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A Double Sweet Giveaway with Sophie Renwick

****Contest is Closed****

Ladies, how are you enjoying this party!!! I don't know about y'all, but man am I having a blast!!

I am very excited (actually ~ I am a LOT excited) to introduce you to a man that will rock your world. I had the privilege of having him at my place for a conversation the other day and Oh what a MAN!!! Whew! I was very flattered when he agreed to come over, but I think I won his heart by telling him he was the first man to be interviewed here at my place!
So ladies, without farther waiting... I introduce to you...
Bran, King of the Night Sidhe from ~ Velvet Haven ((Ms. Sophie Renwick!!))
This will be Book One of Immortals of Annwyn Series

It's that time again to pull up a lounge chair by the fire.
I love this picture with the forest in the background, you can almost here the birds
and the leaves rustling...
Now ladies, I could not serve a fruity drink, because Bran did not strike me as that kind of drinker. Hell, I am not sure what kind of drinker he is... but this is what reminded me of him...
**but feel free to ask Caleb to make you whatever you want... he is hanging around**And as always, please help yourself to a piece of cake... Doesn't this remind you of fall and being outdoors... Matches Bran spirit... I think...
Okay, now that I have had a shot of whiskey to settle the nerves... **cheeks feeling a little flush here** I am on to Bran... I mean to talk to him...

First Bran, let me thank you for coming over to my place. It is a pure pleasure to meet you.
I have to admit that I am a little nervous.


*I'm blushing... I'm such a hussy* Because Bran, you are the first man to appear at my blog. I have never interviewed a male, especially one of your...ummm... Yea. I am a little nervous by your aura. You are a very powerful man. But every man has his weakness.

Well, first off, let me tell you that I’m honored to be the first male interviewed on your blog (although Mairi got me onto this internet thing and your blog, and I’m finding that there’s plenty of visuals of men. Naturally I had to send Mairi out of the room.
I only want her looking at me)

***Oh, I am sure Mairi would love the eye candy I have on my blog***

So, for starters, Cecile, let me thank you. For the first time ever, I’ve actually come in first before Wallingford. In my opinion Sophie/Charlotte is far too fond of the guy. ‘Course, I gave her a hard time when she offered to tell the Annwyn Chronicles, so that might have something to do with it. I wasn’t easy for her to pin me down, but a Sidhe king has to keep some secrets, ya know? Wallingford, the bastard, is as smooth as ice, and as elusive as smoke. The guy knows how to charm. I don’t. Thank the Goddess Mairi isn’t into charmers....sorry to get off track.
***Oh heaves, yes I know all about Wallingford's charm... damn that man***I kind of have ‘issues’ with my historical rival! Not to mention that asshole fallen angel, Suriel. He’s sniffing around Mairi, and I don’t like it. But then, you don’t want to know about him, do you? Grin...

***oh... maybe I do... evil grin***
Okay... Here is the dirt on Mr. Bran:

Character: Bran, King of the Night Sidhe
Shifts into: The Raven
Magic: Destruction
Power: Prognosticate death, can harness all the powers of the elements to form alchemy
Friends: Loose alliances with most all creatures
Foes: The mortal who is prophesized will destroy him

Now Bran, tell us some a few things about yourself...
What exactly are you, for those that are new here?

Night Sidhe. Which is, to mortals, a Faery. But, I’m of dark blood, which means I’m tall, big and lethal and resemble a human male.
No glittery wings and pointy ears for me. And for the love of the goddess, I do not drink nectar out of flower blooms. Nor are my shoes made of leaves. I hate stereotypes. :)

I mentioned weakness earlier, would you care to share yours with us ladies...
We promise not to tell?

It’s not a secret. Everyone in Annwyn knows I’ve been saddled with a curse by the Supreme Goddess of Annwyn. It’s a Legacy Curse. Which means that I need mortal sex magic to shore up my own magic.

To use the modern vernacular, it sucks. Big time. I hate going to Velvet Haven to troll for women and sex. But I’m king. And a king needs to be powerful—and I am, when fully charged, if you know what I mean.

