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It's Giveaway & Storytime with Ms. Kimber Chin!

I want you all to welcome a woman I love hanging out with ~ Ms. Kimber Chin!

Ms. Kimber, welcome back to the Hussy Lair! We have missed you! =) Thanks for coming hang out with me and my gang for my party!!! You know this is not a party unless I have you some where in the mix!!!

Woo hoo! Thank you for inviting me, C! You know I love your parties. They always have the best men... errr... I mean drinks. I'm happily married. Yeah, I don't even look... much.

Ms. Kimber, why don't you share a little about yourself with us...

I'm always torn about claiming to write contemporary romances because my stories are... well... unique. Take Tavos, my hero in Flawless, for instance (and I'd take that man any way I could). He isn't any bad boy primed for redemption. He's a bad, bad man and he doesn't magically become nicey-nice because he falls in love. The woman he falls in love with wouldn't exactly appear in any Harlequin Romance (which I do love to read) either. She is a couple bricks short of a full load but wow, is she a fun person to be around. I'd party with Grace anytime. That girl is up for anything.

You are so right, I love Grace - she is hilarious. If you want to check out my review of Flawless, please go -->> here.

Oh Oh Oh Oh, I hear we have some great news to celebrate besides my party... and the release of Flawless.... LADIES... Ms. Kimber's book ~~ Selling Forever, was nominated as one of LRC’s Best Contemporary Romances Of 2009!! WOoohoooo!!!!!

How does that make you feel? You have to be on top of the world with that?

Thanks babe. I am especially stoked because I wrote this novella for my dear, sweet mom. The bachelor auction storyline is one of her faves (though I did give it a twist). My mom's name is Shirley and there is a Shirley character in the story. My mom is taking full credit for the nom and I couldn't be happier.

So, what are you working on now... cuz I know you are a woman that does not sit still?

I just sent off Nik's story to my publisher. Nikolay appears in Invisible. He's the grandson of a Russian Mafia Godfather and is being groomed to take over. He is determined not to become his grandfather, Sergei. 'Course we all know how history repeats itself. We'll have to
wait and see if Nik escapes his destiny.

Ms. Kimber and I decided to mix this party up a bit... I have had her here a few times with all the standard questions, so we are going to offer you a little story we wrote together... hope you enjoy... and if you stick around to the end... there might be a giveaway at the end... hee hee....


A night of unbridled passion - raw, primal, hot and heavy. That was the night that Sam kept playing back in his mind while he sat at the bar savoring the last beer of the night. It had been one hellva week; being a fire fighter was not an easy job. But no matter what he did, how many fires he went to or how many people he saved, he only saw her face. All of his thoughts kept going back to that night and her - Nicole.

He ran his hands through his brown wavy locks and then one down his five o'clock shadow feeling shitty. What the hell was he doing? He had to stop thinking of her. Thinking of her would not bring her back to him. Or did he want her back with him. He was no good for her, she deserved better. He was broken inside that he had nothing to offer her and she deserved the world.

Two weeks ago, he met her at this bar. It was a friend of her's birthday. She was smoking hot and looking like she rather be any where but there. He approached her with a drink, her drink. He paid attention. Sam was getting off a thirty hour shift from the fire house and was looking to unwind. One beer, maybe two did not seem like a bad idea. Instead what he got was a night that rocked his world and a phone number.

He still had the number, even after two weeks. He kept it in case he wanted to call. You know that slim chance that he wanted to call. But he wouldn't. Sam had one bad relationship and that was like a blown out knee to a football player. It put him out of commission. He did not want to risk being hurt again. But every turn he made, he saw her face. Why was she was so different? What was so different
~~written by: cecile~~

Nicole hovered in the doorway. He was here. A part of her, specifically the part between her legs, knew he would be and that awareness made her body hum with anticipation. None of the other men she'd met since interested her. They didn't have his easy smile or his broad shoulders or, her gaze dropped, his tight ass. And after two weeks of traveling from city to city for business, she was aching for another hit of his five alarm charm.

She smoothed down her brand new black leather mini, flipped her blonde curls back, and strode toward him, putting a little extra wiggle into her walk. Heads turned. His didn't. He continued to nurse that beer he had in his hands.

