Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Smutty Hussy has an Assistance.....

I, Cecile Smutty Hussy, have searched high
and low for an assistance to the Lair.
I needed someone who was up to the task of keeping the Tribe in check with themselves....

**Jack snickers at me...**

I also needed someone to go through all the applications of men trying to make it into the Tribe.
You would be shocked, you will be surprised and do not forget.... omg we will make you drool to see what I have to do through to screen all these men...


Well... if you know me, you know that there is always a commenter around my place...
She always shows her support to me...
And she makes wicked little pictures for me!
You know her as Elaine...
And if you follow me to Houston AW Knight's place on Friday's...
You know that Elaine is there too...
Well, Elaine loves working with my Tribal men...
**Oh yeah pun intended**
So, who better to get for the job...
So, please put a warm welcome to

Elaine, Smutty Assistance to the Lair please!!!!

She will bring you the applications for the Smutty Hussy Tribal Club....
She will show you some hunks...
Some not so hunks...
And some down right out shake your head can't believe they even took the picture...
She will make you drool...
She will make you hot...
She will make you giggle...
She will make you go OMG....

Her schedule is whatever she wants...
She will strike when the application strikes her to share...
We will build up our Tribal Members...
She will show case the some of the older member
And give you background information on them...

So I hope you stick around!!!!

And remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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  1. OMG, the fun Elaine is going to have!! and we in extension of that *big grin*

  2. OMG the trouble you two are going to cause together - YAY!!

  3. Ummmm...*clears throat before tackling the halfnakkey man on the motorcycle*

    *giggles* think i'm jealous elaine!! lol!

    but it's all good! i look forward to the fellas she brings. *huge grin*

    i'm glad you have help, my beautimous friend! heaven knows you have your hands full with these hunkiliciousness! XD *giggles under his hands*

    ummm...can i keep this one? *wink*

    Luv & big squish hugs!!

  4. I do envy Elaine, that is one sweet gig

  5. I am so going to enjoy this at HAWK's now here :)

    As the saying goes..its a dirty job but someone has to do it
    (And the dirtier the better**big grin** IMO)

    I promise Cecile to add only the best to the tribe.And since this is a hands on kinda job I know it'll be fun (well if it wasn't hands on I'm making it official that it is have to make sure they're packing what they promised..hehehe

    And since the existing tribe knows me so well**smirk** I'm sure they will be co-operative if I need their assistance in anything.

    I am already going through the stack of files (there sure are a lot of guys that want into the tribe) and let me tell you..phew..There are some hot applicants :)

  6. Oooo now that is a job worth having. Congrats Elaine :-)

    Stephanie G
    Paranormal Haven

  7. Yay! Congratulations Elaine! I'm looking forward to observing the interview process. ;)

  8. That pic is a whole lotta yuuummm!
    Elaing8,your new addition comes under the heading of..."Its a hard job but some buddy has to do it!" And so much better than the laundry or dishes. You do realize after you view all those pics you may need retina surgery. But its for a good cause...our viewing pleasure!Thanks

  9. Let the good times roll for sure! Congratulations to both Elaine and Cecile for this newest collaboration , may it be as fun for you as it will for the rest of us!

    jackie >_<

  10. Didn't know you was looking for a personal assistant, Cecile. Personally, I would have picked on a hunk, but then again, I'm a pretty good administrator, so I'd only need a male order PA for *oops*

  11. OFF to a GREAT START, Elaine!!!

  12. Ummm...I'm quite distracted by the yummy man on the motorcycle!!

    Congrats, Elaine!!

    Diana @
    Book of Secrets
    The Forbidden Bookshelf

  13. Leontine~ Hey honey! Oh Elaine is having a LOT of fun!!! Hugs to you honey! Thanks for coming over!

    Patti (Book Addict)~ Hey honey! OMG... are you kidding me! Trouble is our middle name! I feel sorry for the world when her and I actually get to meet up!!! Watch out world, lmbo!!!

    Redd~ Hey my precious!!! Hugs to you my love!!! Thanks for coming over honey!!! Ohhh you know how I like my men!!!!
    Don't be jealous... come and share in the joy of what she finds, lol!!! You know how to make a hussy blush!!! You are soo sweet to me!!! We share honey.... but keeping him overnight might cost you... ((wicked laughter)) Loves, hugs and smooches to you my friend!

    Blodeuedd~ Hey honey!!! You make me giggle!! Thanks for coming over honey! I hope all is well and you and bf are doing great!

    elaing8~ Told you I would get you to blog with me... eventually!!! Hugs honey! Thank you for becoming a part of my blog with me!

    Paranormal Haven~ Hey honey!! Thanks for coming over! Elaine is terrific!!!

    Sweet Vernal Zephyr~ Hey my sweet! Ohhh honey, Elaine is stirring up the tribal men... They are kinda antsy about what is going on with the house.. Just wait till you see/read the first pick Elaine has for us... HOT DAMN!

    Chris~ Hey honey, thanks for popping in! Hugs to you and Friday is almost here!

    jc67~ Hey hon! Thanks for coming over!! It is a hard job, Elaine is the woman for that job!! She loves dirty jobs! Ohhh believe me, she will love getting them dirty, so she can clean them up, lmbo!!!

    jackie b central texas~ Hey honey! Thanks for peeking in here today!!! Hugs to you! Ohh honey, you can say that again! Let the good times roll!!! I am excited to have Elaine here!

    JJ Cocker~ Hey honey! You make me giggle!! Hugs to you and I hope all is well honey!
    Anonymous~ Welcome! Thanks for coming!

    Diana (Book of Secrets)~ Hey honey! Oh believe me, he will not be your only distraction when Elaine gets through with these post!!! Thanks for coming over!

  14. Hi Elaine, going to be fab chatting with you here along with Cecile! Welcome!

    Cecile, thanks so much for visiting my blog! Its great to be back on and hoping things keep going good so I can stay in the loop. I have so much to catch up on, on all you and others read and all the releases!

    Missed it here!

  15. Caffey~ Aw honey you know I always think of you!!! You are one of my first friends here! I will always pop in to see how you are doing. I am just sorry it is not as often as it use to be! Hugs and smooches to you honey!! Thanks for coming to peek in on us girls over here!!!

  16. Sweet Jesus a girl could have a heart attack from your blog!!!

    Gerard Butler makes me do the happy horny dance.

    Yeah I'm new just wanted to say i appreciate it. Found you through Jessica rabbit.

    Thanks for the entertainment...i may get around to actually reading your blog later ;)

  17. Brandi~ Hey there!!! Oh welcome to my place! I am glad that you followed Jessica over. She is awesome! I am sorry you almost had a heart attack. Hum makes me think I should have a little warning before you enter... Nah, I love *cough* shocking people! =)
    Oh you are a Gerard lover too!! He is my boyfriend!!! SO yummy!

  18. A Daft Scots Lass~ Thanks for coming over honey!!!


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