Thursday, March 18, 2010

Patti's Coming to Visit!!!!

As you all know, Cecile is celebrating her blogiversary this month, and since we're both Louisiana girls, I thought a bit of southern hospitality was in order. I decide it might be fun to surprise her with a cake and bring it over to her house, and maybe we could trade books.
Cecile calls herself a smutty hussy, but we all know what a sweet, lovely woman she really is, or so I thought...

I got to her house early Saturday morning and knocked on the front door. Her butler answered:
(Oh, apparently it's still a bit early...)

He leads me through the house to wait in the living room. As we pass the kitchen, I do a double-take:
(hmmm...early riser?)

Where was I? Oh, yes...We get to the living room and the butler asks me to wait and he will let Cecile know I'm here. As I look around her living room, I notice she has a large backyard, so I get up to get a better look out the window:

(It sure is warm down here in Louisiana!)

"Enjoying the view?" Cecile asks, walking into the room, looking lovely. "We're having some landscaping done. If you look out that window you can see where we're adding something a little more exotic on that side of the house." My view shifts to the other window, where one of the workers appears to be taking a break:

"We've even hired a gardner!"

(Oh my!)

I tell Cecile the view is wonderful and everything looks great. She realizes I've still got my purse and a bag of books and the cake. "Why don't you set the bag and your purse in the guest bedroom and I'll put that lovely cake in the kitchen?" Cecile asks.

"Hmmm.." I'm thinking, "I'd really like to put the cake in the kitchen..." and then I turn the corner and walk into the guest room:

"Uh...Cecile?" I start to say, just as she says "Oh! I forgot, we've got an LSU student staying in that room while they repaint his dorm! I'll just put your bags in my room."

"Well," I say, "I was thinking we could go out for coffee?" (Don't ask why we're going out for coffee if I brought cake. Work with me people!)

"Sure, I know just the place!" Cecile answers, and we get into her car and head downtown. "There's this cute little coffee shop I occasionally stop into that has great pastries and buns." We pull up and the valet takes her car, greeting her by name:

"Cecile, so nice to see you again! I'll park your car close, just like you like it."

I look at her out of the corner of my eye and she shrugs..."I told you they've got great buns!" We walk in the door and seat ourselves. Immediately we're surrounded by waitstaff, all clamoring for Cecile's attention:

"Oh, Cecile, it's so nice to see you again. Welcome back! What can we do for you?" they all fawn over her.

We enjoy our coffee and head back to her place to look at each other's books. "I have to be honest," she says, "I have such a huge TBR pile it's got it's own room! Would you like to see? It's in the basement." Sounds intriguing, so I follow her. As we descend the stairs, she greets the carpenter:

"Nathan, I keep telling you those are not regulation safety goggles!" she says sweetly. She looks at me and says "He's building me a new set of bookshelves. The ones I have just aren't enough."

And then we get to the book room. I understand now why Cecile is such a Smutty Hussy when it comes to her reading choices:

So...who wants to come with me when I go back to visit Cecile next weekend?

Patti... **Mawh, luv ya hun. This is priceless**
Thank you so much for coming over to my place and playing. **smiling wickedly** I hope you come back over for more visits!!! Ladies, I was tickled pink to find Ms. Patti in the blog world and only to discover that she lives about an hour and forty five minutes from me!!! Now we have never met, but I was just so happy to see that someone around in my area blogged too!! Please go visit her sites, she has two of them and let her hear from you!!
Sleepless in New Orleans and Book Addict

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  1. Hi Patti and Cecile,

    Wow love those hot and steamy pics!

    Love the post and I wished I lived in New Orleans!

    Have a great night!

  2. Hi Patti and Cecile,
    Wow Patti, you had quite the day, Cecile's place is something to admire for sure.

    I am so coming with you next time ;)

  3. Hello girls!

    Patti, hilarious as always!!

