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The F*cking Dirty on Tavos...

I can not begin to tell you how stoked I am that Ms. Kimber has given me an all access pass with Tavos!!! Can you say Dayyummmmm....

Oh a trip to Belize!! I stop out the plane and I could feel the ocean breeze on my face and smell the tropical breeze filter through the air. Oh the things I do for you girls!!!! **evil laughter**

I pull up at Tavos' estate and let me say that I am shaking in my heels. I go through allllll the security and I mean alll the security. I even see Carlos, his main security guy! And even some other hotties.... A girl has to keep her eyes open - especially around Tavos' place.

I am immediately greeted by Grace! Can you say instance love!!! She is adorable and soooo warm and welcoming. She sees me in the house quickly!

"Tavos, my friend Ce-Ce is here!! Remember what you promised!" I think
the whole house heard her. She is a doll! And what comes bounding down
the stairs... but a beautiful little girl. She is freaking gorgeous...
Okay, can you say envious ~ just a tad!!! =)

"Grace, thank you for letting me come over to your house." I say
beaming my biggest smile I could.

"To our home. Of course I would let you come over." Grace gives me a
big hug. "You're my friend. Wait here." She excitedly taps my sleeve
with her gloved fingers. "I'll go get Tavos."

I am a little nervous about meeting the man who carries a knife like I
carry a purse. But I gather up my nerves and push them away. If this
dainty woman can capture the heart of this wild man, then I can surely
compose a conversation with him.

And on that note, the man himself walks in the tv room. And can you say
OMFGOSH!!!!! Freaking hot hot hot hot and dangerous. Just looking at him
makes me want to run for cover.

"Yeah?" Okay, not one to mince words...

"Travos, I want to thank you for agreeing to meeting with me. I
appreciate it."

"You f*ckin' should." This is being nice, remember.

"Tavos, you promised!" Grace's sweet voice filters through the room
even though the woman was no where to be find. "Ce-Ce's a good friend."

"F*ck. Everyone you meet is a good f*ckin' friend, Duquesa. And you
better remember your own f*ckin' promise of a reward. I'll f*ckin' earn
it. Allowing our private
information to be posted on some f*ckin' blog," he mutters. "Only for my
f*ckin' wife."


I just look outside, waiting for the battle of that word to subside. I
know he is going to use... and I would not expect anything less of him.
That is just who Tavos is: f*ck and knife carry hottie! Anyway... We
settle on the couch with a drink in hand.

Tavos, can you tell us a little about yourself, please. Of course if
you do not want to tell me, I will have a girl chat with Grace before I
leave. **brightly smiling on this note** (The mention of Grace's name
makes him chill out a little)

"My name is Tavos f*ckin' Santos. I design jewelry. I live in Belize.
I'm married to a f*ckin' mad woman and I hate answering f*ckin'
questions. Happy?

No, not really. That tells me nothing. I have been reading about you
through Ms. Kimber's book, how easy did you made it for Ms. Kimber to
pin you down to write about your story?

"Pin me down? What the f*ck does that mean? That this writer woman
knows me? Did she tell you that? She knows f*ck all."

~If you do not know, this man is 110% committed to Grace. The evidence
is all over his face. You can see it when he talks to her, talks about
her and is just around her~
When I read your story, you always that Grace could have done better
than you. Look at her... do you really think you would have let her go
to someone else?

"What is this? True f*ckin' confessions? Did Grace put you up to this?
Then fine. I'd" - he makes a slashing motion across his throat - "any
man daring to touch her. She is mine. She made that choice. She will
honor it."

Now before Ms. Kimber put Grace to pen, there is your Querida, you care
to share with those that have not read her story... what is the deal
with you and her?

"She does not f*ckin' exist. There is no Querida. Where did you get
that f*ckin' name?" He reaches around his back with one hand, taking
out a big knife. The light reflects off the blade. "Tell me where you
heard it and I'll-" Another slashing movement, this time more menacing
with the weapon in his hand.

I swallow hard and decide to ignore him. What is your idea of a perfect
evening out?

"Why would I want to go out? All that I f*ckin' want is here." He
extends his arms.

What makes you the most happy? Or should I say what makes you smile?

"Bunny rabbits and f*ckin' rainbows. What's with these sh*t questions?"

"Tavos" Grace's voice fills the room again.

"F*ck" Tavos rolls his eyes. "Grace, only Grace makes me happy. And
Trella. Our princess is so f*ckin' Grace, I didn't stand a f*ckin'

Do you have a collection of knives?

"Knives are like women. You only need one f*ckin' good one." White
teeth flash in a dark face.

Are you still trying to teach Grace how to throw?

"See this?" He lifts his shirt to show gauze wrapped around a flat
stomach. The man has abs. "What do you f*ckin' think?"

What is one thing you have not done in life... that you want to do?

"What do I want to f*ckin' do? End this f*ckin' interview and reap my
f*ckin' reward." He grins, stroking the scar on his face with the tip
of his knife. "Carlos will show you out." The big man fills the
doorway, his legs braced apart, his arms folded. "Grace," Tavos yells.
"You have ten seconds." He takes the stairs two at a time, a sparkle in
his normally dead eyes. "It is f*ckin' reward time."

Well Tavos, I appreciate you taking time to talk to me. I can not tell
you how much you have been in my dreams, I mean made my dream come true.
((What, he has been the star of a couple, I mean, just look at that
picture... f*ck!!)) If you ever found yourself around my area, you,
Grace and Trella need to stop by. I would love to have you over.
Grace, thank you for helping set this up. {{{hugs to you hon}}}

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's Giveaway & Storytime with Ms. Kimber Chin!

I want you all to welcome a woman I love hanging out with ~ Ms. Kimber Chin!

Ms. Kimber, welcome back to the Hussy Lair! We have missed you! =) Thanks for coming hang out with me and my gang for my party!!! You know this is not a party unless I have you some where in the mix!!!

Woo hoo! Thank you for inviting me, C! You know I love your parties. They always have the best men... errr... I mean drinks. I'm happily married. Yeah, I don't even look... much.

Ms. Kimber, why don't you share a little about yourself with us...

I'm always torn about claiming to write contemporary romances because my stories are... well... unique. Take Tavos, my hero in Flawless, for instance (and I'd take that man any way I could). He isn't any bad boy primed for redemption. He's a bad, bad man and he doesn't magically become nicey-nice because he falls in love. The woman he falls in love with wouldn't exactly appear in any Harlequin Romance (which I do love to read) either. She is a couple bricks short of a full load but wow, is she a fun person to be around. I'd party with Grace anytime. That girl is up for anything.

You are so right, I love Grace - she is hilarious. If you want to check out my review of Flawless, please go -->> here.

Oh Oh Oh Oh, I hear we have some great news to celebrate besides my party... and the release of Flawless.... LADIES... Ms. Kimber's book ~~ Selling Forever, was nominated as one of LRC’s Best Contemporary Romances Of 2009!! WOoohoooo!!!!!

How does that make you feel? You have to be on top of the world with that?

Thanks babe. I am especially stoked because I wrote this novella for my dear, sweet mom. The bachelor auction storyline is one of her faves (though I did give it a twist). My mom's name is Shirley and there is a Shirley character in the story. My mom is taking full credit for the nom and I couldn't be happier.

