Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Hello peeps of the Lair!!!
Today is One of my Favorite days...
Okay, yesterday was my MOST favorite day... But you will see why...

I know that you know that you know me very well...


How much I love Halloween...

So, it would not be right to Not Say....

 And of course be very sexy about it.....

So with that said... Please have...
A Very Happy Halloween....

And of course from my Favorite Character.....

Oh and yesterday was my Birthday...

So, To me.....

Happy Birthday to Me!

Now if you don't mind.....
I am going enjoy my candy.....

He is waiting for me!!!
Happy Halloween!!!!
I prefer my treats to have tricks up their sleeves!!!

And remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy! 
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  1. ((Halloween & Birthday Hugs))

    Hey, Cecile! I hope you enjoyed your birthday. :)

  2. Hope you had a great birthday and Have a great Halloween.

  3. Hey Cecil, I hope you had a happy birthday! ;) You enjoy that *ahem* Candy now, dear. And happy Halloween!

  4. Happy Halloween!!!!

    And I know you had a fantastic Birthday..getting

  5. Happy Halloween Cecile!
    Happy Belated Birthday too, I hope you had an amazing day!!

  6. Happy Halloween and Belated Birthday :)

  7. Happy Birthday sweetie!!!!!! *hugs*
    And Happy Halloween

  8. Hey Ladies!! I am so glad that you came by!!! I promise soon... (I am working on it) to have a birthday post coming soon!!! Thanks for coming! Hugs to you! Just to you let you know ~ I had a blast for my birthday!!!

    Diana (Book of Secrets)~ Hey honey! Thanks for peeking on over! I hope you and the family had a great night!

    June M.~ Hey hon! Thanks for peeking in! Hope you had a trick of a night!

    harshadpassion~ Hey hon! Oh, I had an absolute blast for my birthday!! Thanks for peeking in!! Now if you don't mind, I will go back to my Treat!

    elaing8~ LMAO!!!!!!!!!! I loved it! But I did tell him we need to go back when it is warm! LOL!

    Blanche~ Hey there honey! Thanks for peeking in! I hope you and kiddies had a great night!!

    Ann Marie~ Hey hon! Thanks!

    Blodeuedd~ Hey honey!! I am so glad that you came peeking around! Hugs to you!!!!

  9. Happy belated birthday, Cecile! I'm surprised you came up for air. :wink:

    Hope it was a great day.

  10. Happy late birthday! *hugs*
    Happy Halloween too and I LOVE the pictures. Especially the last one *winks* tehehehe. Gotta have eye candy with all the candy we consume, eh?

  11. Hope you had an awesome birthday and a happy halloween!

  12. Maria Zannini~ Hey honey! Thanks for peeking in! Thanks for the wishes! Oh honey... he is giving me just enough air to come up!! HAHAHAHAH!!!

    Carole Rae~ Hey honey! Thanks for the wishes!! Oh you know we have to have some treats with our treats! Thanks for peeking in!!! Hugs to you!

    carolsnotebook~ Hey there hon! Thanks for the wishes!!! Glad you had time to come over!

  13. Happy super late birthday, girlfriend!

  14. Hey Sweets! Thanks honey!!!! IT was awesome!!!
    Hugs to you!


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