I just hate how I have to get the juice. But Mairi...I’ve never met a mortal who gave so much of herself. The energy she gives me is incredible, and the love I feel for her....I don’t know. It’s dangerous.

Where do you live and where are you from?

I live and rule in Annwyn, which is the Celtic Otherworld. It’s a parallel world to yours, separated by a thin veil. It’s gorgeous, magical, seductive. It’s home. I’m naturally weak in the mortal realm, so I don’t like to stay there long, just enough to get a fix.

I’m hoping Annwyn is going to be Mairi’s home. She’ll fit right in amongst the ancient groves and the moonlight.

How long have you been roaming the earth?

Well, I’ve HAD to roam earth since I was cursed in 1860 something. I can’t remember the exact year. But it was when my Uncle Daegan abdicated his throne for the love a mortal. I offered an Adbertos which is a sacrifice, to allow my uncle to be with the woman he loved. I got the Legacy Curse. And that’s a convoluted answer for ‘feels like forever’.

I stopped counting birthdays at 300, but like I’m trying to assure Mairi, I’m in prime! :)
And if you and your readers aren’t sure about that, you can check me out in my book. I’ve got a few thigh squeezing scenes in there, or so Sophie told me. :)

and if Sophie said there are some thigh squeezing scenes in there... I am definitely taking her word for that... the woman knows how to tell a tale... a hot one at that... damn***

Bran, what do you look for in a woman?

Before Mairi, I wasn’t particular. I only had a few criteria. Mortal, not ovulating, free of drugs (getting harder as the centuries go by) and up for hours and hours of anonymous sex.

I used to think the Sidhe female form ideal. Tall, lithe, small breasted, narrow hipped, beautiful and untouchable. That all went to the Wastelands when I met a certain mortal. Now curves, full breasts, and a nice bottom are all I can think about.

**Oh yea... so now us big girls get loving too! Woohoo!!**
Do you have a love interest?

Mairi MacAuley, but were enemies. I think. You see a mortal is prophesized to kill me, and I’m pretty certain it’s Mairi. I have death visions, and this vision, well, let’s just say that it’s powerful enough for me to want to let her try to do me in. The way she makes me vulnerable, and the sounds she makes right before it...well, it makes me want to give her the opportunity, if you know what I mean.

The last thing I will ask, is if you can leave us a a few of quotes from your book
~ that would give us some idea to your character, your desires,
your demeanor. You know, to wet our appetite for what we have to look forward to.

Hmm, let me ask Sophie. She’ll be better at this, plus I’ll get to find out what spots made her soften to me! :)
The only dialogue that comes to my memory was the scene where I learned how to use a cell phone. Who knew phone sex could give me magic?

***Bran, my number 555-555-xxxx.... Phone sex huh...***

Ok, Sophie’s here now, helping me out with quotes from our book.

Sophie: This was my very first intro into Bran....
Bran had no sue for humans, but this one, she was exactly the sort of mortal he was looking for—single lonesome and begging for it.

Bran: Well, it was the truth. I don’t mince words. Never have.

Sophie: Okay, he kind of redeemed himself here....
From where he stood he could not tell if she was pretty or plain. But that did not matter. What mattered was her aura. White meant perfect balance. It was so rare, a pure white aura. He should probably fear it, but he was drawn to it—to her. He suddenly wanted nothing more than to take all her pleasure inside his body and convert it into magic.