So, what are you working on now... cuz I know you are a woman that does not sit still?

I just sent off Nik's story to my publisher. Nikolay appears in Invisible. He's the grandson of a Russian Mafia Godfather and is being groomed to take over. He is determined not to become his grandfather, Sergei. 'Course we all know how history repeats itself. We'll have to
wait and see if Nik escapes his destiny.

Ms. Kimber and I decided to mix this party up a bit... I have had her here a few times with all the standard questions, so we are going to offer you a little story we wrote together... hope you enjoy... and if you stick around to the end... there might be a giveaway at the end... hee hee....


A night of unbridled passion - raw, primal, hot and heavy. That was the night that Sam kept playing back in his mind while he sat at the bar savoring the last beer of the night. It had been one hellva week; being a fire fighter was not an easy job. But no matter what he did, how many fires he went to or how many people he saved, he only saw her face. All of his thoughts kept going back to that night and her - Nicole.

He ran his hands through his brown wavy locks and then one down his five o'clock shadow feeling shitty. What the hell was he doing? He had to stop thinking of her. Thinking of her would not bring her back to him. Or did he want her back with him. He was no good for her, she deserved better. He was broken inside that he had nothing to offer her and she deserved the world.

Two weeks ago, he met her at this bar. It was a friend of her's birthday. She was smoking hot and looking like she rather be any where but there. He approached her with a drink, her drink. He paid attention. Sam was getting off a thirty hour shift from the fire house and was looking to unwind. One beer, maybe two did not seem like a bad idea. Instead what he got was a night that rocked his world and a phone number.

He still had the number, even after two weeks. He kept it in case he wanted to call. You know that slim chance that he wanted to call. But he wouldn't. Sam had one bad relationship and that was like a blown out knee to a football player. It put him out of commission. He did not want to risk being hurt again. But every turn he made, he saw her face. Why was she was so different? What was so different
~~written by: cecile~~

Nicole hovered in the doorway. He was here. A part of her, specifically the part between her legs, knew he would be and that awareness made her body hum with anticipation. None of the other men she'd met since interested her. They didn't have his easy smile or his broad shoulders or, her gaze dropped, his tight ass. And after two weeks of traveling from city to city for business, she was aching for another hit of his five alarm charm.

She smoothed down her brand new black leather mini, flipped her blonde curls back, and strode toward him, putting a little extra wiggle into her walk. Heads turned. His didn't. He continued to nurse that beer he had in his hands.

Those big, rough hands. Mamma. "Sam." She deliberately brushed against his thigh
as she claimed the barstool beside him.
"Nicole." She almost laughed out loud at his dropped jaw. "I didn't call," he confessed.
"I'm glad." She waved at the bartender to get his attention.
"You're glad?" Lines appeared between Sam's trusting brown eyes.
"The number was fake. Or it could be real. I don't know." She shrugged, bringing his
attention to her jiggling chest. She wasn't wearing a bra… or panties. "All I know is it wasn't my number." The bartender walked their way. "Are you buying me a drink?"

"Yeah, sure, anything you like." Sam ordered the same drink he bought her two
weeks ago.
"You remembered." Warmth spread from a place south of her stomach.
"I'd never forget a woman like you." He held her gaze. He had a way of looking at her like she was the only other person on the planet. "I'm not a good man, Nicole. You deserve better."

"Likely." She winked. He was taking this second encounter a tad bit too seriously. Next she knew it, he'd be proposing marriage, committing her to yet another long engagement going nowhere. "Lucky for you, I'm not interested in better. I'm interested in you."
~~written by kimber~~

"Nicole, look I wanna be Mr. Nice guy and tell you that I am exactly what you need, but I am not. So, just drink your damn drink and go." He sounds a bit to harsh, even to his own ears but he had to be mean to get her to leave. He knew he was no good for her. But something deeper wanted her to stay. And damnit, he wanted her to keep touching him the way she was.

Nicole took a sip of her drink, set it down and stared him right down to his soul. "You want me to leave huh?" As she spoke, she trailed her fingernail up his thigh. "What makes you so sure you are not just want I need?" Now she was pushing farther, her fingers digging into his jeans right above where his erection was pressed tightly behind his zipper. "Whose to say that I am not good for you, Sam?"

The way she said his name made whatever sense he did have take a jump out the window. He grabbed her hand, tossed some bills on the bar and stalked out the bar. He walked in silence with her hand, small and dainty, in his big, calloused hand. What the hell was he thinking? He approached his truck, opened the passenger door and nearly barked at her, "Get in." He almost came right there watching her sweet ass get in his truck with that fucking tight ass mini skirt she had on. He stalked over to his side, flung open his door and closed it with just as much force. Other women would be scared to death. Not her, not his Nicole.

She must have read his mind, "If you think you are scaring me, you are not. I know who you are Sam and where you heart lies. Or have you forgotten that night?" How could he fucking forget the night. That night changed his world. That night changed his standards for a woman because now no other woman would ever measure up to her. "Because I can not forget Sam. No matter how hard I try. It's like you are freaking branded on my soul. What did you do to me?"

He turned off the truck and turned towards her, "What you mean what I did to you? What did you do to me? No other woman compares to you. Hell, I can't even look at another woman without thinking about you. So, what did you do to me?"

"I loved you Sam... Like you should be loved."
~~written by: cecile~~

~~Hope you loved the story! Thank you Ms. Kimber in playing round robin with me!!!~~

This is Ms. Kimber's new release...
(Tavos Santos’ story - our knife wielding vigilante in Invisible)
Launch Date: February 2010
Publisher: Champagne Books

Is love worth killing for?

Grace Williams has a list of things she wants to do before she dies: walk a tightrope, dye her hair purple, skinny dip in the ocean, kiss the scarred stranger sent to kill her…

Yeah, Tavos Santos is a killer but f— it if he’s going to be Grace’s killer. There are other relationships he’d rather have with the gloved beauty. None of them requiring knives.

It takes a killer to catch a killer. Now Tavos must decide… Is love worth killing for?


To find more books by Ms. Kimber, please go to her web site --->> here and check it all out!
Please leave her a comment at her place to let her know that you were there!!! She loves hearing from everyone!

Ms. Kimber has be very gracious in giving away one of her books to one lucky winner!!

What's the catch... tell us what story you would like to see written?

Remember to leave your email address if it is not in your profile!
Winner will be announced and contacted at the end of the party!
Stay tune for our next guest!

Now you know I can not leave you without something freaking hot to drool over...
This is a Smutty Hussy Party after all....
And believe my boyfriend list is just getting longer and longer or should I say taller....

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Hot Excerpt of the book that's up for grabs... And a Bartender!

Okay, it came to my attention (when he tied up my hands) that my party was lacking the famous bartender... Well, since he was so nice to untie me... I thought I would share him with those new to the Hussy Lair!!! Please give a warm welcome to my personal bartender... Caleb!