Those big, rough hands. Mamma. "Sam." She deliberately brushed against his thigh
as she claimed the barstool beside him.
"Nicole." She almost laughed out loud at his dropped jaw. "I didn't call," he confessed.
"I'm glad." She waved at the bartender to get his attention.
"You're glad?" Lines appeared between Sam's trusting brown eyes.
"The number was fake. Or it could be real. I don't know." She shrugged, bringing his
attention to her jiggling chest. She wasn't wearing a bra… or panties. "All I know is it wasn't my number." The bartender walked their way. "Are you buying me a drink?"

"Yeah, sure, anything you like." Sam ordered the same drink he bought her two
weeks ago.
"You remembered." Warmth spread from a place south of her stomach.
"I'd never forget a woman like you." He held her gaze. He had a way of looking at her like she was the only other person on the planet. "I'm not a good man, Nicole. You deserve better."

"Likely." She winked. He was taking this second encounter a tad bit too seriously. Next she knew it, he'd be proposing marriage, committing her to yet another long engagement going nowhere. "Lucky for you, I'm not interested in better. I'm interested in you."
~~written by kimber~~

"Nicole, look I wanna be Mr. Nice guy and tell you that I am exactly what you need, but I am not. So, just drink your damn drink and go." He sounds a bit to harsh, even to his own ears but he had to be mean to get her to leave. He knew he was no good for her. But something deeper wanted her to stay. And damnit, he wanted her to keep touching him the way she was.

Nicole took a sip of her drink, set it down and stared him right down to his soul. "You want me to leave huh?" As she spoke, she trailed her fingernail up his thigh. "What makes you so sure you are not just want I need?" Now she was pushing farther, her fingers digging into his jeans right above where his erection was pressed tightly behind his zipper. "Whose to say that I am not good for you, Sam?"

The way she said his name made whatever sense he did have take a jump out the window. He grabbed her hand, tossed some bills on the bar and stalked out the bar. He walked in silence with her hand, small and dainty, in his big, calloused hand. What the hell was he thinking? He approached his truck, opened the passenger door and nearly barked at her, "Get in." He almost came right there watching her sweet ass get in his truck with that fucking tight ass mini skirt she had on. He stalked over to his side, flung open his door and closed it with just as much force. Other women would be scared to death. Not her, not his Nicole.

She must have read his mind, "If you think you are scaring me, you are not. I know who you are Sam and where you heart lies. Or have you forgotten that night?" How could he fucking forget the night. That night changed his world. That night changed his standards for a woman because now no other woman would ever measure up to her. "Because I can not forget Sam. No matter how hard I try. It's like you are freaking branded on my soul. What did you do to me?"

He turned off the truck and turned towards her, "What you mean what I did to you? What did you do to me? No other woman compares to you. Hell, I can't even look at another woman without thinking about you. So, what did you do to me?"

"I loved you Sam... Like you should be loved."
~~written by: cecile~~

~~Hope you loved the story! Thank you Ms. Kimber in playing round robin with me!!!~~

This is Ms. Kimber's new release...
(Tavos Santos’ story - our knife wielding vigilante in Invisible)
Launch Date: February 2010
Publisher: Champagne Books

Is love worth killing for?

Grace Williams has a list of things she wants to do before she dies: walk a tightrope, dye her hair purple, skinny dip in the ocean, kiss the scarred stranger sent to kill her…

Yeah, Tavos Santos is a killer but f— it if he’s going to be Grace’s killer. There are other relationships he’d rather have with the gloved beauty. None of them requiring knives.

It takes a killer to catch a killer. Now Tavos must decide… Is love worth killing for?


To find more books by Ms. Kimber, please go to her web site --->> here and check it all out!
Please leave her a comment at her place to let her know that you were there!!! She loves hearing from everyone!

Ms. Kimber has be very gracious in giving away one of her books to one lucky winner!!

What's the catch... tell us what story you would like to see written?

Remember to leave your email address if it is not in your profile!
Winner will be announced and contacted at the end of the party!
Stay tune for our next guest!

