Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Hello peeps of the Lair!!!
Today is One of my Favorite days...
Okay, yesterday was my MOST favorite day... But you will see why...

I know that you know that you know me very well...


How much I love Halloween...

So, it would not be right to Not Say....

 And of course be very sexy about it.....

So with that said... Please have...
A Very Happy Halloween....

And of course from my Favorite Character.....

Oh and yesterday was my Birthday...

So, To me.....

Happy Birthday to Me!

Now if you don't mind.....
I am going enjoy my candy.....

He is waiting for me!!!
Happy Halloween!!!!
I prefer my treats to have tricks up their sleeves!!!

And remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy! 
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Friday, October 28, 2011

Review: A Little Harmless Submission by Melissa Schroeder

A Little Harmless Submission -- Harmless Series, Book 6

For a tough as nails Dom hunting a sadistic serial killer is nothing compared to losing his heart.

Rome Carino is hunting a predator. One who likes to hurt submissives and the most popular BDSM club’s patrons are being targeted.  With each fresh kill, he gets more brazen. Rome knows he just needs one little break, but before he can make headway, the FBI shows up. Worse, the uptight, buttoned-down Special Agent Maria Callahan suggests a plan that is dangerous, but worth it because it might just catch the killer. If Rome can keep his mind on the case and off the beautiful FBI agent, he'll be just fine.

Maria is still trying to step out of her legendary father's shadow and knows just how to do it. Luring the killer by posing as Rome's new sub seems like a good idea. That is, until undercover becomes real life and she finds herself tangled up with a man who amazes and scares her at the same time. Her growing attraction to the Honolulu Police Detective is a little too much to handle. Even knowing that, she can't help falling in love with the tough Dom and losing herself in the games they play in the bedroom.

Rome is overwhelmed by his need for Maria. He has never had a sub respond to him the way she does and no matter what he does, he feels himself slipping off that cliff into love. As their relationship starts to unfold, he realizes that he will do anything to win her heart, to convince her to become his sub for a lifetime. But before he can do anything, the killer turns his attention on Rome and the one thing he holds dear: Maria.

WARNING: The following book contains: A Dom who thinks he can do no wrong, a new sub who is about to teach him he can, palm trees, a trip or two to Rough ‘n Ready, a flirty Aussie Dom with questionable motives, old friends, and a new enemy. Yeah, it might be called Harmless, but you Addicts know it’s anything but.

I obtained the above information from Ms. Melissa's website!

I received this book for my honest thoughts and words... So here goes....

From Ms Melissa's website, this is book 6 in the Harmless series. Personally, I have only read a couple of them, but I can honestly say that I have not been lost. They can be read out of order - just in case one strikes your hiney **or should I say - one that spanks your behind, haha** . Ms. Melissa does a great job at tossing everyone in the story and not making you feel lost. Family and friends are welcome! The more, the merrier!!!

Ms. Melissa keeps the story in the setting of the warm state of Hawaii and she brings enough heat to story to make sure you will never be cold. In this story, Ms. Melissa brings on the action in and out of the bedroom. There is never a dull moment in this story. The drama, the suspense, the passion, the desire, the need, the want, the raw emotions are all there and then some.

Maria has always felt like she had something to prove and this new case was no different... The only different was that Maria was going to push this case to the extreme to prove herself worthy... Worthy of what she would soon discover. Can Maria out run the memories of her deceased father, the one that seems to be pushing her from beyond the grave? Maria knows her own worth. She knows where she stands in life and love... Or so she though until she meet one cop who would tuen her world upside down.

If there was one thing in life Romeo knew he was good at it was compartmentalizing. He knew first hand at what happens when you mix business and pleasure... Life in all areas got screwed up. He promised himself he would never let that happen again. At least that is what he thought.Romeo is kinda man that you want to take and lick all over.... Okay, that might be just me. But seriously, he is one hellva man. A man in charge, a man sure of himself and his job. And man in a uniform - do I need to say more. Really?!? Okay, he lives to serve and protect during the day light hours.... And night... Well, he lives to dominate and spank and serves some more.

These two make a great team when they combine their forces. They know how to bring not only the suspense to the table, but also the passion. They play nice in front of everyone but when the door closes.... Well... That is a different story.... One with a little submission.