The "edgy and erotic" (Shannon McKenna, New York Times bestselling author of Tasting Fear) author of Tie Me Down and Full exposure offers another steamy novel of sex, lies, and sultry games. Burned once too often, true crime writer Lacey Richards has sworn off love. Instead, she explores her deepest desires through her anonymous- and very provocative-blog. Anonymous, that is, until her dark and ultrasexy neighbor discovers her dirty secret. Stockbrocker-turned-carpenter Byron Hawthorne gave up life in the fast lane, hoping to start over in a new city. When he learns his alluring neighbor is the one writing the sizzling blog that keeps him up all night, he can't resist offering to fulfill her fantasies in the flesh. But Byron isn't the only man provoked by Lacey's writing. Now Lacey doesn't know who she can trust-and who she can dare to tease.


Lacey shivered, despite the heat, her body trembling under her neighbor’s intense scrutiny. Part of her wanted to look away, wanted to pick up her water glass and head indoors. But she couldn’t move, couldn’t think. Could barely breathe as her entire body lit up from the inside.
What was it about this man, with his black eyes and roguish grin that turned her on so much? That held her transfixed on her balcony when she should be doing anything but this? She knew better—had known better since Curtis had used and abused her—and yet she here she was, unable to look away. Worse, she was enjoying every second of watching him watch her. Was reveling in the arousal arcing through her body.
In the distance, lightning flashed. Once, twice, followed quickly by the sharp crack of rumbling thunder. The air around her grew heavier, wetter—as did her body at this sudden advent of the storm. The wind picked up, whipped through her loose hair and down her bare arms. Lifted her skirt and flirted with the soft, damp skin of her upper thighs.
And she let it.
Then watched, fascinated, as—across the courtyard-- her neighbor’s eyes narrowed dangerously. She nearly grinned as he focused on her open thighs—and, she hoped, the small scrap of pink lace that was the only thing separating her from his view.
Desire escalated to need and she felt her breath catch. Sweat bloomed on her skin, ran in rivulets between her breasts and down her back and still she didn’t go inside. Didn’t cover herself. Didn’t so much as move.
She couldn’t.
Watching him watch her was the most erotic experience she’d ever had.
The breeze felt good as it caressed her thighs, as it slid between her breasts and crept softly down her neck. She imagined it was his hands touching her--that it was his long fingers trailing so languorously over her most private parts-- and nearly whimpered.
Biting her lip to keep the sound from escaping, she watched as his jaw clenched at the tell-tale movement. Watched as his entire body tensed.
He knew exactly how she was feeling, knew exactly how turned on she was. His knowledge was dangerous, disconcerting and would have been completely unbearable—after all knowledge was power when it came to love and war—except for the fact that he was as turned on as she was.
Maybe more—although Lacey wasn’t sure that was possible.
The wind picked up, its caresses growing stronger. If she closed her eyes she could pretend that it was him teasing and tormenting her. That it was him bringing her one step closer to crazy.
But she couldn’t look away, couldn’t let her eyelids fall. His hands, clenched on the iron railing, had the muscles of his forearms standing out in stark relief—a silent testament to the fact that he was burning as she was.
The need was building in her—teasing her, tantalizing her, taking her over with the promise of sensual satisfaction. Suddenly her nipples were so tight that even the light fabric of her tank top chafed them and her lower body ached with the need to be filled. To be taken after so many long months of celibacy.
This time she couldn’t stop the whimper that escaped, any more than she could stop herself from stroking the back of her hand down her neck and over her chest. With a sigh, she moved her hand even lower until she was cupping her left breast—massaging slowly and firmly as her thumb glanced across her nipple. Once, twice. Then again and again as her body spiraled up and nearly out of her control.
And still she watched him. Still she maintained eye contact as his body stiffened and his hands clutched the wrought-iron railing with the desperation of an addict looking for a much-delayed fix.
Setting her water glass down on the table beside her, she brought her right hand to her stomach. Lifted the soft cotton of her camisole so that she could trail her fingers up and down the sensitive skin of her stomach. She shivered at the first touch of cold fingers on hot skin, but the chill didn’t last long. It couldn’t—not when her neighbor stared at her with fiery eyes. Not when her own need was growing more desperate with every second that passed.
As she moved her hand lower, skimming it over the bare skin of her upper thighs, a little voice in the back of her head started clamoring. What was she doing, it asked. Was she insane? She didn’t know this man, didn’t know anything about him. And she was out in the open, where any of her neighbors could see.
Out in the open, where anyone could see.
She tuned the voice out, didn’t listen. Couldn’t listen as her body continued to operate on a frequency her conscious mind no longer reached. She was too far gone, desire and need and the months of self-denial all tied together as her body searched for the release it was desperate for. She’d deal with the consequences later, put up with his knowing looks and sly smiles if she had to. Right now she needed to come and for reasons completely unknown to her, it had to be here.
Had to be in front of his passion-glazed eyes.
Had to be with this man, whose desire was making hers burn hotter and brighter than it ever had before.
With a sigh, she let her head fall back against the lounge, then let the chaise take the weight of her upper body as she skimmed her fingers closer and closer to her inner thighs. Part of her wanted to just do it, to rush for the prize—the sweet release—that was only a few finger strokes away.
But there was something addictive about the power she felt in these moments, about the incredible raptness she was inspiring in her audience of one. His gaze was rapt, intense, his jaw rigid. His muscles so tight that she could see them bunch and ripple even across the courtyard. The knowledge that he was as captivated by her as she was by him, moved through her—right now a bomb could go off and he wouldn’t flinch, wouldn’t move. Hell, he probably wouldn’t even hear it. That’s how intent he was on her.
After months—years—of being the good little girl, it felt good to be wanted. After a lifetime of playing the innocent for men like Curtis—and taking whatever they gave her—it was fabulous to wield total control over her own pleasure.
And over his.
The tension inside of her built at the thought, had her teetering on the edge of a truly unbelievable orgasm before she’d so much as run a finger over her clit. Deciding she’d waited long enough, feeling more powerful—and more aroused—than she could remember, Lacey slipped her index finger beneath her pink lace thong and scooted the material out of the way so that she was totally open, totally bare. So that there was nothing between her most secret flesh and his most enthralled gaze.
And then, when she was sure she had his undivided attention, she began to stroke.

Go --->>> here to see Ms. Tracy's first day at the Hussy Lair and enter in for a chance to win Full Exposure!!! Good Luck.... To be entered in the contest just leave us a comment on this post!!!

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh how Tracy Wolff loves to Tease Us!!! With a Giveway too....

Allow me to introduce you to a wonderful woman... I love this version of her life...

Tracy Wolff lives with four men, teaches writing to local college students and spends as much time as she can manage immersed in worlds of her own creation. Married to the alpha hero of her dreams for twelve years, she is the mother of three young sons who spend most of their time trying to make her as crazy as possible.

Now as if this is not enough... Let me tease you with her upcoming release!

Tease Me
NAL Trade (April 6, 2010)
ISBN-10: 0451229258
ISBN-13: 978-0451229250

The “edgy and erotic” (Shannon McKenna, New York Times bestselling author of Tasting Fear) author of Tie Me Down and Full Exposure offers another steamy novel of sex, lies, and sultry games.

You can look, but you can’t touch…

Burned once too often, true crime writer Lacey Richards has sworn off love. Instead, she explores her deepest desires through her anonymous—and very provocative—blog. Anonymous, that is, until her dark and ultrasexy neighbor discovers her dirty secret.

