Monday, November 29, 2010

Cover Hussy Club Part #2

Please welcome to our Cover Hussy Club ~ Issue #2

If you are new here,
please let me introduce you....
I, Cecile Smutty Hussy, is
Madame President Hussy to you....

And Leontine, Leontine Book Realm, is
High Queen Hussy, to you....

And we bring you our legion of
Princess Hussies and their covers....

But before we show you the goodies....
We must announce the cover that won from Round #1......

The winner is.......
Hands down.. Or hands on (heheheh)

Covery Hussy Cammy (Envyious) with her cover:
Gena Showalter - Ecstasy In Darkness.
She got 32% of the total votes.

Our first up is.....

Princess Julie (Minx) choose... Hot For The Holidays by Lora Leigh, Angela Knight, Anya Bast and Allyson James and this is why...

I read it last year and LOVED the cover, I know just where I want to lick and just what I want to do with that candy cane! Eat it obviously! Santa has never looked so sexy!

**Comment from Cecile.... "Santa has never looked so sexy"... Hell, if Santa looks like this... I promise to be Naughty and/or Nice to just have him at my house!!! Like now!!!! Does he make house calls though... like now!!!**

Princess Nanny choose... Sweet Temptation by Penny Wilson and this is why...

Ok so why did I pick this cover? Well... hunky guy + cookies! And in my head he has nothing on under that apron. What's hotter than a guy who bakes? I don't know, I'm sure there are hotter things but a sexy guy with nothing but an apron on and cookies is somewhere on the list. I would like for hunky guy to feed me said cookies and then clean the crumbs off with his tongue. To
naughty... well I am a Hussy Club Princess.

Oh gosh... she is sooo right... Cookies and a COOKIE!!! Wow!

***Cecile ~ Oh damn she is right.... Cookies... and more Cookies!!!***

Princess Larissa has spoken.... and her choice is... Naughty or Nice by Melaine George.

She kept it short and sweet....

HHHhmmm if I had a santa like that, he would never leave my house after delivering the presents.... Yum!

***Cecile ~ Ohhhhh Damn how did he know what I wanted for Christmas!!!***

Princess Jessica went with... Yuletide Greetings by Byrnn Paulin!

Ho ho ho and a bottle of rum laced egg nog! No worries, I brought more than enough to get us all good and snockered. So, after searching high and low I have found my holiday cover. Makes me want a candy cane. *wiggles eyebrows*

**Cecile ~ Hot damn... Honey I want more than candy cane. Looks at picture again.. OH yeah.. definitely more than a candy cane!!!!**

Princess Cammy found another hot one... She chose... A Highlander's Christmas Anthology.

This was the first cover to come to me (couldn't find a higher quality photo I'm afraid :D) and so I'm entering this one! Yum! I wish my present came wrapped in a quilt (and looked just as delectable!) Now to unwrapping it... *G*

**Cecile ~ Oh damn, I was going to say if my presents came wrapped in a kilt, I would soooo be a good girl!!!! I mean we all know what is under the kilt.... nothing!!!!!**

Princess Gina Gordon's choice is....... The Naughty List by Kynna Waters

The cover for Ms. Waters, The Naughty List, made my search for a holiday cover quite simple. Look at those hands clenching the rock hard abs--could one of those hands be male?

We get a tiny climpse of the male's face--I think I can see a smirk. And don't we all wish that Santa looked that good underneath his red coat. Happy Holiday's everyone!!

**Cecile ~ Oh snap..... I sooo need my hands in this m/m picture... OH man oh man... It was fun to play with that Naughty list!!!**

And now...
I present my cover....
Madame President Hussy Cecile's cover choice and a way to bid you.....

Need I say more! He said it all...
Now we are going take care what is left of the *cough* bottoms...

Now... Let the voting begin!!!!

After this post, we will put this on hold for a while due to
some recent events.
Thank you for understanding.

And remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving To All.....

I know my Canadian Friends already celebrated...
And I am not sure about the rest of the world...
But still you are all in my thoughts...
As I wish you all,

From my family to yours...

And remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Winner of CSN Giveaway!!!!!!

I wanted Max (aka Java) to announce the winner.
Since he is with the law and we are very thankful for the law
(At least sometimes...not when we are being pulled over for a speeding ticket... no not me....)
But anyway.... Max wants to give announce the lucky winner of the $65 giftcard to CSN!

The winner is..............

Blogger Sherry said...
I'm thankful for my family and friends, my health and that I have a job when so many people don't. I love their bookcases and cookware.

I will be sending you an email shortly!
You have till Monday to get back in touch with me,
or will force me and Max to pick another winner!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone else!

Stay tune though.... We will have a Cover Hussy Post up for Friday!

And remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Release, Mini Review and A Surprise ~ A Lingerie Party!!

***Out Now***
Run, don't walk to get this...

Forever in Lingerie
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Price: $3.50
Publication Date: November 22, 2010
Format: Ebook
Cover art: Renee Rocco

How far would you go to hold on to forever?

Martina Jackson spent the last two years running from her past. Through the practice of Holistic Medicine she has meticulously transformed into a self-fulfilled woman, with one tiny exception…hot, steamy sex with no strings.

While she waits for the job offer of a lifetime, why not quench her sexual desires with an eager man willing to push her to the limit? What she doesn’t plan for is, the fling is exactly what she’s been running from.

Rob Taylor has been waiting his whole life to find the woman he can call forever. He didn’t expect to find her in his parents' living room wearing nothing but white lace and stockings. When he overhears her discussing her secret sexual fantasies, Rob decides to give her what she’s been missing.

As they play out each fantasy he connects with Martina on a deeper level, confirming what he knew the very first moment he heard her voice…that she is the one he’s been waiting for.

Content warning; explicit sex, ménage and the use of Holistic Medicine as foreplay.

I obtained the above information from Ms. Gina Gordon's website! You can also read an excerpt there as well... What I promised... My Mini Review: I do not judge short stories on the rush of their relationships, because they are just that - short stories. So, yes the relationships always could have been drawn out more, yea it seems like they fall in love to fast and of course the story could have been made longer... but it is a short story. So with that said.... here is my review... Okay, coming in under 65 pages I can not tell you too much without giving away what you have already read in the blurb and the excerpt... You know you went check it out at her place, lol. But anyway... Let's skip the "it's short." Yeah, I know, but it lacks absolutely nothing. When I say nothing I mean nothing. Ever dreamed about a man that would give you everything you ever wanted? Ever dream of a man who just knew what you wanted, when you wanted it ~ when it came to sex? Without having to draw him a diagram of how to get there? Without having to be embarrassed about knowing how to please yourself because you know exactly what you want and the thought of that might scare him a bit. Some men are put off a little because a woman knows exactly what and where she wants it... Well... Rob is every woman's dream! And this is an awesome story. Now the way Rob, our hero of the story, finds out exactly what Martina wanted, is not quite right, but hey... he got it right?!? It was not like he meant to overhear the conversation being held between friends... who had a little indulgence with their alcohol friend! Martina is friends with Rob's sister and they are having a girl's night in! Martina is afraid of making a serious commitment. She is scared that one day they will leave her. Working in the holistic medicine has taught her a lesson or two. But watching the death of a love one would always make you second guess a serious relationship. Martina is no different... So, exposing what she really wants is not a problem for her... Hot sex, maybe another partner in the mix... and no strings attached! Would you turn away a man that offered you no strings attached if that is what you secretly asked for?? But oh man, he will rock Martina's world. But is Martina ready for him? What happens when no strings attached... comes with a tag of forever at the end? What happens when things you have been running from are screaming at you to realize what is standing right in front of you? And another thing I think you will want to know... What piece of lingerie lures Rob.... And Martin to a night that leads to Forever in Lingerie!
Now for the surprise part...

Ms. Gina Gordon is here!!!

So let's give Ms. Gina a true Hussy Welcome!

You know we love having you here at the Lair!! So welcome!! Ooohhhh I love your new lingerie! That piece is absolutely wicked!! You better watch that around here... One of the tribal men might just kidnap you and have their wicked ways with you!!!

