Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Surprises.... How fun are they!!!

This was in my mailbox!!!! Thank you Dru!!!!!

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  1. They are the best Cecie, I asume this is of your team??? Did Dru make this his/herself?? Cause I'm all thumbs when it comes to needles and threads and love it when other peeps can make this sort of stuff ;)

  2. Aww that is awesome! :) That was really sweet I'm with Leontine I'm afraid I'm mostly thumbs with needle and thread I'm afraid.

  3. Dru is a woman. And yes, this is my favorite, most favorite college football team!
    She is amazing. I left her an award yesterday... if you check out her place you will see that she makes quilts too. She is amazing - cuz like you guys... I am no good with sewing. Now I can do a button or a little hole... but please, do not think you are getting anything other than that out of me, lol!
    It was awesome to come home and found this waiting for me at my door!

  4. Yes Very Sweet! Reminds me that about 3 years ago I started a quilt & promised it to someone... should probably get back on that... but I have so much reading to do! ;)

  5. Thanks Cecile,

    It was fun to make.

  6. Okay, that is the most hilarious thing I've seen all year. That is great.

  7. Very Nice Cecile.

    Dru did a fantastic job.I'd like to think I could make something like this,I probably pull most of my hair out trying

  8. Thank you all. Dru is awesome!

    Carolyn... not sure what is hilarious, but glad I could make you laugh.

    It is even better in real life! I collect anything LSU - purple & gold, tigers, lol!


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