This is one story that I thoroughly enjoyed.   Out of the few that I have read, this one has been my favorite so far. I absolutely love the submission play in the stories. The characters are real, their emotions are tangible. The storyline had me gripping my seat wondering what was going to happen next. And it's not just the sadistic killer that is lurking around... It is the promise of spankings, binding, blindfolding and some hot sex that kept me turning the page.  A little harmless submission never hurt anyone! Wanna try it out, I dare ya! Just remember, once you get spanked, you never go back!

To learn more about Ms. Melissa, please visit her website!

And remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy! 

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

ARC Review: Heart of Darkness by Lauren Dane

Heart of Darkness
A Bound by Magick Novel
Book One

Meriel Owen, next in line to control the largest organization of witches in the country, is asked to investigate the owner of a notorious club reportedly siphoning magic from the font of the Clan. It’s a direct violation of the Clan Code of Conduct, but one look at Dominic Bright and Meriel’s willing to make a deal. One taste of the sexually feral outlaw witch, and she’s eager to go further: he’s her bond mate, a legal conduit into the world of Clan witches and their magic.

Playing by the rules isn’t Dominic’s style, but bonding with Meriel—night after explosive night—is. However, Meriel has unwittingly invited someone else into her world: Dominic’s mother, a dangerous and poisonously influential magic addict whose lust for death and power corrupts all she touches. Now her shadow is closing in on Meriel, her Clan, and the man Meriel loves, and it’s casting them all into the inescapable heart of darkness.

I obtained the above information from Ms. Dane's website.

I am not new to Ms. Dane's work, that I can say. However, what I can't say enough of is how much of a wonderful story teller Ms. Dane is. She is an Ace above the rest and this new series will show you just that.  She will cast a spell on you that will make you fall in love with the story she has crafted for you. You will become completely mesmerized by this tale of the world of the witches she has brewed up. This is not your Mama's story of witches... In fact, Ms Lauren makes those stories look like dust in the wind.

This is a fabulous start to a brand new series and I am fortunate that I got an early peek in that world and believe me..... Now I am going to try to cast my own spell to have the next book in my hands~  right now. It is just that good. I am looking in my scurry bowl.... I will have it one day................... 

Let me give you a peek into the world of The Owen Clan... This is a powerful group of witches. But they are not your normal soft, sweet cuddly little witches that only come out for Halloween. Nope, not these women! These women kick some serious ass with just one flick of their finger. I tap on computer keys with my fingertips in hopes of bringing to life what their story did to me, and with one of their fingers they could bring down a few buildings or maybe a city or two if they truly wanted. These women are not just women, they are woven into each other and their mother Earth and they are not a group you want to piss off. 
Meriel Owen is the daughter to the most powerful witch around the world.... Edwina Owen. Also, better known as The Owen Clan.

Meriel has the weight of the world on her shoulders or should I say she has big shoes to fill. She has been raised all her life to take over the reigns of The Owen Clan when her mother is ready to pass it down to her. Meriel is a phenomenal witch, but what caught my heart is how devoted she is to her clan. It goes beyond that though, because Meriel not only wants to protect the witches within her clan, but she wants to protect, educate and join forces with those that are not in a clan. So, she doesn't just look out for her own.... But for others as well. And let me tell you one thing about Meriel.... You do not want to piss her off or mess with any of her witches. Because when you do.... Ohhhh wow, the fury she would bring down on you - you would not survive. She is a strong woman, independent to the core with her life in front of her... Until one night.... in the Heart of Darkness.... Her life will change... Will it be for the better... or for the worst... Only way to find out... Because that faithful night is when she meets the man that will forever be branded in her heart...... 

Dominic.... Is a man that not many people have the pleasure of getting to know. He tends to keep to himself, but being the owner of Heart of Darkness kinda puts him out there for all to see. And believe me, I WOULD LOVE TO SEE HIM! He takes pride in what he offers to his clientele. Not only a place to let loose for the evening but also allowing a sense of privacy to those that enter the doors... However, it takes a lot of magick to keep certain doors hidden from the eyes of the humans because his club not only caters to the human world... but also to the Other world. He uses his own magick and some stolen magick to keep that part of the club hidden. Because even though most of the paranormal creatures have come out in the world... some witches are still kind of hiding out... But when a certain clan gets wind of Dominic stealing their magick.... Well, let's just say there is always a price to pay for what you steal and the price Dominic will pay... may cost him more than he bargained for ....

These two people will give you an awesome story; because alone, they are great... but together, they are explosive. To watch what they can do - alone and together... is just spell bonding! But then you factor in their friends and family and this is one kick ass story.