Bran: Ah, first time I saw my Mairi. ;)

Sophie: Here’s something naughty about Bran....
She was bowed back, her breasts prominently displayed as he pulled her back a fraction more. Then he circled his erection deeper into her belly. He stroked her with his massive erection, circling her belly as if he were buried deep inside her. “Tell me what you’re doing here.”
She heard the pain in his voice and couldn’t understand where it came from. She wanted to ask what she had done, but his cock felt so good against her that only a husky moan made its way past her lips.
“You want me to take you in the shower?” he asked as he pressed his mouth against her ear. “Why, Mairi? Will you wash me away when you’re done?”
“I—I didn’t mean to disturb you—”
He laughed, the sound dark, menacing.
He freed one hand from her wrists and brought it down between their bodies. She followed his hand and watched as he brought it to his cock. Something glinted in the sheen of the water, and she blinked, her lashes heavy with water. Something silver flashed at her.
Bran: That’s enough…we decided to leave that bit about me as surprise for the readers…..
Sophie: Spoiled sport! Pout….Well, here’s Bran being soft...
“Somehow our fates were destined to cross, and now our futures are entangled. I know we’ve only just met, but I swear to you, I need you in my life. I want to know all your secrets, your fears. I want to pleasure you, to protect you.”
She looked at him with an expression of awe. “What are you?” she asked. “Where did you come from? Because I’ve never met a man like you before.”
He caressed her skin, but did not answer her questions.
“Who are you,” she asked in a low voice as she studied him, wondering how a man she didn’t know could mean so much, could break past her barriers of mistrust and crawl inside her heart.
He pressed forward and brushed his lips below her earlobe. “Tell me who you want me to be. I can be that person.”
“Bran,” she whispered, allowing herself to just feel the fluttering sweep of his lips against her throat, his incredibly long lashes against her earlobe. “Just Bran.”
His big body softened against her. “I love the way you smell here. I love the way you taste.”
His words were followed by the slow flicking motion of his tongue. Her belly flipped. Before she knew what she was doing, her hand was resting low over her belly, trying to relieve some of the empty throbbing she felt.
“Do you feel me there?” he asked in a dark whisper. His palm rested on top of hers, then slowly began moving. Her breath left her mouth, her lips brushing his cheek, which was faintly dusted with a five-o’clock shadow.
Lower he pushed her hand till her heel rested on her pubic bone and her fingers were between her thighs.
“Tell me where you need me, Mairi.”
Bran: And that’s it, folks. Sophie’s gone now, so we can get back to this interview.

Wow, okay! Those were some very **cough cough** insightful quotes there. Whew...
Caleb, please bring me a double shot of whiskey.

Wow, okay... to learn more about Sophie Renwick, please visit her web site --->>> here.
Explore it and you find a lot more on the Annwyn crew, I promise!

Now for the best part.... Well, besides looking at the fat-free, no calories eye candy is present time!!!!!!!!!! You know this is my favorite time!!!!

Ms. Sophie is giving away...
to a lucky commenter!! And OMG, this book is freaking awesome!

The is open to US only, but if you know someone who will ship it to you, please put that in your comment. Please make sure you leave me an email address so I can get in touch with you.
The contest ENDS Tuesday, October 27th!
And the winner will be announced Thursday, October 29th!!!

Oh... and as a surprise... Ms. Sophie is always giving away a copy of:
A Highlanders Christmas book as well!!! Same rules apply.
To win... Ask Ms. Charlotte a questions, put a comment down...
Or let us know what book you are waiting to get your hands on within the next couple of months!!
I hope you all are having a blast!!!

Bran, I want to thank you for coming by today and hanging out with me.
I learned some very interesting things about you and I look forward to having your book in my hand soon... Yea, I know I have to wait... but you are so worth it!

Don't forget, there is still time to enter Charlotte Featherstone's giveaway.
That one ends today.
Also, don't forget about Leontine's Giveaway.
That one ends at then of the month.
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  1. Hi Cecile and the gang :)

    Nice interview, I do have somewhat of a crush on Bran here, but after seeing that pic of Suriel, oh I melted. I do hope he is not too evil now when I like him.

    So is he reallllly bad?

    Fantastic month btw, I may have said it before, but I do think it has been a blast. All the cake and men, you know how to spoil a girl.

  2. omg - I am having major lust for Bran...

    you know, I have never read Charlotte Featherstone - I know! I know!

    I have been pimping out Sinful on my blog, but I definitely need to go back and read Addicted, I have heard only the best things about that book!

