Friday, January 22, 2010

What's Your Burning Question?

Yep, I wanna know.

Some secrets are not safe anymore... hee hee... But I wanna know...

My question to you is if you had a personal one on one conversation with an author - any author...

What would you want to know? Something personal, something off cuff, something funny, a tid-bit of life story...

I want you to tell me... What are you dying to ask?

Why am I asking YOU these questions?

Well, the air is stirring at the Smutty Hussy Lair and in the air a party brewing... Did I see your eyes light up? Did your ears perk up a bit? Or are you simply drooling over the Marks... Because I do have plenty of Question MARK's around here, I kill myself!!!!

Anyway... What is going on you may wonder? Do I see you looking at a calendar trying to figure out what day it is, did you miss an event?? No silly... my birthday passed already - although now that you mention... it is time to start preparing for the next one...


Come February... Will mark my one year of stalking!!!
Yep, you read right. STALKING =)

I started stalking Barbara from Happily Forever After, VampFanGirl from Lovin Some Romance, Anna from Anna's Book Blog, Lea from Closetwriters and Dottie from My Blog 2.0.
It has been a year that I have been stalking them.

And come MARCH, it will make a year that my baby "BLOG" started to crawl all by herself.

AND as if that is not enough, I have reached over 100 followers... Just that thought of me being here a hear alone blows me away ~ I have over one hundred follower!

Okay, now I will agree with a lot of people out there... never in my life did I think one person let alone over one hundred people would want to see what I had to say. I mean... I write silly things, I do reviews... only to let other know what I think of the book and authors, but I do not follow a regular scheduled broadcast and simply put ~ I AM JUST ME!
So, I am truly honored and amazed that people still come here and chat with me.
Over the year, I have made some wonderful friends that I would not trade for anything in this world. The friendships made through here are just amazing. I have only met one person from blog land and that was such a treat (you can go here to see that day!). I have meet some wonderful authors that I can call friends as well. I never thought that was possible. All these friendships have become what I treasure the most. Knowing that I can bring a smile to someone's face when they are having a bad day, or having that done in return. The community of friends that I have made just makes me want to cry. You guys are the best!

I have learned my fair share of what exactly are TBB and TBR lists!! I now have a ginormous famous notebook with every book I ever want or have. The sales people are Borders know my name and what kind of coffee I love to drink and the Book Depository absolutely adores me. Oh... let's not forget the famous ebooks places as well!! They welcome me with open arms now and even give me my own shopping cart and wish list.

I have more books than I can possibly read within ~ probably in all honesty a year period. I have drooled more than ever and lusted more than ever. All over books! I have more fictional boyfriends than I know what to do with (and NO I do not share very well). But anyway... you will hear me babble for the next two months about how wonderful you guys are!!!!

So for now... I am gearing up for another party... and if you were around for my birthday party... you know you will want to stick around for this one!!!!

So help time... give me some questions you would like to ask an author. I may have some people of interest **insert waggles of eyebrows** show up within the next two months! And I would like to pose to them some questions. Like: 5 Something about you questions - personal and 5 Something fun questions. If you question is picked, I will give you credit for the question asked at the "interview".

And..... if I reach over 175 followers.... there might just be a special prize for those that stick around!! I am gathering my change I am finding in between the couch cushions and saving for some special treats for you guys!! Why... because that's what friends do!

Oh and don't forget..... Justin and Lizzie will be coming back February 1st! If you want some more scoop on them... Stick around!

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  1. Oh my, your wicked mind is at play again and congratz on your 100 followers YAY May many more find and follow your place ;) I will let my mind work a bit on the one on one questions but as someone famous once said; I'll be back rofl...

    My humor is so way of today!

  2. Congrats on your 100 followers! You have definitely earned them! You have some great posts and I thoroughly enjoy your blog, when I am blog hopping!

    Hmmmm questions... Im going to have to wrack my brain, be back later with something ...hopefully.

  3. Hi sweetie, congrats on your 100 followers! Isn't that an amazing feeling! I sure know why they like your place, the same reason I like it: you're just a wonderful person!
    And now you have another great blog party! Your the best at giving parties :) I have to think about a question for an author as well, but I love the idea! *big hugs*

  4. Congrats on reaching the one year mark as well as 100 hundred followers! Thanks for coming to 'stalk'

    Dottie :)

  5. Only a year's worth of TBR on hand?! Whatever will you do when the Great Book Shortage hits?!??? ;)

  6. Yay - congratulations on your 100 followers and your upcoming blogiversary. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help celebrate - you were one of my first bloggy friends and I'm so excited for you!!

    Will get back to you on the questions...

