Elaing... body shots **waggles eyebrows**

  34. Sweet, I do try to be the gallant gentleman. A man can only try to please his ladies.

    Elaing babe, you know I am never to busy for you. And besides, I will let the newbie have the fun for now. I know my ladies and you all well... so, let the amateur play. **laughing**

  35. Max what a lovely picture you paint...

    *Max walks over to ease stand between her jean clad thighs as she lounges on the bar stool against the bar*

    Now should I demand you make good on your promise? Or shall we entertain the girls a little more with body shots... from your tight navel?!!!!

    *hoots and hollers resound around the bar as Caleb retrieves a bottle of Malibu*

  36. ok Max I've been playing nice..where's my reward**wink**

    I think Caleb has been watering down my drinks**glares over at Caleb**

    Body shots off Max..I'm in!!..Max assume the position :D
    Sweet,Cecile you girls in..any one else...line 'em up!!!

  37. Great Q & A! I've read one or two of Jenna's books in the past and really enjoyed her writing style so I'd love more. I'm a big m/m fan too so I'm happy to see so many authors out there writing in that genre.

    The answer is....Jenna on Fire.

    I'm a follower

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  38. *with a playful shove she pushed Max onto the bar*

    Caleb darlink... bring that Malibu over here and let us initiate Max into our sexy tribe the right way!

    *Caleb smirks as he leans of the bar, one hand on Max's shoulder to hold him steady*

    You want to go first Elaing?

  39. Great interview! I really enjoyed it, Cecile.

    Jenna's blog is Jenna on Fire.

  40. Sweet I'll let you have the honor of going first...since you have a.....thing for Max ;)

    there's plenty of Max to go around for all us ladies and if not**looks over at Caleb** we got him :D

  41. Caleb, would you be so kind as to hold Max's shoulders? We don't want him jumping around now...

    *With an evil grin she grabs the bottle of Malibu and meets Max's smoldering eyes*

    Now tighten up those beautiful abs for us sexy... *she slides his shirt up his chest*

    *drip drip drip... Malibu pours into his navel*

    *She dips her head and with a sucks his navel long after the liquor is gone*

    *Max groans..*

    Your turn Elaing!

    *Handing over the bottle, she moves to hold his hips while Elaing approaches and Max's pants become tighter*

  42. That was a great interview! I really have to start reading this genre-just not quite there yet.

  43. **bites bottom lip**

    **tilts bottle,Malibu drips in his navel**

    **licks around his navel,then slowly sucks up the liquor** oh wow!!

    who's next

  44. Well well well.... **hands on hips**
    I leave you girls alone for a little while and this is what happens...

    Wooohooo... Elaing toss me that bottle of Malibu!!!!!

    Oh Max, honey... this is all part of the initiation process. Don't worry honey, we won't bite... YET.....

    Lick lips...
    Max honey it is okay....

    **My tongue slowly makes from his chin down his belly**

    To the CoCNut hidden treasures....

    Was that a moan I heard Max.......

    Caleb, you are next **wicked wink**

  45. **sitting on Caleb's lap**
    Cecile,honey don't you see he's got his hands full **wink**
    **licks drop of drink of Caleb's lips**

  46. Jenna rocks, she's an amazing guest for your party, Cecile!
    Her blog is called Jenna on Fire!

  47. Janna, thanks for coming over honey!!! I love her,she is great!!! Enjoy the party honey!

  48. Jenna on Fire

    I'm a Follower

  49. Ooh...another contest for Jenna's books. I'm in!

    The answer is: Jenna on Fire

    Love Jenna's books!

    My email is dana.armstrong @

    Everyone have a great day!

  50. Loved the interview! Her blog is called Jenna On Fire and of course we all follow you, where else to go for our hot candy pics??

  51. sherry! hey hon! Thanks for coming back! I hope you are enjoying yourself!

    Dana! Oh yea... there are three days to win Jenna's books!!! Thanks for coming and playing with us!

    Marissa!! Thank you so much. I really enjoyed interviewing Ms. Jenna! She is a great woman! Thanks for coming over honey! Hope all is well!

  52. I'm just getting into M/M romances. Okay. I've only read one M/M romance. It was interesting. I'd like to read more for a comparison.

    I'm a follower

  53. Jenna on fire and I'm now a follower. Chirth7

  54. It's "Jenna On Fire"
    I love your stories Jenna.
    Carol L.

  55. Hey Ladies!
    Reena Jacobs, ohhhh I have to recommend Ms. Jenna's work. She is awesome for just getting your feet wet in the baby pool of M/M loving!

    Christine! Thanks for coming over and being a follower of Ms Jenna's!

    Carol L.! Hey hon! Thanks for coming here too!


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