    Great interview...Bran went perfect with my coffee this morning! :)

  3. Nice interview Cecile - I'm awake now!!! Bran sounds absolutely yummy- when is his book coming out?

    I can't wait for sinful...Addicted was sooo good I'm looking forward to Wallingford's story.

    (BTW - that pic on your banner is one of my faves and everytime I go to your blog I just think "yum!")

  4. *edges closer to that fire, shivering* No need to enter me! Just stopping by to say hi and hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Good Morning Cecile,Sophie and Bran,

    **fans self**Bran you just sound so yummy
    Caleb a shot of.....anything please :)

    Great post,I liked the little teasers Sophie let us read. I'm looking forward to reading more.
    please toss my name in for the giveaway,I do know someone with a US address

    to pimp A Highlander's Xmas..the bookdepository already has it available :) and on sale :)

    Sophie,when will we be getting another Ryder brothers book? I so enjoyed Hot in Here :)

    Now to snuggle up to the fire(that fallen angel,Suriel could warm me up any day ;))

    Caleb can you get me a shot of frisky**blushes**I mean whiskey**grin**
    And I'll need a piece of that cake,it looks so good.

  6. Good morning!!

    Y'all crack me up! That was a great interview. These men are Hawt!! And all that hair, omg I want to tangle my fingers in it!

  7. Blodeuedd, thanks for stopping by! I loved Bran, but Suriel had a way of trying to sneak in there! He's veerrrrry sexy. And kind of the anti-hero type.

    Mandi, hi! Glad you're looking forward to Sinful. I will admit, that Lord Wallingford is my most favorite character that I've penned. I adore that man!

    Hi Patti! Thanks for reading Addicted, and waiting for Sinful. And Bran's book, Velvet Haven, comes out in March 2010

  8. Good morn, Ladies! I'm feeling the love...and liking it.

    And my it when it gets all tangled up with female fingers!


  9. ~Blodeuedd! Hey honey! I am so glad that you could make it! Oh honey, after this interview - it went from crush to lust for this man! He is something else! And you are soo right about Suriel... He is hawt!!! And really Baddd... lol!!

    B~ I am just glad that you are enjoying yourself! I believe in spoiling a girl!!!

    ~Mandi! Major Lust for Bran... OH YEAH!!!! We must fix this "I have not read Charlotte" now! Girl, you are missing this tortured, freaking hawt men!!! OMG!!! I am glad that Bran went well with your coffee!!!

    ~Patti! Thank you! I had a great time interviewing this man! And he is absolutely yummy! Sophie knows how to keep us on our toes!!! Always wanting more... especially with these men!! Whew!!!
    Patti, I am glad that you love my banner! Leontine did a freaking awesome job.. I just found the picture and it purred to me "hussy"!!!

    ~Chris! Girl, pull up a chair and stay and chat... I am glad that you came! That means alot!

    ~Elaing8!! Girl, I am so glad to see you!! Girl, let me tell you about Bran.. He is one freaking hawt and absolutely delicious man!
    I am so thankful Caleb gave me those shots of whiskey! Whew...
    I thought you would like the teaser she gave us. That man is something else, let me tell!!!
    Consider your name in the hat honey!!
    And that man ~Suriel~ You are right about warming me up any day!!

    ~Heather D! Morning honey! Hey, we always have a good time... No matter the time! Thank you!

    ~Sophie Renwick! Thanks for allowing me to "play" with Bran. And he was my first **fanning myself**!!

    ~ Bran... I think you will have a lot of volunteers to run their fingers through your hair!! **I am the first in line** Or for that matter... anything else! I hope you enjoy yourself here with all these wonderful ladies Bran!!! Watch out, because we are all hussies at heart! But if you hang around Sophie/Charlotte enough, you know that already!!! **evil grin and wicked winks**

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. That was such a fun interview. I like the ones with the characters :)

    I haven't read Addicted yet, but have been thinking about it ever since I read Charlotte's post about the movie Bright Star which I absolutely loved!!!!

    ....and highlanders....they are my fav type of romance hero. Will you be writing any more highland heroes?


