Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Giveway with Amanda McIntyre.....

Witch Way is Romance...

I look into the scurrying dish and whisper so gently

"With all thy power, with all thy might,
will you be able to show me thy love tonight"
The waters move, the smoke bellowed...
and a figure appears.... around him a forest... I must go search in for him...
By Cecile

Okay... I am back... Whew... That was a far run into the forest... and running with heels and this dress was no easy feat!!! But I did it all for love!

Now, on to today's fun...
Are you ladies ready for this?
I sure do hope so... because we are going to have a blast...

Today, Ms. Amanda McIntyre is coming to play with us!

Pull up a chair, sit back and watch the cauldron bubble... Oh, that is the punch bowl... Well, in that case, dip your glass in and get a drink... Makes sure your drink does not get you...

Welcome Ms. Amanda! How are you doing? Well I hope!
Thank you for coming out to play with us today...

With drinks in hand, let's start off the day shall we...
Ms. A, would you please tell us a little about yourself?

The real version or the Diva version? LOL! Sorry, that last one wouldn't be too long... I'm not what I would classify as Diva material, though I can produce "tude" when needed.;) Well, I'm a Pisces, so dream often, love the creative /Fine arts, and water--go figure. Though I cannot swim-true story, never learned. But my husband swear I am a lighthouse keeper on the Great Lakes in my former life. Have an intense passion for the Great Lakes, which I've yet to fully
understand. I love all kinds of music and books, I still color with crayons from time to time, I have four --count'em four--wonderful kids, a supportive hubby, and extended family and a cat who thinks he is head of our house and continues to try to teach the lab ( who thinks he's a chihuahua) the pecking order of his domain. How do I write in such a zoo, you ask? With great determination, I will answer ;)
But I would not trade my brand of chaos for anything else in the world.
Please, just do not check the corners for dust bunnies-they bite here they've been around so long ;)

**Okay... so, NO looking under the bed either then... lol***

I have written in several genres over my ten years of being a storyteller, in short stories, novellas, full novels and a few non-fiction projects as well. I currently write erotic historical romance for Harlequin Spice-Books and contemporary for Harlequin Spice Briefs.

I also work P-T each year helping to coordinate the Romantic Times BOOKLOvers annual convention workshops and Genre programs and assist with the event decorations.

Favorite alcoholic beverage: Chocolate Martini or Corona
Fav. dessert: Carrot cake
Fav. musical- currently: Wicked
Fav. clothes to write in: Danskin yoga pants and t-shirt
Fav. season: Autumn

**Wow, okay with a list like that... I will help clean your house!**

OHHH, **clapping*** I'll happily let you!;)

What are you currently working on right now?

My edits for Master & the Muses--solely/only/single-visioned

after that I have Torins story to do ( Torins is Sierras brother in TORTURED)

and then my story in the upcoming second in the Celtic Spice series, BELTANE FIRES

and kicking around some new ideas...

**OMG... Torins' story... be still my beating heart... Woman, are you trying to kill me! These men are just absolutely Sex On A Stick... IMHO, evil grin and wicked laughter**

*did you know they have names for women like you? A Connoiseur of Men ~A

Ms. A, what was your favorite book to write? Why was it your favorite and what was it about those characters that drove you?

Always it's the one I'm writing in one form or another simply because you are so wrapped up in those characters. But sentimentally-speaking, I have others that are special to me because of where I was in my life when I wrote them. Many of them are not available right now, maybe they one day will be again, but they stories dear to my heart.
To choose one over the other to me would be like choosing which of your own kids you love most.;)

**True to words, never thought of it that way.**

If you could put a spin on any fairy tale, which fairy tale would it be and what would your spin

I have put a spin on a fairy tale! LOL Its was called based on the Princess and the Pea--a contemporary version of a woman executive of a mattress company looking for a new "approach " to boost sales.

**Oh, that is cool.... ***

Everyone has one or two... or more... What are your pet peeves?

Rude and/or self-absorbed people.

When you want to "rock out," what do you listen to??


Oh my gosh, I love that band!! I still have their cassette... Yes, I said it, lmao!!***

** Yay! Heart rocks! And eight tracks! Remember those!!~A.

What is something that we would be surprised to know about you?