Stockbrocker-turned-carpenter Byron Hawthorne gave up life in the fast lane, hoping to start over in a new city. When he learns his alluring neighbor is the one writing the sizzling blog that keeps him up all night, he can’t resist offering to fulfill her fantasies in the flesh. But Byron isn’t the only man provoked by Lacey’s writing. Now Lacey doesn’t know who she can trust—and who she can dare to tease.

Okay... now enough with pleasantries... Let's get to down the nitty gritty!!!

Holy smoke... did you see that cover up there... Drool worthy ladies!
Tell us about your contest?!?!

I want to thank you for coming over to my place Ms. Tracy! I am tickled to have you here. I love the way you introduce yourself at your place, hope you don't mind that I used it here, =)!

You want to tell us a little about you that we did not learn from the above introduction?
I love action movies, hard rock, sparkly earrings and happy endings. I’m a Libra who takes forever to make up her mind about anything (too busy weighing both sides of the issue). I’ve got red hair and the temper to match, but I’d much rather laugh than get angry. And I’m happiest when I’m reading, writing or hanging out my three boys.

Is writing your full time job (besides your family) or do you work outside of the home?
I’m a writing and American Literature professor—though I now only teach part time so that I can write full-time.

If you work outside of the house, how do you find time to balance it all?
It’s not easy. My husband travels A LOT for work, so many months I feel like a single mother of three boys. Add in two jobs and everything that comes with motherhood and taking care of a house and I’m usually more than a little frazzled. It helps that I don’t sleep much—I’m an insomniac, so I usually only get about four hours of sleep a night.

I have seen this around and it makes me curious... I will not ask you to tell me one of your favorite characters - because we all know that is like picking a favorite child. So, I want to know, what was/is your favorite book to write?? Ha Ha, yes, I am evil! You can not get out of it either!
Oh, you are evil. That’s a hard one, because I like them all while I’m writing them. If you’d asked me a year ago, I would have said Tease Me, definitely. That book was emotionally draining but so fun to write. But then I wrote Dark Embers, my first dragon shifter book as Tessa Adams (it comes out in July 2010) and it was amazing fun. I wrote it super-fast and everything came together beautifully—plus, if you want to talk favorite characters, I looooooove my hero in that book, Dylan.

**Haaa haa... I got you tell me your favorite character!!! LOL!!!**
My other favorite book to write is the one I’m currently working on—my 1st young adult novel. It’s called Rip Tide and is a dark mermaid/surfing tale about a girl trapped between her desires and her destiny (and a pretty terrible evil). It’s been a blast to write as well.

Why was it your favorite?

Honestly, I love all three of those books—Tease Me, Dark Embers and Rip Tide—because of the characters, and because of how much fun they were to write.

Since Valentine's day has passed and being we all read our books to get that HEA, tell me the best Valentine's present you ever received and from who?
My husband always buys me great Valentine’s Day presents, so I’m really lucky. I think my favorite was the beautiful set of really expensive knives he got me a few years ago (I looooove to cook). Anyway, he almost always gets me jewelry, but that year I really wanted this knife set, so he got it for me. As he was walking through the store, though, all the men he met kept telling him he was crazy. That he was going to end up getting stabbed by one of those knives if that’s what he brought me home for V-Day. By the time he handed them to me he was a little pale and really nervous, but I was thrilled because it meant that he’d really listened to what I wanted and got them for me even though his every instinct was to go for the jewelry. I still use them every day.

**I think that is so sweet. I also think he was very brave!!! LOL**

Last safe question, hee hee... This question comes from Sweet Vernal Zephyr & Elaing8: With all your life experience... you have to share something slightly funny and/or embarrassing that has happened in your life? ~Makes us feel human~
You don’t know me or you wouldn’t ask that question—I don’t have slight embarrassments. I have huge humiliations on a regular basis.
All through school, I was totally into acting as well as writing. The one play I could never be in—high school or college- was the musical, because I sound like a dying duck when I sing, so I always worked backstage. Anyway, I was working backstage on one musical, and one of my jobs was to help the male lead change costumes in the middle of the play, as he had a really quick scene change. Anyway, I was helping him with his pants and he lost his balance. We went crashing through the scenery at the edge of the stage, landed front and center of a sold out crowd, with his pants around his ankles, my skirt around my waist and my head in his lap.

So was that embarrassing enough for you?

Are you kidding me... I so want to go school with you!!! Can you say Ms. Hussy in training, lol!!**

Okay. What is my place without some smut!
Erotic Romance Reader (Janna) wants to know: How do you determine if or which love/sex scenes go into your book?
I try to really personalize the scenes for each book—to make sure that they fit the characters so well that I couldn’t pick them up and put them in anyone else’s book. For example, there’s a fabulous scene (if I do say so myself) in Full Exposure, where they’re at an erotic photography museum that came together so beautifully—and fit Kevin and Serena so well—that it’s still one of my favorite scenes. There’s another scene, in the very beginning of Tease Me, that is incredibly voyeuristic (which is, in part, what the book is about). It took me forever to write the scene and I was a little nervous about letting my editor see it because it is really emotionally raw. Thank goodness, she loved it and wanted me to open the book with it. The excerpt is a teaser (hah) at the end of Tie Me Down and I’ve gotten a ton of letters about it already. I think that’s what I really try to do—write a love scene that epitomizes the heart and soul of my characters—and my book.

Have you written a sex scene that has made you blush?
Not unless I’m in the room when someone is reading it. But I have written a few that made my editor blush—does that count?

**As long as someone blushed, lol**

Now for some quick fun:

Sweet or Sour: Sweet
Coke or Pepsi: Coke
Milk or Dark Chocolate: Milk
Run or Walk: I run only when chased, and even that depends on who’s doing the chasing …
Read or Write (HA): Read. Definitely
Chinese or Italian food: Italian
Hot Cocoa or Hot Tea: Depends on my mood.
Sunset or Sunrise: Definitely sunset. Love the colors.
Kiss or Hug: Yes, please
Cuddling or Hot Sex (Had to ask!): I write erotic romance—what do you think???????????

Ms. Tracy, I want to thank you for coming over and playing with us today!!!!!