Ms Dane created characters that you will find yourself cheering along, characters that will break your heart and mend it back up with a quick little spell. You will find characters that will make you fall in love and dream of that kind of bond. Characters that you will want to bitch slap into tomorrow. Characters that will simply bring you the best damn story ever!!! Ms. Dane created a story that simply rocked my world. Witches, spells, werewolves, greed, power, and passion are brewing up a storm in this book... and just wait till some of those combine together.... WOW....

Ms Lauren, I commend you on a job very well done. You have pushed all the buttons of a romantic reader, you have triggers all the desires for the paranormal creatures and you have delivered one hellva story! One I cannot wait to watch grown into more stories to come! Believe me, this is a story that you will want to read and maybe even re-rad. It is just that good.... Scratch that... It is just that freaking good! This story will enchant you all the way to the last page....

And just in case you are wondering.... This is book two... 
***did you hear my spell working to get book here now... in my hands...***

Bound By Magick, Book 2
Berkley Sensation (June 2012)

To find out more about Ms. Lauren Dane, please visit her website!

And remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy! 
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Monday, October 24, 2011

Review: The Sweetest Kiss Editor DL King for Eden Fantasy

The Sweetest Kiss
Ravishing Vampire Erotica

Immortal, eternally beautiful, strong, and sexy, vampires take what they need, stealing the life force from those unlucky (or lucky) enough to cross their paths. Edited by noted erotica writer D.L. King, The Sweetest Kiss takes readers into shadowy alleys and dark bedrooms to experience the frisson of terror and delight that only a vampire can inspire. Satisfying their lust in contemporary and period settings, the seductive creatures of The Sweetest Kiss join a growing cast of characters that mesmerize us in every medium, from books and graphic novels to movies and television shows. These blood-drenched tales give us new meaning to the term "dead sexy" and feature beautiful bloodsuckers whose desires go far beyond blood.

I obtained the above information from Eden Fantasy website.

For those of you that know me... and those that don't this is my little statement about short books.... I do not    judge short stories on the rush of their relationships, because they are just that - short stories. So, yes the relationships always could have been drawn out more, yea it seems like they fall in love to fast and of course the story could have been made longer... but it is a short story. So with that said.... here is my review...

The Sweetest Kiss is a collection of erotic books... All about my one of my favorite paranormal creatures... Vampires! There are nineteen stories in this collection. Authors from every degree of writing. This collection was very well put together. Some stories I fell in love, some stories left me giggling... And some stories were on the dark side. But... hey we are talking about Vampires here... So what part of dark do you not expect when you read about them. There was nothing left unturned by these stories... Not even the humans who wanted to play in the immortal land of the night walkers... So why don't you take a walk on the dark side and pick up a copy... You never know what might bite your interest! 

In these stories, there is lust, there is love... There is pain... but there is pleasure. Ohhh so much pleasure... When we talk about the creatures of the night, I can promise you... there will always be pleasure... I cannot promise you how it will end for everyone... but for those that understand the creatures that fascinate us, know what they are in for! Each author offers their own personality of writing and characters to each story and the collection of them all together.... left me feeling bitten! =)

I actually will be looking up some of these authors to see what else they have that might wet my appetite. A great collection of stories - especially if you love the things that go bump in the night...

Now, don't forget... Eden Fantasy's also has a bunch of adult toys for your pleasuring days =)!!!
Simply enjoy!

And remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy! 
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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Winner for Mindi Winters!!!

I want to thank everyone for coming out to play with Ms. Mindi!!!
And of course Jean Paul made it out of the Lair to announce the winner.....


You gotta love a man who loves being tied up!

Okay... The winner for....


Congrats honey and I know you will love the book!!!!!!!!
I will be emailing you soon... If you see this before you you see my email...
Just email me hon!!!

Thanks to everyone!!
I am glad that you all come over!!!!

And remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy! 
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Friday, October 21, 2011

Review**New Cover*** Undercover Fantasy: Book 2 Melody S. Monroe

Undercover Fantasy
Fantasy Book 2

Tiffany North, a hot but jaded vice cop, is assigned to entrap three hunky men at a fantasy resort suspected of prostitution. She’ll do anything to solve her case, including posing naked. She’s shocked when her decision making process is shot to hell by the very men targeted in her sting operation.
Trent Lawson, a disenchanted lawyer who’s been to hell and back, is one of the suspects. He can’t afford to break the resort rules of no sex with the tempting new client. His brother, Dominic, knows how to get women to do his bidding, but he too won’t risk losing the cushy job.
Tempted beyond limits, the brothers recruit their cop cousin, Brandon, to take the little vixen out of her comfort zone. Can the three men discover her hidden agenda before she’s able to lure them all to the dark side? 

