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Tagged by Leontine to reveal.... My Book Boyfriend

Oh my gosh... Doesn't that badge just scream smutty hussy to you... Well, Leontine tagged me with this wonderful job! I mean, I live and breathe for the smut of my man, the sex on the stick kind...

We all have our favourite book boyfriends and now you have the chance to create one just for yourself and your fantasies! How do you play? Fill out the quiz bellow, post a picture of sexy man and tag five (5) other book addicts to do the same. Don't forget to pop to their blogs as let them know they have been tagged! Once tagged... you have to do the same, grab the button, answer the questions, and keep it rolling! But don't forget the picture of the sexy man! It doesn't have to match your fantasy man, just a little eye candy for the rest of us... heheheee!
1- Hair colour and style

Chocolate brown, slightly wavy. The length is like the man, always changing. Never to long though, but long enough for me to run my fingers through when I want. The style is his own, loose and free. Secretly, he knows what I like and keeps it that way - to please me.

2- Eye colour and facial features

His eyes are piercing blue. The color of the bluest ocean. I can see straight through them, as he can see straight through me. His eyes are the window to his soul. Just looking into them I get lost. His eyes are a stark contrast to his hair. Dark vs Light. Like the man himself. His eyes tell me all I want to know... what his mood is, what is on his mind. Just one look and I know if he is ready to toss me where ever he finds a spot and have his way with me, or if he is up to no good... in a wickedly delicious way!
His facial features are very predominate and striking. One look at him and you will not forget that face. His lips are full (for kissing, licking, biting and other delicious things). His cheeks have a bit of blush color to them - set off his eyes. His skin color will tell you his is an outdoor man. Working man. He can be clean shaved or a five o'clock shadow and it will suit him well. Soft and shaved is nice... but gruff can be just as nice. **evil wink**

3- Height and body type

He stands just right at six foot. I like my man taller than me. His body is definitely the body of man who takes care of himself. Gym not required with the physical labor he does - like sling me over his shoulder! His shoulders are broad, arms are firm and muscular (but not overly). His hands are firm and calloused a bit. He works with his hands, so they are a bit rough. But he knows how to use them to be gentle and bring delight. He caresses are as soft and light as butterfly wings. His knows his own strength and knows how to use it to his benefit.
His waist line tapers very nice. His abs were made for washing (washboard abs, lol) and less not forget a happy trail that is just for me to follow to some yummy Sex on a Stick!
His thighs and calves are very firm and muscled just right. Together with the tapered waist and nice thighs...they meet up to a heaven of an ass.

4- Visible age


5- Bangability ie: kinky/bi/size

Oh wow! This is the fun part... Well, lets not be modest shall we. Leontine has this right -->> "I don’t think anyone will ask for a small size cock here LOL"
With that said, lets continue. His cock is big enough for me to wrap my mouth around and give him the ultimate pleasure. But he knows how to return favors and enjoys doing so. He likes to toy with the dom/sub. He is not a complete dom all the time, but he loves the role. He is not into the pain aspect of it, he is in for the controlling part. He relishes in the fact that he can tie me up and make me obey him. His fetish is me. He knows his own body as well as mine (like the back of his hand, lol). He believes the act of sex is something to treasure no matter where it is, how long it last, or what is being done. He uses every body part of himself to make sure that I know we are connected. He is also confident in his own sexuality; which brings to the table a whole new way of experiencing things because a person who is confident in themselves radiates that to their partner.

6- Human or other

Hummm... I guess I want the best of both worlds. Shapeshifter, that way I get my human and another part of him...

7- Paranormal skills

Are you kidding me, he would be able to read the souls of those around him. Not like reading thoughts. He could see evil, goodness. Sadness, grief, pain, angst, happiness, love, hatred, bliss or void. He would know who his enemies are without second guessing. He would know what harm/or goodness they mean to his pack. He would be the alpha of his pack. But knows that his beta is just as important (alpha) as him with loyalty and respect.

8- Interests

Me. Oh, you meant what other things interest him... Okay.
Reading of course (to me) - DUH, being with me, working with his hand (on me), being with me, protecting his family (me), making sure all is right with the world (and me), rocking out to his music, dancing with me, rock climbing, hiking, off road riding... Physical endurance (with me)! Anything that gets him moving - me.