~This is where she will tease you with her excerpt from Tease Me~

“Hey, what can I get you?” She glanced over her shoulder with a grin, and everything inside him seemed to freeze. God, she was beautiful. Not just in the conventional sense, but in so many small ways he couldn’t fail to notice. Ways he’d never thought to look for before her.
It wasn’t just her face, though, God, she looked good. It was the smattering of freckles across her nose and the patterns they formed. Her high cheekbones and the incredibly kissable hollows beneath them. The peekaboo dimple in her left cheek that flashed only when she smiled just right. And her smile, the one that lit up her whole face and made him feel—for a few seconds—like he was the only man in her world.
“Byron?” Lacey called his name for the second time, and he suddenly realized that he’d been standing there, gaping at her like a total idiot.
“I’m sorry. What did you ask?”
“Do you want a drink?”
“Oh, sure, sorry.” He shook his head, made an effort to concentrate. “Do you have a beer?”
“Of course.” She bent to open the small bar fridge, and her yoga pants stretched taut over her sweetly rounded ass. It took all his restraint not to drop to his knees behind her and take her right there. God knew, all the work he’d done in the kitchen to calm himself down had been totally undone in the two minutes since he’d been in the room with her
“I’ve got Purple Haze, Strawberry Harvest and Red Ale.”
He stared at her incredulously, wondering if he’d heard right. “Are those beers or song titles?”
She laughed. “Beers. Whenever I move to a new place, I like to try out the local breweries. These are all from Abita, and they’re really good.”
Figuring it wouldn’t hurt to play along, he tried his damnedest not to look doubtful. One or two sips wasn’t going to kill him, after all. “Okay. Which one is your favorite?”
“I like them all, but I guess it depends what you want. Are you in the mood for raspberries or strawberries?”
He didn’t have to think twice, as a picture of her raspberry-colored nipples flashed before his eyes. “Raspberries.”
“Somehow I knew you were going to say that.” She tossed him a beer with a purple label, and he shook his head while twisting off the top.
“I don’t know about this, Lacey. No self-respecting beer has a purple label.”
“This one does. It used to be available only at Mardi Gras—hence the name and the color—but it got to be so popular that they brew it all year round now.”
He stared at the bottle doubtfully for another minute before taking a swig, and was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly it went down. “It’s actually pretty good.”
“You don’t have to sound so surprised.” She led him over to the couch, then gestured for him to sit. “Are you sure you’d rather stay in tonight?”
He raised an eyebrow. “Is that a trick question?”
She laughed. “Good answer.”
“So, you move around a lot?”
She cocked her head to the side, somehow managing to look like an inquisitive little cat—one he wanted to do nothing more with than to pull her into his lap and pet. But she obviously wanted to call the shots tonight, and he was intrigued enough to follow where she led. For a while anyway.
“Is that what you want to do with the evening?” she asked. “Play 20 Questions?” Her voice was low and inviting and took the sting out of the question.
“Actually, I’ve got a better idea.” God knew, he had a few of them. But tearing her clothes off before the first glass of wine—for the second time in as many days—seemed more than a little rude.
“And that is?” She took a sip of her wine and then shot him a smile that had his cock straining against the zipper of his jeans.
He studied her for a few seconds, running his eyes over her clothes and jewelry. “I call it nine questions.”
“Nine?” She raised an eyebrow. “That’s a fairly random number.”
“Not really. It’s the number of items you’re wearing—if you don’t go commando, I mean. It also”—he glanced down at himself—“happens to be the exact number of items I’m wearing as well.”
“Well, isn’t that convenient?” She pursed her lips into an inviting O.
Had he thought his dick was hard before? As he watched her lick her lips, the blood rushed from his head so fast that for a minute, he was afraid he might pass out.
And wouldn’t that just be a kick in the ass, particularly on what promised to be one of the most erotic nights of his life?
“Am I correct in assuming that there’s a fee for every question asked?”
“You are, indeed. One item per question.”
“Are any subjects off -limits?”
He smiled then. “Let’s cross that bridge when we come to it.


Thank you so much Ms. Tracy for coming to play at the Hussy Lair today!!! I have enjoyed our company!!!

Thanks so much, Cecile, for having me today. I love your blog and have really enjoyed getting to know you these last few months. To celebrate your 1 year anniversary, I’m giving away a copy of Full Exposure, my first erotic suspense. Just leave a comment telling me about your favorite new author to be entered to win a copy!
And please leave us your email address - so we can get in touch with you!!!

The contest is open to: US & Canada only - however if you know someone with a US or Canada address that would not mind shipping it for you... You are more than welcome to enter!

To see what else she has coming up, please go --->> here.
To visit her blog, please go --->>> here.
To visit her website, please go --->> here.

And of course, we can not leave without some delicious eye candy.... I mean, after that damn near nuclear melting excerpt she gave us up there.... You ready...

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Review: Flawless by Kimber Chin

(Tavos Santos’ story - our knife wielding vigilante in Invisible)
Launch Date: February 2010
Publisher: Champagne Books

Is love worth killing for?

Grace Williams has a list of things she wants to do before she dies: walk a tightrope, dye her hair purple, skinny dip in the ocean, kiss the scarred stranger sent to kill her…

Yeah, Tavos Santos is a killer but f— it if he’s going to be Grace’s killer. There are other relationships he’d rather have with the gloved beauty. None of them requiring knives.

It takes a killer to catch a killer. Now Tavos must decide… Is love worth killing for?

I obtained this information from Ms. Kimber's web site.

This book is my own - as is this review. All thoughts are my own.
I do not give spoilers away, and this is short story... so I will not give away too much.

Grace is a woman with a mission in life, a mission to die. Or at least that is what she thinks is going to happen. She is running from an abusive/psycho/demented father. Grace accepts her fate with her head held high and decided that if she has to die, she is going to make a list and scratch off the things she's always wanted to do. I immediately took to Grace. While I read of her character I could see her emotions, her feelings and I could picture her thought process. I also could see her as a friend of mine. She is a person that would do anything for you. You can not help but fall in love with her. She has a bit of charm to her that hints on the side of dingy that will make you laugh sometimes; then other times you will be like WTH? She is a strange girl, but one you will want to be friends with.

Tavos, he is f*cking unbelievable. He is the f*cking bad guy of bad guys but with the heart of pure gold ((I am looking over my shoulder to make sure Tavos is not reading this, because he would not like for that to get Okay, let me rectify that, he is the f*cking back guy of bad guys - PERIOD. His past is f*cking bad. His habits are f*cking twice as bad and his mouth is... well, if you are still with me... f*cking delicious. Why is the f word here so much, because that is his favorite word. This word is as much a part of him as his arms or legs. It is just who Tavos is. What is wrong with that being his favorite word, well he is trying to publicly promote his jewelry store and f*ck is not what people want to hear on tv. But Tavos is the f*cking bad boy of boys... And he is the f*cking sex on stick. I think he is what invented the sex on a stick. The man wields a knife like we wield our cell phones. He is never without it and as odd as it may seem, it is his comfort stick. But with the help of some friends, he over comes his past and makes a better future for himself, or at least that is what he thought until he meets Grace and his f*cking world changes.

This book is explosive. I was literally on the edge of my seat the whole time I read this book. I almost called Ms. Chin a couple of names (she will forgive me, lol, I hope) because I could not for the life of me figure out what was going to happen. The loop I was thrown was not where I wanted to go - or not where I thought I wanted to go. This woman kept me in suspense the whole time. And I loved her even more for all the hell she put me though. This book is by far her best. I love her work, it is no secret, but this book... WOW. This book took my breath away, held it for some time, then just burst back through my lungs and had me gasping for more! Ms. Kimber's style of writing is just --to use Tavos' words -- f*cking awesome.

To read an excerpt from Flawless, please go --->>> here and you will want to read this!
To visit Ms. Kimber's web site, please go --->> here. She would love to hear from you.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Are you ready to party....

My blog anniversary party (&100th follower) is about to kick off...
are you ready????

Stories will be told, books will be pimped out, and giveaways will happen!
Excerpt will be dished out along side some hot men, of course!
They both will be hot, steamy, sexy and just plain juicy!
(remember, the mop is in the closet for the drool)
And hussies will be purring high!