I obtained the above information at Ms. Melody's website.

For those of you that know me... and those that don't this is my little statement about short books.... I do not    judge short stories on the rush of their relationships, because they are just that - short stories. So, yes the relationships always could have been drawn out more, yea it seems like they fall in love to fast and of course the story could have been made longer... but it is a short story. So with that said.... here is my review...

I recently read Three Hired Lovers by Ms Melody Monroe and enjoyed it... This is her newest one... Undercover Fantasy and it was very enjoyable. Ms. Melody is leaving me thinking about how she is going to tie another story with three men and one woman... All I have to say is that I quite surprised at how she did... From all angles*** evil laughter*** she did it just right. And there will be more to come from Ms. Melody with her Menage series!

When you think of what the story's main agenda is ~ three men and one woman (((oh yes, it is all about her))) you tend to think that there are only a few ways this can be done without being repetitive. But I commend Ms Melody on her way of keeping the story fresh, alive, and hot.

When you think of fantasies.... What do you think of? I'm not talking about the one where a hot, preferable naked one, does your housework ((although that is a very naughty fantasy, I have to admit))... I mean sexually... Now of course, I am not going to come out and ask exactly what your fantasies are, but just think on them for a little while.

This is not just a story of sexual delights, fantasies fulfilled and hot sex.... No, Ms. Monroe puts more story behind it than that. She gives us touching moments, gut wrenching decisions, broken hearts and a little bit of finding happiness.

Tiffany is a vise cop who enjoys her job. She gets to beat the crap out of the bad guys and lock them away. But when a case does not sit well with her boss, he wants her to go undercover. No problem for Tiffany, she has been undercover in some of the worst situations.... Going undercover to a Fantasy Resort is kinda  a break for Tiffany...

Trent and Dominic are two men who have goals for themselves... And working at the Fantasy Resort is just a way to earn enough money to do what they want to do.... One goes back into law, the other opens his own photo studio. But when one woman's accusation comes down on their head.... They may lose more than their jobs... Until one woman walks into their doors and changes things for both of them... She changes it so much, they have to call their cousin, Brandon, to come in and "handle" the situation. 

Now, when you read this story, please keep in mind it is a short story. The reason I am reminding you of this is because of the relationships. I don't want you to judge the book when the relationships just kinda fall together. Okay, so now that I got that warning out the way... This is a great book. Like I said earlier.... Ms. Melody did a great job at giving up an over around story. This is just not a story of four people having orgies after orgies.

I was quite surprised at how Ms. Melody put the events of this book together. I was rather shocked over a couple of facts that came to light... But what made me happy was the outcome of those fact. Tiffany handled herself very well and her heart even better. I hope you enjoy Undercover-ing... Tiffany's Fantasy!

To see more about Ms. Melody... please visit her website!

And remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy! 
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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Winner is........ for Spell Bound

I am so sorry that I am late with this news....

The winner for Ms. Stephanie Julian - Spell Bound book is............

**********  Alicia0605  **********

Congrats Alicia!! I know you will enjoy!
I will be emailing your shortly.... or if you see this before I send the email, just shoot me on!!!

Thanks to everyone for coming out and supporting the authors and peeking over to my place!!!
Stay tune for more things to come!

And remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy! 
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mindi Winters Graces the Lair with Interview & Giveaway

Hello ladies and gents of the Lair!
The lair seems to be entertaining all kind of guest lately....
But I think you all know how I love having guest over to play with...

*****looks at our new guest and sees surprise in her eyes*****

Oh don't worry Mindi... I don't bite.... Unless you ask!!
Today peeps, I want you to put together a warm welcome to a new to me author... Please welcome...

Ms. Mindi Winters

Thank you for coming over to the lair Ms. Winters....

How are you today??
Doing ok, but I’ll be better after you bite me…you offered  **wicked grin**
**Cecile looks around....**
**Eyes Mindi up and down... **
**Ummmm... **
**Well, if you insist... We can talk about biting after we clear the room of visitors...**

Allow Jean Claude to get a you **looks up and down at Jean Claude... Damn the man makes me...** a beverage.... What would like you like to drink?
Anything with some vodka in it.  It makes the night a bit more fun

Why don't you tell us a little about yourself.... Something that we cannot Google about you, lol!
I have three beautiful daughters (that I keep a close watch on).  Not a single one of them consider me normal, but all in all they’re pretty well behaved.  It’s all planned.  If I was a normal parent they’d try  to walk all over me, so a little abnormal keeps em guessing at what I’ll do next so I stay in charge.

