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Review: Dark Soul Volume 3 by Aleksandr Voinov

Dark Soul
Volume 3

In "Dark Lady I," as Silvio Spadaro plans to take on the Russian hit squad that kidnapped his boss, he decides the best way to deal with four extremely dangerous men is to become an even more dangerous woman.

In “Dark Lady II,” Stefano discovers yet another disturbing—and arousing—truth about Silvio and how easily Silvio can use a man’s weakness to his own ends.

“Dark Brother” brings another player to Stefano Marino’s household. Franco Spadaro has just been released from the French Foreign Legion and is catching up with his little brother. In the middle of a war, a skilled sniper comes in right on time—but two Spadaros might be more than Stefano can handle.

I obtained the above information from... Riptide Publishing

For those of you that know me... and those that don't this is my little statement about short books.... I do not judge short stories on the rush of their relationships, because they are just that - short stories. So, yes the relationships always could have been drawn out more, yea it seems like they fall in love to fast and of course the story could have been made longer... but it is a short story. So with that said.... here is my review...

I am just warning you.... This is a review about m/m reading. So, if this is not your cup of tea... just drop a line and say hi!! If this... then keep reading!

I have read Dark Soul Volume 1... And Volume 2! Click the link to check out my review... Then come back! =)

This may be Dark Soul Vol 3 but there are three short stories within in this volumes.... Now let's get started.

Dark Lady I
The cover leads you into the story... Thigh highs, tight skin, rounded flesh...
This story starts in a bar... With five Russian and one hooker. If you are following my review and these stories then you know the importance of finding the Russians in A bar. I can't say that I was surprised how the story started but I was surprised by the ending... Almost a... Well you will see.
Now onto Dark Lady II

Dark Lady II
This one is super short, but leads off where Dark Lady I leaves... Sometimes playing pretend isn't always what it seems to be. But for Stefano, playing pretend might be the safe way to get what he wants... All the while the war is still brewing...

Dark Brother
Well, let's just say that I am anxious to see the war that I know is bound to come to an end.... I'm just not sure what war Stefano will win... Or will he lose everything he holds dear. This story sets up the war to come. Is there more than one war, well... In this one, there are a few internal wars going on.

Now, I do have to say that in the last story, the name does mean something. I know Silvio had a pretty hard childhood.... But I'm not sure that those boundaries had to be pushed in the story to show any relevance to that period in Silvio's life. I actually kinda thought it was going to go in another direction. But hey, that's just me.

This truly is a great storyline and it is very intriguing. The author names knows how to draw the reader into the dark soul of those in this series. And believe is dark! But I challenge you to walk on the dark side with me.... If you dare.

Damnit Aleksandr.... You know I want Volume 4!!!!! Damn you Damn you Damn you!!!!
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  1. I liked this book. But what happened in story 3 wasn't something(IMO)that the story needed.It was icky.
    I like Silvio and Stefano and want to read more about their relationship and how Stefano is going to deal with the backlash and keep his position.
    Great review Cecile.

  2. Hey Honey! Okay okay... there is that part in there that kinda does not need to be there. It is a great story though. I love the drama and the suspense going between Silvio and Stefano. The brother is a great add in the story, but that part of the story.... ummm...
    Well, let's just see what happens in book 4!!!
    Hugs and thanks for peeking in!!


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