Thursday, April 9, 2009


I have to thank all of you for bestowing me with the awards... and I took Dottie's creativity to another level.... I kinda had to because you all have received the Zombie Chicken award and I am suppose to give it to 5 people... but you all have received it already....

So, I am made up the Chocolate Chip Cookie Award....

It is an award deserved because you are so kind *which cookies are always kind to my thigh*, you are so thoughtful *cookies always think of me, especially when I see a coupon to save*, you are a very warm person *cookies are always warm*, you share *sometimes I will share my cookies* and of course... it is nice to sit down and enjoy chocolate chip cookies like it sit down with a good book and a good friend to talk about it with!!! Also, it takes many ingredients to make the cookie... so is our friendship... we all come from different places, with different backgrounds, differents like... but we come together and make this wondeful friendship!!!

So, my challenge to you, is to award this to a Chocolate Chip Cookie person ~ one who is kind, thoughtful, warm, sharing, and nice!!!
So, I am bestowing this award to the following people:

Now you all have been the things I have mentioned above....



Erotic Horzion


Ms. Moonlight

Amy C.




  1. LOL!! I love it! Thank you so much, Cecile!! You're so sweet--literally ;) I'll be back later, I'm off to the grocery store but I have to add it to my sidebar.

  2. How neat.......thank you so much Cecile, that is a wonderful award and I'm thrilled you would think of me!! :)

  3. Oh Yum! Thank you! :o)

  4. That is not a problem you guys.. I sincerley love you guys!! You are an awesome set of friends to have!

  5. Thanks Cecile! Damn, my mouth is watering over those cookies. Whoops I think a bit of drool dripped onto your blog! *Hurridly wipes it off with sleeve*. There, all better. :)

  6. Hi Ceclie...

    Those cookies look so good. LOL! Thanks for the award. :)

  7. You guys deserve it!!!!! Yea, VampGirl, I had the same problem when I was making the award.... I had the drool going on too... People at work were trying to figure out what the hell i was drooling for!

  8. Hi Cecile!

    I love the award! Thanks for thinking of me! I feel a bit drooly myself. I love warm, fresh, gooey chewy chocolate chip cookies *drool becoming worse, may cause keyboard to short out*

    Had to go get a napkin, much better now, grabbed a glass of cold milk to go with the cookies...should have grabbed two napkins!

    Thanks Cecile!!

    Dottie :)

  9. You are more than welcome Dottie!!! Glad to see that you enjoyed the cookies that much. I figured this would be an award that everyone would love!!!

  10. You are too sweet Cecile :D
    Do you mind if I eat my award ;) It looks too yummy.

    Happy Easter :D

  11. Good Day Blodeuedd!! Happy you accepted the award!!! I do not mind if you eat the award!!! That is why I picked chocolate chip cookies!!! They are just as delicious as friendship!!!
    Happy Easter to you as well!!!


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