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New Release, Mini Review and A Surprise ~ A Lingerie Party!!

***Out Now***
Run, don't walk to get this...

Forever in Lingerie
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Price: $3.50
Publication Date: November 22, 2010
Format: Ebook
Cover art: Renee Rocco

How far would you go to hold on to forever?

Martina Jackson spent the last two years running from her past. Through the practice of Holistic Medicine she has meticulously transformed into a self-fulfilled woman, with one tiny exception…hot, steamy sex with no strings.

While she waits for the job offer of a lifetime, why not quench her sexual desires with an eager man willing to push her to the limit? What she doesn’t plan for is, the fling is exactly what she’s been running from.

Rob Taylor has been waiting his whole life to find the woman he can call forever. He didn’t expect to find her in his parents' living room wearing nothing but white lace and stockings. When he overhears her discussing her secret sexual fantasies, Rob decides to give her what she’s been missing.

As they play out each fantasy he connects with Martina on a deeper level, confirming what he knew the very first moment he heard her voice…that she is the one he’s been waiting for.

Content warning; explicit sex, ménage and the use of Holistic Medicine as foreplay.

I obtained the above information from Ms. Gina Gordon's website! You can also read an excerpt there as well... What I promised... My Mini Review: I do not judge short stories on the rush of their relationships, because they are just that - short stories. So, yes the relationships always could have been drawn out more, yea it seems like they fall in love to fast and of course the story could have been made longer... but it is a short story. So with that said.... here is my review... Okay, coming in under 65 pages I can not tell you too much without giving away what you have already read in the blurb and the excerpt... You know you went check it out at her place, lol. But anyway... Let's skip the "it's short." Yeah, I know, but it lacks absolutely nothing. When I say nothing I mean nothing. Ever dreamed about a man that would give you everything you ever wanted? Ever dream of a man who just knew what you wanted, when you wanted it ~ when it came to sex? Without having to draw him a diagram of how to get there? Without having to be embarrassed about knowing how to please yourself because you know exactly what you want and the thought of that might scare him a bit. Some men are put off a little because a woman knows exactly what and where she wants it... Well... Rob is every woman's dream! And this is an awesome story. Now the way Rob, our hero of the story, finds out exactly what Martina wanted, is not quite right, but hey... he got it right?!? It was not like he meant to overhear the conversation being held between friends... who had a little indulgence with their alcohol friend! Martina is friends with Rob's sister and they are having a girl's night in! Martina is afraid of making a serious commitment. She is scared that one day they will leave her. Working in the holistic medicine has taught her a lesson or two. But watching the death of a love one would always make you second guess a serious relationship. Martina is no different... So, exposing what she really wants is not a problem for her... Hot sex, maybe another partner in the mix... and no strings attached! Would you turn away a man that offered you no strings attached if that is what you secretly asked for?? But oh man, he will rock Martina's world. But is Martina ready for him? What happens when no strings attached... comes with a tag of forever at the end? What happens when things you have been running from are screaming at you to realize what is standing right in front of you? And another thing I think you will want to know... What piece of lingerie lures Rob.... And Martin to a night that leads to Forever in Lingerie!
Now for the surprise part...

Ms. Gina Gordon is here!!!

So let's give Ms. Gina a true Hussy Welcome!

You know we love having you here at the Lair!! So welcome!! Ooohhhh I love your new lingerie! That piece is absolutely wicked!! You better watch that around here... One of the tribal men might just kidnap you and have their wicked ways with you!!!

**Watching Gina eye a few of the men... and licking her lips**

What's his name? **She points her finger at the one with the most tattoos**

**Uhhuuu... Helloo.... Trying to bring the attention back to the matter at hand**

Okay, maybe wrong word choice, lmbo!!!
So Gina, tell us how have you been doing?

You know we love having you here at the Lair!! So welcome!! Ooohhhh I love your new lingerie! That piece is absolutely wicked!! You better watch that around here... One of the tribal men might just kidnap you and have their wicked ways with you!!!

**Watching Gina eye a few of the men... and licking her lips**

What's his name? **She points her finger at the one with the most tattoos**

****Uhhuuu... Helloo.... Trying to bring the attention back to the matter at hand**

Okay, maybe wrong word choice, lmbo!!!

So Gina, tell us how have you been doing?
I'm great! I am taking it easy right now trying to rest up for 2011. It is going to be a very busy and exciting year. I will be taking on the role of Vice President of the RWA's erotic romance chapter, Passionate Ink. I'm nervous and scared and excited all at the same time. I also have two confirmed releases, The Only Exception out January 2011 and Temptation In Lingerie out April 2011!!

Wow, VP of the RWA's erotic romance chapter. That is impressive. What have you been up to lately... besides modeling lingerie for your next book?

LOL..not exactly a model here. Right now my main focus is coordinating Passionate Ink's 2011 Passionate Plume contest for erotic romance books published in 2010. I am recruiting judges! So all of you readers and writers out there willing to volunteer...contact me at pp6.coordinator@gmail.com I have also been busy completing story 3 of the Bare Naked Designs series. Oh yay! More Bare Naked Designs!!! Come'on, please tell us... Please.... **batting eyelashes**

Bound In Lingerie is story 3 and it's Amie and Milton's story. Amie is the free spirited wild child of the group and Milton is a straight-laced business man but their being complete opposites don't stop them from taking a wild sexual adventure.
Oh damn... Alright... Okay, spill it... What do you have hiding under that pretty... *cough* lingerie of yours... Work wise silly....