**Watching Gina eye a few of the men... and licking her lips**

What's his name? **She points her finger at the one with the most tattoos**

**Uhhuuu... Helloo.... Trying to bring the attention back to the matter at hand**

Okay, maybe wrong word choice, lmbo!!!
So Gina, tell us how have you been doing?

You know we love having you here at the Lair!! So welcome!! Ooohhhh I love your new lingerie! That piece is absolutely wicked!! You better watch that around here... One of the tribal men might just kidnap you and have their wicked ways with you!!!

**Watching Gina eye a few of the men... and licking her lips**

What's his name? **She points her finger at the one with the most tattoos**

****Uhhuuu... Helloo.... Trying to bring the attention back to the matter at hand**

Okay, maybe wrong word choice, lmbo!!!

So Gina, tell us how have you been doing?
I'm great! I am taking it easy right now trying to rest up for 2011. It is going to be a very busy and exciting year. I will be taking on the role of Vice President of the RWA's erotic romance chapter, Passionate Ink. I'm nervous and scared and excited all at the same time. I also have two confirmed releases, The Only Exception out January 2011 and Temptation In Lingerie out April 2011!!

Wow, VP of the RWA's erotic romance chapter. That is impressive. What have you been up to lately... besides modeling lingerie for your next book?

LOL..not exactly a model here. Right now my main focus is coordinating Passionate Ink's 2011 Passionate Plume contest for erotic romance books published in 2010. I am recruiting judges! So all of you readers and writers out there willing to me at I have also been busy completing story 3 of the Bare Naked Designs series. Oh yay! More Bare Naked Designs!!! Come'on, please tell us... Please.... **batting eyelashes**

Bound In Lingerie is story 3 and it's Amie and Milton's story. Amie is the free spirited wild child of the group and Milton is a straight-laced business man but their being complete opposites don't stop them from taking a wild sexual adventure.
Oh damn... Alright... Okay, spill it... What do you have hiding under that pretty... *cough* lingerie of yours... Work wise silly....

Well.....without giving away all of my secrets....I might have a new idea brewing that involves buff, tattooed male chefs and the women who fall in love with them. But the idea is still brewing... Did you really think that I was going to keep up the small talk while we sit around in our lingerie! I guess not! Spill it sistah... Why lingerie?
It's just sexy and feminine. And it really goes a long way in making me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. Sometimes we need to feel that, right ladies?
You are so right! I love my lingerie!! Now why do you center the story (not mainly....) around one piece of lingerie?

I actually started writing story two first...I had this image in my head of Carrie in black lingerie looking at herself in a mirror. When I realized I had to tell Martina and Rob's story first, I immediately pictured her in white lace. The rest just fell into place.
Oh black... I love black. Oh hell, okay I love any color... Well almost any. I mean it as long as you feel sexy and wanton in what you wear, then I say rock it out! Isn't that what it's for... to make us feel super sexy!!

Now, can you tell us what kind of lingerie do you like?? You thought I was not going to get personal, hehehehe?!?!

Anything black!! But I did just buy a corset with cupcakes on it!! But it's more playful than sexy.
What... a cupcake corset! I want one **pouts**! Damnit Gina, you get to have all the fun! Okay... Okay... Why don't you tell us all your little dirty secrets... About your work... hehehe...

My dirty secrets, huh? I am an open book lol. What if said that Bare Naked Designs story 3 may or may not contain a baby and a wedding!! That's a secret.
Open book she says... Hummmmmm.... Guess we will have to explore that farther later... That leaves us for another interview **giggles**

But Gina, seriously, I want to thank you for coming over to the Lair today honey!!! You know we love having you over!

Thank you Queen Smutty Hussy and Assitant Elaine!!

Oh, I can't wait to see what will be going on for you in the new year... ((I guess Gina is going to make us wait... Okay, I am not one for waiting... Maybe I can tempt her later with one of the tribal men!))

Thank you Queen Smutty Hussy and Assitant Elaine!!