That I was once the epitome of the quiet shy stereotypical librarian.

** comment...~A.

What is your favorite season and why?

Again with the choices???

***Yea, I love trying to get into your mind, mmaawwhhaaww (my best evil laughter)***

LOL. Okay, in order of particular fondness; Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer and why? I love
the crisp weather that comes with Autumn, the colors, the scent of bonfires, sweatshirts and jeans, road trips to look at leaves, parades and music event contests that my kids have always been involved in at this time of year. And I'm a serious Charlie Brown fan when it comes to Halloween transforming my yard into Linus waiting for the Great Pumpkin in the pumpkin patch.

***OMG... I LOVE PEANUT!!! So, much I bought that as my own Christmas present one year. The whole collection of "special" shows. My Mom still calls me to tell me that it is on TV, lol!!***

**it just wouldn't be the holidays at our house without them! The only other "Halloween " tradtion that we have added is "Hocus Pocus";))~A.

What do you love about your birthday?

That I am not afraid of them and that it comes one week after Valentines day, so its a toughie to forget!! LOL

What is your most memorable present?

Birthday? Wow, that's really hard, because I've had so many-- not just material things but with whom I spent them. I guess in that regard I would have to say every one that I can spend in the company of all my kids , my dh, and friends has to rank right up there as "my" #1 best present ever!

When was the last time you dressed up for Halloween? What were you?

For Halloween or for a Halloween-type party? Every year I dress up for Heather Grahams vampire ball at RT. Last year I dressed up as Molly Shannon from Superstar fame.

**OMG, I would have love to have seen that!!!**

* it was amusing, I will say;)~A.

Scary movie person - yes/no? If yes, what is your favorite?

Psychological rather than 'hackem up' variety--The Shining with Jack, rates high on the list, Underworld comes next, Lost Boys-cuz its just so out of the box.

Haunted house person - yes/no? Have you ever been in one?
If by this you mean the Jaycee's Haunted house variety--then Not really, and yes I've been to a number of them. Mostly hackem up style and I don't get into that kind of "scary"

However, if you're talking "real" haunted house? Then yes I do believe in them, because I think we all leave a piece of our auras where ever we go and yes I have been in some. I find them fascinating.

And of course... what is a party with out our eye candy.... This time... Ms. Amanda picked out her special man.... Ladies, let our eyes behold this ***delicious*** specimen....

He is one of the Aussie Gods of Football. Please remember to stop by Lust In Time manor, because they will be giving one of the Aussie Gods of Football calendars away at the end of Oct!

Please visit Ms. Amanda site --->>> here.
While you are there, peek around her place. It is very intriguing!!!
And do not forget to scope out her book covers...
Yea, I am a hussy at heart and her places fits the bill!!!!
Now, do not forget to check out Tortured, her newest release!!!!
That book will steal your heart and soul!!!
To see my review for this book, please go --->>> here.

Ms. Amanda does have some wonderful news though..
This book is coming out in November.... not that far away and a prefect gift.... for Christmas!!!! Treat to you!!!!

And this one below... Oh man, just look at that cover! What a breathtaking cover.
This one will be available to us... you ready for this... June 2010....
You know what he is saying right... "Just look into my eyes.... and I will make you my muse"
Ohhhhhh, present time.... Who loves present time....
Ms. Amanda has been very kind in allowing me to give away two books...

In order to get your hands on one of these two books... You must tell us who is your favorite Tortured hero/heroine... and why!!

Yes ladies, not one... but two books!!
One book is in honor of my birthday. The second book is in honor of my dear friend Amy C's ~from Romance Book Wrym~ birthday... same day as mine!!
Want to know what two books she is giving away... You ready for this...
Tortured and The Dairy of Cozette!!!!

This contest is open to: Only US (but if you live out of the US and know someone that would not mailing it to you from their house... please do not hesitate to enter... trying to accomodate everyone)
The contest will run till October 10th, Saturday night!
I will announce the winner sometimes during the day Sunday, October 11th.
The winner will have till Wednesday, October14th to get in touch with me to claim the prize.