Thanks Elaing8 ~ You freaking rock!
For an extra chance at any giveaway that is offered....
Proudly display my badge (link it to me) at your place
and come put your link here.
If you want to that is ~
I understand if you don't want to!

The tribe might make a pass through the party!
You remember them?!?!

So... now I ask... are you ready to party??
I have tons in store for you.
Look on the side bar for a list of upcoming events!
And alllll winners will be announced at the end of the party!

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Review: Ocean Breeze, Little Squeeze by Jenna Byrnes

Ocean Breeze, Little Squeeze
by: Jenna Byrnes
Genre: Mystery/Suspense
Length: Novella

Big X, little x, question mark, dot. The child’s rhyme runs through Lucas Sinclair’s mind. He can still feel the light play of his sister’s fingers across his back, dancing along to the words. Unsettling, considering his twin, Laurie, had been abducted fifteen years earlier and never heard from again.

Ocean breeze, little squeeze. In a small, ocean-side cottage that shouldn’t be filled with memories, Lucas attempts to start a new life. It’s harder than he expects to move on. Indications are that Laurie has returned and isn’t the carefree child she used to be.

With a therapist trying to help him, and a private investigator who can’t seem to let go of the past, Lucas confronts his demons. He’s not sure where his sexy next-door neighbor fits in, but Tristan Conner seems to know a lot more than he’s telling. Someone is terrorizing Lucas. Can it really be Laurie—or worse yet, one of the three men he’s come to trust? (Mystery/suspense, m/m)

The above information was obtained from Jenna Byrnes' website.

This book was given to me by Ms Jenna. All she ask is that I keep my thoughts of my own and honest. So, here we go...
((I must remind you all that this is a short story and if you are here enough (at my place), you will know that I do not judge short stories for their briefness.))

This is a very emotional, heart-wrenching story. Lucas Sinclair is trying to reclaim his life. Life has dealt some crappy cards. At a very young age, he lost his twin sister. Then later in life, he lost both of his parents. Life has not been nice for Lucas to say the least. He moves two hours away from his parents home, to the beach. Not to run away, to just regroup.

This book had me on the edge of my seat, not know who Lucas was destined to be with - the therapist Kyle, the private investigator Eli... or his new neighbor Tristan. Will Lucas find the answers he needs to lay at rest his past, will things he uncover in the event to lay at rest on bring turmoil, will he be deemed crazy and insane, or will the men in his life drive him another kind of crazy? Where will Lucas place his trust? Where will Lucas place his heart? Will his heart ever be free of the past?

Questions you say I leave you, answers I leave you not. Am I being mean, never! I will give you this... there is some sweet man loving in this book; enough to make your hussy purr

Ms. Jenna has a way of crafting her words where you will fall in love. Her man loving is awesome. This story was very suspenseful. Ms. Jenna kept me guessing the whole time. Her work speaks for itself. Another great story by her!

If you would like to purchase this title, feel free to go --->> here.

To visit Ms. Jenna's web site, please go --->> here.
To visit her scorching blog, please go --->>> here.
Drop her a line, she would love to hear from you!

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day

You ask what do you have to give on this day?
You have a smile to show - it is contagious.
A hand for offering help - you never know when someone could use another.
You have a heart to show love - for some may not know love.
You can lift someone's spirit by just being there.
Valentine's day is a day of love; not of just couples or have you nots...
But for all of us...

So I bid you this day of joy and happiness and most of all... love.
Now pick up the smutties book you can found and get to reading!
Happy Valentine's Day!

~Happy Smutty Filled Day~
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Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Delicious Tease Contest Extravaganza

What book is teasing you right now??
What book has you wanting IT. NOW.??

Head over to Tracy's place to read all the details on how to win!!!!
Please go --->>> here!
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Awards for me!!! Thank you!

Happy 101 Award!!!!
Thanks Miranda @ Sweet Vernal Zephyr & Patti @ Book Addict for bestowing me with this one!

This one comes with rules:
List 10 things that make you happy. Try and do at least one of them today. Tag 10 bloggers that brighten your day. Link back to the person that tagged you.

1. Rain
2. Rainbows that come after the rain
3. Singing **scratch that** Jamming out in my car
((I am very guilty of doing this almost every day when I am alone in my car))
4. Reading
5. My REAL friends
6. My book addiction, I mean my book collection
7. Seeing a book in my mailbox
8. Talking to my friends
9. Getting presents
10. God

I pass this award onto...

The Sugar Doll Award!
Thank you so much, Missy ~ for thinking of me!
It means the world to me
I am supposed to list 10 things about myself, then pass the award on to some other bloggers!

1. I love with all my heart... even if I know it will get broken
2. I love to dance... I have taken tap, ballet, jazz, lyrical and point for almost 20 yrs
3. I love making my friends smile (or laugh 0r both!)
4. I hate dust - it never goes away
5. I hate liars and fake-wanna-be's
6. I can't stand coconut, but love Malibu's Coconut Rum
7. I also love Southern Comfort & Red Bull
8. I will try anything once
9. Tigers are my favorite animals - actually white tigers
10. I love blankets right out the dryer

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Tagged by Leontine to reveal.... My Book Boyfriend

Oh my gosh... Doesn't that badge just scream smutty hussy to you... Well, Leontine tagged me with this wonderful job! I mean, I live and breathe for the smut of my man, the sex on the stick kind...

We all have our favourite book boyfriends and now you have the chance to create one just for yourself and your fantasies! How do you play? Fill out the quiz bellow, post a picture of sexy man and tag five (5) other book addicts to do the same. Don't forget to pop to their blogs as let them know they have been tagged! Once tagged... you have to do the same, grab the button, answer the questions, and keep it rolling! But don't forget the picture of the sexy man! It doesn't have to match your fantasy man, just a little eye candy for the rest of us... heheheee!
1- Hair colour and style

Chocolate brown, slightly wavy. The length is like the man, always changing. Never to long though, but long enough for me to run my fingers through when I want. The style is his own, loose and free. Secretly, he knows what I like and keeps it that way - to please me.

2- Eye colour and facial features

His eyes are piercing blue. The color of the bluest ocean. I can see straight through them, as he can see straight through me. His eyes are the window to his soul. Just looking into them I get lost. His eyes are a stark contrast to his hair. Dark vs Light. Like the man himself. His eyes tell me all I want to know... what his mood is, what is on his mind. Just one look and I know if he is ready to toss me where ever he finds a spot and have his way with me, or if he is up to no good... in a wickedly delicious way!
His facial features are very predominate and striking. One look at him and you will not forget that face. His lips are full (for kissing, licking, biting and other delicious things). His cheeks have a bit of blush color to them - set off his eyes. His skin color will tell you his is an outdoor man. Working man. He can be clean shaved or a five o'clock shadow and it will suit him well. Soft and shaved is nice... but gruff can be just as nice. **evil wink**

3- Height and body type

He stands just right at six foot. I like my man taller than me. His body is definitely the body of man who takes care of himself. Gym not required with the physical labor he does - like sling me over his shoulder! His shoulders are broad, arms are firm and muscular (but not overly). His hands are firm and calloused a bit. He works with his hands, so they are a bit rough. But he knows how to use them to be gentle and bring delight. He caresses are as soft and light as butterfly wings. His knows his own strength and knows how to use it to his benefit.
His waist line tapers very nice. His abs were made for washing (washboard abs, lol) and less not forget a happy trail that is just for me to follow to some yummy Sex on a Stick!
His thighs and calves are very firm and muscled just right. Together with the tapered waist and nice thighs...they meet up to a heaven of an ass.