**Cecile looks around for Gina... Damn woman... I leave her alone for one minute.....**

And remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Review: Lipstick On His Collar by Inez Kelley

“Lipstick on His Collar” by Inez Kelley

Read An Excerpt Online
Genre: ,

ISBN: 978-1-60928-250-9
Length: Novella
Price: 3.50
Publication Date: November 23, 2010
Cover art by Angie Waters

He never thought his next wildfire would be wearing a red dress.

Make me your goddess and I’ll take you to heaven.

This sultry promise sparks a scorching, unforgettable one-night stand. The next morning Bram Winters awakes with a hickey and a head full of wicked memories—alone. His nameless goddess is gone without a trace, along with his shirt. And his heart.

Five months later, he stumbles across his mystery lady in a Laundromat, but she still won’t give up her name. Worse, she begs him to leave, no questions asked. Once he catches the spark of terror in her eyes, though, his firefighter training takes over—and he digs in for the duration.

Lady never wanted Bram to see her life’s ugly underside, but it’s too late—his socks are already in the washer. He was supposed to be her declaration of independence from her unstable ex, a bittersweet memory to carry into her new life.

Except the ex continues to stalks her. And Bram’s reappearance sends her emotions and desires tumbling over the edge. As the minutes wear on, sexual tension rises faster than the steam from a hot water wash.

And Lady’s ex watches from the shadows, growing more furious by the minute…

Warning: Scorching sex, icy scissor play and an anonymous woman taking a wet slide down one hot ex-fireman’s pole. Beware of hot flashes and spontaneous combustion. Correct change not required.

I obtained the above information from Samhain Publishing.

I do not judge short stories on the rush of their relationships, because they are just that - short stories. So, yes the relationships always could have been drawn out more, yea it seems like they fall in love to fast and of course the story could have been made longer... but it is a short story. So with that said.... here is my review...

This is a hot, sweet romance. Bram and "Lady" (as we come to know her) share some serious wicked smexing. First, let me just tell you that Bram is definitely a walking, talking... Sex on a Stick kinda man. Oh yeah... he is what fantasies are made of. And "Lady," she will make you cheer for her to finally have her prince! Ms. Kelley did a fantastic job with her writing! Her story is written so well that I actually could taste the cotton candy, feel the sticky heat and smell the lust in each character.

One hot summer night Bram's world gets turned upside down, inside out and all the way around. What was supposed to be one night of hot love, no questions asked, no name giving. Just moans, grunts and pleasures were to be found.... not anything more. So what happened when Bram woke up the next morning?

I will quote the book with this very intriguing passage:

Lady speaking to Bram, they were making a deal... She says.... "Anything you want. Just give me the night. Treat me like your queen and I'll be your everything." Then he started naming women... who turned out to be goddesses instead of queens, so she went with the flow of things... "Then make me your goddess and I'll take you to heaven."

I must remember these pick up lines. How awesome are they? Lady just wanted to lose herself for the night. Looking for the man that could take her to places she only dreamed of. At the local county fair surrounded by strangers, she knew she would find what she was looking for... or at least hoping she would find him... That is until she spotted talk, dark and absolutely handsome and everything went out the window...

The one night of explosive love making left an imprint on more than the mattress and more lipstick stains than one could wash away. Ms. Kelley kept me in full suspense as to what would happen next. And as far as short stories go, this is awesome! Ms. Kelley threw in the mix a real asshole for good measure. But he added the drama to the story. And believe me, what Bram did to him was considered nice by my standards. (Am I making you want to read it yet... **snickers**) If not, I will leave you with this....

One night of hot, lustful, sinful delight...
Two hearts in need of something they just don't know what...
Two minds that connect on the same level, on all levels...
But what happens when the night is over and the bed is cold...
What happens when fate steps in and graces you with a second chance...
Do you take it and run...
Or do you run in fear of what could never be...
Or do you find out what could be....
You may also want to find out how the Lipstick got on his collar....

Please feel free to visit Ms. Kelley's website -->> HERE... you may find some things you enjoy more than the Lipstick On His Collar!

And remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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Friday, November 19, 2010

I now present......Some of My Birthday Party Pics!

October 29th - October 31st
New Orleans, LA

Cecile Smutty Hussy's 35th Birthday!!!

My weekend started with a surprise from my hubs...
Quality time ~ Just him and me...
Then... Friday afternoon, me and my crew headed to the big town of
New Orleans for the weekend!

My friend Mindy got me a dozen of these beautiful roses to decorate our room with.
And my sister in law, Sharon, got me the cookie cake!
Just in case we wanted something to snack on!

The birthday girl with her flowers!!!!

The walk...
We walked the Quarters!!!
The street cars are awesome!

The birthday girl at lunch!!
We even found a bead (no I did not show anything) that had cake with Happy Birthday on it!

Please to present...
The Birthday Girl as....
Show Girl Hussy!

And now with the mask....
Which did not make it the whole night...
hee hee!!

Birthday Girl getting her drink on!!!
((Notice where the mask is, lmbo))

****My Girls****
Sharon, Me, Mindy

And of course, I cannot NOT show you our...
More crazier pictures!!!!!
Yeah, there are more... I just can't show them!!!!

And this is Smutty Hussy's Hubs...
He loves to be scary....
My protector, heehee!!

Thanks for coming over and having fun with me!!!!

And remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Smutty Hussy has an Assistance.....

I, Cecile Smutty Hussy, have searched high
and low for an assistance to the Lair.
I needed someone who was up to the task of keeping the Tribe in check with themselves....

**Jack snickers at me...**

I also needed someone to go through all the applications of men trying to make it into the Tribe.
You would be shocked, you will be surprised and do not forget.... omg we will make you drool to see what I have to do through to screen all these men...


Well... if you know me, you know that there is always a commenter around my place...
She always shows her support to me...
And she makes wicked little pictures for me!
You know her as Elaine...
And if you follow me to Houston AW Knight's place on Friday's...
You know that Elaine is there too...
Well, Elaine loves working with my Tribal men...
**Oh yeah pun intended**
So, who better to get for the job...
So, please put a warm welcome to

Elaine, Smutty Assistance to the Lair please!!!!

She will bring you the applications for the Smutty Hussy Tribal Club....
She will show you some hunks...
Some not so hunks...
And some down right out shake your head can't believe they even took the picture...
She will make you drool...
She will make you hot...
She will make you giggle...
She will make you go OMG....

Her schedule is whatever she wants...
She will strike when the application strikes her to share...
We will build up our Tribal Members...
She will show case the some of the older member
And give you background information on them...

So I hope you stick around!!!!

And remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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Monday, November 15, 2010

Giveaway.... What R U Thankful For??

Sean, from CSN store, has been very generous in allowing me to
Giveaway a $65.00
Gift Card....
Go to the store and look around...
And then come back and
Tell me... What are you thankful for??

Oh and leave me your email address so I can get in touch with you if you win!

The contest will end......

November 22nd....
And the winner will be announced...

November 24th...

Just in time for

The Fine Print...
US/Canada Only

And remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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Friday, November 12, 2010

Wanna Come To My Table.....

I mean, I am Cecile Smutty Hussy after all
What did you think would be on my table as a centerpiece....

Okay okay...
Seriously, with the holidays around us, I started looking at drop leaf tables
to feed everyone and still have
Sean, a rep from CSN Store contacted me to do something for the store...
And of course I agreed... I mean who wouldn't...
So, just stay tune because I wanted to show my Thanks-GIVING
to my followers.....
You may have to read between the lines, lol!

And remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Review: Where The Rain Is Made by Keta Diablo

Where The Rain Is Made Rain
by: Keta Diablo

Paranormal (time-travel/shapeshifter) Native American Erotic Romance
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Published: August 27th, 2010
Length: Novel

About the Book:
After a decadent-looking savage captures her and her brother, Francesca DuVall spends every waking moment planning an escape for Marsh. She never counted on the powerful draw of desire interfering with her scheme in the camp of the brutal Cheyenne dog soldiers.
Ethan Gray is a curator at a national museum...most of the time, but when he travels through time to help his beloved People he’s Meko, the leader of the most revered and feared tribes of the plains. Although their worlds are decades apart Meko can’t resist the dark beauty he kidnaps during a raid. He has many battles to fight but none he wants to win more than the one that will capture Cesca’s heart forever.
From the windswept plains of Colorado and the harsh life of a Dog Soldier to the placid life of a curator their love was fueled by passion and kindled by destiny.