9- Habitat

A house/cabin tucked away from the world, but not to far from civilization. A house he built with his own hands (and help from family). The house would have all of the things a woman needs and then some. Roomy enough if children come into the picture, but cozy enough that it does not feel too big. A fireplace is a must - for those cuddle nights while he reads to me. A spa kinda bathroom - so he can take showers/baths with me and us fit! We need room to move around - a lot at six foot!

10- Special skills

Besides rocking my world everyday of our lives!
He has mad ninja skills. And don't piss him off... the beast within will come and whoop your ass - not to mention the ninja skills and taekwondo and all that other fighting crap!
Oh and saving the world from evil domination from the enemies that seek to take what he has - a loving, devotional and super duper great woman - me oh and a great pack of family.

And what kind of eyecandy do I have to offer to my fellow hussies... Lets see...

Now it says to tag 5.. but so far, I have two... and personally I am not sure who wants to dish out the deets for their man... or who cares how smutty this gets. So I will choose these two - but if you want to play - please pick up and let me know!

JennJ@ Sapphire Romance
Miranada @ Sweet Vernal Zephyr

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  1. Yes...happy trail - check. Shifter - check. Plenty of err...interests.

    Nice! :)

  2. LOL! Love that picture - yum indeed!

  3. You make me laugh...

    Does hubby know of this dream mnn of yours...


  4. I think he is pretty nom numm to mee too!!!

    EH ~ he has some of hubbys traits.. where you think i got him from... lol!! Although, a few things are fictional as only I see them in my mind, lol!

  5. Ha ha ha! How did I know my name was going to be tagged at the bottom of this post!?

  6. WOW..thats quite the book boyfriend :D

  7. Love him, Cecile! You do always make me laugh. :D

    The pic is the perfect image of him girlie!! mmmm

  8. My heart rate goes bump bump with your book boyfriend, very hawt stuff you've described cecile. I kinda didn't expect anything less *wink*

    I hope he rocks your friday night hon ;)

  9. Woohooo that is one HOT man you have dreamed up there hon!!!!!! woohooo I'm so glad you want me to play along and I'll be posting my dream guy on my blog soon promise! :) Sorry I didn't make it here until now the hubby was off work yesterday and had us out of the house all day yesterday lol. BIG HUGS!!!

  10. I love your fantasy man!! He sounds really deliciously hot and his bangability... just WOW!!
    Hope you had a great weekend, hon!

  11. cecile...where is this guy...he's too sexy to be just a fantasy guy...where have you been hiding him...I want to know!

    Sorry I've been MIA...not feeling to well with this flu!

    Bear hugs darlin'

  12. Wow. phue... *fanning my face*

    Okay, that sounds like an amazing man you have created here. Bad boy you have there... ;)

  13. ~Sweet Vernal Zephyr, you know I will be stalking you until you put yours up there... hee hee!!! Girl, I can not wait to see your man! If he is half of what you give me at the contest bar... damn.. I can not wait!

    ~elaing8, hey honey! Well, did you expect anything less from me! I mean come on... He is all sorts of deliciousness!

    ~Ashlynn Pearce!! Hey honey, I am so glad that you stopped by today! I am glad that you like my man honey. Thank you for letting me know that you get a laugh from me. That warms my heart more than you know! Really it does!!

    ~Leontine! Hey hon. Girl... my heart rate was on fire while I was writing about him. Damn he is something else!!! My book Boyfriend was shy at first... but he warmed up after... especially when we got to his interest... he opened up! =)
    Girl, he rocks my complete "fictional" world! Ha!

    ~Donna [F.D. Ramblings]! Thanks for coming by! Glad you like him!

    ~JennJ! Glad you like him... hee hee! He is the things those sweet hussy dreams are made of! Oh ma... all sorts of naughty thoughts that man makes me think of!

    ~ErotRomReader (Janna)! Isn't he just so damn hot! Wickedly hot and bang... ability.. oh yea!!! =) I had fun creating him!

    ~Houston A.W. Knight! Hey honey! Do not worry about being mia. I know where to find you when I need, lol!! Love my guy huh... he is hiding in hubby's closet... lmbo!!!! I know you will get it!

    ~Melissa (My words and pages)! Thanks for coming over honey! You like... Oh just wait... one day their might be more... lol!!!


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