Now you know I can not leave you without something freaking hot to drool over...
This is a Smutty Hussy Party after all....
And believe my boyfriend list is just getting longer and longer or should I say taller....

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  2. I'd like to read a story with a strong woman as a heroine. Someone independent, confident in herself and happy (none of the "I'm so pathetic & I can't believe he likes me BS"... that crosses path with an old fashioned vampire - and when I say old fashioned, I mean vicious and Lestat-like. I'd like to see what would happen between them. I'm guessing she won't be as easy to conquer as other women would be. =)

    Great interview as always!

  3. I like stories with strong characters who also like to have fun.

  4. Not entering the contest - just drooling over that last picture and wondering when the contest ends...

  5. Give me a firefighter any day of the week, I've got lots of ab definition in my mind at the moment :)

    quote: putting a little extra wiggle into her walk. Heads turned. His didn't.

    I just laughed, so funny this moment, he plays it cool!

    Thanks for writing this sizzling short for us today ladies!!

  6. Great interview.
    Congrats Kimber, on Selling Forever being nominated
    as one of LRC’s Best Contemporary Romances Of 2009

    A story I'd like to see written is the continuing saga of a guy name Jackamole :D ok no one's gonna get that but Cecile.

    I really enjoyed the story you two wrote together.great job.

    Caleb,I need my morning drink :D

  7. How freakin' awesome is that to read first thing in the morning? !


    I would love to read a story from the sweet hero's point of view with a cold ice princess that he just can't seem to get out of his head!

  8. Hilda!!!! Hey HONEY!! How you have been missed! =) Glad to see you back for however long we have you! Thanks for giving me your thoughts on what you want! OH... and that does sound like quiet a pairing! Have a great day hon!

    Dru, hey hon!! Characters who like to have fun ~ of course! Thanks for coming!

    Chris! Hey hon! Honey, drool all you want. You know where the mop is, lol! Isn't he just.... yum!

    Leontine, hey honey! A firefighter huh.... Hummmmm... I had a blast writing this with Kimber!

    Elaing8! Hey honey! Thanks! I will make sure to pass your message on to King of my house, lol! You know once I tell him that his ego will blow up the size of Canada! LMBO!

    I am glad that you enjoyed our story! I had a blast... and the next... (yes you are reading right...) the next story.. Will be a just a tad hotter! Are so I am told, hee hee!!

    Sweet! Morning honey! I am so glad that you like the post! Humm.. very intriguing story line you have there... Might have to see what a wicked mind like mine can come up with for "play"!

  9. Mornin Ladies~ *he says as he saunters behind the bar*

    ((oh what is that line in the song... I hate to see him go, but i love to watch him leave))

    What can I get you this morning??

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    I'm in a dancing mood today,so Caleb get ready to shake that moneymaker!!!

  11. "strong rough hands" *KC shivers*

    I want to lick the water drops off of that hot dude's stomach.

  12. Caleb, honey, looking as handsome as ever... *wink*

    I'll take a tall glass of water, that is... how about you lean on over here and give me a hello hug. *grin*

  13. was this the tab I didn't have time for this morning..oh no, that means I forgot someone else too.

    I am glad I came back! Great story.

    As for a story, oh just give me a guy, a sword, a quest, some evil guy, a love interest and a map of the fantasy land and I am happy

  14. Smokinhotbooks! Hey hon! Thanks for coming over! You are more than welcome to lick the water off... I share! *evil wink*

    Blodeuedd! Hey honey! Oh no... we can not forget someone! But I am glad that you made it over! And somehow I knew what your story would be like!! =)

  15. Blogger elaing8 said...
    Elaing8, my dear... Oh the things... **clears throat** Serves Elaing8 an Caleb conCocktion... Enjoy hon! And dancing, oh yes... we will get to that! Let me just make sure everyone is taken care of... **Turns the radio a little louder**

    Sweet my dear... **Kisses her hand** A hug you say... Let me come from around the bar... You are look gorgeous today hon...

  16. What do I want to see written? More Kresley Cole's! The heroins are actually tough yet still women who want what women want. They are real and I like that. Oh, and 'cause her heros are alpha male hot!