I obtained the above information from Ms. Keta's website.

I do not judge short stories on the rush of their relationships, because they are just that - short stories. So, yes the relationships always could have been drawn out more, yea it seems like they fall in love to fast and of course the story could have been made longer... but it is a short story. So with that said.... here is my review...

Ms. Keta will take you on a ride of a lifetime. I feel the need to tell you a few things though... First, buckle up because it will be one hell'va ride. Second, this is a historical - but not the kind you would think. No ball gowns and corsets. No horse drawn carriage. No coats and ties. This is a Native American Indian historical. War paint, hatchets, white vs. reds, rituals and spirits. At first I did not think i would take to the story. But Ms. Keta immediately took me by complete surprise. This really is an amazing story of how literally two worlds collided and just how they survived. The journey is well worth it.... I promise!

This story will take you back to a time when war truly meant war. Lives lost all for a higher cause, battles fought for the right to live, the right to be on one's own land. Ms. Diablo brings this story alive with just her words. So well that I could smell the earthly smells for the horses, the smell of the smoke, the woods. I could feel the panic rising, the love growing from each character.

And speaking of characters - Ms. Keta also did a fabulous job of bringing to life each one of her characters - no matter how small their part might have been. Ms. Keta brought out the emotion of each one. She made me, the reader, feel for each one and their circumstances. Whether the feelings were pride, love, hatred or just admiration.

Speaking of pride and love - these are definitely two traits that Francesca and Ethan have in spades. Francesca's love for her family will make you question your own devotion to your family. She literally would have died for her family. her mother passed away giving birth to her younger brother. She is a strong willed woman, stopping at nothing to protect her family. She is also stubborn as a mule - which makes me respect her even more. She would sacrifice everything - even herself - for the people she loves. What would you sacrifice for those that you love?
Ethan is a man that will knock you off your socks. He is all alpha and alllll male! He is a time traveler in his tribe. One of the few of within his community. Ethan lives among two worlds. But his pride in his People run as deep as the deepest part of the ocean. His love for his community and their traditions will pour through the pages. But if the choice to give up a world for the one he is truly meant to love.... what would he do??

This story will take you to another time and place. You will find yourself cheering on some characters, wanting to beat the crap (like to death) out of others and secretly rooting for others! You won't be able to help it. You will even find yourself smiling for some of the old wisdom that is laced in the story.

Love never changes, it does not matter what time period you are in.... Love is constant. Love means fighting for what you want, what you desire and simply put - what your heart and soul needs. Fran and Ethan are a great example of this type of determination in love. You will find yourself embracing these two with your heart and wanting the best outcome for both of them. But sometimes the best outcome is not always the easiest one.
Just remember, Fran is stronger than she appears, but her soul is very fragile. Can Ethan prove to her that he will be there to take care of her - heart and soul. When surrounded by so much war and death, will Fran come to accept the ways of which Ethan's people live. How will this end if or when Ethan has to return to the present day? Does love survive when torn between two worlds? Let's find out......

On a side note, the only thing that kinda had me was remembering the true Indian given names. But in pointing this out, I have to give major props to Ms. Keta for keeping it real!!!

To visit Ms. Keta's website, please go -->> here.

And remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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Monday, November 8, 2010

Review: All For Shayla by Ava McKnight (Dark Divas)

All for Shayla by Ava McKnight
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: GLBT (F/F), Menage

Review Copy Received from Publisher

Summary: Who says you can't always get what you want? Shayla is a Savannah socialite with a secret fetish for bad boys. When the younger, mysterious Keith pulls up in a hot muscle car, she knows he's exactly what she wants. Even if it's only for one night.