Please leave in your comment which book you would like to win, it can be both, but please remember to just let me know. Pretty please!!

Before you leave, please do NOT forget the cake... Please fix you some...
It looks simply gorgeous and delicious!

Stay tuned... because they are more treats to come....
Hope everyone is enjoying the party... And don't forget about Caleb!!!!
So, make sure you stick around all month long! =)
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  1. Good morning Cecile! You have that coffee ready yet?

    And I want to add that if I get my Winters Desire books this week, I'll be adding a third book to the prize package! (I'll just be so darn estatic that they came!)
    I'll check in from time to time today!!

    We relented and turned on the furnace today!

    Amanda M.

  2. Cecile,

    Good Morning Lady. :) Just stopping by to show blog appreciation.

    Don't enter me for this one. :) Good luck everyone.


  3. Good Morning Ms. A! Of course Caleb has the coffee brewing... just for you! He said something about it being cold up North!

    Oh...***rubs hands greedily... a third prezzies***

    Hey Michelle, Thanks for coming by! I do appreciate it more than you know! I hope you have a great day!

  4. Waving to Cecile and Amanda,
    Hey ladies, this is a ball again, have not read every bit of the interview but love the cake, loooooove the eyecandy and HEART. Oh yes, you're now talking my language.

    Once upon a time me, my brother and sister were in a conversation about music and what we would like on a mixed CD. Sis and Bro named bands titles of songs and so on and here come I:
    "Yes, guys...I have this one song...I don't remember the band or the title but it was about a girl picking up a hitch-hiker, they want and it with each other in the hotel and then years later or so they see each other again and he looks in to a pair of eyes just like his. Do you guys know the band or the title song???

    You should've seen the look on my brother and sister's face...priceless. They went utterly blank at my description, they asked me to sing some...and that's when I went blank. I crunched my brain and 5 minutes later I came up with:
    "I said please, please understand
    I’m in love with another man"

    Suddenly lights went on and brother and sister said: "Oh, that is HEART...with All I Want To Do Is Make Love To you.

    Since then this has become my song of HEART...

    Sorry to be rambling...just wanted to drop by in my flu and fever ridden body to join you all for a bit of fun.

    Going back to bed now...will come by later to read the interview better *hugs*

  5. edit self....again *sigh*: they want and it with each = They went at it with each other.

  6. **eyes bulging**WOW warn a girl before posting yummy eyecandy!!I nearly spit out my drink when I scrolled down to his pic..HAWT!!

    Good Morning Cecile and Ms. McIntyre

    Great Interview.
    A Connoiseur of Men - ACOM --I like that description :)

    Don't enter me in the giveaway(Canadian girl here) just wanted to stop by say hi **waves** and get me some cake and a drink (of
    That punch looks good,minus the spider.
    Caleb,honey is it spiked? :)

    Leontine I hope you feel better soon.

  7. I'd say you ladies have already been hitting the chocolate espresso martinis this morning, eh? ;)

    No need to enter me for this one. *stares around at piles of unread books and shakes head*

  8. so I was trying to figure out that song as I was going through your story LOL

    Take care Leontine!! Maybe you should have some tea instead!


  9. I know , right? Cecile has so much eye candy on this blog its hard not to get lost!!

    There will be more of the Gods of Football though at LIT's Launch party for Winters Desire...and more on THAT later!


  10. Hey Leontine!!!
    Oh honey... Let Caleb fix you a vitamin drink again today and help you to bed **wink**. He has excellent bedside manors!

    I love me some Heart music!!! And that song is ranked up there!
    Go lie down for a bit, we will be here all day long hon! I am really hoping you get to feeling better soon. I hate to see people not feeling good!