  17. Hi Kimber and Cecile! Great interview ladies!!! Hmmm you know I have been searching EVERYWHERE to find a good hot romantic story about a couple being stranded on an island together. I can't believe there isn't one out there lol but I sure can't find it anywhere if it is.

  18. I'd like to see a story where there isn't a lot of fighting between the hero and heroine-in so many books the love story doesn't start until the end of the book-I hate that!
    I'm off to check out her website-I love finding a new author!

  19. I just wanted to stop by quickly and say Hi! I'll get back with you on which story I would like to see written.

    Great Post ladies!!

    Oh isn't your hottie the guy that played in that silly soap opera that followed Days of Our Lives for a little while? I think he may be playing a part in another one now, not sure cuz I don't watch them anymore.

  20. Congrats on the nomination for LRC’s Best Contemporary Romances of 2009!!

    I like to read a story about geeks for a change :)

    The hottie at the end is much appreciated! YUM :D
    Great post!

  21. Hi Cecile and Kimber! hmm I love a story where the guy falls for the imperfect girl for a change.

  22. CallMeKayla, hey there!!! Thanks for coming over!

    JennJ! Hey honey! I am glad that you made it over! This was a great interview!

    A Buckeye Girl Reads! Hey there! Glad you could make it! Thanks for coming!

    Heather D! Hey honey! Thanks for coming by ~ Hi right back at ya!

    Janna! Hey honey! Thanks for coming by! Thought I would give you a happy ending, ha!!

    Tricia! Hey hon! Thanks for coming!
    This story is great! Grace... bless her heart, she is a slight on the dingy side! =) She is the perfect girl, lmbo!

  23. I like stories with relatable characters .

  24. I'd like to read something where two unlikely people get together and make all of their differences work.

  25. I like to read about a strong heroine who gives the hero a run for his money with whit, brains, and brawn!

    I also like a bit a comedy between the two characters, too.

    Tracey D

  26. itsjustme1217! Hey honey, thanks for coming by!!! Relatable characters, I hear you on that one. It is nice when every once in a while, you read about a person (or yourself) you might actually know. Like one book I read, the girl was kinda dingy... Oh yea this one!!! Haaa haa! But really, Grace is soooo someone I know. I love her to death, but sometimes she lives in her own little world.

    Leni! Thanks for coming! I hope you have enjoyed your visit and come back for more!!

    booklover0226! Tracey honey, I am so glad that you came to this one too. I hope you like the party so far!

  27. I just love to read about a alpha hero who's not afraid to show his emotions. He also needs to have a sense of humor.

  28. Thanks for stopping by Sherry!!!!

  29. Well, since you asked. I would love to read a story about a women (me) who decides to move in the rainforest in a comfy beautiful cabin. All by herself to get away from everything and men. Then this really hot strong man seems to come into her life and tries his best to befriend her and teach her ways of the rainforest. He has a lion spirit that she sees but is also a shapeshifter...yes a lion and he also turns out to be a lion know.

    Well, you asked!

    dorcontest at gmail dot com

  30. I love all books with a happy ending, but especially those with strong heroines and tortured heroes! And I love Ms. Kimber Chin's books!

  31. Dor & Eva S Thanks for coming over ladies!! We really appreciate you two coming over!!!!!

  32. The idea of Flawless intrigues me. It's nice to see authors go on a limb and step away from the same old same old. As far as stories I'd like to see? I love stories which give insights to other cultures.

  33. I like to read about confident women and Alpha male bad boys with really good hearts. chirth7

  34. Hi Kimber and Cecile,
    This is my second time here and I'm happy to say it will be a lot more. You have a lot to offer on this blog. Love it. Especially the Hottie posted . :)
    I love Sottish Highlanders with a passion. I'd love to see the main character in one of those stories be a woman A Highlander woman who picks and chooses her Highlander. Love strong heroines who face off with just as strong and Alpha heroes.
    Carol L.

  35. Welcome Carol, I am glad that you like my little home. I take great pride in it. Thanks for coming over... and like you said... hope it is not your last visit!!!


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