Since you are a new to me author, I am hoping to bring you to the light of others! So share away!
Well I’ve been writing for years, but it was all non-fiction, rather boring stuff and I kept having this idea to write fiction ‘someday’.  Well when my previous career ended rather suddenly I found some new passions to keep me going.
I discovered I was a really good cook and I fell into an opportunity to provide food on film sets, which I still do periodically.  The biggest movie I worked on was the just released Real Steel.  Unfortunately, I was considered secondary crew so I’m uncredited, but it was loads of fun.  Hugh Jackman (amazingly good looking in person) gave out lottery tickets most Fridays and I ended up with a small winner one week (it was touched by Hugh, I’m never giving it up or cashing it in).
After a while I thought back to my fiction ideas that were languishing in a notebook and I decided that ‘someday’ might as well be ‘today’ so I just started writing

If you had to tell people what your writing style is like... What would say?
I’m really a happy and optimistic person so I thing that shows in my writing.  But I do have a darker, edgier side (ask my bewildered children).  So I want my books to be upbeat with a bit of danger, but never progress to anything that’s extremely violent.

Now the two books I just read and reviewed were great stories by the way, why don't you tell us where the idea came from?
Wow, so many places.  I’m always jotting down ideas from everything I encounter in life.  I knew for TAKEN that I wanted a broken love that needed mending.  For TASTE I wanted the heroine to be some type of cook like I am in my other career and I wanted it to be a ghost story.  From that I just started pulling ideas together until I plotted it.
Even last week I had ideas for the other series books.  At first I was going to make them standalone titles within the same family, but then I had an idea to make them part of a larger story that I think will make the whole series better.

How much fun did you have writing those two stories??
It really was amazing.  To read through them the last time before publishing them was a great feeling.

So far, who is your favorite Stern family member?
I have to pick *ONE*.  That will be hard.  Don’t think I can answer until I’ve met them all myself.  Still have a few books to write.

In each book, what is your favorite part?
Excluding the **fun** parts my favorite in TAKEN  is when Austin is being led out of the warehouse and thinks he may have just been duped and set up to get killed.  (It’s that dark side of mine).

In TASTE it has to be Lucas moment of preparing to meet the parents.  It’s just so true to life that sometimes no matter how self-assured you are.  When it comes time to meet his/her parents you may just end up a bit of a lovesick fool.

How many books are you shooting for in this series?
There will be five total.  Book three will feature Anthony and (NOT TELLING), and that book will start during Lucas and Casey’s wedding.  Book four will feature the Stern daughter and Book Five the oldest Stern son.

Are you going to give each Stern family member their own story?
Yes, they’re all getting their own story.

Because let's be serious... You are going to give me more!!!!
***wicked laughter is heard throughout the lair***

What was your favorite scene to write?
LOL, the sex scenes ;)
And what would be your favorite scene to be stuck in.....
**I get hot just thinking about where I want to get stuck, hahaha**

In TASTE that scene in the park (and no, not the one by the fair booth)

Which was the easiest character to write and the hardest ~ and why??
**Oh, I know who was hard. hahahahahah**
Or has that person yet to come?
Yet to come.  I think it will be the daughter.  In my current outline she is living in the Southwest and estranged from her family.  She’s also the only Stern that didn’t officially become a hunter (can’t say why, hehe).  I want people by the end of her book to feel that she’s the deepest Stern I’ve written so far and arguably the strongest.

What are you currently working on?
I’m juggling a couple projects.  Book Three and Four are being outlined and written pretty much at the same time.  So….while it’ll be a bit of time before the next book comes out, I’ll have two ready within a few weeks of each other.

Plus because my daughters keep asking if they can read what I’m writing (they can’t), I feel compelled to write something teen friendly (the oldest are 13 & 11).  Until they started trying to hack my computer (saved by file encryption) and read my stuff w/o permission it wasn’t a priority, but now I feel a bit more urgency.  I can't blame them, they're just wonder exactly **what am I doing** when I spend so much time writing.