4- Visible age


5- Bangability ie: kinky/bi/size

Oh wow! This is the fun part... Well, lets not be modest shall we. Leontine has this right -->> "I don’t think anyone will ask for a small size cock here LOL"
With that said, lets continue. His cock is big enough for me to wrap my mouth around and give him the ultimate pleasure. But he knows how to return favors and enjoys doing so. He likes to toy with the dom/sub. He is not a complete dom all the time, but he loves the role. He is not into the pain aspect of it, he is in for the controlling part. He relishes in the fact that he can tie me up and make me obey him. His fetish is me. He knows his own body as well as mine (like the back of his hand, lol). He believes the act of sex is something to treasure no matter where it is, how long it last, or what is being done. He uses every body part of himself to make sure that I know we are connected. He is also confident in his own sexuality; which brings to the table a whole new way of experiencing things because a person who is confident in themselves radiates that to their partner.

6- Human or other

Hummm... I guess I want the best of both worlds. Shapeshifter, that way I get my human and another part of him...

7- Paranormal skills

Are you kidding me, he would be able to read the souls of those around him. Not like reading thoughts. He could see evil, goodness. Sadness, grief, pain, angst, happiness, love, hatred, bliss or void. He would know who his enemies are without second guessing. He would know what harm/or goodness they mean to his pack. He would be the alpha of his pack. But knows that his beta is just as important (alpha) as him with loyalty and respect.

8- Interests

Me. Oh, you meant what other things interest him... Okay.
Reading of course (to me) - DUH, being with me, working with his hand (on me), being with me, protecting his family (me), making sure all is right with the world (and me), rocking out to his music, dancing with me, rock climbing, hiking, off road riding... Physical endurance (with me)! Anything that gets him moving - me.

9- Habitat

A house/cabin tucked away from the world, but not to far from civilization. A house he built with his own hands (and help from family). The house would have all of the things a woman needs and then some. Roomy enough if children come into the picture, but cozy enough that it does not feel too big. A fireplace is a must - for those cuddle nights while he reads to me. A spa kinda bathroom - so he can take showers/baths with me and us fit! We need room to move around - a lot at six foot!

10- Special skills

Besides rocking my world everyday of our lives!
He has mad ninja skills. And don't piss him off... the beast within will come and whoop your ass - not to mention the ninja skills and taekwondo and all that other fighting crap!
Oh and saving the world from evil domination from the enemies that seek to take what he has - a loving, devotional and super duper great woman - me oh and a great pack of family.

And what kind of eyecandy do I have to offer to my fellow hussies... Lets see...

Now it says to tag 5.. but so far, I have two... and personally I am not sure who wants to dish out the deets for their man... or who cares how smutty this gets. So I will choose these two - but if you want to play - please pick up and let me know!

JennJ@ Sapphire Romance
Miranada @ Sweet Vernal Zephyr

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

She is killing me!!!

Gena has done it again... Gena Showalter has managed to give me a heart attack in two days....
Welcome home honey... Gideon's story... Damn this woman has some freaking mad cover artist!!!!! Her covers are awesome... Drool worthy... Just look at him....


'In this riveting new installment of New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter’s Lords of the Underworld series, Gideon, keeper of the Demon of Lies, fights to uncover the truth….

Forced to his knees in agony whenever he speaks the truth, Gideon can recognize any lie—until he captures Scarlet, a demon-possessed immortal who claims to be his long-lost wife. He doesn’t remember the beautiful female, much less wedding — or bedding — her. But he wants to . . . almost as much as he wants her.

But Scarlet is keeper of Nightmares, too dangerous to roam free, and a future with her could mean ultimate ruin. Especially as Gideon’s enemies draw closer . . . and the truth threatens to destroy all he’s come to love . . . '

This is Aeron's story here... OMG... just freaking look at this.... Hot you say...
I am freaking on fire!

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Review: Laid Bare by Lauren Dane

Berkley Heat
ISBN: 978-0425229712
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Menage, BDSM
Length: Novel

The Blurb:
Unexpected Desire…
It’s been ten years since clean-cut, sexy-as-hell police officer Todd Keenan had a white-hot fling with Erin Brown, the provocative, wild rocker chick next door. Their power exchange in the bedroom got under his skin. But love wasn’t in the cards just yet…
Now, life has thrown the pair back together. But picking up where they left off is tough, in light of a painful event from Erin’s past. As Todd struggles to earn her trust, their relationship takes an unexpected and exciting turn when Todd’s best friend, Ben, ends up in their bed—and all three are quite satisfied in this relationship without a name. As the passion they share transforms Erin, will it be enough to help her face the evil she thought she had left behind?
All this information was obtained from Ms. Dane's website.

This book was bought by myself and all thoughts expressed in this review are solely mine and Elaing8!!!
That is right you read right, Elaing8 has dueled up with me to review this book. IT was her that prompted me to hit the buy now button! She is evil, I tell you! =) LOL! And it is her first review on the blog ~ so please be nice to her!!

This review will be a little different because I have included what Elaing8 has to say about it. So... on to what you came here for.... This review is by Cecile & Elaing8! (Elaing8's thoughts are in red)

First let me say that is was my first Lauren Dane book - evaa - and will NOT be my last. I devoured this book. This book freaking took off like a bottle rocket from page one and did not stop till the last page. And hottness of this book left my fingers on fire!

Elaing8 - I enjoyed Laid Bare. This is the first book of Lauren Dane's that I read.
I read this book in one day. I wanted to know what was going to happen next. It was a page turner.

I want to be Erin Brown when I grow up. She is a woman of amazing personality, strength, courage, love, devotion and self pride. Erin is woman who knows who she is inside and out. She is comfortable in her own skin and owns it. When we first met Erin, she is young - around her twenties. She owned herself back then. She knew who she was, what she wanted and apologized for nothing. Erin is a very strong character. She knows what she wants and goes for it.
I agree with you on that. She does go for it - whatever it is. The next thing I admire about her is that she will never push you; even though she knows you are capable of going farther than your limits.
Then we meet Todd... Erin's cop neighbor friend. **wink wink** Erin was a hold no bars woman, she knew that Todd watched her every evening while she unloaded her equipment from the bar they played at that night. So, one night her brother, Adrian (they shared an apartment) issued a challenge about her "holds no bar" attitude. So, with a six pack of beer and her body... she sashayed her way to Todd's apartment ~ set to "get to know" him a little better! Well, getting to know Todd better was something she did in spades over the course of the next months. They relationship was freaking explosive. She rocked his world and shook it the hell up. But in the end, Todd had a hard time accepting the true person he was. Erin would never push Todd for something he could not give... So... yea... my heart tore a little with that break up.
In my opinoin, Todd was unsure of who he was and what he wanted, but I liked the chemistry between him and Erin right away. I guess he was a little old fashioned.

