Saturday, September 12, 2009

Show Me Your Saturday!!

I Heart Book Gossip host this wonderful little meme....

"Show Me Yours Saturday"
Each weekend I will try to post a Show Me Yours.
It can include a favorite food to something about me.
I want a teeny bit of anonymity so I won't post pics of myself.
Show me the deets and I will show you mine.

Key word is show: So show us some snazzy pictures not just words.

Topic: My Sunday Trips... Shopping... Wanna know where....

Now, this is what I see on my drive not far from my house on my way to Baton Rouge....
This is the growth of new sugar cane....

This is full grown stalks of sugar cane that is going to be cut down and sent the mills... when... around my birthday....

OMG... Do I have to tell you what store this is.... OMG... My last stop before heaven...

Then, if you look really good... you can see what I am teasing you with.... Look really really good, might have to squint your eyes to see what is back there...
And of course my daughter (in green) and her bff... Not far from my heaven....
OMG... hyperventilating.... OMG... do you see what I see... OMG.... This place sees more of my paycheck than my bank account...

Here it is ladies... My heaven... Just look at it.... AhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhDidn't think you wanted to see my Wal-Mart pics and gas stations, lol!!! This is a whole lot better! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!
I Heart Book Gossip... Thanks for this... I love sharing!!!! =)


  1. I love your Borders - it looks very retro. LOL at the sugar cane, we see that when we travel to Houston and I always ask my husband if I can jump out and get grab a piece! (he always says no)

  2. Oh my goodness, I am just in love with your town Cecile. The shopping centers are sooooo cute. I don't have shopping centers like that unless I go out of town and drive a good part of my day there.

    Thanks for showing!

  3. you are so bad and now you have entice your girls on your shopping spree's...

    enjoy your week hon..


  4. Very nice Cecile!! I think I'm going to take pics of my bookstores for next week!! :)

  5. Lucky you! I wish I had a Borders like that near me, I have a TINY one room Borders in our local mall and that's it. Everything I want I have to order because the store is so small.
    Loved all your photos.



  6. Nice trip, ahhh borders, I think that I ever got to the states that would be one of the first stores I looked at ;)

  7. OMG, it's my favorite too...let's go shopping!

    BTW, stop on by to visit me...I've got something for you!


  8. Hi Cecile!

    Amazingly your sugar cane looks a lot like the field corn growing around here. It gets between 7 and 8 feet tall, massive fields and in between fields of corn are dusty dirty soybeans. Looks beautiful when first sprouting, but the leaves are so hard on the corn and soybeans that it will cut your skin. When the soybeans are harvested, the countryside has a brown haze that lingers like a fog for days.

    What's Tiger Mania?

    I know what Borders is, my lifeline to the rest of the world!

    Hugs and kisses!

    Dottie :)

  9. Patti~
    Hey honey!!! Oh, I so love my Borders... But there in a Barnes & Noble in Baton Rouge that is a two story... ((A little jealous))... but they don't hold my heart like this Borders! Oh man!!!

    Yea, I am surrounded by sugar cane. Doesn't matter what side of the bayou I take... La 1 or Hwy 308... Sugar Cane! I can not tell you the last time I have had real sugar cane. Since they started with all those pesticides and all... =(

    I Heart Book Gossip~
    Well, honey if you ever come here... I promise to take you around and of course that means that we go to Borders!!!! =)
    I do have to say that they did a great job with the Blvd. It is attached to the Mall of Louisiana... but on the outside. It is nice. Well, to get to that Borders, I have to drive an hour to get there! But when I think of the sweet books in that store.. it is worth the drive!

    Erotic Horizon~
    I never had to entice them at all... remember, they love to read as much as I do... and what 15/16 yr old does not like to look at hot eye candy on the cover!
    Thanks for stopping by and exploring my town with me!

    You are more than welcome. Thank you for coming to visit!! I could not wait to show my Borders off... It is not as big as some cities, but it is the place I love to just sit down in the aisle and look and read my books!!! And of course buy.. lol!!

    Ms Moonlight
    Oh Ms. M, I am very lucky to have this around me. But their shelves are not fully stocked though. But, that is okay... They have those damn mocha-java-coka things, lol!!
    I love them things!

    Thanks for stopping by! Honey, if you ever come to the states, I will take you there myself!!! That would be a nice day!

    Houston A.W. Knight~
    Honey, anytime... anytime.. you name the mall!!!! I will be right over!
    Thanks for coming out!!

    Hey honey!
    It is funny to see another "world" away and see your world there! LOL!
    ""What's Tiger Mania?""
    My LSU blood supply!!! That is a store where everything you could possibly want LSU!!!!
    Hugs & Kisses to you well my friend!!

  10. I have to drive for 45 min through strawberry fields and orange groves to get to my Borders but oh so worth it!! I can't wait for my daughter to get old enough to share a bookstore trip with me.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  11. Ok Cecile, you know I love ya right?! But to tease me so with a full frontal of Borders is just plain torture. I really, REALLY would like for someone, anyone to take me on a pic by pic shopping spree in one of those american book stores. I never saw one from the inside and well....I want a sliver of what heaven looks like girls. So Cecile, anyone, help a fellow book lover out will ya :D

    I enjoyed myself with this little show and tell Cecile. I really need to show you girls my part of the Netherlands :D

  12. Hey Cecile!

    I tagged you in a meme.....

  13. But... what did you buy at Borders?! ;)

  14. Oh now Chris.... That is a surprise... I have been holding out on y'all if you noticed.... I have not been telling you what i have bought lately... Remember my birthday is coming up and I am having a party... and everyone loves presents right.... well....***mmawwwhuuuaaaa***

  15. Gorgeous photos. Girl, you can snap a picture!


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