    Cecile, can I go visit you, too? ;)

  4. OMG this TOTALLY cracked me up...I wouldnt have made it past the butler! lol

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  6. **jaw drops** oh you lucky girl Patti..those guys are did you go back to Cecile's to....entertain that LSU student,he looked eager to please**grin**

    **fans self** were is my drink...Luke? I need a drink to cool down :)

  7. **Bats eyelashes...**
    Well, what did you all expect... It is the Smutty Hussy Lair!!
    Patti and I had a blast! I want to thank her so much for doing this!!! This was truly a treat!
    {{{hugs to you honey}}}

    Razlover! Hey honey! Isn't it just delicious!

    Blodeuedd! Hey girlie!! It was quiet the day at my place!!! Hee heee!! You know you are all more than welcome to come over to my house!

    Hilda! Hey honey! Thanks for coming over!!! Isn't this just great! Patti's the best! =)

    Chris... Now do you see what I will be doing after the party is over, hee hee!

    Monroe Dawson!! Heya honey! So glad you could come!! Isn't this just priceless!

    elaing8!!! heeee heee, thought you would love this post!!! You know I love me some LSU.. never told you why though... guess now you know!!!! **evil grin**

  8.'ve got me steamin' up my glasses...*wipe away drool*
    umm...I think I need to go cool off...

  9. Oh my word and stars, that is beyond priceless!!! Love the way it all came together and you lucky Smutty Hussy you can we all come over sometime and stay for the day? Cecile you and Patti are as Chris says Wild Women but what fun!!!!!

    Have a great rest of your day, am glad I stopped by!!

    jackie b central texas

  10. LMAO!! That was great!!! Can I move in with you, girlie?? pease? hehe

    I say we all crash your place and just admire the lovely views. *beg*

  11. LOL Cecile, I had a blast! Glad everyone approves :) I'd come visit you anytime *saucy wink*

    Happy Blogiversary!!!

  12. Woozah! That's a lovely house you have Cecile - those pics definitely brightened my day ;)I need to go wipe up my drool - I wanna come visit!

  13. This was so funny and HOT... I need to stop working and stop by more often. :D Eliza

  14. Oh ma goodness, Cecile. *blotting forehead with hanky* Hawt!

  15. OMG!!! Cecile...oh the guys...
    H O T!
    I love the guy in the farmer John'!

    This site is on fire!


  16. Lmao!! Hilariously awesome hawt post. Thanks ;)

  17. I'm disappointed. I thought you said you had a pool boy??

  18. Hey Cecile and Patti! Oh my I really need to live closer to Cecile all that eye candy!!

  19. s7anna!!! hey honey! thanks for coming over! patti did me proud with this post!!! Your glasses.. that was the only thing.. girl my whole damn computer screen was steamed up and i think my hard drive melted!

    jacabur1!!! hey honey! i am so glad that you made it over today! one of the best posts to come over to!! lmbo!! I am one Lucky Smutty Hussy!!!
    what's a party if you are not having fun!!

    Ashlynn Pearce!!!!!!!!! aaackkk you are here! i am so glad that yo left a comment!!!! hugs to you honey. i am so glad that you came over today! for sure you can move in.. i have lots of room **evil wink**

    Patti!! thanks for doing this and coming over to play with me!! oh i think everyone more than approves!!! honey.. just bring your cocktails and come on over!

    Heather (DarklyReading)!! hey honey, thanks for coming over! glad to see that you enjoyed my house! i am glad that we could give you what you needed today.

    Eliza March! hey honey! you know where to find me!! i am always here, at your service!!! lol!
    thanks for coming by today! means a lot!

    Mar!! hey there! thanks for coming over! glad to see that you enjoyed yourself!

    Hawk!! hey honey! see what you are missing by not coming to my house... i am sure we can find one of these to make you feel alllll better, lmbo!!!

    Tori [Book Faery]!! hey honey! i am so glad that you could make it today! it means a lot! thanks for coming!

