Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Sweet "16th" to my Baby Girl

This is how old my precious baby girl is today...
October 22nd... 16 years ago...
I became a young mother at the age of 17...
Not knowing a thing about motherhood!
This sure has been the ride of my life...
and can only expect more to come!

There is nothing more I can say, except...
Happy Sweet "16" Birthday Brooke!
My Baby Girl!

To My Baby Girl:
I have watched you grow from infant to young woman.
Oh the treasure to see the young woman you have become.
To watch you blossom into what I think is an extraordinary person.
You have become many things to me...
You have become my best friend...
The love of my life...
My reason to live...
My reason to breath..
My reason to smile...
The reason for my existence...
The one person I would give my soul for....
And I am proud to call you my daughter.
**sniff sniff, yes I am crying**

I want to introduce you my daughter when she was...
9 years old...
This was Easter of 2003

You are an awesome person. I adore your personality. I admire how you stand up for yourself in the face of your friends; without worry or doubt. I love how fearless you are in front of your adversaries. I love how loyal you ~ to God, family and friends. But most, I love how honest you with me. How we can talk about anything! I am beaming with great pride to know that I have had a hand in raising you into the person you are today. You are truly amazing,
my beautiful daughter!
I thank God every day that he blessed me with you. You are my Godsend.

This is my daughter this year for Homecoming... September 2009... Almost 16....

Happy Sweet "16" Birthday my baby girl!!! My Pumpkin!!!!
This is her with her boyfriend... (so not ready for this) for her Homecoming dance
October 3rd, 2009.... still not quite 16....

Here is Snoopy and the Gang to wish you a Happy Birthday!!!!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday...
I wish you everything in life be yours...
Because remember... You have the world by it's tail!!!
Happy Birthday Baby!!!
Oh My Gosh... My Baby Girl...

Thank you for coming today!
Stay tuned for tomorrow...
Ms. Sophie Renwick will be in the house!!!!!

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  1. You have a beautiful daughter. I wish her a very happy sweet 16!



  2. Happy birthday Brooke!!!
    I'm so happy for you, Cecile!

  3. What a beautiful young lady! Happy Sweet 16 Brooke!

    Those are wonderful words to your daughter, Cecile. I can honestly say as the mother of a 16-year-old myself it's certainly uncharted territory for us as parents! It's wonderful and scary to see bits of the adult they will become.

  4. Cecile your daughter is beautiful.
    Happy Birthday Brooke!!! I hope you have a fantastic day!!

  5. Oh Cecile... I am feeling the "I am not ready for this"

    Happy Birthday to your Sweet Sixteen!! she is beautiful.

    How do you do it? I am so scared right now and mine is only 14. She just asked to go to her first High School party. I don't know if I should let her. She now has a boyfriend who is 16. And I want to scream take baby steps for me please!!! Go back to being that sweet little 4 year old and lets do it again. I don't want her to grow up!!!

  6. AHHH,,Cecile you have a beautiful Daughter! Congrats to her and turning 16!!!!


  7. Happy Birthday Brooke :=)
    You have a great daughter Cecile

  8. Thank you all for stopping by today! It does mean the world to me to share this day with you all! She is my world! I will be sure to show her this post when we get home this evening.

    Like Patti said, "wonderful and scary." Yes, definitely. Am I ready for this... Good heaves NO! Do I want my baby back.. A part of me does. But to go back, means to do things over again. And honestly, there is nothing I would do over again. I could say that there were moments I probably could have been a better parent or stricter or whatever... But I always gave my best. Along the way, life has taught me some valuable lessons that I would have never learned otherwise. From the day I found out I was pregnant till today, she is my blessing. Of course, the actual day I found out... I really did not see it as blessing (I was 17 and not yet finish with high school.. things happens) but for every day after that... She is my blessing. Watching her first steps, to her first dance recital, to actually taking up dancing again myself with her, to watching her go to her first dance... to now watching her go on dates with her boyfriend *(yikes)*! The milestones I have covered with her amaze me! The good and not so good times - we have been there for each other!
    Thanks for sharing this with me!

  9. Happy Birthday Brooke! Hope you have a wonderful Sweet Sixteen!!

  10. Happy birthday, Brooke!

    Cecile, you have a beautiful daughter. My daughter will be 14 in 2 months and it scares me to death. I know the 'I'm not ready for this' syndrome. :)

  11. You have a gorgeous daughter!!!

    Happy Happy Birthday Brooke!!! May all your wishes come true!!!

  12. Happy Birthday to your Daughter!!!
    Your daughter is beautiful! =)

  13. What a wonderful post...and absolutely beautiful daughter. Happy Birthday Brooke. Have fun!!

  14. Time does fly, does it not my friend? In an instant, what seems to be an almost impossible task, becomes one of the crowning glories of your life. Congrats to you Cecile!! And Happy Birthday to you and happiness always!!!

  15. Happy Sweet 16, Brooke! Hope you have a wonderful birthday! :)

  16. Aww, that was such a lovely post. I hope your daughter has an awesome sweet sixteen! Happy Birthday Brooke!

  17. She's beautiful, Cecile! You are so blessed to have such a wonderful daughter!

  18. What a sweetie! Happy Birthday to Brooke!

  19. Happy Birthday Brooke!!! Hope you had a great day :)

  20. Happy Happy birthday.. Brooke...

    hope it was everything you wished it to be..

    Cecile, she gets more beautiful as the days goes by...

    Happy Day 22 to you...


  21. The Sweetest of Birthdays

    Happy Sweet Sixteen, and so Much More,
    The Future Awaits, Just Open the Door.
    What Lies Ahead is Your's to See,
    The Magic of Life, Spring Eternal as the Trees.
    Grab Love and Life, and Hold on Tight,
    Believe Me when I say, It will all be Just Right.

    ((Hugs Brooke))

    I hope you enjoyed Miley and congrats -- you'll soon be driving!!

  22. Happy late birthday Brooke!

    I'll be in your shoes soon Cecile. I had my first daughter when I was seventeen as well and she'll be thirteen next month.


  23. ecile *hangs head in shame* I am soooo late, forgive me *puppy dog eyes*

    Brooke, I hope you've had yourself the best of sweet sixteens out there with lots of family and friends celebrating this day with you. *throws confetti*

    Cecile, thanks for sharing a few pics of yourself and Brooke! Are you already a bit used to the fact you've got yourself a 16 year old??

  24. Happy birthday to your daughter! She's beautiful! I remember my daughter's 16th and how special it is for them!!

  25. Awww that is so wonderful! A VERY VERY HAPPY Belated Birthday to your beautiful girl! I'm so sorry I missed it. :(

    BIG HUGS!!!!!!!!

  26. Wow, Im just catching up from having my head in edits! Imissed these gorgeous pics of your daughter and her beautiful mama!! Wow! and what a blessing to have the relationship that you have! Happy Birthday to her and happy--ALMOST--birthday to Proud mama C!!

    Amanda M


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