  12. I'm re-posting this cause what I typed earlier totally didn't make sense. I suppose I should wake up fully before commenting on blogs. LOL!

    Wonderful post Cecile! I have yet to read Sophie Renwick, but I've had A Highlander Christmas and Velvet Haven on my list for a while. They both look really good and I love the cover art. :)


  13. Morning ladies!!

    Great interview....I'm really looking forward to Bran and Velvet Haven and A Highlander Christmas!

  14. Awesome interview! I was wondering if you helped to design the covers for your books?

  15. alright you won now i'm lusting over Bran *wipes drool*
    Love the interview, he was the first male but i hope he won't be the last ;)

    (don't enter me for the contest)

  16. Awesome interview Cecile, Bran sounds like a sexy hand-full ;D and sounds very cool (next to Wallingford of course)
    My question is being able to change into a Raven, does Bran use alot of stored up magic and has he ever been attacked by a hungry cat looking for some raven to eat?

  17. Oh, Cecile....too funny...that was such a scrumptious interview!!! You are such a hussy and I heart you.

    After that I would love, no, I need a tequila shooter from Caleb. Sexy style. *Licking salt off his chest, slide shooter down my throat, then proceed to squeeze and suck lime juice from between Caleb's mouth* Yowsa!!

    Charlotte, with inspiration like Bran I am sooo looking forward to VELVET HAVEN. Mystical and sexy, hawt immortal behaviour is my kind of cuppa. How many books will there be in this series?


    Caleb, thanks for the shooter and lovely the frosting. Cecile and Charlotte have a great weekend!!

  18. oh Armenia,tequila shooters with Caleb.I like it!!!
    I'm standing in line for that. Maybe Bran can help us out too since there's so many of us.
    **dibs** I'll go first :)

  19. ~Booklover1335! Hey there! Thank you, it was very **cough cough** fun to interview Bran! He is one hell'va man! Oh girl, you HAVE to read Addicted! Lindsay is just... Oh the man is a freaking Walking Sex on a Stick man!!!! GO... Run... Now...

    ~Anna! Hey honey! Thanks for coming by! Oh, you have got to get your hands on Sophie's book Hot In Here!

    ~Blanche! Morning honey! I am glad that you could make it to the party! OH gosh.. I am glad to hear that you are looking forward to these two books! They are to die for!!

    ~jeanette8042! Hey honey, hope midterms are going well! Thanks for coming over!

    ~pattepoilue! Thanks for coming over honey! I hope you are enjoying yourself! I am so glad that I could help you find your lust for Bran!!! OMG!! He is **still cleaning the mess I made**
    I am hoping that he is not the last either Patte! **hum... now my mind is working in overdrive...**

    ~Ranearia! Thanks for coming over! I hope you enjoy yourself! Thank you! And Bran... he is a handful of sexy alright!!! **whispers... But oh that Wallingford and his bread crumbs..**

    Awesome interview Cecile, Bran sounds like a sexy hand-full ;D and sounds very cool (next to Wallingford of course)

    ~Armenia!! I am glad that you are enjoying yourself honey! That is what it is all about!! Bran was a scrumptious man to interview... Whew! Girl... I am a hussy at heart honey!!!

    ***Tequila shots off of Caleb... =) I am so there!!! Oh Bran, get your butt over here and help us out honey...***

    I am wanting to get my hands on all those men... "I'm also waiting to get my hands on WINTER'S DESIRE, SINFUL, THE MASTER AND THE MUSES, and HIGHLANDER'S CHRISTMAS."

    I am glad that Caleb could be of service to!!!

    ~Elaing... **Bumping her out the way... Hey it is my birthday month... I get to go first!!! heeehheee** Licking my lips... I am ready for something now... Is that music I hear in the back ground... OH yea... "Let It Rock" OH YAYAYAYAY!!! Let the party begin!!!!

