Monday, November 29, 2010

Cover Hussy Club Part #2

Please welcome to our Cover Hussy Club ~ Issue #2

If you are new here,
please let me introduce you....
I, Cecile Smutty Hussy, is
Madame President Hussy to you....

And Leontine, Leontine Book Realm, is
High Queen Hussy, to you....

And we bring you our legion of
Princess Hussies and their covers....

But before we show you the goodies....
We must announce the cover that won from Round #1......

The winner is.......
Hands down.. Or hands on (heheheh)

Covery Hussy Cammy (Envyious) with her cover:
Gena Showalter - Ecstasy In Darkness.
She got 32% of the total votes.

Our first up is.....

Princess Julie (Minx) choose... Hot For The Holidays by Lora Leigh, Angela Knight, Anya Bast and Allyson James and this is why...

I read it last year and LOVED the cover, I know just where I want to lick and just what I want to do with that candy cane! Eat it obviously! Santa has never looked so sexy!

**Comment from Cecile.... "Santa has never looked so sexy"... Hell, if Santa looks like this... I promise to be Naughty and/or Nice to just have him at my house!!! Like now!!!! Does he make house calls though... like now!!!**

Princess Nanny choose... Sweet Temptation by Penny Wilson and this is why...

Ok so why did I pick this cover? Well... hunky guy + cookies! And in my head he has nothing on under that apron. What's hotter than a guy who bakes? I don't know, I'm sure there are hotter things but a sexy guy with nothing but an apron on and cookies is somewhere on the list. I would like for hunky guy to feed me said cookies and then clean the crumbs off with his tongue. To
naughty... well I am a Hussy Club Princess.

Oh gosh... she is sooo right... Cookies and a COOKIE!!! Wow!

***Cecile ~ Oh damn she is right.... Cookies... and more Cookies!!!***

Princess Larissa has spoken.... and her choice is... Naughty or Nice by Melaine George.

She kept it short and sweet....

HHHhmmm if I had a santa like that, he would never leave my house after delivering the presents.... Yum!

***Cecile ~ Ohhhhh Damn how did he know what I wanted for Christmas!!!***

Princess Jessica went with... Yuletide Greetings by Byrnn Paulin!

Ho ho ho and a bottle of rum laced egg nog! No worries, I brought more than enough to get us all good and snockered. So, after searching high and low I have found my holiday cover. Makes me want a candy cane. *wiggles eyebrows*

**Cecile ~ Hot damn... Honey I want more than candy cane. Looks at picture again.. OH yeah.. definitely more than a candy cane!!!!**

Princess Cammy found another hot one... She chose... A Highlander's Christmas Anthology.

This was the first cover to come to me (couldn't find a higher quality photo I'm afraid :D) and so I'm entering this one! Yum! I wish my present came wrapped in a quilt (and looked just as delectable!) Now to unwrapping it... *G*

**Cecile ~ Oh damn, I was going to say if my presents came wrapped in a kilt, I would soooo be a good girl!!!! I mean we all know what is under the kilt.... nothing!!!!!**

Princess Gina Gordon's choice is....... The Naughty List by Kynna Waters

The cover for Ms. Waters, The Naughty List, made my search for a holiday cover quite simple. Look at those hands clenching the rock hard abs--could one of those hands be male?

We get a tiny climpse of the male's face--I think I can see a smirk. And don't we all wish that Santa looked that good underneath his red coat. Happy Holiday's everyone!!

**Cecile ~ Oh snap..... I sooo need my hands in this m/m picture... OH man oh man... It was fun to play with that Naughty list!!!**

And now...
I present my cover....
Madame President Hussy Cecile's cover choice and a way to bid you.....

Need I say more! He said it all...
Now we are going take care what is left of the *cough* bottoms...

Now... Let the voting begin!!!!

After this post, we will put this on hold for a while due to
some recent events.
Thank you for understanding.

And remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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  1. Oooo, those are all very sexy covers!!

    Re: Yuletide Greetings by Byrnn Paulin - Is he going to spank her with that candy cane? Gosh, I hope so!! *grins*

  2. Hot for the Holidays was my very first Misadventures cover and it's where Candy Cane Guy got his name! :)

  3. Sweet Inspirations is my favorite - a man in the kitchen? HOT!

  4. I am with you on a highlander zmas, major yum there

  5. Those are some covers. That Yuletide Greetings Just wow.

  6. Great cover choices. I've read Hot for the Holidays and A Highlander Christmas..adding the rest to my TBR list.

  7. I vote for Hot For The Holidays... I saw want to retrieve that candy cane with my teeth *dreamy sigh*

  8. Where did you ladies find those covers...I had a hard time finding a good one lol

    Cecile...yours is the best my friend!!

