Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Part 4 ~ How Sweet Is My Neighbor

Part 4
By: Cecile B Smith

Oh gawd, did I just hear right: no wife and no girlfriend. Damn, I must be dreaming. I pinch myself, only to find that the shit hurts. My problem is men like this are just not attracted to women like me. I am an average woman of about five foot five, wear a size ten, not zero, and have more curves than I cared to admit. I am nothing to stare at, at least through my eyes. So why did this man make me feel like I was the sexiest woman he laid eyes on. With just one look the man could undress me and I would be okay with that. Really, I would be. Oh hell, who was I kidding... it has been a while since my last roll in the hay and so what if I had to see him everyday. It is NOT like a man is showing up on my door step offering me cake every day right!!!
(Okay, so it is not a cake... but damn)

I was pulled out of my x-rated thoughts by that sexy as hell voice, "Lizzie, you gonna help me with these boxes or not?" Huh... what did he just call me, "Lizzie? Justin, who are you talking to?" He put this sexual tone to his voice and grinned, "That's my new name for you. Elizabeth just seems so..." shrugging his shoulders, "so... stuffy shirt for you. And besides, that's my pet name for you from now on." A pet name... for me... from now on. What the hell was going on between us and what was I missing. "Lizzie, don't make me tell you again to grab some boxes. If I have to tell you again and you are going to get punished."

Punished, for the life of me, I can not remember the last time I had been punished or reprimanded for anything. Images started flooding my mind of me bent over his lap with nothing on while he held a little paddle in his hand. Or my hands tied up in my bed with him over me with a can of whip cream. Oh damn, I really need to get out more often. "Punish me...," my checks flushes just speaking the word. It was not a dirty word, but I felt dirty using it. "And just how you plan on punishing me."

If you want more of Justin and his cake... You better make sure you stick around...
Because it is about to get all kinda of delicious up in here!!!

This is my story. All words, names and places are clearly made up in my mind.
If you so chose to print my story any where, I promise you harm.
I am nice... I promise.

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  1. CECILE!! YOU GO GIRL!! I'll have to read the other three parts to this story...

  2. LOL - you are out of control! :)

    Thanks for the mention in the sidebar!

  3. Cecile that was great. I can't wait to read more. And that Justin is all kinds of yummy :)

    As for the pic,I don't think many of us noticed it wasn't ;)

  4. *pant pant* Dagnabit... I should know better than to read this at work! Hot, oh so hot. I'm just panting because of my hot coffee... riiiight....

    Sweet chocolate cake Cecile! What will Lizzie get herself into next?

  5. Evil laughter, you know I am enjoying this right, lol!!!!

    Elaine, I am so glad that you did not NOTICE that it was not a cake he was making... OH man, to have that man in my kitchen... Damn!

    Sweet ~ The coffee was hot huh??? LOL!!!!

  6. Thanks Barbara!! Oh yes!! You must go read the other parts, they are very enlighten!! LOL!!!! MMMaaahhhaaawwww!!!

    Blodeuedd! Hey honey! Oh I am going alright... straight into that man's kitchen!!! LOL!!

    Chris ~ You know I will pimp you out girl!!! Love ya! Out of control you say...hummmm...

  7. This story is getting better with each short chapter Cecile! Keep 'em coming...

  8. Hmmm, a little punishing?? Sounds yummy!

    Funny you should mention that. I have a little scene with some "punishing" in it that I've been dabbling with. I, ummm, well, there's this really cute, really young security guard at work that has been very, umm, inspirational! I happened to ask him if he carried handcuffs *wiggles eyebrows* Then my cheeks flushed...and that's all I'm sayin!

  9. I'm loving this.

    my word verification was turbocop

  10. Cecile I am lovin' this! (Um, is this where I say I didn't notice it wasn't cake either?!)

  11. Wooooo Girl! You are going to kill us stopping in the middle of that!!! LOL we need more now! come on tell us the rest!!!!! Can't wait to see what you and Justin do next! Big hugs my dear

  12. {shouts} somebody move the damn bowl!!!!


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