  20. Ok,I guess I'll let you go first Cecile since its your birthday month :) you owe me one :)
    I'll hip check anyone who else who buds in line ;) (ask Leontine how much that hurts :)...where is she,she's missing out)

    So I can go back and forth between Caleb and Bran? ohhhh that sounds good.
    While Caleb is busy mixing drinks,I'll use Bran ;)yeah,that's a plan...

    **looks in glass** Caleb I'm empty again,please mix me something naughty :) when you're not busy offering yourself up as a glass :)

    **swaying to the music**

    **spot Cecile doing shooters off of Bran**

    great party Cecile.

  21. Hi Cecile! Cute post, Sophie! Hehe!

    I'm totally in the mood for A Highlander Christmas!

    I love reading yummy seasonal books - not only does it get you in the mood ;) ;) but it gets you in the mood for the season.

    Hugs to all -

  22. Hi Cecile!

    Please count me in for this contest. I have never read Addicted by Charlotte Featherstone.

    Those eye candy on this post is making me melt :)

    cindyc725 at gmail dot com

  23. Hi Sophie & Cecile - Now that's exactly how I pictured the King of the Sidhe!! I can hardly wait for Velvet Haven - it's already listed on my TBB list - Yikes Mar '10!! I marked this book after I saw your interview on a blog a couple of months ago.

    As for Bran - dammit Caleb, quit poutin' and move, you're blocking my view - yowza!!!

  24. ~Elaing8! Yayayay!!! I owe you one, how about for your birthday! Yea, I think Leontine is still hurting from that "bump!"
    **Leontine's computer had the flu**
    Yep... we can go back and forth all night long... Bran.. Caleb.. Bran.. Caleb!! Yumme! Weren't we talking about man sandwiches the other day.... Hummm, I seem to have a mighty fine sandwich here!!
    Oh yea... Glass empty and mouth is ready... Caleb! Bran!

    ~Genella deGrey! Hey honey, I am so glad that you made it! Girl, with Bran, you will be in the mood for anything! He is hawt!

    ~I Heart Book Gossip! You are counted honey! Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy all the "candy" you can! That is what it is there for!

    ~Cybercliper!! Hey there! I am so glad that you made it to the party! Isn't Bran just the hawtest!! Yea, 2010... but he will be so worth it!

  25. Bran The netherlands is around the corner from your place...hhmmmm do you do international phone numbers LOL

    It is night time here and those quotes defintely fire me up for a friday night special LOL

    Can i already pre-order velvet Haven, this sounds so up my alley!!!

    Sophie, bran, Cecile, kudos to a fabulous post!! Now I'm off to caleb for some cake and cocktails :D

  26. OOOoooo These sound like just my sort of books.

    Love the interview with Bran and the pic. Yeah, I really need to get my hands on these books. :)

    Thanks Sophie for the interview and a look at your hero.

    kira daniels 1 at yahoo dot com

  27. That pic. was the best I've seen.
    Brantastic! ;)

  28. Hi Cecile and Sophie!

    I've enjoyed Sophie/Charlotte's books for a while now, and I can't wait to get to know Bran, he sounds wickedly lovely and sooo tortured.

    I'm looking forward to Highlander Christmas, especially after Lea's reveiw, OMG, it sounds great.

    Thanks for sharing Bran with us!!

    Dottie :)

  29. OMG, that was hotttttt!

    Thank you so much Bran for sharing all of that and all of you and if Mairi loses interest or if y'all get in a fight or something, I'll be happy to take you in. If not, well then I could totally occupy Suriel so that he wouldn't be a bother to you. lol


  30. What a fun interview and post! Can't wait to read AH'sC and Addicted!


  31. Nice to meet you Bran. My, you do make an impression. Am extremely curious about further information on that flash of silver!

    littlelamblst at yahoo dot com

  32. Hello all. I just wanted to stop by and say that i absolutely LOVED Addiction. It was by far one of the best books I have ever read. I am so looking forward to reading about Wallingford. Since I have read and own Addiction I would love to have a shot at the HIglanders Christmas.
    Thanks for the great post and have a Happy Halloween

  33. Oh gawd, Bran! I'm so dying for your story and the wait has and will be absolute torture especially after reading all those new tantilizing tidbits. Sigh...

