Friday, October 2, 2009

Two Girls and a Hunk GoTrick or Treat Shopping

******CONTEST CLOSED******
Mandi: Happy Birthday Cecile!!
Because you deserve all things smexy on your birthday, I have brought along Hugh Jackman to go shopping with us!

Hugh: for something naughty to wear?

Mandi: Hugh! No, well, maybe later ;) First we are going book shopping!

Hugh: Oh. Books..right. Ummmm...I would rather shop for something special for Cecile to wear...preferably skimpy and see-through.

Cecile: Yeah, that is not a bad idea...

Mandi: Cecile, focus! We will go book shopping and afterward, if you behave Hugh, you can give Cecile her birthday spankings.

Hugh: Then what are we waiting for!

Mandi: These are some books that I am sure will spike the heat in Cecile's house... Just in time for that Fall season...

Hugh: Oh, I know some ways to spike up some heat for her....

Cecile: It is downright chilly in my house. Hugh you look so hot.

Mandi: *clears throat* Concentrate people!

Our first selection is:
Indiscreet - Carolyn Jewel.

Mandi: Can we talk about the back - oh that lickable back. I bet he tastes mighty fine. Hey Hugh - take off your shirt, let's compare backs.

Hugh: *whips shirt off and twirls around* What'cha think ladies?

Mandi *gulp* Wow, it is hot in here. Cecile, are you sweating? What are we doing again - oh right, books. We are just shopping for books. Hugh put your shirt back on. Wait, what am I saying!

Cecile: **is speechless and drooling right now**
Next up is Soul Magic - Jennifer Lyon

Cecile: Now this woman knows how to make her men hot!!!

Mandi: I am also a big fan of Blood Magic, the first in this series by Jennifer Lyon. Axle was a hot alpha male.

Cecile - Oh my gosh, Ms. Jennifer did a wonderful job with the first book. The story telling and character building was amazing. And OMG... these band of brothers are freaking hot!!! Their tattoos come to life so to speak... and there are witches... and hot wing slayers... and villains... and did I mention hot wing slayer!!

Mandi: Oh the wing slayers. So alpha, so sexy. I love the world Jennifer Lyon has created. In Blood Magic we were introduced to Sutton, fellow wing slayer and I can't wait to read his story!

Hugh: Umm..ladies! You have your very own half nekkid alpha man right here for your viewing pleasure. Who cares about this Axle or Sutton guy?

Cecile: Oh Hugh, you are right... I am sorry... **Cecile pat his head... his hair is so soft...** You are right, you are right here for our viewing pleasure. And a pleasure you are... yum-Me
**whispers to Mandi... pssttt Mandi... Hugh is my personal Sex on a Stick man... what'cha think... wicked grin**

Mandi: *pats Hugh's back* Oh poor Hugh, we were neglecting you. Just stand there and keep twirling.

Hugh: I have been downgraded to eye candy. I do have other traits you know. I am an amazing actor on both film and stage! Ummm...Mandi, your hand has wandered much lower than my back...

Cecile: Hugh.. Not eye candy honey... Sex on a Stick... upgraded!!!

Mandi: So right - you are a great actor Hugh - and looked so fine when you were all sweaty and hot in the movie Australia.

Hugh: Well you know, I could ride a horse ALL day *wink wink*

Cecile: Ride a horse all day... How about you ride... ***oh no...*** Hugh as a cowboy... *** the song Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy comes to mind now*** Damn this man is hot...

Mandi: Speaking of cowboys, -
On to our next selection: Lucky in Love - Carolyn Brown

Mandi: I am definitely in the mood to read a cowboy romance. There is something so masculine about a sweaty man working outside, riding a horse.

Cecile: I saw this one the last month at Blanche's place. This is part of series right? Oh man, this book looks hot!

Mandi: Yes, a trilogy with the next two coming out quite soon!

A treat for our last selection... and just in time for the holidays... Hot for the Holidays Anthology

Mandi: I LOVE this cover. Perfect placement for the candy cane. I wonder if there are any other treats stuffed down his pants?

Cecile: **eyes light up with glee over this picture** Oh Mandi... that candy cane sure does look delicious!! A treat never looked so damn good!

Hugh: I have a special package and you don't even have to wait for Christmas to open it.

Mandi: Hugh - I think we have unwrapped you enough for today. You know what that means?

Hugh: Cecile, get over here and assume the position. You have been a naughty girl and need your birthday spankings. *pushes Mandi out of the room*

Mandi: Hey!

