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Review: The Cowboy by Vonna Harper, PJ Mellor, Nelissa Donovan & Nikki Alton

The Cowboy
Author: Vonna Harper, PJ Mellor, Nelissa Donovan & Nikki Alton
Pub Date : July 25, 2006
Imprint : Aphrodisia
Format : Trade Paperback
From: Kensington website

My review will include the blurb and some short thoughts regarding this book.
There is a waning on the book... and please take heed to it...

This is a REALLY HOT book. (Sexually Explicit)

Wild Ride by Vonna Harper

The Blurb: When rancher's daughter Jordan Shore gets one look at champion half-breed bull rider Cougar Lighthorse, she's ready to get him out of those chaps and between her sheets. But when she's thrown from one of her barrel-racing mares, she ends up flat on her back - and exactly where he wants her....

Cougar Lighthorse is an Indiana cowboy... who use to be a rodeo man. A fall left him in the hospital for a while. So, he has since taken up the job of stock contracting. He use to work on the ranch that Jordan's family owned. That is where their chemistry started...
Jordan Shore barreled raced... competing is in her blood. Until one day a bull got out of his cage and charged towards her and her horse. Determined to get back in the saddle of competing, she has to face her fear and the bull that almost took her career. She also has to face the man that causes her blood to heat!
I liked this story!! The chemistry between them was heated... we even had a little jealously going on...

Cowboy in Paradise by PJ Mellor

The Blurb: Tyler Last has had enough of chasing steer - and women - on the rodeo circuit. It's about time he changed his ways. That is, until he catches sight of sexy Meg Holder, and all he can think of is wrapping her up with his lasso....

Tyler had had enough of the rodeo life. He was tired of waking up in different beds... and sometimes with different women. So, he packed up his trailer and horse went back to his roots, back to grandmother's house. He never thought he could fall in love... Until....
Meg Holder worked for the real estate company that Tyler's grandmother was in real estate business with. However, she was against what Roger (Tyler's grandmother's partner) wanted to do with the beach land; so she would picket the site everyday! She loved the beach more than anything... But she loved this new voice she found inside herself... and the brave things she could her cowboy on the beach.

This story had me laughing. I love the horse in this story! But I do have to admit that while it was a delicious tale, it was to short. I felt the story a little rushed, but it was a great short story. (You have to remember that I love my long stories... but for a quickie... this was great!!)

Saddle Sore by Nelissa Donovan

The Blurb: Stonic Arizona horse rancher Dean McCabe is all business with anyone who gets in his way - and with anyone who interferes with his work. But when sultry conservationist Cassandra Darling comes into town on a mission to save the Mexican Gray Wolf, he discovers there' nothing better than sleeping with the enemy....

Dean McCabe is a strong, in charge kinda guy. His community looks to him for advice on the new release program the Wildlife Dept has implemented in their community with the wolves. The problem is that the community is not sure what to blame for the missing farm animals. But could he handle what the government was sending in as reinforcement....
That is where Cassandra Darling comes in at... she is sent in the community to find out what is going on with the wolves. She knows that the disappearance of farm animals could not be fault of the wolves. She just needed to do the proper research to prove that it was not the wolves. And she also needed to prove it to Dean... along with other things. But does work and pleasure mix??

Now, I really liked this book! The chemistry is happening in this one! I fell in love with Cassandra, one of the reasons why... she talks to herself (yea, I do that... a lot... especially in front of my computer, lol) and I love this line between her and Dean... I won't give you any ahead info, just the lines...Cassandra is speaking to Dean in a very heated moment, "How hot the kiss makes me. I'm not known for my self-control when it comes to me who kiss like gods and fuck like stallions. Are you one of those men, Dean McCabe?"

Rodeo Man by Nikki Alton

The Blurb: L.A. magazine writer Anna Hartley is on assignment in Wyoming when she meets champion rodeo rider Grant Olson. Lean, blond, rugged, and sexy as hell, he's enough to make a city girl trade in her high heels for a while ride in the saddle, Western style...

This one had me smiling the whole way through... Anna was having the worst day of her life... and we have all had those kind! Loses her job, has problems with her finance and her rental car breaks down on her... Okay, after misuse, but still... she has had it up to here!!! Stuck in a small town with one repair center and no parts till Monday... What do you think happens... *evil wink* I just want you read this one for yourself!

I hope you take time to explore each of these ladies web sites...
Vonna Harper --->>> here.
PJ Mellor --->>> here.
Nelissa Donovan --->>> here.
Nikki Alton --->>> here.

I hope you enjoyed the review... and I hope when you get the book, you will enjoy it even more!!!!


  1. Okay, Cecile, hon, I have to be honest.The stries sound like great in between hot snacks but the cover...oh man, the cover had me at hello. Let me just have a mental break for a moment, a coca cola break and just look at all that skin and muscle in jeans.

    Model on cover is a cowboy heart throb for me, can I come to the wild west and find me one!

    *sigh with dreamy eyes*

    Going back to work now, I enjoyed myself with your review and staring at the cover!

  2. edit self: stries?? Are my fingers drunk? I meant stories :)

  3. Hi Cecile,
    That is a lot of cowboys. I can't even remember the last time I read about one. The horror. Cos I do like them.

  4. Leontine!!! I almost spit my coffee out... with the stries word!!!! LMAO!!!

    Girl.. this was one hot book. I must confess! And I did just drool.. I mean stare at the cover a lot.. Hell, it has not left the side of my bed and I finished it last week!! LOL!!!

  5. Oh Blodeudd... Oh a cowgirls dream with this book!!!! It was a hot little wild ride!!!

  6. Oh my...who can resist a naughty cowboy book? Sounds very spicy indeed!

  7. Well you sold me on the book, that's for sure. Of course if a book includes modern day cowboys it's pretty easy to twist my arm. :)

    Thanks for your thoughts.

  8. Wow, well hot damn that cover alone would sell me on the book!



  9. Aw Cecile you have convinced me love a little lol with my romance and hot cowboy on cover not to shabby yum!

  10. Great review Cecile!!

    This was one of those books that I spent a lot of time just looking at the cover! LOL I read it but the cover just kept catching my attention! :)

  11. Hi Cecile!

    It does have a great cover, looks smokin' hot, and what's better than a hunky cowboy? lol

    Spicy, as in hot tamales!! lovin it!

    Dottie :)

  12. Oh guys.. this book was great. Short, hot, spicy and cowboy satisfying!! I am so glad that Kristie J introduced me to the western books!! This one started me off... and now I will be looking for more... But I think I will have a hard time finding some with as hot as a cover as this one... The hussy me admits that that is why I grabbed the book... and bought it!!! You got me!!!! He is hot!!!!.... Drooolll... But I will be looking for more cowboys!!!
    I hope you give him a chance and read his stories!

  13. Hi Cecile!!! Great review and I agree with Leontine that cover made me stop and go yummmmmmm lol.

    Loveeeeeeeee them cowboys yes I do!

    Sorry I've been so MIA this week UGH trying to get my tucus back in gear hon! BIG HUGS!!!!

  14. hehe I sure like the sound of that ;)

    Gave you an award over at my blog

  15. Hi Cecile!

    I have an award for you at my may pick it up here:

  16. More hot,hot,hot!!
    Like Leontine said,the stries are great but that cover sizzles.Makes me want to be a rodeo groupie!!

  17. Fun review Cecile! And as everyone else indicated - a "Hot Damn" cover alert... ;)

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, this western theme is great for introducing us to new work isn't it?



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