Now, I can not go forward until I tell you about her brother's and they absolutely yumminess!! We have Brody (he is the oldest, owns a tattoo parlor) and Adrian (he is the baby and the rock singer). Their parents died when they were all in their late teenage years, so Brody took care of them. Their relationship together rocks this world. Makes me wish that I had that kinda of relationship. Ms. Dane did an awesome job of making me feel the emotion of this family. They are connected in a bond that is truly awe-inspiring. They got each other's back - NO matter what.
Now that I have gave you a taste of her brothers... let the story continue.

Lets fast forward ten years. Erin is in her early thirties. She is still her own woman, just broken inside. Something very tragic happened in her life. She was a rocker back then - in the good old days. Her and her brother Adrian had hit it big, MTV big. And life was good - until that one day. Her world absolutely broke and no where left to turn but the bottle of vodka and pain medication. Ms. Dane - again - did an awesome job of making me feel like Erin was real to me.
Something terrible happens to Erin and shatters her world, but she has to keep on living. She has a very strong support group in her brothers. That helps her through the rough patches.
Then Todd enters back into her life and becomes the rock I think she desperately needed. I love their relationship.

With the ten years that have pasted, both Erin and Todd have changed. Their lives each going in totally separate way from that fateful night back at their apartment. Now, Todd has moved back to Seattle and is trying to start fresh. With that fresh start, he decides to look up an old friend. Erin... still the woman he knew, but some how a little more jaded that before. They picked up right where they left off. Their chemistry never changed, never failed, and never altered. Their relationship is just so dynamic. Back then and now. Elaing8 was right when she said that Todd is Erin's rock. He was what she needed, what she had always needed.

When Todd came back to town he sought out two of his bestest best friends - Ben and Cope (two brothers). They opened up a security company together. All from families of cop, they knew what they were looking for.

In getting back together - Todd back in town with Ben & Cope and Erin back with her two brothers - the gang just got bigger. Family and friends meshed together. This is an awesome cast of characters that Ms. Dane has put together.

Now speaking of friends... Ben gets introduced to us with Todd. They have been best friends for life. They have shared everything - except each other. Well... that is until... Oh you thought I was going to tell you... Yea, I am evil.. But apparently Elaing8 thinks other ways... Enters Ben. I understand Todd wanting to share Erin with his best friend. To have some fun in their relationship. After all, Todd admits he loves to watch. And to see that Todd has come pass the person he has hidden for so long. I struggled with the relationship Ms. Dane put Todd and Ben through. I was hoping the thing with Ben would have just been a fling of some sort, that down the line he would have gotten his own book... But obviously that will not happen. That said, I enjoyed reading the journey this threesome has to go through from trusting each other to telling family that this is what they wanted and dealing with Erin's past. ~Together~
Our final thoughts:
This books is awesome. Ms. Dane created a world which I fell in love with. There were no small roles in this book. Everyone is awesome. The emotion is so raw and real. The love is just so.... there. You can actually feel Todd & Erin's love and devotion. You can also feel the angst Erin goes though. This is a very powerful book. The m/f/m relationship that Ms. Dane created took some time to get use to, but it worked and rocked! Ms. Dane's writing style is absolutely memorizing. I can not wait to see where the rest of the crew goes... and how their stories touch my heart!
I liked all the characters... Brody, Adrian, Cope yum. I also like how Erin's employee Ella's story was weaved through the book. I'm looking forward to reading Brody, Cope and Adrian's stories. And what happens next with Todd, Erin and Ben.

Thanks Elaing8 for doing this with me. I had a blast learning what she liked and what she did not like. I do not like to give spoilers away here... there is a lot more that we talked about that is not here! Sorry ladies... But if you want to discuss the book in your comments just put that it is to talk - so those who have not read this to skip that comment.

To read more of this explosive book, please go --->> here.

There is more of these bad boys... This is a tease of Coming Undone:

Brody Brown has always been responsible for others. After his parents’ death, he gave up a promising artistic career to care for his younger brother and sister. Now, with his siblings grown, Brody owns his own business, has a nice house, makes a nice living, and for the first time in years he’s on his own.
Elise Sorenson has come to Seattle with her young daughter to find peace. After years as a world-famous ballerina—(and just as many years in a marriage-gone-bad)—she’s looking for neither love nor attention. But she finds both in the handsome, honest man who befriends her with no strings attached.
More than friends, Brody and Elise discover in each other what they need—wild, physical passion without commitment. But it’ll take a shadow from Elise’s past to make them look beyond what they need—to what they truly desire.

To visit Ms. Dane's site, please go --->>> here.
To visit Ms. Dane's blog, please go --->>> here.
I am sure she would love to hear from you!!! =)
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Monday, February 1, 2010

Part 6 ~ How Sweet Is My Neighbor

How Sweet Is My Neighbor
By: Cecile B Smith

Oh screw the boxes, just fuck me now is what I wanted to tell him, but I knew that was not what he was wanted from me. Not at this point. This was the start of something and if I wanted to be a part of it, now was the time to make that decision. If I wanted to play, I had to be a good girl and play by his rules. He was looking down at me, waiting to see what I had to say to his invitation. "Justin, we just met." Oh gawd, did I just say that. I sound like a prude. "What I mean is..," I rest my hands on his chest. Big mistake. I could feel his heart beating as fast as mine and I could feel the heat I generated from him. I could also feel how muscular he was under that shirt. He pulled me closer so there was no mistaking what I was doing to him. I could feel just how hard he was - for me. Oh damn, you only live once right... "Justin, I will allow you to do whatever you want."

Oh shit, did I just say that? Did I just give a complete strange free range over me? What have I gotten myself into? Am I scare, hell yeah!! Nervous, excited, worried, dread... Okay, so my self esteem is not all that great. Justin must of saw the emotions fly across my face. He took his hands and cupped my face and stared directly into my eyes. Just a mere touch was enough to send me off to the moon. "Lizzie, you sure you will allow me whatever I want?" His questioning me made me feel like I have a choice; not that I could think of anything else but his hands on me and mine on his. My eyes told him the answer he needed.

"You know what you have gotten yourself into huh?" Shit, I had no clue. "Let the games begin," he said with the most wicked smile ever. "Now, grab some boxes so we can clean your house." Clean my house, the man said the word clean. This was like porn to my ears. "Yes sir," I said saluting him. Within fifteen minutes there was not a trace of a box in my house and everything was in its place. Of course it was about four in the morning; but it was Saturday, so it was okay. Exhausted, we both sat down on the couch. He sat at one corner and I laid down in my little corner. "Come here," those sweet words came off his lips while he patted his lap. Oh dear God, I have died and went to heaven. I happily obliged. My head now in his lap and I am looking up at him. Damn this man looked good no matter which way I examined him. On the verge of sleep deprivation I managed to get out, "Justin, just what have I gotten myself into with you?" "Oh Lizzie, just wait. You are going to love what I have in store for you. "

Sexy Couple Pictures, Images and Photos

If you want more of Justin's punishment and what Elizabeth decides to do...
Come back on March 1st... For Part 7...
Because it is just starting to get good and hot!!!

This is my story. All words, names and places are clearly made up in my mind.
If you so chose to print my story any where, I promise you harm.
I am nice... I promise.

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