Back at Keith's apartment, there are no strings attached and no holds barred, especially when Keith's pretty roommate Carla joins the action. Shayla checks her inhibitions at the door and enjoys an erotic ride that's double the fun, with Keith and Carla focused solely on her pleasure!

Publisher's Note: This story was previously published elsewhere under the title Wet & Wild and has been revised for Ellora's Cave.

Madame Cecile Hussy's Review:

Wow ~ okay. This is one hot little quickie (under 50 pgs). If hot, quick, raw and a walk on the wide side is what you desire for a few hours - the All For Shayla is just what you are looking for then.

Shayle is a debutante in the high society of GA. Knowing that her family name has set the course of her life - not a life she would have chosen for herself. Sure there are parties and cute guys but that is not what Shayla wants. All the men she meets or her parents try to set up her with bore her to tears. She craves the one thing that gets her blood boiling, heart racing, and panties wet at the the mere thought of..... a bad boy.

Enter Keith - he just oozes sex. From the car his drives to the talk and walk and least not forget about the man's.... body. What, you thought I was going to say something else, what a wicked mind you have!

This is such a short story that I really can not give you much more of this story without giving away the story. But I will leave you with this... I wish this was All for Madame Hussy Cecile story. The night Shayla meets Keith will rock her world forever.

I only have two irks with this story. One was how much Shayla dotted on the fact that she belonged in the upper class world over and over. I get it - you are above me - drop it and get over it. The other was her reasoning of getting into a strangers car - knowing the kinda crazies there are in this world. That part was kinda risky. I know when the heat of the moment lures you and some of your senses go out the window.... but safety first.

Other than those two little issues.... This story will have you reaching for a fan and your own Keith. Just to give you a tease... Keith takes Shayla back home with and apparently someone has a birthday... is Shayla the present? Wanna find out.... well pick up the story and find out what is All For Shayla!

Rated # Delightful Divas by Madame Cecile Hussy!

This review is property of The Dark Divas Review!

And remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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Friday, November 5, 2010

Fridays....... And Life.....

Hello my dear hussy followers....
First I have to apologize for not being around of the late...

October has always been a rough month for me...
My baby girl's birthday and my birthday are in this month...And yes, I trained her like a true mother should...
We celebrate all month long!
So, with that being said...

My baby turned 17 this past month.
It was kinda like her official last "sleep over" party.
When did this happen, I am not sure. I did not give her permission to grow up into this beautiful young woman she is today.... but I have enjoyed and hated watching it happen.
And this alone is reason enough to slow any parent down... Trying to keep up with their social calendars is like learning "what's makes men different from women (except you know what)?"
But I will face this like anything else in life... Put my big girl (ruffle) panties on and suck it up!

Now... That is no my only news... No....
I have been under the weather for a while and I finally getting over it.
See the above to know why, lmbo!
Yeah, running on fumes is not a good thing.
But it was worth in the end.
At least I hope so!
For my party it was...
Which I promise pictures as soon as I can get my hands on them!

Still more news to come....
The other reason I have not been around....
I got a new job!
So quitting my old job took a lot out of me because I am not the type of person to quit.
But it was a choice I had to make.
An opportunity came along that I could not pass up.
I am the Office Manager/Coordinator for a pediatric therapy office.
I am really enjoying the job so far....
The only down fall... my hours and the commute back and forth to work has changed.
I work some late hours and that has seriously taken a toll on me.So until I get a routine going, I am so sorry that I am neglecting you guys!
I know this does not help, but I do silently stalk you all on my reader!
I swear I do... or at the least the number can swear to it!

And besides just being a Housewife....

Life has been a little crazy.
So please forgive me....

And I also have something else....
On Fridays... I fly over to Houston A.W. Knight's place to do flashbacks from the past,
or just whatever my hussy hearts wants to do over there!
So come and join me over there...

Oh and I cannot forget....

If you made it this far...
You know I will bless you with a piece of my hidden treat...

So Happy Freaky (Let's follow the hand down the pants) Friday!!!
And remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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