  7. Haha, they were the exact same people I started stalking!

    I still remember a post where all were so worried cos you were gone (guess making this blog or fixing it up). I though "hm, must be a pretty special woman for them all to miss her...I must stalk her at once ;)"

    Questions, oh is Kimber Chin coming, I know you love her :D

    But yes must think of questions, and congrats on 100! You are such a wonderful blogger and a great friend, been if I have never met you in RL

  8. that was supposed to be even not been

  9. Whoot!!! Congratulations!!!

    You gotta ask them to tell us something slightly embarassing... funny stories are always a riot and we all can usually relate!

    Sweet wishes on this Friday!

  10. Awwwww hugs to all of you. And you see why I want to do something special for you guys! You guys are the best!!!

    I love you guys ~ as an awesome friend tell ms "And Not In An Icky Way (NIAIW)"!!!!!!!!

    Now do not forget to come back and give me some questions you want to ask!!

    Leontine! Hey honey, Oh you know I have a wicked mind! And boy do I love using it! Hee hee!! I love your sense of humor!

    Heather! Hey hon! Thank you for your kind words. Come back with some questions in mind!

    Houston! Hey honey, I count on you being here!!! Do not forget your questions!

    Janna!! Hey sistah!!! Thank you! Blushing, you are to kind! Thank you! Girl, we are going to have a party.. and you know you are invited! Questions questions questions... hee hee

    Dottie! Hey honey! Thank you for allowing me to stalk! I still remember when I saw that adorable Tink and thought "A NEW FRIEND" and what a friend you have become!

    Chris! Hey honey! Do not forget the questions! Only a year... that is only what hubby knows of... there is more hidden treasure in the computer and attic, ssshhsss!!

    Patti! Hey honey! Thank you! I remember when I found you. I was so excited to find someone that lived in the same state as me! And I will be emailing you shortly... hummm... Yes, come back with questions!

    Blodeuedd!! Hey honey! We share the same taste, lol!! But they are truly some remarkable ladies! You are so right about that post. Life had taken on of the many turns and let me down. And the community pitched in and sent me well wishes. That was truly an inspiring time. That is what makes you all so great! And I am so glad that we have found each other - you are an awesome friend to have!
    And girl... of course you know I am having Ms. Chin here!!!! She loves us just as much!!! But ssshhhsss that is a surprise, hee hee~ So come back with questions!!
    questions, and congrats on 100!
    One great day my friend, we will meet!

    Sweet!! Whoot! Hey honey =)
    Now, you have to give me the question you want to know, hee hee! What embarrassing thing you want to know... My mind wanders! Returning the sweetness your way honey!

  11. YAY Congratulations on the 100th follower *cheers*
    You are so much fun, i'm SO happy to have stumbled upon your blog a few months ago. You're such a nice person...and with such good taste in men *grins* I love your Smutty Hussy Lair *wriggles eyebrows* can i come live here? I'll take care of your boys when you're away *puppy eyes*

    I have to say that i sometimes read your posts when i'm in school and i got caught laughing out loud more than once. Laughing Hazard!

  12. YEA!!! Congrats on the 100 followers!! Hum.. what a great idea. I know I have a few questions I could ask, I will have to think and get back to you. I am always afraid to ask something too risqué as I never wanted to offend, but dying to know!
    You have the wheels turning now!
    hugs ;-)

  13. CONGRATS on 100 followers!!!!

    Do they drool over the book covers as much as we do??

    Do they have a funny story to share?

    I will have to think about more!

  14. Tease! :P

    SOunds like your going to have some good stuff going on around here!

    I love your blog and you. You are such a great person, Cecile, and I'm happy to know you :) You just have one of those personalities that always makes me smile.

  15. Congrats on 100+ followers.

    I am so glad I found your blog.You are a sweetie and I am glad I have gotten to know you.And you know we will blow this place up for the anniversary!!!

    questions-well Sweet Vernal Zephyr already asked one I was thinking about..about an embarrassing moment they had in their youth.We've all had them and I'd like to hear some of theirs.

    which one of their own books is their favorite?

    one I ask alot-what 3 words would you use to describe your hero/heroine (of latest book)?

    have you ever written an event/experience from your life into a book? ;D
    favorite movie and tv shows?
    coke or pepsi?
    how do you relax after a hard days work?
    morning or night person?

    If I come up with more I come back and post 'em.

  16. Okay, I'm back with some questions :) I don't know if this is what you mean, but here they are:

    * How do you determine if or which love/sex scenes go into your books?
    * How fun is writing a book really?
    * Do you consider yourself a storyteller or story builder?
    * Looking back to when you were first trying to get published, what do you know now that you wish you had known then?
    * What do you think of readers sharing e-books with their friends?
    * What is your favorite type of hero?
    * Are you guilty of using stereotypes in your books?

    Those were a few, is it what you are looking for?

  17. Woo-Hoo Congrats on 100 Stalkers er I mean followers.

    Hmm as for the author Q&A I always want to read something funny hence why I usually ask my guest author's funny questions. Also on how they got the idea for their book.

  18. HiHi, I will keep quiet ;)

    Ok I did get a question when looking at that hunky, I know they use cover models. I would like an author to tell me if she has ever met "her" hunky cover model.