  9. Diana (Book of Secrets)~ Hey honey! Thanks fro peeking in! Ohh a candy cane spanking! Hummm... That is a thought!

    Chris~ Hey honey! I figured this post would give you a ton of new material, lmbo!!! Like you need new material!

    Sweet Vernal Zephyr~ Hey honey! I have had a hankering for this book since last year... And I need to get it.. Like now! Thanks for coming over!

    Blodeuedd~ Hey honey! I am gad you made it over! And I thought of you when I saw the pick for the highlander one!

    Barbara~ Hey honey! I am glad that you made it over! These are some amazing covers! Thanks for coming!

    elaing8~ Hey honey! These are some awesome covers. Kind gives me a Christmas list to give to the hubs! Ha!

    Hell Kat~ Hey honey! Thanks for the vote! It really is Hot for the holidays!!

    Gina Gordon~ Cuz we sniff around a lot, lol!!! I stay up long hours to make sure I do my job, lmbo... And I might sleep with a few of the *cough* covers to make sure I have the right one!!!

  10. My vote is for .. Hot For The Holidays it's my favorite of all of them. All of the covers are good but this is the one that I love the most.

  11. The Highlander Christmas. Oh yeah, kilty goodness! Would be terribly wrong of me to say."I want to play his bag pipe?" ;)

  12. Sherry~ Hey honey! Thanks for coming over! It is good to see you again! I hope all is well!

    jc67~ You give me the giggles!! I am still trying to recover from that one!!!! That is an awesome line!!! LMBO!!

  13. *rabbit runs in* Crap I'm late. I've been searching everywhere for this post, and obviously overlooked it. Awesome. I think my Santa needs to give me a few spankings with that candy cane.

    I vote... can I vote? I'll vote anyways, I love them all but I gotta go with "A Highlander's Christmas Anthology.' Just love me a highlander. Mmm.

    Can I still have a cookie though?

  14. Oh and Gina, I'm a chronic insomniac. Have to fill the time some how. Why not with yumminess. :)

  15. Some very yummy covers there ladies! That would make any red blooded girl. happy for the holidays!

    I hope this finds you well dear and hope to talk to you soon. BIG HUGs to you my dear!!!!!!!!!

  16. LOL, they are all great covers for sure! Love all the comments about them too.


  17. Jessica - thanks for nominating my cover :-)

    Diana - that would be a definite yes.


  18. ~*Jessica Rabbit*~ Hey honey! Honey, you are never late! We are always here - you know that! It is kinda hard in a Hussy's Lair to miss a few things, lmbo!!!
    But I am glad that you came honey!
    Ohh, you naughty girl... Tisk tisk!
    And you can vote till your hearts content! And of course, you can STILL have a cookie.. Who's house you in??? LMBO!

    JennJ~ Hey honey!!! Thank you for coming over. I have been kinda sucky late trying to juggle everything all at once. But I am getting here. I hope all is well in the JennJ household and you are keeping those boys in check! And of course those kitties too! You tickle me with your answers! Giggles! Hugs to you honey!

    Houston A.W. Knight~ Hey honey! Wow, you really hopping today at my place! But I am glad to see you here honey! Hugs to you!

    Brynn Paulin~ Welcome to the Cecile Smutty Hussy Lair! It is a pleasure to have you here!

  19. SOOOO may hot covers, I love the candy cane on hot for the holidays, mmmmm

    but I am gonna vote for Yuletide greetings, naughty santa!

    Great job everyone!!!

  20. Darn my comment from the other day didn't post. That's what I get for rushing. But I have a sudden craving for candy canes and cookies. Hmm.

    Gina- You just gotta know where to look for the smutty goodness.:)

  21. Oooh, what a time to start following - absolutely gorgeous choices, ladies!

    I'm torn between Yuletide Greetings & The Naughty List . . . so I guess I'll have to be greedy and beg Santa to leave both lounging sexily beneath the tree.

  22. I like the highlander for christmas, but then again i do like highlanders!


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