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Review: Ocean Breeze, Little Squeeze by Jenna Byrnes

Ocean Breeze, Little Squeeze
by: Jenna Byrnes
Genre: Mystery/Suspense
Length: Novella

Big X, little x, question mark, dot. The child’s rhyme runs through Lucas Sinclair’s mind. He can still feel the light play of his sister’s fingers across his back, dancing along to the words. Unsettling, considering his twin, Laurie, had been abducted fifteen years earlier and never heard from again.

Ocean breeze, little squeeze. In a small, ocean-side cottage that shouldn’t be filled with memories, Lucas attempts to start a new life. It’s harder than he expects to move on. Indications are that Laurie has returned and isn’t the carefree child she used to be.

With a therapist trying to help him, and a private investigator who can’t seem to let go of the past, Lucas confronts his demons. He’s not sure where his sexy next-door neighbor fits in, but Tristan Conner seems to know a lot more than he’s telling. Someone is terrorizing Lucas. Can it really be Laurie—or worse yet, one of the three men he’s come to trust? (Mystery/suspense, m/m)

The above information was obtained from Jenna Byrnes' website.

This book was given to me by Ms Jenna. All she ask is that I keep my thoughts of my own and honest. So, here we go...
((I must remind you all that this is a short story and if you are here enough (at my place), you will know that I do not judge short stories for their briefness.))

This is a very emotional, heart-wrenching story. Lucas Sinclair is trying to reclaim his life. Life has dealt some crappy cards. At a very young age, he lost his twin sister. Then later in life, he lost both of his parents. Life has not been nice for Lucas to say the least. He moves two hours away from his parents home, to the beach. Not to run away, to just regroup.

This book had me on the edge of my seat, not know who Lucas was destined to be with - the therapist Kyle, the private investigator Eli... or his new neighbor Tristan. Will Lucas find the answers he needs to lay at rest his past, will things he uncover in the event to lay at rest on bring turmoil, will he be deemed crazy and insane, or will the men in his life drive him another kind of crazy? Where will Lucas place his trust? Where will Lucas place his heart? Will his heart ever be free of the past?

Questions you say I leave you, answers I leave you not. Am I being mean, never! I will give you this... there is some sweet man loving in this book; enough to make your hussy purr

Ms. Jenna has a way of crafting her words where you will fall in love. Her man loving is awesome. This story was very suspenseful. Ms. Jenna kept me guessing the whole time. Her work speaks for itself. Another great story by her!

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  1. Hi Cecile,

    Great review and now I want to read this book!

    I love the cover and the storyline sounds very interesting!

    I hope you had a great Valentine's Day!

  2. I want emotional, heart-wrenching stories and this sounds just what the doctor ordered...even for a short story :) Thanks for pimping this one ot hon!! Have a great monday!

  3. This book sound awesome, hon. I liked the review!

    Big hugs

  4. P.S. It downloaded real fast for me! ;-)

  5. Hi Cecile,
    Well I know you like that sweet man loving :)
    Emotional, heart wrenching, sounds intense for sure.

  6. Aw, thanks so much Cecile! I'm thrilled you enjoyed it. Hope your readers do, too.

    Looking forward to your blog party here in a few weeks!


  7. Great review Cecile.Sounds like a great book,I will have to check it out.
    Love the cover and the title :)

  8. ~Razlover! Hey hon. Thank you! I am glad that I could pique your interest in some man loving! Ms. Jenna has a great voice for the man loving! The cover is a real drawer because it reflects the book. And the storyline was awesome. This one kept you focused on the story. You wanted to find out what was going to happen!

  9. ~Leontine! Hey honey, I hope you are feeling better!
    Oh honey, if you want emotion and heart-wrenching, YOU HAVE to pick up this book. And it is a quick read, so you will get all you want within a couple of hours! And the way you have been feeling, I would say just what Doctor Lucas would order!
    OH honey, you know I love pimpin me some good loving books!!!

  10. ~Houston! Hey honey, thank you! This book was an awesome little read. And I do not like when the book is a short story and people kinda put it down because it is short. The love was to quick, the story could have went longer. Yea, a lot of things could be different, but it is a short story and the author knows you are there for one purpose to get the bottom of the story, lol!!

  11. ~Chris, awww. I am touched I could add to that list! I know how much you have on that list. I promise you, you will enjoy it!

  12. ~Blodeuedd!!! Hey honey! Girl, I am really loving some man loving, lol! When the words are right and the characters are easy to like, the story is awesome! And Ms. Jenna has drawn me into a world that I never would have come to before! I have Erotic Horizon to thank for introducing me to her!

  13. ~Jenna Byrnes!!! Hey Ms. Jenna!!! Yaya!!! Thanks for coming over! You are more than welcome. I truly did enjoy Lucas' story! He just reminds me of the kinda guy you, he is such a hottie and cutie and you just wanna heal his hurt for him. I hope others like his story too. I am hoping come back and tell me about it if they do!

  14. ~Elaing8! Hey honey! Thank you! This is a great book and if you do check it out, you must let me know what you thought of it! Isn't the cover just... sigh worthy! But I like is that the artist reflects what the story involves. A hot guy and the ocean!! And the lullaby him and his sister use to share. Can't give more away, lol!!

  15. You said hot man love and that's why I'm here, lol. Adding to be TBR listie

  16. Wow. This looks great. Thanks for the pimpage, Cecile!

  17. Hi Cecile!

    Great review! Sounds sexy and sweet, suspenseful.

    Thanks for sharing it if us!

    Dottie :)

  18. Awesome review!! I haven't heard of this one :)

  19. Hey Cecile,
    This sounds all kinds of good. I'll have to check out Ms Byrnes!

  20. Nice review Cecile! I love man loving especially when it is not apparent who the prize will be. Add a little mystery and suspense and you got me hooked.

  21. I did like this as well .. I thought the suspense was the best part...

    Great post..


  22. ~Smokinhotbooks! Hey honey! I did say some man loving here! I hope you enjoy it when you read it! You know I will be there when you do! This is a great read!

  23. ~Kris! Hey there hon! You are more than welcome for the pimpage. I am just trying to do my fair share of pimping some man loving. I know I am probably still considered to be in the baby pool, but I am really likin the pool!

  24. ~Dottie! Hey there honey! Thanks for coming over! This really was a very suspenseful read. My hat off to Ms. Byrnes for doing a great job of giving me all aspects of the story I want and it was a short read! And you know I live to share! =)

  25. ~Mandi, hey honey! Oh... I am so excited to introduce you to some one new!! =)

  26. ~Tricia, hey! This is an all kinda good read!!! You must check out Ms. Byrnes! Her man loving is yummy!

  27. ~Sweet!! Hey honey! Thank you. Oh this book has this ->"when it is not apparent who the prize will be." <- Ms. Jenna did a good job of keeping you at bay for just the right amount of time!

  28. ~Erotic Horizon!! Ms. E! I have you to thank for introducing me to Ms. Byrnes. {{hugs to you}} Thank you!! I love her books! Thanks for coming by!

  29. Just dropping in for a visit and see what's going on. There's always so much to see on your blog...I need to come back several times to see it all! So, this is just one of those times!

    Hugs darlin'


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