  11. ~Elaing8, Hey honey!!!
    Girl, let me tell you... Those football Gods are something else!! And Ms. A will have one of those calendar's up for grabs at her place of Lust In Time!!! And you better believe I am going to be there for that day!! If not, I will be ordering mine if I do not win!!! LOL!! They are freaking hot!!!
    Glad you like Ms. A's choice of eye candy this morning!!!
    Yea, I am loving my new title Ms. A gave me, lol -->> "A Connoiseur of Men"
    Cake and drinks are always available! And I think that maybe Caleb might have spiked it... He is trying to get everyone to feel better! =)

    ~Chris, hey honey!
    Oh.. Chocolate Espresso Martinis... Now I am liking that idea!!! I think I will ditch the coffee and try one of those!!
    **Hey Caleb... Chris gave me an idea... wink wink**

  12. I have both books so please don't enter me.

    I just wanted to stop in and say hi. The hubby and I watch all the Peanuts movies every year - The Great Pumpkin, the Thanksgiving one and the Christmas one. LOVE THEM!

  13. Oh Cecile, I'm loving these posts!

    I must say Ms. McIntyre's covers are gorgeous - so sensual and enticing! The stories inside look very, very good. Please enter me as these books look like exactly my cup of tea! Mmmm...maybe I could drink my tea with that sexy Aussie guy....

    Oh, my favorite tortured hero would have to be Lord Dane from Lord of Scoundrels or Nigel Cavendish from What A Lady Wants - very tortured, sexy heroes!

  14. Great interview!

    Hrm... my favorite tortured hero. Geez that is a hard one. I think it would have to be Acheron from Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunters. Why? Why not? He is the ultimate hero with a tortured, dark soul. I love everything about him. Such angst...but, yet, so lovable. How can you not love someone who can get drunk on Sprite? lol

  15. Ahhhhh!!! I LOVE HEART!! I totally rock out to them. All I wanna do...Nothin' At All...Secret...Stranded...GOOD STUFF!!!

    Oh and I'm really looking forward to Master & The Muses and of course Torin's tale!

    Since I already have both the books up for grabs, don't enter me. But GOOD LUCK TO ALL WHO ENTER!!

  16. Mmmm that cake looks delish! My favorite tortured heroine would have to be Ria from Mercury's War by Lora Leigh.

  17. ~CheekyGirl, thank you for coming over!!! I hope you find a place at home and stay for a while! It is always nice to meet new people!
    Oh... and you have both of her books! Isn't she amazing!
    OMG...I love The Peaunt shows!!! Another fan!! It was nice of you to stop!!

    ~Patti, hey honey!!! Thanks for coming over! I am glad that you are enjoying the post! That makes me feel so happy!!
    Oh, the covers are just the beginning of her books! If you think the cover is sensual and enticing... just wait till you crack it open... It will suck you in!!!
    **Serving Patti tea with Sexy Auusie guy... be careful, he is hot, lmao!**
    I love your tortured heros! Yum-ME!

    ~Kira Daniels, thanks for coming by!! I hope you are enjoying yourself! Thank you! I had a blast with Ms. McIntyre!
    **Get drunk on Sprite, lol!!** Oh, now that is a tortured hero!! I have not read anything by Ms. Kenyon, but I am trying to fix that on my next shopping trip!
    Hope you stick around!

    ~Barbara! Hey honey!!!
    Oh man HEART so rocks!!!! I could listen to those women all day long!
    Isn't that cover to Master & The Muse gorgeous!!! OMG!!! And getting Torin's story!! Can not wait!!!

    ~jeanette8042! Thanks for coming!! I hope you also are enjoying yourself! Have a piece of cake (or the Aussie guy) and grab a drink! I hope you stick around! It just keeps getting interesting!

  18. Hi Ms A. and Cecile!

    Looks like the parties a rockin and I'm just starting to have a clear head. It feels so thick this morning, lol, hope my sinuses get over whatever's going on!!

    I love tortured heroes, they're the best kind, lol. I love Louie from Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire. Charlotte Featherstone's Wallingford. Gabriel from Judith James' Broken Wing. All too good!

    Have a great party!! I'll stopy by this afternoon to see how everyone's doing, maybe try the punch!

    Caleb, I sure could use a neck rub!!

    Dottie :)

  19. Man, I thought planning a cupcake event was bad for the diet - but I WANT that cake!

    Amanda - it was a blast hearing from you here. I now want, want, want, to read this book!

    Thanks Cecile!
    Terry Kate
    Romance in the Backseat

  20. OH, I love Underworld. All that leather.

    Don't enter me for this one (I'm so lucky - I like to spread that love). Waving hi to Amanda! Very steamy writing, girl!