    Kris **Cecile rubs her eyes to see if that is really Kris at her place.. rubs again.. yes it is.. it is Kris that I see, lmbo** thanks for coming over here dear! it truly does mean a lot!... and the pool boy.. i think Patti was very quick about showing you the pool boy... oh yea.. forgot about the accountant... (my damn evil day job,lol)

    Patti ~ good one!!! **high fives**

    Tricia!! hey honey! i am glad to see that you made it!! hope all is well honey! girl, pack your bags and come on over!!! thanks for coming!!

  20. Patti & Cecile: Good to know that the guys know how to work together in very... effective... ways. ;)

    Cecile, I visit every day to see what you're up to, but don't comment very often... obviously. :)

  21. Why do I believe every word of that tale..

    If there is one person who will have a house full of hot hunyk men and not blink an eye, it would be Cecile...

    Glad you got an eye though Ptti.. and made it out to tell us about it...

    Cecile - you go girl..


  22. Kris!! Awww, you do luv me!!! Hee hee! Thanks for coming over regardless!

    And of course my men know how to work together... that is a requirement for my household. First to **cough** serve me, then each other... You scratch my back and I scratch your kinda thing!! **evil laughter and wicked grin**

    Erotic Horizon!! Hey honey! Hee hee... The tale is alll true! I adore my men... My house if full of surprises!!!! Just come on over!! (**evil grin*) Thanks for coming over!

  23. Hi Cecile and Patti! Great him harem you have there missy lol! Thanks for sharing the hot pics and Patti I bet you will be going over to see Cecile and the boys pretty often huh hahahhahha.

  24. Hey, ladies

    What a HOT! post and funny also.

    Have a good weekend!

  25. OMG!!! I love it... and if your guy out there taking a break needs another 'hand' I'd be more than happy to lend him mine *sweet smile* LOL... great post!!!

  26. Wow Cecile! Your a popular lady and you lead such a charmed life. ;) I think I would walk around all day at your place, adjusting my collar trying to cool off... 'cuz it looks like a heat wave at LA. And oh, so much fun!

  27. Oh, you hussy, you! :)

    Anyway, you have an award here:

  28. JennJ!! Hey honey... Now do you want to com visit me!! hee hee!!! And this is only the ones that Patti got to see, maawwhhaawww!!!! ***MY best evil laughter***

    Laurie (BittenbyParanormalRomance) Hey honey! Thanks for coming over Laurie!!! =)

    Hell Kat!! Hey there hon! I am glad that you came over to play with us!! Thanks for coming! You would be willing to give a hand huh... hee hee!! I will keep that in mind. =)

    Donna [F.D. Ramblings] Hey honey! Thanks for coming over! Love having you over! **Blushes** Yea... I love my housemales!!! I kill myself!

    Cherry Mischievous!!! Thanks for coming over! I hope you enjoyed yourself, lol!! How could you not! And thank you thank you thank you for the award! You are too kind my friend! {{Hugs to you}}

  29. Sounds like you had a blast, girls! And it's just how I pictured Cecile's place, Patti! :)
    *fanning because of the hot guys*

    But what we really want to know is what books you talked about, of course! ;)

  30. Janna! Oh we had a blast!! I think Patti stayed a little while longer in the guest room, hee hee!!!
    I do love my house... With all these yummy men running around!!! Thanks for coming over honey! I hope (and pray) that all is well at your house with you and hubby! ((you know my prayers are with you))

    And of course we talked about books.. hee.. what kind is the question!! LMBO!!

  31. I just wonder though, where did you hide your dear hubby ;)

    I bet it were smutty books, lol!

    PS: we're doing okay. It's still hard at some moments, but your prayers help :)

  32. Janna! Hubby... heee heee... There is this secret hiding place (our play room) that I was hiding him. I have to keep some goodies for myself! Hee hee!!

    Oh... you know we talked about all our smutty books!!

    Well honey, you know my love, heart, soul, prayers and hugs go to you!!!

  33. OMG, I'm away for a few days and busy reorganizing my bookshelves and look what I missed 0-0 Patti you must have had oodles of good, smutty times over at Cecile's!! I hope to one day experience such a day too, loved this post!


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