Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm Home!

I think I am finally home! I am feeling very relaxed in my new little pad here! I want to thank everyone for accepting me into the gang!! Thank you, everyone, for the kind words; they mean the world to me! Thank you Lea and Blanche for giving me the award... I am supposed to send it to 5 of my friends... but I think you all have it already...
Thank you for staying by my side while I transformed into a butterfly! I can't say that I am done... but for now... I'm home!
Again, thank you **sniffing sniffing** I am so grateful to have friends like you!!!

Oh and PS I hope you all like the Princess' on the side... I thought they were adorable!!!


  1. Your home is beautiful Cecile!!! The Princess' are adorable!!:)

  2. Thanks Blanche... did you notice I was able to do the award on my sidebar! I am sooo excited!!!

  3. Hi Cecile!

    Love the new look! And Lea will get an award slide show up for you if you want!

    I love the Princess', but how could I not, look at my blog...disney obsessed just a lttle!

    Dottie :)

  4. Oh, I see an award slide show is already going..lucky you!

    Dottie :)

  5. Dottie, I feel like such a big girl... I did that all by myself!!! **doing the happy dance**
    And I even installed the Amazon widget too!!!

  6. You got your slide!

    I need to take out all that advertising for you. :)

    I like the frame girl and the look!!

    I do like your princesses - quite unique I daresay! lol

    You are too funny Cecile.


  7. Hey Lea... Glad you like!!! Yes, we can work on getting the advertising out! Just let me know what we have to do!!
    I love the princess... when I found them... it reminded me of myself and what we do in pictures!!

  8. (((hugs)))) Cecile!

    The princess pic is hilarious!

    :) VFG

  9. Hey VampGirl!!! I figured that would be us if we ever got together!!!! It made me laugh and who couldn't use a laugh!!!

  10. Everyone seemed to be talking about the page so had to check it out, and it's just lovely :D

  11. Well Blodeuedd, I am very glad that you dropped by! I hope you enjoy and stick around... Thank you! I worked very hard... I wanted to surprise my friends with my page!
    Thank you for your kind words!! =)

  12. The page is just to cute to miss out on :D And I wasn't even thinking about the great books you have here too ;)


I want to thank you for stopping by my place... I hope to see you again!!
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