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Review: Lipstick On His Collar by Inez Kelley

“Lipstick on His Collar” by Inez Kelley

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Genre: ,

ISBN: 978-1-60928-250-9
Length: Novella
Price: 3.50
Publication Date: November 23, 2010
Cover art by Angie Waters

He never thought his next wildfire would be wearing a red dress.

Make me your goddess and I’ll take you to heaven.

This sultry promise sparks a scorching, unforgettable one-night stand. The next morning Bram Winters awakes with a hickey and a head full of wicked memories—alone. His nameless goddess is gone without a trace, along with his shirt. And his heart.

Five months later, he stumbles across his mystery lady in a Laundromat, but she still won’t give up her name. Worse, she begs him to leave, no questions asked. Once he catches the spark of terror in her eyes, though, his firefighter training takes over—and he digs in for the duration.

Lady never wanted Bram to see her life’s ugly underside, but it’s too late—his socks are already in the washer. He was supposed to be her declaration of independence from her unstable ex, a bittersweet memory to carry into her new life.

Except the ex continues to stalks her. And Bram’s reappearance sends her emotions and desires tumbling over the edge. As the minutes wear on, sexual tension rises faster than the steam from a hot water wash.

And Lady’s ex watches from the shadows, growing more furious by the minute…

Warning: Scorching sex, icy scissor play and an anonymous woman taking a wet slide down one hot ex-fireman’s pole. Beware of hot flashes and spontaneous combustion. Correct change not required.

I obtained the above information from Samhain Publishing.

I do not judge short stories on the rush of their relationships, because they are just that - short stories. So, yes the relationships always could have been drawn out more, yea it seems like they fall in love to fast and of course the story could have been made longer... but it is a short story. So with that said.... here is my review...

This is a hot, sweet romance. Bram and "Lady" (as we come to know her) share some serious wicked smexing. First, let me just tell you that Bram is definitely a walking, talking... Sex on a Stick kinda man. Oh yeah... he is what fantasies are made of. And "Lady," she will make you cheer for her to finally have her prince! Ms. Kelley did a fantastic job with her writing! Her story is written so well that I actually could taste the cotton candy, feel the sticky heat and smell the lust in each character.

One hot summer night Bram's world gets turned upside down, inside out and all the way around. What was supposed to be one night of hot love, no questions asked, no name giving. Just moans, grunts and pleasures were to be found.... not anything more. So what happened when Bram woke up the next morning?

I will quote the book with this very intriguing passage:

Lady speaking to Bram, they were making a deal... She says.... "Anything you want. Just give me the night. Treat me like your queen and I'll be your everything." Then he started naming women... who turned out to be goddesses instead of queens, so she went with the flow of things... "Then make me your goddess and I'll take you to heaven."

I must remember these pick up lines. How awesome are they? Lady just wanted to lose herself for the night. Looking for the man that could take her to places she only dreamed of. At the local county fair surrounded by strangers, she knew she would find what she was looking for... or at least hoping she would find him... That is until she spotted talk, dark and absolutely handsome and everything went out the window...

The one night of explosive love making left an imprint on more than the mattress and more lipstick stains than one could wash away. Ms. Kelley kept me in full suspense as to what would happen next. And as far as short stories go, this is awesome! Ms. Kelley threw in the mix a real asshole for good measure. But he added the drama to the story. And believe me, what Bram did to him was considered nice by my standards. (Am I making you want to read it yet... **snickers**) If not, I will leave you with this....

One night of hot, lustful, sinful delight...
Two hearts in need of something they just don't know what...
Two minds that connect on the same level, on all levels...
But what happens when the night is over and the bed is cold...
What happens when fate steps in and graces you with a second chance...
Do you take it and run...
Or do you run in fear of what could never be...
Or do you find out what could be....
You may also want to find out how the Lipstick got on his collar....

Please feel free to visit Ms. Kelley's website -->> HERE... you may find some things you enjoy more than the Lipstick On His Collar!

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  1. Oh my! This is my kinda story. The woman starts out strong and then the man swoops in to save her.

    Thanks for reviewing it and putting it on my radar!


  2. Oh la la! Hot stuff here too!

    Just stopping by to see what's up *couch* well you know what I mean!

    I'm back and playing catch up but will chat with you soon honey!



  3. Great review.Sounds like my kind of :)

  4. Sweet Vernal Zephyr~ Hey honey! Thanks for peeking over here! This is definitely your kind of story!!! Ohhh she is strong and he is an all-time hero!!! Great story!
    I am glad that I could put it on your radar for you honey!

    Houston A.W. Knight~ Hey honey! I hope your weekend was awesome! I can't wait to catch up with you! And yes, this book is definitely hot!!! You must read it!

    Chris~ Yea... but it is almost over... and then it will be Tuesday... then... with Thanksgiving weekend, it will be a short one!

    elaing8~ Hey honey! thanks for coming over! This is an awesome book! You would enjoy it!

  5. I absolutely agree about the short story thing . . . they really are not my favorite literary format at all. When I was in college and grad school we had to write them, and I always found them way too confining for the very reasons you cite--not time to develop characters fully and in the case of romances, they are falling in love at an accelerated rate. That being said, I agree that Inez Kelley is one of those authors that seems to be able to get the job done with a short story or novella. Evidently she is at home with this format Very nice review !

  6. Dr J~ Thank you for coming by. Thank you for your comments. I do try to stress to people that even though they are short stories, they are still good. You just go with the flow of things and accept things for what they are. So thank you!


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