Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wanna See What I Wear...

Did I grab your attention yet... I did... Well good...
Because Ms. Gina Gordon came to me (and a few other people) and issued us a challenge. And if you know me... I thrive on challenges...
What is our challenge you may be wondering...

Here was her challenge...

"If I were the heroine in a romance novel, I would wear *insert pic of lingerie here* to entice my hero."
So, head over there today to see what
I would wear to entice my hero!!!

OH this is going to be fun!!

This is just a tease....

To visit Ms. Gina's website, please go-->> here...
No I mean reallly GOOO there!

And remember... Keep it Dirty, Smutty & Hussy!
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  1. *long piercing wolf whistle*

    Well, you certainly got my attention Cecile. I always wondered what you'd look like in clothes. (smiles)

  2. If I was a heroine, my hero would have to be extemely dashing and heroic for me to wear most man's idea of what looks good on a woman!

    You smarmey charmer, Valance!

  3. I had seen and commented! HI CECILE!! HI MY BEAUTICIOUS FRIEND!!


    Luved ur lingerie choices. ;)

    And has something to show you. It's not a book blog..although one can't run from what one luvs. *grins*


  4. Thanks ladies for heading over to Ms. Gina's place to check me out, I mean to check out my story! Hee hee!! I am off to see what you ladies had to say!!!!
    I hope you all had a great day!


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