    I see that Janna sure came up with a bunch of questions. Oh and Elain too. Hm and here I only had one.

    Maybe ask them for tips for wannabe writers.

    Also, I can read sex scenes for sure, but how do they feel about them. Knowing that everyone knows about the oh so smexy things they came up with. And if their mum read the book, well at least I would die from the horror ;)

  19. Congrats on 100 followers. I'm sure you'll reach 175 before you know it.

  20. Here are some of me questions.

    1) The best sex you ever had was were?

    2) The strangest place you've had sex?

    3) The most romantic situation you've ever been in?

    4) The hottest guy you personally know or have known - describe him...

    5) Good sex last how long?

    6) What feature draws you sexually to a man?

    7) Hottest song you've ever heard was?

    8) Do you like cowboy's or businessmen?

    9) Which is more romantic, sunrises or sunsets?

    10) Which is sexier, a man who can dance or one who can't?

    11) Is a man with an accent more seductive than a man without one?

    12) list three words you think are sexy words.

    13) Does the world end in December of 2012? Yes or no?

    O.K., this is the start of me questions! ;-)


  21. Congrats on all your milestones! That's awesome!

  22. Congrats on all the good things that are happening to you Cecile!!


    I always wondered how authors who write really explicit erotica feel about their parents or husbands/significant other or kids reading their work!

    I'll be back if I think of something that hasn't already been posted!! :)

  23. I got another one,

    If you could go back in it centuries or just a day...who would you be, who would you see and why?


  24. Yay, Cecile! Congrats on your almost one year anniversary! I love your site :)

  25. YAYYYYYYYYY hon I am so so happy to hear about your followers you go girl! You deserver every one of them 100 girl :) Big Congrats!!!!!

    Oooooooooo sounds like an awesome party coming up! Hmmmmm on the questions I could probably think of better ones later but here are a couple I came up with off the top of my head...

    Is there any type of sexual acts you refuse to put in your books no matter how mainstream they are?

    Do you think that every book should end with a happy ending?

    What is a storyline you have always wanted to do but haven't yet?

  26. Looking forward to the party Cecile, but after reading these questions I'm suddenly a little scared....

    hee hee hee

    Talk to you soon, sweetie!


  27. That's great news! 100 followers and a blog anniversary coming up!

  28. Oh, your blog is full of yummy!

    Congratulations on the 100 followers and the (almost) year of stalking. : )

    Questions, questions... I'm thinking you might want something about:

    Do you research any of your erotic scenes?

  29. I'm on the same path with Lynne on the question. How to you research your erotic scenes AND what is the most embarrassing question/thing you have asked your husband in relation to that research?

    BTW - I have an award for you over at my blog ;)

    Sweet! Miranda

  30. What @Janna & @HAWK said...awesome Q's ladies. As for me, having thought about it some more and I haven't come up with anything, zilch, nada *headdesk* I will crunch my brain some more hon! Have a wonderful evening (((hugs)))

  31. Hi Cecile, how are you?
    How nice this post... you were excited to write it?
    Probably if you have so many followers is because you're a good hostess^-^.
    Sorry if I went to not see you before but I'm doing many things well with the blog I'm working a lot. We are planning many new features.

  32. I wanted to stop by and say hello! And to thank you for stopping by and following over at My World. Thank you for the complement on my blog. I like to relax when I am on here and I guess it kind of comes across in the blog. Thank You! And now that I am here Congrats on 100 followers! It is a great feeling. You have an amazing blog here.

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  34. Congrats on 100 Followers! I remember how you and I were just baby bloggers :)

    I shall be back with burning questions.

  35. Hey Cecile!!!

    I think the best questions are the ones that are spur-of-the-moment and author specific.

    * I always want to know what their writing schedule looks like.

    * Do they work on more than one project at a time.

    Sherrilyn Kenyon is my fave author and I would ask her...oh, who am I kidding. I've met her twice and I was squeeing like a fangirl!! lol The only thing my mind thinks is OMGOMGOMG. LOL

  36. You ladies rock!!! Thank you so much for the comments and questions. Now I must go in my top secret lab and put together a kick ass party for you guys....
    **oh honey hotties and eye candies... I will need some help**
    Heads to lab with 5 hotties flanking her... yea, I used the word flanking!!!! LMBO!!!!

  37. I have been pondering the questions for a little while now and the few that I came up with have already been mentioned. I really like the questions about how they get their research done for the HAWT scenes, which was exactly where my mind headed when I first started thinking on the questions.

    I love listening to music with everything that I do. A song often times will bring back a sweet or not so sweet memory. So my questions pertain to music...

    ~What songs would you put on a soundtrack to go along with your book?

    ~Was there a particular song, artist, or genre that you played while writing and having your characters unfold before her eyes?

    ~If you had to put a song to a character, what song would fit your hero?


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