  21. I scroll to get the the comments,but get stuck drooling at the hottie!!!
    **shakes head**

    I have a friend in the US,she says I can use her address,so please enter me in the giveaway :)

    Caleb,My glass is empty..I don't know what you spiked the punch with but boy is it good,fill me up!

  22. Hi Cecile and Amanda :)
    I do hear good things about Torture, hm that came out wrong lol.

    What a day, all stormy and rainy, much better to sit inside and celebrate Ceciles bday.

    Good luck to all you US folk

  23. First of all, I am in love with your covers:)

    Secondly, I have never read one of your books *hangs head in shame* although I see them all over on the wonderful blogs and now I have my chance to win one!!! Smexy needs some McIntyre!!!

    Third - my favorite tortured hero is Derek Craven from Lisa Kleypas. I love him and beyond the fact that he is "tortured" my favorite thing is that he keeps the heroine's glasses in his pocket. I just will always remember that.

    Anyway - like I said, I am up for either book!

    Thanks to the two of you so much!!

  24. I am back for more cake! Mm cake, I do love cake.

    I have a friend in the US who is willing to ship, yay *hugs*
    So enter me for both.

    Ok forgot about this last time, I blame it on that Football hunk. Cecile, how you tease us.

    Tortured hero, ok must go with Z from Ward's BDB, he is so messed up and I just wanted to hug him, or run away from him. poor guy, but then I always love a tortured hero

  25. Hi Cecile and Amanda!!

    Please don't enter me in the contest. I won a copy of Tortured through the Night Owl Romance Summer Web Hunt, so lets let others have a chance at winning. However if you get Winters Desire books this week I might just have to throw my hat in!!!

    I am really looking forward to reading Tortured. I have heard some really wonderful things!!

    I love Heart!!! And I actually just heard the song Leontine was talking about. It was a big hit when I was like 12 (I think). My brother hated it and my mom thought it was inappropriate!
    In case you haven't found the title it is: All I Want To Do is Make Love To You by Heart of course.

    My fave tortured Hero is still Z from the BDB!

  26. LOl I just finished reading the rest of Leontines comment... I guess I should have read completely through before posting my comment.

    I can only imagine what your brother and sister's facial expressions were!!! My daughter just laughs at me... she is the only one willing to sit and listen to me sing along with the radio. Oh wait she has no choice! lol

  27. Dottie, hey honey!!! I hope you are also feeling better soon!! I am so glad to see you here!!
    Honey, the party is just getting started!
    OMG!! Louie from Anne's book/movie is a very poor tortured soul. I fell in love with him when I watched the movie the other night!
    Oh, and one can not forget Charlotte's men... Lindsay or Wallingford! Those two men... are just deliciously tortured!!! I have not read Judith James's Broken Wing... will have to investigate!
    Stop by anytime... Punch and cake are always available!!! And Caleb might just be able to help you out with the neck rub thing!! Evil wink!!

    ~Terry Kate! Hey hon! I am glad that you could make it to the party! Oh, I love my cake too!!! Can't you tell!!

    ~Kimber Chin!! Hey honey!!! I am so very glad that you could make it today!! Oh and Underworld... now there is an imagine! Thanks for stopping by!

    ~Elaing8, hey honey! I hope you are feeling better too!! A lot of friends are under the weather this week! I hope everyone gets better!!

    Girl... aren't the men at my place hot hot hot!!! And yum-me too!!! =)

    ***Caleb said that he will be right there with you glass honey!! And he is grinning very wickedly... I know he spiked the punch, but he won't tell me with what!!***

    ~Blodeuedd! Hey honey! I am so glad that you could make it!!
    OMG... there are awesome things to be heard about this book!! I can't stop gushing about it!

    ~Mandi!! Oh my smexy friend!! I am so glad that you made it! And my wishes for you to feel better too go your way!!
    Aren't her covers gorgeous! I love them!
    Oh girl... It's okay, you don't have to hold your head in shame any more... For here is your chance to win!!!
    Oh... will have to look up this tortured hero of yours!