Cecile: *door closes* I'll let Mandi tell you what you ladies can win... I am coming Hugh...never thought I would say that for a spanking before!

Since Cecile and Hugh are off doing naughty things, I think we should have some fun. We are going to give away a copy of Hot for the Holidays Anthology which just came out last week!

To enter just leave a comment!
Give us your thoughts on the book choices we have up there... Or tell us what you are looking forward to.... Hell, you can ask Smexy Mandi a question, Hugh... or Cecile.
Contest open to everyone ~ everywhere.

The contest will run till Saturday, October 3rd @ the stroke of midnight.
The winner will be announced sometime Sunday ~ the 4th!
Cecile will need time to recoup from her Hugh weekend!
Stay tuned... because they are more treats to come....
Hope you are enjoying the party so far... If so, stick around for the party all month long!!!!
Enjoy your cocktails, the cake and Hugh!!!!
Have a great weekend!
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  1. Hi Cecile,
    Hey wait, oh yes she was off doing naughty things.
    Hi Mandi then :) Fun birthday post, quite a celebration,. You think you could book Richard Armitage for my when it comes up? ;)

  2. Hahaha - great post! You ladies are so naughty (and should be spanked by Hugh again, perhaps? ;)

    I'm loving the birthday celebration and your birthday countdown clock is too cute!

  3. Blodeuedd - Oh yes.."The Richard" is available for birthdays :) He is practicing his seductive moves to untie his cravat.

    Patti - I want my turn to be spanked!

  4. Cecile baby your page looks fabulous! And oh Hugh...DAMN you get all the good men! ;o) Oh well it is your birthday month!

    Btw- I TOO like to be spanked! LMAO!

  5. Oh my...look at that back (cover Indescreet) do you all remeber that scene from KMM Spell of A Highlander where Cian steps out of the mirror and Jessica goes all hot and bothered with tongue, teeth and hands at his back...I kinda have that impuls too with seeing the guy's back on the cover of Indescreet...ROWR :)

    And ladies, Hugh Jackman, you must have had, and still having, a great time with him. Cecile, are you EVER coming out of that room??

  6. Hey y'all!! Hugh is giving me breaks in between the spankings!! He knows I have to "chat" with my girls!! **Looks over shoulder and whispers... besides I think he is scare I start spanking him, lol... sssshhhh**

    Hey Girl! We could definitely do Richard for you for your birthday. I mean, we can have him over for your birthday **evil wicked grin** See what doing naughty things does to your mind!!

    I am glad that you are enjoying it! Oh, spanked again... I will have to return to Hugh as soon as I finish up my comments then!!! **Hugh, I coming... Patti says you must spank me again**
    I found that at a fellow bloggers place and knew that I had to have it! I am also glad that you are having a good time! That is what a party is for!

    Hey honey! I am getting a few minutes break... thought I would run out to see what was going on! We can so do Richard for Blodeuedd! **evil wink**

    ~Monroe Dawson
    Thank you honey! Leontine did an awesome job!
    Well... it is my birthday! But you know the hussy in me wants all the men!! Stick around, we will have more coming, lol!!

    ~Leontine!! There is my girl!! You rock honey! All the compliments I get are for you my dear!!!
    You are right that cover of Indescreet is freaking awesome! I have no read KMM Spell of a Highlander... but I know what that cover makes me want to do...
    Oh, speaking of such things.... I have to run back to Hugh now...

    Enjoy the party!!! I shall return - when I can!

  7. Good Morning! What a fun post! You really have me in the mood for a cowboy now!!! I love Hugh Jackman, but everytime I think of him in the movie Austraila I think about Clint Eastwood (who I don't find attractive at all). Is it just me or did Hugh really look a lot like a young Clint Eastwood?

  8. **jumps up and down,waving hands**pick me!pick me! I'll volunteer to check if there's more treats in his pants**evil grin**

    Good morning Cecile,Mandi and Hugh,
    please don't enter me for todays giveaway,I have Hot for the Holidays.

    All the books look great..the one that caught my eye is Soul Magic,I'll have to add that series to my list.

    Is Hugh sticking around today and patying with us girls?
    Since he's tied up with Cecile today (or is it the other way around ;)) I'll take Caleb off her hands.But I will share :)

    Where is that boy anyway**looks around** there he is.
    **shakes bottle at me,I wink back**
    He already knows me so well.

    Bottoms up!!