    Wonderful interview, Cecile! I devoured every morsel of Bran.

    No need to enter me in the contest. I just wanted to drool over Bran and the pics. ;)

    Hugs, VFG

  34. ~Leontine!!! Hey honey, how is the computer? I hope it got over the flu and Brother fixed it! Oh, I see you are trying to convince Bran to hop, skip and jump over to your place... Sneaky aren't you!!! **evil wink**
    You want in on that phone "conversation" too huh... Honey, I gave him my numbers already... He is in my fave 5!! LMAO!!!

    Ohhhh, "It is night time here and those quotes defintely fire me up for a friday night special LOL" **I hear your hubby calling you**

    And yes, you can pre-order Velvet Haven. I ordered mine at the Book Dep. store!!! You can not beat free shipping!!
    Thanks honey... I watched you do enough interviews with all those hot men... I picked up a couple of things, lol!! I did enjoy having him!!

    ~Kira Daniels! I am glad that you stopped by! And yes honey, these sound like your kind of books!
    I loved doing the interview! He was a delicious treat to have! **wicked smile**

    ~Stacy Stew! Hey Honey! I am glad that you stopped by!!! And that you are enjoying yourself!

    ~Dottie! Hey honey! Oh, don'tcha just love Sophie/Charlotte's books! They are freaking awesome! And you know she pens her men so well!! Just being with him that time, he was delicious. I mean a treat to have! I loved learning about him! And yes, especially after Lea's review... OMFG I want it now!!
    I hope you have a great weekend!

    ~Ddurance! Hey honey! Thanks for coming over! OMFG you mean! This man can start a 5 fire!!! Girl, if Mairi loses interest... there will be a line of woman waiting for this man, lol!! Oh now keeping Suriel occupied, hummmm, now that could work!! Thanks again for coming over!

    ~Etirv! Hey honey! This was an extremely fun interview to do with Bran! Good luck!

    ~Lil! Thank you for stopping by today! It is always nice to meet new people! I am glad that you like Bran! Isn't he **clears throat** something else!!

    ~Sarabelle! Hey there, I am glad that you could make it today! Oh... another Addicted fan!! I so HEART that book, it is not even funny!!! Oh Lindsay stole my heart! That man... and then to meet Matthew in that book **swoon**
    Thank you for coming! And Happy Halloween to you too!

    ~VampFanGirl! I am glad that I you came. I have missed you my friend! I am loving your new place up; although both of them were awesome!
    Isn't Bran just to die for... Hawt!! Thanks for stopping by!

  35. Hi Cecile and Sophie! Loved the interview and the refreshments and the hunks *fans self*

    I have never had a chance to read any of Sophie's or Charlotte Featherstone books. *blushes*
    I have to get them they sound and look fabulous!!! And especially the Highlander Christmas book I loveeeeee me a man in a kilt!!! I can't resist them lol.

  36. Hi Cecile, Sophie and all! You find the best pics of those cakes (besides the hunks!) I'm so excited about these Immortal of Annwyn series! I love that name Bran! I don't think I've ever read a hero with that name so this will be special! This series sounds fascinating Sophie! Was this one you all planned out or did alot come as you wrote the book? I so loved this interview of Bran. I'm so ready for him (LOL)


  37. Great interview! The book I am looking forward to is Ice by Sara Beth Durst

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  38. Great interview, Cecile! And the setting is great, I just love the sweets (and not just the one in the picture ;))!

  39. :) Oh my gosh, love the interview! "Nor are my shoes made of leaves" OMG! Sigh....super hottie!

    rachie2004 @ yahoo (d0t) com

  40. Hi Sophie!

    Love the books and looking forward to reading Bran's book! I wanted to give kudos to you for writing engaging heroes that don't fit the cookie cutter model. They are all a mixture of attributes...never ALL good or ALL bad. Definetly the way I like my heroes :)

    lyoness2009 AT hot mail **dot** CoM

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