Well.....without giving away all of my secrets....I might have a new idea brewing that involves buff, tattooed male chefs and the women who fall in love with them. But the idea is still brewing... Did you really think that I was going to keep up the small talk while we sit around in our lingerie! I guess not! Spill it sistah... Why lingerie?
It's just sexy and feminine. And it really goes a long way in making me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. Sometimes we need to feel that, right ladies?
You are so right! I love my lingerie!! Now why do you center the story (not mainly....) around one piece of lingerie?

I actually started writing story two first...I had this image in my head of Carrie in black lingerie looking at herself in a mirror. When I realized I had to tell Martina and Rob's story first, I immediately pictured her in white lace. The rest just fell into place.
Oh black... I love black. Oh hell, okay I love any color... Well almost any. I mean it as long as you feel sexy and wanton in what you wear, then I say rock it out! Isn't that what it's for... to make us feel super sexy!!

Now, can you tell us what kind of lingerie do you like?? You thought I was not going to get personal, hehehehe?!?!

Anything black!! But I did just buy a corset with cupcakes on it!! But it's more playful than sexy.
What... a cupcake corset! I want one **pouts**! Damnit Gina, you get to have all the fun! Okay... Okay... Why don't you tell us all your little dirty secrets... About your work... hehehe...

My dirty secrets, huh? I am an open book lol. What if said that Bare Naked Designs story 3 may or may not contain a baby and a wedding!! That's a secret.
Open book she says... Hummmmmm.... Guess we will have to explore that farther later... That leaves us for another interview **giggles**

But Gina, seriously, I want to thank you for coming over to the Lair today honey!!! You know we love having you over!

Thank you Queen Smutty Hussy and Assitant Elaine!!

Oh, I can't wait to see what will be going on for you in the new year... ((I guess Gina is going to make us wait... Okay, I am not one for waiting... Maybe I can tempt her later with one of the tribal men!))

Thank you Queen Smutty Hussy and Assitant Elaine!!

**Cecile looks around for Gina... Damn woman... I leave her alone for one minute.....**

And remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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  1. Does the corset have REAL cupcakes on it? ;)

  2. Lol, great interview there :)
    I would love some nice lingerie, I am afraid my stuff is very boring..though my panties do have hello kitty on them ;)

  3. Great review Cecile. I read this is one sitting.. it was really good :)

    ohhhh Gina you tease,maybe a baby and a wedding.Can't wait to read the next 2 books.

    I see you are....entertaining ;) one of the tribesman **looks to see which one it is** Phew you didn't find the new recruit..we have him hidden away until his big reveal :)

  4. L.K.....Hi!! Thanks for stopping by

    Chris...unfortunately the corset only has pics of cupcakes on it but you are on to something. A little icing in bed never hurt anyone!

    Blodeudd...you can sex up hello kitty undies...just don't wear anything else with them *wink*

    Elaine!! Thank you! Thanks for letting me er, borrow one of your tribesmen. You have trained them well!!

    Cecile..thanks for having me...again! Your lair is always full of naughty things to read and look at *turns her head as a tribesman walks by* Gotta go!

  5. L. K. Below~ Hey there! Welcome to the lair! Thanks for coming!

    Chris~ Hey honey! Tuesday is over... Do I see Wednesday fast approaching! Oh gosh... real cupcakes!! Oh Gina is right, I think you are on to something here! Hugs!

    Blodeuedd~ Hey honey! Thanks for peeking on over here! Ohhh hello kitty, are you kidding me that is completely sexy. In my search for sexy things, a guy in his hello kitty boxer was what appeared! So maybe get bf some and you can wear yours... and **waggles eyebrows** have some hello kitty fun!!!

    elaing8~ Hey honey! I was wondering when you were going to pop on over! This was a great book!
    She is just a tease huh Elaine.... Teasing us with that information!
    Hehehe... I watched where she went in the Lair.. I can't have anyone peeking around in places they don't need to be, lmbo!

    Gina Gordon~ Hey honey! Thank you for allowing me to have you over here!!! I love having you at the lair! I hope you had as much fun as I have with you here!!! **watching Gina eye up the other tribal men...** Anytime you want to come over honey, you know you are welcome!

  6. And for me, Wednesday IS the last day of this work week.

  7. Me too... and we get off early!!! Last patient is seen at 230!!! Yayayayay!!!!!

  8. Ohh... Sounds, hot, hot, hot, as I sit here - forever in pyjamas... Me finks I need to get me some slinky new stuff. Right, off to the shops I go!


  9. JJ Cocker~ Hey honey! Thanks for coming over for this one! Me finks you need to go shopping right now too!!!! Us women always need somefing slinky and sexy!!!! Hugs honey!

  10. Oohh... I'm not one for tattoos, but that little snapper looks interesting.


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