Do you have anything due to release soon?
***Cough, cough.... my next book if you know what is good for you... Cough, cough***
Book three should be ready for Christmas and Book four a couple weeks later.

What's one thing that you enjoy about writing?
I finally feel a bit like an artist.  It’s so much fun to be creative.

If there is one last thing you want to leave us as an author... What would that be?
I just always appreciate someone thinking enough of my work to give me their precious time to read it.

Okay.... personal time!!!! Oh yeah, I go there... Hahah...
If you thought you were safe... Nah... Forgot it... Not a chance! We will start off slow and easy, I promise!

What is on your night stand/dresser?
Just my clock, but the back of the top drawer does hide a small leather whip and some fun lotions

What are you puts you in the mood?
A couples shower and back rub.

Do you prefer nice/sweet/slow.... or naught/hot/hard stories... What were you thinking!?
Both but I read naughty 5-1

What is your favorite season? Holiday?
Absolutely Spring when I get to go outside and cycle, hike after a long winter.  But Christmas is hands down my favorite holiday.

And what has been your best b-day present ever??
It’s the unexpected, thoughtful things my daughters do for me and not any one gift.
Hard and Quick Time! Don't think... Just answer! Okay, before we go this route, I will get us a refill on our drinks... I will be right back...
**Jean Claude enters the room.. "I am just in time for Quickie Time..."**
You know you do... Quickie time... Think fast....
Are you a quickie kind girl?  YES!
Dark or Milk Chocolate?  Dark
Whipped or Melted?  Whipped
Straight up or with a twist - sex?  With a twist, but I’ll take either
What's ur fave drink - in a glass or on him?   Long Island Iced Tea
Spank or Flogger?   Spank
Junk or Health Food?   Usually Healthy, but I’m having an affair with chocolate.  I just can’t break up.
Ties or Chains?   Ties
Leather or Lace?   Lace
Soft or Hard... Bed, where was your mind?   Hard
Control or Be Controlled?   Control
Hot Wax or Whip Cream?   Wax

**Giveaway Time**
Ms. Mindi is so generous to allow me to giveaway one e-copy of  TASTE OF LOVE 
To enter just leave a comment with your email
ends Friday Oct 21st
winner announced Saturday 22nd

Mindi, thank you for coming over to the Lair and playing with us!!!!

And remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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Monday, October 17, 2011

Twofer Review: Taste of Love Bk 2/Taken by Love Bk1 by Mindi Winters

TASTE OF LOVE – Hunters Book Two
Her love life in tatters and on the edge of losing both her home and her business, Casey Miller decides it isn’t such a bad idea to forget her troubles for a moment in the arms of a handsome and dangerous stranger.
Lucas Stern isn’t shy about what he wants with women, so when the sexy Casey crosses his path he isn’t going to turn down hot sex in the very public museum they find each other in.
But things make an unexpected turn when Casey discovers that Lucas is the man she wants to hire to handle a delicate problem she has at home. When things continue heating up between the two, they’re left to wonder if it’s just a fling or have they both experienced a taste of true love.
TASTE OF LOVE is approximately 31,500 words long.
Heat Level: Moderate erotic with lots of emotion
SHOT OF LOVE – Hunters Book Three (Available Christmas 2011)
I obtained the above information from Ms. Winter's website.

For those of you that know me... and those that don't this is my little statement about short books.... I do not    judge short stories on the rush of their relationships, because they are just that - short stories. So, yes the relationships always could have been drawn out more, yea it seems like they fall in love to fast and of course the story could have been made longer... but it is a short story. So with that said.... here is my review...

I was given this book for my honest thoughts... So, let's see what those are!

As you can see by the word count that this is not a long book... You know my warning... And since I read this book in one night, my review will not give away much other than that fact that you need to go get this book now and read it!

Ms. Winters is a new author to me and to my delight, she is such a treat! Her writing captured me for the ride. Her style of story telling done so well, you believe in the characters and they pull at your heart strings. Each character ~ even the ghosts ~ have their own personality, their own stories, their own personal demons. Each character drew out a certain emotion within me, touched me in some way, shape or form. And the whole story with characters combined just left me wanting more of the Stern boys (and sister... hint).

Casey is the type of friend I could see having. She made me want to have her back no matter the situation. She reminds me a friend that no matter what happens, poor thing always feels like, "what more can go wrong," lol. I love her personality. She is a woman just trying to live her life... Without getting her heart broken or worst... killed.

