Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I want to thank everyone who has expressed an interest in wanting to do some book swapping. I know we do not live close to each other.... some live farther away than we would like... but nothing is impossible!
So here's how it will work....
Compile your list on an email send it to me at
I will do a grid of who has what and will re-email the list to you all and then we take it from there...
However, i would like to carry on this post off the blog. So for people who have just found this post, email me and come join in the fun...

Thanks to Erotic Horzion for the heads on the post equitte!


  1. Hi Cecile,

    Currently I have more books than I can ever hope to finish. :) But please let me know if someone is looking to read something that I've reviewd, and I'll be glad to send it out.

    Thanks for organizing this! You're the best!

    :) VFG

  2. Hey, Cecile!! I'll definitely compile a list and be emailing you!!

  3. Thanks you guys. Yes, please do send me a list. VampGirl... if there is a way you can get a list of the books you have reviewed. I would gladly post those for you.

  4. Hi Cecile! I'll get my list set up and email you soon!! :)

  5. Thanks you guys!!!Thanks for chipping and sharing!!! Just email me whenever you get your lists together!!
    Thanks you!!
    Love, hugz and smiles!


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