    ~Blodeuedd! Yay, you found someone to help you win!!!
    Oh, yes please have some cake! And you see what those men do... aren't they just something to look at though!!! They make us flustered and forgetful!
    How I do love to tease you guys... with all this hot eye candy!
    OH... Your tortured hero... Now I have heard of him.. I have not read about him yet though...

    ~Heather D! Hey honey! I am glad that you could make it!
    Oh... I am really looking forward to Winter's Desire as well!! I can not wait to get that in my hands!!!

    However if you get Winters Desire books this week I might just have to throw my hat in!!!

    I am really looking forward to reading Tortured. I have heard some really wonderful things!!
    Another BDB fan... I will soon have to read these damn books!!

    And I Love HEART as well!! Awesome band!

  28. taking a lucnh break at 2 PM...yeah thats about my speed ;) well Im so glad that many of you already have Cozette and Tortured! Hope you enjoy the reads! I'm hoping that WD will be here this week yet! They got accidentally shipped to another person at least within the Harlequin family , so she is shipping them to me today--bless her heart!

    Yay! Charlie Brown fans!! classic stuff! Then again, so is the music I listen to as well! LOL
    Guess that makes me classic as well?


  29. Thanks for stopping in Kira (love that name!) Looks like Im going to have to check out the DH series--sounds like my kind of guy;)


  30. Thanks for stopping in Barb! I hope to be able to give away one Winters Desire this week also!!
    *fingers crossed!
    thanks for the support!


  31. HI Terry Kate
    Im sorry we didnt hget hooked up at RWA! It was my first RWA and I think I was just overwhelemed! the week was over literally before it started...I road tripped it with my familyt as well, so we left early to go back and viosit the Rock & Roll museum in Cleveland! and yes I can safely say that Cleveland rocks!
    what a fantastic place!

    thanks so much for stopping by!


  32. Thanks Kimber ! I have to tell you if you thought Tortured and Cozette were hot, Im thinking wait until you read the Master & the Muses! LOL


  33. you know what, Elaing..I'm feeling so much love here today and with all that Cecile has done that Im going to pull down the contest restrictions and go international!!

    So the contest giveaway is open!! I cannot leave my International friends hanging out there!!

    So enter now!


  34. Hey Smexy I love your little icon--that pic was one of my first ever that I fell in love with. LOL

    Love that you stopped by and have your name in the hat along with those who have expressed interest! Remember though , for those of you who have the book, the holidays are coming! Could be a great gift for that closet steamy reader just waiting um..release?

    Hum...more champagne, Caleb?



  35. I actually listened to Magic man several times while writing TORTURED and ALONE sort of became Sierra's theme song in my so describes her and Dryston's tenuous relationship...


  36. Wow, I just finished reading through all the comments and can barely keep up!! Love this!

    Heart = Awesome. I saw them in concert when I was 14. Loved them!

    Z from the BDB-- wow. Yes, I love him too. Also, Gabriel from BROKEN WING. Love that story! Very dark!

    And of course the football hotties! Yeah, love the man-candy. mmmmm

    I can't wait to read your stuff Amanda! And thanks about liking my name. I chose it myself. *winks* (pen name)

  37. Wonderful interview-- I enjoyed reading your replies, Amanda! :D

    I'm with you-- Autumn is an amazing time of the year, and our 'tradition' for that time of the year was to always go up the various canyons surrounding our house and spend the day amongst the lovely fall colors.

    *Hangs head* I haven't read Tortured yet! Nor any of your novels, but I really want to-- I love the cover of Tortured, and I've heard sooooo many great things from fellow friends! But this would be a great opportunity to do so... *Wink*. :D


  38. What a fun interview!!!

    Hi Ms. A and Cecile. *waving* I'm a Heart fan too. I actually saw them in concert when I attended Univ. of CA, Santa Barbara. *sigh* So many years ago.

    Cecile, loved the poetry. You're awesome, girl. I'm waiting for my Sex On A Stick, Thomas Rodin, in Master and the Muses.

    Ms. sure know how to pick out the eye candy. Oye, love them Aussies!!!