Lucas, well.... He will make you want to have wild kinky sex! Seriously, lol... He is a man I want on my side when things go wrong. He has this thing about him.... That just makes him special... To see how special, you will have to read!!!! Oh and to find out about the hot sex... Yep, you will have to read for that too! I make you want to read that much  more! I know ~ I am an evil reviewer!!! Hahahahahahahaahah!

This story was light, while skirting on the edge of darkness... It is passionate, while giving me enough hot details to make my night that much more hotter.... And this story has just enough suspense, action and family drama that really made me wish it truly was a longer story.

Ms. Winters watch out..... I will be stalking you to see when you come out with more stories! Now if you all will excuse me... I am going get the first book... OH WHAT.... OH WAIT.... did I not tell you that... hahahaha... As OCD as I am... I actually read this out of order and was perfectly okay with. That is another talent Ms. Winters has.... Reading out of order did not throw me for a loop or make me feel left out. Now you know that is a great writer when an OCD person can read out of order! Great job Ms. Winters! Nooowwww... I am going get book one! =)


The review for Book on.....
With TAKEN BY LOVE, author Mindi Winters introduces you to the suspense and fun of an emotion filled, paranormal romance series about the Stern family.  Because when a supernatural hunter in the Stern family falls…They fall hard.  Forever
TAKEN BY LOVE – Hunters Book One
Strong willed, reckless, and longing for vengeance, Rebecca Carter heads into the fight alone…
Filled with regret at his failure, Austin Stern vows that this time his nemesis is going to die…
Five years after saying goodbye, Rebecca and Austin reluctantly decide to work together to finish the monster that broke them apart.  But evil has its own plans, and as things fall apart Rebecca and Austin will find their lives in each other’s hands, both struggling to survive being taken by the beast.
TAKEN BY LOVE is approximately 14,000 words long.
Heat Level:  Light erotic with lots of emotion

I obtained the above information from Ms. Winter's website.

For those of you that know me... and those that don't this is my little statement about short books.... I do not    judge short stories on the rush of their relationships, because they are just that - short stories. So, yes the relationships always could have been drawn out more, yea it seems like they fall in love to fast and of course the story could have been made longer... but it is a short story. So with that said.... here is my review...

I was given this book for my honest thoughts... So, let's see what those are!

As you can see by the word count that this is not a long book... You know my warning... And since I read this book in one night, my review will not give away much other than that fact that you need to go get this book now and read it!

As I recently stated, Ms. Winters is a new author to me and to my delight, she is such a treat! She continues to capture me for the ride. You will believe in the characters and they will pull at your heart strings. Each character ~ even the paranormal ones ~ have their own personality, their own stories, their own personal e demons. Each character will draw out a certain emotion in you. They will touch you in some way, shape or form. And this one is just the start!!!!

This is an extremely short story coming in under 40 pages. But let me tell you.... There was never a dull moment. Ms winters did a great job at starting a new series and making it into one hell'va adventure. If you caught up with me the day, you would have noticed that I read book two of this delightful growing series ~ and I read it out of order and was perfectly okay with it!  Ms Mindi has got me enthralled with this series.  It is action packed, kick-ass now --ask a few question later, suspenseful, and relationship tension is always simmering. Which is always a great thing!

This couple really brought their A-game on where this story is concerned. Having dealt with each other in the past definitely brought back some old hurt and buried feelings. But my question is… does love really get a second chance? Or is what really happened in the past stays in the past? Can a scorned heart learn to forgive and forget and truly love again?

Well, once you pick up taken by love and read it, you will see that this a series you will want to follow... no matter the cost.

To learn more about Ms. Winters, please visit her website here!!!!

And remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy! 
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Friday, October 14, 2011

Giveaway & Guest Post w/ Stephanie Julian

Ladies and Gent of the Lair.... Please lift your spirits to give a warm welcome to one of my favorite authors.... ((Make sure you stay tune at the bottom for the giveaway))

Ms. Stephanie Julian

Do you believe in magic?
I do. I believe there are people who can tap into powers far greater than what we understand or realize are out there.
There’s an allure about magic that has made people fear and crave it for thousands of years. And if time travel were possible (the jury’s still out on that one), people who traveled forward in time from only three hundred years ago would think electricity was magic.
In Italian folklore, witches are called streghe. Throughout history, they’ve been regarded with equal amounts of fear and respect. Streghe were considered the wise women of the village. They dispensed healing potions and spells and generally took care of the villagers.
I became fascinated with the concept when I started researching magic several years ago to start this story.
I knew I wanted to write a story about witches and the legends of the streghe and Italian folk magic fit my needs perfectly. Besides, my dad’s family is Italian and I wanted to tap into that heritage.
I also knew I wanted the story to be contemporary (really not a historical writer) but where’s the conflict? They no longer burn witches at the stake, which is a good thing. Then I got this dead about a curse. Cursed witches. I could work with that.
I love research and got to indulge myself in so many books about the craft and spells and herbs and crystals and I took all of what I learned and wove it into SPELL BOUND.