  9. ~Elaing~
    Hey darlin.
    Cecile seems to be occupied with Hugh this morning...
    So, I will be behind the bar today. I was giving orders to make sure everyone got their cake and ate it too **evil wink**

    Now, I have not heard about all these books that they have here today... But Cecile talks her head off about Soul Magic. Something about the Wing Slayers and their hottness.
    And you are looking for treats... where...

  10. Hello!
    Hey, I can hear giggling from behind that closed door, I thought she was getting a birthday spanking ! *eyebrows rise*

    I love the birthday post and would love even more to be entered into the contest for some short and sweet holiday treats!

    That candy cane gives me so many ideas for a fun photo shoot with Caleb, you think he could schedule me in? *eyebrows wiggle*

    Smiles - Miranda

  11. Oooh, these books look amazingly hot. Cannot wait to check them all out!

  12. I just bought Indiscreet, and now I will be thinking of Hugh when I read it ;)
    Lady's let not strip Hugh of everything, you will never get out of the bookstore. Have a great sexy birthday :)

  13. Oh, Hugh.

    I fell completely in love with Hugh after he was named sexiest man. In an interview he was quoted as saying “Previously, my wife said the sexiest thing about me was that I took the garbage out.”

    Hunky AND helpful. That IS sexy.

  14. Sounds like you're having a happy birthday already, Cecile! Wicked! ;)

    I love the cover for Hot for the Holidays... *nom nom nom*

  15. You lost me after look at that back and than I thought about Hugh...
    Drifted away again.
    I love this cover and I need this book now.
    This post just cracked me up. Now I have billions of naughty images in my head. Why is it so hot in here?
    Oh and I wanted to say I love the new shiny outfit of your place. As I that on twitter Leontine is a html goddess.
    Have a nice weekend!

  16. Hi ladies,

    Wow, you gals know how to party. Loving this post! I wish you a very Happy Birthday Cecile. And I love all of the book selections. Haven't read any of them, but they look awesome.

    -I Heart Book Gossip

  17. **Hugh let me out for a little while...**

    Hey Heather D!
    I am glad that you came by!
    Girl, saddle up your horse and find a cowboy!! LOL!!! I never watched Australia. So, I am not sure... Maybe some of the other women have seen it??

    Good Morning honey!
    Girl... you have had some morning already!!
    You checking for **treats** I see!! **evil wink**

    So, you have your hands on this hot book already huh...!
    Girl, you have to get Soul Magic, Blood Magic is awesome!!! I so can not wait for these men to get into my hands once again!!
    Yes, Hugh is sticking around to party with us (me)!
    I see you have found Caleb this morning! As long as you share! That's a good girl, lol.

    You are such a sweetie for taking care of my friends!

    Sweet Vernal Zephyr
    Hey honey! I am glad you could make it! Giggling... well, you know... **Biting lower lip... blushing**
    I am glad that you are enjoying the party! Make sure you check back all month long! I plan this event to last all month long!! If I survive Caleb and Hugh, lol!!
    Photo Shoot with Caleb and candy canes... Now there is an idea!!

    Angel10Red, I am glad that you made this day too!! These are some very hot books! Make sure you check them out!! Awesome books!

    Ann marie
    Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy yourself enough to stick around!
    I am glad that we could help you think of Hugh while reading, lol!!

    Kimber Chin!! Hey honey!! Glad that you could make it! Oh, Hugh is something else. One of my favorite pictures of him is with his kids! He smile is so real then and he just exudes sex appeal!
    And you should know...

    *****Attention Ladies, if you want to see some hot men, you need to visit Ms. Chin's place. She loves her men in suits!*****

  18. Hey Chris!
    Oh Chris, to celebrate my bday with friends like you... how can I not be having fun!! You guys are making my birthday more memorable by the hour! OH these covers definitely are "*nom nom nom*"

    So, we lost ya huh!! LOL!!! Oh man, it is really hot in here!!
    Susi... naughty thoughts **evil grin** Isn't this a great way to spend a Friday!
    Thank you for the compliment!! Leontine absolutely rocks!!! She is a goddess!!
    Thanks for coming over. Make sure you stick around all month long!

    I Heart Book Gossip!! Hey honey!
    When I throw a party... I throw a party!! I want everyone to enjoy themselves... Not just me!!
    Thank you for the birthday wish!