  39. Oops, forgot to get me some cake!!!

    Lovely table calories. And throw my name in the hat for a chance for DIARY OF COZETTE. ;)

    ciao, until later.

  40. Amanda, I LOVE your books! I am always on the lookout for erot-historicals, they are not as easy to find as erot-paranormals and contemps. Especially in the time periods that you set your books in!

    Favorite tortured hero--the one that immediately comes to mind is Jim Caviezel in the Count of Monte Cristo.

    I'd love a copy of Diary of Cozette:)

  41. Hi ladies!!

    Great inteview! Awesome party Cecile! :)

  42. Great Interview Ladies!!

    Amanda, I'm definitely looking forward to MASTER AND THE MUSES. The cover looks amazing! HQN Spice knows how to do covers right.

    Favorite tortured hero are heroine?? You gotta be kidding me right? Hmmm....well a recent favorite tortured heroine of mine was Lady Sarah from Christine Well's WICKED LITTLE GAME. She's a woman who's been forced into surviving off hate and it takes a very special hero to bring her heart back to love.

    (((hugs))) VFG

  43. ~Kira Daniels
    I am so glad that you had time to go back and read the comments, they are very good!!!
    Drinks, cake and men... can always be found here!!! LOL!!

    ~The_Book_Queen! Hey honey! I am so glad that you could make it! Thank you for coming!!! Thanks!
    Oh TBQ, I am an Autumn girl too!! I love this time of the year!

    Well, this is your chance to read the book!!! Good Luck hon!! Thanks for coming!

    ~Armenia! Thanks for coming!! Thanks for the kind words! **waving back at ya hon**
    Girl, luving up some Heart!
    Awww, thank you.... I love to write when it comes to me and that was a beautiful picture to inspire!
    Girl, don't you just love My Sex On A Stick Men!!!
    Amanda picked out some delicious eye candy! And the cake and drinks are definitely calorie free!! ALWAYS!!!!

    ~Mari! Thanks for coming by again! I am glad that you love Ms. A's book!!! They are awesome! And I promise you, her's does not disappoint!!!!

  44. Blanche & VampFanGirl, thanks for coming by!!!
    Oh gosh, don't you just love the covers of her books!! They are amazing!!!
    And tortured hero's... oh man!!! The list could go on!!!

  45. Hi Ladies...beautiful cake!! I'd love a slice and even better if you served it off the wash board abs of football guy...hmmm did I really say that out loud? Why yes I did and it's still sounds like a great idea :-D

    Favorite tortured hero - why Vishous of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. I know, I know, hey a girl has to get her fix anyway she can!

  46. Awesome Interview Amanda and Cecile! (thank you Cecile for the heads up I've had my head buried in two websites I'm working on this week and haven't come up for air hardly. So thank you for a much needed break! :) )

    Oh my favorite tortured hero man that's a tough one for me because I love the tortured heroes and heroines they always make the most interesting I think. So I'll have to say the only ones coming to my mind at the moment are Jamie of the Outlander series oh the tortures my poor Jamie has been through and for a much loved vamp of mine Kyrian from Sherrilyn Kenyon's Night Pleasures.

    Love the eyecandy too!!! Meoww!!! lol ;)

  47. Hi Cecile and Ms M!

    Just stopping back by! Caleb did an excellent massage on my neck, but I don't think I want to let him go. lol.

    I love Heart's Dog and the Butterfly, makes me all weepy everytime.

    Ms M. - remember yesterday when I said it was cold and dready, well today it was warm and sunny, go figure!!

    Keep the party rockin'!!! And ya'll have fun!

    Dottie :)

  48. thanks for stopping in Book Queen! That sounds like a lovely way to usher in the fall season! Wow!

    I have your hat in the ring!


  49. Armenia I am in agreement with you, I think Ms. Cecile has a poet's gift for sure!

    And those Aussie footballers...yike! They do grow them fine down under!

    I've had to stare at this calendar every single day since it arrived--terrible hardship.

    I'll try to get the drool stains off before we give it away at the LIT blog LOL

    Hope you'll like getting to get deeply personal with Thomas!

    thanks for stopping by!


