Monday, April 20, 2009

From the land of lost internet connection!

Hey you guys... Well... this has been one YUCK weekend as far as the internet is concerned!!! Since Friday, AT&T has been kicking us off and on the net all day!! Making my job (of blogging while at work) and blogging on the weekend VERY difficult!!! Not a happy camper!

But, now I am back!!

Thanks Dottie for the concern!! I am doing well... We are a biiiggg farm community as well down here... sugar cane is our big thing! But I had sales tax to push out as well... that was all due today!! But I got it out.... now I am just trying to finish with quarter report work!!! Oh what fun!!! But hey, it pays some of my bills!!! Now on for the fun stuff!!

Friday, they let us off of work early, so I needed to go to my local mall to get a pant and shirt (I got asked to help out a friend cater at a plantation by my house for a wedding).... so the mall is right by... you guessed it... Borders!!!! So, of course I had to go because I had a 30% off coupon to use (and we all know you can NOT let those go to waste!!!). So, I bought Wolf At The Door by Christine Warren. I am trying to collect all the books in that series before I start reading it. I have already read One Bit With A Stranger by her... not knowing that it was part of series! But hey, we live and learn! So, by the time I made it home Friday night... the internet **surprise** was not working... So not talking (blogging) to my friends.

Then Saturday morning, I woke up to do the wonderful house work!!! Oh, don't we all love to do that!!! Okay, whoever signed me up for being the Cinderella without the ball... I really want to kick her ass!!! Because I hate that us women have to do most of the housework ourselves!!! So, I spent most of my day doing that and paying bills!!! Oh what fun. Then there was the wedding. I had to be there for 4:30, so there went the rest of my day/evening. This is the first wedding I have ever been to at a plantation and believe it or not, this plantation is 5 minutes from my house and I have never been inside of it. So, I was excited to do it. I had a wonderful time... I figured if I have to play "maid" at my own house, why not get paid to do it somewhere else!!!

Then Sunday, I did the normal grocery shopping, knock out my errand day.... And I had to go to Wal-Mart and we all know what calls our name at that store.... yes ladies... the book section!!! I bought a new book (new to me....) Evermore by Alyson Noel. I think it is a YA book, but I found in the adult section... but we know how famous people are for not putting books back where they belong... That really gets on my nerves, especially at Wal-Mart. It almost seems like they don't care about their book section. I found myself straighten up the shelves while I am there (sorry for the rant).

So, hopefully now, I am back!!! Tomorrow, an ATT tech is suppose to come to my work to check the modem and lines for the a reason of dropped internet!

Now, let me drop by everyone's else place to see what you all have been up!! I miss you guys!
And if anything is going on at your place, I will be sure to do another post letting everyone know!!!

Love you guys! Hope you all have a great night!! And don't forget about the contest here and I will find out before I say anything who else has one going on!!!

Love hugz and smiles!!!!


  1. Hi Cecile!

    I saw Evermore at Wal-Mart this weekend too. I didn't pick it up because the hubs was watching me. As you may remember, he has me on a strict book diet. I'm only dieting when he's with me. He never knows when I buy new books, unless he's with me. He has to go on an out of town on business trip starting Wednesday, so, I'll be doing all the stuff I like to do while he's gone. The kids and I have it all planned out. We're going to have fun.

    It must have been a bad week for Mr. Internet, our service bounced off and on all week long. I called the cable company, and they said it would be like that all the way until today. Outages. I hate them. Hope your week goes better!!


    Dottie :)

  2. Hey Cecile!

    Happy you are alive and kicking there girl!! Sounds like you had a very fun filled weekend and picked up some great reads. :)

    Glad you are back on line, I'll look forward to your kind, fun comments!

    Warm Regards

  3. Thanks Dottie!! You are such a sweetheart!!!
    When I read the blurh... I had to get it to try it. I figured it was a two for one... because my daughter can read it if she wanted too.
    Yay **happy dance because Dottie's hubby is going away** because she can buy some books!!!

  4. Hey Lea!! Yes, it is nice to be back!! I hate outages!!! I just finished cooking supper and eating... so now I can check out everyone else's place!!!

  5. I love The Others series Christine Warren. The series actually started at Ellora's Cave, the first book being Fantasy Fix. One Bite With a Stranger is an extended version of Fantasy Fix. Glad to see your back online. :)

  6. Hi Cecile!!

    Glad you are ok.......we missed you while you were gone!

    I'm just starting the Christine Warren (Others) series....I read a great review about these books and so of course I had to go to Borders to find them!!

    Welcome back :)

  7. Thanks you guys!! Well thanks for the tip about where it all started Anna. I will have to research those and see if I can find those. I knew that One Bite With A Strange was a kick off of Fantasy Fix, but it was really REALLY good. I enjoyed it, maybe a little too much LOL!!!

    Hey honey!! Let me know how the series goes for you. I would love to know... oh and look at Anna's comment about where it started before you get to heavy into it. Not sure if you HAVE to read the Ellora's Cave series or not, but you might want to check into that.

  8. Morning Cecile :D
    It's great to have you back with us. Missed you when you were gone. But no internet, been there and done that. Never fun.

    I do think evermore is YA, I love the sound of it, and from what I remember that cover was lovely and it sounded like something I would read. The YA books are so much better then what they were only 10 years ago when I read them...of course it all can be because I only read in Swedish then, lol.
    And more books too, yay :D

    You sure got a lot done.

  9. Hey Cecile..

    Lovely lovely to have you back..

    I have been really swamp on the weekend with my reading contest... 18 books i read...

    But i am glad about the plantation thing, i hope you got to tour the house at the same time...

    What are you reading now that taxes is done and the boss not over your shoulders so much now...

    Speak to you soon...


  10. They definitely are fun to read and they only get better.

  11. Hi Cecile,
    Sounds like you had a busy weekend. I don't much mind doing most of the house cleaning, since, well, it is my job :). I get paid in the form of books! LOL

  12. Hi Cecile!!! So glad that you're back! Ugh, the Wal-Mart book section gets me every time. I always end up buying three or four books!

    I also have 'Wolf At The Door' but I just haven't been interested in reading it. Let me know what you think.

    (((hugs))) VFG


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