Thursday, April 22, 2010

Part 3 of Smutty Hussy's Story @ Sweet's Place

One day while I was going through my roll (blog) call,
I saw my dear friend

Sweet Vernal Zephyr's
Titillating Tuesday at 
Sweet's Contest Bar... 
While I was there I saw that she had a very intriguing gentlemen there...
He was begging for something and if you know how my mind works...
You know a story was born...

Sweet was nice enough to let me borrow her muse - to make him my own.
She allowed my visions to come to life as she has posted my story up at her place... 
So please...follow the trail over to her place to check out my story... and let me know what you think!!!
Is there more coming.... you bet...

You wanted more... well here is
Part 3

Happy Hussy Dreaming!!!

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  1. You two are out of control. ;)

  2. But you know you love me... us... hee heee!!!!!!
    And I am a good provider of smut ~ you have to admit that, lol!!!!

  3. :D :D :D :D :D :D I'm just all smiles after reading it :D

  4. I am glad that we could bring a smile to your face Amber!
    Hope to see more of ya hon!

  5. *giggle*
    Well you sure know how to make me smile, that is for sure

  6. Sorry I was distracted by your Smut of the Day pic, who knew tightie whites could look so delicious.


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