  50. Cyberclipper-cake on those abs?
    Oh a most serious scene for a book just popped into my head...whew..fanning self.

    thanks SO MUCH for giving that visual! LOL


  51. VFG thanks for stopping in and for the kudos about HQ Spice covers--agreed they are quite special!

    I'll have to check out all these fine books you all have mentioned!!


  52. Hey Jenn! Thanks for stopping in!!

    As some of you know, I've been waiting for my ARC's of Winters Desire--well I found out today that they are in Wisconsin, but were shipped out to me by the nice lady who has gotten them before;)

    I think the confusion os cleared up now in the mail dept ;))

    good news is that they are on their way!! Woohoo!!


  53. Hey C...

    Don't enter me please, I have never read anything by this author - but she does sound found. I will be adding her to my list..

    Fun interview - definitely had a chuckle along the way....reading..

    Happy day 7 hon...


  54. Hi Ms Amanda and Ms Cecile!! Great interview - very interesting....
    My favourite tourtured hero is Edward from Twilight but at his heels is Acheron from Dark Hunters series by S. Kenyon.
    Hope you have a great week!

    P.S. I like all three books :)

  55. Hey Dottie
    I have my Heart CD going this morning to help jumpstart edits along with my coffee!!
    and speaking of coffee..we have a fresh pot and another contest brewing over at House of Muse this morning! Good thing Cecile and I are neighbors so we can run back and forth today;)

    Something too, that Cecile and I have been talking about is our fav Halloween some of those may have TORTURED heroes and heroines as well...

    Love Interview with a Vampire and Angel in the Buffy series...

    and the werewolf in Underworld;) isnt that a fabulous movie?


  56. I read...and LOVED Tortured. So super good! what a great interview, and the eye candy. Well, let's just say that is a fantastic way to start off my day!

    As far as the book, gotta go for Diary of Cozette!

    Amy M

  57. Good grief! I forgot to say that Sierra was my favorite from Tortured. She was so brave and so loyal to her brother, to Dryston. I loved her!

    Amy M

  58. I'm so sorry I missed this!!!

    I've been hold up in my writing cave tryng to finish up my WIP before we begin edits on my next release.

    You gals are so much fun -
    HUGS -

  59. Thanks for inviting me over Cecile! Looks like you guys have a rocking party here!!

    Like so many of you I also like Zhadist of the BDB. But then I also like Zarek of the Dark Hunter series. I find those two Zs very similar. Tortured. Angsty.

    By the time I got to the bottom of the screen, I already forgot who was sick and who got stuffy head. I hope you guys get well soon.

    And thank you Miss A for openning the contest to international readers! Ahh... its the "quiet shy stereotypical librarian" that we have to watch out for :)
    They are usually the ones who are full of surprises...

  60. I had a little nosey at Miss A's website (thank you for the linky) for Tortured and The Dairy of Cozette - both books looks very interesting. It is difficult to make a choice *groans*. But if I have to choose, *sigh* I will have to choose Tortured. What can I say, I'm a sucker for tortured souls.

  61. Since both books sounds good. I would to win any one of the book.

    kalynnick AT yahoo DOT com

  62. Sherrilyn Kenyon's Acheron is one of my favorite tortured heroes.

    I would love to win a copy of Diary of Cozette.


  63. Hi Cecile,
    I forgot to answer AM's question. And because I'm feeling chatty this Saturday and very much enjoying your party, I thought I'd ramble a little.

    I love Mari's choice -- Jim Caviezel did a wonderfully tortured Count of Monte he's my kind of Sex-On- A-Stick man. And Host's choice of Edward from Twilight. Mmm..yeah, he plays tortured pretty well. Poor guy's always thirsty, can't blame him.

    My tortured hero: Gerard Butler (yup, sex on stick !!) in Phantom of the Opera. My gosh, the music just pores out of him and he creates his love of music for the heroine, who he knows can't return his love. Now that's torture.

    I need another piece of cake..mmm ,yum.

    Anyhow, throwing my name in for Diary of Cozette.


  64. I can't forget reclusive and scarred Sir Alistair Munroe from Elizabeth Hoyt's To Beguile a Beast!



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