She’s running from fate…
Shea Tedaldi is the only thing standing between her six-year-old brother and the men who killed their parents. Descendants of the ancient Etruscan magical race, Shea and her brother keep powerful secrets that make them the targets of the evil Malandante. They’ve been looking for a safe haven but the bad guys are gaining on them and Shea needs a hero, a guardian who won’t falter in the face of danger…
He’s looking for the key to break the spell…
Gabriel Borelli is a warrior born to protect the Etruscan witches living under a curse. He’s dedicated to breaking the spell and avenging the murder of his father by the Malandante. He won’t let anything—or anyone—get in his way. Not even the one woman who may hold the key to his quest…and his heart.

“Hey, Leo. You want to help me with a spell?”
Pulling out of her arms, he looked up at her, eyes bright as he nodded.
She smiled, trying to look excited. And confident. Yeah, right. “Alright, bud. You sit here for a sec.” She pointed to the space in front of the altar then grabbed her backpack from beside the bed and pulled out their mom’s grimoire.
She paged past spells to cure warts and heartburn, spells to induce comas and even one titled Love Potion. She’d had a few private laughs over that one.
But now… There it was, near the back. Concealment Spell.
Glancing through, it didn’t look that difficult, and she had all of the ingredients they needed on the altar. Of course, nothing ever looked difficult until you were ass-deep in frogs, as her dad used to say.
Oh, Daddy…
Shaking off those thoughts, she grabbed what she needed and sat in front of Leo, placing the abalone moon bowl between them.
“Okay, bud. Let’s do this.”
In the bottom of the bowl, she placed the bloodstone and sprinkled dried heliotrope over it.
With the grimoire on her lap, she held out her hands and waited for Leo to place his in hers. She’d been teaching Leo as much as she could about spell casting. Which wasn’t as much as it should have been.
She’d been a lousy student, which was why she hadn’t attempted this spell before. It took a lot of power and an equal amount of control. And she didn’t have much of either.
She closed her eyes, knowing Leo would follow her lead.
“Great Goddess Uni, Mother of all, protector of the Etruscans. We, your children, beseech Your aid.”
Their hands warmed as power built between them, causing goosebumps to coat her arms. Lowering their hands, she wrapped Leo’s around the edge of the bowl, then did the same with her own, funneling the power into the bowl and the bloodstone.
“Danger follows us. Evil tracks us. Bless us, Great Goddess, with a veil to hide us from those who seek us and mean us harm. We beg You to answer our plea.”
The bowl shook beneath their hands, rattling against the floor, making the moonstone dance like a Mexican jumping bean in the bottom.
Shit, that was so not good. They were drawing too much power. She wouldn’t be able to contain it for much longer.
Please, Goddess, just long enough to charge the stone.
“For your aid, we thank you, Uni, Lady of the Sky, the Earth and the Water.”
Okay, time to release the spell into the stone.
“Leo, let go of the bowl. Slowly, bud.”
He did it perfectly, sliding his palms then his fingertips from the lip of the bowl until he was no longer touching. As if he’d been casting for years. He probably had been. Her mom had started her training when she was four.
The bowl continued to rattle.
Shit. This is gonna hurt no matter what—
Sharp pain sliced into her temples right before the power blew her across the room. Pain shot up her spine as her back hit the wall, milliseconds before her head connected.
Yeah, that was going to leave a mark.

Okay for your favorite time.... 

**Giveaway Time**

Ms. Julia is so generous to allow me to giveaway one e-copy of Spell Bound!
If you were around... You know that I did a review of the book!
What am I requiring of you... Go to Ms. Julian's website and tell me your favorite series by her!!!
Leave your email - so that way we have a way of contacting you please!

The contest ends Wednesday, October 19th
The winner will be announced Thursday, October 20th!

Good luck!!!

To visit Ms. Stephanie, please go to her website... You may just leave very happy!

And remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy! 
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