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Review**New Cover*** Undercover Fantasy: Book 2 Melody S. Monroe

Undercover Fantasy
Fantasy Book 2

Tiffany North, a hot but jaded vice cop, is assigned to entrap three hunky men at a fantasy resort suspected of prostitution. She’ll do anything to solve her case, including posing naked. She’s shocked when her decision making process is shot to hell by the very men targeted in her sting operation.
Trent Lawson, a disenchanted lawyer who’s been to hell and back, is one of the suspects. He can’t afford to break the resort rules of no sex with the tempting new client. His brother, Dominic, knows how to get women to do his bidding, but he too won’t risk losing the cushy job.
Tempted beyond limits, the brothers recruit their cop cousin, Brandon, to take the little vixen out of her comfort zone. Can the three men discover her hidden agenda before she’s able to lure them all to the dark side? 

I obtained the above information at Ms. Melody's website.

For those of you that know me... and those that don't this is my little statement about short books.... I do not    judge short stories on the rush of their relationships, because they are just that - short stories. So, yes the relationships always could have been drawn out more, yea it seems like they fall in love to fast and of course the story could have been made longer... but it is a short story. So with that said.... here is my review...

I recently read Three Hired Lovers by Ms Melody Monroe and enjoyed it... This is her newest one... Undercover Fantasy and it was very enjoyable. Ms. Melody is leaving me thinking about how she is going to tie another story with three men and one woman... All I have to say is that I quite surprised at how she did... From all angles*** evil laughter*** she did it just right. And there will be more to come from Ms. Melody with her Menage series!

When you think of what the story's main agenda is ~ three men and one woman (((oh yes, it is all about her))) you tend to think that there are only a few ways this can be done without being repetitive. But I commend Ms Melody on her way of keeping the story fresh, alive, and hot.

When you think of fantasies.... What do you think of? I'm not talking about the one where a hot, preferable naked one, does your housework ((although that is a very naughty fantasy, I have to admit))... I mean sexually... Now of course, I am not going to come out and ask exactly what your fantasies are, but just think on them for a little while.

This is not just a story of sexual delights, fantasies fulfilled and hot sex.... No, Ms. Monroe puts more story behind it than that. She gives us touching moments, gut wrenching decisions, broken hearts and a little bit of finding happiness.

Tiffany is a vise cop who enjoys her job. She gets to beat the crap out of the bad guys and lock them away. But when a case does not sit well with her boss, he wants her to go undercover. No problem for Tiffany, she has been undercover in some of the worst situations.... Going undercover to a Fantasy Resort is kinda  a break for Tiffany...

Trent and Dominic are two men who have goals for themselves... And working at the Fantasy Resort is just a way to earn enough money to do what they want to do.... One goes back into law, the other opens his own photo studio. But when one woman's accusation comes down on their head.... They may lose more than their jobs... Until one woman walks into their doors and changes things for both of them... She changes it so much, they have to call their cousin, Brandon, to come in and "handle" the situation. 

Now, when you read this story, please keep in mind it is a short story. The reason I am reminding you of this is because of the relationships. I don't want you to judge the book when the relationships just kinda fall together. Okay, so now that I got that warning out the way... This is a great book. Like I said earlier.... Ms. Melody did a great job at giving up an over around story. This is just not a story of four people having orgies after orgies.

I was quite surprised at how Ms. Melody put the events of this book together. I was rather shocked over a couple of facts that came to light... But what made me happy was the outcome of those fact. Tiffany handled herself very well and her heart even better. I hope you enjoy Undercover-ing... Tiffany's Fantasy!

To see more about Ms. Melody... please visit her website!

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  1. Hi Cecile!

    Great little review, hard to do with short stories.

    Hope you're doing great sweetie!

    Dottie :)

  2. Great review the new cover

  3. Hey Cecile!

    Awesome review! If you think this one was good WAIT till you see what she has coming out soon! You're going to love it!

    MM's books get better with each book she writes!


  4. My oh my, that is one hot cup of tea she is serving up

  5. Dottie (Tink's Place)~ Hey honey!!! Oh how I have missed you! I hope all is well! Thanks for peeking in! Hugs to you!

    elaing8~ Hey honey! Dontcha just love the new cover! =) Thanks for coming over! Hugs!

    Houston A.W. Knight~ Hey honey! Thanks! I do try to showcase books that really touch me, lol! And I can't wait to see what more she has in store!!! Her writing just keeps getting better and better!

    Blodeuedd~ Hey honey! Oh believe me.... it is definitely one hot cup of tea alright! Lol!! Hope all is well honey! Hugs to you!

  6. Sometimes short stories are the best! I have to be in the mood for long books, but nice quick books I can always enjoy. I'll have to check this out. Great review!

  7. Niec you see that you are writing more and more Cecile :D I hope everything is good.
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