  19. Cecile, Happy Birthday Girl! What a fantastic birthday post...Have fun with Hugh! Won't Caleb be jealous?

    You know, I remember seeing Blood Magic when it came out, but didn't pick it up for some reason...I think I'll have to check it out now after reading this post. I've already read Lucky in Love and it is a very cute cowboy romance. I also just got Hot For The Holidays, but haven't even cracked it open yet!

    I'm looking forward to everything you have in store for us for your birthday month!

  20. I gave Twitterverse the 411 on this party :D

    The cover of Hot For The Holidays makes me very excited to ask the model: "Do I need to go for the tricks or for the treats this time?"...oh crap...such raunchy humor on my part.

  21. You guys are really naughty! loved this post. Have mental image of shirtless Hugh taking control of my mind right now.
    Happy Birthday celebration
    Indiscreet got my full attention since i first glanced at that cover on Amazon (or a blog...can't remember). i'd love to stroke that pretty cover!*drools*

  22. Cecile and Mandi, you're cracking me up! Wait have to get my breath...

    Okay, thank you for mentioning SOUL MAGIC.

    Now that good manners are out of the way--Double, triple and cherry on top thanks for posting the picture of HUGH!

    Happy Birthday-Month Cecile!

  23. Hey Pelehini aka Lisa!!
    Thank you for everything!! Oh, I am having a man sandwich... with Hugh and Caleb!!! Can not leave my main out!!!

    Oh, then check out my review of Blood Magic, you are going to love this freaking series!! I promise you or my nickname is not Hussy - Sex on a Stick Men!!! LMAO!!

    I recently bought Hot For The Holidays too... and have to open it up too! But that is will change in the near future though!!=)
    Stick around, cuz I promise you will enjoy yourself!

    Oh... I have been announced on Twitter!! YAYAYAY!!! Thank you honey!
    ***You are trick or treating early... You mean you want to lick the lolipop?? Did I just say that outloud,lol***

    Hi and welcome! I hope you like what you see so far! And I hope you stick around for more!!!
    Girl, I always have images of a shirtless Hugh!!

    Jen Lyon!!!! Yayayay!! I am glad that you made it! Girl, you know that I could not NOT mention this book!! You know how BAD I want this book!!! I can smell it, or shall I say.. I would sell my Blood for it, lol!!!

    No need to thank us honey... Hugh was very happy to help us out today!!!Thank you for the birthday wishes!

  24. Has Hugh finished giving you your birthday bumps yet Cecile? :)

    Caleb keeps handing me drinks,I think he's trying to get me drunk ;)

    **swaying to the music**sipping my drink

    I could eat a peice of that cake now?
    Caleb,honey,can you feed it to me?**evil grin**

  25. Great selection of books ladies! And for a birthday present, Hugh isn't bad, but for me bring on Ryan Reynolds or Taylor Kitsch.

    I'm most excited for Hot For The Holidays. So ready for a good Christmas anthology.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  26. HEHE...this is a fun post:)

    Sorry I've been cold is kicking me in the butt.

    Can you believe Hugh is still busy with Cecile?!? ;)

  27. Hi Cecile,
    I have not read Carolyn Jewel yet, but I did enjoy Jen Lyon's "Blood Magic."

  28. Hey Cecile/Mandi...all of these are really great authors!!! Love them. Happy Friday Ladies, and give Hugh a big KISS for me...

  29. This looks like fun! Happy Bday!
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  30. Happy B-Day! Raising the champagne glass---a toast to you!

  31. Hi Cecile!

    I brought the drinks, but Hugh seems to have disappeared!! Hugh, come back, Cecile, what happ .... let Hugh out of that closet NOW!!! No, you can't keep him. Let go of his pants ....

    Happy Birthday Sweetie (in a few more days anyway)!!

    Hot for the Holiday looks excellent!!

    Dottie :)
    (word verification - fable ram)

  32. *Giggles*
    Oh yes Cecile, I can see what you were thinking there ;)
    Mm untying his cravat, I can't wait, too bad my bday is still 4 months away. But he will have a lot of time to practice

  33. Oh Cecile,

    I almost forgot to stop by and join in the party celebration. Fun Birthday post, and yes, I want to go shopping with Hugh, too. He is one lovely hunk!!!

    I've got ideas for that goes so well, hot, hot chocolate!!!

  34. I'm looking forward to Hot for the Holidays! I love anthologies and the holidays!


  35. It's been so long since I've been blog hopping I completely missed your birthday! I'm so sorry! I hope you and Hugh had a lovely day and I just love your new blog look!


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